De Kuip (The Tub) will become Feyenoord City

My friends, I had plans to write this article for months but constantly delayed it as we had more pressing, current football matters to discuss. I got the question on the blog to actually do a post on the subject and I have put aside my caution and decided to do it now. Writing about sacred ground is daunting. It’s like a catholic having to write a piece on the Vatican… can you do it justice?

So lets start with the magic, before we go into the facts. The Feyenoord Stadium, lovingly called De Kuip (The Tub, as it resembles a big bath tub), has been a sacred temple for me from when I was very young. Living in a little town outside of Rotterdam, I was lucky to share my street with legends like Willem van Hanegem, Wim Jansen, Dick Schneider and Peter Ressel, to name a few. Dick Schneider became a good friend and he gave me a season’s ticket from when I was 12 years old. I played football on the streets with Van Hanegem’s son and had Wim Jansen visit our games regularly. If Willem van Hanegem joined in, he would go on goal and score goals from goal kicks, curving the balls into the top corner of our goal (these were smaller pitches of course).

kuip nu

When driving into Rotterdam from the south side, you’d have to drive past De Kuip. The iconic stadium was visible from afar (Holland is very flat) and you could see the stadium for most of the trip, from my village to the centre of Rotterdam. The Stadium has quite some history. It was built in the depression era and Van Eesteren (the builder) used out of work construction people, offering them work and pay, while the city was gifted this wonderful sports arena.

Up until the year 00’s, De Kuip was the home of Feyenoord and Oranje. The Dutch national team enjoyed playing in Rotterdam as the capacity of the stadium was much bigger than that of rival Ajax’ old stadium (De Meer) and the Feyenoord pitch has always been top notch. The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam was not too popular as it had an athletics track around the pitch. When Ajax moved to the Arena, however, the KNVB started to favour that futuristic site as the main home for Oranje, mainly for the VIP boxes and restaurants and parking. The Amsterdam Arena pitch (now actually the Cruyff Arena) was always pretty poor, however and most players (even the Ajax ones) preferred to play in Rotterdam. The KNVB decided differently: without renovations there would not be any big game played by Oranje in Rotterdam. Even the UEFA bypassed The Tub for European finals.

kuip intern

De Kuip has magic. There is no other site in Rotterdam so engrained in emotions, both happy and sad… hope and despair. Hate and Love go hand in hand (comrades) and the euphoria of a victory is closely partnered with deep sorrow after a defeat. A sport temple of steel and concrete.

And whenever Oranje does play in De Kuip, it’s an amazing site to see the Orange Fans walk to the stadium, singing and chanting. From De Achterhoek (“back corner” meaning the East of Holland), to Limburgers (from the South), fans from Utrecht, Den Haag and even Amsterdam. There’s even horse pulled carts from Barendrecht coming to Rotterdam South.Whenever the pride of Holland, the national team, plays at home, the weirdest people leave their homes and caves to cheer them on. Wearing the most outrageous outfits. Someone has a helmet with windmills, or orange Pippi Longstocking ponytails and another has a orange hairdo, like Scottish darts player Snakebite Wright. The pitch in De Kuip is the best in Holland and potentially one of the best in Europe. It’s not for nothing that former Feyenoord groundsmen were signed by behemoths like Arsenal and Barcelona. The pitch is our thirteenth man (the Oranje legion being the 12th of course). And players like Sneijder, Klaassen and Blind get a boost from this little lawn, the usual working space for Kuyt, Vilhena and Karsdorp.

We’re at home playing Belarus. And we win 4-1. Is it a coincidence that after all sorts of stumbling and hiccups, Oranje gets a nice home win in Rotterdam. What if we had played all our home qualifications games for the Euro 2016 in Rotterdam? Out of that pressure cooker pan in Amsterdam, back to the football temple in Rotterdam. Sure, there are scruffy toilets, the bitterballs are too cold and parking is a problem, but hey… it’s about football!

new kuip ai

We lost the next game in Amsterdam, against France. The KNVB should avoid all risk and pick Rotterdam as the venue for the home game vs Sweden. Enjoy the magic of The Tub.

So, with all the changes made to most stadiums around the world (Emirates, Arena, Alliance Arena, Anfield), the Kuip in Rotterdam is becoming an ancient relic. Yes, the pitch is brilliant, yes the atmosphere in the stadium is gripping, but the infrastructure is old, the hospitality areas are out-dated, parking is a drama and the practice and training facilities and youth academy are across the road (highway) from the Stadium, meaning that every day, the squad assembles in the players’ home and then have to literally cross the highway to the training pitches. At least twice a day. Sometimes four times a day. Not a very good process for a top sports team.

