Robben happy

Crucial win in friendly for Oranje…

Never thought I’d write that sentence… But… Holland needed a win. Blind needed a win! The Dutch media claimed Danny might lose his job after another defeat. Not that I believed this…. But after an abysmal series, we did it. We won. And it was good to see Arjen Robben back on the pitch. I […]

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depay title

Dutch football, where do we stand….?

Well, time for reflection. The football-less summer is here. The one in which we can marvel at the South Americans or smirk at the women… I had a serious bout of bloggers curse! I wrote a long piece on Hiddink and the future of Oranje and then two things happened: a computer crash wiped out […]

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hiddink press

Hiddink shows glimpses of his Oranje

Oops!! I forgot to give you my prediction!! Well, I think we will win this 3-1. The Turks will score a late consolation goal. I think we’ll grab them by the throat and score an early goal (15 minutes or so) via Huntelaar. This will allow us to settle and before half time it’s Depay […]

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guus presentatie

The Future of Oranje is Lucky

While the umptieth war is waged (I am not talking Israel – Hamas, but Laurent vs the rest, which I choose to ignore) lets have a look at our future… When Louis was signed I was cynical. I thought it was all about Louis’ ego and personal ambitions (and it was, actually) and feared he […]

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier - Turkey v Netherlands

Post WC2014 musings: thanks for the memories….

SORRY GUYS! HAD TO MAKE BRIEF BUSINESS TRIP. ENDED UP STAYING AWAY FOR A WEEK. AND HAD LAPTOP ISSUES SO COULDN’T POST. APOLOGIES BUT ALL GOOD.   Well, in all honesty… We came third this time, so the only way is up!! I am dead serious! I am totally in awe of what this team […]

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de vrij scored

Oranje has 2 players in Top 3 of World Cup

Sorry guys, traveling for my work. Less time and opportunity to write. Back home again this weekend, so expect the ultimate WC2014 Oranje analysis and debrief :-)….  Thanks to all for your tremendous support. Still working on improving the site. I will get back to all of you soon with some specific questions on this…. […]

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oranje 3

Oranje 3rd of the World after 3-0 Brazil win!

What an amazing end to an amazing campaign! The Dutch National Team has knicked the 3rd spot of the 2014 World Cup, against all odds, in the process beating World Champions Spain and hosts Brazil! And brushing aside Mexico and Chile and beating minions Australia and Costa Rica. Without suffering defeat in open play. What […]

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Louis boss

Holland cheers and Holland mourns…. Oranje out!

Dear friends, I am writing this a full 48 hours after the game. The reason, work had me traveling and I wasn’t able – in amongst my meetings – to sit and write a deserving post. I was happy I was able to watch the full game and read your comments here… So, with that […]

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ned arg

Oranje-mania in Holland

Before the World Cup, many Dutch fans felt we shouldn’t even go… We didn’t have any defence to speak of, we missed Strootman, De Jong would be over the hill, Sneijder wouldn’t be fit, RVP and Robben wouldn’t be able to carry the team leading from the front and LVG would be too intense and […]

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