Memphis Depay: Downs and Ups

After a disappointing week for Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord in Europe, we can look forward to an interesting weekend, with Ajax-Feyenoord on the cards. Although it will most likely be a walk-over for Ajax, as Feyenoord is really lost, it seems.

Some comments: PSV should have won their EL match, hitting the woodwork twice and having so much possession. Feyenoord…what to say. Unlucky with the second penalty (I don’t think it was a foul) but that first handling of the ball by Ie?? Really dude???

Ajax was robbed! The photo clearly shows the VAR fukced up! How bad is this! Millions of dollars / euros are involved and they simply can’t pick the proper still. Un-believable!!

Left is the image used by the VAR, right is the image they should have used

AZ is holding our honour high, as we say. AZ played like Ajax normally played. Focused, with grit, with gusto and desire. Forechecking and with quality. I really think every single player in the team is top notch, except for Dani de Wit. I never really saw his value. He’s just average in every department. He does have a strong physique and runs a lot. Reminds me of Davy Klaassen.

Also good to mention here (as we do have some Bazoer fans) that after 4 clubs, Vitesse is now also considering kicking him out. The youngster has a tremendous ego and the mentality of a thug. Two weeks ago, he kicked an opponent in the face, but got away with it. This week, he picked a fight with Jay-Roy Grot and threatened to fukc him up after training. When Slutsky  interfered, he said: “Fuck off, I don’t even want to play for your stupid team!”. Vitesse is considering next steps now.

He’s trouble, he’s toxic, he’s full of himself and can forget about his career.

The man on the rise now, is the guy who was criticized for so long in the country, in Manchester and for a while, here too. Memphis Depay. The new skipper of Olympique Lyon.

He plays and played a vital role in Holland ressurrection. Yes, Virgil our fearless leader. Yes, Frenkie our gifted playmaker. But you need someone who delivers the goods upfront: goals and assists. Memphis (25) is the new figure head and attacking leader of the Dutch: “Yes man, you really want to be part of this!”

This is everything Memphis stands for in Orange. It all happened in one minute: result, honour, team, desire, fighting spirit. His goal in injury time vs Northern Ireland, his second of the night. The explosion of joy, his team mates around him, Memphis acknowledging the man with the assist (Frenkie) and then the Memphis stance: standing still, fingers in his ears and eyes to the heavens. And he yelled out to the fans: “This is what fighting looks like!”

The last international game (for now) vs Belarus, he couldn’t play due to a slight injury. But he was standing next to the team on telly, singing the anthem, with his right arm around his tv screen. Being part of it all.

Memphis is happy at Oranje. No more tension, no more awkward moments. Every since Koeman took the coaching job, Oranje got rejuvenated and Memphis was the ultimate personification of that. Personally, he entered a period of peace, of balance. And on the pitch, Memphis is turning into a leader. The proponent of the New Wave. Tense interviews are a thing of the past. And no one cares what kind of headware he is sporting.

It’s a interaction between player and fans, between player and coach and between private and profession. “I am doing well, personally, and it translates to the field. The results help of course. But the vibe in the Dutch camp is incredible. We are all mates and we created this, on purpose, with a mission. And we also keep track of each other when we’re at the club. We really care about each other. We have the group app and we find each other there. Talk about life, about the games we played and the stuff we experience. This, we need to keep in tact.”

“We are building something with this Dutch team. And we put a lot of positive energy into it. And even if it doesn’t work at club level, we all come to the NT with positive mindset. I’m really happy to come to the Dutch camps and it reflects in the performances.”

Team building and clarity are two core values Ronald Koeman applies. From day 1 he stressed: we need everyone! There will be no dominant egos in my squad. Yes, the squad as a variety of types, personalities, backgrounds and stories, but the mission is the same. After two missed major tournaments, we want to get back to the top. Koeman created consistency in his selections and in the playing style and we’re seeing pretty decent results now.

Memphis didn’t have a great time at Lyon, until now, with new coach Garcia handing him the captains band. Before that, Memphis never knew what the coach wanted from him this time. Koeman never worried. “Memphis is super strong, mentally. And whenever he had issues at Lyon or the results weren’t there, he would show his quality in Oranje. And it’s not just because he scores for us, his overall game is top. You always miss those types of players.”