The plans to renovate or rebuild have been there for more than a decade. Financial woes, lack of city council support, lack of consensus kept the discussion going much longer than needed. Over the last decade, ferocious debates were held as some people (supporters, ex-players, club icons) wanted the current stadium to be renovated, while developers, city-council and sponsors opted for a totally new venue, with added facilities and entertainment options. Many architects and construction companies from all over the world stumbled over each other to present the best option and decision making was dramatically slow.

aerial kuip 2

But finally, Feyenoord City – as it will be called – is going to become a reality.

And the plans look awesome. A new, revolutionary stadium an iconic football temple on the banks of the Maas river. The current Kuip will be the inspiration for the new design.

Architect Gianotten: “This sports complex will become The face of the city. When you cross the Maas on the Brienenoord Bridge or look south from the city, you will see this Stadium. It will be an iconic platform and everyone will know: that is the new home of Feyenoord, the football temple of The Netherlands.”

David Gianotten of the OMA buro (Rem Koolhaas founded) is quite outspoken about it: “This should help Feyenoord to get back to the top of the Eredivisie, in a structural way and enable the club to become a mainstay in the European sup top.” The master plan for this development is done. With as a binding factor, a raised strip of ground – actually called The Strip – which will go from the current monumental Kuip towards the river. There, we’ll find the three ring stadium, offering a seat to 63,000 people. An exclamation mark on the left bank of Rotterdam, with activities seven days a week!

design kids

Feyenoord aims high with Feyenoord City. The new stadium will cost around 365 mio euros, and it will be the home of the Feyenoord Football Club, a beer brewery, apartments, a mega cinema, hotels and a village of 1600 dwellings. “This plan has everything any city would wish for,” says counselor Visser, at the presentation of the plan.

However, the 365 mio euros will need to be found still and financial support from the city will be key. The club hopes to get 40 mio euros from the city which will attract other sponsors and investors to join in. The city of Rotterdam seems to agree but the final plans and agreements are not there yet. The city prefers to offer the money as a loan, whereas the Feyenoord City board would love to offer shares in return.

All of this will need to further strengthen the club. The Feyenoord board expects to be able to double the players’ budget as a result of this mega move, allowing Feyenoord to compete with Ajax and PSV. “This plan is unique for The Netherlands and quite rare for Europe, actually.”


The ambitions are so high. Is a project like this affordable for Feyenoord?

Gianotten: “The construction of a stadium can be highly economical. The area it covers might be big, but it doesn’t require a lot of material. The volume of concrete and steel are not that high. But yes, it is a big investment for sure. But it won’t be a luxury item. It will have all it needs to have. And it’s quite unique, if you look at the setting, on the banks of the river.

There is always discussion about the roof. What will this stadium get?

It will get a movable roof. It won’t become an indoor pitch or something, but we can cover the stadium with a rain cover made of a plastics type, which will fold in / out from two sides. A fully sound proof roof would be too expensive and there are not that many huge stadium gigs anymore. You’d invest a lot for three or four events per year.”

How about visibility? Everyone needs to be able to see the game?

“We have used this as a design principle. Everyone needs optimum viewing from any seat. We started our design with the pitch, then the seats and after that we created the stadium shell. That is doing things the wrong way around, hahaha. The blocked view from the three rings are kept to a minimum. You won’t look at the bottom of the ring above you, anywhere in the stadium.”

With 63,000 seats it will be an immense stadium. How can you make sure it won’t be too massive?

“The stadium will be segmented. The building will be on a raised level, so we can lower the first level of seating. Then there is a first ring and on top of that a second ring. Each ring will have it’s own structural columns. It will look less massive this way. The Strip will also arrive at the venue on a higher level. Cars will move under the strip, the pedestrians will use the top level.”

kuip idee parel

It seems that the Stadium will be free-standing in its surrounding?

“Yes, there won’t be fences. Fences will invite aggression. Our crowd control will be done differently. The first wall you encounter is actuallty the outer wall of the stadium, or the escalators. The space under the stadium will be taken by restaurants and shops and supporting facilities for the club. On top, on the outside rim, we will have more restaurants and a night club with stunning views. This whole venue will be used 24 hours a day, every day!”

