Memphis: special in every sense….

In 2015, Memphis (21) won the title in Holland, got the golden boot as top scorer and became the most expensive player PSV ever sold. At the same time, he struggled with his image at Oranje and Man United. A look back in seven parts, about misunderstandings and prejudice. “Just give him space to be unique and all will work out…”.

The Title – The Pact of Eindhoven

The championship party of PSV Eindhoven was in extra time, in the bar of the PSV Eindhoven stadium “De Verlenging”. Moist was dripping from the walls and everybody was chanting and dancing . Celebrating the 22nd title in the history of PSV. And a special title, as it took them seven years to win it back from Ajax, AZ and Twente. The DJ starts another tune and technical director Marcel Brands walks over to Memphis and says: “How ‘bout it? Will you performing a couple of raps for us or what?”. Memphis’ eyes widen up and he says: “Can I? Are you sure?”. Brands, six months later: “And there I was. Rapping with Memphis and one of his mates whom he’d brought along, doing some sort of rap…”.

Memphis Depay in action for PSV Eindhoven

A beautiful piece of symbolism. Brands explains. “When I started as TD for PSV, first thing I did was check the talent pool in the youth. There were some good talents, but one lad jumped out of the crowd. Amazing skills. But…also a rebel. Difficult kid. When he was 16 years old, he signed his first contract with us and the thing that struck me was his mature attitude. And his clothes. He looked impeccable. Now, I have a soft spot for fashion, so we had this bond. People told me he was difficult, but he isn’t. He is more impatient. He wants everything fast faster fastest. We had Dries Mertens as left winger and he played really well for us, so Memphis had to bide his time and bite his tongue at times. Because Memphis thought he was simply better than Mertens. And in that time, we had to put our foot on the brakes. He started to drift, his focus went from football to other things. Like any teenager would have.  He became part of a hip hop group from Rotterdam and before you knew it, videos came online on YouTube. Fred Rutten, the coach back then, took Memphis aside and told him to quit those activities, as they might be used against him. Typical for Memphis, he immediately ceased those activities. The first time he rapped in public since that period, was at that title party in the PSV stadium.”

Memphis was living on cloud 9. It all went his way. He had made an impression at the World Cup in Brazil and seemed ready for a move. Brands: “He didn’t have firm offers, but I was contacted by basically every big club in Europe. I wanted to keep him one more year. I felt it was doable. Because Memphis has a tremendous sense of responsbility. He wants to be the leader. We sketched this scenario for him, in which he would lead us to the title. I was able, luckily, to keep Wijnaldum on board for us and that decision helped Memphis to say he’d stay as well. They were both on a mission. Wanted to win the title for PSV and wanted to accomplish something before they’d go abroad. And so it happened…”

Memphis Depay

Memphis signed his contract pre World Cup so Brands was able to keep interested clubs at bay, post World Cup. Tottenham Hotspur came with a firm offer, but Memphis declined. Just like when PSG came in the winter break with a big bag of money. He made a deal with Brands and he would keep his word. Brands: “Memphis came to me and said “Did you hear about PSG’s offer? That is a shitload of money, yes?” And I replied: “Yes it is, but I’m gping to say no to the offer.” Memphis nodded and walked out. He never asked me about it again. That is Memphis too, loyal to the core. And I will never forget his words when he signed that contract. He said “I’ll win the title with PSV and I want to win the top scorer title.” I remember thinking, that that would be hard for winger, but he was really convinced he’d do it. He even asked for a bonus if he’d score the most goals and I denied him that. I said “If you get that bonus you might be playing for Memphis, instead of PSV”. I winked at him and he accepted.”


The young left winger was grateful to his team for all they did. He was co-organiser of the title party and bought baseball caps for all involved, with their initials on it. He also paid for the champagne. General Manager Gerbrands: “I was not happy that Memphis took a seat in the festivities committee. I thought that might be too much of a distraction for him, but I learned Memphis can compartimentalise really well. He is the kind of guy that can take on different roles aside from football. Clarence Seedorf had that too.”

A remarkable kid. Grew up in Moordrecht, under the smoke of Rotterdam. Played for Sparta until his 12th. Raised by a single mum, not having a lot of means. He didn’t want to meet or know his biological dad and didn’t receive much love from his step dad, more abuse and tyranny. Memphis developed an allergie versus authority and needed a mental coach to transcend his anger into motivation. Gerbrands: “As a club, we are proud of Memphis, but he should basically be proud of himself. He did it all himself.”

memphis young

The Transfer – more valuable than Ruud van Nistelrooy

The Biggest Transfer in the History of PSV Eindhoven is the easiest one Marcel Brands ever had to do. Marcel Brands: “The choice was Memphis’. We had a fixed price for him and whatever he picked was fine with us, as long as we got that price.” Paris St Germain reached an agreement with PSV. When Man United surpassed this offer with added bonusses and a % share when Memphis is sold on, the Eindhoven club is happy to talk. In 2001, Ruud van Nistelrooy went to Man United for 30 mio euros. Memphis’ deal might rake in 43 mio euros in total for PSV. The amount is dazzling even for Brands. “I won’t discuss amounts with you but we had tagged him for an amount between 20 and 30 million. After a strong season, we were hoping for 30 mio. The amount he went for was beyond expectation. But the big end of town doesn’t care about a couple of million more or less. If they want him, they are willing to go a step further. And they did.”

