And here we go again: Oranje assemble!

There was a storm of protest, disgust, confusion and all out mayhem after Oranje failed to qualify for the Euros but a month later, it seems it all died out.

We are back to talking about Ajax’ abysmal performance in Europe, Cocu’s tactics, Memphis disappearance act and Dirk Kuyt returning to Oranje, maybe this time as a goalie.

Bert van Oostveen lacks support in the football world and will be assessed this month. The loser said with straight face to the cameras that “not qualifying is bad but we are obviously in a build up phase”… WHAT? You finish third at the WC2014 and you are in a building up phase?
More like a tearing down phase…


But….I doubt that he will go.

Like I doubt Blind will be sacked, but to be honest he is not our biggest problem.

We have lame strategic management at the KNVB, which needs to be addressed and the new management should question Blind whether he is capable of playing effective modern football with the talent at hand. Forget BS like “4-3-3” and “Total Football”. Like we have many other obsolete cool stuff in our world that we need to leave behind such as capitalism, the fact that Bill Cosby is cool, coca cola and MacDonalds and the belief that eggs are bad for you.

Ruud van Nistelrooy said in an interview recently that the Dutch mentality is not the issue here. “I see a team like PSV beat Man United and Wolfsburg. I see Feyenoord battle Ajax. I think we have desire. But sometimes it simply doesn’t go your way. I had that too in my career. I have had moments galore where I doubted myself. It’s human. It is ebb and flow I suppose.”


We used to eat steak for sports lunch, prior to matches. We don’t do that shit anymore. We need Blind to tell us he can construct a 5-3-2 / 3-4-4 from this squad and win games with it .

If he says “no” then he needs to go. Otherwise, leave the lad.

Blind has given a stern warning to Memphis Depay, before including him into the Dutch final selection. Who else do we have with Elia for the left flank? But Blind said: “Memphis needs to be more important for the team. He needs to work harder. This is his process. I trust that he can and will.” He was left out of the prelim squad but is back.

Louis van Gaal covered the Memphis issue in his Man United press conference prior to the Moscow game. “There is no problem with Memphis. He is exactly what I said he was: a tremendous young talent with exceptional qualities but who needs to learn a lot still. His move to Man United was a big step and he needs time. I am convinced he will return and he will return even better.”

lvg memphis

Another recurring name is Dirk Kuyt’s. The team manager asked Kuyt, who retired from international duties, to see if he was keen to come and help the team out in the final two matches of the campaign. Blind: “Dirk has additional value. Both on and off the pitch. He is doing exceptionally well still at Feyenoord now, and I checked if he was keen to come and help. But he wanted to know if he would start and I cannot give players a certain starting berth, so I said no, and Dirk declined.”

Kuyt confirms the story: “Well I didn’t demand a starting spot but I did say that I wanted to help the team on the pitch. Not in the dressing room. He knows and I told Guus Hiddink this as well, earlier on.”

Another remarkable move is removing Jeroen Zoet from the keepers list. Ken Vermeer is now part of the squad and rightfully so. The Feyenoord goalie is playing really well while Zoet is having trouble. Talent enough, but needs to work on personality. Also Stekelenburg, playing regularly in the EPL is part of the squad what with Krul out.

robben back

Obviously, Robben is back – with a CL goal to celebrate the occasion but Robin is out. “He is not looking sharp, not fresh… He doesn’t play enough and needs time. I have certainly not written him off. A good Van Persie is still the best striking option we have.”

Arjen Robben is part of the squad but he himself isn’t sure about playing. “I just returned from injury and have yet to get match fitness. I came on vs Arsenal and scored and all that, but I am not sure if it is wise for me to start against Wales and Germany. We’ll see. My focus is to get a good series of games before the winter stop and we need to see if playing now for Oranje is a good thing. But don’t worry: I will discuss this with Danny Blind and the Munich medical team and I’m sure we’ll sort it out. We usually do.”

Kongolo is picked over Pieters, an enigma for me. Pieters plays week in week out well against top opponents while Kongolo is not convincing in the Eredivisie. Van Dijk is given another chance as a result of strong performances in England. Veltman had some good performances for Ajax while Kenny Tete is probably the biggest defensive talent at Ajax. Still strange to miss the name of Sven van Beek.


