Here we will meet!

It’s a classic ground. For Holland, for Ajax…and for us now too.

The Amsterdam Olympic Stadium. Where Oranje, Ajax and FC Amsterdam (huh?) played classic games.

A defunct football temple with a brilliant cafe in it. With the view on the famous pitch.


Olympisch Stadion 35
1076 DE Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020-5708400
Fax: 020-5708410

Let’s meet. Monday, Oct 1. 6 pm. Until whenever.

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    1. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar = severely under-rated.

      That control to go around 3 defenders in such a tight space and the finish is sublime. Madrid didn’t give him a chance and Milan didn’t use him correctly which is their loss.

      I hope LvG continues to use KJH. I bet we would have scored more goals in the WC & last Euro Cup if KJH was upfront over v.Persie.

    2. I think SAF will add him to the attacking line of Man U, they are in dire need of a good finisher. lol

      Actually Man U might still go for Sneijder, maybe now he’s injured his price will drop enough by the next transfer window for them to snap him up for a reasonable price?

  1. All the best to you mates!
    I would have loved to hangout with you. My wife and I go to Europe every year and Nederland is always either the beggining or end of the trip. The last 2 times we have been there for Queen’s Day and have driven by the Olympic Stadium on our (rented) motor bike several times haha.

    Have Fun! Hup! Holland!

  2. Truly wish I could be with you all in Amsterdam!

    For those of us who can’t be with Jan, Alex, et al…. if there’s a fast wireless connection at the Stadium, maybe a livecast would be in order? A few minutes live online together?

  3. Sneijder out for 4 weeks!! He will miss the NT games of october, i think this is very disturbing because we face Rumania. Hope VDV can fill the Sneijder Role!!

  4. RVP in a scary situation hitting the ball full force when Gallas in a studs up position. Very similar to the injury incident of a few years back when Chiellini sidelined him for a year. As awesome a player as he is RVP doesn’t seem so smart in some situations. If he escapes without injury today he will be extremely lucky.

    Elia had an angry outburst when replaced during Werder-Bayern game midway through second half. Not mature.

  5. Daniel de Ridder was absolutely brillinat for herenveen today…single handedly led them to a 2-0 victory and even scored a classy goal…hope he keeps it up 😀 best dutch dribbler after elia and robben i have ever seen

    1. unfortunately, Adler deserved to be man of the match (credits for some point blank saves).
      in the 2nd half, HSV’s defenders just blindly clear the ball, not trying to slowly build up and press Hannover players back to their own half. this made VDV became more quiet on 2nd half.

  6. If Vaart is in form,we dont need to worry about Wesly’s injury at this point of time…i hope Persie escapes well..if Babel works hard he will be in orange ahead of afaleey,kuyt,narsingh,elia and ola john,But that is BIG IF.
    good to hear about Daniel de ridder,

    1. ‘if Babel works hard he will be in orange ahead of afaleey,kuyt,narsingh,elia and ola john’

      You have written some stupid things in the past – in fact you’ve written the dumbest fucking shit i have ever had the misfortune to read on this site (and indeed the previous blog)… but this, wow, this is a new low for you, Tiju.

      For someone who admitted a few months ago to not even watching the matches, and for someone who so clearly lacks even a basic understanding of football, may i ask, where the fuck do you get your crackpipe ideas from?

      Keep up the great work though. I come here for a giggle, and i make sure to read your horribly mis-spelled posts first before any others. GUARANTEED TO MAKE ME LAUGH.

      1. @juice- Just curious, what’s wrong with Tiju’s statement? Why so cynical? Babel did have a solid start of a season, and in the match vs Twente yesterday, he was easily the best player on pitch not named Eriksen. I think Babel is enjoying himself playing as a striker (rather than being ‘punished’ out in the wing like in his earlier lives). This suits his physical attribute better… Strong in hold up, quick passing, and can score when opportunities present itself (like last week).

        Above everything else, his attitude was much changed, at least from what I have recalled in the past. He worked terribly hard, chase the ball like a mad man, and he threw his body to challenge the defenders. I also read that he was one of the craziest men on training ground, in fact some of the young players really looked after him. And this is HUGE, because I think Babel’s problem in the past has always been mentality. I was always skeptical about Babel (and I always am), but I am glad that he got the chance to resurrect himself. If he maintains his form in the months ahead, I don’t mind seeing him recalled in Oranje.