Memphis Depay Welcome Press Conference at Manchester United

Memphis picks his dream club. The money in Paris was very good too but Depay prefers the EPL. Liverpool is also in the picture. Memphis even meets with Brendan Rogers at the John Lennon Airport but when Sturridge got injured Rogers needed to fix that issue first (and signed Benteke). Memphis’ agent Kees Ploegsma jr calls Man United and says “he’ll sign for PSV unless you come to the party”. He is flown to Old Trafford to meet with management and apparently established himself as “cocky” when Louis van Gaal started to talk about Memphis’ short comings, the left winger said “if you feel this way, why are we talking here about a transfer?”… There is no proof this actually happened, but people who know Depay claim that this does sound like him.

At that stage, Memphis has a good relationship with PSG’s technical director but he wanted the confidence of his future coach. And he got that from Van Gaal. By then, he is the biggest summer signing for the Mancunians and Van Gaal said this at the announcement: “Memphis is one of the greatest prospects of his generation. And on top of that, he is very confident. I can use him as striker, as left winger and as left midfield player.”  Depay, when presented: “I am here to win trophies and to help Man United win trophies. I can help the team. I can score goals and I am sure I can do this in the EPL as well. My dream came true. Man United is the biggest club of the world and I am allowed to play here.”

The former Sparta youngster has a reputation of being difficult, but he is a true professional. Marcel Brands: “He would always be the last on the training pitch. We really needed to order him in. And it is that, with his talent, that got him where he is now. He lives for the sport and he is very mature. When he was a youth player, he already enlisted a nutrition expert. He is only focused on becoming faster, stronger and better. At Sporting Lisbon, you can see pics of C Ronaldo on the wall, to show the newer generations what you can achieve if you work hard. Memphis is basically our example for the youth.”

Self confidence – cockiness & the Number 7


In 2003, C Ronaldo moved to Old Trafford and his skills were not long a secret with the emerging Youtube clips going around the internet. When Memphis signs, the number of views of “Memphis Skills’ clips skyrocket. Memphis is a sensation before he even kicks a ball and the expectations mount up. These go ballistic when LVG hands him the number 7 jersey, made famous by George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and that kid from Madeira. A sacred jersey, which has its own weight. Too heavy for the likes of Michael Owen, Angel di Maria and Antonia Valencia. Memphis isn’t bothered. “Yes, it carries special significance, I realise that and I am aware of the history of the jersey number. But I don’t see it as a problem, for me it is a challenge. General manager Toon Gerbrands is not surprised Memphis reached for the shirt. “The current generation, they are different. He is a child of these times. He thinks in levels, like in gaming. They think in levels. Sparta youth is level 1. PSV was level 2. He jumped up to level 4 now at Man United. Typical Memphis to jump a level up. In their way of thinking, you don’t die, you simply go back a level if you can’t make it. But typical for him to want that extra challenge of the #7 jersey.”

The Break Through – Club Brugge

Ruud Vormer, ex AZ and ex Feyenoord, currently playmaker of Club Brugge. “I warned my team mates. I know what he can do. He can be very dangerous. The way he played and scored those two goals, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.”


On Tuesday evening August 18, Memphis has Old Trafford at his feet. Two goals and one assist. He led Man United into the Champions League. The goals are superb, the first one he plugged out of the air, controls it and finishes. The second one is from a bigger distance, leaving the goalie without a chance. In the dying minutes, he allows Fellaini to score the third. The Brugge players look at each other and Vormer’s eyes say “I told you so”. Tuur Dierckx: “What can you do against such a player?” Memphis was timely with his performance. In one hit, he made the club the money they spent on him. Van Gaal: “I want to kiss Memphis now. Scoring two of those goals and an assist…that makes you a hero around here.” Memphis himself is not happy. He missed a big opportunity on a hattrick. Van Gaal: “That is Memphis, typically. Never satisfied. He constantly wants to improve. I am happy for him. He is impatient and I told him he has to bide his time. It will come. I will be hard for him to go on like this. He is only 21 years old and only played in PSV 1 for two seasons. But it’s clear to everyone what he has in his locker.”

The English media like to exaggerate. When it is disappointing, they kill you in the headlines. When it’s good, they proclaim you king. The King of Old Trafford, was one headline, The Best Thing from Memphis since Elvis was another. In the away game in Brugge, Memphis is also hard to contain. Man Unitied wins, with a Memphis assist. Ruud Vormer: “We were even lucky that Memphis wasn’t that good tonight.”

Criticism – The Dutch National Team

Oranje is prepping for the away game vs Kazachstan in October 2015. They train on an artificial pitch at Sparta Rotterdam, as Kazachstan uses that too. Danny Blind is focusing on his last opportunity to qualify for the Euros, but Turkey will have to drop points. The coach can’t handle much more setbacks, as the Hiddink reign in the campaign offered up too much stress already. The players play an 11 v 11 match, before they pack up to go to the airport, for the eight hour flight. Memphis is through on goal. The most likely pass is to play in Van Persie who is free and unmarked. It would be a certain goal. But Memphis sees another solution: a backheel to the left back Riedewald. The young Ajax players shoots high over the bar. Van Persie is dumbfounded. Van Persie starts debating Memphis’ decision. The discussion continues over dinner. And when the former Man U star has more than enough of it, he asks Depay whether he thinks he is a big player now? To which Memphis responds: “I don’t know, do big players play for Fenerbahce?”. Blind decides to bud in and asks Van Persie: “Are you at your antics again?”


