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Well my friends… the season is over. The Dutch Federation and government will not allow the season to be finished. There will be no events or gatherings until Sept 1. Which means next season will start on Sept 1, not sooner.

This results in massive headaches, I’m sure. Tomorrow, the KNVB will present their plan, how to determine the title winner, which clubs will be relegated, which clubs will play European, etc etc.

The German competition (and others) will probably continue, mainly due to the TV funds they need. Fox in The Netherlands have paid all the clubs, so there is no financial loss (apart from ticket sales), whereas in Germany and other nations, the TV money is only going to be paid if the season is finalised. Hence the plans to finish seasons without fans on the stands.

It’s a disappointing end of this exciting season.

This is the best eleven of the Eredivisie, according to the AD Sports newspaper….

Keeper: André Onana (Ajax)

Onana the invincible. The weird antics from his early days at Ajax are over. His panther like reflexes are still there. His best save? He did really well stopping a certain goal by ADO striker Michiel Kramer, with his foot.

Right back: Denzel Dumfries (PSV)

The fact that Dumfries is the top scorer behind Donyell Malen says enough. He is the perfect captain of this PSV: intelligent, funny and down-to-Earth. Always hardworking, even if he is not the most skilled player, and scoring goals and assists.

Right central defender: Sebastian Holmén (Willem II)

The Swedish international could be the twin brother of Angelino, who would have been in this team last season, as left back at PSV. This Holmen is a real defender though, and was key for Willem II’s success this season.

Left central defender: Daley Blind (Ajax)

Blind doesn’t want to be on the foreground and may have been in the news a bit negatively after his heart issues. He gets better and better every season and was the best Eredivisie player by a mile before his heart problems. With his special weapon, the forward pass.

Left back: Owen Wijndal (AZ)

He might have been the surprise for some, in the surprise team of the season, but experts have seen him coming and this lad should be mentioned in the same breath as Boadu and Stengs as gems.

Right mid: Joey Veerman (sc Heerenveen)

Veerman is a player who seemed to remain a talent all his life. The Volendam born and raised player blossomed under coach Wim Jonk and demonstrates his quality at Heerenveen now. He sees opening and passes no one else sees and created the most chances in the Eredivisie (even ahead of Berghuis and Ziyech). Feyenoord is courting the youngster.

Attacking mid: Hakim Ziyech (Ajax)

The most exciting player in the Eredivisie. Whether coming from the right wing, or playing as playmaker on “10”. We have seen the last of him this season, the wizard is off to Stamford Bridge to impress the English football fans.

Left mid: Orkun Kökçü (Feyenoord)

Every season top talents come into the fold, but only a small percentage will reach the top. IT seems Kokcu is one of them. He’s only 18 years old, but a modern playmaker. Not your classic static number 10 but an alrounder, who works, tackles, makes dirty yards and reads the game well. Arsenal is whispered to prepare an offer.

Right winger: Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord)

Probably the only attacking player to compete with Ziyech as the most exciting player. The Feyenoord captain has tremendous stats this season, but he can be as inconsistent as his personality. Once he manages his sudden bursts of aggression, he can be a key player for Oranje and for coach Dick Advocaat’s aim to win the title next season with Feyenoord.

Striker: Donyell Malen (PSV)

Deserves his selection based on his first half. The super quick PSV forward hasn’t kicked a ball in 2020. Still, he is only 4 goals behind top scorers Berghuis and Cyriel Dessers.

Left winger: Chidera Ejuke (sc Heerenveen)

This dribble king of Heerenveen tends to have blinders on at times, but seeing him play is an adventure in itself. This unpolished diamond gives colour to the Eredivisie. Lets hope he stays another season.

Coach: Dick Advocaat (Feyenoord)

There are people who believe the impact of a coach is limited. These people should look at Feyenoord before and after Dick. With Advocaat, hope and self belief returned to De Kuip

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  1. Not really sure which criteria was used here or a poll was done but it is highly disputable.

    Boadu vs Malen. It would have interesting if malen wouldnt have gotten injured.

    Idrissi over Ejuke is a question mark. Both are talented but idrissi is a better finisher. Idrissi also surpasses berghuis on left if ziyech takes that right wing spot which is his most favourable. Very similar to Riyad Mahrez. I would say idrissi was better than bergwijn as well and again due to his finishing capabilities.