 The current Tub is on the other end of the Strip, what will happen with this iconic temple?

“The Tub will be the anchor point. The monument will stay. We will have the Sport Experience there, the Museum and the supporters home. We’ll have a beer brewery there, athletic tracks and on top, we’ll have apartmentes. With windows looking in, towards the pitch and out, towards the city and the river.”

The end goal is to allow the budget of Feyenoord to match that of Ajax and PSV?

“Yes, the budget needs to increase structurally. PSV has more securities now, more funds. Ajax even more than PSV. Feyenoord needs to get to that level. And we count on the tremendous fan base here. The number of 63,000 is not a random number. We can probably guarantee a 100% occupancy. In some situations, we might have fitted even more people in, and in some case maybe less.”

Does the new stadium have a name?

“We currently call it “the new Feyenoord stadium”. Not a very catchy name. But usually people will create a fitting nickname for any place. And obviously, it will get a sponsored name as well.”

The new football temple will most likely be ready for the 2022/23 season.

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  1. Watching Feynoord Vs Mainz live..So that i dont have to go to statitics and numbers…I can judge players from playing style..
    Really liked Kongolo and karsdorp…both can get in to any team…
    Kuyt is old and wise..he has shown what is football intelligence..
    Once Kongolo play as LB ,blind will sit in bench,otherwise Danny will be critsiced..

      1. are lier..I never called kuyt headles chicken ,but i did called that to some new players..But i agree i was anoyed to see kuyt in and vaart sit in bench…always..

        1. Jorgensen is like Klaassen? I thought you didn’t like Klaassen as he missed so much chances??
          Jorgensen is the most valuable player in the Eredivisie based on goals + assists. Just saying.

      2. Hahaha. There’s a throw back. Tiju’s insane love-in for Kuyt.

        Now he love’s him.

        Some peoples memories are short and selective.

        You can’t fool us Tiju. We remember all your rants.

        1. i agree i had rants i was pissed of everytime i see kuyt in for Vaart/Castelen upfront..i NEVER called kuyt a headlesschicken,i call such names for less intelligent footballers..i rate kuyt poorly skilled who cannot dribble past one player…i was shocked to see him lead the mighty dutch line,by keeping RVN,Vaart in to bench…

  2. Nathan Ake is Recalled to Chelsea…i think his best Spot is DM..where he has to compete with Ngolo Kante..Best DM in the world now…However there backline has holes..lets see what happens next..
    Fosu Mensah loan move is blocked..

  3. Jan,

    Thank you. Good story. Your emotion about it comes through. Here in the US, it seems whenever anyone builds a new stadium, something is lost—it becomes almost too comfortable, too catering…the fan base changes. But progress is progress, and nothing lasts forever…

    Don’t want to overload you, but have you thought about doing a story on the top ten favorite games at De Kuip? Or, your ten favorite games? They don’t all have to be Netherlands-England (Nov. ’93), but maybe there was a particular league, cup, or European game that no one remembers but you.

  4. Great piece, thanks Jan

    Makes me feel your nostalgia.. I would echo Andrew’s sentiments and I hope they can keep something while facing the inevitable change.

    I started out reading your blog in 06/07 and mostly just read along, getting cool insights from yourself, and others’ (some still here and some moved on) I’ve checked out a lot of other Dutch blogs too but yours is still my fave.. an interesting dynamic with both your encouraging new comers and even your allowing jerks to do their thing. I think it’s cool, though I guess that sometimes must be frustrating for you. Lots of work to keep it up I’m sure, so I think it’s special and appreciate it. I’m thankful you keep this ‘place’, and I am sure others here are too even if they won’t say it!

  5. some news

    English cup games:
    Blind started in United’s 4-0 cup win v Stam’s Reading, TFM got some time at the end as well.
    Seems as though Blind is the preferred LB at the moment. Apparently Mourinho changes his tune and says he is happy if Memphis stays.
    Fer and van der Hoorn play 90 while Swansea crash out losing 2-0 to lowly Hull.
    van Aanholt gets a clean sheet v Burnley.
    Ake left out of Bournemouth, who lose 3-0 to Millwall, amidst rumours that Chelsea considers recalling him.
    van Dijk scores again, in a 2-2 draw.
    Pieters, Martins Indi, and Afellay lose at home 0-2 to Wolves.
    Janmaat and Stekelenburg miss out of their respective games as Watford win and Koreans Everton crash out.