This marks the end of Van Persie’s position. The all time goal scorer for Oranje expected to play vs Kazachstan but finds himself back on the bench. But Memphis is presented with a notice as well: both players are not selected for the friendlies vs Wales and Germany. Memphis is not 100% fit, but Blind claims he wouldn’t have selected him anyway. A week later, he does call up Depay due to too many injuries. Blind: “His immense qualities means he is the future of Oranje. But, in football, other aspects count as well. You need to be a team player and Memphis fails to do so at times. I had a talk with him, I told him that all the eyes are on him now. He’s a big Man U player, making lots of money and with lots of media attention. As a result, everyone will watch him. It is ok to be different if you perform on the pitch. But once you start to disappoint, all these elements will work against you.”

RVP Memphis

Kees Jansma was Oranje’s press chef in Brazil during the World Cup 2014 and he witnessed Memphis coming to the fore in his sub turns. He was surprised to hear about the bust up with Van Persie. “Hmmm, this is not the Memphis I worked with in Brazil. He was exemplary. We had three pillars that allowed Memphis and others to shine: 1) the focus on a good team performance, 2) Louis van Gaal and 3) Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie. The hierachy was clear. These three showed Memphis what was expected. They worked their asses off. And they took him on too. Whenever he would become complacent or wanted to play with frills, they were right onto him. Whenever Memphis was practicing the C Ronaldo free kick, the three of them would sit and watch and whenever he missed, they’d yell: “Keep on practicing Memphis, keep on practicing!”. And he didn’t mind, he could chuckle about it. But now I see a different Memphis. I see a young player with lots of stress.”

The Set Back – Benched

In his first months at Man United, Memphis is very popular. He demonstrates his qualities in the pre-season games and makes an impression in the tournament with Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Benfica and Fiorentina. He starts in the Man U line up at the season start and one and a half months later he scores his first in the EPL: the winner versus Sunderland. His jersey is sold most globally, behind the jersets of one Lionel Messi and one C Ronaldo. But when autumn arrives, he loses his credit. Against Liverpool, Van Gaal takes him off in the break and is furious. He wonders if Memphis forgot which colour jersey his team mates are wearing. The tabloids smell blood. The Sun announces that Memphis won’t start against Everton. They also serve up the statistic that he is the EPL signing with the most loss of possession. The Sun then prints that some people within Man United are fed up with his antics and behaviour. PSV technical director Marcel Brands: “That might be the case. When you win games for the club, anything goes. When you don’t play well, people start to get annoyed over every little thing. But I have faith in him. He has weathered tougher storms and he will come out stronger, I’m sure.”

Memphis bench

Fred Rutten, former Schalke and Feyenoord coach, follows the player whom he gave his debut at PSV. “I can see he his going through a tough time. But, I also see moments where I think “Ah! There he is again!”. It’s logical though, right? Last season, him and Wijnaldum were the big boys in the Eredivisie, and they need time. In England, you play an Ajax-PSV every week. Bergkamp and Jonk struggled in their first season at Inter too, and Van Persie needed time to settle at Arsenal. Or take Eden Hazard? Amazing last season, anonymous now. This is what I see with Memphis as well. Give him time. Next season he could well be the best player in the EPL.”

Generation Gap – The Hat

PSV has another party in their bar De Verlenging. They just reached the knock out stages of the CL, at the expense of Manchester United. Memphis will play Europa League now, while he left PSV to go and win the Champions League. Oh irony… But they don’t chuckle in Eindhoven: “We want the best for Memphis. He made the right choice.”

memphis panflute

The bond between the former goal scorer and the general manager Gerbrands is still strong. They don’t get all the humdrum around Depay, in Eindhoven. When he makes his entrance with Oranje wearing a cool Indiana Jones style hat, it becomes the talking point of the nation. Co Adriaanse said he looked like a Peruvian pan flute player. Or some other time, Depay enters the frame wearing a Michael Jackson style outfit. The nation is upset: Memphis had zero goals and zero assists in the failing qualification campaign, but has the balls to wear Hollywood outfits?? Gerbrands: “Unbelievable… They feel Memphis should wear mourning clothing or something? It’s clear that people who say these things don’t “get” this generation…” Gerbrands has made an effort to understand the current youth. As players like Wijnaldum, El Ghazi, Elia and Willems also like to dress and act outrageously. Gerbrands: “I once asked one of our players about his tattoos… And he showed me all of them and told me the stories behind them. I can tell you, I was moved. This kid had gone through a lot with his family and everytime he had overcome something he added a tattoo. It’s culture. You hear gripping stories from some kids and if tattoos help them to face that history, what is wrong with it?”

Nederlands elftal verzamelt

Toon Gebrands talks about the core values of PSV. “We have simple values, simple rules. Old fashioned, common sense stuff. And we make every player pledge to uphold these values. That is all we ask. Second “agrreement” we have is: you stick to the laws of top sport. And these are all explained to them, etc. What any player subsequently does with his clothing, tattoos, hats… that is their thing. It’s interesting, the football sports is the first “industry” to feel the effects of this generation. There is no other industry where a 20 year old can reach the top at that age. I think the corporate world has something coming towards them, because this generation will have their own views. I can see more and more young talent saying “I don’t want this life, or career, I want to travel for two years, see ya laters…”.

