Crisis Time Again! Is Lucky Gus capable of fixing it?

And here we are again. We finished really well at the World Cup, only to totally screw up our Euro campaign. We saw it in 1974, in 1978, in 2010 and God help us we are not really doing too well now.

Iceland 2. Holland 0.

That says it all. When I read the headline, I didn’t even wanna see the highlights. Or lowlights.

Something is not right in Oranje. And it’s easy to say “It’s Hiddink” and obviously it is not Hiddink, but sadly he is end-responsible and will have to come up with solutions.

There are many things wrong. Tactics, line up, approach/management, team dynamics, individual performance….

We are merely fans, looking in from the outside. But people closer to the squad believe Hiddink has an approach which is the total opposite of Van Gaal.

Where Louis realised this team lacked real quality and he had to bring a lot of additional elements to the team, Hiddink seems to be very loose and managing at arms length. Not just towards the lads, also towards the staff. The KNVB seems to be a bit surprised with his loose and unfocused press conferences and analyses and starts to fear that they might have made a big mistake.


This team did so well at the iron hand of Mr Control Freak Van Gaal. And his successor is the most relaxed and laid back cat the KNVB could find. The contrast is too big.

And as Frank de Boer famously quipped “I never learned anything about football from Hiddink”, his tactics leave a lot to be desired…

You play against Kazachstan. Why field 4 defenders and Nigel de Jong? Why add a static Wesley Sneijder to the midfield?

We could have done with 3 defenders and a more footballing central midfielder. Such as Sneijder. Or Blind. Or Clasie. A 3-3-4 with Huntelaar up top and Van Persie circling him.

Now, we can’t blame Hiddink for the mistake Janmaat made vs the Cechs. Or the mistakes Martins Indi makes. Or the penalty De Vrij conceded vs Iceland.

But we can blame Hiddink for not making sure we didn’t score 3 or 4 already in their goal before Janmaat made that error…

This team needs a leader with vision. Someone who keeps the big guns in check (Hunter, Van Persie, Sneijder) and who is capable of letting the youngster reach their potential by being on their case all the time. Van Gaal is not available. Frank de Boer isn’t available either.


But Co Adriaanse is. He works not unlike Van Gaal. Allow him to coach Oranje to the Euros. Let Blind do the World Cup after that and have Frank de Boer enjoy some time as club coach before he takes over. Maybe Ronald Koeman is the right man to follow up from Blind first, with bro Erwin. Who knows.

But it is time for clarity and a firm hand (again):

1. This is how we play (4-3-3 or 3-4-3)

2. This is the standard, these are the roles

3. If you don’t qualify (Van Persie, Sneijder, De Jong, Martins Indi) you are on the bench!

4. Everyone is fully focused and knows what to do. Anyone not in line can pack his bag.

The KNVB is going to assess the situation in the short term. Hiddink has been tight lipped about his future. But the media have already made up their minds: Hiddink is not the right man for the job. He seems to looking at the Oranje stint as a cool last job before he retires, while it is actually a pressure cooker job that needs 120% of the coach’s focus.


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  1. I don’t think the KNVB will fire Hiddink right away but if the team don’t win against Mexico (friendly) but especially the game after that (qualifier) well then I believe he’ll be sacked.

    This team has enough stars and LVG knew that. That’s why he let his players know the team was before any star’s ego.

    Now, with this difficult period Hiddink will take the job seriously. I believe he’s a good coach but let’s see if he can actually lift he team up. If he doesn’t do it for the next 2 games we will see Koeman, Blind, Co Adrianesse, Frank de Boer or Rijkaard? taking over.

    I’d go for Co Adrianesse or Koeman.

    LVG I fu***ng miss you!!! and for all LVG’s critics I believe you can be silent now. 😛

  2. Guss hiddink has selcetd Bruma and Virjil thats best so far he did for NT,but both didnt played.
    Team main issue is RVP ,he is not alert and seems lathargic,even if team mates pass to him ,he is missing it by lower workrate or stupidity..
    Blind?? must the earliest

  3. Oranje have never done a good job from shifting mind from one competition to another. Having performed great in one competition, they will shit themselves in the next one. Regardless of all those bad comments about oranje boys, all members of current Oranje team are World class players. However, they have to be led by a strong leader/coach. When Oranje boys feel that there is no “iron fist” above their heads, they will do whatever they want as every single member of Oranje team is convinced in his superiority as a player and a coach. Arrogacy, exceeding self-confidence, separatism bordering with racism, lack of patriotism are quite common for our beloved team. I am sorry if I am too harsh but I have great examples to support my statements. Oranje need an “IRON FIST” and Hiddink is too laid back to deal with strong personalities within this team. Based on media and feedbacks coming from ex-football players, Hiddink has to resign as KNVB will not fire him. The only replacement currently available is Co Adriaanse. He is a dictator with ability to make hard decision. But do not forget about politics. We do not know whether KNVB boss favors Co Adriaanse…That will be a decisive factor…

  4. @Wissor keep ur advice and misundertanding with you..people are busy..they dont have time,nothing new to be excited with orange thats why everyone are under hiatus…u open up ur little brain..