    some friendlies I didn’t see:
    Wolfsburg lose to Heerenveen, Bazoer debuted
    Feyenoord beat Mainz 2-0
    PSV lose 1-4 to Dortmund
    Augsburg draw 1-1 with AZ
    Ajax play 2 friendlies, first team thrash Leipzig (second in Germany!) 5-1 but the youngsters lose 3-1 to Exelsior, with Krul allowing a howler apparently :/

  6. @ Andrew

    Yes,you are spot to the definition of the core players which I was refering to and as explained by Danny in his interview

    “We also have a good core group now, with Bruma, Van Dijk, Blind, Strootman, Wijnaldum, Klaassen, Promes, Janssen”

    Jus wanna comment on something you said;

    “Injuries are a big problem because I think the NT is very thin right now. But, aside from Haps, all the players above are from what I’d think you would consider the “core.”

    Firstly I don’t think injuries is necessarily a big problem given how players like van Dijk and Karsdorp got the opportunity and were able to reinforce the team effectively in the absence of Daley Blind and Janmaat and which did force changes in the team adding more depth in the respective positions.I guarantee, few more injuries especially to the ” Core players” and there will be more players who will force their way in the team jus like how van dijk and karsdorp did.

    Secondly the reason imo why NT is thin in respective to the core players is because they all are not core player meaning players who can inject energy and depth in the squad. Danny has called them as core players because they have featured prominently for him and he wants to maintain that continuity but whether are they really core players is another question.

    This is question will only be answered when there is another major causality to the core.

    1. Do you think that van Dijk and Bruma’s experience playing 4 games in a row together before that summer tour where Blind was injured affected your appreciation for their partnership which you noticed on that summer tour?

    2. @Wilson, I understand and appreciate what you are saying. And, yes, I agree that injuries have always been a way for players on the outside to get a look. Certainly, it was that case with Karsdorp. I don’t think that it was the case with VVD—he’s been too good—but you have a different perspective, and I get that.

      But the injuries I was referring to were Robben, Promes, DeVrij, Janssen, Sneijder…aside from DeVrij (with Brouma) there were no replacements for those guys. No one inside the “core.”

      Moreover, aside from DeVrij, these are the guys who can create and get goals, and after them, there are few options. (Would have liked to see Elia, but he was injured.) If you look at the MF, it would be the same if Strootman or Wijnaldum went down. Simply no one close to their quality. That is what I meant by the team being thin, and that injuries are big, big problem because injuries are going to happen…and I think this is something you and I agree on given your comment about the core lacking players who can “inject energy and depth.” But where we seem to disagree is that I don’t think their lack in the NT set up is because Blind is overlooking players who could do so. I think he is scouring the lists for such players. But if they aren’t there, they aren’t there.

      1. “”””””I don’t think that it was the case with VVD—he’s been too good—but you have a different perspective, and I get that.”””””
        yes He disposed Daley Blind from LCB spot…thanks to eye opening Greece game…But after all Blind was playing LCb for Manu under LVG and he was starting inNT as LCB as normal..this changed when Daley got injured…when Daley came back from Injured,Vigil went back to bench for not having coffee with Blind…:)

  7. Happy New Year to all, may 2017 be better than 2016 for everyone especially our NT!
    Jan thanks for posting this story about “De Kuip” it was really interesting to learn of the plans going forward, only time will tell how it turns out.
    I can’t wait for the qualifiers to begin as it appears that some of our players are really coming into good form (VvD, Gini, Stroot, eg). As some of the lads here have said , we have enough good players to qualify for 2018 I’m confident of that. My main concern is Janssen as he will struggle to get game time at Spurs when they have Kane, Son and Dele scoring goals at will it seems. I’m not sure how he can get more game time , maybe an injury to a key player is his best hope, I feel he has potential but everyone knows ” Strikers” are confidence players who need to be scoring regularly to be effective.also Sissoko got some time last game which is not good for Janssen if he finds form.

    1. Janssen has started today (Vorm as well)..
      Unfortunately no goal and subbed at 60 after not impressing much, strangely replaced by Alli.
      too bad he does not get to play with Erickson and Alli as Kane does, but either way he really needs to start scoring.

      As much as his Spurs career has been pretty disappointing for him so far, he does not seem to be managed in the best way imo.
      What do you think, as a Spurs fan?