Marko Vejinovic

The big surprise in midfield to me is Marko Vejinovic. Good player, for sure, but slow. He is impressive on the ball and in games where Feyenoord dominates. But against strong teams, it seems like his coach prefers Vilhena over the Amsterdam born Serb. But with potential rivals like Leroy Fer, Marco van Ginkel, Ibi Afellay not playing good enough or not playing at all, it makes sense for Blind to look at options. Davey Propper for me would be more logical to pick. Blind however, sees Vejinovic as the center mid defensive man, as alternative for Clasie, while the other spots will be for Sneijder/Klaassen and Wijnaldum/Bazoer.

Upfront no big surprises, bar Van Persie. Quincy Promes impressed recently at Moscow and will be back in the squad.

persie fener

Van Persie said recently in an interview that he will work to get back into the squad. “What is there to say. Danny called to say what he had to say. I didn’t have a lot to add. I took notice of it and that’s it. I have a special feeling for Oranje and love playing for my country. So I will do what I can to come back. I am not ready with Oranje.” Rumours about his relationship with Danny Blind were waved away. “No, my relationship with Blind is fine. You have different coaches and different relationships and all that, but we are fine. We have no issues.”

I do hope Blind will take the opportunity vs Wales and Germany to test a 5-3-2. We have the players for it:

Janmaat – Bruma – Blind – Van Dijk – Riedewald

Wijnaldum – Clasie – Sneijder

Robben – Memphis

So here we go again… Let’s call this the new start.

As for the blog, I am contemplating some changes. I have asked a couple of people to maybe share the load with me and add some contributions to the blog in the form of posts. You can put your hand up to send me articles you’d like to contribute and I can increase the frequency of new posts this way. Obviously, I will edit as I see fit ;-).

Also, I am considering producing an e-book. I am in need of ways that helps me to fund what I am doing a bit more. Donations only go so far, of course.

The e-book I am contemplating is cool stories that are not so well-known, spanning from 1988 to now, the period from the last drought to the current one :-).

I would be happy to know who would be interesting in this and how much you would be willing to pay for it…

For all of you losing confidence in our skills and abilities, check out this video of Arjen Robben doing a keepy uppy with Rafinha 🙂

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  1. Cool ideas Jan, danke

    I actually like what Blind has been showing in the last couple weeks – but agree versatile with the formation/ tactics will be good to see..

    Also I do think Kongolo’s selection over Pieters is deserved and he has been playing very well and can play a few positions as a bonus, although I do hope Pieters has at least had a phone call from Blind to show his recent run of decent performances is not unnoticed.

    Also Ake has been good recently and arguably better than both!
    Good competition for LB though.. more worried for our RB spot!

    1. Oh another also – could not agree more about Capitalism Cosby and Coka Cola… and eggs!!
      (I’m lucky as my neighbors actually put a cooler of farm fresh free run eggs out for sale a few times a week 🙂 )

  2. Good away win for Newcastle, totally outplayed in Bournemouth but took the win. They really need to start doing better too.
    Wijnaldum with a good assist, creating his clubs only chance. Runs so much and gives all.
    Anita looked strong defensively but his distributing is not the best. Positionally sound, kept the opp out of the middle.
    Janmaat was great going forward and today pretty decent defensively (lead in tackles with 7/8) although a bit reckless in his challenges was good after his yellow card. I wish he this good always, and was more consistent defensively but still have a hard to be confident in him..

    Was looking forward to watching Lens and van Aanholt versus Clasie and van Dijk but both Sunderland men are benched..

    Looks like Blind keeps his place at United, with Memphis still benched.
    Ake looks to start at his usual LB spot.

    1. Oh bummer, Clasie might have came off with a calf problem.. both he in DM and van Dijk were awesome today for Southampton.

      Maybe Anita will be recalled.
      But Hendrix is a better option IMO, might be nice to let him continue with U21s though

  3. I hope Blind goes back to 5-3-2. No more of the 4-3-3!! We look like a big mess with it so we should change it. Why not go back to the same formation that made us third in the World. If Blind doesn’t do that i see him losing his job alongside Van Oosveen. Imo i don’t think Blind has what it takes to lead Oranje in the WC, i only hope i’m wrong.