  7. @Juice….You can dream about your stupid ideas,You will fail,if i say orange will loose then orange will loose,if i say orangae will win,then orange will win..i was fed up with BVM and his team selection.i was consteantly yelling about the upcoming failure,that also many called me fool,but they fooled.and Euro humilitation will tell you that,there are many people posting stupid ideas here i mean everyone,but many are good human being too,they take it as their Opinion and keep going it.
    Babel was ahead of evry one once upon a time,he is still a huge talent ,am sad that he was lazy and spoiled his chances that was very sad part.He has physque,Speed,Dribbling skills,height,and evrything except a hardworking menatlity or atttiude.I am really sorry to tell u blind man if bable plays some wonderful games for Ajax(i hope he will)with an unbiased coach like Van gaal ,we will see Babel ahead of elia,Kuyt and afaleey.I bet you that…But that is A BIG IF like i said..
    @Jouice,i dont have to teach Van take Babel,and drop afaleey/kuyt/elia..A man who have handled Ajax,Barca and Bayern.He knows what is WC and who will win WC…Who is real player and who is not..also do pray that Lazy babel works hard,he can contribute lot to current be an orange man,ratherthan blindly and stupidly bashing me……

  8. have fun and a nice meeting! I back Tiju,babel was a huge talent at the my opinion he won’T be oranje material,soon,but let’s hope. a good babel would be useful for oranje. btw,greetings from India,Tiju bro,i’m in Jaipur:-)

  9. Are you saying the position Babel is playing right now is a striker? That will make him behind RVP, Hunter ans possibly L.De Jong, Dost. I am not sure if he can be called up with so much depth. As a winger, at least he can make it to national team. I hope his mentality is better now, but it will be a long shot for striker. I do not see any player can jump over RVP and Hunter in national squad this year and next year.

    1. If Babel becomes a consistent top performer at Ajax I would put him as the third choice striker behind Hunter and van Persie. I don’t rate L.De Jong at all and we’ll see how Dost does in the Bundesliga, but he seems like a slightly worse Huntelaar with way less technical ability. Also Babel is three and a half years younger than van Persie and Huntelaar so he’s worth considering as a transitional striker for when those two start to decline.

  10. @Hien i said babel is/was talented,he cannot overtake RVP or may be even hunter.But definitly he can overtake Luuk and others IF he does very well….(big IF)
    @Ferenc bro…enjoy there ,i came to this blog when i lived in jaipur…
    @Rob thanks buddy

  11. Eric totally agree with you. Tiju is right on. I have said the same things before. Babel is top class. If his mind is in the right place he can be one of the top in Holland. I think it is huge for him to be back at Ajax and now be a role model, not just a promising player. We will see hos the season plays out.

  12. Juice cut the ridiculous unnecessary comments, Tiju like everyone has his right to comment and as you can see quite a few people here agree with him and NOT your comment! I was at the Ajax game and Babel worked harder then anyone else on the pitch. My criticism is that he worked too hard to get the ball or help out, he forgot his strikers role or at least Siem should have gone to the empty space up front whenever Babel went deep into his own half. The Ajax crowd adored Babel !

  13. Babel is improving game by game…it is true.
    But the problem is, as in the past, he will lose his mind after some good games, think himself good enough and then become trauma of the team again.
    Let’s see if he’s learnt the lesson.

  14. @Srinjoy i know very well that you are string it up…You are a verygood man i met in this blog…..Mourihno doesnt write english and so is Pep…so i am not worried about my english.and i never taught english to any one..i see english or actions are communicating tools.nothing else.i know you are from a very noble family and a well groomed guy thats why you are speaking like this…

  15. its not about ur english…its the insanely amazing comments…when i say holland will loose they will loose…why on earth do u feel urself powerful enuf to curse a whole nation?? freaking middle east labourer

    1. Name calling is soooo not gezellig, Sri. Especially class or caste-based name calling. I don’t think we need that here.

      Please take it down a notch! 🙂

      1. I second that. Juice and Srinjoy, keep it civil. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it here. The best thing about this blog is the lack (until recently) of vitriolic comments by the posters.

  16. @Srinjoy Dont take it as my arrogance,it happens with my tongue,it happens from my childhood,none of my friends or relatives wont do anything if i say no to anything,coz all of them had bad result whenver they went for applies in our evryday life,my way is not your way and you will not understand it now,but you will understand it later.I never cursed any one or any nations,i said facts and truth and at times truth irritates people.
    B/w i am prince coz my father is king ,am not labourer ,but i do serve people and thats the duty of prince and kings.and you are right that i didnt behaved like prince.Open up ur eys and grow up,you found me i am stupid and arrogant,then you find some wise persons and listen to make sure that you on rightway..i am really sorry for hurting u…

    1. “Scoring a hattrick in the debut-match hasn’t happened in the Eredivisie since Harald Berg scored 3 goals on his debut at August 10th, 1969.”