At PSV, Memphis once came to training on a quad mobile. In Eindhoven, they are not really surprised. Or that he asks people to pose with him infront of a sponsor billboard. Or that he goes to a nightclub with a golden bit in his mouth. In Eindhoven, they are used to Memphis flying in his personal nutrition advisor and personal tattoo artist. Years ago, when he signed his first contract, he told everyone that one day he would own the penthouse across from where he lived. Everyone laoughed and giggled. But he owns it now. And he spends his holidays with Romelo Lukaku and Paul Pogba and places pics of the occasion on instagram. Pogba, he met via French team mate Isimat Mirin and Lukaku was one of his opponents in a youth international game vs Belgium. They got to chat and became buddies.

memphis pogba

Toon Gerbrands, PSV general manager, actually lives int the building with Depay’s penthouse. “So strange, I saw him suddenly in the lobby and in the elevator. My apartment is large, 120 square meters, big enough for me. His penthouse is 340 square meters big. One time I saw him with sunglasses and hood and not dressed in his formidable style. I said “Memphis, what’s wrong?”. He said “I just need a quick grocery run and don’t have much time. If people recognise me they want my autograph and I don’t want to let them down, so I go like this.” And I said: “Memphis, people will understand if you tell them?”. And he said: “No, last time I received two letters how I am arrogant… I don’t like those.”

This is the paradox of life for young legs. It’s not just Memphis, it’s a whole group of young stars, who are owned by the fans, the sponsors, the media. They receive a lot, but also have to give a lot back. Everything they do, buy, say, touch will be world news in seconds. It is not easy to deal with that. Gerbrands: “”But Memphis will never forget his roots. When he had his last training session, we had 100s of kids waiting for him. He would tell the press officer to inform the kids he’d be out in 15 minutes, and then he’d patiently sign each and every kid an autograph.


When Memphis wears his infamous hat on his way to Oranje, the Dutch media ridiculed him. At PSV they chuckled and said “ha! the old Memphis is back!”. Technical Director Marcel Brands: “Last season we had an early practice match vs Waregem. The club costumes weren’t ready yet so everyone came in their own clothes. Memphis was dressed impeccable. I said “Whoa Memphis, are you getting married after the game?”. Memphis just winked and smiled. He likes that kinda thing. And it sums up who he is. He wants to look good, he wants to stand out, he wants to better himself. I say: give him room and all will come good with him.”

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    1. ha ha…
      @Jan article is nice..But i am not a fan of Memphis,he had certain dribbling skills,which he is loosing day by day.He is working hard very hard in gym infact those are muscle building exercises,Not endurance based exercise or speed improving exercise. Everytime i see him he looks like exhausted,i think many physiotherapist in EPL are encouraging to build upper body muscles,leg day etc. Infact this reduces speed,agility and stamina..etc…most of the new guys are obsessed with 8 pack and muscle shape like girls go for beauty.Look at Jamie vardy agile,speedy etc,Dele Ali,Wijnaldum etc..
      Depay is more less another Afellay with better shooting skills than Afellay.if Afellay had better shooting skills he also woud have scored same amount of gaols liek Depay my book has poor shooting acuracy and conversion rate.but Afellay is faster in running as he can catch/receive a pass while Depay simply cannot catch a speedy pass.Taking example of Bergkamp an Jonk at inter is just immaterial as both played under unsporting coach which Depay never had to.
      M<y questions?
      Depay has played several matches for Nt for Ec2016,if he cannt lift us from 3spot group then when he will save us??
      Depay cannt Develop under Master LVG then under which coach he is goin to develop?
      My observations.
      His dribbling are limited
      shots are just inaccurate when using force
      Shots are really weak when he looks for acuracy
      He is not fast as Roben ,Annholt and Willems of NT.
      So its just a matter of time Jose arrives memphis will be thrown out.but am sad that if jose arives it will bad days for younger players as he destroyes younge layers.I am concerned about Mansha under Jose..

  1. For starters; every thing Memphis does in the gym is done under supervision of Man U. No player is allowed to go into the gym without permission of the club. Whatever, he does, it is because Man U tells him to. Koeman at Feyenoord once benched a player for weeks for doing gym work without his knowledge. That is modern football.

    If you are right on this topic, the blame lies not with Memphis.

    Secondlly, all you say about Memphis is not applicable if you watch his games in the Eredivisie and the games in the EL for Man U.

    The problem you don’t seem to see, is that he plays in a certain team, with a certain team tactics, and with certain team mates. The way he plays, tactically, is forced upon him by his coach, who uses straightjacket tactics. Not just for Memphis, for all! Memphis loves to wander the field, but under LVG he needs to stay left. At PSV, the first pass forward, was to him. So he had space. At Man U, the firat pass is into Rooney or Martial and space is limited once they open up to Memphis.

    The comparison to Vardy is not good. Vardy has a different body type altogether and plays as single striker in a counter team. Totally different situation.

    Afellay is not a dribbler but a passer with speed.