  5. Well placed picture of Hunter.

    While reading through the sombre article I got nervous. As I scrolled, an aggressive celebratory Hunter graced my screen and I smiled. Things are going to be alright. Was this deliberate? Was it meant to say, “This is the guy here that will make everything better?”.

  6. Again Jumping onto the guns ……I dont think Hiiddink will be fired. its too early for that, as I have mentioned before its the Formation vs players. you have to have players who fit in the system and not the other way around. the problem is Hididnk is using players from Van Gaal 3-5-2 formation and trying to systematize his 4-3-3 formation which is the main cause of this meltdown. But either way KNVB would be mad to do that given is past track records, yeah if Blind would been the coach sacking him would have made sense.

    Depay,Strootman, Van Ginkle are all on causal list and also player best suited for 4-3-3 formation and with games against Lativa and Turkey Hopefully Hiddink will iron out positions with players which aline with 4-3-3 formation.

    it is simply as that





    Van Ginkle

    De Jong


    Van Dijik




  7. i think De vrij is better than veltman.Afellay is ball hog,may be in wings he might be okay,i mean he has got pace,not a great finisher though.Wijnaldum is not taking any advance in attack..i think players like toonstra,vilhena must step in. with clasie.We dont have a convincing RB and LB..lets start with Peiters and vanrhijn…Anyway this team doesnt stand a clue with out Nijel,Vlaar and Roben.

  8. The thing that makes me extremely nervous is the fact that there is practically no more room for error. We cannot afford to lose any of the remaining games, otherwise there is a very good chance we’ll miss the final tournament.

    And so far it seems like Hiddink doesn’t have a battle plan, or he simply doesn’t care. I don’t know which would be worse.

  9. vCoach has big Role in teams Victory and succcess..Genius tactical boss are A rare catagory..and i am damn sure LVG is the most Genius coach in the world at the moment at least arguabily.
    Hiddink was a stepdwon from LVG,i think Hiddink underachived with 1998 squad,LVG had bad luck in 2002.
    Our main issue RVP if not its RVP may be we would have gotten draw at least when Roben played.Sacking Hiddink alone wont do much change sacking of RVP is mandatory followed by dropping of BMI and co.

    1. I am with ya on the Hiddink comment. He is over his head.
      As for RVP, a bench lesson perhaps is required.
      So with this, who shall captain our team? Should it be returned to Wes? Perhaps Arjen? Thoguhts?

  10. @OhYeah: Yes, we’ve no room for more errors that’s why Hiddink will have to come up with a new plan.

    Right now the best thing is to give the captain armband to Robben. RVP hasn’t been the right one for the job.





    I’d like a 3-4-3. This’d be a killer midfield with Wijnaldum and Blind going forward and crossing as much as possible for RVP or Hunter to score.

    1. @Miguel hasnt you seen how RVP plays??He is a total liability like BMI at back…if Hiddink is not a good one then RVP is the worst player on the pitch.I am MANU fan and really follow RVP very closley ,he is done.No pace,no energy,No alertness,Weak etc…Now playing slefishly too..Needs to be thrown out of the team..
      Bruma–Virjil—Devrij would be Iron back for us..Wijnaldum is a capable defender too.Now Hunter is better though i would prefer klassen on hunter spot..
      Cpatin must be Either Vlaar or Nijel…i mean the iron boys if stroot is not available.We need to get rid of pussy mentality players.we need Gldaiators with Roben and capable finisher.

        1. There is no p*s*y’s on the team. Just lapses in alpha mentalities. hehe!

          I agree with Vlaar. He made a statement in the WC as to his leadership (the fateful shoot out). Concrete Vlaar.

  11. @Tiju: I agree maybe Vlaar could be the ideal captain. I’d go for Robben as captain but also we’ve Vlaar or Nigel who are true leaders.

    Although about RVP I disagree, he is not done. He is just having a bad period that’s it, perhaps Huntelaar deserves to start ahead of RVP at the moment but RVP is not done.

  12. @Miguel i am not talking about RVPs missed chances(though always he missess)..His overall game is so poor,always pathetic nowadays,he seldom gets the ball coz of his low work rate and less alertedness,he is playing pathetic for MAnu and NT.Very soon after the arrival Ronney from 3 match ban He would be benched.. mark my words.
    He has became slow etc etc..but over all his work rate and finishing pisses me off..if RVP continues as striker we are going to have disaster.He can only score vs minows now…

  13. Yes RVP is not going through a good moment but he is not done!. As LZ said he must be benched and then he’ll rise again.

    He feels too comfortable with the national team.

      1. He made stupid decision to go to chelsea,again he got a chance to come back to eredivise there he could play regular like Bruma and Annholt did.This guy again bottled it like Afellay.I think he mentally weak like Afellay and RVP.First of he has to come out of his idiotic ideas.then we will see..