    Totally agree with Jan about Pieters. The guy is very good defensively and that is something that this Oranje desperately needs.

  4. Yes get rid of 433 until we have players that can play it!
    To continue with it would be typical Dutch arrogance, and I’m Dutch so it won’t surprise me if they do continue with the 433.
    23122 sounds like a postcode but it’s the formation I would give a go, a variation of 532 I guess, in defense it switches to a 442 very easily.
    I’m also happy to test new players to replace the old hands , it’s the perfect time to blood players who will be around in 2018, as some of you have said Robben is a must but Wes, Robin and Klaas Jan have to be let go.

  5. I STILL BELIVE THERE IS ROOM FOR 433..I am sure Blind slected wrong players and he went for 433 like Guus did..with a vulnerable back line..that cost a alot..lets for get defense as we all know we are weak…What have created to score goal??? what was contribution of Depay,Afellay,promes,Narsingh,RVP,klass jan and Wes to the attacking departmemt??
    i think We played with low quality players + old done players,thats were got sucked…
    it is highly changable in very short time.
    I think we need to Rest Roben and Wesly…and should forget RVP,Hunter for ever..
    Drop Depay,promes,afellay,nasringh,weil,and BMi for ever as they are not orange material anymore
    60% dropping is done by Blind..
    Calling back Depay was a bad from Blind,Depay is the worst player in Manu squad .why call back such a bad player ATM???
    Promes lacks intelligence and vision to play TOP CLASS FOOTBALL same with Narsingh,Afellay..
    Selecet the right players,Find a leader then teach them ur plans and tactics..
    Annholt-Singraven-find a new wingerBascicolglu?-LW
    Hendrix—Ake—-Vejinovic—–Main holder
    Bazoer—-Ginkel-Proper——–Main runner BtoB.
    this should be our pool 33 players…from there we go

    1. Yo Tiju – van der Wiel, BMI, Afelaay, RvP, and Narsingh are not selected into the squad anymore, and judging by other players in the squad they will not be back unless there are injuries – so lets leave them alone finally!

      I can actually understand Blind keeping Promes in the squad since he has been leading Russia in goals, and Blind needs to show that he will reward this, but I dont watch Russia so I wont comment to his intelligence or vision.

      As for Memphis, agree with you at this moment why bring him back? …but I agree with what LvG says, I really think Memphis will be great later – he is young and obviously not mature so pointless to write him off so early. Blind must agree he will play a big role in the team later on if he chooses him now when he is not even playing for club.
      Actually I think LvG can take a little blame for not managing him the best so far too…
      I liked it alot that Blind left him off and gave him some heat about teamwork.

      I do think your ideas about trying out defenders as wingers instead are interesting, espescially if we are missing big players in the center, but van Rhijn or van Aanholt are not good examples, neither of them have done anything to deserve a call right now AT ALL, they dont even play at their clubs in their normal positions. Maybe Bacuna plays a little wing but he is kind of terrible, besides one Ok game v Man Utd early on. And then still I think all 3 have a LONG way to go to be better than people who can (and do) already play on the wings: Locadia, ElGhazi, Singkraven, Elia, Vilhena, Kishna, Boetius, Toornstra, Berghuis – and yes even Memphis and Promes!
      Blind does not usually play people out of position anyways (except I dont know WTF is he doing with Riedewald haha)…

      1. ::but van Rhijn or van Aanholt are not good examples, neither of them have done anything to deserve a call right now AT ALL,””””””””
        100 agree…What is Afellay,depay, kind of players doing..Elgahzi is the best among from crap wingers we have got…
        Both Annholt and Vanrhijn are not playing in their natural position,both are tecnicall excellent players with great speed and cross,can help defense too..But they are bad as defenders…unfortunatly their coachs sees them as defenders only…
        Personally i am done with the quality of wingers we have got…
        @Depay lacks extra pace liek Roben has or Jesse lindegrad has..he looses his ball quite often,bad decsion making at final third,poor work rate…he is a problem for build a good for NT..People think very high about him but in reality he is an overrated player…

  6. Just watched a grainy stream of the Klassieker.. decent game besides such horrible reffing!!
    Good battles all over the place, esp Tete v Elia was good to watch.
    1-1 seemed fair – neither goal was too special.