In the first hour vs Northern Ireland, Memphis had it tough. His mates weren’t able to reach him and if they did in those compact spaces, he was fighting with the ball. It did resemble the semi finals vs England in Portugal, when he was struggling but still ended up with two assists. Against Northern Ireland, Koeman moved him to the left flank where there was more space for him and he paid it back with two goals.

When a junior, at PSV, he used to tell his coaches: don’t sub me, even if I’m playing bad. Because he always had it in him to decide a game. That cocktail of quality and confidence is demonstrated in Oranje regularly. In all 17 international games he was available, he played. He only got subbed ones, in the friendly against Portugal (3-0).

Koeman likes to use players in combinations. A combination that works well in Oranje is the tandem Memphis – Wijnaldum. “Our partnership is authentic,” Gini Wijnaldum says. “We learned to play together at PSV and we always try to create space for one another. We constantly monitor each other movements, so we can benefit from it. We don’t talk, it’s all about observing. The mutual understanding is key, that is what makes a team tick or not.”

And while Oranje looked light in recent years with our offensive players (Vincent Janssen, Bas Dost, Steven Berghuis, Anwar El-Ghazi) today, we are seeing more and more world class talents emerge, in Gakpo, Danjuma, Dilrosun, Bergwijn and of course Donyell Malen. Memphis on Malen: “Donyell is a fantastic talent, with fine technique and blistering speed. And he can score goals! Donyell is now taking that next step, from a promising talent to a player on which you can build. It’s great to see that process develop. I’m proud of him and happy for him.”

Memphis is creating friendships in life and in Oranje. Quincy Promes has been a close mate for many years. “I’m so happy how Promes is doing at Ajax. I knew it would come. People always put pressure on new signing, look at Hazard at Real Madrid. Some players are ready for their new role, because of the fit… Like Frenkie at Barca, and some players need to find their spot. But good players will always emerge. I never worried about Quincy. He’s strong mentally and he believes in himself. Most if not all internationals are playing so well. We work hard and we realise quality alone is not enough. It’s quality and mentality. It’s great to be part of it man, it’s really amazing to be part of this!”

This year, Memphis is the first international in this century to have an involvement in 14 Oranje goals (6 goals and 8 assists). With two more international games this year, he might add more to this list. In the 18 months under Koeman Memphis was involved with 21 of the 38 goals! Second on the list is Gini Wijnaldum, with 7 goals and 2 assists. Oranje had 114 shot on goal in those 18 matches. 45 of these were Depay’s (40%). And in the list of created chances, Memphis leaves his colleagues far behind him.

Memphis in Oranje

Aspect Before Koeman Under Koeman*
International games 34 17
Goals 8 11
Assists 7 10
Shots per 90 minutes 3,4 4,5
Shots on target per 90 minutes 1,6 2,6
Chances created per 90 minutes 1,8 3,1
Dribbles per 90 minutes 5,7 3,8
Successful dribbles per 90 minutes 2,9 2,2
Touches in the box per 90 minutes 3,8 6,4

*Since 23 March 2018


Other forwards with Wijnaldum under Koeman

Wijnaldum Babel Promes Bergwijn Malen
International games 16 16 15 9 4
Goals 7 4 3 0 1
Assists 2 1 2 1 1
Shots* 2,0 1,8 2,6 1,4 3,0
Shots on target* 1,0 1,0 0,9 0,3 1,3
Chances created* 1,0 0,7 1,9 2,3 2,2
Dribbles* 2,2 1,8 1,7 3,7 3,0
Successful dribbles* 1,3 1,1 1,1 2,7 1,7
Touches in the box * 3,3 2,8 3,0 4,0 9,0

*Per 90 minutes

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  1. Bazoer was really good for vitsee..they were on rise..with out him they lost to ado den hag…yes Bazoer has big ego.that could spoil that wonderful talent..
    Dany de wit is like kuyt ,really strong guy like kuyt..good workrate…and some tap ins,lots of wasting chances..still hold on due to others(stengs.idrissi,boadu) like kuyt did with RVP,Roben and sneijder..
    klassen is physically weak player,not great at work rate like kuyt ot de wit..completely overrated guy..