  14. As Manunited fan i have been following them closely,any man say that RVP is the worst player in all the matches he played.But coz of his old name he just strives there with Van gaals softcorner.Manu will be super team under LVg very soon once they dropp him from starting 11.
    As a follower of eredivise,i understand that why LVG went eredivise players to WC and won a 3 rd place.if didnt started RVP vs Arjentina perhaps we would have beaten Germany in final who knows.
    From Watching Ere divise the team attracted me the most is Feynoord,they play some super intelligent,visionary sharp attack,though Elvis manu lacks good finishing,if they had brilliant striker they must be leading the table by now.Kongolo,clasiekazim richrds,Elvis manu are playing really good.not forget to mention Vilehna and immers..
    PSV is another team who plays really good,Hendrix is beast of a holding mid and Narsingh is very capable finisher,though Jozefoon is bit like afelay,he dribbles and lot and wasting chances.
    Over all Hiddink is so dumb to ignore Williams,hendrix and Luuk dejong,Even Narsingh would have played better than RVP..
    Williams—-klassen—Nijel——–Van rhijn

    1. Yeah it time for someone to take over jong duties.either Ake or hendrix.he is pretty much one dimensional in modern day soccer that’s a liability . no disrespect.

  15. What makes me more angry is even after week after week being such worst player on pitch for both MANU and NT.he is smashing Dutch team for being sloppy…what a hyocrite RVP is the link.
    see above wilsons link..
    It is true that Hiddink doesnt have clear plan for the team,But RVP,BMI makes it far worse.Once we remove these 2 we will be able to win the games..

  16. Jose Mourinho has hinted that young Dutch midfielder Nathan Ake is ready to challenge for a place in the Chelsea first team, and could start in the Champions League on Tuesday

  17. Once again does anyone has a review on this guy. Michiel Kramer. this guy has almost scored in every game he has played for ADO Den Haag. 9 games – 7 goals impressive

  18. Based on this morning dialog between Guus and KNVB leadership, Hiddink will stay as a head coach. However, he anticipates some changes within a squad. I could not understand what changes the article implied to (mental or structural) though. It is in Dutch and google translation is not always perfect. I believe coming two matches are very important for Guus. My impression is that he will make changes to Mexico friendly and if this works he will proceed with a winning squad. I do also believe that structural changes if any will be very subtle. It is not sensible at this stage of the competition to make a drastic changes. It would be nice to invite Adam Maher for Meixco friendly. He is getting into good shape.

  19. Robben ,Ake had Good games,though Ake was a sub….But as usual RVP was the worst player of Manu vs Westbromwich..
    @Hiddink…..congrats that u got convinced the board.Now its our turn to see whether you have the balls to strip RVP captaincy and kicking RVP,Afellay,BMI,Van der weil out of the team.Probably wijnaldum too.,,
    its the time for
    Depay-Arjen-Promes-Kishna as wingers..
    Give them an indstrious midfeild with intelligence.Toonstra would be nice add.
    why dont you go for 352 again
    Blind——-Ake—-Van ginkel—-Vanrhijn

    1. Between Kishna and El Ghazi, it seems like El Ghazi is more composed specially in the finishing department where as Veltman was pretty much exposed under continuous pressure today which shows where his weakness lay especially when playing at CL Level.

      Van Rhijn should be given a shot given his recent form


      Afellay /Depay/El Ghazi



      Van Ginkle/Strootman/Toonstra

      Ake/Hendrix/De Jong


      Kongolo/Rekik/Van Dijik

      Vlaar/Bruma/De Vrij



        1. Forget Denswil we have good pool of CBs ….
          Infact Jetro williams and Ricardo vanrhij are classy wingers..they are very effective going forward not less than any of the current wingers…RVP,BMI,Blind,Afellay,Wijnaldum and bit of sneijder is the main issue..we need to drop all these player for better team work,speed and intelligence.

  20. I have just read who Nathan Ake is. He looks like Ruud Gullit in my eyes.

    Maybe, he is “the new” of Frank Rijkaard? He can play at all defensive positions, and also can run forward, like what Rijkaard did in CL Final in 1995, when he gave the pass to Kluivert…

    1. Though Ake is an intelligent player with lots of qualities and versatlity..he is not a complete Defender.His anticipation is too good,good dribbles,Good vision etc,as left back he also lacks pace.
      But he is hell of a holding midfeilder,where he is so focused like Nijel dejong..offcourse he is the one going replace Nijel for a long time..
      Chelsea is a plastic money club and they buy the best players in the world for each position..So it is not not even sit in the bench of Chelsea..they are buying quality players.So even if starts in bench of chelsea he deserves a spot on NT for his position.

  21. And people wonder why Oranje is doing bad!!! Just look at our mighty midfield, the two who are supposed to run the show for us, one (sneijder) plays in turkey and he is getting killed by borussia right now, and afellay who is benched with a Greek team!!! For gods sake, is this really the best we can come up with?? I just hope maher starts showing some real potential to replace sneijder and strootman comes back soon to forget about afellay!!!

      1. both Clasie and Maher is doing extreamly well for their clubs,though i feel Clasie is more accurate in shots and passess.Clasie is playing up in the feild now.

          1. Both Maher and clasie are light weighted player like Xavi and Ineasta..MAher is more like Ineasta and Clasie is bit of should work well IMO..Depends on 2 other forwards..May be
            Depay—Elvis manu—Roben

  22. both Lens and Sneijder are in the same boat.jus dont no why they keep being called up for NT. If lens wants to salavage something he need to get out of Dynamo Kyiv ASAP

    1. First man should be RVP to be kicked out evry one come after him only.I do like clasie ,toonstra and Maher..But none has accuracy of Vaart and sneijder.Especially we miss team player like Vaart.When Vaart get 2 talented strikers infront of him.We have the best ,most productive attack up front.We miss that with anyone we subsititue.But Still clasie seems the best Option in IMO.