    Dumfries vs Dest is also debatable.

    In the midfield just like veerman at Heerenveen, Abdou Harroui also has been a gem for Sparta Rotterdam especially on the right.keep a watch on this guy. Talented as well.

    Last but not least my favorite Daley Blind.

    “Best eredivisie player by milstone before his heart problem”

    Lets dissect this. This is the question I put to the floor? What did he do which puts him on the top to be the best eredivisie player.I have said this many times was he irreplacable at Ajax? Did Ajax hit the rocks when he was not avaliable? His credibility as a defender last man standing?

    Again lets dissect this again before his heart conditions. Goals,assists,blocks,tackles made,workrate, consistency. Where did he make the difference.When Considering the fact that there is no one in eredivisie with the same experience as him and he is playing at ajax is the only thing that makes him profilic figure.in terms of individual performance I reckon Svan botman was a standout figure at LCB at heerenveen considering he is only 19 and this was his first outings in the top flight. With his current trajectory he could be a natural replacement for Blind at Ajax.

  2. http://www.football-oranje.com/ranked-top-30-most-exciting-dutch-wonderkids/

    Found this one and you can see the depth in the talents that are coming up in the ranks. If you include the under 23s to this list then the dutch NT are sorted for the next 4-5 word cup.

    There is no doubt,a world cup winning team can be forged out from this group. They just need somebody more broad minded than Koeman. This is my interpretation of a coach who can bring in modern day football concept with different players in different formations.

  3. Hope everyone is fine and Safe here !

    Jan will you write an artificial about your thoughts how the coronavirus has affected the oranje and Dutch players , as well
    As our changes in Euro 21 now ? Would love to hear your opinion and I’m sure everyone here has a say also

  4. All,

    I hope you are all safe, well, and managing in these times.

    I just saw this comment from Koeman about Frenkie De Jong:

    “He is a very intelligent boy and a very gifted footballer. He will certainly succeed. It does him no good that he does not play in his natural position, as he did at Ajax.”

    I assume that Koeman was referring to Barsa playing him on the left, in a more forward midfield position, leaving Busquets as a single defensive mid in front of the defense. So what is his “natural position?” When he played at Ajax and for the NT, it looked to me as if he played one of two holding mf’s, but had license to freelance all over the field, sometimes going forward (usually on the left) and combining in wide play, sometimes going through the middle, often coming all the way back to play in front of the defense or to take the ball from the defenders and bringing it up the field…and constantly on the ball. His holding mf partner (Schone typically at Ajax; De Roon or Propper in the NT), had to be able to complement him—reading him and taking up whatever position was necessary to maintain balance in the team.

    So my question(s): (1) Am I not seeing it right?, and (2) Assuming that Koeman would continue to play with two holding mf’s, who is his best partner? At present, Koeman seems to prefer De Roon because of the defensive qualities, or sometimes Propper when he wants to have a more offensive partner for De Jong. Does it stay this way until the Euro’s? Is there someone that anyone sees coming up as a better fit? Or would dropping Wijnaldum back next to him work, allowing Van De Beek to come in and play behind the forwards? Curious as to what you all think.

    1. Gini is excellent at defending ..but Gini and strootman played together at NT we had a creativity problem…With Dejong-Gini …We always relied on Dejong for cretivity..Gini was the carrier run..Dejong stayed more back and Gini charrged….I think koopmeiners is the Best with Dejong…Barca Dejong is more free as sergio bus likes to roam over there..koeman wants Dejong to do from defense to attack role…whih is not happening at barca..Dejong gets the momnetum from which is denied by coach and Busquests…

      So gini is beast and scorer when he lays upfront…so its better to start with

      Winjdal —-Virgil—Deligt—-karsdorp
      on bench
      Danjuma——Boadu———Promes——————–van de beek————————-Eting———-gravenberch————Williams—-Ake——Devrij—–Dumfries

  5. @ Andrew

    I remember talking about frenkie’s situation in one of the previous blog. But before that I must say your anaysis on frenkie is spot on,apart from his barce situation where he has been switched both on the left and right.

    Busquets has been the backbone for barce and proven at highest level and barce wont just reshuffle the midfield just based on frenkies qualities . This is aimed at what koeman said about playing him in his natural position. barce is clearly trying to rebuild the midfield around Busquets and only to fill in the vaccum left by xavi and iniesta and this is where vidal,Rakitic arthur and frenkie have been all rotated around depending on who starts.

