Bruno Martins Indi: No words, but deeds….

With the World Cup swiftly approaching we will take a closer look at some of the lads we expect to perform for us in Brazil but who are not that well known (yet). So less on Robben, Van Persie and Wes and more attention to the up and comers.

Although, obviously, we will keep you informed on the big guns too :-).

Feyenoord did not have a great couple of weeks with losses against Ajax for the cup, ADO for the competition and only yesterday that draw against title contender Vitesse at home.

The good news is: Ronald Koeman will not extend his deal. To me, it seems the juice is gone from that relationship, judging from the lacklustre and inconsistent results of the team. Geen Woorden Maar Daden ( “no words, but deeds”) is the motto of Feyenoord so I won’t go into the Koeman situation to much….

However, despite the lack of trophies, Koeman and his staff has managed to coach young players like Janmaat, Martins Indi, De Vrij, Clasie and most likely Boetius and Vilhena to the highest level. We will most likely see a couple of these lads in Brazil.

Focus on Bruno Martins Indi, for now.

He was very young when he once drove with Robin van Persie to the players hotel of Oranje. Bruno was looking some wisdom and advice from the experienced forward. Van Persie shrugged his shoulders with all those questions and winked and said: no words, but deeds!

It seemed an empty expression to BMI at the time, but the Portuguese born defender made that motto his.

BMI defending

Martins Indi: “It took me a while to find myself. To understand what works for me and who my true self is. I had to really decide to stick close to my essence and to who I really am. I need this to be at my optimal best. I cannot live that life of interviews and tv-shows and sponsor events etc. I do realise I have commitments and I won’t walk away from it, but if I don’t have to do something, I won’t. I need my rest, my focus, to perform well. In the beginning of my career I had six interviews per week and it would not work for me.”

Martins Indi’s career is important to him, but not the most important thing. “Not everything will be sacrificed for football. It’s very important, but more important is my growth as a human being. I want to be a good human being. I want to be there for my girlfriend Meica and my daughter Zoe. And I want to be honest and truthful. There is some dishonesty in this football life and I cannot deal with that. And I refuse to change myself. If people aren’t honest to me or people I love, I will stand up. People who deal with me get the pure me. Sometimes its better to shut up, people say, but… I can’t. I have to look at myself in the mirror, you know?”

Recently, there was this annual riot on the players tunnel again, when PSV came to Rotterdam. With a lead role for Mathijsen and a fleeting cameo for Martins Indi. “I simply walk on and don’t interfere. You shouldn’t do silly things. There’s cameras everywhere. And it’s more about letting steam off to me. It’s yelling and screaming but nothing really happens. But before you know it, the ref gives you a yellow and I simply don’t want to collect cards.”Feyenoord is desperate for a trophy and some players believe this is the year could be the year. Bruno nods. “I do think we are now at the level where we can or could play for the title. But every time someone says it, we disappoint on the pitch. I don’t know what it is. I think we still don’t experience the feeling that we MUST win. It’s still a little bit too easy at times. The loss against Ajax for the Cup is unfortunate. It was a close game. We could have won that. Losing against Ajax is always possible. But losing against RKC, ADO Den Haag….aaargh…that is so frustrating…”What is it? “I think it’s just a couple of players not delivering their 100%. If you have 11 players playing top, we cannot be beaten by any team in Holland. Sure, if we play Real Madrid or Chelsea….but not against Vitesse or PSV or RKC. However, if 4 players only play at 90%, for whatever reason, we become vulnerable. And we do try to manage that process and sometimes harsh words are said. You cannot walk off the field with that “oh well, this can happen every now and then…”. It’s a matter of quality, at the end of the day. And I think we have the quality so I believe we need to deliver. If players don’t, I will call them on it. Just like they should with me, when I don’t play at my usual level. But we are improving on that aspect. I just hope it’s enough.”


Martins Indi’s career went fast. “I was a bit naive in my early days. Remember the 10-0 loss in Eindhoven? I was still a kid. We’re 5-0 down and with 10 men and I still wanted to play nice build up from the back. What was I thinking?? I didn’t realise what pro football meant. I was a somewhat overawed Rotterdam street kid playing in the Feyenoord 1 team… It felt great. But it didn’t get me anywhere.”

When he made some changes in his mentality and decided to treat every ball and opportunity as a do-or-die event, Louis van Gaal picked him as the Oranje defender he is today.

“I didn’t expect that call up, but I did know that it would be a logical step at some stage. I played in the Oranje youth with some of the lads that did make the step up already. So you know that if all would go well, it would happen one day. But with the lack of defenders and Van Gaal’s urge to use young fresh players and my good spell at Feyenoord it happened. I didn’t expect to play so much, but that first game I played was like a dream come true. And Mr Van Gaal is the type of coach I love to work with. Not because he is good or tactically strong or all that jazz. But because he is honest and direct. That is worth a lot for me.”

What does BMI bring to a team? “I think I can do most things well. I am fairly quick, I am not afraid in the duels, I can head a ball well. My passing is ok, my distance strike is ok. I’m quite all round as a defender. My weakness still is reading the game. Tactically, I still need to experience more situations. Play in different, demanding circumstances. Play big games, you know. What I believe is my biggest strength is my mentality. My will to win and my ability to instil that mentality in my team mates. I love good football and I enjoy teams like Arsenal and Barca. But I also thoroughly enjoyed the way Inter Milan with Sneijder played Barca. Or the way Chelsea won their CL. Or the way Italy and Portugal can kill games off. I have a lot of respect for that and I want Holland and Feyenoord to be able to win ugly too.”

Martins Indi’s name is going around in the media linking him to EPL clubs like Arsenal and Everton while Seedorf apparently has his eye on him for AC Milan. The Feyenoord man is not fussed. “These are the things I keep far away from me. It would affect me and my family otherwise. I have a couple of statements I can make. For starters, leaving Feyenoord before the World Cup was never an option for me. Secondly, I really enjoy playing for Feyenoord and don’t have to go anywhere. Thirdly, as with any player, I do like to get the best out of my career so a transfer at a certain time will definitely be on the cards. But when, where, how….we’ll see. I am not involved in that at the moment. My agent will take care of it. These clubs you mention are all great clubs. And as I am now with a great club too, I won’t settle for less.”


The World Cup is approaching. There was some debate about BMIs partner Stefan de Vrij and as a result their partnership in orange. “I did spend some time on it as it annoyed me. Not so much for me. I mean, may the best player play you know? It’s not about me, but about Oranje. But I did feel the criticism on Stefan was absurd. Like any player, he has his strong and weaker points. He’s young, he still has a way to go and develop. But suddenly, he wasn’t good enough anymore? Ridiculous. The problem with defenders is, that whenever a goal is conceded, defenders don’t look good. But it’s often times also the way the forwards or midfielders drop the ball, so to speak. And then defenders get under pressure. But I do think Stefan is coming out of this much stronger. I think Mr Van Gaal can rely on him being totally ready for the World Cup.”

And what about Martins Indi? “You know what, I let it go. I know Mr Van Gaal will pick the best option for the team. I simply have to talk with my feet every game we play. If that results in me being the best option: great! If not, I will support who ever plays there.”

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      1. He has been mostly deployed at LB….. But nothing to be taken away from that…..I think Mathisjen is injured and BMI has started at CB in recent games…..

        Virgil Van Dijik – BMI vs France

  1. @ Tiju……. Forget about De Vrij….. I think BMI is good in Ariel balls and if I’m not wrong he has scored some goals in the qualifiers via header….can’t remember him having turning problems….

    1. yes wilson wee need to forget De vrij.i did..
      am thinking about our strongest 2 back lines.i mean first one then second.after seeing the games of all players i found this one
      Janmaat—virjil—Reikik—-BMI as first choice
      Weil/Bacuna—-Veltman/bruma–Vlaar/Bruma—PVA as second choice
      With Nijel-Blind and Deguzman as 123 holding mids.We cannt rely on anita,Fer,who has low handling speed,bu id o like his tacklings and ball winning and keeping capability.
      With vaart+roben+rvp as 9.5 strikers
      Second line
      ———De Guzman———-Vanginkel———-
      3rd Gk——???????

      1. Like back 4 combo of Janmaat- Dijik- Rekik- BMI…… I’m still think we need a good running midfielder/fitter…… Van Ginkle for Vaart………

        De Jong

        Classie- Strootman

        van Ginkle

        Vaart – super sub

        It wouldn’t be wise to sacrifice a crucial position with 40 minute Vaart. Rather go for someone who can play full 90…….

        1. vaart is not a good runner so i put him as half striker come playmaker so he can be static..Nijel-Clasie and stroot will run,with little support from RVP,rob and vaart,
          Vaart oozes quality than kuyt,hunter let him be our striker..

          1. Tiju let’s concentrate on 4-3-3 coz van Gaal won’t use you formation of 4-1-3-2…….though it sums up each position..

            Other thing we have to agree on his what Laurent said…… Either De Jong plays or he doesn’t go to sit on the bench. You see the 4-1-3-2 will be effectively cater for that but 4-3-3 I’m not really sure especially when are losing and need goal…..

  2. On the other hand I think pieters had good defensive game against Man United…. Though offensively he was not pin point but good to see playing game after game …… Not sure about his WC chances ……another season in EPL he will be able to have a crack at NT… No doubts about that.

  3. “What I believe is my biggest strength is my mentality”

    I always thought that was his biggest problem. Depending on which side we see it ok. Guys like Ramos or Pepe are wild animal players, but strong mentally and often answering positive to big games. They are winners. Dirty players but winners.

    BMI is too soft for me, sometimes I feel that even if Giovinco would slap him in the face, he’d go to complain to referee. How many times I saw him being passive when some players provocated him. It’s not that I’m asking to see fights and violence but the fact to answer and scare the opponents when you’re a defender is really important. There is no place for soft defender in the current football.

    1. No Sam…….the formation was 4-3-3


      Rhijn -Hetinga-Mathijsen-Willems

      De Jong

      Sneijder- Vaart


      I still see that game as the bench for NT especially when we have come through the transition period and going into the world cup. Im all wise emphatic on super subs and this is where we lost that game as our subs were no match to the quality of the Belgian subs.

      this was also the only game that Hunter had the mercy of Robben on the left and Narsingh on the right and vaart at the midfield. specialist LW…RW….Fitter/ playmaker….the game was also played mostly on the flanks with pace and this where Hunter scored even though it was a simple tap in.

        1. @ Milan he is more often deployed in 4-1-3-2 and 4-2-3-1 formation.he is very effective in these formation as he is restricted to defensive duties only……breaking down play in the midfield. you will find him caught napping in 4-3-3 formation especialy with fast and running midfielders and this is exactly what happened in the Belgium game………

  4. Long time I didn’t watch Ajax, and I followed the positive comments about Veltman here.

    But woaw, I’m impressed by his lack of authority and light physical, Steve De Ridder completly outplayed him during 45 minutes, Veltman looks like a kid against him.

        1. Veltman looked ridiculous yesterday, always asking for fouls because he discovered a striker who knows how to use his body to win challenges. What would it be against a determinated Drogba ?

          Also let’s to be honest, do you know some DC builded like Veltman in Germany, Spain, France, Brazil etc ? The guy looks like a junior player.

          I like some of his clean interventions but I will never never never feel safe with a kid like that behind.

  5. Ive been following Verbeek in the bundesliga, and he is working miracles for nurenburg, they have won the last few games and look like they will make it out of the relegation scrap. they are currently winning 2-1 away from home against the 8th place team
    HSV aren’t looking good even though they have much better players.

  6. watching PSV game half time is over vs Waalwijk..poor impotent attackers for PSV,toothless upfront.especially wingers.wat we are goin to do with these toothless wingers in WC?????i mean Depay and Narsigh…..

    1. Nothing special from 2 NT players.i never had a feelig of goal when they touched ball…..terrifc
      Bruma is so strong,has betetr speed than veltman..its bruma vs veltman for NT now……

      1. Neither of them should make it to Brazil, IMO.

        Narsingh still isn’t 100% as he’s coming off an injury, so he can still improve, but Depay? I know some people love him on this board, but 6 goals in 20 games in the Dutch league is poor, especially for a winger.

  7. Van Gaal stated that he has already selected a list of 10 players who he will take to the World Cup finals, but hinted that Galatasaray’s Wesley Sneijder has yet to convince him he deserves a place in the squad.

    “If they are fit, yes,” he said of the 10 unnamed players he has chosen. “So 13 spots are open. Is Sneijder fit? He has another three months…”

    1. vaart has a wonderful chemisttry with RVP and roben,it would be more deadly when these 3 get supplies from runners strroot,clasie and dejong…..then we have better chance to beat a tough team than with sneijders goals.

  8. we have waited so many games and so many months for these goals.of sneijder…but we have only 7 games in wC maximum,sneijder is type of lampard,gerad model.While vaart is zidane,rivaldo type model,i still feel in importnat matches vaart must ahead of sneijder or at least both ahead of other mediocre ones.

  9. sneijder ahead of vaart in every aspect and especially he is ahead becauae sneijder has a much greater mentality.

    sneijder has won the UCL while vaart has played for crappy midtable teams like tottenham and hamburg. Sneijder isn’t playing for a big club right now but Gala managed to beat Juventus and Sneijder scored the winner!

  10. We have a good generation of CBs coming up but many of them might not be that ready for the WC that’s why I believe we should play with Vlaar and BMI.

    Veltman, Bruma, De Vrij, Rekik, Denswil, etc…will be great in the future and might be even great as subs for the WC but I still dont trust them too much.

  11. Miguel Forget about Turkish League and Forget about Sneijder. He is same as when Drogba was playing in Chinese Super Liga. Scoring goals doesn’t depict any form and fitness. it is the consistency that shows your authority and Depth…. a good example is Lucas Piazon…..his form and consistency for Vitesse has made big waves in Eredivise.These are the qualities you wanna have when going to World Cup.

    My biggest concern about Sneijder is simply this:


      1. dont think thats gona happen any time soon……the only best thing that happened to him was that goal against Juventus in CL apart from that he has been relatively quiet . Many big names have moved across to Turkey but unfortunately nobody could revive their career and ended up going down peak ,and Im afraid that what in store for sneidjer if he stays there.

        Srinjoy I was hoping his transfer to Man United/ Chelsea would have happened which would have revived his hope world Cup. After it collapsed I dont see any thing positive coming from him out of Turkish league. Van Gaal has already mentioned that he has to prove himself

        You tell me Sinjoy what can he he prove in Turkish league by scoring three goals . they are samas Celtic in SPL. yeh unless he comes up with something spectacular in CL Qaueter Final then we can talk about him.

      2. The idea that vGaal might not take Sneijder to the WC and pick players such as Kuyt, Schaars, Fer, Siem de Jong, Cillessen, de Vrij (and perhaps I should even mention Depay and Lens) ahead of him as part of the 23 makes my skin crawl.

        Sneijder trumps all of the above without a doubt for me. With some longer thought, I’d be able to name more (that are already being used by vGaal as part of his 23).

        For me Sneijder would be part of the 10 sure ones if I had to make a list, let’s see (I’ll even do them in order of importance, sort of):

        Sneijder / VDV
        N. de Jong

        nvm, I can’t get up to 10, not even sure I wanna include Stekelenburg that high in the list, was thinking about adding Blind at the end to get up to 10, but he really doesn’t fit that well yet with those other names in terms of importance/experience/value to the team, but at least he’s versatile and has improved so much this year, that he’s starting to approach the other 8 names. I’d probably still prefer to see some more of players like Promes, Narsingh, v. Aanholt, Veltman, Bruma, BMI, Vlaar and Janmaat before I would call Blind so much better that he becomes more of a surity (warranting a spot in this ‘top 10’), but I’d say he might be leading the pack (of chasers) if it weren’t for the fact that I haven’t seen Promes in Oranje yet (this list is mostly or more based on what I’ve seen from them in Oranje).

        1. perhaps this is a good time to remind everyone that Krul shut out the Brazilians in BRAZIL! one year after the last WC. 3 years is not such a long time and many of the names that played that day are still the same, Neymar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Ramires, Robinho, Lucas Leiva, and Fred’s replacement is Jô, who failed his career at Manchester City, 1 goal in 21 games. The goal for ManC came before he was loaned out to Everton or sold or something, his career went downhill in his 2nd season for Everton (injury?), zero goals for over 500 minutes, 3 goals in 13 games for Galataseray, back to ManC, no goals, now he’s playing in Brazil in Mineiro 1, 2nd league I think, his club Atletico Mineiro got relegated while he was playing there from Brazil’s serie A).

          He (back to Krul) may have to do it again. I don’t see Cillessen or even Stekelenburg doing that any time soon (Vorm isn’t even worth mentioning, but just in case anyone was thinking about that option).

  12. I think Van Gaal’s 10 are Cillessen, Martins Indi, Vlaar, Janmaat, Blind, Van Der Vaart, Nigel, Strootman, Van Persie and Robben.

    Also, I wanted to give a little shout up to Bacuna’s last two recent performances for Villa. He wasn’t very good throughout the entire games, but took his goals well and was generally ok.

  13. As a Feyenoord fan I must also say a little shout up to Manu’s performance. He looks so fast, powerful and has the kinda of rage and will to win that I don’t see too much in the Eredivisie anymore. Technical wise he has obvious improvements to make but his guile, drive and intensity is positively breath taking. He reminds me of Tevez, Rooney or even Suarez at times, just for the rage that he plays with.

    This is the kind of fight and will to win that I would like to see from more of our Oranje players.

  14. Ajax should worry about Salzburg, the team is being impressive, beat 3-0 Bayern in a friendly last month, ok that was only a friendly but there were many bayern starters playing. They won all their games in EL group stage, beat 4-0 Austria Wien in their championschip…

  15. if any one of the following gets the plane to brazil that would be end of Dutch dreams for Brazil 2014.
    here we go
    Dirk kuyt
    De Vrij
    and also pray that Vaart gets his fitness like Gio had it in WC2010,Lot of hope is depending on
    BMI.Blind,RVP,Nijel.Roben,Vaart,Lenz,Janmaat,krul and stroot.then comes Virjil(if selectd),Reikik,Wijnaldum,clasie,sneijder as sub only(no matter how big menatlly he is vaart is more dangerous with Roben RVP.)
    Then comes
    PVA,Bacuna,weil,Vlaar/Vletman,Cillesen etc

  16. I’m willing to stick my neck out and proclaim that I’ve never seen Sneijder scoring/shooting this well/powerful/sharp/deadly (including 2010). When saying this I’m thinking mostly of the 2! long distance goals he scored this season, this one and the last one which was quite good as well. I don’t remember him shooting them in like that when he was playing for Inter (even his goal against France in 2008 or Japan in 2010 wasn’t that good compared to these 2, the other one was earlier this season). I can’t think of a good comparison other than the one against Austria (in terms of power and precision, or just beauty).

    Here’s the earlier one in the season (2nd goal):

    and his first goal for Galatasaray wasn’t bad either:

    only his goal vs Austria can compete in my opinion (from what I can remember in recent years). His first goal for Galataseray, which was less than a year ago and this one now against Bursaspor (not a small club in Turkey, they won the league not too long ago, they’re usually around 4-8 in the ranking) are in my opinion even better than the one against Austria, especially this latest one with the left in the top corner.

  17. Nice article Jan, thank you.

    As someone posted earlier (Laurent, I think), I too was a bit surprised that BMI would list his mentality as his main strength. I haven’t seen him play as much as I’d like to, but my general impression is that he sometimes lacks the tenacity that he describes as being a part of who he is.

    Also, to all of the Sneijder haters, it’s worth noting that he not only had a hat trick and an impressive ass pass yesterday, but that he did that in just over half of the game (subbed out at 56′). Not bad. —to continue questioning whether or not this guy should have a ticket to Brazil is ridiculous, in my opinion. There’s no way that van Gaal isn’t already considering Wesley as a ‘given’ for the squad, but I think it’s a smart move to continue to provide the motivation by taking a “prove it to me” stance for all of these players. That’s just smart– it was pretty easy to see the potential downside (ala BvM 2012) of players not having to fight to be included.

    1. @ Aanvalluh….

      the argument over sneijder was about his form and not about hating him. I think he has being the driving factor for NT for the past years, but you have to agree that he no way near the form that he was at Inter, WC 2010 OR even EC 2012. Until yesterday nobody on this blog had any clue on him. Aa soon as the news surfaced that he scored three goals,as usually the guns came out and started bombarding…same as when Klassen scored his. double

      The last thing we dont wanna do his to sacrifice a position or seat by taking both Sneidjer and Vaart to Brazil when we can take a Utility instead.

      1. as soon as my previous comment gets approved you will see what other events than the recent hattrick I’ve noticed concerning Sneijder since he moved to Galataseray and this season (it has 2 youtube links which causes it to have to be moderated first, so who knows how long that may take, hmmm, thinking about it… I’ll copy paste it without the youtube adress, just use the codes):

        I’m willing to stick my neck out and proclaim that I’ve never seen Sneijder scoring/shooting this well/powerful/sharp/deadly (including 2010). When saying this I’m thinking mostly of the 2! long distance goals he scored this season, this one and the last one which was quite good as well. I don’t remember him shooting them in like that when he was playing for Inter (even his goal against France in 2008 or Japan in 2010 wasn’t that good compared to these 2, the other one was earlier this season). I can’t think of a good comparison other than the one against Austria (in terms of power and precision, or just beauty).