  23. Bruma definitely needs to improve on his discipline epecially reckless tackling. dont. know how many times conservatively he has been red carded since the starting of this session .

      1. Even with his temperament Bruma is better than Veltman andBMI.He is a natural born rough tackler,leader who is not afraid to take any one…thats the mentality i want evry dutch defender to have.He is another hard nut to crack,and he is not pussy like afellay,RVP etc..We need these kind of players with balls to win something.

  24. I am sure all of you are aware of this week Europa League results. It is just so hopeless….We highly talk here about Maher, Kishna, Clasie…but in fact none of them could make any difference during third round of European Cups. I understand that Barcelona is much stronger than Ajax, but how about God forgotten Rijeka or out-of-form Panatinaikos?….After PSV crashed my AZ-Alkmaar last week, I was very depressed, at the same time I was somewhat hopeful that PSV would show great game against Greek side. First 30 min were indeed very exciting, PSV could score at least 2-3 times. Depay was individually very good but as a team player not really. I got an impression that he wanted to solve problem alone. The same was true about Adam. After Depay was substituted, PSV became very slow, waiting when 90 mins are over. I was 99% sure that they would lose two points last in Moscow and “oops, they did it again”….

    Feyenoord was actually good and mistakes of their young defender Karsdorp were too costly. I did not watch the game so can not comment on Clasie’s performance.

    With respect to so highly rated Kishna, I did not see anything special against Barcelona. In general, Ajax looked very timid…

    Bottomline, Eredivisie is getting very week. Dutch clubs are not competitive in Europe….KNVB must do something talent retention.

  25. BTW in the table of UEFA coefficients with the deduction of 10/11 season Netherlands falls behind Belgium and occupies currently 10th place. if Dutch lcubs continue playing crappy, next year a team that comes second this season in Eredivisie will not be able be able to compete for Champions League qualification. Second team will directly go to Europa League. In general, instead of having six teams we will have only five next year. This is also bad from financial point of view. For example, in Champions League this year Netherlands was allocated 13 million Euros as two teams were originally represented in the competition: Ajax and Feyenoord. As Feyenoord could not qualify, Ajax bagged all 13 million Euro. However, if participation in CL is reduced to one team then Netherlands will be allocated only ~6 million Euro…So, here is Math…

    From the other side less weak teams like Zwolle or Groningen participate in Europe league and exit after the first round, better overall score will be. For example, now all points that Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord get is divided into 6. So, less garbage participates in Europe, more point Netherlands will get.

    It is really sad that teams like Zwolle or Cambuur are on the top of Dutch Eredivisie….What a shame…

  26. LVG is planning to start with RVP,i hope he looses vs chelsea and RVP chokes as usual.So he goes to bench where he belongs.MANU loss vs Chelsea would do a lot of help in dutch NT i think..

  27. PSV played fantastic attack with out Wijnaldum,it was mainly due to the intelligence of Depay,Luuk and MAher thoguh i dont forget their skills,..Williams is the best attacking LB in the world it seems this guy is unstaoppable when he attack..Bruam is real basly leader who never setp backs from a challenge..Only blind and Idiots can Ignore Williams,Bruma,Hendrix,Luuk and Depay fro national team.
    Hiddink should go back to 352 theory and Should nto waste a single game for RVP may be Hunter too..

  28. @TIJU1234: So what happened Mr. Tiju? RVP scored and played well against Chelsea. I guess you hated the fact that he scored.







    1. u mean Tap in goal???that goal doesnt save him ,Manu played well not RVP if it was another good striker LVG would have won it still…Even 37 year old Drogba scored goals comes with luck,it has nothing to do with overall game.

  29. _______________Depay___________Robben________________


    ______Van Ginkle________Ake___________Strootman_________

    _______Buttner______Vlaar________Van Dijik_________Van Rhijn


    1. omit I meant

      ______Van Ginkle________Ake___________Strootman_________

      _______Buttner______Vlaar________Van Dijik_________Van Rhijn


    1. I am telling an open truth with all respect to Morroco,these Morrocan players lacks profesionalism,courage etc and Intelligence are at lower level.Adam Maher is the most intelligent ducth player who made it in to orange jersey in history.So We need to forget Afellay,Bouy kind of players..

  30. Robin van Persie, by equalising late on , ruined absolutely everything. For everybody. The reason that you have a headache, that you didn’t get enough sleep, that your Monday morning is a maelstrom of chaos and flux? Blame Robin. The point is: Van Persie took what would have been a tidy future and messed it all up. We, all of us, could have basically written off the top of the table for the rest of the season. Think how much more relaxed things would be. Super Sundays could be set aside for long walks in the crisp winter air, or peaceful sessions in cosy pubs, or finally getting around to putting those shelves up, or watching Aston Villa. Footballing attention could be devoted to leagues where the cast and crew aren’t quite so irritating. Get along to the local team. Go and watch Dulwich Hamlet. Ignore the top of the world’s loudest league. Avoid the headaches. But no. Robin had to go and lash one home from a few yards and keep us all wondering for another few weeks. And the worst thing? In essence, nothing has really changed. The league’s already done, and Chelsea are winning the thing. Yet now we have to spend a whole ‘nother week pretending to care about ‘the title race’. Good work, Robin. Good work. Not so smart, indeed.

