A game with so many absentees might be seen as a “devaluated” match, but not Holland – Germany. Never Holland – Germany.

There is too much at stake. In this case: prestige. Holland lost the two last matches against the arch enemy (friendly 0-3 last year and at the Euros 1-2 this year) and Holland wants to win.

Van Gaal has to make do without Sneijder, Van Persie, Strootman, Stekelenburg, Narsingh and Lens. At least four of which would start in the game, normally. And Germany coach Low has to miss Ozil, Klose, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Boateng and Schmelzer.

Some of these players are not present because their club coach (interests) doesn’t want them to play. Robben: “Yeah, the club coach won’t like it too much.” And Strootman said earlier “If Advocaat has a say in it, I won’t ever play an international game…”. And the PSV midfielder indeed had to send his apologies.

Team manager Louis van Gaal has seen this reality from the club coach perspective and understands his colleagues. “But my job is to create a team that can go for gold in Brazil. But surely, some players won’t be here and we will do what we can with the ones we do have. It’s never a good time to expect to work on the automatisms now. We’ll do that in the run up to the World Cup.”

Neo international Van Ginkel (Vitesse)

Van Gaal has called up more youngsters to replace the absentees: Jeroen Zoet, Bas Dost, Jordy Clasie, Ruben Schaken and Stefan de Vrij are the new names. But the former Bayern coach doesn’t want to experiment: “We started a new direction. I want to stick to this now. We are doing well in the series, so experiments are now not really required.”

The Oranje players do not see this game as a “obliged calender fill”. Robben: “I think this game is more important than the qualification games. In those games, we are supposed to win and the opponent plays defensive and hopes to get a result. Germany is actually a step ahead of us. We are not the favorites this time. And there is the usual pressure on both nations.”

“I’m not thinking about it in terms of revenge. We have started a new journey together. New players, new coach, new goal. And seriously, you can wipe a lost Euros game away with a win in a friendly…”

Robben looking lost…

Rafa van der Vaart, player for HSV Hamburg: “Listen, it’s not a World Cup game we’re playing. It’s a friendly. But I like the attention, the pressure. It’s a special fixture. And despite the absentees on both sides, I’m sure we will see two quality teams. And as we’re not doing too shabby under Van Gaal I’m really looking forward to this game.”

Van der Vaart is in a betting game with the HSV goalie. When Oranje wins, the HSV goalie will wear an Oranje jersey at training. If Germany wins, Raf will wear a Mannschaft shirt.

“They like these types of bets in Germany. Just for a laugh.” The former Spurs man could be wearing the band for this match, with Strootman out and Kuyt most likely not starting. “I might. Who knows. But I don’t even know if I play. I’m not bothered. We’ll see.”

“This game is a good test for us. And interestingly enough, some of our new players are unknown in Germany. They don’t watch the Eredivisie in Germany. I think they will get to know some of our new lads. And it is time we beat them again.”

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0 responses to “Holland – Germany: it's our time again!”

  1. futbol says:

    The heat is on, on the pitch.

  2. hien says:

    I will not be able to watch this game. I think you are right that it is likely VDV will be the captain. Perhaps those can watch can give us some perspectives of this game?

  3. goldstone says:

    Thanks, Jan. Love reading your articles to get geared up for a match. OZO!

  4. SamDC says:

    This is a good matchup. It’s better for us to play quality teams. At the end of the day, that’s what matters when it comes to winning tournaments.

    What’s our lineup tomorrow?

    • Bitterballen says:



      Van Rhijn, Heitinga, Martins Indi, Willems
      Van Ginkel, De Jong, Van der Vaart
      Kuyt, Huntelaar, Robben


      Howedes, Hummels, Mertesacker, Lahn
      L. Bender, S. Bender
      Muller, Gotze, Reus

  5. goldstone says:

    LVG touted an article that’s coming up soon in “De Voetbal Trainer.” Hope Jan can make it understandable for us.


  6. Bitterballen says:

    i am watching the game tomorrow at an awesome irish pub in downtown/brickell miami…..

    unfortunately i have zero expectations for this game.

    i bleed orange for life but i am also in touch with reality and the reality is that germany’s B team is better than our B team.. LVG admitted that himself on goal.com.

    Reus, Gotze, Lahm, Draxler, Muller are BIG names for a second-string squad. It doesn’t do us any good when our players Guarantee victory.. Hunter said “Holland WILL win.”

    I was hoping to see a new-look lineup with Dost or Wolfswinkel leading the line and that is not the case.

    At least we have Bruno Martins and Kuyt… These are my random ramblings … here’s to a 2-2 draw tomorrow

    • Demi says:

      “i bleed orange for life but i am also in touch with reality and the reality is that germany’s B team is better than our B team.”

      don’t underestimate the “huevos” factor. We got plenty of that and it can make up for some of the skill … We see…

  7. Andrew says:

    Agree with Bitterballen; Germany’s depth in the mf and attack is scary…but their defense is nothing special.

    I like the “probable” lineup posted. Good to see BMI playing inside; good to see Van Ginkel getting a run with experienced and proven players; happy to see Kuyt get a look back in. Hopefully he’ll be on the right and Robben on the left.

  8. Mohamed says:

    LvG on Löw: “It’s important for a coach to win titles. He’s won little.”
    Löw on LvG: “For a coach , it’s important to qualify for tournaments”

    LOL 😀 Can’t wait for the game actually . despite the injuries i still think it will be so entertaining game .