  2. I firmly believe Depays next destination has to be Inter under Conte. With the competition level now in serie A peaking up, it would be a good step up for him before making the big move to epl or any big else where.

    1. i hoped he wont be lost like zyech to morooco..Dest is needed in NT..
      karsdorp was pretty good,he dealt with neres really good..
      PSV struggles with out Malen and ihatteren..
      Feynoord is going backwards towards Narsingh,fer and co…no hope for them with forementioned players with crap defense..Haps and Karsdorp,toonstra and berghius are the only good players for them..

      1. The kNVB also needs to consider,there are not many young RB talents in the pipe line as well and capturing Dest will be in the best intrest going forward. He is 18,Karsdorp is 24,Hateboer is 23,Dumfries as well. To think about it RBs like Janmaat,Van weil,Van Rijn all were seen as potential top RBs in making but they never lived up to expectations.

  3. adam maher again get Man of the match. i know he dont do big job yet, but i think koeman can invite him in his pre final squad and test him. i didnt see what he did in the pitch. but he get man of the match in all utrecht games.

  4. Just looked at the boxscore from the Ajax-Feyenoord match. Looks like Van De Beek dropped back to play next to Martinez, and Promes, Neres and Tadic and Ziyech started up front.

  5. PSG have ripped open Marsellie. 4-0 at Half time. Veratti is such a dynamic midfielder. Strootman is in te engine and cant see him stopping the on slaught. The whole Marsellie team is on back foot.

    1. if koeman drops him for next games ,he will play for zyech…however the USmnt under teams gave him chance when we ignored him..He is a fantastic RB with little flows while defending..Dani alves of dutch if he choose dutch..

  6. Sergino Dest

    Let’s all wait and see what his decision will be

    Oranje or the US
    If he chooses us, our right back problem will
    Be solved and I don’t think Dumfries or Tete will
    Be still the starter in the long run

    If Dest makes a stupid decision and join the US, then just fuck it and all the best ( and honestly I can’t see him turining down Oranje ) being a starter now with Ajax I’m sure all of his mates will
    Have an influence on him

  7. Dest has confirmed his choice is USA

    Stupid decision and this is gonna be his biggest mistake in his life ever

    He said he followed his heart and he had been playing all the US youth teams since young

    If so, does it means that ihattaren will choose Oranje ?

    Seriously , what can USA give him ? I really don’t understand and he is even born here in Holland.

    Stupid kid let him go , We will not miss him !

    1. I don’t know, Yan. I can see the decision from Dest’s perspective. He has been part of that set up for a while now, he is familiar with the system, he has probably built up good relationships with the coaches and his teammates, he knows exactly where he stands and he sees a clear path for his place in the team, and a likely place in the 2020 WC (the goal of every player on the planet). I’m guessing Koeman couldn’t/wouldn’t promise him that.

      You may very well be right that it turns out to be a mistake. But he was under pressure to make a decision, and he made one. Best of luck to him.

      1. Agree and plus koeman rotation policy also could have been deciding factor.I mean look at Van Annholt. Well lets see what happens in the cases for boadu,Ihattarren and few others.I knew he would choose USMNT. They also have alot of youngesters playing across europe. Bundasliga especially. In time to come and with a good coach they could be a good team.

        As for NT, it will be same old story.

    2. What can Netherlands give him? USA can give him a starting place in the US national team, whereas it is very questionable if you could make Oranje first team.

  8. Ok its time to mazraoui to back to start eleven. Why dest have to play now?? Maxraoui is better player. Chelsea goal was from dest side. Enough is enough. Leave him on the bench. Ajax has better player

      1. What did dest in last 10 match he played??? Can someone tell me?? He never get good score?? Always get ajax lowest mark and play and play. Why mazraoui have to sit on bench?? Did u see valencia and chelsea game. They destroy dest position more than 4 and 5 times. I cannot undrestand why u r in love with him. Just look at chelsea goal. Look at lille game. U undrestand it

        1. Dest has a huge say in attack,He flows with Ajax game,amazing asists and crosses,amazing dribbles and ends with nice deadly pass,Team mates passses to him…His holding and connection with team mates make the team more POTENT than tap in guys like Basdost…

          Mazarooi is good,He choose Morroco ,he can play midfeild…Let him replace Alverez…if Dest injured let him play as RB…

  9. Dest probably chose the USMNT based on the way Dumfries and Blind have been persecuted by the “fans”. Didn’t want to become involved in that situation.