        Here’s the earlier one in the season (2nd goal):


        and his first goal for Galatasaray wasn’t bad either:


        only his goal vs Austria can compete in my opinion (from what I can remember in recent years). His first goal for Galataseray, which was less than a year ago and this one now against Bursaspor (not a small club in Turkey, they won the league not too long ago, they’re usually around 4-8 in the ranking) are in my opinion even better than the one against Austria, especially this latest one with the left in the top corner.

        (no need to approve that other comment now anymore)

          1. Love those kinds of goals from Wes.

            Worry when he takes that same shot over and again at the expense of other attempts.

            He runs hot and cold from that exact spot.

  18. Now that van Basten has anounced that he won’t be continuing at Heerenveen I’m willing to also talk about vGaal’s replacement after the WC since I never liked it when vBasten quit as national team coach. I think he did rather well in 2008 with a rather inexperienced group and ignoring the Russia game which just wasn’t meant to be.

    So why not vBasten instead of the media endorsed Koeman or Hiddink?

    1. Isn’t Hiddink a done deal? I thought he already signed a contract. If that’s the case, considering others is sort of a moot point isn’t it? Well, unless hypothetical speculation happens to be the point, in which case, I’ll gladly join you!

      1. oh, I didn’t know that, nvm then. I can find no NOS news report categorically saying that Guus Hiddink will be the new coach (in the title or something, when searching for “Hiddink” on their website), but from the other article titles I’m seeing and their short description it does look that it’s a done deal.

  19. honestly i lost all the confidence in our defenders who play in erdivisie!!
    veltman seems to be hit by the same virus that bruma has. every game veltman plays well but at one moment he decides to make the stupidest mistake ever that costs his team a goal, we cant afford this in the world cup!!
    based on that me personally i would like to see this defensive line
    Bacuna-vlaar-van dijk-blind
    blind is the only one from the erdivisie who seems consistent enough and less mistake prone and van dijk seems very confident and growing fastly and the two aston villa guys might not be the greatest defenders but at least they are playing agains aguero, silva, hazard, van persie, eto and all the othe big names so they would be at least decent in the world cup. because seriously we cant afford bruma and veltman making those stupid mistakes or de vrij being frozen infront of a fast player like silva or negredo in our first game in the world cup!!

  20. Sneijder hasn’t performed well for Oranje since LVG took over.

    Remember the first leg vs. Estonia? Nothing was going right for us with Sneijder on, then when he got subbed off and VdV got put in his place, he scored immediately & we won 3-0. In the second leg LVG decided to stick with Sneijder for the entire game, and we squeaked by.

    VdV has scored 5 goals in qualifying compared to Sneijder’s 1 goal. He’s also generally looked more threatening on set pieces and he links up better with RVP than Wes does.

    Sneijder might be doing better at club level, but when it comes to NT, VdV has been playing better and with more confidence.

    1. just forget VDV, he is not better than Aurstalia Mids, he is too slow, technique less, and very stupid, how can we put anything on him. i think the best think is injurie for VDV and we can do many thing without him like last WC.

      1. Faraz..i think u dont know who is vaart,A world class player who got injured at his prime times and never got chance to show his worth bar 2008EC
        Lets see this
        You how much intelligence of quick thinking and skill needed to take such goal??any idea..
        Vaart presence with RVP and roben with 3 runners make us more deadly than sneijder s solso long intevals..end of the story.
        Hasnt u seen hungary demolish with vaart,italy,france 2008??Cezc in cec in 2004 and 05WCQ??etc.
        Poor guy got overlooked for kuyt vs spain and we are FUCKED..

  21. The aspect we have to take into consideration is the eligibility of 3 Subs per game. it is for sure that all the 23 players that will be going will not be able to play. For certain the three subs has to be centered around the Midfield, Striker and the third has to be technical one and this is how the selection criteria should be based on as to which players will provided equivalent backup in these positions.

      1. Tiju be realistic, you always put “Reikik” in your line-up, but you forget that he is muslim, and that he prays before games. He doesn’t believe that Jesus is the son of god.

        Will Jesus be with us if Rekik is on the field ?

        1. @LAURENT..Jesus is there for everyone.Reikik doesnt beliive in HIM,thats his choice,even if if we 1 guy who belives in HIM on feild then Jesus will perform miracle.Beleive only in Jesus is entirly differnet experience.
          He never punish u as we dserve,instaed we get everything.but still there would be a difference in their life of HIS belivers.
          My life is testimony for that ,so i have nothing to say against him.HE never treated like me according to what i deserved.The king of kings will return like lion very soon.
          Sure Jesus is with us always but we must talk to him and also we muct have realtionship with him.its like a telephone connection.

      2. @ Tiju….. lets be practical dude….
        you cant expect the cow to give milk if it does not grass……. even if van gaal turns to Jesus . ….at the end of the day it will be the players doing the job on the field unless you want him to be the 13th player.

        belief and faith has nothing to do with wining or losing. we can only ask for his guidence and wisdom coz wining also co- insides with the physical and mental state of players…….

        might remember this one……ladyluck evading when NT reaches PKs

        1. @Wilson Jesus is real.its the only pathway to etrenal life.No man on earth is going to get 100/100 to enter heaven only by beleiving in him will get through with turnaway from sin.
          For me there is no luck or unluck personally.its all in my lords hand.HE is there for me in any situation,He is with me,You dont know the work of Jesus and holyspirit,though am not spiritfilled guy.

          to win in brazil dutch need Jesus.lets kneel down to him like Moses did,Abraham did etc….

          1. Tiju,

            Who told you all this?
            Who told you about Jesus and Heaven and all that stuff?

            I only ask because I want you to KNOW that you have been lied to.
            Wake up.
            Use your brain.
            YOUR brain. NOT someone else’s.
            Stop listening to other people and start THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

            Or perhaps this stubborn stupidity that holds real science, reason and logic beyond your grasp is also the very same stubborn stupidity that negates your ability to analyse a football match.

            I feel sorry for you.

            Your life must be SO limited.
            Please stop coming here to belittle (and humiliate) our players and fans and teams and our great nation.
            Please stop preaching crap about imaginary bollocks that some pernicious kiddie-fiddler drilled into your vacant skull.

            Not only is it complete hogwash, it’s fucking annoying too.

            Got it?

  22. Kuyt wants to avenge World Cup heartache and World Cup likely to be his last tournament ……

    Tiju what do you think about this……

    he is one guy I dont want see in the squad ….no offense to him but his style of play is outdated

    1. kuyt is ver brilliant player with a very good attitude,the problem is that u need Zidanes,ronaldihnos,ronaldos,rivaldos to win a WC,i mean players who are able to scpre from vaccum,kuyt doesnt bleong to that list at least he is not vene better than cammeronessi who played splendid for italy to support Delpeiro,toti,pirlo and DE rossi to win 2006,We have no chance kuyt up front ,but am sure that he is better opttion than many mediocre ones.Absolulty nochance for us when is there.

  23. You know what I don’t understand (after watching that ice hockey movie and looking at the top 10 in the world list of team sports) is why can’t we get a good ice hockey team as well? Since we’re doing so well with all the other popular team sports (that aren’t too specialized/limited to a specific country or region, and even 1 of those we aren’t too shabby with). Here’s the top 10:

    1. football (soccer)

    2. cricket (only because of all those Indians and surrounding territory)

    3. basketball (still mostly US, don’t care that much about it)

    4. baseball (we won the world championship in 2011, sadly though, it wasn’t very popular and no NBL players there as I understand it, so that’s just a weird victory, doesn’t feel right, still, we’re surprisingly competetive nevertheless)

    5. rugby (who cares, too specialized)

    6. field hockey (constantly in the top for decades)

    7. volleyball (consistently in the top, allthough it’s getting much harder lately to get any significant trophies, other countries do have an edge in numbers on us like in football, but I feel we always have a chance to win world competitions somewhat equal to our chances in football, perhaps even better cause there are less top countries, allthough not lately as I mentioned)

    8. ice hockey (here we go, we’re great ice-skaters, we’re great field hockey players, why can’t we get a good ice-hockey team going?)

    9. American Football (nice to watch, until the commercials start, which would give me about 1 minute to enjoy and then zap away if I were an American, only to hope to be back in time, cause I don’t watch commercials, pff, I’ve been in the US, they do that too during TV-shows, 3 minutes show, 10 second commercial, 3 minutes show, 10 second commercial, nuts)

    10. more rugby

    1. Bless van Riemsdyk and his love of Toronto. Hockey and soccer are the best sports to get your fill of action. Bless Bradley and Defoe too! Good times being a Toronto sports fan.
      End happy rant.

    1. I think there’s some early WC-fever going around and it’s not limited to the fans. 🙂

      (de Vrij also almost scored a nice header, really working hard, when I saw Cox in that movie de Vrij was the first guy I had to think about).

      It is damn hard when you’re the coach as well and have to make the cuts, awkward moment, good scene, good movie (felt pretty sorry for Cox, unseen hero of the movie, as I was watching the movie I didn’t know he was going to get cut and he was my favorite along with Pavelich who I just knew was going to be good, he already had his name with him, the names O’ Callihan and Mclanahan were familiar to me, guess who scored the first goal in the miracle on ice? Hint: he was one of the coneheads).

  24. @ Tiju… As story for You….

    There was this Holy man who was caught in flood. he went on top his roof and started praying to the God to save him. As the water level rose a man in boat came by to help him but he refused to go and remain adamant that god will help. After that a Chopper came to rescue him but he still refused to go adamant that god will help him. The water rose above the roof and he was swept away by the current and drowned.

    he woke up in the heaven and started crying. the god asked him why are crying my son….the man replied Father why didn’t you help me when I was praying for help. The God replied….Son I did send the boat and Chopper to rescue you but you didn’t wanted to be rescued .

    Belief – mentality – Physical doing (package deal)

    He can show us the path , but in the end its our choice as to which path we choice.

    Going back to Van Gaal and NT…….we still dont have any idea how NT gonna click in Brazil as we are still trying to put the right pieces together. In the end it will be the team bonding, mental, physical and spirtual state of the players that will decide our course in the WC.

    1. “””””we still dont have any idea””””””””.But Jesus knows the NT future in brazil,So lets go to HIM.if not its our on choice u said.
      but thing is sure
      “”He who looked upon HIM shall never be perished”””..Thats the promise HE gave to his sons..But receive that Gift You must welcom HIM unless u are less than 10 year old who doesnt recahed some state of growth(i mean who knows abt right and choices)or menatlly handicapped.Sad part is HE has appointed many as him ambasiidors including me ,but honeslty i must i admit i am failure to keep his standards.

  25. Lex Immers seems to be quiet a interesting guy . he has scored a brace for Feyenoord this year. But really dont know much about him.

    Bruma also scored for PSV…..Making statement or what….

  26. Some very good dutch news going around but definitely on the wrong article…Jan change this disgraceful article…why is no one mentioning the horrible stamp and the punishment


    do we really want to be playing with these kind of dirty players???

    Jermain Lens, Bruno Martins Indi are absolute no no ! for me…trust me am not being racist…these 2 guys just dont have the temparament for the different pressures and media spotlight that takes to win a world cup!!

    out with bruno and jermain…and for the love of god..jan please change and post a new article!!

    1. in other news…castelen with another brilliant last gasp strike for RKC against go with de ridder castelen and rommedahl on the flanks…rkc cud really challenge for a europa place…brilliant performance against psv last week too ..on the counter…with evander sno ..the lost dutch superstar (with the severe heart attack on field)..taking centre stage…i personally love this RKC team with some of my favorite players of old featuring (they are also my Football Manager 2014 Career Team) They have a pretty sweet squad..including former PSV star Michael Lamey and co.

    2. I dont think that BMI is a dirty player/guy, don’t forget that even Bergkamp did the same against Serbia during WC 98…

      Bergkamp who is supposed to be one of the most elegant player ever. Nothing schocking that some CB do that kind of things sometimes.

          1. Sure
            .am not.saying he shud be banned from the national team..but to reward him a ticket to brazil given he is not really even superior on football terms than van dijk, vlaar, Rekik wud be sending a very wrong message

          2. Sure
            .am not.saying he shud be banned from the national team permanently,..but to reward him a ticket to brazil given he is not really even superior on football terms than van dijk, vlaar, Rekik wud be sending a very wrong message

  27. Interesting and mouth watering clashes coming up in CL. the ones to keep a close tab will be….

    Chelsea vs Galatasary….. I think this game should conclusively depict Sneijder inclusion in NT for Brazil

    Schalke 04 vs Real Madrid…….. whether hunter is static against big teams or not

    1. Why Sneijder has to prove something to be in the plane for Brazil, did Vaart prove something? He plays in a very verrryyy shitty team thats why he still achieve something, Sneijder is in champion league, and Gala are there cause of him!! Vaart isnt even in EL. So no, Wes doesnt have to prove anything!!
      For the record I always liked Vaart but he always has been in the shadow of Sneijder despite being more old!

  28. Lens also seems to have vanished in Ukarine……nothing coming out from Dynamio keiv for him…… I wonder if the red card incident against Columbia might have jepordize his status in van gaals book…..

  29. Did I read a few comments making a big deal about Martins Indi’s stamp? Just want to say that what he did was wrong and shameful, but to say he should be dropped from Oranje is simply ridiculous!

  30. I think you are missing the point. The point is that whilst he did something wrong and should be punished for it, once the sentence is served, he should be allowed to carry on with his work. To say a very talented and important young player should be “dropped” from his NT after he did his crime and did his time on club duties is unnecessary because his track record and precedence would not support such a NT ban.

    Think about it please, almost every player at some point or the other have done wrong things on a football field and that is why the laws of the game are there to address these issues. Also, precedences have to be followed and there are numerous examples. Most players who have made such errors on the field have been slapped with multiple game bans at the domestic level. Occasionally on very rare instances we have even seen a 2-3 game bans with the NT which is usually dependent on the player’s history (if he has a track record of bad behaviour or having moments of significant indiscretion). In Indi’s situation he has been rightly punished domestically and he doesn’t have a tract record of any such indiscretions, therefore it would be uncalled for and out right ridiculous to ban him from NT for any period of time. His domestic ban will hold through the month of February and the next friendly is just a few days in March, therefore he could and in fact should not be called for this game, because he would lack match rhythm (not because of his ban).

    So in conclusion, the laws of the game as well as the precedences that have been established would ensure that Indi is not banned from Oranje for a single game (except for the upcoming as a result of lack of playing time). I would also like to point to the most recent Oranje player that was banned from NT as a result of his hurting a player on club duty was Nigel and we all know about Nigel’s tract record in that area (S. Holding, Ben Arfa…etc).


      1. Well their inability to penetrate defences may be overstated because they do create a shedload of chances, their problem is finishing those chances.
        This is where Wijnaldum was a big threat, he scored loads of simple but important goals for them. I like depay but i feel like his is unable to carry the team for now and the midfield 3 doesn’t really work.
        IMO maher has stagnated, schaars offers little dynamism but a good attitude and park offers work rate but little end product.
        They all have extremes of what all the players need but no balance in any of the individual players which is why strootman is such a big loss

        1. neither Maher,Depay or locadian are good finishers,but they are unselfish players who doesnt do shoot at sight policy,Georghino wijnaldum was pretty effective in finishing and he could hold ball on his against any defenders,which they dont have for a while sure Wijnaldum was massive presence for them,If Depay,Narsingh are the sub wingers for NT then we are done in wings.Take sleep that would bethe best.Maher simply lacks accuracy and power.

  31. I’ve seen some PSV’s games and Depay is really good he has a tremendous shout from long distance.

    Narsingh is just returning from a long injury so I don’t expect him to be 100% fit.

    We’ve to remember that PSV’s midfield is not compared to the NT midfield. It is not the same to play with Schaars, Park and Hiljemark than playing for the NT along with Sneijder, Strootman, Vaart, Nigel, etc…

    1. both sneijder and vaart lost their stamina,both RVP and Roben also reached 30..Depay is an average finisher with average speed and average dribbler,he is getting hyped for his long shots where he good at.depending on Depay long shots for our goals in WC is kind of gambling.

        1. enormous workrate that xavi and co produced was amazing but that cannt be said abt roben,vaart etc even sneijder and persie.So we need heavy support for these playres which was norammly given by bommel,dejong and kuyt,..though vaart was not on filed at most of time,age doesnt matter as long they have speed,agiltyn and stamina.except stamina rest is still there with our fab 4.

  32. Elia is showing some good things but his team is absolutly awful, he spends most of his time to defend, which is obviously not his strongest point.

    He should have left Werder this winter, just like VDV should leave HSV.

  33. I am watching chelsea-new castle and honestly what I think we miss in Oranje is player just like hazard!!! Tremendous player!! Hazard behind robben and van persie, they would do miracles together!! We don’t have this kind of player not even close to him, he moves a lot with and without the balls and he already scored two goals that ooze class!!! Luuk de Jong unfortunately is inexistent!!! And Tim krul got beat twice so far by hazard, meanwhile anita is struggling in midfield!!! Man it is sad we have a lot of mediocre players in premiere league, apart from van persie what do we have??? Pieter-Anita-fer-de jong-rvw-buttner…

    1. Alaa ,we do have player like Hazard may not be that good.its Afellay.Both lacks some level of intelligence in my book.But some how Hazard got in to and english team where there not much skills ,but Afellay went to messi club which had numerous skille d players.
      Any guys shoudl not move to any of these plastic clubs Chelsea,Mancity etc Coz tthey have hell lot of money and they could buy anyone,and they would put their career in geopardy like MVG did recently.Van ginkel must get out of that shit club today itself.

    2. Hazard is nothing special, believe me even in France people started to understand that Hazard was overrated, and Ferguson said it with his own mouth.

      What he does with Chelsea in PL has not much value in my eyes, one day maybe people will start to understand how easy PL is for such players. He would be on the bench if he was playing with Barca or Real.

      With Belgium he is always failing, and with Lille he was always bad during important games. Ok he is still young, but he doesn’t have a winner mentality at all.

      Though, I agree that we need a player with such a profile, and Mkhitaryan is a way better than Hazard for me.

        1. Eriksen is like Hazard and I even prefer the belgian.

          Mkhitaryan is better than both, first the armenian helps a lot on defencive tasks, Eriksen does absolutly nothing to defend. Let’s even not to talk about his stamina, he always stop to run after 60minutes.

          Eriksen has a really good vision and pass quality but Mkhitaryan is a more complete player, with much more activity, a better finish and a really good penetration.

          Only Iniesta, Ozil (when he is at 100 %) and Gotze are better than Mkhitaryan currently.

  34. Sad but truth is many of newgeneration players lacks intelligence and Class of the old,The real poetntial players are Ginkel,klassen,Clasie,Vilehna,Boetius,etc.

    1. What type of intelligence does Klaassen have ?

      He has no vision at all, have you ever seen him giving a clever though pass or whatever ? He is just a common player without any speciality like S.De Jong and Bakkal, those type of players used as 9,5 killed dutch football, they would be welcome in Scotland, I always thought Holland was a country forming technical players.

      1. Well S.De Jong scores often with his head at least but Klaassen ?

        No dribbles, no speed, no long shot, no pass quality, no fighting spirit. The guy just took popularity thanks to a hatrick against NAC.

        1. Klassen actually has a very very good basic technique with a great first touch. His style is being compared to Bergkamp and although that is a little exaggerated you could say he is pretty technical based on that first touch of his.

          1. What means vision for you ?

            For me a OM with great vision should quickly see a free space or a free player to give a good pass.

            VDV, Sneijder, Afellay, Maher all have a better vision than Klaassen for sure. And better pass quality also.

            It’s totally nonsense to compare him to Bergkamp, Bergkamp was giving the most beautiful through passes in the world, I’ve never seen Klaassen giving any.

            I don’t agree for work rate too, I saw him last week against Utrecht he was completly invisible. He is in the package with Luuk, Siem, Bakkal…Time will prove it.

          2. Laurent U Sucks, i saw Klassen he is better than many players lke de jong and etc, he play like a clever player,
            sorry but i have no more time for u to answer ur bullshits.

        2. laurent i think u are fasinated by useless dribblers and looser like Elia,Afeallay etc.Klassen is an intelligent player who conrtibutes at right time,very intelligent player.

  35. Tiju trust me my friend afellay is no where close to hazard, hazard is 22 years old and he is already the key in chelsea that is packed with midfielders! For him to be their star that means he has something others don’t have!!! Afellay even in chelsea he wouldn’t make it!!! I agree with u though on plastic clubs, those teams like man city chelsea Psg the oil rich teams!! I just hate these Nuevo rich teams!! They buy any player who has potential and they throw them on bench!!

    1. Alaa trust me Chelsea doesnt have wingers apart from Hazard,Willan(new) and shurrle,thats why they get chance more often,While MVG was in mdifeild,thats why he struggles in out position.Hazard is skill ful player who got chnace by chance to prove his play,he dribbles and scores at times.i would say slightly effective dribbler than Afellay.Hazard was lucky that he is in england where they surely lack Roben,messi kind of players.