    Koeman has worked with frenkie so he feels thats how he should be used at barce. It a clash of intrest tbh and this is where I have often said it shouldnt be just about one player but the overall team and in this case the most dynamic and efficient trio in the mid through rotating.

    This is also what I would like to see in NT and koeman not blocking of others just because frenkie position is fixed.You have players like veerman,Koompmeiners,Gravenberch,Matusiwa who are coming up and should they be more effective as group then they should be given the nod before frenkie.

  6. @Tiju,

    Good to see you on the board, Tiju. hope things are going well for you. Your’re in Kerala, if I’remember right.

    I like Koopmeiners, too, but what are the qualities he has that you think make Koopmeiners an improvement over Propper/De Roon—two guys who re playing very well in top leagues? I was looking at your second team. I like Gravenberch and Eiting, but they haven’t played that much. So for me, its a “let’s see” situation. They should have every opportunity to stamp the mf as their own with Ajax next year.


    I remember your previous comments about De Jong vis a vis Busquets; those in fact were what got me started thinking when I read Koeman’s comments. When all the others you mentioned—Rakitic, Vidal, and Arthur—are healthy, are they rotated equally with De Jong? I was under the impression that De Jong got the lion’s share of the playing time.

    I do think that De Jong needs to a constant for the NT. There are alot of high hopes for the younger Dutch players you mention. All these players (and others) have a year until the Euros, and two until the next WC to show out. Nothing would make me happier than for one or two (heck, all) of them to break out, and force their way into Koeman’s picture.

    Stay safe.

    1. Koopmeiners,Veerman,Matusiwa are all deep lying midfielders and they dictate the play,controlling the midfield from the back. Point backwards. Somewhat like Pirlo. Now if you put frenkie in this equation, what do you expect will happen? It will simply offset the balance and this is exactly whats happening to him at Barce with busquets as holding mid. He is pushed further upfront on the left in a more atracking role AM which he is not. On the right he still hasnt adopted and looks to be out of ideas

      This is also where I said if barce bring in a specialist AM, frenkie will find him self in a war zone. Remember here both Coutinho and Malcolm are out on loan and they have also signed Matheus Fernandes, an attacking midfielder from palmeiras. Barce is not NT where he will keep getting the preferences. If there becomes a case where the overall midfield is better without frenkie, plus with busquets as holding mid then thats where frenkie either will have to settle for the bench or if not compete with arthur on the right where xavi use to operate. On the other hand Vidal and Rakitic could be gone reaching their twilight of their career.

      This is my projection for frenkie at barce. As for NT if the same situation arises then it would be in the intrest to see which combo or which players form the most dynamic and efficient pack.

      Remember seedorf in 98.

        1. @Wilson,

          I understand your point, and you’ve always been consistent about it. I guess my question is: What do you think is the best way to deply De Jong for the NT? Who is best to play next to him now, and what specific qualities would you look for in the player to play next to him? (Three questions, sorry. Feel free to pick any, all or none to answer.)

          I do remember ’98. The NT was better in WC when Jonk replaced Seedorf.

          1. The answer to you question is its a wait and see game. There is no at the moment who can be paired with frenkie that could turn out to be frenkie #2. De Roon and propper are there because they have been used extensively around him and at the same complementing him in the way he likes to operate.(focal point).

            I have been following Strootman at Marseille and even though he still hasnt thrived back to his best form, I think he would have been the best option along side frenkie. Both motoring up and down. Im not sure if double pivot is the term to decribe this. Well Koeman has been very optimistic about him and him routinely called being up in most of his selection is an evident about it. Not sure though if it would be in the best intrest to wait for him to get back to his very best when he passed his prime years and with other potential midfielders coming up. Given there is still a huge gap in between lets see how this delay works out for strootman given this was his first season at Marseille. The French FA has also declared ligue 1 over which means Marseille will qualify directly for CL next season. In between if strootman does catches up to force into NT then he will be the best option along frenkie and more specific taking into consideration how both operate.

            Again keeping in mind the gap mentioned above and the time line, some old guards like my man clasie. No stranger to koeman and only needs to build up on his lungs. No doubt,come back in NT is possibly with more games at AZ.

            Van Ginkel as well.

            Note here if somebody makes a big lunge in between now and the euros then that will change everything.

