According to Marco Van Basten, Mohammed Kudus is much better than Antony

Since John Heitinga took command of Ajax, replacing Alfred Schreuder, Mohammed Kudus received a lot of attention within the starting lineup. Throughout his career at Ajax, he had already played as a midfielder and center forward, but under the command of John Heitinga, Mohammed Kudus was tested as a right tip and it seems to be very proud of the new Godenzonen coach.

In the six games that John Heitinga led Ajax, Mohammed Kudus scored four goals and gave assistance.

“Mohammed Kudus is the best Ajax player. I don’t understand how he was a reserve when Alfred Schreuder was the Ajax coach. If he plays for three or four consecutive games, we can see all his quality. This was one of John Heitinga’s first changes when he took over the team, ”said Jan Mulder.

Mohammed Kudus fills an open space by Antony when he left Ajax earlier this season and signed with Manchester United. Since the Brazilian left for England, the right -wing position has been a problem in Amsterdam.

“I even think Mohammed Kudus is much better than Antony. He is a more complete, more objective athlete. It’s more fun to watch a Mohammed Kudus game. Antony had many movements, but at many times, his plays resulted in nothing for the team. Mohammed Kudus has a much more accurate technique and knows where he wants to go with every movement he does, ”said Marco Van Basten.

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  1. Van Basten was one of the best players of his time. But I would not believe his coaching or talent scout. He decided to use Kuyt over RVN at RVN’s career height. Some of the guys that he chose for Netherlands team was just over hype. I still remember he said the same thing about Maduro and Maduro did not have any achievement in his career.

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