    I think the big thing for Memphis is that he was top dog in all teams he played, but at Man U and Oranje he is not and he can’t put his mark on the team like he is used to. The adaptation takes time, but also other players need to adapt to him.

    The number of wrong passes to him in the last game he played (England) was astonishing.

    The key thing for you to see, is that a new young player coming into a team that plays mediocre and in which the hierarchy is not clear, is very hard.

    If Memphis would be playing for Arsenal, he would have had a much better season.

    At Man U, Rooney had a shocking first season half, they had a new CB in Blind, Carrack was injured and Schweini and Schneider didn’t start well, etc etc. Man U played almost every game with different midfield and left full back. There are key things to take into account.

    But by all means: keep focusing on Memphis thighs 🙂

  2. “”But by all means: keep focusing on Memphis thighs “”””
    There are many better body builders has better thighs,so why to waste time like when watching a Depay playing match??Not Required..
    Modern physiotherapists?..anyways my comments are based on what i am seeing from TVscreen..Many has developed good upperbody,legs etc..and finally they cannt work hard and gets exhausted easily.this i am seeing regular…i think it has to do sometthing with physiotherapist..
    i dont think Depay will make it top as i think he is overrated,had zero development under LVG..anyways lets see,
    Martial suceeded
    Rashford suceeded
    Lindgraad suceeded
    Blind suceeded
    Mensah suceeded
    Broth wick jackosn suceeded
    all these younger ones + weaker(blind) suceeded why this flopped????

    1. Hmmm…. Martial is an exceptional talent, I agree. Lindgard, let’s wait and see. Rashford? Let’s wait and see. Mensah and Bostwick…. too early for me.

      How is Blind weaker? Blind was mentioned as a huge talent already when he was 12 or so. His rise to stardom doesn’t surprise me at all and most people in Holland (incl JC and LVG) recognised his qualities. His dad was not unlike him. Came to Ajax when he was 26 years old, went to play CB when 28 years old and became one of Ajax’ best central defenders and skippers.

      Blind is unique in his ball control and vision and tactical smarts. Saying Blind is weak is like saying Picasso was not a good chef. Don’t judge players on their weaknesses.

      Cruyff always said: “Van Hanegem is better than me, because if I have an off day I can’t contribute much. If Willem has an off day, he can tackle, defend, go into aerial battles and fight. I can’t tackle like Willem”

      Cruyff also said: “I was the best played in the world for 3 years in a row, but I was not the best right back or the best goal keeper.”

      Blind is excellent as he is used. Nothing weak about him. Stop talking BS, please.

      I do agree that Memphis’ stats are not great, but like I said earlier, stats don’t tell the whole job. I am sure that Viergever at Ajax has a higher success rate in passing than Klaassen. You know why? Viergever passes square to Veltman most of the time. Klaassen is looking for the forward pass. Stats don’t tell the whole story.

      1. Lindgraad DISPLACED MEMPHIS….
        All these happend under a dutch manger,who understand Memphis and supported him at his level best.if a guy failed after such BIG support,teh its for 2 reaons
        1-either he is not working hard..but thats not true memphis works hard in gym and gets exhausted while playing.
        2-Or seconmd reason is he is yet another overhyped player..i think second applies to memphis correctly.

        I didnt talk Bullshit about Daley blind AS HE IS STILL PHYISCALLY WEAK THAN MANY.
        IF HE was a forward i wouldnt have mind it,since he plays as defender i had little doubt about him still i know one day some guy could humiliate him.
        in my book he is a smart,intelligent player with little physical weakness. end of the story.. “”Toon Gerbrands and Marcel Brands”””””u dont have to be a manger of JP morgan chase bank to comment on finance,..Anyone who understands football can easily point out Depay issue..
        We cannt be fooled for time…

        1. Unbelievable… And here I go again…. Rashford is a striker, Lindgard a right winger. That is not where Memphis plays. LVG didn’t replay Memphis with Lindgard or Rashford. Geez. Martial plays from the left as he can do so well, and he’s better than Memphis at the moment.

          Again, he won’t go into the gym if LVG doesn’t allow him.

          And how is Daley Blind weak??? He has been a pro player for 6 or 7 years now? Vice skipper of Oranje. Played at the WC. Plays two seasons in the EPL. No player in the EPL can be called weak. What are you smoking mate? He has hardly had any injuries and played most games for Man U this season. More than Smalling or Young or even De Gea. And no Tiju, I think a banker knows more of finance than you. A bio chemist knows more about biology than a layman. The people you mention are pros and worked with Memphis. You are a football fan with not a lot of understanding of the game.

          Daley Blind weak… you really are full of it.

          1. You can say he is not fast as a runner, or he has a weaker right or he isn’t the tallest. All factually right. But weak???

          2. “”Daley Blind weak… you really are full of it.”””””””.YOU Must see an ophthalmologist as i know u can read well…
            what does it mean.?????or are you Jan blind?.
            Excuse me Jan… Daley blind is physically a VERY WEAK PLAYER(Compared a football players).if u dont see it u have little issue with ur eyes.Common just look at his physical frame???He struggled Vs Tottenham..Really struggled..i think u didnt see it.
            FYI.Am not against Blind as i consider him as an intelligent player i would take him over Afellay,Virjil etc players..
            “”a banker knows more of finance than you””””.
            Did i say like that?Not at all…Any person with common sense and logic can say Spain is in crisis as it is very Visible.i mean Memphis is Visibly crap,u may not understood it but LVG got it and many less knowledgeable fans got it.thats why he is sitting in bench..
            My money is on Memphis goin to Flop u are saying heis deal or goin to be a deal..