  36. Afellay is not even on Barcelona’s list. What a shame.

    @Alaa: Hazard is really good but I believe we’ve great players. Not every team has the luxury of having Robben, RVP, Sneijder (he will shut some mouths this summer).

  37. Swansea playing with 4 dutch players..and play nice easy on the eye football…

    de Guzman
    Emnes (Could he make it to Brazil..looks much better than Elia at Bremen today!)

  38. in other news..why does no one mention bas dost? he scores whenever he plays for wolfsburg…unlike luuk de jong and van wolfswinkel who are pretty horrific finishers!

  39. Arjen Robben
    Wasted a good chance early on but caused Nurnberg numerous problems with his lively, penetrating dribbling. He rattled the post with an absolutely fantastic free kick and was a continuous source of danger.

    Leroy Fer
    Norwich’s biggest threat on the ball, he looked like the player who might provide the touch of class the Canaries generally lacked. Saw an excellent header brilliantly pushed away by Hart.

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel
    Couldn’t do much more than Hooper, and could not fight his way to the ball when Redmond cut back a cross begging to be converted.

    Leandro Bacuna
    Had a real positive game in the first half, drifting around the pitch with drive to get forward and providing great energy for his side. Started in the middle and looked strong but ended up at right-back and his performance was hindered.

    Tim Krul
    Could do nothing about any of Hazard’s goals but almost monumentally embarrassed himself when he misjudged the bounce of the ball and fell comically onto his backside, only to breathe a sigh of relief as it trickled out of play. Made a good stop to deny Salah late on.

    Vurnon Anita
    Neat and tidy on the ball whenever he got it but Chelsea largely had the run of midfield.

    Luuk de Jong
    Showed flashes of good technique up front but this was never the sort of game which would have allowed him to shine.

    Eljero Elia
    Offered absolutely nothing out wide, and was a nonentity on the ball, losing it almost automatically.

  40. @miguel, no doubt my friend! robben and van persie are two that no one else has, they are the best duo for me! But I have been a fan of oranje since 1988 and I am always used to them having excess of super talented players in all positions at the same time, they spoiled us, I can’t stand the idea of seeing all those mediocre players we have now in major European leagues, after we used to send them players who are artists! Being a Dutch player in Europe used to mean automatically an artist: bergkamp kluivert David’s seedorf de boer overmars and many many more in the same generation playing in the biggest teams in Europe and being the essential players of those teams! Now what we have is players in small European teams like Swansea new castle Aston villa werder Bremen etc and the sad part is that many of those players are struggling to get playing time even in those teams!!!! I just hope to see nathan ake, van ginkel, Wijnaldum, van dijk can soon become big names in the big teams, unfortunately when they become big by that time the only two big forwards we have which are robben and persie will be retired!! So we might have big names in defense and midfield and then a very mediocre attack with the likes of de jong locadia rvw and castaignos!!!

  41. This PSV team is quite poor. if Van Gaal is looking on this game only Depay will be called the next game and even he is not doing so well. Bruma and Schaars are playing like amateurs. Nothing great from Willems either. Locadia took his goal quite well though.

    Conversely, Promes and Castaignos doing well for Twente. I will be surprised if Twente doesn’t win this game.

  42. Tim Krul

    Could do nothing about any of Hazard’s goals but almost monumentally embarrassed himself when he misjudged the bounce of the ball and fell comically onto his backside, only to breathe a sigh of relief as it trickled out of play. Made a good stop to deny Salah late on.

  43. actually, only Depay, Promes and Castaignos in this game are looking ready for a call-up for the next NT game.

    Promes is such a reliable player who consistenly produces for Twente.. I really like this kid!

    1. Barcelona has lost last week, and tonight the game against Sevilla away won’t be easy. Also it’s not sure they beat City even if I think they will…

      But if they fail and get into a crisis period, maybe the coach will have the duty to make changes and give chance to Afellay.

  44. Even though depay is my fave eredivisie player, I think no one is paying attention to boetius who has been playing consistently well since being in the first team for feyenoord. He has scored more goals and has had more assists than depay this season whilst still being injured for the beginning. Call up due?

    1. what u said is true…sometimes its like that somewhat like Vaart didnt get chance to play with fab 3.instead kuyt played,this is how we loosing matches at important games.

  45. Boetius, Depay, Promes, Immers and to a lesser extent Castaignos, Ziyech, Klaassen all deserve a call for the next game.

    Also, Anita and Van Dijk

    1. I think its late for that……the france game should be like putting the icing on the cake …….finishing touches ……meaning penciling in the team going to Brazil. I think most of the leagues gona end in April after which the teams will march into the camp…..I think all the positions are pretty much covered and the only new faces that should called Van Dijik…..Promes …Castaignos.,..PVA . …IMO.. if we resuffle the team with too many new faces we might loose on the right combination with the core of the existing squad….

  46. Boettius yes, Depay is already a international, Immers is a very very average player, please not at NT level. Castaignos agreed, Ziyech is very good but still a U21 player for me, Klassen I dont know and I believe is too soon for him. Anita not needed at NT and Van Dijk hell yeah!!

  47. watched Arsenal and Liverpool this morning….I have to say this Rahim Sterling has improved tremendously especially with suttridge in such a lethal form. they could cause havoc in the Wc if they click with the midfield. apart from Robben . ..I dont see any wingers in the eredivise that match him in that thdepartment. he is the type of winger you need to have when you have strikers like RVP and Hunter….. Definetly a man to watch in Brazil….

    1. Put Elia or Afellay in Liverpool and you’ll see what they will do.

      Put Sterling in Werder or Barcelona and you will see what he will do.

      First problems of dutch players currently isn’t really their level (except if we compare to spanish or german ones), it’s more the silly choices they make in their carreer.

        1. Bacelona has already confirmed that he not needed when his contract expires in June. A blind and dickhead…..atleast he should have learnt from Mata situation at Chelsea..

          agree on the chocies they make…….laurent. should be exiled from NT…

  48. I think we can go far if we take this squad…….


    Janmaat- Van Dijik-Rekik-BMI

    De Jong

    Van Ginkle(100%)- Strootman

    Promes- RVP- Robben

    Again I would like to put emphais on the importance of Robben starting on left…..

  49. laurent I was comparing Sterling (20) with our U23 and none of them in that department is playing with the intensity that he playing at the moment……john….Depay…Boetius. thats the gap between Epl and eredivise….. unfortunately.

  50. lets look at Van der weil and Bacuna as back up for Janmaat……I think bacuna might have edge over weil in the creavity and pace (retriving ) department but weil might have upper hand in the ariel department and experience. wise. there is one comment thats always pops when weil plays for PSG” failure to fall back after pushing forward”he is lucky to have the likes of silva….alex…Maxwell covering him up other wise its pack you bags and on the bus. thats his biggest weakness. as for Bascuna he is short guy and he might be outdone in corners and tackling department when you need to stretch to the fullest to retrieve balls. given PSG has got a easier CL quaters it would intresting to see how Weil performs as PSG serge towards the Final……

    1. Van der Wiel is a bad header. Not saying he is not better than Bacuna (don’t know to be honest), but if so, still not up to international level and as a consideration maybe less important.

      That being said, I am not on the Bacuna train.

  51. I think is emanuelson is lucky to be getting playing time under seedorf. he started in the midfield against Napoli and then was shifted to left back but was inefficient and dull in both position.

    1. I agree and dutch coachs make themselves to be hated because of that. Ok for us it’s cool to see as much dutch players as possible with their clubs, but not for supporters.

      Remember Van Gaal having finished 4rd with Barcelona his last season playing with 5 dutch starters. Van Gaal bringing useless Pranjic and Braafheid (first one is not dutch but came from a dutch club) to a club that is too high for them, Jol having tried plenty eredivisie players for nothing with Fulham, now Van Marwijk with HSV, Seedorf with Milan.

      Dutch coachs should be a bit more pragmatic. And if they wanna make dutch colonies, let’s at least to take good players. Van Marwijk bringing Bouy for a club that needs to survive and Seedorf wanting Maher is total bullshit.

      1. The van Gaal story has always been misunderstood. He did not want to create a Dutch colony. Au contraire. At the start, to implement his vision van Gaal brought players in that he had worked with previously, as Barca did not have players that played his system. His long term vision actually was to create a first team out of (Spanish) academy players. Read this article:

        Xavi not that long ago complimented and thanked van Gaal for his ambitions in this area. Cruyff is often mentioned in this regard but somebody who has been there all along like Xavi knows what role van Gaal has played at Barca. Van Gaal is also one of the few or only coaches that was hired for a second time to do the job (though unsuccessful).

        I can only find a Dutch source for the exact quote (I will link the article under this post), but after Barca, for the first time, played a game with only academy players this is what Xavi said:

        „In zijn tijd bij Barcelona zei hij altijd dat de club naar een elftal zou moeten toewerken van alleen maar spelers uit eigen kweek. Nu hebben we dat doel bereikt. Het is een verbazingwekkende en buitengewone prestatie. Van Gaal heeft daarvoor de basis gelegd. Ik neem hierbij graag de gelegenheid om hem daarvoor te bedanken.”


        “In his time at Barcelona he (red. van Gaal) always said that the club should aspire to work towards a first team consisting only off academy players. Now we have achieved that goal. It’s a remarkable and extraordinary achievement. Van Gaal build the foundations for this. I want to use this occasion to thank him for this.

        Van Gaal let quite some Barca players make their debut like Iniesta, Xavi, Valdes, maybe more. At Bayern he really promoted Muller (though he might have made his debut under Klinsmann). Badstuber became important. Schweinsteiger was played more down the field IIRC where he plays now. He might actually be sacked (the final straw) as he wanted a keeper from the academy and did not necessarily want Neuer. Van Gaal wanted to create a real Bayern team. “Mia san Mia” became more popular than ever (the motto van Gaal used with his first speech as Bayern coach and the man who popularized it). Now Bayern moved away from that. Dante at the back, Martinez, this season, Thiago, Gotze. etc, etc.. Bayern has gone international, while van Gaal wanted to promote local/academy guys, like Kraft the keeper.

        I would say, it is exactly the other way. Van Bommel did not fit his system and was out of the club soon enough to Milan, though being the first non German captain at Bayern, appointed to that role before van Gaal came in.

        There are many trainers that take a short route to implement their system or go for players from their country as they are more able to assess those players. They know the context more concerning such a player. The job of head coach is hectic and success must often come fast. At Roma, Rudi took in Gervinhio, who he had worked with before. At Arsenal Wenger has always brought in quite some French players. Guardiola brought Thiago in. I am sure the list is very long.

        Bert just knew of the existence of the players and as there was no money, he brought them in transfer free. His club is in big, big trouble and he wanted players to give him options and who were financially an option. He used his network.

        Jol is a weird case. There was maybe something going on with Railoa. Raiola denies this. Jol always brings in some dead wood to get options for a “gem”. Who can forget Atouba at Ajax, brought in by Jol. What was that? Jol might be into shady business an it is no coincidence that after his time at Ajax the tectonic plates started to shift. A better vision was needed.

        Verbeek has not brought in Dutch players. Jos Luhukay did not do so at Hertha. Seedorf did not do so at Milan (the Dutch targets can as well be blind shots from Italian reporters having to write something and going with the Dutch connections). Rene Meulensteen did not bring in Dutch players.

        I really think that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on here and that actually some Dutch coaches also look a bit to the academy. That goes van van Gaal in any case.

        Also take into consideration that in case a Dutch coach goes for Dutch players, it is possibly more a case of network, coming from the same area/country. They can personally rate those players better. HSV should be happy with Ola John. He was pretty good in the match I saw him play (2 games ago). Bouy I don’t know, have not seen him yet. HSV’s problem is not Ola John and Bouy and I would debate any HSV fan who wants to make that point.


        1. John is good for HSV, I’ve never said the contrary, HSV fans weren’t unhappy with taking a player from Benfica. But Bouy, even if I don’t know a lot about him neither, I just saw that he wasn’t even a starter in italian second division last year. So I’m not sure it’s fair for HSV supporters to bring him while they probably expected better players to save them.

          Sure it’s not the fault of John and Bouy if HSV is going bad, there is a deep problem that exists for years. But the fact Van Marwjik use as starters the 3 dutch players he has in his squad is a bit exagerrated for me. I don’t think that another coach would have started with Bouy.

          1. > “So I’m not sure it’s fair for HSV supporters to bring him while they probably expected better players to save them.”

            But to my understanding there is no money. It’s not like Bert pulled a Laudrup who said “no” to Holtby and other interesting players that could elevate the first teams play.

            Bert saw this coming and tried something without any money and with his network available. John was a nice catch, Bouy maybe less so. On top of that they are both good weather players. Funny they find themselves in a relegation battle. vdV is neither the greatest warrior out there.

            However, with a club it’s often also finances. Peddling with what you have. Bert had very little resources available and to the best of his ability tried to max it out with transfer free players. Bouy is a guy on my radar. This was an interesting Ajax academy player, from the generation Klaassen. Not getting in the Juve midfield is hardly a stick to beat him with. Pogba, Vidal, Pirlo. Not sure how many Juve academy players got promoted the last 5 years as well. Has played in a Cup game IIRC. Should be seen as a possible Pirlo replacement in the future (with a significant margin of failure as he will probably never reach that level). He did not do a bad job at Brescia, then got injured. He was also in past Dutch youth NT’s.

            The fans should really not look at these players or even Bert for doing something without any money. As you said, they brought this upon their own. Bert is responsible to get his defense organized. Did not see the last 2 games, but the game vs Schalke also came down to personal mistakes. Now all energy and spirit is probably gone and they are in the downward spiral.


    1. I got both the orange and blue jersey from They are legit quality but the sizes are odd. A bit small. XL is about 21″ wide. They are sweet jerseys and they are the ones they will use in the World Cup!

  52. u can get it anywhere…any of the AAA thai jersey stores..chinese wholesalers or even…but wudn’t you wanna wait till the squad numbers are released..or are u planning to put ur own name on the back?

    1. isn’t it still the leaked version? it seems strange, if the NT will use that “classic” orange kit, it won’t match the current away kit. unless, Nike release the new away kit, too…

  53. Salzburg won 6-0 again yesterday, 3 goals from Alan and 3 goals from Soriano, the pair seems to work really good.

    We’ll see what Ajax will do against them

  54. Faraz you are from Iran right ? I’m not even sure the legislation of your country allows you to be on this website so you should calm down with useless insults.

  55. Tiju I enjoy to watch players like Afellay and Elia indeed, like many people do, they play with speed and skills. I don’t expect much from them though, as they haven’t been really effective at the highest level during their carreer, you see I’m rationnal.

    But are you rationnal when you say that we will win everything if we put Klaassen instead of useless Afellay Elia and Kuyt ? What are your arguments ? Did Klaassen save Ajax against 10 milan guys ? What has he proved in this football world except scoring against NAC and Zwolle ?

    Ok he is still young but what’s your fascination to think that you’re a doctor that will save NT with bringing young guys who proved nothing ?

    Now let’s just be fair, if Ajax reachs EL 1/2 and Klaassen plays a major role, I’ll put it by myself in my 23 players squad for WC. Honestly, I have no reason to hate a guy that helps dutch football. But if Ajax fails and he does nothing, will you stop putting him in line ups that are supposed to beat Spain and Brazil ?

    1. i understand lauernet u r unbiased,u r a welwisher for the NT.
      what i was talking about was chemistry of team ,the fluidity,the guys like Klassen,vaart,Promes,wijnaldum,RVP,Vanginkel,Stroot,Clasie,nijel simply gives everything for team.They are not ball loosers at with chemistry we can win.Like italy did in 2006,or Greece did in not syaing Klassen,Clasie and Ginkel are stars,but if u play them together with RVP,vaart and Roben with a solid back lines.
      Kuyt has got more than enough time to do something for us,Afellay too got it,Elia is simple ball looser,kuyt has no creativity,Afellay has got no brain,hunter is not goin to do anything vs strong teams,Devrij is turtle,Vlaar is turtle,Apart from Dejong we only have one holding midfeiled that is Blind,So he must get slected as second choice DM.PVA’s speed is needed in WC,BMI can also play left back,Reikik would be more reliable if he gets the company of BMI–Reikik-Virhil–Janmaat with dejong upfront,
      With a second backline of
      with 2 runners
      Stroot—–Vinkel as first choice
      Deguzman—-Clasie/Klassen as second choice
      Three forwads
      Roben—-Vaart—-RVP as first choice
      Wijnaldum—-Lenz—Promes as second choice

      1. What you forget is that Elia was doing better with Twente than Promes.Not about statistics as Promes may end up the season with more than 9 goals and 7 assists, it was what Elia did in 2008/2009, But Elia had scored against City, played really good against Arsenal and Schalke…Even his first game with NT he gave two assists. I like what Promes do but Elia was impressing me more. John was also great with Twente, I really enjoyed to watch him, what he did against Benfica, Steuea etc.

        Afellay was definitly one of the best eredivisie player, and even if he would come back to PSV today, I’m pretty sure he’d be the best player of the league with Tadic.

        The thing is that in one/two years max, if Promes fail in a higher club, you’ll call him headless chicken. You insult Afellay and Elia to ask for players who haven’t done more.

  56. Robin van Persie
    Fluffed what he would normally consider presentable chances but popped up just in time to demolish the Fulham barriers.

    Maarten Stekelenburg
    Exceptional display from the Dutch international who made some astonishing saves, not least from Rooney in the second half. Helpless on the goals.

    John Heitinga
    A return to form the maligned Dutchman who defended well with a series of blocks and interceptions.

    Kevin Strootman
    Under plenty of pressure from Gonzalez and Ledesma early on, which knocked him out of his rhythm. He never managed to take complete control of the middle.

  57. In other news…what did i tell u about RKC???

    5 goals against utrecht…sure i may be jumping the boat a little early…but the wingers are just brilliant..

    castelen score

    de ridder score

    with depay elia afellay lens john totally outta sorts can one of these 2 possible be tried out for Holland??

    1. both of them are very injury prone. When they are young they did show a lot of talent but sadly because of injury none of them manage to become a great player. Now it is just too late. We do not need wingers for now and for future. We have Robben Lens Promes Boetius Depay Hupperts Ola John Narsingh. I think we are good for the future except for two positions. Striker and AM. Dost, Luuk De Jong, Siem De Jong, Van Wolfswinkel are all having trouble right now, if they can not step up in the next two years we can be in trouble. As for AM Maher is currently having trouble, Ziyech is talented but light weighted and has stamina problems. Except for those two I did not see any young AM that are ready for an NT call up. Maybe Vilhena will move to that spot later on, Nouri and Slabbekoorn are really really interesting talents coming up but both are too young.

  58. Faraz, my friend hang in there. Laurent no need to insult people because of where they come from. I for one am delighted that Faraz is able to join us on the blog.

    1. @Jeff

      This is probably what set Laurent off:

      > “Laurent U Sucks, i saw Klassen he is better than many players lke de jong and etc, he play like a clever player,
      sorry but i have no more time for u to answer ur bullshits.”

      The ad hominem/plain insult derailment started with Faraz and Laurent’s comment was a reaction to that. This happens a lot on forums as people get behind teams or individuals and don’t like others to talk them down (the perspective of the one), or put them in the right context (the perspective of the other). Things might have build up from previous posts, I don’t know.

      Let us not take the route of group forming. If opinions hurt, people should try to understand why they hurt, not call the other one names and think that direction is the solution. This forum should be used for clear analyses, honest assessment and sharing all things Oranje related. If not, the quality of the forum will go down and it will become a less interesting place to sharpen the mind.


  59. DRB 300…….

    The 96-97 Bacelona Squad under Bobby Robson won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup,Copa del Rey Spanish Super Cup and were 2 in the La Liga. The team was already steaming when Van Gaal took over and they only needed a catalyst to win the grand stage of club football CL and that is where Van Gaal brought the Dutch Brigade of WC 98 who were the best of best after that super performance in the world. Cup.

    I dont think it was some to do with the system that van Gaal palyed or vision to create a first team out of (Spanish) academy players. It was simply the cashing in at the right time , at the right place and on the right players.

    Spain had only three players from Barcelona in the 2002 WC squad… Pyoul…Xavi…. Enrique. If the vision was to create the first team out of Academy (Spanish) players, in fours time they should have had descent number of players in the spain squad as we are seing the Barcelona players in the spain squad today.

    its simply van Gaal is in the same baot as Pep and Mou.
    Hats off to the coaches Like Wenger…De Boer…Rodgers who have the ability to create something out of nothing

    I still cannot forget that 2002 disaster and that will be big scare on Van Gaal carrier. I also have mix feeling about WC 2014……im jus waiting to see his selection.

  60. well LVG also creqted something out of nothing with AZ einning the Erefivisie and with Ajad winning the UCL!

    He managed to win the UCL with a team of teenagers who had great quality buy he gave them a winning mentality and made them believe they could win against an experienced Milan side.