      1. It’s a really good question to ask Sybe, Im torn because at the moment Spurs are playing the best football in the league along with City and Pool, Chelsea too are playing nice but they are winning because of their defence more so than their attack.IMO.
        I really want Janssen to become a star in England and I think he can do it but he needs time, maybe Spurs was too big a club to start with for him, look at Virgil for an example there. I was thinking to myself yesterday that a loan deal might be worth a look for him, a mid table team preferably ( ManU Ha) one for Tiju!
        It’s hard when Son comes on and scores and now Sissoko is going to impose himself even more, mind you I feel Sissoko is the biggest flop so far.
        My opinion on Janssen is that his first touch is just not quite there ATM , maybe it’s just nerves or trying too hard but he has had chances to score but failed to take them. I love his hunger and aggression, it’s what a lot of Dutch players miss, I guess the positive is that he is surrounded by class players and will learn a lot from them not to forget a fantastic coach also, who does believe in him, but for how long we don’t know.

  8. Thinking more about people calling for Danny Blind to adopt more of Conte’s systems.. I was under the impression (by those same people’s comments) that Conte must have a clear style or formation he was going for, and then to be trying lots of players in those positions until he is impressed.
    But I find the opposite to be more accurate. Looking only at his formations and players (can we really know more, not being privy to his other training methods?) I see that Conte has used 4 different formations this season but has only used 20 players in his first 20 EPL games.

    So then, is it fair to assume that, if Conte was in Danny Blind’s position, Conte would keep trying to find a formation which found results and then stick with it, using the lowest amount of players as possible?

    1. Conte had benched Fabergas,while Blind will hardly bench Sneijder or Daley Blind…
      chelsea has quality in wings Leike Mosses,Willian, and Hazard…Compared to them Depay is big Zero…So its hard for Blind to play with 343 system liek Conte does,with Blind current slection of wingers are real crap…Blind can do 343 once Roben is Back with Lenz,Zivkovic,Annholt may be Promes too..
      i do belive that Like virgil forcefully disposed Daley Blind from LCB spot,Karsdorp Forcefully disposed veltman from Rb spot..We need to forcefully dispose Kalssen with Bazoer and Depay with Annholt…then we have real competing balanced strong team to beat any opponent..

  9. Ake’s rumoured loan recall back to Chelsea is confirmed now – not surprising because Ake’s performances were so good, but surprising to me considering how few players Conte seems to use, and specifically defenders.
    Hard to see Ake playing anywhere close to as much as he did with Bournemouth, but it should be a vote of confidence for him and hopefully he can get in to their squad!
    Definitely needs to b replaced on my fantasy team now that he won’t be playing 🙁

  10. Bring on France..Danny Blind will beat france easily with follwing rest of th team is ready issue is were
    on Bench

  11. @ Andrew.

    Just going back to what you said earlier “But the injuries I was referring to were Robben, Promes, DeVrij, Janssen, Sneijder…aside from DeVrij (with Brouma) there were no replacements for those guys. No one inside the “core.”

    I had a feeling you would say this but once again the replacement players were not as individually talented as Van Dijk and Karsdorp who could have shrugged of competition from core players like what Van Dijk did to Daley,but on a complementary note I reckon Berghuis did have a good impact in some games and who also once again got the nod in the wake of injuries.If you consider players like Marco Van Ginkel,Nathan Ake,,Haps,St Juste,Sinkgraven,Zivkovic who are individually talented,the scenario will be the same again as what happened to Daley Blind and (Veltman who was playing consistently for his Club Ajax).
    On personally note I just wanna say this and mark my words, just wait see what’s happens to the midfield when Van Ginkel finds back his form at PSV.again there will be reshuffle in the ‘core’

    Then comes the internal reshuffling which for me has been tragic and total waste of time. It deprived the opportunity to some other potentials who could have done better and could have given Danny something else to think about.

    I think Jan mentioned something about you cannot have group dynamics if you pick new players all the time” what about if the players are talented and skill full,won’t they add to group dynamics. Didn’t van dijk and Karsdorp add depth to the squad and group dynamics. I think all this is jus a matter of initiating it with the right mind set.what’s happening at NT is the other way dont intitiate it unless its beyond doubt it needs to be.

    Jus an example. Alessio Romagnoli (21) Milan was given the nod for his first cap by Italy coach Giampeiro Ventura,guess vs who. Vs Spain and in a crunch qualifying match and now he has added more depth to their backline after an impressive performance on his debut.

