Maurice Steijn refuses proposal from Go Ahead Eagles

Go Ahead Eagles have been looking for a new coach for a week, considering that René Hake is about to move to Manchester United. Initially, the Eagles are looking for a Dutch coach with experience and this characteristic fits perfectly with Maurice Steijn.

The Go Ahead Eagles board understood that Maurice Steijn would be the ideal name to replace René Hake, but the former Ajax coach chose not to accept taking on the role.

Go Ahead Eagles director of football Paul Bosvelt announced that the search for a new coach is not that easy.

“We have several names in our heads, but in practice, this becomes more complicated. Some have other options, others don’t want to leave their current clubs. We have to make the right choice and take the necessary time,” said the director.

Manchester United has not yet made the signing of René Hake official, nor have Go Ahead Eagles announced René Hake’s departure. The current Eagles coach is expected to work alongside Erik ten Hag, as assistant coach to the former Ajax coach.

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  1. Hindsight is 20/20, but it seems that Spain went into a defensive shell far too early and allowed Germany to run the game for the majority of the second half. And now Spain has subbed out all of its starting front line. Excited to see what happens next in extra time!

      1. I agree with that. Spain’s best defensive strategy is normally just to keep the ball themselves. But they ceded possession to Germany for basically the last 20 minutes of the match

  2. I don’t think Nagelsmann is a great coach, but Spain certainly played into Germany’s hands by going conservative, and Nagelsmann was ultimately rewarded by essentially throwing out the kitchen sink in terms of attacking players at the end. I wonder how Thomas Muller feels about having to play an extra 30 minutes now 😉

  3. This Portugal – France match has been fairly dull in comparison to Spain and Germany. Only five shots between them and only one on target so far at the half.

    I feel like our team has actually been much better about generating shots with Koeman than we have been with prior managers, at least in the matches that we are able to control— 23 shots vs Romania and 21 vs Poland, but only 11 shots against Austria and 8 against France. The persistent problem though is we just don’t convert many of them…

  4. How many far post crosses to no one is Portugal going to hit? My stats app doesn’t seem to indicate how many actual crosses have been hit, but confirms how many have been accurate — zero…

    1. Oh, I just needed to click on the individual players:

      Fernandes 0-6
      Leao 0-3
      Silva 0-3
      Mendes 0-3
      Cancel 0-1

      I guess that’s what playing with Ronaldo as your target man gets you…

      1. 102 / 105 passing
        118 touches
        2 passes in final third
        2/3 tackles won
        6 clearances
        4 / 6 duels won
        And (other than Ronaldo) at least 8 years older than anyone else on the field…

  5. Extra time! Finally some end to end action in this one. France probably should have won in regulation time, so we’ll see what happens now…

  6. Interesting that both managers have already subbed off two of their most influential players — Fernandes and Cancelo for Portugal and Griezmann and Camavinga for France. And Pepe with the another huge blocked shot!

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