    Also you have to remember that it was Van Gaal the one who has given debuts to so many stars like Müller, Alaba, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, etc…

  61. I read from one of you that Castelen was doing really well.

    I’ve always believed in 2nd chances so I wouldn’t write him off. If (big IF) he has managed to get back to his old level he can be Oranje material I remember Castelen dribbling past Ashley Cole in an international friendly so if he has reached his old level why not?.

  62. @DRB300, totally agree with you. Despite my differences with Laurent I respect his opinions. The issue I had with Laurent is when he referred to Faraz’s country of origin. I am extremely sensitive to those types of insults that’s all.
    Now as for Klaassen, he, like the entire Ajax team at the moment, is having trouble going into the next gear. But I still think he has potential. He is no Bergkamp but could be an interesting player for Oranje. What is happening at Ajax is what I have been saying for a long time on this blog ie the pressure. These players have to get into the team and win every week otherwise watch the headlines. No other team in Holland has that much pressure except maybe for PSV and even then it is not so sure.

    1. I don’t have any problem with any ethny and I’m interested in persian culture. I even wished that Masoud Shojaei would come to the dutch league talking about football.

      I just prefered to make a joke about his country law instead of insulting him or whatever

  63. That ManU vs Fulham game!
    I’m really glad it ended in draw. Meulesteen and his team needed this kind of spirit lift.
    RvP has scored again, Stek was great between sticks, and Heitinga was good too.
    I’m glad Meulesteen’s cameo to Old Trafford ended in such result. He proved that he was great assistant coach, and they were wrong letting him go.

  64. Heitinga made a good move. At Fulham he is getting his the chance to start and yesterday he did really well in front of Stek.

    He will definitely now be competing for a chance at the WC.

  65. HAMBURG IN MELTDOWN (goal.com0

    No matter how bad things seem for any of the struggling Premier League clubs, that suffering is nothing compared to the situation now facing Hamburg in the Bundesliga. The former European Cup winners, who have never in their history been relegated from the top flight, lost their sixth game in succession at the weekend and remain one point adrift in the German drop zone.

    Hertha Berlin were the latest side to easily surpass a woeful HSV on Saturday, winning 3-0 in Hamburg, but the result on the pitch only tells half the story. Players including Rafael van der Vaart were reportedly pelted with eggs, lighters and beer cups by outraged fans after the game, who also attempted to deface the players’ swanky sports cars.

    “I understand the fans’ disappointment, but it’s not okay when players are attacked,” Van der Vaart told the press. “That shakes you to the core.” There were also reports that police had to use batons and pepper spray to fend off some 250 supporters, who chanted: “You have no heart.”

    Bert van Marwijk, who coached the Dutch to the 2010 World Cup final, has failed to turn things around since replacing Thorsten Fink in the dugout in September. Nonetheless, the fan ire towards the players is well understood in the boardroom.

    “We are always changing coaches here and there is talk about the position once again,” chairman Carl-Edgar Jarchow said last week. “What annoys me is that the highly-paid players are as such taken out of the firing line again.”

    The club have not scored in their last three Bundesliga outings and are winless since November. They are favourites for the drop alongside minnows Eintracht Braunschweig, whom they face next week in their most important match of the season.

  66. I think the team to play against France should be the faces that should be going to Brazil unless injuries pop up its ugly face. Most of the players that in contention are all playing in and out every weekend. I hope Van Gaal Scouts are monitoring the players.

    1. Not really to be honest, he has been quite criticized recently again.

      I hope we’ll try a new RB against France, I don’t think Bacuna can be a starter, first because he is no natural RB, I remember he was playing RW and even CM sometimes with Groningen before to go to that spot, but he can be an interesting sub, he can attack and can take direct free kicks and penaltys.

      Leerdam was on the radar but since Vitesse is doing bad recently I’m not sure he’ll get a call. Van Gaal called Propper cause Vitesse was doing good.

      So yeah let’s try Bacuna.

  67. The fifth goal from boetius against nec is a masterpiece!!!! It is a typical Henry goal!!! I hope he develops into histrademark just like robben has those trademark curl shots with his lethal left!!
    My team for the World Cup
    bacuna—–van dijk–vlaar–BMI

  68. I think VDW is improving a little in a defensive sense. I watched the game against Manaco and he did his defensive duties well.

    Leerdam is doing well, but still seems a little too lightweight and inconsistent defensively. I think he has great potential but I would give him a few more months.

    Bacuna is doing ok at Villa, but also should be given a little more time to get settled in one position. For those who have been watching the Villa games, you would know that he has been playing a number is different positions. In fact he has been in midfeild for the last 2 or 3 games and did well. But before we can call him for RB, we probably need to have him settled down with that spot first. However, I am fully aware that Villa relishes that fact that he is multi-positional and will not necessarily look to lock him down to one position anytime soon. So maybe the NT will have to employee him as a utility man also.

    I must say though that I am quite confortable with the guys that we have at RB now. Janmaat, VDW and Verheagh are all good players.

  69. Alaa it would useless testing players in positions which is already covered. I mean you look at this way……its no use selecting someone jus from one game and taking him to Brazil. Th position that are very vulnerable at this point in time is CBs…that where Van Dijik definitely deserves to called up…but my instincts tells me that Van Gaal wont call him. We also need to test a new DM against France for De Jong backup if to inject more attacking option…Maybe Classie /Blind. Promes also needs to tested against France given his performance as both Lens /Narsingh are quiet at the moment. Given Wiel is Playing in France he should start against France but I think we should not forget about Janmaat as he also needs more playing time at that level to a have firm grip as the no 1 on that position. we also need to test a new AM given the talent France have got in that department especially the ruining midfielders. Maybe Wijnaldum/ Van Ginkle so as its is players to be tested

    CB – Van Dijik
    DM – Classie – Blind
    AM – Van Ginkle – Wijinaldum
    RW – Promes


    Janmaat/Weil – Van Dijik – Rekik – BMI

    Blind/ Clasie

    Strootman – Vaart (another Running Midfielder)

    Promes – RVP – Robben.

    Clasie has a good game against Italy so he should start against France

  70. I am hoping that Dost will retain a place in the the Wolfs starting 11. He started and scored last game. I think this boy can be a prolific goal scorer in the Bundesliga, but he needs for regular run in the starting 11. This boy has good finishing abilities from his Heracles and Heerenveen days.


    1. I agree I think huntelaar is better than dost but dost is a much better player than luuk or siem who in turn are better than wolfswinkel who is v v v v v v mediocre

  71. The 11 I would like to see against France:


    Blind, Veltman, Vlaar, Janmaat

    Nigel, Strootman, Van Der Vaart

    Promes – Van Persie – Robben

    Also, at some point I would like to see Blind tried in the DM position, Boetius at LW and Van Aanholt at LB.

  72. Players worth a test in next friendly in order of importance: Promes(RW)-Boetius(LW)-VDijk(CB), that are imo, are our weakest positions.
    and also familiarisation for Blind(DM)-BMI(LB) in orange

    IMO,Bacuna is another emmanuelson, a utility player, multiposition capable and useful only when in crisis, when no other players ready or better than him in each positions.
    For now, for RW, Promes looks more promising than him, even lens & narsingh ahead of him in term of experience with orange;
    Fr RB, definitely jaanmat-wiel ahead of him in for the same reasons, he may compete with leerdam for back-up when those players forementioned are not available in WC.
    For DM, again Blind-Nigel-Clasie are much better player.
    For free kick taker-long shot taker, we still have other player who can do better, our fabs four or even strootman-depay-promes-etc

  73. @ Van Hessilbaink

    It would be wise to start BMI at LB coz suppose if our CBs come under fire and are not able to cope with the pressure we can always go with a technical switch by shifting BMI inside and bring on attacking sub instead of wasting a sub on another CB.

    we still dont know how our CBs will click in Brazil and we cant be using different CBs for different games…we have to stick to one pair throughout the tournament.

    You might remember that last minute injury to Mathijsen berfore the atart of quarter final vs Brazil in WC 2010. Ooijer was very shaky leading up to Robinho opener. Even though we won that game 11 vs 10…things could have different not for that red card which was deservedly shown to Melo.

  74. Thats to say, Bacuna are now only within group of back-up players (e.g. some experience with orange but not good enough or not in a good form): Emmanuelson, Anita, elia, john, affelay, fer, verhaegh, pieters, or heitinga?

  75. @ Van Hessilbaink

    I often check out PSG’s player ratings on, and more often than not it’s usually the same summary on van der Wiel: threatening going forward, but shaky going back. In the Colombia game he was doing this constantly, and left a lot of his defensive duties to Veltman who, to his credit, did a solid job covering for him.

    Like wilson said, it’s too late to start introducing too many new players, especially when there’s less than four months to go until the WC.

    The *only* position I feel we haven’t truly settled on is LW. I’m expecting Lens to start, but there hasn’t been a definite decision on who his backup should be (either Depay, Promes or Boëtius.)

    1. @ Sam…..

      I often check out PSG’s player ratings on, and more often than not it’s usually the same summary on van der Wiel: threatening going forward, but shaky going back. In the Colombia game he was doing this constantly, and left a lot of his defensive duties to Veltman who, to his credit, did a solid job covering for him.

      As I have said early thats his main sickness… PSG he has got Sliva, Alex and Maxwell covering him and this was also how Ronaldo scored those two goals in EC 2012 with Mathijsen ad Vlaar at his mercy….

  76. This sucks for Afellay btw because this was likely the only time he would have been called up to a major tournament. There’s no chance he’ll get a spot during EURO 2016.

  77. @Sam……. As its is I think you can pencil both RVP and Hunter as the two strikers to Brazil as they both are in command position for that spot (think it from Van Gaals point of View)…..If you want goals from these two gentlemen you have take it for granted that it will only come if Robben starts on the left. when strootman is playing Box-Box…..he always comes inside to lineup shoots on his left (goal vs portgual) and if robben starts on the right its the same story. it becomes pretty much congested in the centre making it very hard for the strikers to move around. we have to create rooms for our strikers so that they move round freely rather than having to tussle for the ball with the backs who have already being drawn inside due to them coming inside. with stronger backs this will make life difficult for the strikers. we have to go with our natural footers in the wing department for better execution from our strikers. Boetuis can be backup for Robben on the Left and Lens for Promes. I think Robben is one players who will play the whole 270 minutes so benching him is not a option.Technical switches is an option but again we have to keep in mind on how we can effectively get goals rather than from whom. I dont think Robben is Ronaldo who can single handly win us the WC. We have to play smart and as a team.

    Robben/Beotius – RVP/Hunter – Promes/Lens

    After apart from the above we need a good running midfielder???????? who can last the whole 90 minutes.


    Van Ginkle





    1. xavi,ineasta ,villa ran well for barca,they dont just rely on one player running,it will afcect the balance of th team,We ned at least three.Dejong+stroot+Ginkle/clasie/Klassen/Deguzman

          1. Filthy names for Dutch players?

            That’s over the top.

            Too bad there’s not enough maturity here to see that clearly.

  78. Since we dont have experinced decent wingers,Wijnaldum should play as winger in NT.
    Roben,wijnaldum,Lenz,Boetius and promes are the best wingers we have now.Since wijnaldum is injured i doubt abt him.Good point abt these players are they extreamly effective in outcome of the game and balance of the game.They WILL CONTRIBUTE more than our usaual wing players like Afellay,kuyt and Elia,Its the high time to forget abt these players.
    Also i would rate Sneijedr,vaart,and lenz as better strikers than Huntlaar.though none of them re real strikers.We need to forget Hunter too.
    blind should be MUST be considered as DM,coz he is better than Deguzman,strooot and clasie in that spot.i mean he is more reliable.
    IN WC we would be facing fast wingers from some strong teams,So PVA and bacuna needed in that time.
    Weil is not better than bacuna as defender or attacker.Bacuna should not considered as winger instaed he should be our No 2 behind Janmaat.
    My worries are mostly abt some useless player whpo might get a spot to Brazil.
    Here goes the list
    Williams(defensivly weak),Kuyt(no match for a striker at WC),hunter(too static),Dickhead Afellay,Elia(Ball looser) and to some extent turtles like Devrij and heitinga.

  79. This game against France is the last one before the WC selection, there are some players that have never been tested. I’m wondering if we really need to call Nigel for this game ? In a way, it would be really good if Holland can keep invincibility before to go to Brazil, but in another, it would also be good to test as many players as possible. Especially players who play in eredivisie and don’t have any european competition.

    I think France will miss many players, Ribery to start.

    Lens who hasn’t started competition yet with Ukraine shouldn’t be called in my opinion, he will have to prove if he deserves to come or no in Europa league. I won’t be against Sneijder playing on the left side, I’d like the 4 wingers to be : Sneijder-Boetius-Robben-Promes.

    I’d like to see Castaignos also. For last 30 minutes. Blind should play the whole game, first half as LB and second one as DM. I’d start with Clasie-Strootman-VDV. De Guzman and Fer on the bench.

    Here is what I would like :

    Krul-Janmaat-Rekik-Vlaar-Blind-Clasie-Strootman-VDV-Sneijder-Robben-Van Persie.

    Half time :
    Vlaar out/ Van Dijk in
    Clasie or Strootman out/ Van Aanholt/Willems come as LB, Blind moves to DM

    60 min/70 min :
    Janmaat out/ Bacuna in
    Clasie/Strootman out / Fer in
    VDV/Sneijder out / Boetius in
    Robben out / Promes in
    Van Persie out / Castaignos in

  80. I know LvG has his rule that players will only be picked if they’re are performing & playing regulaly for their club but I really, really hope that LvG decides to give v.Ginkel a special consideration due to his injury and picks him in his final squad

  81. Van Ginkel is still young. He will have many chances in the future. This boy has a great attitude and clearly a fierce fighting spirit, so he will rise from this setback and make it to the next 1 or 2 WCs.

    For the moment I am hoping that De Guzman plays the role that Van Ginkel would play. If we take Nigel & Clasie as the DM, De Guzman & Strootman as the CMs and VDV and Sneijder as the AMs we will have a decent midfield. Guys like Schaars and Fer could find themselves left from the squad because I don’t think we need to take more than 6 midfielders.

    1. van ginkel may be young,but that should be an excuse,i really wish his fitness back and if he is fit and selected then its goin to be his tournament.Very brilliant on the feild,made a blunder mistake to go to an oil rich club.

  82. A small fight may be brewing for the Winger positions for the WC. Don’t get me wrong it won’t be a huge fight, but there might be a few twists and turns by the time Van Gaal selects his final set of widemen. Beotius, Depay and Promes are all progressing well at the moment and I expect that their forms will all improve even more as the season progresses. Add Lens, Elia (who is not doing well now, but could improve by season’s end) and even Wijnaldum (just returned from injury).

    We know that Robben is a certainty, so who will be the next 3 wingers( I expect that we will take 2 RW and 2 LW). Lens has been a favourite during qualifications and once he is in decent form I think Van Gaal will add him. So who could be the other two wingers? The answer to this question will be dependent on which of Depay, Boetius, Promes and Elia will end the season in the better form. If I were a betting man I would put my money on Promes for one of those two spots, but I would struggle to predict which of Depay, Wijnaldum, Boetius will get the other spot. But like I said only the forms of these guys at season’s end will let us know.

    Also, we must be aware that there are a few and sparsely distributed voices out there that are also adding guys like Babel, Castelen and Kuyt to the mix of potential picks…You might think this is far fetch, but like I love to say “this is football, crazy things happen in football all the time”. So it’s only fair that I add my choice of highly unlikely pick, here goes..Roy Beerens. Yes I said Beerens…highly unlikely, but this is football!


  83. Guys, Bacuna is a good prospect, but isnt ready for RB for NT at the moment. VDW and Verheagh and better options as backup to Janmaat.

    I like Bacuna a lot from his Groningen days, but he isnt a real RB and whilst he has done well at Villa at time, there is still much room for improvements at that position. For the guys who watch the Bundesliga on a regular basis know how good Verheagh is in his position and when he got his chance for Holland we all saw how well he did against quality players. Someone here have reiterated the importance of not calling too many new players to the squad now and I fully agree. Apart from guys like VVD, Promes and maybe Castaignos. We dont need to try any new players. Boetius can be recalled, but guys like Anita and Bacuna should only be called if we have injury problems.

  84. Actaully they are not equal at all. verheagh is a real defender. He has been from his Vitesse days. This man is natural RB with good positional sense and adds wise timely tackles, he is also very consistent and leads by example which explains why he was given captaincy at Vitesse and Augsburg. He is a significantly better defender than VDW and Bacuna. VDW is a very forward playing RB who has limited defenses sense. Bacuna is not a natural defender. We all watched him from his debut for Groningen, he was more of a natural RW. It was infact during his Groningen days that he became multi-positional. So Bacuna is by now means as good a defender as Verheagh.

    1. But Verhagh is 30 and has no future in NT. + he is not really the kind to be interesting to come for last minutes in a game. Bacuna can be an interesting attacking option if Janmaat is getting tired.

      Well to be honest I won’t say that I have a really interesting opinion about Bacuna as i haven’t seen him much, but he can only be better than VDW.

      VDW is a very bad defender, especially in 1vs1 situations.

  85. No single signing has had as big an impact for Manchester United in recent memory than Robin van Persie and no single player did more during last season’s Premier League win than the Dutchman. He elevated his side from mediocrity to championship material with his consistency and relentless goalscoring ability. Without Van Persie they are an ordinary side – as, indeed, has been demonstrated in his injury-enforced absence this season. Thirty-six league goals in 52 matches not only won the title for the Red Devils in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season but also have helped to keep them competitive this term when fluency and results have been harder to come by. Despite his considerable injury trouble over the past few months the forward has still managed 10 goals in 14 matches in this campaign – including his fair share of equalisers and winners. It is no secret that Van Persie takes more management than other players and David Moyes will not truly unlock his potential again until he caters for the Dutchman’s strengths, as his predecessor did so effectively. If that means letting him pick and choose certain matches and training sessions then so be it. United have on their hands one of the most potent attackers on the planet. He has proven that time and again. For what he has delivered, he could even be counted among the top three United signings of all time; €29 million for a world-class striker in his prime was a bargain and a brilliant parting gift from Ferguson to the club. In the space of no time at all, he became the vital player at Old Trafford, pushing Wayne Rooney to a mere cheerleading role and emphasising the gulf in quality between the two. By the time that he hit a hat-trick in September 2012 against Southampton to bail out his side when they were 2-1 down, he looked a Manchester United talisman – the player to whom his team-mates looked for inspiration when they could not get the job done collectively. Against Liverpool at Anfield, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Arsenal and famously against Manchester City in the derby, Van Persie etched his name into Old Trafford folklore. His United career is littered with such moments – crowd-lifting, momentum-swinging contributions that separate the good from the great.

  86. @Laurent,

    Verheagh would be the most secure backup to come on for a injured Janmaat. One reason is because he the best defensive RB behind Janmaat. Also, he is a real professional who will do his job with distinction no matter what time he comes on the field.

    He is 30 now and in fact that is probably why he such a professional and consistent player. He has the experience that some of the younger guys do not have. So his maturity is actually a good reason why he would be ideal to go the WC. We want to take the best players that we have for the various positions and it would be hard for any of us to deny that Verheagh is the best defensive backup to Janmaat.

    You spoke about wanting someone to bring attacking skills if we are pressing, verheagh can do that as well. Check replays of his games with Augsburg, this man is no joker. he is not just a secure defender, he can attach also. Bacuna is a natural attacker, VDW is not bad going farward at time, but when you combine all the variables, Verheagh is a overall better option for us and im sure you would agree that our defense is our weakest part of team, hence we will need to take the guys that will give us some amount of defensive security.


    1. @VH: I agree with you about Verheagh being our best right back along with Janmaat. Although there are a number of other contenders, he brings more experience, discipline, level-headedness, fighting character and leadership. In the Bundesliga he has faced many top opponents. He’s helped the team claw up the ranks to a respectable position. Plus, as you point out, he brings real offensive weapons as well. He is a good crosser of the ball and apparently is the team’s penalty taker. A solid player all around. Let’s see if van Gaal agrees with us.

  87. @ Laurent

    how can we select players to Brazil jus by playing them for 30-40 minutes in Friendly. I think van gaal has to take a indirect route here regardless of win or loss. To efficiently know the depth in the new faces we have to start with them so that they can play at least (50-60 minutes) and not the other way around (20 -30 Minuets). This will give a true picture as to who really deserves to be called up. We all know player like De Jong , Vaart, Robben and RVP are season campaigners and on any given day they can called upon anytime to deliver the odds. I reckon we should start with the our new faces and if called upon then slowly bring in the top guns. I think in friendly the number of subs per team will not be a issue .


    Janmaat – Van Dijik – Rekik- PVA


    strootman – Sneidjer

    Promes – Catagignos – Boetius

    45-65 minutes will enough to test their credibility and if required we can bring our top guns if they need to be recused. Even if they loose by a big margin I dont think it will matter much , A least we will able to know where the player stand in terms of their capabilities and credibility at international level.

  88. As for Van Ginkle He will be available after March given his speedy recovery than expected…so April May…. he can regain his fitness even if he has to play for Chelsea B. Shouldn’t be overlooked….a natural talent.Has a lot to offer in the WC.