    Again this goes to show how it necearily doesn’t have to be about group dynamics or the core

    1. @Wilson,

      I get what you are saying. I don’t know that I agree with your assumption about the mindset of the NT, but, hey, we can disagree. But, again, my point is that younger players force their way into the team by their performance. (Except for Van Ginkel, and he was hurt) while the others you mention had showed individual flashes, none had performed at such a level that Blind should be criticized for not including them in the set up for the summer friendlies and the Fall qualifiers.

      If they have performed to that level, now, then great. The more good players, the better. And I hope you are correct about Van Ginkel. There is a big opportunity for an AMF. Cheers,

  12. I’m following Janssen too at Spurs and it will be hard for him I fear. I can imagine Pochetino will bring in another striker as they need goals when Kane is not able to play.

    I think Janssen misses speed, handling speed and quick feet to be honest. He can still make it as he has what Kuyt has: intelligence, grit and a strong left (Kuyt has a strong right).

    But I also think hes not used too well. Kane is a different striker and the number of times Janssen makes a quick dart behind but is overlooked are ample.

    If Pochetino has patience with him, who knows.

    Great for Ake to return to Chelsea. He has future!

    Coming back to my comments on Blind’s statistics for Man U. I was mainly referring to Tiju’s comments from earlier that he felt Blind was on hiis way out under Mourinho.

    And alluding to the ongoing insults that Daley is in the team coz he is Blind’s son. I think I warned Tiju for this earlier.

    Say this out loud in a supporters cafe in Amsterdam and you’ll go home without teeth.

    Blind, father and son, are highly respected under football fans in Holland.

    Danny had his clashes with certain analysts (Derksen) who constantly criticizes him but no one else does.

    Daley is in the team because of what he brings. That is what the stats tell you. Kongolo does amazing vs Excelsior and PEC Zwolle. Blind does it vs Arsenal and Liverpool. Bit different.

    I don’t mind that you dislike Blind, or Memphis or that your Oranje fandom is all about pissing people of.

    But don’t ever ever make a statement here again that Daley is in the team because his dad has no integrity.

    You are warned.

    1. Kongolo had played amazing game Vs Manu..Feynoord pulled a victory too..Terence kongolo is deal…if 1 chance given to him as LB,he would out do Daley…Why Danny is not testing as he has tested some crap ones in other spots…
      Daley is in the team by merit thats for sure. but as starter he is not better than Virgil as LCB or Kongolo as LB..
      Daley can start from bench like he does for Manu,like kuyt did for NT in 2014WC..there will be moments to use his utility ability as a DM,LB,LCB…He is a decent back up…

      1. you just don’t ever stop, do you?

        Frank De Boer just stated that he wants Daley to ‘stand up and take the national team in tow’.

        Frank De Boer, who coached and saw Daley every day for a few years, feels that he has what it takes to be ‘the Man’ for the national team.

        I’ll leave it there. I know you won’t

          1. Really? A lifetime dutch/ajax hero, who took a chance at a club, and didn’t achieve success in THREE months was terminated.

            My goodness, your RIGHT! He’s lost his mind!

          2. Oh God Tiju don’t start about Frank de Boer as well!!! Frank made one mistake in his career. Like he always made a mistake on the pitch.

            He picked Inter Milan. That was his mistake. He started a job he would never be able to fulfil.

            Stop talking shit, if you don’t know what’s going on.

      2. PS – Kongolo played LB v Wales under Danny Blind.
        Plus, I do believe we’d have seen him tested had he not gone out injured last time for either Belgium or Lux, and he should get his chance yet if he continues his pre-injury form, he’s not even 23

    2. Mourinho has made it clear that Blind is firmly a part of his 1st squad rotation , it may have taken at few games for Mo to see this but now there is no question on his spot. The problem is they have 3 players for every position so the competition is fierce.
      Imagine how much better the league would be if the talent was spread out through all of the clubs, not just the ones with all the money. Then players like Blind, Janssen and Ake would be sure starters very week!

  13. Talking about Daley is also a tricky situation as he has a fantastic football brain, vision , passing , spacial awareness etc, so really he is not suited to play LB, this sort of player should be in the middle of the park but there is no way he is taking Strootmans spot . I think this highlights the problems with certain formations when trying to fit all of the players in. In a 352 he fits easily next to Strroot in the middle, even in a 442 it’s doable.
    4132 or 4231 also doable, 433 now he is LB.
    It’s a shame he is not a bit bigger and faster then there would be no question on his position. Can he do the Snjieder role and play 10 in a 433?