    1. Very well said, my friend. The only thing to doubt, is doubt itself.
      I was, though, very happy for this. Given the 4 months of no Oranje after November and being an MLS league fan of Toronto FC I really needed something other than hockey to watch for the winter.
      Title race may be to much, but champions league spot, that is going to happen.
      Speakin of ASton Villa, what happened to Vlaar?

  31. I dont know about the EC but I have good feeling about the WC 2018 unless we have causalities. we jus need a good coach and please no Danny blind. he will ruin everything by playing his son and by overlooking others like Clasie, Hendrix and Ake. I hope Ruud Gulit takes over after Hddink.
    The up coming players in the midfield is definitely a good sign indicating the future of the NT. I am taking about Maher, Sinkgraven, Van Ginkle, Hendrix, Ake, Toonstra and if things go well then this guys will be in their prime in 2018. we jus need to channel them in the right direction which is through international completions as much as possible such as EC 2016 so that when they are reach the grand stage they are ready for the job.

  32. In the end Oranje will qualify because of the new format but I am sure Hiddink thought this squad worked as a clock machine…reality is that Van Gaal accomplished that so if he wants to keep his job he should start coaching his team with focus and passion.

    Otherwise the qualification can be painful to see and although I am positive we will be in the Euro 2016, things can get very complicated. Let´s see next two games. Ir Oranje does not win both they we can see another coach very soon.

    Hiddink came to Oranje to relax!!! That job is an extremely difficult and tough job to take it like that…Lucky Guud, do your thing NOW.

  33. Kevin strootman is injured for long and he needs time to get back to ryhthem,which takes time even though he is fit.
    We have Some fearless intimdating charctors on the pitch thats Vlaar,Bruma and Nijel.So we can adjust with that,But we must change our captain,RVP as main striker is kind of suicide,he wastes many chances athan he scores.I was really pissed of after seeing RVP celebrating a tap in gaol after being waste in 94 minutes,he was celebrating as if he won WC or EPL.Infact they got a draw where they supposed to win under a genius coach.
    I think Goal of RVP will put Guus again is confusion,its the high time to forget RVP as main striker.
    When is the team announcement for Friendly and match Vs latvia??

  34. Dear Guuss if you want to qualify instyle..PLease dont select Afellay,RVP,BMI,Wijnaldum,lenz then sneijder.
    Replace the with in order
    Depay;Luuk Dejong.Bruma,Clasie,Promes.

      1. How can a person be this idiot????
        With out wijnaldum PSV won 3 games consequtivly,Afellay is warmimg bench,RVP playing crap but escaped with tap in goal.Porto is loosing with BMI,LEnz not even playing.
        while Luuk dejong has excellent link up with Maher and co.
        Promes has full of energy.
        Depay is following Roben
        Clasie is pass master,won contous games with feynoord.
        Bruma is a leader at back of PSV has 22 + goal difference.
        So it is very stupid to play
        Afellay,BMI,RVP,lenz and sneijder.

  35. let it be 4231
    these are best inform players of NT as of now

      1. Luuk De Jong…No ….Dont think so. He failed to perform both in Bundasliga and EPL jus like Castaignos when he moved to Inter. But on a positive note its good that both moved back to eredivise to revive their career. I think for Castaignos that move his paying off the credential now and for me he should be given a chance to prove himself.. on the hand for Luuk, he lacks individual brilliance whereby he very much rellys on the asissts and given Maher, Depay and Narsingh around him AT PSV,that’s where his presence is felt. His inability to create something out of nothing was very much evident when he was at Newcastle. May be other year or so and then we can review again.

        But as per now thumbs up for Castaignos IMO.

        1. @Wilson Luuk De jong deosnt have extra ordinary skills like Roben has or RVP has.But Luuk is an awesome player with kuyt like intelligence and vision,He forms deadly creative combination when he combines with some intelligent and skilled players.Combination of Maher-Depay-Luuk and Guardo are deadly for PSV.They are able to score vs any defensive team in the world.thats what my point is.I dont think Luuk lacks intelligence,he might lack little pace and skill.
          PLayers who lack Vision and intelligence are Afellay(no1)then comes Wijnaldum,Jozefoon,Nasringh etc Bit of williams(but i like williams over Blind)
          With RVP and Hunter we are too static,though Hunter seems a better finisher,we will have gaol drought.RVP is wasting chance after chance and finally escape with a goal.Hunter can be silent for 90 minutes.