  89. given van der wiel performance against Columbia with 10 men and with his recent performance against Monaco and Ligue 1 he will surely be janmaat backup. I agree with Laurent that VDW is a very bad defender, especially in 1vs1 situations, but he is also a very good defender if doesnt go offensively far too much……same as what Nigel De Jong defensively (only) brings to the midfield ….

    I think Van Gaal must have penciled him after the Columbia game especially when they played with 10 men.

    we also have to keep in mind is the consequences of robben playing on the right will have on our the backs especially when he gets dispossed and has to track back to defend especially on counters , with the team like spain which have Navas..Silva..pedro,Tello it will be very hard for our backs alone to handle them especially in counter situations when they get be fully exposed. That where I think Robben should start on the left for the benefit of doubt.

  90. I think the France game should be the last game that van gaal experiments with call ups. Just over 4 months and 3 more friendlies before the World Cup, there needs to be some kind if stability in a starting 11. I think he should definitely call up virgil van dijk, and cut de vrij. De vrij was good in the under 21 tournament but on the senior team it’s clear he isn’t ready… See what virgil can do with the national squad. And like a few of you have mentioned, he should also call up promes and boetius. They have been great this season. See how they do against a good team like France.

    Every day I follow this blog and I enjoy reading what all of you have to say. I will try and post more, it’s nice to hear everyone’s opinion. The dutch team is by far my favourite sports team. I book work off to watch their friendlies. HUP HOLLAND HUP

    1. Yes, we’ll see if LVG will give VVD a shot… and what he does with the wings. Promes, Boetius and Memphis all have pretty good scoring stats so far.

      Transfermarkt sez Promes has played in 27 matches, with 12 goals, 7 assists in 2321 minutes

      Boetius has played in 25, with 9 goals, 7 assists in 1758 min.

      Depay: 38 matches, 8 goals, 11 assists in 3067 min.

      Can’t imagine that there’s room for all three of them on the plane for Brazil.

  91. we need goals to win WC..bring players who are profcent and team players.We will have goal draught if we play slefish players.Goal draught will continue if we play with some players up front.

        1. jajajaja The great VDV, always a shadow of the GREAT Sneijder. Tiju mate. Lets see if you can finnally understand that VDV is a very good player, but Sneijder is a STAR!

          1. i always liked vaart,but like many said stamina of vaart and wesly got detoriated a lot..thats the real worry.

  92. I am surprised why many of you pick rekik in your team for the world cup and van ginkel who was injured and more than probably will get a few minutes,matic is doing pretty well
    in such a tournament we need players that have experience and in the deffensive line I would pick heitinga and vlaar;one thing is to play against sigthorsson and an other thing is to play against van persie or eto’o and I don’t suggest that they are not enough talented but they are simply not ready for such games
    at the moment,even it will sound pessimistic,I think that we have 2,let it world class players and they are fragile:van persie and robben.Sneijder I think will be in a good shape and will prove his critisc the wrong because he has that attitude and that mentality of a winner,something that van der vaart misses

    1. Heitinga plays against Van Persie and Eto’o and make mistakes every game so we already know what to expect with him during the world cup

      With Rekik we can keep hope and suspense

    2. vaart has an astonishing chemistry with RVp and ROben,it would be the most lethal attack if they gets 2 box box runneers llike Ginkel and strooot and Nijel as lone holding mid security.We cannt rely on sneijder solso goals vs big teams.

  93. VDV won the prize as the worst player vs Buyern!

    This is the same VDV that gives everthing for his HSV team every single week?

    The same VDV that has to be playing almost tow positions in midfeild while trying to motivate his team mates?

    The same VDV that is by far the best player at HSV?

    The same VDV that many of us is hoping to play a pivotal roll in the WC?


  94. I watched most of HSV games this season including the one against Buyern and I am sure that he was by no means the worst player on the pitch. There must be another bloke somewhere in the city of Hamburg with the same name..

  95. In EC 2012 we all saw what happened when you play Sneijder and Van Der Vaart in either half and also when they play both together . There is no cohesion in the team especially with Snejder contribution to the overall play. If Im not wrong Robben and Sneijder were heavily criticized by the dutch media for their self-obsession after the EC 2012. As for Vaart he down played every time he came on for sneidjer or while playing together either by scoring or in set pieces. This is what happened in EC 2012.

    Again the pair were used against Belgium friendly where sneijder had a average outing (check his playing rating in that game)especially after Vaart was subbed.

    Its not a criticsm, but its a fact, Sneijder is not getting any younger where you expect his performance to improve over the time…the question here whether he still has that x factor in him that he used to have during Inter days or not. we might have different opinions on this but realistically the outcome remains the same whether you want admit or not. He is on the brink of extinction… not because the way he his playing but the environment that he is playing in. Sneijder has always been a big team player….Ajax, Real Madrid and Inter where competition level required one to be on their toes, and this is how you maintain that x Factor but at Galatasaray the competition level is zero when compared EPL,Bundasliga,La Liga and Serie A. The teams in Turkish league also lack competency and doesnt require players to be self -competence . Thats why you occasionally see flashes of sneijder brilliance against big times which is normal for a player like him because he has been natured at that level throughout his career and that is what will happen when he will play for NT and nothing else IMO.

    So it all comes down whether you want goal or flashes of Sneijder brilliance.

  96. I am a fan of sneijder and was expecting him to move to EPL in January window but that never eventuated and the suprising thing was in an interview he said that he was happy at Galatasray. For me that insane given WC around the corner. Aleast he could have re conditioned himself at EPL with competitive teams and players.

    The only door open to him now is the CL against Chelsea and damn if he doesn’t put something spectacular… its good bye WC for him.

      1. i agreed with you on this one tiju. i feel that vdv deserves to be starter and i would like sneijder to be his back up. sneijder can come in 2nd half or the last 40 and he is better than any other options that we have for the same position. maher, wijnaldum, klassen, afellay,…whoever you put in this position, still not as good as vdv and sneijder.

        1. Why not simply to start with Sneijder as LW and replace him or VDV after 60min…

          I have never been a big Sneijder fan, but for sure he is more to trust than all the wingers we have. Just the fact he dissmissed Juventus means a lot.

          That’s what I said since the beginning, I’d not be surprised that we play with Sneijder-VDV-Van Persie-Robben again. Lens was making his place in the team but he is losing credit. And all the young midfielders/wingers that we have aren’t good enough.

  97. ——————Stekelenburg—————




    12 Krul
    13 Cillessen
    14 Verhaegh
    15 De Vrij
    16 Heitinga
    17 Aanholt
    18 Nigel
    19 Vaart
    20 Fer
    21 Huntelaar
    22 Depay / Wijnaldum
    23 Boetius

  98. Laurent, IMO Sneijder does not play well as winger. He tends to drift to the central or move forward too much. He has good passing/crossing but does not have the explosiveness and dribble skill that I would like to see in wingers. We have Robben and Lens and I would like LVG to take a couple of young wingers (John, Depay, Boetius, Narsingh) to Brazil. It may be a good investment for NT after 2014 as I do not know how long Robben will stay in top form considering his age/prone to injury.
    I use the same argument having Sneijder to back up VDV to have Hunter to backup RVP. They are 2 different type of players but looking at other options, I still do not see those young strikers can contribute more to NT than Hunter for this 2014 WC. After this WC then perhaps I can see Hiddink bring in younger strikers for Euro qualification.

    1. It’s clear that Sneijder is no winger. We don’t expect him to penetrate and dribble, his work when playing on the left side during EC 2008 and EC 2012 was to give dangerous balls in the box, he is good playing with both foot, which is an advantage compared to a guy like Lens who always need to put himself on his right foot when he is playing on the left.

      Believe me, Depay and John don’t really have much more penetration than Sneijder, they don’t really play with speed. Look at John, most of the time he receives the ball, look at his opponent, feint one-two crosses and finally crosses. He doesn’t really go on 1vs1 situations or whatever, his work isn’t really different from Sneijder one even if they have different profiles.

      The thing is that Sneijder clearly has less influence when playing on the left side than when he is OM, but I always thought VDV is a better OM than him talking about short passes, shots and mainly ball conservation.
      VDV has been really good during qualifications and was our best player during the last competition game against Portugal. He always had a second role with NT, now it would be unfair to give him the bench again.

      Sneijder is also not really someone that I would put as sub for last 20/30 min, I would prefer Fer for that role.
      It’s a bit like for Nigel, that’s not the type of players to stay on the bench.

      So Sneijder on the left or no world cup for him, that’s how I see it now.

      1. My guess is that with Sneijder on the left and Robben on the right — no matter how brilliant they may be — the field would be smaller, as neither would much work the corner space in that arrangement.

    1. very true..but then u need to drop hunter for him..coz blind and nijel are better than him as holding mid
      deguzman,clasie,ginkel,klassen ,strrot are btter than him as box to box when we need power,spirit and energy needed upfront Fer is the answer.

  99. I dont understand how people can think sneijder is no longer NT material anymore. Granted he isn’t his 2010 self, but he still gives it some at gala

    Not only that, he has always performed for the NT in tournaments.
    He tends to be a bit lackadaisical in friendlies, but it is undeniable that he has always and still does produce big moments. I think he surpasses even robben to this when at his best which i fear has passed. VDV can’t really hold a candle to him IMO

  100. ” but it is undeniable that he has always and still does produce big moments.”

    Your sentence is right and reflects the reality. He produces big moments. Zoom on the word “moment”. He is really sporadic and I don’t like how we play when he is OM, if you take a look at our best games last years, it was often qualifications and friendlies one, and it was always VDV who was the maestro. VDV can give a tempo to follow, he can orchestrate, he is a real OM.

    Look at first half against France during EC 2008, that was probably the best one we had in a competition last decade no ? Second one was crazy, counter attacks etc. but Holland really controlled the first one with usefull possession and style. Who was playing OM ? VDV.

    1. Lets not forget who was the star of 2010 and one of few players to give a good account of themselves in 2012. Sneijder is still pulling the strings in a tough league where he is constantly targeted and he excels. VDV is not the same player he was at Tottenham as he now is at Hamburg – he was supposed to be the saviour?!?

      Wesley orchestrated Galatasarays win over Juventus and without him Oranje are too predictable, with Robben being the only game changer in the team. Sneijder gives us an edge, a winning mentality – VDV is struggling at Hamburg, Robben is coming back from injury, Van Persie has hardly played at all recently and Sneijder is playing better (and more regularly) than he has in 2 years and its not enough for you?!?

      I have said all along that in time we will appreciate the efforts of the 2010 team and what Sneijder and Robben did to drag a mediocre team into one that almost snatched the world crown from the most dominant side to grace international competition. Van Marwijk did well, Sneijder did well and Robben was our ace in the hole.

      Don’t write off the best, most consistent and most highly regarded of all our midfield players in the last decade because vdv had style…. I have watched Holland lose 3 WK finals, style is overated – lets win just once – then we can dazzle and lose with style…..

      1. “I have said all along that in time we will appreciate the efforts of the 2010 team and what Sneijder and Robben did to drag a mediocre team into one that almost snatched the world crown from the most dominant side to grace international competition”

        Try to see it from the opposite side. We played most of qualifications games without Sneijder and Robben before WC 2010 and we won all the games with an attacking and pleasant football. During the competition, Sneijder was the maestro and we played an ugly and struggling football. Sneijder saved us mainly with opportunistic goals. Inter with Sneijder was also considered as disgusting to watch (it was Mourinho’s tactic ok, but Sneijder was the perfect OM to fit it).

        The thing is that we tried to play without VDV, Kuyt , VP and Robben during competitions(the two last one because of injuries), but never without Sneijder. So for me he shouldn’t take the OM place to VDV again.

  101. Anyone saw the goal by Bryan Linssen today against PSV? This guy has great technique. Been keeping an eye on his development since he switched from VVV last summer and I must say that I am impressed.

    1. He is not even as good as Beerens at the same age. We have much better wingers for the future. Depay, Boetius, Promes, Hupperts, Van La Parra, Basacicoglu, Narsingh, Ola John, Slagveer, Wildschut, Berguis are all younger and have much better potential than him. I probably should add Manu and Antonia as well. Brian Linssen’s threat is cutting inside and strong shooting.Is he talented? Yes, but he is only one of those above average good players in Eredivisie just like Jozefzoon(but Jozefzoon made the U21, Brian Linssen did not make it). He is one dimensional, at the same level as his teamate Rosheuvel who is good at crossing instead of cutting inside. I watched 2 Eredivisie games per week on average. If you are looking for our future wingers, you probably should pay more attention to the players I mentioned above. Bryan Linssen is a good player but I don’t see him as dutch material because there are simply too many better options.

  102. You misunderstood bro. I was not comparing Linssen to anyone or saying he is Oranje material, I simply gave “shout out” to his brilliant goal and highlighted him for the good work he is doing. There is no need to compare him to other players. I watch more than 5 Eredivisie games each week and I am fully aware of all the guys you mentioned. In fact I have highlighted a few of them here before. Actually I have given “shout outs” to many unfancied and lesser rated Eredvisie players on this blog many time because I like to, not because I am saying that they are ready for the NT. For example just recently I highlighted how impressed I am with Manu’s performances since his loan move to Cambuur(mainly his drive, determination and will).

    All of us here are fans of Dutch football and we have to be careful not get too caught up in comparing players that we no longer recognise and enjoy the little moments of each Eredivisie game when a rather unfancied player from a lower table team does something great.

    I don’t just watch PSV, Feyenoord, Ajax and the other big teams in the Eredivise, I watch all the teams. And I follow a lot of guys who don’t have the silky skills of Van Persie nor the technique of Robben, but they have fight and drive and will to win and they do put out there all to be the best they can be and every now and again they do something brilliant that warrants a “shout out”. And I celebrate those guys.

    So when you see me celebrate moments of triumph for a guy like Linssen who has scored 9 goals so far playing Heracle, just celebrate with me mate…please

    Big up

    1. Yes,I was just about to post this…
      Very good goal from a very good talent. A future striker for Oranje? Who knows…I just hope he stays injury free now and shows what he can do. He sure has the skills. Reminds me of Van Persie in this position.

  103. It seems like PSV is finally doing well and having consecutive wina under Cocu I am happy for Phillip. He was a great player and PSV’s board has had patience with him that os paying off.

  104. @ tiju . ……

    Everytime hunters name pops up you are the first one to oppse…… I think I have already asked this question before but you never answered…… I will ask again one more time……

    ” why is hunter such a hit at Schalke”

    when he was sidelined due to injury schalke were struggling and back paddling in bundasliga and at one stage were sitting on the mid table in budasliga but his comeback as triggered a overwhelming spark in Schalke…now they sitting 4 th on the table.

    “why is he not static at schalke compared to when he playing for

    This is the reason from my POV…….

    Draxler ———————Hunter——————Faran


    Natural………freeflow…….coordinator……perfect exacuator

    That is what you need when you playing with hunter and thats what NT needs when he is playing.

    Robben——————–Huntelaar——————- Promes

    —-—————————Van Ginkle (IMO)————————

    We need absloute pace on the wingers for the exacuation of goals by out strikers…..

    you take it for granted…..again RVP will choke in Brazil as usually…. last time around it was sneijder who came to the recuse….and this time around most of us are thinking it will “guns on robben Shoulder”. if you look at some big games we have played….Italy..Portugal….Germany…Belgium Robben found it hard to score and was rather more involved in setting up…. with the formation that NT is currently using…..if the teams get a lock on Robben…we are definately done…and this is where we have to be smart and whether if it is hunter or RVP….we have to know how to use them effectively. Hopefully we will see van Gaal using all this stragdies against France and if he doesnt then this will the second failure and a scare on his CV.

    Im also very very optimistic that Van Ginkle will make the World Cup..

    1. Wilson agree that RVP will chocke in Brazil if we play with sneijder as playmaker.hence sneijder also will choke,dutch team will chocke and all of us will get chocke.
      But things would be entirly differnt with RVP-Vaart-Roben combo with 2 ruuners to support defense and offence and Nijel as lobne security.with Promes,lenz,Wijnaldum and Roben,even boetius on wings we will an astonishingly fruitful attack vs any teams in WC.they will burry every opponet if they are fit.But we will play LIKE SHIT IF WE TAKE KUYT,HUNTER,AFELLAY,DEPAY AND SNEIJDER UPFRONT.
      also we will be leaking goals with Devrij,heitinga,joris etc in the back to i would add vanderweil+wiliams too.

  105. we also have to take note of the ever changing modern day soccer…..Juventus are using Pirlo as deep midfielder…. liverpool are also using Gerrad deep in the midfield and has worked out perfectly……..shouldnt we try sneidjer or Vaart at DM????????

      1. VDV has played CM many times with Real and NT (remember second halfs during EC 2008 Van Basten was replacing Engelaar with Robben/VP and put VDV CM), he has some grint, tackles etc.

        Sneijder is to forget, can’t defend at all, like Afellay and Maher.

  106. Guys what are you talking Vaart is much more better dribbler than sneijder in aspects.sneijder has some more menatl strentgh.
    it true that we won some games in ugly ways,that were purly due to sneijder goals.u cannt expect that golas vs protugal,spain,germany,etc.
    Vs brazil in 2010 it was a was opportunistic goals from one ecpected.

    1. I have just had a look at the goals and genuinely i don’t think van marwijk is to blame all of them were absolutely inexcusable defensive errors. They were genuinely below even eredivisie defending standards

  107. Goal hunterlaar….. Assist Faran…… Tiju is what I was taking about, and this what we need at NT……..most of hunters goal has come from Faran assist……. They perfectly work the flanks to make room hunter to exacute……

  108. Tiju I think this time around Vaart to will find it going tough too……. He will buckle when the game is played at high pace….. He is only threatening with free kicks and set pieces outside of the box. dribbler I don’t think So……. We need all rounder running midfielder and neither or Vaart offers that. As in EC 12 he is more useful if he comes as sub somewhere around 60 min….. The temperatures to wont make it easier.

  109. Just wanna add that linssen is a pocket gem of a player with great pace wise due to hos stature but definitely will get oranje caps..mark my words

  110. In my opinion if Snjieder were to play Van Gaal would have to play a 4213 so that he would have to do limited defending (the point forwards in other words) the two holding mids would have to cover our back 4.
    It’s not an at ticking style but a secure one and the only way it can work with Snjieder .
    As for Hunter, I guess he has more to offer than Ricky Wolf but does Van Gaal have any faith in him?

  111. Ajax 2 up inside first 20 minutes. all penalty from Schone. to be fair, Heerenveen were unlucky. the first was slightest touch, second was awkward control that led to handball.

    Serero with unneeded handbags, unnecessary booking.

    meanwhile, I spot Eriksen and Vertonghen on the stand. along with happy face of Van der Sar, Cruyff, and co.

  112. whilst marwjk has failed in a buli relegation battle, Verbeek has worked wonders with nurnburg. realistically they could finish mid table if their form continues

    1. Looks like LVG will have to use Sneijder since van Ginkel and Gio still aren’t fully fit either.

      I’m expecting this XI vs. France:





      Subs brought in during the game:

      Veltman > Vlaar
      Janmaat > VdW
      Robben > Promes
      RVP > Huntelaar

      1. We all expect Rekik to play but it’s not even sure he’ll get called.

        I think a first selection will be given next friday and the final one the friday after.

  113. Hello guys. Hope you’re all fine. Have been busy in the last few weeks.

    Well , I think with our lack of options in the left back position ,and lack of experience and top defenders in the back line I’d prefer to try 3-4-3 in the France friendly.
    3-4-3 with a Libero will help us overcome the problem of our slow defenders and will also help LVG to apply his philosophy.
    I also think Blind is really improving as a DMF.
    I would like to play like this

    ________ Cillessen ______
    ________ Vlaar _________
    ____ Veltman ____ Rekik _

    _______ Blind __________
    N.De jong _____Strootman
    _________ Sneijder ______

    Robben __ Persie ____ Depay

    I think this line up will be great to watch. Blind can be great with his vision in the deep midfeild , strootman and de jong can take care of the “dirty” job. Four deadly players upfront. I think it is worth a try.

    What do you think , guys ?

    1. I’d honestly love that, because this could be a possible lineup come the wc, and where bum went wrong was in not experimenting enough during the qualification and friendlies. france have strong wingers but i think we are better in midfield and attack. This could work like a baptism of fire really. it would let sneijder confirm he still has something to give and it gives people like depay rekik and veltman to stake a claim.

    2. @Wilson : It should be more organized . We should be defending with three players on each side.
      De jong , Veltman and Blind to defend if the opponent is trying to attack from our right side , Strootmsn , Rekik and Blind to defend if the opponent is trying to attack from our left side. The trio of blind , de jong an strootman will defend the deep midfield together. Blind is the most important player in this line-up. The team should also play a very attacking football to decrease pressure on the back line as much as possible. Persie , Robben , sneijder and Depay are responsible for this part of the game .
      LvG can sub de Jong with Klaassen or MvG if fit , in case he wants more attacking options.

  114. He never changed the formation against Japan and Columbia and I don’t think he will change it against France. The elementary Science class is over …..we only have to work on our strategies and combination .