    1. Wow, @van banger

      I don’t think he can play at Sniejder role, he doesn’t have some special skills of an attacking midfielder such as smell the goal, freekick, see & pass the ball fast & accurate to others(he can do a accurate long-pass & need time to observe), dribbling, energy, control the ball.

      Ramselaar is the best choice to take over Sneijder position.

      1. I agree Blind is not a Sniejder and much more a defensive player, I was just throwing up possibilities. Ramselaar might be the option , do you fit him in with Gini, Ginkle and Stroot? If everyone is fit and in form. What about Promes, he was impressive when he played last.

        1. Promes currently is our best choice for wings as Robben not playing regular because of injury & just back recently. Promes is now over Lens, Depay, Berghuis, Kishna, El Ghazi, Elia. That’s why Liver want to sign him with very high price tag.

    2. Agree Banger. I would personally play Strootman in a box to box role. He’s got the legs and stamina. I always found it a waste to use Kevin as sitting midfielder.

      I would go for a 3-4-3 but not static. It could be seen as a 5-3-2. I’ll just mention the names…

      Goalie (Steks)

      Karsdorp/Janmaat De Vrij Blind Van Dijk vAanholt/Willems

      Wijnaldum Stroot Sneijder

      Robben Janssen/Memphis/RVP

      I’d play Blind in front of the center backs in the Redondo/Guardiola/Danny Blind role.

      1. @Jan hasnt you listened to Danny Blind??i mean his current opinion on RVP with comparing Lenz???i think RVP time with NT is over,or else we would have qualified for Euro2016..He is in his last days of career…Even both Sneijder and roben has physical troubles..As we have seen it if we ply both we would be forced to do two substitution due to injury…..
        Then Depay,his work ethos are so poor,so it impacts our fluid game…He is just annoying to watch…

      2. In the past, i have hoped to see one day Strootman could become the best box-to-box player. However i have given up. With what has happend to him we have to accept that he could be only good player & in core group of team but not a best player at that position as our expectation. Maybe so many injuries impact to his career path, anyway still support him.

    3. Van banger we can have any combination and teaching/coaching..but you need to slecet right players in right spot..untill unless there will replication of Euro2016..its not nice to see the whole nations expectation is F@##3ked up due to one little man ego…

  14. currently we have only 2 players that world class Robben & van Dijk. Other players just potential or playing well in their team but cannot compare to other big rivals at same position.

  15. I’m really not fussed about having world class players or not. Greece won the Euros without them. C Ronaldo was taken off in the first 10 minutes of the Euro2016 finals. We need a good team. At tournaments, the big guns don’t always produce. Messi, C Ronaldo, etc.

    We used to have a team with all world class players (1990, 1998, 2010) and we didn’t win it.

    Tiju, which man’s little ego are you referring to now??

      1. Tiju,

        I think you’re being a little simplistic saying that the 1996 Euro events/performance was the consequence of Hiddink’s “little ego.” There were divisions and issues there which ran much deeper than a Davids/Hiddink clash…and you should also give Hiddink his due, he repaired that rift—it was essentially the same group that comprised the 1998 WC team. His “ego” certainly didn’t get in the way of his travelling to Italy to meet with Davids, and sit down with him to hash things out…2006: Marco and RVN. That is a puzzler…but who the heck knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    1. 1990 i was so young,couldnt watch orange games…1998 it was perfect but we missed Numan Vs Brazil…that was a big blow..or else we would ahve buried them even after wasting some chances..thats what i say 11 players has equal role in team…if you miss one puzzle you would loose…

  16. Jose Mourinho in an interview with Fox Sports:

    “the competition on the left flank is killing. We have a lot of players on Memphis spot. It is the only spot in the squad this strong, with Mata, Lingard, Rashford, Martial, Rooney and Mkhitarian all able to play there.”

    “The club informed me he might leave. And I can’t stop him if he wants to go. But I would be happy for him to stay. He is a great guy and a good player. I really am sorry he is not playing more. A player of his age needs to play a lot, but if he stays he will definitely get more minutes in the second half of the season.”

    1. Yes 100 agree..kuyt earns his Heineken.But Vaart would have earned us a WC if he started either by assisting from corner or may be from long range with the help of RPV,Sneijder and Roben..its true we got some chances we couldn’t make it,with vaart we would hav had another 5 chances that probability increases for scoring a goal..