  36. at this stage, using the safe mentality of guus hiddink, the best squad would be

    1. Depay,Clasie,Roben and Williams are excellent world class attack,We might score due to these players..But BMI is a suicide in back.Wijnaldum doesnt take initaitives for attack neither blind.I can not think a team with out Nijel Dejong…

  37. 26 Man Squad

    Ibrahim Afellay (Olympiakos), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (PSV), Virgil van Dijk (Celtic), Leroy Fer (Queens Park Rangers), Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04), Nigel de Jong (AC Milan), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Tim Krul (Newcastle United), Bruno Martins Indi (FC Porto), Luciano Narsingh (PSV), Robin van Persie (Manchester United), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moskou), Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax), Arjen Robben (Bayern München), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Paul Verhaegh (FC Augsburg), Kenneth Vermeer (Feyenoord), Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio Roma), Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain), Jetro Willems (PSV) en Jeroen Zoet (PSV).

  38. If this is true i cannot stand RVP,BMI and Afellay anymore..We are going backward…
    Where is Bruma??Who is miles better than BMI.Seriously Veltman??Verhagh for what????
    This Hiddink needs to be sacked.
    I remmeber Edgar davids words about Hiddink in 1996.same again.Hiddink must take his head from RVP ‘s ass.

  39. With Robben being nominated for Golden Ball, I will cheer for him (although I think the top 3 vote criminally will be C. Ronaldo, Messi and Neuer) here are some tributes to Robben, clearly the best player at WC 2014:

    If you add his Bayern contribution:
    he is simply the best player of 2014.

    Thanks to those who compile the clips.

  40. Backline selection seems to be ok ,Bit disappointed with Hunter and RVP and Narsingh Seletion. Obviously Promes could have been the backup for both Depay and Robben with Afellay also an option and instead of Narsingh, Hiiddnk should have gone for third striker given Hunter and RVP ongoing confrontational showdown.

    Lets see who starts upfront.

    1. u mean back line with Veltman??BMI??PAul verhage?? and even Van der weil??..None of them should play for NT and veltman is best among these 4.
      Foward line would be awesome if hiddink starts with

  41. I think RVP and Huntelaar still deserve to be called if they are in good form. I don’t care about their ages. However if they are in bad form, they deserve to be benched or left off the squad. One of the young striker (De Jong, Castaignos) needs to be called up, depending on who has the best form. We need to plan for the day without RVP or Hunter. I still has doubt on these (hence see my first sentence).

    I don’t mind Afellay coming back to national squad. I was disappointed with Maher and other attacking midfield before the WC as they were not good. Hopefully their play is improving and more consistent. I’m more pessimistic about our future the next 2-4 years than many of you here.

    1. you have to go back to that Asian Tour when NT played Indonesia to validate the expectancy of RVP in front of goal. the biggest question is who should start. nobody is blind to see that RVP is on a decline, when compared to Hunter who has maintained his form since joining Schalke from Milan till to date.I dont know whether these is true or jus a rumor something to do with his knee for which he does not wanna go under the knife or simply he is aging.

      I fully agree with you on “We need to plan for the day without RVP or Hunter” The game vs Lativa and Turkery would have being the perfrct game to try out a third striker with either RVP or Hunter being dropped. it seems like it will be the same old story. RVP starting and Hunter coming on to reinforce further assault.

      In another news Carlos Vela has agreed to play mexcio for the first time since falling apart with coach in 2011.

      1. I don’t disagree that RVP is in decline. What I like to see is to pick based on form. I think Guus is not brave enough to drop RVP and one of the reasons is that Guus names RVP the captain. He should learn from LVG, taking the captaincy from Sneijder and drop Wes if necessary. Other young strikers need to earn their spot and proves that they are better than RVP. I have not followed them lately. Has Castaignos, Luuk De Jong, Locadia, Dost, Van Wolfswinkel done enough lately to be noticed? Is Kishna, Zivkovic ready to be called up?

        I do not think Robben is 1st choice of captain, but I am ok if he is the alternate. I like Strootman, Vlaar, De Vrij and probably Nigel De Jong to step up for leadership.

        I would like to see Van Dijk in place of BMI and Willems on the LB instead of Blind in the next game.

        1. As a MaNU fan i follow them very closely..By far RVP is the worst player in every match..He is slow,sloppiest,not available,cannt win physical battles wasting many chances etc.RVP is the reaosn behind United impotence infront of Goal.
          NThough it is true that None of new strikers has the talents of RVP an Hunter.But Locadia,Castginos and Luuk makes up it with like kuyt like work ethos.especiallay Luuk has vision and intelligence,he makes the team extreamly potent with high level inteligent combination play.he has good physiqu too.
          He would form a deadly potent attack with Depay,Roben and Clasie..Mark my words.So for me its all about combination like Germans had for last 8 years with Klose-Shewni lahm etc..
          But this get easliy fuked up when RVP plays…and when BMI starts we concede gaols too..this is the scenario happening for a while with dutch NT.

  42. May be latvia is weak team and we might pull a bit lucky victory coz both Depay and Roben are in form of their lives.Both are sensational..So RVP is bad performance will not be higlighted..but this is damn bad for dutch NT.