  115. WC in Brasil and other themes my opinion.
    The draw was relentless continuation of World Cup 2010 for Netherland(even Spain-Holland first match in group B).In 2010 Holland had four” easy” games but now Holland will have four(?) very hard games.In 2014.And perhaps three under a full moon..growing moon.Something completely different from the 2010 WC.Strangely.Netherland and Italy might switch places…Perhaps Holland has to prepare in Italy.Sicily,Sardinia…

    Well,it is an introduction…that would confuse a new octopus Paul(no McCartney)..And now more seriously.First thing.Relationship between van Gaal and Sneijder is one of the most important thing in my opinion.Van Gaal has a stronger position but Sneijder has the strongest psyche of the whole Dutch team.Van Gaal should to help Sneijder and support him.It will be very hard..Sneijder should be to play something like Maradona in the USA 1994(drug free of course).When Maradona was suspended Argentina went down.Maradona was 33 years old Wes 30 .Only he can have some discount.

    We know that the climate conditions require extra effort.(it is not in dispute but I don,t understand why van Gaal don,t plays with Colombia(yesterday) ,Equador,Ghana(tommorow)in tropical climates)..o.k.
    My point is:Sweden was prepared fantastically in World Cup 1994 in USA.They could beat Brasil in semifinal but they had only one brave man,Thomas Brolin,and nine cowards.(Sweden and other scandinavian teams always played good against Brasil and Portugal)

    The best stranger player in Brasil was from Serbia(he will support Spain and Brasil).He said 2013:”Brasilians are praying to God to play against Netherland”.Three years of praying.They want revenge.They thought that Holland stopped them to be world champions 2010.Brasil would be world champion I think too(perhaps dr Fuentes don,t agree with me).And Brasil want to eat and destroy Holland.And Brasil will be stronger and more fanatic than against Spain (3:0) last year.Even if Holland would be first in group B Brasil will want to be second in group A ,maybe.(I,m not sure in this but perhaps they are little crazy).We must be ready for all options.
    I don,t want to say:dutch players will be cowards in Brasil.No,no,no.I want to say Sneijder is mentally the strongest.And brave.Netherland must to have Zigfried(hero)heart if Netherland want to beat Brasil in Brasil.If you,re scared of 150 000 passionate fans you will be in great danger. Hungary was not bad team (Hungary-Estonia 5:1) but they were nervous and scared(something like Michael Spinks-Mike Tyson box match 1988)against relax Holland.
    Because Netherland must to be mentally strong.To believe in self.Sneijder has that.Is it enough?I don,t know.

    Because relationship between van Gaal (McCartney) and Sneijder(Lennon) has to be functional for good music.
    Then they move to other.
    In the group A favorites are Brasil and Mexico.But Croatia can pass.They are good if they underestimate.Luckily,the Serbian is not in Brasil.It would be pure madness.Brasil is “their second home”.And Serbia(with new coach-always their biggest problem)Serbia-Brasil will play 4 th june.I think.

    first match group B Holland-Spain..
    Overture for Johan Cruyff.Egmont,operetta by Ludwig van Beethoven!!Netherland or Spain question is now…
    Cruyff know to use Holland(Ajax) and put the right people in the right place.This is the Ajax Academy is a wonderful thing.But if that Cruyff directed towards Spain and not the Nethrlands,for Netherlands is it over-exhaustion.Ajax is much missed in the past and it does not make sense.We will see what he really wants.I,am a critic of it.And now about two Cruyff statements if true. After match Holland-Japan 2:2 he said:We had to have bigger ball possession than Japan.(and Japan wouldn,t scored goals)
    I don,t agree with that:Competition in ball possession.How to Netherland overtake Spain in this?If it given Spain(and Bayern…these rich clubs buy players ,Ajax sold players)It is stupid…
    The point is in equilibrium. balance.
    Milan-Ajax 2013 and Holland-Italy 2000.Ajax and Holland didn,t know how to (destroy) disrupt their balance .Ball possession is always good(only) if you know how to unbalance the opponent.These things are noticed by Rinus Michels.General.War.Etc.
    And therefore when Japan attacked Holland…Holland has had to answer “long geometric balls”.It,s all.If they could.Netherland should turn self.De Boer-Bergcamp(1998), Gio-Kuyt-Sneider 2008 etc.Or 20 minutes high ball possession 20 minutes low ball possession ,2o minutes high ball possession… to feel opponents is it more important.

    There are an anecdote (story) about the famous yugoslavian and world chess player in 1950s,1960s,1970s Svetozar Gligorić.His recreation in free time was football.When he made a few mistakes colleague said:What are you doing Gliga?!!This is football not chess.You need to think.

    And at the end Cruyff says that the damage because Zlatan Ibrahimović will not be at the World Cup.This is bullshit.Ibrahimović over Sweden is like a donkey over Sweden.
    Brolin-Dahlin-Henrik Larsson was real Sweden.Last real Sweden was in 2002.The second half against England was perfect.”Hockey football”.So I called football indentity IFK Goteborg (1980s even 199os) and the swedish national team.After 2002 (unhappy lost) Sweden became weaker and weaker and Zlatan Ibrahimović stronger and stronger.Ha_ha.His team mates are afraid of him and the opponents.In ancient times the Vikings were the bravest in the world and right now are the biggest cowards seems.Times are changing said Bob Dylan.
    But my favorite Scandinavian country is Sweden.Great classical music.Their literature is the top of the world (eschatological).Spirituality.Swedenborg.And many others things until hockey,table tennis and to ABBA.And comfortable country… Sweden is such a lonely Nordic princess awaiting the return of Beowulf From Gotland but arrived only fools and horses.
    Zlatan Ibrahimović is a talented and workin man player and courageous player,too much relaxed and very rude (saucy).It,s a good for the perfect circus player.Dahlin,Brolin,Larsson played for Sweden ,Zlatan plays for himself.These are some of my impressions.Swedish football had something but did not have visionaries like Michels,Cruyff,van Hanegem..van Gaal ,de Haan..etc to develop.But the Netherland is the Country of the Ring..
    The above is also the answer of “a conspiracy”.The whole world thinks that Spain should beat Netherland..or everyone seems to prefer selfish and insolent Ribery of selfless Robben.And everyone thinks Robben is selfish.Most people.
    Tough draw for Holland.Tough draw for Ajax.Salzburg is a tough team.
    Ajax was good against Barcelona.Now another test.Best wishes for Ajax.
    I,d rather Co Adrianse or van Basten for next coach but good and Hiddink.Has more authority.2013 was good.Only little disappointment is Heerenween.Lost stupid about 10-12 points.Something like Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany.They play nice(missing only hot blood) and they had two -three goalposts against Bayern..Once and Monchengladbach had football indentity.”Danish dynamite” 1980s had some roots in it..etc
    tommorow Galata-Chelsea

    Wesley Sneijder may not be able to defeat the mighty Chelsea..But Sneijder value moves is the one moment when you need the best can disrupt the balance of the opponent.Maradona was doing in the USA 1994. The best solutions in the maze of rhythm matches.
    The best wishes and also for AZ.

  116. I am really disappointed that Rafa got injured. I really wanted to see how the midfield performa with him, Nigel and Strootman. This will be our last chance to see that midfielder trio together against a top team before the WC provisional squad is selected.

    I am however looking forward to seeing guys like Huntelaar making his return. Also, I expect Promes and Van Dijk to get their debuts.

  117. @ ARS……

    Trevez is one of the most brutal strikers on the planet right now and he also in a sublime form for Juventus but is sure to miss the WC for Argentina because he gotthe same attitude as Sneijder (no team player) and Argentina has also the luxury of other team players like….Higuain,Sergio Agüero,Ezequiel Lavezzi, Lamela,Palacios. He is also the reason why Messi has not been able to shine at the WC. this time around they will have the best attacking forward in Brazil and the same with better all round team players.

    Di Maria – Higuain – Sergio Agüero

    Messi – Mascherano- Pastore

    Garay – Fernandez – Hugo Campagnaro-Zabelleta


    1. I doubt Pastore will be a starter as he isn’t even regularly with PSG. Messi won’t play at this position, Di Maria will. A guy like Gago has been starting many games for Argentina also.

  118. RVP – Hunter
    Janmaat -Weil
    De Jong – Blind – BMI- Vlaar
    Snejder – Clasie
    Van Dijik – Veltman –

    Boetius -Robben – Promes

    we have to start France with our best possible 11 and then slowly introduce the subs.


    Janmaat – Van Dijik – BMI – Blind

    Strootman – De Jong – Sneijder

    Robben – RVP – Boetius

    At some stage the team should reshuffle to


    Weil – Veltman – Vlaar – BMI

    Strootman – Blind – Clasie

    Promes – Hunter – Robben

    1. for me
      RVP-Lenz-leory fer as strikers–3
      Roben-Wijnaldum-Promes-Boetius as wingers–4
      Strootman-Clasie-klassen/ginkel as runners–4
      Dejong–Blind as holding mid–2
      PVA–BMI-Virjil–veltman–Janmaat-Bacuna-Reikik as defenders
      krul and cillesen as gks 3

          1. especillay header from 1.70m guy.that was a fluke match thats why we didnt win vs spain.entire tournament we didnt create much chances.always relied on opportunistic goals and Robens authority goals and sacrifice of RVP.

  119. Just come up to my mind, why we dont have extra friendly same week before or after france match, and two more friendlies in april, and its wierd that those friendlies in may are two weeks apart, 17 may and then they gonna get together on 31may? I though we have 1-2 international matches every month?

  120. wilson,

    There are a lot of angles of what we call a team player.It is a very complicated because football is a team game and you have to separate the things.

    Dennis Bergcamp was a team player in Ajax,Arsenal,NT.. not team player in Inter..Wesley Sneijder is perfect team player in my opinion.He will try to be team player in the every team on the world.. Robben is team player too.In the Dutch nature is to be a team player.It does not exclude the super individuality.Dutch football is always looking for something new.Therefore it is active and it requires teamwork.
    On the other side, we have the team player principle of “the leader of a street gang”.Maradona is the greatest in this.He is simple the best.We saw it 1986 in Mexico. And always.
    Tevez want to be”the leader of a street gang” but he is a weaker than Maradona. In Juventus he can to be something like that,part of the team but in Argentina no.Because he is not strong for their team.To be team player.And can not be a leader.Anyway, don,t belong them in this moment.

    On the other side,Zlatan Ibrahimović can be leader in Sweden.He is the best individual and simply ,they work for him ,”he takes their energy”.And he scored ten goals against Portugal !He becomes one of the gods.He is not team player.In Sweeden.Brolin ,Dahlin, Larsson were team players.
    If would play together Zlatan,Maradona,Djoković…(they are good friends ) Zlatan Ibrahimović would be team player.
    In Barcelona Ibrahimović wasn,t team player.

    How could I compare Sneijder(2014) and Maradona then? 1994. It was problem.Sneijder is doing work in the Dutch football culture,Maradona in Argentinia,s .
    But in different cultures you can find the same principles in their own way.It is not problem.


  121. Weil played very high today especially when on attack but though he was not tested alot…again there were moments where you could tell his lack of speed when retriving back after pitching high , unfortunately for Bayern Leverkusen they could utilize those opportunities. AS PSG goes further it will be intresting to see how Weil performs with stronger teams.

  122. After Watching Navas and Silva against Bacelona, we absloutely need pace on the wings to stop spain at Wc other with their pace and with a striker like Negerado spain will tear apart NT. They why we should use Robben on left instead on the right and either Wijanaldum, Lens, Promes on the right.. The spain trio were deadly against Barcelona but unfortunately that red card changed the game big time.

    1. wilson it had lot to do with slow demichellis and not good speedy company(which japan already showd).When we take PVA or bacuna as LBs and RBS with speedy centtre backs we can shut them same time we must use our most potent weapons upfront like lenz,roben,vaart,RVP,wijnaldum,promes and boetius.

  123. We were wrong when we took afellay to euro after injury, who only played less than 4 games after movie to barca. Now we get same crazy idea after He’s been absent from competitive match for almost 3 years, he is not mesiah.

  124. To win against spain we have to cut their wings….Pedro, sliva, Navas, Iniesta,jese rodriguez, Negerado. this is where they will be most explosive and this where we need the backs of highest quality. I always see Trevez resemblance in Negerado especially with his work rate…and trust me when its comes to penetrating the defense he is like a buffalo and with him you need backs who can hold their composure steadily.

    This where I think we have to go to that friendly that we played against Italy.


    Janmaat – De Vrij – BMI – Blind

    Strootman – Clasie -Maher

    Lens – RVP – John

    Out of all the friendlys, qualifications we have played I think this was a well balance team especially with pace at which it was played especially in the midfield and on the wings.

    Maher- Runing Midfielder

    Clasie – explosive DM

    Lens, John, Robben – natural wingers

    This is the strategy that we should use in the WC with few changes in the Backline.


    Janmaat – Veltman – BMI – Blind

    Strootman – Clasie – Van Ginkle


    1. I also liked the formation which City used against Bacelona…4-4-1-1. Negerado in front of Sliva (runner) and 4 midfielders. This could perfectly work out for NT


      ————-Robben (runner)———

      Wijanaldum – Clasie – Strootman – Promes

      PVA – BMI – Veltman – Janmaat

  125. Remember how Spain21 beaten NT21, with Maher(AM),depay-wijnaldum(Wings)-strootman(BTB)-blind(LW)-devrij(CB)
    Our lost arguably due to Maher-devrij are not ready (yet) to be in the centre of our attack & defend respectively, and blind may not be suitable for LB dealing with Spain’s wingers. With the rise of Blind in his new position, DM and I watched him how he manage to do it with ease as if he has done it in years, I’m inclined to shift BMI as LB and put Blind as DM, Rekik as CB with someone else either vDijk or Vlaar. A test against Ribery-Nasri will be good if Ribery becomes available next month.
    Promes and Boetius are the only newcomers I want to see next months, I don’t trust castaignos will be valuable if hunter’s is back in half form.

    1. hahaha netherland U21 used all subs played against Spain U21. Only Maher subbed in after 75 minutes and he looked very lively. Get your facts right.

  126. best 11
    —Strootman-Sneijder/ Vaart—

    best 12

  127. I think we should go with Clasie is our DM rather then shifting Blind to that position. Clasie has played that position NT and was good. If we continue to make changes in the last hour we can seriosly be in trouble come WC. Blind at eredivise level might be good at DM but I think we shouldnt be taking that risk by baptizing him at that position during WC. he needs to play more often in that position to claim that spot……. if Ajax can go far in the Europa league and if blind continuosly plays as DM then we might have a better angle to support the argument.As it is I think we should be only concentrating on our backs and inject pace to the team

    1. I think I remember Blind playing as DM at CL…
      Clasie? not yet.

      but agreed. the problem is, our most possibly selected LB are only Martins Indi and Blind. we’ll be one man short. LvG doesn’t seem to be wanting another LB, as he didn’t call Willems etc.

      Schaars as LB? meh.

  128. Preliminary squad for the France game (March the 5th):


    * Jasper Cillessen (Ajax)
    * Tim Krul (Newcastle United)
    * Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax)
    * Michel Vorm (Swansea City)
    * Jeroen Zoet (PSV)
    * Maarten Stekelenburg (Fulham)


    * Jeffrey Bruma (PSV)
    * Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord)
    * Leroy Fer (Norwich City)
    * Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord)
    * Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord)
    * Karim Rekik (PSV)
    * Joël Veltman (Ajax)
    * Paul Verhaegh (FC Augsburg)
    * Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)
    * Stefan de Vrij (Feyenoord)
    * Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain)


    * Daley Blind (Ajax)
    * Nigel de Jong (AC Milan)
    * Siem de Jong (Ajax)
    * Davy Klaassen (Ajax)
    * Quincy Promes (FC Twente)
    * Davy Pröpper (Vitesse)
    * Stijn Schaars (PSV)
    * Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray)
    * Kevin Strootman (AS Roma)


    * Jean-Paul Boëtius (Feyenoord)
    * Memphis Depay (PSV)
    * Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04)
    * Dirk Kuyt (Fenerbahçe)
    * Luciano Narsingh (PSV)
    * Robin van Persie (Manchester United)
    * Arjen Robben (Bayern München).


      1. What does Siem De Jong do here ? He just came back and did nothing special. Same for Narsingh in my opinion, didn’t do enough since his return. Schaars has been really bad last games also. All three shouldn’t make the final selection for the game.

        No Bacuna,no Van Dijk, no Willems or PVA but De Vrij is still here…There are only 6 CB in the list so he may keep all of them.

        1. I didn’t even notice that Lens was missing. I don’t know how serious we should consider that selection though, as LVG put everytime some players in the final squad who weren’t on in the previous one.

          So maybe Lens, Wijnaldum, Willems etc. can be in the final one if they perform well next games.

          1. perhaps De Guzman already guaranteed a spot, but left home because Van Gaal need to experiment more in midfield.

            meanwhile there are, of course, other players that already locked their spot in the squad, but also needed to be brought. but this is just a weak opinion, solely because there’s no way De Guzman is being left behind without reason.

    1. must cut off
      these players must go
      PLayers on edge

  129. People in here like us still gazing to one another for our midfielders and defenders.It’s a sad thing i must say as the world cup is approaching in just few months.I wonder how can we win the cup or perhaps reaching to the Semi Final.I am totally lack of the confident.
    Looking back to the year of 2010.We have a very solid squard which we fear noone and can eat up any team.

    Have a look at the video.It brings sweetness to my heart and tears to my eyes……

  130. siem de jong, schaars are not oranje material I hope they prove me wrong but that’s my opinion.

    I thought van aanholt would get called at least for the preliminary squad.

  131. —————–stek————-

    1. Why as much people here want such types of midfield…

      Ok for Blind/De Jong as DM, ok for Strootman as well as he can bring good shots and passes in attacking phases, but let’s to put a third player with a technical profile, penetration and dribbles.

      Ok there is none in this list but Clasie/Fer are even more interesting options than Klaassen for that, they can penetrate.

      Few years ago people were complaining that Van Marwijk was using Van Bommel-De Jong together, judging that it was too defensive. Now some people dare to put Blind-Strootman and Klaassen together, total anti football midfield. Even As Roma which is from Italy, supposed to be a country with a defending tradition, has a guy like Pjanic to bring speed and vision ahead De Rossi-Strootman, why Holland should have guys like Klaassen or Siem…

  132. @laurent
    What do u think is the ideal midfield we should start with the players we have?
    I totally understand u and I am not very convinced with the midfield I posted but what else do we have?

    1. De Jong/Blind – Strootman – Sneijder/Clasie

      Don’t like the selection though, we need more fantasy for the midfield, with guys like Van der Vaart, Afellay,Duarte or Wijnaldum even if I prefer him as winger…Or Van Ginkel and De Guzman who are not really good dribblers but more complete players than Klaassen-Siem.

      I hope Clasie will start, as the whole France is impressed by Verrati, Clasie can show them that he has the same profile.

  133. Is De Guzman injured? He starte the most recent Swansea game.

    No Van Dijk?

    Narsingh who is being benched and Siem who just came back from training are included!

    But no Willems!

    Interesting stuff

  134. starting 11 against France

    Janmaat – Bruma – Rekik – Blind

    Strootman – De Jong – Clasie

    Promes – Hunter – Robben

    At same stage we can go with technical changes…

    Fer – Blind Sneidjer

    Robben – RVP – Boteius/ Depay

  135. ——————Stekelenburg————-




  136. 4/5 Nigel De Jong (As usual what you expect him to do)

    Broke up a high number of attacks in front of his own area, and was a key part in his side’s revival in the first half, stemming the tide of opposition possession.

  137. Judging by those chosen, this is the XI I think we’ll see:





  138. we really cant expect a lot from this game as both France and NT are practically still fine tuning the squad and the game itself will be once again to test the credibility of of some new players at different position especially in the backs and Midfield where we haven’t struturalized firmly.
    If you look at Van Gaalss selection of the CBS…..Bruma, Rekik, BMI, De Vrij, Veltman, Vlaar…there is clear indication that even he doesnt know whom to start at WC. De Vrij – BMI were used in most of the qualification rounds and in the Friendlys…. until vs Japan where both Vlaar and him were exposed by the speedy Japs Then Vs Columbia he used Veltman and Vlaar where we also were occasionally exposured but ok. This type of games especially with the WC around the corner should be ideally used to buffer the the final team and working on game Strategies but unfortunately for us we are still in the elemnetry science class and it will come down to the last minute before our best 11 + 12 will be finalized. I think this time around things will definitely hot up for Van Gaal….just optimistic it doesn’t backfire

  139. Exclusion of willems may reiterate lvg intent to not taking a pure LB, that leaves us with BMI and Blind, in contrary he is still not sure between verhaegh and gvdwiel, moreover CB’s positions.

  140. I feel that BMI and blind have to be starters due to their versatilities, jaanmat is logical first RB, that leaves one spot to grab in dfence, i personnaly think veltman is ideal pairing with BMI rather than rekik-BMI???

    1. reikik is simply excellent,so is veltman a close call
      Nijel and blind are exceelnt holding mids,
      BMI is more solid lb and very good choice as LCB,so very coptattive.