          2. Forgot about Gus Til. I would like to see him pair along side frenkie.this guy has the engine of B747. He made the move to Sparta Moscow and has been playing as CM.

            De Roon and propper are not big game players and you cant expect much from them.

    2. @Andrew i am in kerala ..very much fine..eating and sleeping at home..Safe…….
      Koopmeiners is deal,he has it …Propper might be better artrist than him i agree,i feel more secure with koopmeiners..De roon might be harder than koopmeiners …but koopmeiners has the balancer the equaliser effect…i feel so…He and frnkei would be deadly with Gini on ultra atacking mode..That will be a combo..
      This Eitng and Gravenberch were top notch for ajax..dont underestinate that they play for eredivise…they can deliver it at any league..they are not davy klassens..

  7. Zirkzee -> new Maakay
    Boadu -> new P.Kluivert
    Malen -> new Floyd Hasselbaink

    hope it will be on right track at least, don’t see new Bergkamp or Nisterooy yet

    1. I wouldnt count out on lammers here. He is talented as well and needs more time. He showed glimpse of whats to come when he was at heerenveen. If not for his injury in the super cup I think he would have been in the mix with boadu,Malen and few others.

    2. MAlen is much more brilliant player than haiselblank..kluivert was way better than BoADU…
      Zirkee could do btteer than makkay but thats lets see situation.

  8. AZ have signed millen baars from Man united which I think is another good capture and which adds to their growing list of talents for their next batch in making. Aboukhlal (PSV),Gullit, fleix Corriea(city),Gudmundsson (PSV) and now Baars.I also read somewhere they are also interested in bringing ferdi Kadigolu back to eredivisie. as well.add to this they also have their home grown talents from the academy, Druijf,Taabouni,Goudmijn whom in few years time would bloster AZ into a formidable team.

    The two more players they should target is Kik Pierie whom Ajax will offload like de wit if a good bargin is put on the table and the other is if boadu leaves.zivkovic if they can.

    For Pierie he has hit the stumbling blocks after signing for Ajax.he should have stayed at heerenveen and now will find himself in pecking order behind Botman who had a good loan season at heerenveen and is highly likely to be a front runner at ajax before him next season. Plus they have daley Blind and martinez who could further make things congested.

    As for Zivkovic, he came on loan at sheffield united from China but it looks like COVID 19 will have hard impact on his move and im sure he will be looking for club after his loan contract expires at the end of the disrupted season. Even though they have druijf but I think zivkovic will a good upgrade to him considering his capabiiities. This only if boadu leaves.

  9. kik Pierie situation at Ajax


    ‘Transfer from Pierie to Ajax never understood’

    Former SC Heerenveen player Maarten de Jong is not in favor of Kik Pierie’s return to the Frisian club. At sc Heerenveen central defenders Sven Botman and Daniel Hoegh leave after this season, suggesting a return from Pierie.

    De Jong does not like that, he says in the podcast of FeanOnline . “I’ll be honest: I never understood his move to Ajax, because he actually lacks qualities,” he says. ‘He could have gone to Ajax better and then continue to play football at Heerenveen (on a rental basis, ed.). But you shouldn’t get it back now. ”

    According to De Jong, sc Heerenveen is not a club that brings players back. “Look, a boy like Pierie has to play too and that doesn’t fit anymore. Do you know what the biggest problem is? He has now been in a completely different culture, the boys treat each other very differently, they live there very differently. If you come back now, it is very different. You hear a lot of boys say that it is so quiet here (in Heerenveen, ed.) That there is nothing to do here. You shouldn’t want that switch back. ”

    In the past, Pierie came over for about four million euros from sc Heerenveen. In Amsterdam he has so far mainly played for Jong Ajax. He has yet to make his official debut in Ajax’s main squad.

  10. this is my line-up & i believe it’s our current best


    —–de Jong—-de Roon—-Wijnadum



    Bench: Boadu(Malen), Ake/Vrij(Ligt), Hateboer(Dumfries/Blind), Steng(Bergwinj/Depay)

  11. There is a lot said about how the COVID 19 could affect the soccer fratenity including the EC & WC but given if there is a break through and things normalize these are the players im eagerly waiting to see them crack into NT,now with the delay and possibly in WC qualifers.. The return of Arnaut groeneveld and Malen. Bobby adekanye, Dilrosun. Philippe sandler,Wijndal,Bakker and lastly fingers crossed Zivkovic


    I also feel this guys trajectory is on a ascend and could be the missing in the midfield.had a very good season with Groningen and is on the radar of PSV and other overseas club as well .his next move will be critical though and depending on whether he continues with the same trajectory or not will decide his future.