  43. 4-1-3-2

    Afellay – Hunter

    Depay – Clasie – Robben

    De Jong

    willems – Vlaar -Van Dijik- Van Rhijn



    Afellay – Hunter – Robben

    Depay – De Jong – Clasie – Van Rhijn

    Van Dijik – Vlaar – Van DijiK – De Vrij


    1. Willimas is miles better dribbler than Afellay move Depay up front then put willams as LB for Blind.
      Williams—–Blind—-Dejong—–Van rhijn

  44. Time will sort everything out. It is obvious that influence of RVP on Guus is very strong. The latter does not have guts to bench him if he is that bad as it was described above…I remember LvG’s rule was who does not play consistently for their clubs, does not have a spot in National team. I believe Guus does not follow that rule. I expected Adam to be called for a friendly game as he has been in excellent form….But again the same faces. I am very confident that within a month we will see some radical change with Oranje….and it can go either way….

    1. They should have taken RVP out and not jaznuaj. push Roony in front,fellany in centre and brought on herrea. typical van gaal sacrified jaznuaj instead.

  45. waiting for Manu Vs Man city game….Kongolo is linked with both club..week in week out this guy is doing excellent.But still hiddink slects BMI…so is Brutal Bruma…
    Hey Hiddink are you that Blind?
    With RVP up front i dont see Manu scoring much.this guy would fuck all the moments.May be he will escape with fluke goal.enough about Robin Van pathetic.

  46. waiting for Manu Vs Man city game….Kongolo is linked with both club..week in week out this guy is doing excellent.But still hiddink slects BMI…so is Brutal Bruma…
    Hey Hiddink are you that Blind?
    With RVP up front i dont see Manu scoring much.this guy would waste all the moments.May be he will escape with fluke goal.enough about Robin Van pathetic.
    As usual..
    robin van walkersie
    or Robin van pathetic.i think RVP is lucky everyone will go behind Smalling who got red.SO once again RVP escaped.Now MAnu is playing with 9 starting it was 11.

    1. They should have taken RVP out and not januzaj. push Roony in front,fellany in centre and brought on herrea. typical van gaal scarified januzaj instead.


    this is the perfect example on how lethal Hunter can be when playing in everted wing system rather than in a inverted one and this the reason why he is such a hit at Schalke coz of the first time service that he receives from his wingers/backs.
    the reason being that at NT deploys inverted wing system thats where he has been deprived of this kind of service. Its a pity that game is always revolved around Robben coz he plays in that position at Bayern.

    you have to back to that 2008 squad when Robben was on left, RVP on right with Hunter and Nistelroy interchanging in the centre. eventually that changed over the years when Robben switched to the right and which also changed the dynamics of the style that NT was once famous for.

  48. Any youngster goin to PSG,Mancity,Chelsea,Madrid are just suicide…Van Ginkel should have chossen Ajax..too much loss for him at prime age..Idiotic move by him like
    drenthe did

    1. Given Rojos and Shaws arrival at Man United it is not surprising that Blind move was purely based on van gaals personal preference given his close relationship with Daddy Blind. Much has been said about how Van Gaal succeed at the world cup and how the weakness of certain players was not exposed in the 3-5-2 formation and if you look at all Blind performance when ever 4-3-3 formation is used its jus not worth watching. Clasie would have a been a better options as in big games you can clearly tell where Blinds weakness is. I bet if a good holding mid arrives at Man U in Jan, Blind will be A bench warmer and will only be used with weaker teams.

  49. If Van Ginkle is that good, he should start playing. How can he be called up by NT without playing a single minute at the club level?

    I hope that Van Ginkle plays soon.

  50. After watching Gala and Dortmund, you can jus tell Sneijder is done. Apart from the assist it was hopeless performance from him. he is simply done. I wonder why Van der vaart was overlooked as he was voted in the team of weak in Bundasliga.

  51. It is the high time to delete RVP and sneijder from NT team,sneijder is been benched and RVP beats MANU than the opponent.Only Roben is playing well among seniors,Even Nijel and Vlaar are playing average.Surprisingly vaart is finding his rythem back needs a look.His presense make us more potent than RVP and sneijder ,Vaart guarentees you goals vs tough teams by team play like Germans did.

  52. Who ever watching the games regularly of Feynoord,PSV,Ajax,Galatsray, and Manu and bayern will tell that RVP play like shit and sneijder is close to it.
    Every one can see Toonstra,Clasie,Kongolo,Bruma,Hendrix,Depay plays excellent games for their teams and they should get the chance in NT.taking on current form for players our starting 11 should be
    Williams—–Vlaar–De vrij—Van rhijn
    As starters
    ——-Ake ——–Nijel———
    ————–Cillessen/Zoet————is the best 23 dutch players at the moment.

  53. RObin Van pathetic is revealed a discussion..
    See below link.
    Dear RVP,We dont need discussion we need action which u r not capable off that u have proven in week in week out with MANU under LVG.u r done for Top level football.
    Just opt to stay out of the team,then we have evry chance of scoring and winning a you once we drop BMI we wont be conceding much,so the failure .draw sitution would be reduced to 80 percentage..It will further reduce when we drop snijder…
    RVP50%,BMI30%sneijder 20%..with out you guys orange would be a more threatening team.

  54. Anwar El Ghazi is turning out to be a treacherous winger. he is another of those hot prospects in near future . Maybe scoring department is where he needs to work on. good performance from him despite the loss.