          1. If you’re that much interested in intelligence go to watch chess my friends

            Football isn’t a sport for intellectuals, just look at the guy who is currently the ballon d’Or, and above all the guy who finished third lol

          2. It’s growing increasingly clear that Tiju’s issues with Afellay are a matter of psychological projection.

  141. LvG is taking 30 players to this game… which means he will only cut 3 from this preliminary squad.I bet it will be 3 GKs: Zoet, Vermeer and Vorm.

    Krul will be number 1 Keeper.

    Ribery won’t be playing in this game and I think LvG should rest Robben for it.

  142. what worries me more is kuyt is still in team,hence we have one player lesser in terms of creativity.if sneijder starts its sure that RVP will choke.Devrij sarts will teared up by fast boys ..

  143. Veltman blunder. Can’t imagine he’ll be deemed ready this time around after this: big goof early in a big game.

    It’ll take a lot for him to redeem himself.

  144. Veltman’s first fifteen minutes include:

    * a massive penetrating pass;
    * a stellar dribble through midfield;
    * a sloppy, impulsive foul that led to a goal.

  145. cillesen is a disaster…the chip is not even the first time that ajax nearly conceded…it happened moments before..ajax not only eliminated but humiliated…in a way its actually good…coz next season…their players wont be wanted or bought by other teams..and they will have kishna to lead the champions league assault

  146. Ajax football is being a huge joke, when you see that a guy like Duarte has to play LB to give the keys to a guy like Klaassen for the creation lol…

    Not surprising, those austrian have real footballers, that black guy Mané is a really good OM, dribbles and passes, he raped Ajax defence.

    Veltman is a joke also, wasn’t wrong about it.

    Veltman, Siem and Klaassen should be ejected of NT for next game, let’s to take real footballers.

  147. Veltman is talented but the thing is with youth comes recklessness..he is too agressive and willing to go into high risk challenges…that doesnt make him a joke…he will be a long term mainstay for the NT but not in 2014…no need to bash on siem..he never has taken the spot of a more deserving player in the NT..and never will

    1. Why do you consider he is talented ? I also said first that some of his interventions are clean, but is it enough to say he is talented ? I mean, with whom should we compare ?
      Maybe he is talented enough for sub german teams, but he won’t go higher, he is nothing compared to Vertonghen or even Alderweireld, every year Ajax is replacing leaving players with less good ones, level is going too down.

          1. “Less pass quality”? It’s like you’re not even watching.

            He’s young, and making mistakes. It takes time to build a defender.

            Laurent doesn’t like him. Cruyff does.

  148. ajax not eager to win this game.
    end of story/
    really one game cannot be too important about our player future. look at Ozil, what he did yesterday?? worst than every ajax player?? but no one say Ozil is bullshits, ajax not tooeager ti win this one.

    1. Ozil is a great player, great technical, passes, vision, speed with the ball. Every player has some bad phases/games. He proved enough about his qualities.

      Klaassen has no speed, no pass quality, no vision, no dribble…The best thing he did nothing was a tackle, that means a lot.

  149. Laurent, honestly you have made this blog truly unpleasant. You have become the main contributor and you demolish anyone who has any opinion remotely different from yours. Wilson is your henchman. The 2 of you keep going at it and soon there won’t be anyone even reading this blog. Give me the guys who used to contribute and were always respectful of others. YOU have brought your hatred of Ajax onto this blog. We all have favorite club teams but at the end of the day we collectively always supported Dutch teams in Europe. You have changed all that.
    I have had it and after being on this blog for many years I have decided not to contribute anymore. You have ruined it for me. I hope your life brings you happiness.

    1. Ajax hater has no sense. I’m not for Feyenoord or any dutch club, no reason to hate Ajax. But reasons not to support exist :

      – A team that isn’t reaching EL 1/4 since 8 years BECAUSE of the direction and club mentality.

      – I don’t like the recent DUTCH players Ajax has been forming, and big europeans clubs don’t seem to like them neither. Being on a forum about DUTCH football, I think it’s the good area to express my negatives feelings about them and to say that they’re not NT material.

      – And mainly blind people like you who will keep asking for ajax players with NT even if Ajax get to Jupiler league next year make me to feel happy when Ajax loses. That’s a natural feeling I think.

      Don’t try to change the problem. Since I’m here I say that Ajax is a joke, will do nothing and results prove it EVERY TIME. I don’t demolish people who don’t think like me, I demolish people who write that Klaassen has vision and should be starter with NT, simply cause it’s a irrationnal opinion. Believe me , if there would be 8 feyenoord fans writing every day that Immers should be a NT starter, you’d react everytime, and I would do the same.

      Now after a 3-0 loss home against a sub european team, which comes after a loss against Steaua which comes after a loss against Spartak which comes after a loss against Marseille which somes after a loss against Dinamo Zagreb etc etc etc the first thing you write here is that I’m the problem lol find a mirror my friend. That I keep writing here doesn’t change anything to the UEFA ranking of the Netherlands. Write about how poor and untalented Ajax players are.

      1. What a joke! Comparing Immers with Klaassen shows how ignorant you are. Big clubs are following Klassen not Immers. That already tells you a lot. Unless they are all blind as you said. Immers is only an average footballer with limited skills. He can not even control the ball well. The good thing about him is his finishing ability. Immers can be a starter in teams like Sweden and Norway but not Netherland.

        1. What big clubs ? Last time a big club bought a dutch player from Ajax it was 2009 with Huntelaar and they sold it one year after…If we don’t consider PSG as a big club that bought VDW cause he had only year contract left and was cheap.

          No big club will buy Klaassen, stop dreaming, look how hesitant Tottenham has been to buy Eriksen, who was rejected by Dortmund and As Roma (and clearly more talented than Klaassen). Year after year big clubs are understanding that Ajax isn’t a club to trust anymore. They are losing their label little by little.

          Next summer there will be no big transfert, Van Rhijn Moisander, Sigthorsson and De Jong may leave, but it will be transfers around 5mo to sub english and german clubs.
          And instead of going to players like Mané and Kampl who humiliated them yesterday and who are clearly guys who can sign to Ajax if the club makes a financial effort (let’s say around 8/10mo per player), they’ll bargain till the last day to sign Ziyech for 3,5mo instead of 4mo lol

          Ajax is the most predictable club in the world, I can bet my life that they will lost ever year simply cause it’s what happening for 8 years since they are into that cercle which consist in bringing cheap players in order to make them big and selling them later.

  150. @jeff,
    You are 100 % right, i can understand that sometimes many of us get angry at some Dutch teams or players for not performing good, but when we do it we do it with love!! But This negativity against ajax I don’t understand where it comes from!!! I mean I am very mad because of their performance and disgusted,thats one thing but being very negative against them thats what i dont understand! If u are am oranje fan how can u hate ajax???

        1. Award for the dumbest answer of 2014 goes to …..this guy ^

          Helps to be a ‘fan’ when you hang around a ‘fan’ site so much.
          A million sperm and YOU were the fastest?
          Why are you here?

          No-one likes you.
          No-one respects you.
          No-one values your opinion.

          It must be very lonely being you.

          Finally, I must correct you.
          You have NO ‘knowledge’ of Dutch football. That much is abundantly evident.
          ‘Follow’ something else.

  151. Bad day! I really hate to see our Dutch teams lose in Eurpoe.

    Anyways, AZ did well.

    This string of poor performances of our top Dutch teams in Europe is really doing the NT a lot of bad.

  152. Thanks Alaa. I am with you 100%. Trust me I know how the Ajax fans feel right now. You can go on the Ajax blogs and you will read plenty of negatives but with Laurent it is always mean spirited. Any team can have a bad game. You can criticize the preparation (or lack of), the mental readiness and so on but to make these statements one after the next filled with hate and pure venom is not especially pleasant to say the least. Laurent clearly hates Ajax period. In my opinion there is no room for hatred on this blog.
    We all come from different countries, ethnic groups, religions but we are united by our staunch love of Oranje and anything to do with Dutch football. That is what makes this blog unique, fun and a place to go to when feeling sad. Again Laurent has ruined it because I know I will have to read his posts filled with anger, hatred and non-sense.

    1. No that’s not a bad game or a bad preparation. A bad game was what Barca had in the Arena when they lost without Messi and some others players. Like they also lost last year to Celtic, to Rubin Kazan few years ago etc. Barca has few “bad” games every year and you Ajax supporters don’t hesitate to mention that game as reference to say that Cillissen, Klaassen etc. deserve NT cause they beat Barcelona.

      Ajax is just a really really average european team with an industry awful mentality, that’s the reality of the last decade, hate it or love it.

      Seeing Duarte LB tonight getting some whistles by some of your stupid supporters friends when he was subbed shows how bad the club and his fans is.

  153. Well Laurent I rest my case. You 2 posts confirm what I just said. I don’t have to say anymore. How low we have come! You have simply managed to kill this blog. I hope you are happy. Enjoy the WC.

    1. This ‘blog’ has been dead for years.

      WAKE UP!!!!!

      As with all comment boards, every few months an erudite, educated, intellectual poster appears.
      The poster offers his thoughts here, expressed as opinions. He invites debate and relishes a healthy discussion about his favourite subject – Dutch football.

      However, what he finds is something else entirely.

      You see, this site is populated by some of the very most ignorant and stubborn idiots ever to accidentally operate a keyboard.
      And they do NOT like someone else’s opinion. Oh no.
      It’s embarrassing. Truly. Embarrassing.
      Some of you should seriously step away from the internet and have a long think about your lives.

      Tiju the clown, Goldstone the ignorant, Laurent the paedophile, etc, etc
      Why are you here?
      No-one pays any attention to the crap that you write.
      Why do you punish yourselves by continuing to post??

      So, every few months, the new poster disappears. He takes with him his educated opinions and his intent to discuss them. And this place becomes a little smaller. A little stupider.

      And eventually we are left with the idiots. Look around you. That’s you, that is.

      But relax.

      Not all is lost.

      There is ‘another site’
      You may have heard of it.
      Whisper its name in hushed tones. Do not tell the clowns. Do not invite them. Grant them no access.
      We’re already there – the party started a long time ago.

      It’s exactly the same as this one, but with a few exceptions.
      No-one preaches about imaginary gods.
      No-one insults the players. No-one insults the fans.
      We come together and SHARE our love and passion for our collective interests. We don’t ridicule them, we don’t belittle them. We LOVE them. We are ‘fans’. We are ORANJE.
      We don’t post endless armchair team lineups every 30 seconds. We don’t pretend to be managers.
      We discuss. We listen. We learn. WE ENJOY.
      We laugh at you.

  154. Laurent, the issue I think people are having with you are your gross exaggerations about the majority of your claims. You say Klaasen, Veltman, Cilissen have “no talent” and don’t deserve to make the World Cup team, but how could this be the case? Ajax are leading the Eredivisie by 4 points without playing very well at all and these 3 players have had a SIGNIFICANT role in all of that. For some reason, you defend Duarte, but he’s been quite poor in my opinion. Center mid or left back he’s been very, very poor. I believe he deserves time and more chances to play, but he must step it up. Meanwhile, Feyenoord and PSV have struggled this season, PSV especially while they boast players that you seem to think are superior. Rekik, Bruma, Clasie, BMI, De Vrij, etc. All these players are pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but if they were that much better and more deserving of being in the national team then it would be those two teams on top of the league, not Ajax.

    And, how can you say Ajax is average when they’ve performed admirably 3 years in a row in the UCL. Coming within one goal of knocking out Milan and finishing 2nd in that group would’ve been some achievement. They beat Barcelona with according to you an “average” team with average players. Barca may have had a bad game, sure, but it does not diminish the quality of such a victory.

    You’re comments are simply exaggerated and in the eyes of others mean-spirited. You don’t see many on here saying Clasie, Rekik, or Bruma “suck and have no talent.” Most on here can be more impartial and realize that these players are good, even if they don’t like them. I think Clasie is average and he does very little in games IMO, he rarely scores or assists. Klaasen has 8 goals in the league, at least he produces and has an end product. Important characteristics. But, I’m not dumb, nor biased, so I’m aware Clasie has good qualities and clearly many think he’s good, so clearly he shows something. Construct your criticisms in a better way and maybe more will agree with you/understand you more.

    1. Believe me I don’t think that current psv or feyenoord players are better than Ajax ones. I’ve been saying many times that it’s worrying for NT to have as much feyenoord players coming from a club that isn’t even able to reach EL groupe stage for years. I exagerrate about Ajax cause there are more people here asking for Ajax players than Feyenoord or PSV ones.

      Klaassen has 8 goals in eredivisie and ? Immers has also 8 goals ,except one guy here who suggested Immers for NT (and to whom I negativly answered), no one is asking for him. And above their statistics, it’s mainly their quality that is a problem for me. Klaassen isn’t a good footballer, especially for a OM, his technical is too limited. Duarte has been doing great with NT-21 and was also good in the game against Milan as OM, he is technically above Klaassen without any hesitation for me, passes, shots and dribbles, also has more activity.

      I don’t know if you’re new here, I hadn’t noticed your name before, but if you have been reading, you’d know I also said that Clasie, Boetius and all eredivisie players from PSV and Feyenoord aren’t good enough for NT. Not only Ajax players. I prefer Clasie potential than Klaassen one though.

      For me best dutch players currently are the same we used last years, I don’t see any dutch eredivisie players among the best 15-20 dutch players. If I was Van Gaal I would select Van Ginkel and Afellay even if they haven’t played enough above guys like Klaassen, Propper etc. it seems like Van Gaal wanna take as much eredivisie players as possible to show the world that he was right saying that Eredivisie isn’t less good than Serie A, but results show the contrary. And if he fails with 12-15 eredivisie players in his final squad, who will do something ?

      1. I agree with that. I too don’t think Klaasen is anything special. Good enough for the national team, but definitely not in a starting role. I still haven’t been too impressed with Duarte. His technique and passing have been very poor since joining Ajax.

        I think it’s a bit premature to call Afellay and Van Ginkel back already, but certainly they are two players who will hopefully get fit and be in the national team for years to come. Those two, Strootman, Depay, Veltman, Cilissen are our most promising players as of right now.

        I still can’t believe you don’t see the enormous potential Veltman has. Potential to be as good if not better than Vertonghen. Great passing out of defense, quick, reads the game. Will be a brilliant center back.

        1. Problem of Veltman is authority and power, Vertonghen is really hard to dominate, I watched Utrecht-Ajax two weeks ago and Veltman was really weak against Steve de Ridder. I think Vertonghen is one of the best defender in the world (with Thiago Silva) to defend on players who use their back and body a lot. Veltman is far from them for that, even Rekik is better to defend on the man in my opinion.

          What you describe as qualities on him are the same than De Vrij. Just today there were like 3-4 moments on aerial balls where Veltman couldn’t even kick the ball away, he was missing the ball everytime or hardly touching it. He just lacks natural power, he struggles too much, I don’t feel confident with him.

      2. I really agree with you in everything youre saying. Eredivisie became a poor league. Most supoosed young dutch talents are very average players, who simply cant find a good transfer to Italy, France, Spain or England clubs.

        I was thinking in Afellay days ago; i really believe hes better than any of Eredivisie wingers, even after all those injuries. I can add more: i really believe Anita is better defensive midfielder than any other one playing in Netherlands, and he probably a better right back than Van Rhjin too. And i have doubts if Willems or Van Anholt are better than Emanuelson or Pieters, for example.

      3. I simply cant trust players who are good in Eredivisie until they become better in other strong leagues. Im living in Brazil and i can talk about Piazon: he never played a single profissional game for São Paulo before get sold to Chelsea; he was talented, but not enough to play in a brazilian big club. Can you understand it? Some players who arent even at bench in Brazil can do really well in Nheterlands. It can say something about nowdays Eredivisie fragility…

        1. You are over underestimating the dutch league. We played a roster full of Eredivisie players under Van Gaal against teams like Germany, Italy, Portugal, Columbia, Turkey and did not lose any one of them. I can give you one example, Bacuna can not even make it into U21 which is full of eredivisie talents last year and see what he is doing now with Aston Villa. Most of our talents in Eredivise are still not mature enough, they are good and will move to bigger leagues later on. There are many many rumours about each one of those young talents but I do not want to see any one of them leaving prematurely.

  155. To end up I’d just say that I was the only one to warn about Salzburg when guys here were happy to draw them. Now we saw what happened. I bet to some members that Ajax and Klaassen will do nothing, and I will probably do it next year as it will be the same. Van Marwijk is kicked out from HSV after 5 bad results, De Boer will stay as long as he wins the eredivisie against the weak concurrence, no matter what happens in europe. And Ajax will keep selling their best players and bringing the cheapest ones to replace them. What can you expect from them ? I was happy with Salzburg winning as the team is playing a beautiful football and has been developping good last years, bringing Soriano etc. they really built an interesting team with the few money they had.

    I don’t think to have specific “opinions” or whatever, I don’t even consider myself as a pure NT fan, I watch football trying to analyse and take distance from it.

    You guys don’t need to be angry or something if I’m making a bit fun about some players or provocating, I don’t insult you personnally and till here I don’t think that my opinions are “wrong”, I can tell you that Holland won’t do better than WC 1/8 and that’s not because I’m a genius, that’s just that we won’t beat Spain-Chile and Brazil after. Call it negative or what you want, I prefer to think like that and have a surprise than to hope about irrationnal things like Jeff and be disappointed everytime.

    1. I think Jeff is completely aware of Ajax’s limitations and especially Holland’s chances at the WC. He was just upset at the nature of your criticisms. We all value each others opinions here if they are defended well.

      1. I think those are the key things to remember amidst all the bickering: 1. That anyone posting is just posting their opinion, and 2. That taking the time to well explain and defend a position, as Laurent typically does, should be appreciated. I know he’s regularly made comments that are contrary to the general thread here, but I actually appreciate that. Direct, opinionated speaking with no filter is a very Dutch trait (which Laurent shows is a French trait as well).

        I’m kind of amazed that this all lot up like this considering one of the other primary posters, Mr Tiju, is incessantly, multiple times every freaking day, making personal and childish attacks on the same group of Dutch players. I guess everyone just considers him to be the ‘slightly off’ cousin who we have to put up with because he’s always hanging about. My point is that there’s a lot more to be irritated in his insanely repetitive comments (and Wilson’s too), than in Laurent’s, which may seem negative but are based in some study of the game (occasionally exaggerated for effect, of course).

        I’m a lot less of an Ajax fan than I used to be, mainly because my general sense is that they’re constantly playing a B Team due to the fact that they sell their best players every year, as soon as they’re approaching ripeness. I understand the business aspect if this (and DRB is probably right about this being the correct long term strategy), but it’s hard to watch as a fan of the game (not a fan of the business). The best that can be hoped for, outside of their Eredivisie schedule, is that the Ajax squad can play above their level in these big games, rise up for the occasion, but that’s not likely and has rarely happened (other than the Barca match and the Milan game that Balotelli stole by cheating). The players are just too green to pull this off regularly (same goes for PSV, for what it’s worth.

        This blog does rock, and I hope you all keep posting and reading. I, for one, would like to have the various perspective that you all offer as we head to Brazil.

        Hup Holland!

        1. there is no personal attack on players from me since i dont know them personally.may be except for Afellay case,most of my commnets wre about his psychology and brilliance nothing to with his skills pace etc..i dont dream that we would win a WC with kuyt,hunter,devrij,sneijder,vlaar,weil,afellay as of now list would be long if we include heitinga,joris,depay is added.i have no problem with these players playing for their clubs,simply these ones wont win it for various reasons,i cannt explain that in words,you guys have not learned from past and still doing same mistake by dreaming.As a fan like some one said i dont want to see my favorite national team gets fucked due to some undesevred players.

  156. Ajax halves de Jong and Klaassen could not turn away from their direct opponent. Blind does not dare to do this enough as well. The were useless under the pressure they found themselves in. That meant no outlets for defense to build up and attack to create chances. Note to the Toekomst academy: More Vanenburg’s please.

    Then the extra’s kicked in:

    Siggy not being good at hold up play. Route 1 attacks are fruitless then as well.

    Duarte not being a back used (misused?) as one, and making mistakes there.

    Van Rhijn regressed ever since his good start. His back passing and general operating is not good enough for Ajax and was also to blame IIRC for the third goal.

    Cillessen not being good at stopping penalty’s. Sure it’s hard too stop penalty’s, but Neuer did just that against Arsenal. How many has Cillessen stopped in his Ajax career so far? Vermeer? More.

    Finishing. Ajax did get 3 big chances at the end. de Jong, de Jong and Fischer. With 1 goal you just improve your chances to pull off a stunt in the return. Now it is a mission impossible and I am not sure Ajax will not get beaten again. This is the way RBS plays and so they can repeat this stuff again.

    This game illustrates why I love Japan. Why IMO everybody should simply ask for every Orange team selection if the player at hand would make us look móre or less like Japan. Have many players that can turn and run away from their direct opponent. That could have dealt with this kind of pressure and operate in tight spaces.