    Shame to see Bazoer off at HT, hope he is Ok.
    Kongolo limping at the end too.. he was really good, same with Karsdorp on the other side.

    1. thats for updates onAjax-Feynoord…i knew Tete will Elia.i expected Feynoord to win,i think Ajax put a performance….Bazoer,Gudlej is giving them real balance

  7. Zeegelaar continued his scoring streak for Rio Ave but unfortunately they lost 3-2 and are tied on points with Benefica. The word is Valencia are preparing a bid to sign in Jan Transfer window.

    Hunter also With a double in Ruhr Derby but also lost 3-2 to Dortumand.

          1. still, a hope. we lacked proper LB (bar Willems), and Blind still won’t call Pieters up. he (Zeegelaar) keeps it up, and he’ll be a welcome addition to NT.

    1. good news from che Klaas. and how about Dost? I actually wanna see him starting against Wales. I always get the impression that Dost holds up play was better than Huntelaar every time he came in. Dost brings the others to play by laying off the ball, while Huntelaar always looking to control the ball and position to score.

          1. Luuk is more similar with Huntelaar. But Dost… he always trying to lay off the ball to closest mates. if we have Robben / Depay around him, it may be working.

            Long ball – lay off – Sneijder/Depay shoot or Robben curve. is that even a tactic? LOL. but seriously, it’s worth trying other tactics than clueless dribble down the wings.

  8. @Van fadly..
    We lack mercurial attack,we are clueless on wings with Promes,Narsingh,Afellay and Depay….we cannt hope with anything with these players…
    We lack attacking LB Williams is ultra attacking,so is annholt,,But williams is better at defense..
    Annholt is an excellent attacker with electric speed..but he is forced to play as LB.where he lacks discipline and concentration of a defender..
    this were we need a coach with eagles eye….

    1. Tiju are you serious.Van Annholt as Winger.holy crap what have you been watching all this time.yes he has got a traffic pace but that’s it he is only dangerous when he is running, once he comes to a pause he jus runs out of ideas.his standing start is poor especially when it comes to dribbling. He will be average on the wings.

      At LB he gets more time to build up that speed which I don’t think he will get when playing as a winger especially when under continuous pressure from defenders and without speed his jus freezes

      He jus needs to balance his game, more defensively especially when tracking back. This has being his major problem this season compared to last season and needs to iron it out big time.

          1. i know him chelsea days,he is faster ,better dribbler so he can play in inwgs coz he has got the basics,has accurate crossess,can recive ball from Clasie,snijder,the able to shiled it and distribute at good pace..What else u need…Can defend too..
            wat have got from playing afelay,promes,narsingh,Depay after playing 10 games for ECQ2016???what have they done for team..Get rid of any of this useless players…

        1. Vorm always performs well when he fills in at Spurs, it’s a bit tough for him to crack it when they have Lloris in front of him. Cillisen just does not do it for me, I would even have Steks before him.

          1. I agree with van banger. Cillessen does not convince me. To me Vermeer, Vorm and of course Krul should be in front of him. I don’t understand what Blind sees in Cillessen.

    1. this is a strong line up…ha ha had hiddink and played this line in ECQ matches…out come would have been different.
      Roben is thinking about retirement..still he hopes that he could make it for 2018..
      would form a sensational first team….

    1. Marko Vejionvic is not bad either I reckon. It will be foolish to compare him with Pirlo at this stage but he has shown flashes of his style of play especially with the set pieces.lets see how he develops at Feyenoord.

    2. Nice article, I will try to keep tabs on his progress, it’s just difficult to get Erdedivsie coverage in Aus.
      But from what they have said he loks like a future prospect especially if Stroot is finished!

  9. It was smart from Blind calling Vejinovic who can still play for Serbia. Maybe he still didn’t deserve to be called but Blind wanted to make sure Vejinovic’s talent stays in Holland.

  10. ——————–Cillessen——————–




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