    1. This is what i would like to hear, i also want to add some names such as Janssen, J.Kluivert, Malen, Rodney Kongolo, Dilrosun, etc.Hope they will be developing well on right track and become best ever generation for Orange team.

  3. This is why you are not a coach.

    As for Elia vs Memphis… Elia was uncoachable. Didn’t live for the sports. Elia is known to be not too smart and not too serious.

    Elia was quick. Memphis has vision, tricks, speed, a poweful right foot and cross the ball in like no other.

    Memphis had to fight to get where he is and I think Memphis has demonstrated to take his profession seriously. If Toon Gerbrands and Marcel Brands say so, I believe it. They have more value to me than Tiju.

  4. This Memphis v Elia thing does not make much sense to me.
    Further to attitude/commitment as Jan mentions, still too different of scenarios.
    Memphis was way better when he left the eredivisie at basically the same age, but was called to the senior team much earlier. Also Elia was only really a sub for Oranje.
    So is the only real footballing similarly going to be maybe that Memphis does not live up to his expectations based on some potential development trajectory by the time he is Elia’s age?
    Cynical prediction really, although I think that IF Memphis did squander his potential in the end (much too early to say at 22) it would be way more disappointing than with Elia.

    But I guess the cynicism in the attitudes of Dutch fans right now is understandable… especially with a player like Memphis, who got lots of playing time in our shit EC qualifiers with not much result.
    And everyone wants the next super star to emerge of course..

    Take a vote for Memphis..
    1 – he will def be world class
    2 – he will def disappoint
    3 – he can be either, wait and see

  5. Realistically Memphis will reach his potential if he just continues training, avoids injury. He is a victim of the spotlight where people have unrealistic expectations that have been extrapolated from his talent.

    Think of erik lamela, he was seen aa great prospect in serie a for roma and after a good season he came to spurs and has been anonymous since this season where he is playing quite well now. Less attention has been paid to him even though he had quite a large price tag, mainly because each of spurs’ signings are not hailed to become world class straight away – just reasonably good prem players. Memphis will be fine and so will holland … if we can get a decent midfield going

  6. Excellent piece, Jan. Loved the comment from the older guy asking about the tattoos. Adds some real perspective. No wonder PSV is on the rise.

    @Sybe, has to be option “3” at this point, but I’d quibble a little with the choices. If a player never reaches world class status, but has a long, effectivee career as a club player, should they be called a “disappointment?” I understand that the answer with a player like Memphis, who has such early acclaim, is going to be “yes”, but I wonder.

    That aside, watching his recent international games, he looks like a young guy who was trying to make up for disappointing season in one fell swoop each time he picked up the ball. Trying too hard instead of letting the game come to him and choosing his spots. One of the moments that got me excited in the England game was when Memphis was in a one-on-one with an English defender, and he went left and zipped in a very lively cross with his left foot, instead of trying to force his way right. If he would do this more, he’ll find more space. He has talent, I have high hopes.

  7. What really piss me off in Memphis case is when ur NT is needed that qualify from group has 3 spots.Still u cannt score goals??????With such Bigtalent???????.i think if i expecet anything more from Memphis i should be a fool who doesnt learn from mistakes.
    Second is that the enormous support from Fans and LVg gave him at Manu on his arrival..He played directly in Manu warm up games and many more EPL games as a starter at the cost of Young,herrera,Lindgraad were sitting or forced to sit by LVG love towards his countrymen.
    So i am not a stupid to beleive that he will become world class …he is just heading to a midtable team og Germany/Italy/England…its just matter of time…

        1. Memphis is is Martial,Rashford and Jesse..So for me all are suppose to score and assist in games,and defends when it needed.Memphis was king against low class teams like Mitijland and Brugge i agree.LVG has clearly realised Memphis just shit..So he doesnt play.
          End of the story.
          I jut brought age factor coz all say Memphis is young i think 20 and 18 are younger than 22.So that argument doesnt hold any value.

    1. Would be more foolish to blame one player for not qualifying for the ECs, then it would be to say Memphis cannot learn from his mistakes!

      You are entitled to your own opinion (even though it is something you dont offer to others’), but at least base it on reality, Tiju. Memphis was an early starter because the others were playing like shit early on – NOT because of any bullshit countrymen-love fantasy you have made up.

      1. “”Memphis was an early starter because the others were playing like shit early on – NOT because of any bullshit countrymen-love fantasy you have made up.”?”””””””‘
        NOT TRUE AT ALL,HERRERA WAS STAR,ITS JUST LVG TRUSTED HIM AND SUPPORTED HIM OVER OLD BOYS OF MANU..You have not watched any those games…Memphis was shit too…

        1. wrong again, I have watched those games.
          also Herrera doesnt play in the same position.

          you can repeat it over and over again, like the body builder crap, but you cant make it be true.