  10. Dest press conference: “I was ready to select Oranje but then Ziyech pointed out to me that some people n the Dutch soccer blog are really negative about Dutch players at times and disrespectful and using weird arguments to be critical, so I opted for Team USA”.

  11. More news: Krul got a message from Koeman’s staff to tell him he’s still on the Oranje radar.

    And Jaap Stam torn up his contract with Feyenoord and resigned. Not wanting an exit payment even. Just walking away.

    The club is in disarray and people are talking about Dick Advocaat taking the role…. Noooooo

    1. Jaap was furious while losing with Ajax,that u could see in sideline..Jaap has special charatcer He is Top guy mentally….He was out coached by Ten hag….What you expect from current Feynoord team…with Narsingn and Fer..Did they quqlifeied for EC2016 and WC2018??.Feynoord central defense is joke,
      Arnie slot,Van bommeland slustky are the coaches to watch for…

        1. Feyenoord just have themselves to blame. Summerville,Vente and Zwarts were players they should have built the the team around like AZ and PSV. Typical case scenario where coaches f#€k up with transfers.

      1. Not sure about Slutsky yet. He has a very decent team but not very consistent and the football isn’t great.

        I agree with Wilson, Garcia of Twente and also Henk Fraser of Sparta.

  12. I think Dick Advoccat will be good solution for Feyenoord. He was once in this capacity in Feyenoord, when Gio started his career as a trainer. I think it is very valid interim option.

  13. @ Faraz

    It looks like you definetly havnt being following Ajax games. If you would have you would have known by now why he is starting ahead of Mazza. He has been determintal in build up plays from the right and if not his crosses has been instrumental as well. 3 assists in last ten games plus you also have to consider ziyech who plays infront of him with the tendency to cut inside from the right. Like Robben.

    Being said this Dest can be considered to be someone who blossomed within a very short period of time. If you look at the last two euro championships that u17s won,he was no where to be seen.Ki Jana now and last season and before him one of the Timber brothers held that spot in the u17s and Look at them now compared to Dest trajectory . With all respect it a question mark on how long he will be able to maintain these trajectory especially at 18 or whether like others he will fade away.

    At the end of the day it will be KNVB who will be left with blushes if he goes on to become a big name in future. It still makes no sense to me as to why koeman is investing in Veltman when he will fade out like many others.

    1. Not sure if investing is the right word. Koeman picks the best team for the match on today. He’s not developing players. I never understand people saying “why doesn’t he test this or that player?”

      That is not his job. He needs to qualify and then get us as high as possible. Period.

      Once Karsdorp or Tete are match fit, he’ll probably drop Veltman. Like he will Strootman and Berghuis for Ihatarren and Stengs.

      1. If this is the case then dont you think he should have locked Dest vs Belarus given Veltman was just there to make numbers meaning coverup.he was average at best in that game also if you think about it.

          1. Dest was really patient with Dutch NT,USMNT given him chnaces so far..Koeman couldnt even gurentee him a spot over Dumbfry and why the F333k he should choose NT..He could have sleceted US before their last match itself…Great work by Dest..Cannot blame him a single bit..

      2. Jan , are you really that confident that ihattaren will choose oranje ? Based on what are you that confident ?

        You know the most difficult thing for us is we are unable to guess their decision and what think deep in mind .

        I still think Dest will regret his decision of choosing USA and not orange one day .

        I mean , when we are playing the likes of France , Germany and Italy , England etc , he may be playing the likes of Haiti , Canada and Maybe Peru , Mexico ??

    1. Watched that game. Japan played really well. Their forwards were fast, skilled, and linked up well; they punished the Dutch on the counters, often outpacing the CB’s. Defensively, Japan was well-organized, and had a terrific work rate. The scoreline was accurate.

      They probably did miss Brobbey. Hoever often found space on the right, but his crosses came to nothing. That said, Japan was better on the night.

  14. The media in Holland today have a big piece on Ajax and Daley Blind. “Ajax invincible with Daley Blind”.

    I’ll turn that into a post for the blog just to spite some people here hahaha (and for the Daley fans, like me).

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