  17. @mohammed – YES EXACTLY was wondering why no one here pointed that out….infact he has scored 4 goals and 1 assist for the senior team and also 4 goals in 1 game in the same week for the junior team…insane Dutch Talent…what do the Dutchies think? Alex Goose Sonneveld Jan ?

  18. re Locadia: Keep in mind that VVV Venlo basically gave up after they were down 0-2. Those were garbage-time goals. But the little general thinks he has the goods.

  19. Hey, Jan… Just dropped a beer token for you guys for tonight… with this special request:

    Please order a small Heineken in honor of Dirk Kuyt, the hardest working baller in Holland. (Or Turkey, from time to time.)

    Give the glass a place of honor, would you?

    Dirk has earned a lot of Heineken.

    Dank u wel!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA. that was massive man! Thanks. I did receive it of course. Thank you. We have pics on here soon and you will see Dirk’s pint on it. I hope.

      Was great people. We were happy to have booked the Olympic Stadium as it does hold 20,000 people still…. Needed it…

  20. I don’t get what people see in Boerrigter. He doesn’t know when to release the ball..Ajax lacks penetration in the final third of the opposition’s defence..


    This is truly a great story and it is about…yes…Ryan Babel!!!.

    He bought his freedom paying 3 million in order to reshape his life and his career.

    He said: “Some may see this move as a step backwards, but I see this invesment on myself as a step forward, as an opportunity for my new career and my new life. I know this move is not normal but sometimes you’ve just got to make a big decision in order to change your life”.

    Now I have more respect for this guy.

    Good luck to him.

  22. Yes,RESPECT for that,but he put in an extremely disappointing performance yesterday. His first touch let him down on so many occasions.

    And yes,one more thing, Derk Boerrigter is not ‘Oranje’ material. I expected him to run circles around the Real defenders,beat them with pace and provide crosses for Babel inside the box and I was so so disappointed..

    Ajax lacked the much needed dynamism in midfield and Poulsen was absolutely terrible. Van Rhijn was solid except on one or two occasions where Ronaldo got the better of him. I hope they play a much more attacking football against Shitty and keep their hopes alive. The 3rd spot is up for grabs cause realistically speaking, I don’t see them qualifying for the next round. Ajax should focus on grooming more Dutch talents from “De Teokomst” instead of spending money on “spent” foreigners like Poulsen..just my 2 cents..

  23. Why the hell doesn’t Ajax have a striker?
    After being down 2-0 why not go out an attack? Sometimes I don’t understand decisions teams make. Ajax were disgustingly boring.

    Ajax used to be the premier club of Nederland but they are just sad. De Boer has organized the side really well but they just don’t have any players. Only one player in Oranje? lol Ajax was Oranje not long ago.

    Sorry lads, just disappointed in that sorry display. They just looked scared.

  24. Abirup…i am still unable to comment on Boerrigter,he has skills that what i understood.B/w i saw a tremedous talent Jody Lukkoki of ajax,the guy is young and a smart dribbler4 too..he and rhijn was the postive point i saw yesterday…
    Orangeboom and abhirup, Real has plenty of money and they have quality players(buying quality).Ajax players doesnt have that quality,thats why the lost the game.except Vanrhijn and ericikson nobody had the quality of real players..i dont blame tactics and other fluke factors of game..its the capabilty of the players Vs non capabilty of the players.Ajax players worked their socks off,so i cannt blame anyone…..

  25. I know we (Ajax) don’t have the money and quality of teams like Madrid and so on but then you look at teams like Bate who upset Bayern and are now top of there group. And that Cyprian team last year that did so well. I just hope we can improve and let’s hope the Dutch teams can fire in Europa tonight.

  26. @Stinjis i wish and pray that some guys born in very close range in netherlands like happend in Cryuff time.that is the distance solution they have…Scouts are important for any team…they should recognise CLEVER TALENTS in football rather than skilled talents.i am not convinced of ajax scouts.I would suggest our Alex and goose for that job,they will do much better than current ajax scouts.Ajx will do better if they follow either Cruyff’s way or Van gaal’s way.but it seems they are in between,ie they will remain mediocre…
    B/w about bayren and real…real is much more stronger than bayern at any cost,i am not a fan of Madrid,but they and the barca are real top sides in the world at the moment..they buy quality with their money ,so i dont care about it..i belive Still Current ajx is able to beat Bayern,but it is very hard to beat Real with a special one Maurinho…

  27. Stinjis its hard to beat a club with good finance and following coaches
    1Jose Maurihno
    Sir Alex
    Johan Cryuff
    Pep guardiyola
    Guss Hiddink
    Louis vangaal (if he doesnt neglect defence).
    New one
    De mattieo…???