          1. Also whats your point with this age list? Do you say that memphis is finished developing, not even 1 year into his first move abroad after dominating the eredivisie?
            Personally I would never close the door on a promising young player before he is 24/25 years old, and I dont know why anyone would bother to either, but you can do what you want.

            Martial has been ok, not very consistent still even though he has been the best forward option at Man U this season. Since he can play striker too has played way more so has adapted quick and obvs played better than Memphis.
            Lindgraad – must be talking about Jesse Lingard? or you actually mean the keeper Lindegaard, haha I would not be surprised since you like comparing people in other positions. I’ll go with Lingard — here, you can copy his name and use it for future reference so you cant do a better job pretending you know what you are talking about! haha just bugging ya — a year and a bit older, plays on the opposite wing, totally different player style to Memphis. And is he developing still or is he as good as he will be? seems close to his development ceiling where I dont think that is the same for memphis yet. but who cares about him? not me.
            Rashford – young striker, scored in his first 2 games, and Memphis was actually involved in those, only one goal since.. I watched england lose to canada over this last int’l break and he looked awful there, so maybe he is just opportunistic, its not like his goals were anything special in themselves.
            Fosu-Mensah – even younger. I would LOVE it if he became a dutch great, but just as I say it is foolish to say a young player can never be world class, its kind of the same to do the opposite and hype one up too much and put all your hope in him. Also, like Anders Lindegaard, he really has nothing to do with Memphis does he?
            Januzaj – why not add him on your list? he was crap at the beginning of the season as well! hahaha

            I dont think any of those players on your age list here are world class, but any could be one day.
            Regardless, players can be good and remain very useful even if not elite/ world class..

  8. And every time we have a talent that’s starting to rise, they get injured!!!
    I don’t understand this bad luck, fosu mensah playing the game of his life today he was doing excellent tackles!!! And what happens??
    He gets injured and goes out, van ginkel story, strootman story and more and more …..

    He goes out and Tottenham scores …

  9. Blinds weakness was perfectly exposed vs Tottenham. this is what I was saying. this will a crucial loss for United and their dreams of making the CL.

    1. you mean his weakness of being CB with 2 awful wingbacks? 😉
      Haha are waiting around for Man Utd to have defensive errors so you can point out that Blind is not fast and also cannot cover 2 players at once?

  10. Timothy Fosu-Mensah, 9 — He was excellent against the best attack in the Premier League, and it was no coincidence that his withdrawal due to an apparent injury was followed by three quick Tottenham goals. At the age of just 18 he looked far superior to Matteo Darmian, the Italy international who replaced him. Fosu-Mensah made two excellent goal-line interventions, got forward well and was even covering at left-back on one occasion. An elite performance.

  11. Nice to see TFM getting such good reviews everywhere. Not trying to be a downer but did anyone else notice his lack of concentration/ poor positioning a few times? Had lots of givesaways too (was just 18/32 on passing) but I thinks thats just his age showing a bit, its only his second ever start in the EPL after all, and against the most potent offense this season in the EPL.
    Love the strength and charisma he plays with though, that impresses me and we are def missing that in the NT. And still he had the most interceptions and tackles in the match even after missing the last 30 mins, and made a few good attacking runs up the wing.
    Fingers crossed he is not out too long, more playing time the better so he can prove he is worthy esp if LvG leaves Man Utd.
    Cant wait to see him really mature and really dominate in the way he is showing he can do!

    1. Timothy had little Concentration issue,he is extremly fast and agile he makes up with that.even if he is little late.He is simply better than Darmian and Rojos i would say better than Janmaat,Tete,Kevin diks and karsdorp..i hope blind takes a note.But i dont know what if LVg goes..

      1. @TIJU1234,

        Dont worry, i think if a good coach will sure see his talent, i am quite confident on this guy, he perhaps doesn’t need an umbrella. 🙂

      2. Blind knows him. TFM was at Ajax before. Just don’t forget that many players come to the fore as talents and dazzle because they’re unknown and we all need heroes, so lets not too much pressure on him

  12. MU’s beaten by Spur 0-3 but again TFM has proven at his age of 18 , he ‘s even better than Darmian & Rojo. Danny Blind should watch this game and say something on him. 🙂

  13. Hey guys. I follow this blog almost every day. I want to thank Jan for keeping this website alive and posting amazing articles. The Dutch NT are in transition, players will step up to make them a top 5 team again. Every team in every sport goes through this.

    As for tiju, the guy doesn’t know his stuff. He’s bored. Claims he’s Christian yet sins on this blog with blasphemy, and curses towards players and others commenting here. I laugh whenever he posts and rants, specifically about Depay. The kid is young! Give him a break! I say kid, because he’s just a kid! Give it up tiju! You’re embarrassing yourself on this blog, and quite frankly I’m pretty embarrassed for you pal.

    Keep up the fantastic work Jan!

    Greetings from Canada!!

    1. @Masonk29..Yes i was bored with Depay hyping. Dont bring Christianity here and sins.FYI i dont care about any religion including the the catholic cult.but one thing i am sure u dont have a clue about christ.So lets dont drag this in to this football forum.
      Then Depay case there people over here who supports him for some reason basically Depay is dutch i appreciate it in that sense.In reality He is crap or playing crap..THATS fact.
      U can laugh but i will have the final laugh..

      1. @Masonk29 FYI…”Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.””””””””