  17. @@@van den Berg January 10, 2017 at 6:57 pm
    “””Really? A lifetime dutch/ajax hero, who took a chance at a club, and didn’t achieve success in THREE months was terminated.

    My goodness, your RIGHT! He’s lost his mind!””””””””””
    When you loose ur job you can loose ur mind for some time…But when you have an idea of playing around and building team around Daley Blind,there is a high chance you may fail as manger even though u r legend as a player…
    So lets see…

    1. He had a good run at Ajax… Blind a key player most of the time.

      I think the point I have been trying to make is: Frank de Boer has seen Daley train and play more than you or I ever will. I’m going to trust his judgement.

      1. Daley is decent player with good intelligence,but he is not the player for team building around..i dont trust FDB in that..i am sure i am goin to win it though i see less of Blind than De boer..

  18. Liverpool has so many lethal finishers & in form but couldn’t score any goal in game with Southamton, that’s why van Dijk is the best defender in PL & the world now.

    He’s captain of Southamton & interested by so many big clubs & very high price tag at the moment.

    1. Virgil is a beast who still has improvement left in his game, let’s hope he goes all the way to the top of Football greatness like one Jaap Stam!

      1. This is something I was saying about Wijnaldum and how he can be a bright spark in one game and in the next game is a lose wire. No show in the midfield today vs Southampton. Was overshadowed by Clasie in the midfield until Clasie got injured and later was subbed off. His consistency level is quiet average imo given his work rate and output in continuous game. This is also evident at NT level sometimes when he fades out of the game.

  19. @Jan- wasn’t Odegaard considered to be the next big thing about two seasons ago? I vaguely remember my kids telling about him, Danish I think?
    Also is there a way I could pm you to ask some advice on a football matter?

      1. Ah ah, I agree on Wijnaldum today, I was waiting for him to impact on the game but it did not happen, he had lots of time on the ball and looked at ease but no real flashes of brilliance which were required.
        Also agree on Classie , he put in a great shift before cramp got him, but he ran his heart out so I will forgive him for the cramp. He needs to play like that every week!

  20. @@@Jan “”””Oh God Tiju don’t start about Frank de Boer as well!!! Frank made one mistake in his career. Like he always made a mistake on the pitch.

    He picked Inter Milan. That was his mistake. He started a job he would never be able to fulfil.

    Stop talking shit, if you don’t know what’s going on.””””””””””
    The issue is not about Deboer….issue is about De boer idea……i mean idea to pick Daley Blind and build team around him…Thats stupid idea we could have exactly simillar to like you said the move to Intermilan….”????….Agree we all make stupid decisons at times De boer to made one…but that affected De boer career only…but this will affcet dutch nation dreams….I am sorry we cannt do it..

    1. I think you see “building the team around” concept different to how I see it. You are thinking playmaker? I don’t think Frank thinks like that.

      It’s about core players who will lead the team. Like van Bommel. Nigel de Jong.

      I don’t think Daley is our #10. I think players like Van Dijk, Strootman, Blind can be our leaders (with Robben and Sneijder for now of course). Future leaders: Janssen, Karsdorp….?

      1. Jan I think its time to move on from Sneijder. He is no more a 90 minute player and should best be used as a impact player. He is no more in his prime and at the same time is playing in average league. Maybe its time to play with two running midfielders anchored by a DM.
        Clasie- Strootman or Van Ginkel – Strootman with a DM of either Riedewald/ Ake/ st Juste.

        1. Oh…wilson thast ferrocious team in making…i mean once we drop Blind from starting spot and Depay from left wing…
          Karsdorp—De Vrij—Virgil—Kongolo
          with 442 combo……….thats an awesome team….
          on bench

        2. Maybe. I agree that he is not the Sneijder of 2010 anymore, but his special qualities against weaker opponents who park the bus can be dismantled by him.

          The team needs to carry him a bit, sure. But that is cool.

      1. apparently Alonso may have been carrying an injury so Ake might cover for him on LWB, otherwise (probably more likely) in for suspended Terry as the CB on the bench

  21. My friends, expect another post this weekend. I’ve got some nice ones ready and waiting.

    And working on the “Classic Games in De Kuip” post as requested.

    Also got some new source materials, so prepare for an interview with Haps, with Ronald Koeman and amazing flash backs in history.

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