    Have a question here, Looking at his videos which player instantly comes to mind?

      1. @Wilson,

        I’m going to say Edgar Davids, or Nigel De Jong. Who were you thinking of?

        Re: your question above about which Dutch player has the potential qualities to reach the very top. Can’t think of anyone right now…except maybe Brobby because of his physical gifts, he could be a dominant striker. But he has a long way to go….Who were you thinking of?

        1. I had Edgar Davids. I dont think De Jong was as mobile as Edgar Davids.and plus his ability to score goals.


          this is one to be precise showing his mobility and flexiblity which dont think de jong had.


          if you compare this video to the above (Matisuwa) you will see the resemblance. breaking down plays, goals, assists,coverage, commitment and determination. Like I said this guy could be the missing link in the midfield if he makes it to the top and doesn’t stray. he is 22 and already has two season under his BELT. His next move should be EL or CL club if possible.

          the next one is Xavi Simons. this guy is super gifted and has everything to become a super star. the only thing his agents and KNVB should do is get him to realize that high profile club academies will not fulfill his true potential. he needs to follow the path of karamoko dembele of Celtic. he is 16 but has already made his debut for celtic. it will be tragedy and mother of all waste if at 18 or 19 he has to come back to eredivise and start his development all over again. I mean you look at Redan.

          1. @Wilson, De Jong, too, was a lean, quick and agile when he first arrived for Ajax. He didn’t turn into a mf shield until he went to Germany. But you’re right that Davids had more more offensive ability to offer. First time I saw him play, was in friendly against RM—he came on as substitute winger for Overmars, and was really good. Another difference is that I think by the time both he and De Jong went into the central mf, Davids was faster and covered more ground. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Nigel as a player, but I think Davids would always be picked ahead of him.

            I haven’t really seen Matisuwa play other than the clips you showed, so don’t really have a sense of his offensive skills. But comparing him to either is high praise.
            What are the rumors as to where he will go.

            Re: Xavi Simons. I’ve heard of him, but haven’t seen him play. It would be great if he develops. How old is he? Agree on the path you describe. Guys like Van Der Vaart, Robben, Schneijder, Van Persie, were taking star turns at 16, 17, 18…

          2. https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/924014/-psv-praat-met-matusiwa-en-concurreert-met-clubs-uit-duitsland-en-frankrijk-.html

            “PSV talks to Matusiwa and competes with clubs from Germany and France”

            Surprising news from France: PSV has a concrete interest in Azor Matusiwa. That reports Eurosport. FC Augsburg and Stade Reims are also after the controlling midfielder of FC Groningen.

            Augsburg, the number fourteen in the Bundesliga, has submitted a ‘solid offer’ to the management of Matusiwa , according to Eurosport . That would be striking, because in principle his club FC Groningen must first give permission for negotiations.

            PSV and Stade Reims are mentioned in addition to Augsburg. The Eindhoven club would have already sat around the table with the entourage of Matusiwa to explore the options. Stade Reims took over Kaj Sierhuis from Groningen last winter and angled emphatically last year to Deyovaisio Zeefuik.

            Eurosport journalist Manu Lonjon came with the Matusiwa scoop on Thursday afternoon. He was also the first in January to report an impending transfer from Ricardo Rodriguez to PSV. The Swiss left back was eventually hired from AC Milan until the end of the season.

            Matusiwa went through the youth academy of Ajax and was a valued strength at Jong Ajax, but a breakthrough in Amsterdam failed to materialize. As a mercenary of De Graafschap, he earned a transfer to FC Groningen last season. With 23 league matches to his name, Matusiwa is a fixed value.

            PSV would be the best fit for him given the situation of their midfield which has failed to live up to expectation especially in big games.PSV just needs a little bit of tuning to bolster them back into contention and I think the arrival of Matusiwa and most probably van ginkel would be a good upgrade in middle with their talented front line.

            As for Simons, he is with the orange u17s and recently was called up for the euro qualifiers. at PSG he plays for u19s which is their reserve team. this

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