  28. i didnt check, but i guess BATE and APOEL have their players playing together for years? Thus they might not have big guns but at least they play as a team.
    Ajax is in a even worse situation that they lost key players every year and waste a lot of time in reshaping. When they started to get result then more players demand for exit in January. It is a vicious cycle.

    Another thing, Sulejmani is sometims crap but when it come to european games, he is more reliable than Boerrigter and Sana I believe.

  29. How long will Real Shitrid and Barca have money to spend on players? There are riots in the streets over austerity measures!!!! It is a disgrace!!!!!

    Maybe I am chasing windmills (note the Dutch reference) BUT it is a travesty that Spanish and to a lesser extent Italian teams can spend this money when the ecomomies in these countries are on there of disaster.

    1. i hear you OranjeRules. and someone needs to smack that little chrissy sissy silly. Not celebrating goals because Real are reluctant to increase his wage – disgraceful!

  30. @OrangeRules…Lets forget about the ecconomy of Italy and spain…Its all about popularity of the national team or club..The new generations knows about the new the sucess of Manu,Real,and barca only…May be in middle east now it would be Man what happend to football in india.
    We are forced to see all cricket matches in televison since 1983 (We became first stupid game champion).eversince we got chance to watch cricket only,so the youngsters started loving it and now this stupid game is flurished in india.
    If ajax is more popular in the world then they will get more veiwers and more money ,it is simple as that..eventually Fifa will be forced to give some help to the dutch national team in refreeing also.Netherlands clubs should concentre on out side veiwers,if possible ;in hugley populated countries,it will make an impact.
    India has 1.2 billion people,what if they start liking ajax????TV revennue is so high.they will get good revenue from that..eredivise and dutch teams should start popularisng their brand in other countries.that is how they can get money…
    but along with this,dutch should go back to cryuff school and theory…

    1. “India has 1.2 billion people,what if they start liking ajax????…eredivise and dutch teams should start popularisng their brand in other countries.that is how they can get money…”

      Somebody drop a memo to Cruyff. 😉

  31. Thanks harold..Abhirup is there and by gods grace i could turn some to enemy of cricket,….i am thinking of a war against cricket…Wait i will do something against thing am sure i am the number one enemy of cricket in india…

    1. Good Plan Tiju,

      I have this plan for a long time. Make the Indian Government tax any company/sponsor that invests in Cricket at the rate of 80% and channel the proceeds into other sports. This Cricket nuisance will disappear by itself. Anyway, they are killing the game itself with changing formats every day so my plan may not ultimately be necessary.

      1. To be frank, I fear the day India get’s big on football (in terms of accomodations, infrastructures and organization too..) xD haha. Can’t compete with 1 billion + people lol.

  32. I hate it how Advocaat rarely uses subs. It is as if he sometimes forgets to use them when he is winning. I hate it because he has some great talent on the bench.
    But 3-0 against the tied number 1 Italian team at the moment is impresive.

    1. After some research,I think he is the only one wjo did not use any subs today. Why!? I mean he was 3 goals up! Could have just use Locadia in the last 20 minutes. Hell,the last 5 minutes! I wanted to see that guy.

    1. Napoli put on a B-team until half-time, still was pounded even when Cavani, Zuniga came on. Yesterday Napoli would have gotten beat up even with their A-team, Psv played wonderful football (they are still to inconsistent away from the Philips stadion though!). I live in Italy so I get to watch Serie A every week, and I don’t like Napoli’s style of play! sometimes at home at the San Paolo they put in impressive performances, otherwise they always rely on cavani and hamsik too much. And they get quite a lot of lucky goals actually!

  33. couldn’t comment on the blog yesterday…too shook up from the ajax game. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I’ve decided to keep it positive so i will only add this. It was extremely brave of those youngsters to have to force Mou’no to sub in his full team, at full strength to assure there were no surprises. The young guns can only grow and learn from this experience, and Frank is still doing a good job.

    1. I’m not shocked that RM was so much better, I’m shocked at how bad Ajax was. They’ve gotten worse since last year and their midfield is as useless as tits on a bull. Also Boerrigter is shockingly bad and in no way deserves to start ahead of Lukoki. Also Poulsen in Ajax’s midifeild is like a square peg jammed into a round hole that breaks apart everything around it

      1. Not really surprising, nothing has changed in their resources, theyve just chosen to try to invest in youth.. so… it’s not shocking that this team sometimes falls through the ice. It’s just talents and at best mediocre players.. xD nice for eredivisie but still. Only positive is that they’re not making more debt in a fantasy to keep up. Either way, they’re miles behind and will be very bad sometimes. Not too shocking for me. It’d be naive to think in one season it’ll all become great.

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