    The pressure from RBS effected Ajax so much as Klaassen and de Jong were in midfield. Later on even Poulsen. With Vanenburg that would not have happened. We must go back to the type of players we produced in the past.

    The good thing is that Kishna made his debut. Had a good track back on de Jong in the final minutes. Hope he becomes striker soon as the Dutch NT needs strikers that can play football.

  157. If the WC sucks, we still have the Olympic Winter games to look back on. Boy am I enjoying those at the moment. Netherlands pushing fr a top 5 notation. Big days ahead of us to score some more gold medals.

    Snowboard cross has stolen my heart. What an awesome sport that is. Must try that one day myself.


    1. Totally agree on the speed skating success as well as the snowboard cross. Both amazing and incredibly entertaining.

      So great to see the Dutch at the top of the medal count for this entire Olympics. Unbelievable.

  158. I am not too worried about Ajax lose affecting the national team because only Blind is being called regularly.

    Klaasen got called for the preliminary squad but after tonight I doubt he makes the cut for the friendly against France.

    It is a shame what just happened tonight I am so glad I didn’t watch the game.

    What position did Blind play and how did he do?

  159. @ Jeff . ……… first thing first . …….dont throw in the towel yet…….come one dude you need strong balls mate……As for being the hench man . …..fair enough but this is what you and all the Ajax supporters on this blog dont get it…. the lion is always the king in jungle but as soon as it steps into the water……he is jus another prey. In other words Ajax maybe the kings of eredivise but when they come out of it they are just like any other common team (ordinary)like Benefica,Porto,Basel , celtic who have the same status as AJax back in their domestic league. well this is nothing new but what provokes me is that most of you ( ajax fans) think that the Ajax players should be rightful inhertance to NT becoz they play exceptionally well at eredivise. There are plenty talents in eredivise but they are not forunate enough to be playing for Ajax who always have the gods hand on them. PVA for instance when Vitesse was winnig he was called up and now when they are on the backfoot he is being ignored. there some player who only click at international stage and there are some whi only thrive at club level and this should always be kept in mind.
    Reality check my friend …..there is no team on this planet that is theeeeeeeee peferct team…….and at same point in time they all loose.
    It doesnt mean that if you beat a top team you start comparing youself with them. you have to be consistent to prove you critics wrong and this my friend has never been the case for Ajax at CL level

    vs Bacelona 0-4 ( not sure)
    vs celtic 0-1
    vs Milan 1-1
    vs Bacelona 2-0
    vs Celtic 1-0
    vs Milan 0-0

    If Im not blind then where is consistency in their performance at CL level and this was also the case in the previous season of the CL . Yet you blind followers dont want to admit that Ajax is jus another medi core team at UFEA level. jus go and watch the Baca and Man City CL quaters then you tell me whether Ajax win over Bacelona truly reflect ed their supremcy as what you guys (Ajax suppos) cry about everytime.

    Jeff I’ ll say this again I dont want cry infront of tele and see NT loose jus becoz some stupid selection fucked the whole team up. As I have said earlier Van Gaal has nothing to loose fromthis WC. He is jus trying to justify his failure from 2001…….by doing what…….doing chemistry with Ajax player at most criucial time of the WC. Jus have glance at Argentina they are so confident that they willing to sacrifice a striker like Trevez. Thats the level of confidence that should have been in NT at this point in time but unfortunately we are still playiNG POKER….

  160. i still like Ajax, they have many talented players, not important what happened yesterday! if ajax lose the second league 6-0, obviously it is not important for us and we would hope ajax win champion league with these players next season, We hope NT win the World cup with these players.
    i still like my feeling, it is not important for me what is the truth, but i still want to see Cilessen, Blind and Veltman in NT Starting 11 in Worldcup and Klaassen for VDV back up.
    the feeling like Hope is the best thing which all of us have it here, and it really beautiful.

    Ajax never die, they R our best team. i hope can gaal do the right thing and keep klassen and veltman in game with french.

  161. Last night game showed how easy it is to play against a possession based team if you are willing to press. and Press hard like Salzburg did. The handling speed of the Ajax midfield was not quick enough, we’ve read often about how crucial handling speed is on this blog (DRB300), and for Ajax they were playing at Eredivisie pace and not UEL pace.
    If you keep going backwards with the ball you are only putting your team under pressure which results in mistakes which result in goals, the CB’s were having trouble finding Blind who intern struggled to give any attacking passes going forward. You have to remember that the Dutch style of play requires the defenders to build the play up from the back and last night they could not do this due to the pressure they were put under.
    As an Ajax fan I’m dissapointed in the result , of course, but we all need to be realistic about the standard of these young players, I’m confident given another year or two some of the current Ajax players will be playing at top clubs in other leagues where they will further develop their playing abilities under different coaching. Their strength is that when they leave Ajax they have a great technical base as a platform to spring off. insert Strootman, even though he was not Ajax! But you get my drift.

  162. ..pressure from RBS effected Ajax so much as Klaassen and de Jong were in midfield. Later on even Poulsen. With Vanenburg that would not have happened. We must go back to the type of players we produced in the past.

    The good thing is that Kishna made his debut. Had a good track back on de Jong in the final minutes. Hope he becomes striker soon as the Dutch NT needs strikers that can play football.”

    How would you rate Kishna,Nouri ,Dekker and Paal(although he’s from the PSV youth academy)in terms of effectiveness in tight spaces?
    Are they technically adept in tight spaces or just like the De Jong’s and Klassens we have at the moment??
    I’ve heard Nouri is one gem of a prospect and we really need a silky, creative no 10 in the NT asap to replace the likes of Sneijder and VDV (Maher has dipped beyond my expectations..let’s hope there’s a precipitous resurgence in his form before the WC) .
    I know you had answered this before but somehow couldn’t fish out that post of yours..
    If we look at the current trend of talents emerging from the Netherlands, they’re all potentially world class, industrious CMs like Van Ginkel, Strootman and Vilhena (although he can play the no.10).However, we need an artist, a dynamic no.10, who has flair, elegance and loads of creativity..We haven’t had one since the Sneijder-VDV generation (Maher??? Vilhena??? Ziech??)
    .This worries me a little since the no.10 and the striker positions are the ones that need long term replacements for the next 10 years or so.
    Does Nouri fit the bill? Thoughts??!!

    1. Well to immediately drill down to your last question, look at this gif:

      This is Nouri making space for himself in an elegant way. He is a player that is very good in the small spaces and with a very high technical roof. However look at the gif again and ask yourself why he did not sneak into that “hole”/”window” that was there for a short amount of time in front of him. What he basically did was cutting back. If he had the ability to run into that space we can cross off 2 defenders/midfielders and the danger to create a man more situation forcing the opponent to make choices they would rather not. The essence of football. These kind of things worry me. I want players that can benefit from these kind of windows and constantly create overload situations. That being said, Sneijder and vdV are not able to really do this as well. They do have a good distance shot and I am not sure Nouri has enough power in his legs for the highest level to be a consistent danger from range. Vision, through passes handling speed are all good with Nouri. Mentality is yet to be seen and very important as well. An illustration of that at this moment might be Kroos vs Ozil. Does Nouri see himself as a money maker becoming content and indolent once his pockets are filled? Does he loose the hunger to prove himself with all the respect that comes his way? Or does he see himself as an artist that wants to play his best game yet with every next chance he gets? Be the next Dutch van Gogh on the fields. Nobody can answer that question probably and only time will tell.

      I do not believe in wingers without loads of speed. That’s why I am a skeptic of players like a Dekker. I don’t want to sound dismissive, but just want to clear that I am skeptical. He could be an excellent Eredivisie player though, maybe a step higher, but you use a very norm and then I have yet to see. He could become an interesting weapon with all the poachers we produce these days in the Netherlands. Dost, Luuk de Jong, Wolf, Locadia. If he is oke-ish in defending he could be turned into a modern left back that runs up and down whipping in pin point crosses. Moyes would buy him instantly ;).

      Kishna has a high technical level and is also able to score goals. Has vision. Look how he did not go for a blind shot in the final minutes against RBS, but tracked back on Siem de Jong who did not expect it would come his way. A winger with eye for his fellow players. He is also good with the head and is big enough to produce good hold up play. That’s why striker position might be his future.

      Paal and Slabbekoorn are interesting players. Also seeds in the ground for the 10 position. Some will go bust, others will surprise us.

      For me we have arrived at a point that Dutch football has to prove itself again. 2004 we rejuvenated and the next generation was talented and proved itself. Now we have rebuild at the back and also partly midfield and attack. Soon, all old elements will have to be replaced. We kind of started a new episode after 2012. The successor of Bergkamp/vdV/Sneijder has yet to stand up for me. We don’t see Dutch 10 players make huge transfers and enough youth players still trip once playing at a pro level.


  163. I believe that guys like Duarte, Ziyech, Maher and Wijnadum could all develop into very good AM to replace Wesley and Rafa in the next 2 seasons. However, for now both Wes and Rara are way better than all those guys and should be on the plane to South America even with their games being affected by what seem like their rapid

    Duarte, Ziyech and Maher are probably more talented than Klaassen. In fact I have great hopes for Duarte, Ziyech and Maher. I not convinced of Klaassen’s abilities as yet. However, I am 100% convinced that Duarte and Maher are the real deal talent wise. I have followed Duarte since his early Sparta days, through his Heracles days and I am fully convinced that he will make it. His time at Ajax so far has been largely interrupted by injuries. Then since his return to fitness he has been behind Serero and Klaassen. However, I think he will take a starting spot from either of those two very soon. He is simply more talented than both of them. I know some ppl here seem to think that he is not good enough; however, those must be ppl who have not been watching him during his Heracles days. His performances for Ajax have not been good so far, but is down to a combination of the fact that his injuries have affected his form and fitness as well as the fact that he has been playing out of position at LB in some games, subbed in late for some and starting a handful more.

    Maher is going through a period of “finding himself”, what is not debatable is his natural abilities which is almost second to no other young Dutch AM that we have today. If and when he finds himself and starts to put all his natural abilities together he will be a “world beater”. I say just give him some time because I still believe that this boy will be a pearl of a AM in the future. I say AM mid because having watched him since his AZ games, I am convinced his best position is at AM and not the deeper central mid spot Cocu played him so many times this season.

    I am not convinced with Klaassen. He looks ok technically and has a good head and sense for finishing (especially arriving late into the box). However, I have not seem any speed, particularly great vision or skills from him. However, I would be the first to say that he is only 20 yrs and is doing pretty well for his age and the fact that he had such a horrendous injury last season such even make us give him more respect for the way he has returned. I think we should wait and see how well he develops, but he should not be given any serious consideration for the WC unless we have injuries to Wes and/or Rafa.

    Ziyech, I was a Ziyech fan from the start. A few of you here may remember me ranting and fussing about Ziyech being left from a few of our U-21 squads early this season. If we go back to the beginning of last season when he and Tannane were both being given a lot of opportunities by Van Basten in the Heerenveen starting 11, he was showing his huge promise from then. He is good technically as he has shown in many of the goals he has scored this season. He is developing at a steady rate and I expect him to make the move to PSV or Ajax next season to continue his rise.

    We must also bear in mind the following:

    Promes can play AM, in fact that is his natural position.

    Vilhena’s future may well be in the AM spot.

    So all in all we have some amount of promise for the AM position.

    Big Up

    1. Duarte is better than Serero without any doubt. I hate watching Serero play, weak, can’t finish and always turned the ball over. He shined occassionally but overall he is awful.

          1. Today Duarte showed a little of what he is capable of…this is just the beginning. If De Boer keeps him in the starting 11 in place of Serero, then within a few weeks we will all see more of what this former Sparta boy has to offer.

            Big up

  164. Haven’t watched the Ajax game. Is actually hoping that Veltman and Cillessen (together with Blind) will make the WC14. But the drubbing and comments in this blog seem to suggest they aren’t ready after all.
    Or is it that their teammates weren’t up to mark?

    1. > “Or is it that their teammates weren’t up to mark?”

      Both. The mistake chain is longer, but they are part of it as well, not the ones where it stops. Keep in mind that all 3 are pretty new. Cillessen finally has become first keeper. Veltman is making his first real full season as first choice CB and Blind is now finally used in DM, while previously he was used as a left back. Still has to make steps as DM.

  165. Does Ajax have players over the age of 23? Do they play in a top league week-in/week-out? Do they keep the core of their players year-in/year-out?

    @Laurent – Understand your frustration, but the world of football changed. There are big clubs with bags of money and they will sniff out any potential talent like a shark sniffs out a drop of blood.

    What Ajax has is POTENTIAL. When they realize it, they beat the likes of Barcelona. What they lack is experience and it’s evident when they lose games like yesterday. There is no reason for us to fight over this.

    1. I agree. Ajax is following the right course. Mistakes are made at the club, their transfer choices might not have been that lucky all the time (van der Hoorn), but they follow the course of financial stability and though that might result in going back 1 or 2 steps, it’s the only right way forward.

      Cerny, Nunnely, Nouri, Dekker, Kishna, Bazoer, Lobotka, Denswil and Veltman with more years under their belt. Enough is on the way. Being knocked out early from EL sucks for Eredivisie’s status, but actually will bring Ajax closer to their goal of winning the league and with that, cashing another big check. Their forth in a row, without spending much money altogether. I am still not sure what they will do with all that money but under the surface the club will only become stronger as a result of it. Maybe it will allow them to get all the best U18 talents in Europe as they can compete with the biggest clubs on that level offering CL football on top of an early chance on first team football. Maybe it allows them to buy the stadium and generate more money. Maybe they will start investments we have no clue off. I dunno.

      Trying to compete with the top clubs with high salary’s and big transfers is a losing battle. It’s following a model that will make you lose. Ask Rangers. Props to Ajax “pioneering” a model and trying something different.

    2. Ajax has more money than Stueua, Salzburg…It’s just that Salzburg is trying to make a team as good as possible with bringing the best they can with the few they have. TV rights in Austrian league are almost inexistant, they don’t have the label to be a good formating club for young players, and they can barely expect to earn money thanks to european competitions. So the only goal they can have is to build a strong team and developp into a big club like Dortmund has been doing for example.

      Ajax is a buisness club, they are clearly showing it year after year with putting all those inexperienced players in european competitions in order to expose them to the world and trying to sell them as soon as they can. Just look at the ridiculous contracts Ajax gives to young players, it’s almost already an incitation for them to leave.

      I don’t have knowledge enough about the direction of the club and how much benefit they take from it, but with my innocent follower eyes, it’s more than clear that Ajax isn’t trying to build an ambitious, experienced and winning team. There are definitly an economical interest for the direction and some guys above who is more important than it.

      1. They found a business model and it works for them. I agree that it sucks for the Ajax followers (I was one at a point in time in the past). But I realized early on when they sold all their players + coach to Barcelona back in the 90s that they are in the selling business. Champions League is their way to showcase some of the talent they have in order to sell the players. The only way this can change is if the Belgium and Dutch Leagues combine and become a bigger market. All sports are looked at from a marketing perspective nowadays. Sad but true.

        Back in the 90s, it was still possible to win the CL with a bunch of youngsters…Patrick Kluivert was 18 when he scored the winning goal from Ajax. Clarence Seedorf was on the bench. Unfortunately now it is most likely not possible. Dortmund making it to the final last year was a fluke and they already sold their 2 best players (3 if you include Kagawa)

  166. basically from 2008-2012 dutch team has earned a bad name and lost some supporters,i still think if i was seeing dutch from 2010 i would nt have became a fan of dutch.thats what cryuff says.

    1. tiju – do you have anything to say other than negative? Maybe the new generation isn’t the best generation, but there were periods of time in the past when other Dutch generations failed to deliver. The period from 2008 till 2012, this team did not fail to deliver. They dazzled in 2008 (beat the world champ and runner up). In 2010 they reached the final with an efficient display. This team was also the first team to reach the 2012 Euro(they were unlucky). This was also the FIRST European team to reach the 2014 WC. If you want to compare that to the STAR STUDDED 2002 team…. well… there is nothing to complain about.

      You are so f-ing annoying and one of the reasons I stopped looking at this blog. Get a f-ing life.

      1. i had to mention post van basten era,what kind fucking attractive games they played under Bert??????over relaint on wesly’s lucky shoot at sight goals+roben gaols and poor RVP sacrifice,litterally they could have won it by sleceting proper players at right time.
        You are more annoying fkking faggot

      2. There are reasons to be negative. First one is the lack of quality players Holland produced last decade, we talked about it many times, despite being champions in 2006 and 2007 with U21, last generations produced nothing interesting for NT, our best players are still from the 83-84 generation, and even if Strootman and Van Ginkel can turn in really good midfielders in coming years, what matters really for me is the lack of technical quality in the new generations. When DRB says that we must take example on Japan style of players (which is close to latin players for me), he is right, but in a sense I would say that it’s not an obligation.

        Even guys like Fer, Van Ginkel etc. who don’t really have a quick handling speed can be interesting if playing with their own qualities. If less speed and agility, then they can compensate with power, physical strenght. Japanese players truly miss that. A guy like Pogba is slow but can definitly manage to put his authority against the speed of japanese players. Yaya Touré style of player for example.

        When Fer starts to accelerate with determination, he can easily progress 30 meters without any japanese player being able to stop his power. Kroos and Strootman aren’t able to do that but they can give a long deep ball instead, it’s often as much efficient. But guys like Klaassen-Siem can’t do none of them, they can’t turn, can’t accelerate and can’t give long balls. They just give the ball back or lose it, and that also works for strikers like Luuk, Van Wolfswinkel etc. they all have nothing special.

        Holland is also a country known for having a big freestyle football scene, Touzani etc. but on the field Ajax goes with a midfield Blind-Siem-Klaassen ? That’s a big reason to be negative for me.

        1. @Laurent – you are offering criticism… I accept that… tiju on the other side is f-ing negative.

          We have to admit that we don’t have the quality and that is not a bad thing. France were champions of Europe and the World with Zidane and got kicked out by Senegal in the first round of the 2002 WC without him.

          We have Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie in Oranje now… Ajax has no one. We all agree, let’s move on with the discussion

  167. This is the biggest problem for us…. Unlike 10+ years ago where the big European clubs would purchase a Dutch player whose 20-25 and has established himself in the eredivisie or is ready to move abroad. They come in and poach guys who have played a handful of games or even worse are 15 and are still in the academies.

    They ruin the players development, they teach them differently compared to most Dutch clubs who have the Dutch philosophy and then they end up rotting away on the bench until they are loaned back or sold off to the Greek or Turkish league

    This is why the Dutch national team will never be the same until the young players start to realise they are better of staying an extra 2 or 3 years in the Eredivisie instead of jumping ship and any sign of money

  168. WTF is this blog?
    Is it about Oranje or about Laurent. And anyway all the world knows Oranje and what they are capable of. Who The Bleeding F is Laurent.

    Monsieur just bugger off. Nobody is interested in you and your snotty nose. Shooooshh!

  169. SamNY what Ajax has is cruyff and the hand of god (KNVB) on them just like platini hand on France and that is where Ajax is benefitting the most. The chain always has to go through Ajax and in years to come this will always the case.I think this chain has to be boken for the shake of talents who miss out or are ignored jus because Ajax players play CL every year and they are champions of dutch soccer. Say for instance if PVA and Blind were both playing in Ajax …nobody is blind to see who would have come on top. Well this is also debately if Van Dijik was playing in Ajax would he have been selected. this is exactly what has happened Veltman getting the nod over Van Dijik (Celtic). Lets see both have recent CL experience…..both play for the champion team in their respective countries….both are of the same generation but the edge is jus that Veltman is playing for Ajax……I dont see any other reason then that and yeah if there is please let me know. It not only Ajax has got potential …..Twente,PSV,Feyenoord.Hereeveen also have got potentials too but Ajax always gets he first perference to cut the cake doesnt matter if they are average players. After EC 2012 when Weil moved to PSG…..Van Rhijn immediately got the nod for the RB spot because he was weils backup at Ajax. Look at him now.. Once again Blind is being eyed of DM role……why because he plays better in that position for Ajax. All the games that Clasie is played for NT he has played exceptionally well…and he has being playing long for Feyenoord in that position….what more do need in player to take him to the world cup….but no since sone new kid is playing better for Ajax in that position …..we should try him. in the jungle if you have to survive you need to have speed even though you are not strong and that what clasie is all about.

    If Klassen,Blind, Veltman will be become good players in another two years so will Van Dijik,Ake,Clasie,PVA, Rekik……. so why only open doors to some???????????????

    The KNVB is still in that past era with the label on their fore head ‘Ajax 95’.

      1. Credit to the new coach as he made plenty of tactical adjustments; the starting XI Slomka used vs. Dortmund looks almost entirely different than the one Bert would use.

        You’ve got to wonder whether or not BvM was really overrated this entire time.

  170. Erik Pieters played good today vs Manchester City:

    Made a number of impressive blocks as he almost played as a centre-half when Stoke were defending. Showed decent pace on rare occasion he was able to take players on.

  171. Maarten Stekelenburg Flop of the Match
    Pulled off a great one-on-one save against Thievy with the scores all level. But he fumbled a shot from Vydra, powerful as it was, and that drew the Baggies level.

    John Heitinga