    1. I never watch how he plays. But I hope he will be the next Marc Overmars. Or, the next Arjen Robben. Someone who can run very fast, drible, cross, and score….:-)

  55. Anwar El ghazi is talented for sure,he is more like Afellay not Roben.He shows better intelligence than Afellay but like Afellay too much bad decisions on pitch.Doesnt have the intelligence of Van rhijn,klassen,schone and anderson etc.
    @Bobtoh Roben is not just very fast,who can dribble,cross and score…He is way tooo intelligent than any player.there are many players who can do like Roben but none has the intelligence of Roben,Eg”Afellay

  56. B/w Ajax started the game spendidly,they were awesome all the players.But were unlucky to get a goal wit in 30 min,But a Tap in from messi collapsed evrything,i am little sad for ajax.they didnt deserve too loose.

  57. It is disappointing to see when compared to our U21 players like Isco,Morata and Paco Alcacer,Alcantra are thriving at both club and internationsl level. I think thats the way in the right direction for spain. Maybe not 2016 but come 2018 they will come in the wc fully armed. I think Del Bosque is doing awesome job while we are. still struggling . where did it all go wrong.

  58. Just over two years on from his surprise inclusion in the final Euro 2012 squad, Luuk De Jong has made little progress in his career. However, he seems to be finding his way back in the Eredivisie after a disappointing spells in the Bundesliga and the Premier League.

    Going into that tournament, the major debate was Van Persie or Huntelaar as the main striker for the Dutch and now it is pretty much the same. However as age is catching up with both of them, most notably Van Persie, it is time for a new Dutch striker to step up and prove their worth to Guus Hiddink.

    De Jong has had his best start to a season in years with 6 goals and 3 assists in 13 games. He is also so pivotal to league leaders PSV’s style of play as his work rate and application are a constant threat to opposition defences but it is apparent that he can give too much of himself to his team. A great example of this was in the first half in an Eredivisie match against Ado Den Haag as PSV were one man down due to Jorrit Hendrix’ red card. PSV broke on a counter through Luciano Narsingh and De Jong was up front with him but bizarrely decided to check his run and attack the left channel between the fullback and centre-back while Narsingh was attacking the right, he was left with the difficult task of weaving a cross through two centre-backs to De Jong. Needless to say the centre-backs cleared the ball with relative ease and both De Jong and Narsingh showed their frustration as they both new the former should’ve attacked the space in between the centre-backs. De Jong had obviously thought the pacey Depay would’ve caught up with play and attacked the middle channel but he didn’t and the chance went begging in a crucial game.

    Although De Jong’s selflessness helps his teammates and his club (Depay in particular), it won’t get him in the National Team and it especially won’t get him spoken about in the same breath as Huntelaar or Van Persie. Last season at Newcastle, Alan Pardew saw this and his application in his play and used it to the team’s benefit as he played him in the second striker role. De Jong created space with his application and constant movement for teammates while also winning the ball up high and holding it up with his tremendous aerial ability but rarely got a shot on goal himself. By the end of the season, Newcastle avoided relegation, players like Gouffran were praised and as De Jong ended his loan spell with 0 goals, he did little for his already stagnating career. The Mag, a Newcastle fan network, described him as ‘shot-shy’ which is way off the mark as according to WhoScored, he takes an average 3 shots per-game which is more than Van Persie and Huntelaar who are both on 2.4 with 3 and 7 goals respectively. De Jong wins 4 aerial battles per game but can normally be seen trying to tee up a teammate instead of going for the chance himself which is the difference between him and the clinical strikers before him. Hiddink watches PSV regularly and knows what De Jong can do but only included him in the National Team due to Nigel De Jong’s injury as in their current situation; he needed guaranteed goals from Van Persie and Huntelaar so he couldn’t afford to take a chance with De Jong.

    His goals against Panathanaikos and Heracles proved that De Jong can play as a clinical ‘Number 9’ as against Panathanaikos he was found in the box by a brilliant cross from Jetro Willems before he took one touch to control the ball and set himself up and then another to slide it through the keeper’s legs. Against Heracles he showed the same type of composure and verve as he was found behind the centre-backs with a brilliant defence-splitting pass as he turned and placed the ball between the keeper and the near post in a one on one situation. The tranquillity he scored with was amazing for a striker who hadn’t scored a goal in four games and he scored both goals lurking in a central position. In a training video on PSV’s YouTube page, the players are having shot practice and most of the players miss shots from the corner of the box by trying to blast them into the goal but not De Jong as expertly curls his shot past the keeper and into the corner of the goal. De Jong has all the expertise to score goals and be prolific while also setting up teammates but he needs to focus on being a prolific scorer in the Eredivisie to begin to establish his place in the National Team during qualifiers and hopefully going into Euro 2016.

    De Jong had his last cap in late 2012 and while this is his best period of form and best chance to add another cap in March 2015, there is still more to do. De Jong is at a crossroads again as he needs to choose what is best for his club or for him and his career. However, he is only 24 and has time to improve the defining aspects in his game, Van Persie and Huntelaar are past the 30 year old mark as they steadily move past their primes, it his best chance to restart his International career. The Curious case of Luuk De Jong

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