  9. Rudy says:

    Hi guys, does anybody know if there is a way to watch the game in Sydney. I have fox sports and espn but it does not seem to be on them, even delayed.?
    Congratulations on a great website Jan

  10. hien says:

    @Rudy: is adthenet.tv accessible in Sydney?
    From Goal.com, LVG quotes:
    “If we want to be the world champions, and that is the aim, we must ensure that we have the best team. It is a given that we do not have the best squad.
    “We must look at the team process. Tomorrow is a suitable match for viewing.”
    “My team is based on the form and shape of the players, but there are also those that are unfit or already injured,” the 61-year-old told reporters.
    “Those places are still open [Jeremain Lens, Luciano Narsingh, Kevin Strootman and Marteen Stekelenburg]. I think a selection must be earned.”
    I like that he sets the goal to win the WC. I also like one Anonymous comments (who I think a Bayern fan, but not Oranje fan):
    If he gets Robben injured I’ll wring his chubby neck.

  11. Jan says:

    Van Gaal apparently rubbed Low the wrong way: “He’s not a legend. He hasn’t won a trophy with Die Mansschaft.”

    Low: “Trophy? Who is Van Gaal to talk. He didn’t even qualify last time he managed Holland. He should shut up.”

    • Bitterballen says:

      LVG says stupid things sometimes, right Jan?

    • Rob says:

      Van Gaal’s way to raise the stakes. If Holland wins it’ll hurt Low twice as much. On the other hand, LvG probably feels good enough about himself that it wouldn’t matter if he lost or not.

      Even if it is “a friendly”, Vam Gaal has made this game matter for Brazil 2014.

  12. Rudy says:

    thanks Hien and Bitterballen, I will check out the suggestions. hup holland hup

  13. jake says:

    in fact it will be on TV SBS live, no need live streaming

  14. Jalepinho says:

    should be a good one… both teams taking their chances and attack no holding back…

  15. Miguel Rosado says:

    I like LVG’s approach for this game!!! 🙂

    If there are a lot of injured players from both sides at least he wants to make it entertaining, don’t you think???

  16. Carlos says:

    Latest “rumour” from the Telegraaf
    midfield Affelay de Jong Vaart
    attack : Schaken Kuyt Robben

    here we go here we go here we go……..

  17. Jan says:

    I’ll try and set up a live blog people…. That should be fun 🙂

  18. Carlos says:

    and…if Telegraaf Sports Editor is correct – in Goal

    Kenneth Vermeer !

  19. van Fadly says:

    I don’t know if I will still have enough energy to watch the game. it will be 2 o’clock in the morning here. and to make it worse, my cat has disappeared for 2 days. unfortunately, the best time to look around my neighbourhood will be at night. 🙁

    anyway, best wishes for Oranje!

  20. futbol says:

    VI’s starting lineup:

    Krul / van Rhijn, Heitinga, Vlaar, Martins Indi / van Ginkel, N. de Jong, van der Vaart / Kuijt, Huntelaar, Robben

    Telegraaf’s starting lineup:

    Vermeer / van Rhijn, Heitinga, Vlaar, Martins Indi / Afellay, N. de Jong, van der Vaart / Schaken, Kuijt, Robben

  21. Rudy says:

    great thanks Jake.
    I will be watching

  22. Miguel Rosado says:

    Good bye to Kluivert, Ruud, Davids and Reiziger!

    Thanks for all the good and exciting games.

  23. Mohamed says:

    Oranje XI v Germany: Vermeer; Van Rhijn, Heitinga, Vlaar, Martins Indi; Nd Jong, Van der Vaart, Afellay; Schaken, Kuyt, Robben

    Is it me or the line-up is just RIDICULOUS 😕 ?

    • TFC Ajax says:

      only things ridiculous are Schaken and Vermeer. Huntelaar’s been way off form so starting Kuyt isn’t that bad of a move

      • Mohamed says:

        Should have put Afellay on the right wing , Start with Van ginkel in the midfeild aside with VDV and Clasie .

        I hope clasie , van ginkel , willems and elia all play in the 2nd half .

        Shacken is just an average predictable winger imo .

    • van Fadly says:

      Only have one argument: Kuyt has scored about the same amount of goals for Fenerbache this season, compared to Huntelaar. We all know that LvG will only use players that are already prove their worth and can be useful for the team.

      But don’t ask me why Van Wolfswinkel still get snubbed. 🙂

  24. Sonneveld says:

    Huntelaar has not been way off form.He hasn’t been at his best but 4 goals in 4 cl games rings pretty well for me.

    And Schaken on right wing? I just don’t see that as a positive way to move this team forward.

  25. Sonneveld says:

    And considering he is our only dangerous attacker I am expecting Robben to be our best player.

    With Van der Vaart and de Jong I am worried the midfield will be a little static but hopefully Afellay provides some penetration.

  26. van Fadly says:

    the 4 veterans are being commended.

    just noticed that almost all of our starting XI are bald. 😀

  27. van Fadly says:

    and a surprise from Germans too! Gotze is spearheading their attack. Reus on left, Holtby middle, Muller right.

    touching moment as the 4 veterans stood beside the team for the national anthem.

  28. Sonneveld says:

    Nice play by Afellay

    Close from Robben

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