  14. @TIJU Did you honestly just say LVG trusts Herrera? If so then why does he continue to pick the clearly incompatible midfield duo of Carrick Schneiderlin? That’s just one of the countless questionable decisions Van Gaal has made this season, including for some reason playing Mata on the right and reason Lindgard as a #10?? Clearly his time is up after this season. The only good thing about a performance like that is it means that we should see Memphis in their next game but knowing LVG that probably won’t happen. As for TFM I actually didn’t think it was his best performance. He is clearly very confident which I love to see but he did have a few lapses in concentration as others pointed out, including leave Lamela completely unmarked for a free header for about 6 metres. Hope his injury is nothing serious and we can see him a few more times this season. Perhaps as a CB?

    1. At one point LVG played was playing Ashley Young as a striker??? Martial on the left? Lingard as a no. 10?? and Mata on the right? He had a natural striker a natural no. 10 and two natural wingers so why on earth did he feel the need to play all four players out of position? Sometimes I think he likes to do unorthodox things (such as constantly substituting his fullbacks) just so that if it works he’ll seem like a genius.

    2. No LVG doesnt trust many players. Herrera is one of them..Memphis is the last man in that boat.i am not saying Jesse lindgraad or Rashford is great,they play regular because Memphis is real crap…

      1. I don’t really think that’s a fair comment but I do think Memphis could actually learn a thing or two from Lingard. Lingard clearly has less talent than Memphis but has been selected over him for some time now. Why? Because Lingard plays simple football. As soon as he gets the ball he passes it to a team mate and then he moves into open space. Simple. Now don’t get my wrong I don’t want to see Memphis lose his creativity, it’s what makes him a special talent but I think he could benefit from simplifying his game a little bit.

    1. Davy propper remind me Van Bommel when he was at PSV with the best performance, the season 2004-2005 that PSV have reached semi final CL. He played very smart a box to box midfielder and decent on the field as a captain in team.

        1. I like Propper as a player. I hope that he goes on to have a stellar career. But to say that he is “way more talented” than Van Bommel at this stage of Propper’s career is an overstatement, to put it mildly.

          Van Bommel led PSV to the multiple Eredivisie titles, the semi-finals of the CL, he started on 2 WC teams, including one which finished 2nd. He became the captain of Bayern Munich (as a foreign player, no less), and he played with distinction at Barcelona…Propper has had some good years in the Eredivisie.

          1. Propper is way more talented.way more Bayern munich was not so special when Bommelwas there.Barcelona he played as holding as they didnt had too many.But i do agree he was clever DM….All i said was talent of Propper i mean he is better dribbler than Bommel that makes him more dangerous than Bommel.As both are very clever players..

  15. I don’t think there is any problem with depay.the fact is that the other players have a higher ceiling than him and probably that’s why whenever he comes on he always his a level below.martial,Lingaard,even natural to be honest,and this something which aslo wont change over time.Jesus Navas is perfect example of above.penetrating runs and average crosses, that is where his ceiling stretches.nothing more,nothing less and this has being his story through out his career.either he has improved with time nor peak down.I think this is also what’s in store for Delay.

    1. This is also evident when he plays for NT,he fits in well simply because there ain’t any players in NT who has a higher ceiling than him at the moment.excluding Robben.

    1. “””As for say at the moment he is better than janmaat or tete would be stupidity. “”””””””
      NO ITS NOT…its called understanding and vision to understand about real talents which u dont have.
      Stupidity is that ignoring an informm player for average players…
      Tete is at Ajax in eredvise,his only competitor is Van rhijn who is actually better winger than Elghazi.
      Janmaat is playing in relegation team where he has no competitor..
      IF u do nOt see that or do nOt appreciate then u r IDIOT.ARE YOU THAT IDIOT???

      1. Like u I don’t like to count the eggs before they hatch. His looks talented and has good built for a 18 year old,
        no doubt but experience also sometimes comes in handy.

          1. Comparing or remmbering Jetro at 2012 is real stupidity..Jetro was never a solid defender,he was a very skilled ultra attack minded LB had terrible defensive flow at PSV at 18 and still he has it…
            Mensah is simply efficient in his duty ,not bad in goin forward.
            ITS ALL ABOUT””” efficacy””””.wilson..thats were Memphis fails,Narsingh fails etc.
            Mensah simply ruled Dele ali whom i consider the biggest talent of current English team..u know how old Dele ali is???18/19 almost same as Mensah..

  16. Just waiting for a dutch dream team.for no.
    Mensah—De vrij—Bruma—–Tete
    Secodn line
    Williams—–Donyll mallen—-Wijnaldum
    Kongolo—Raidwald—Veltman—-Kevin diks

  17. It’s looking increasingly likely that PVA Jaanmat and Wijnaldum could all get relegated from the EPL. If this happens I hope they’re able to find new clubs for next season. All three are far too good for the Championship.

    1. Unfortunately only wijnaldum will most probably will be to secure a new club as few teams are have already shown interest in him.the rest m not sure.

  18. Fosu mensah has recovered and he starts today against west ham:)
    The Ghana will be meeting him soon to convince him play for Ghana, if he agrees it would be really frustrating!!!!

  19. this is what I was saying. dont count the eggs before they hatch. its long way to go for TFM. was lost vs West Ham. maybe with more games he will be able to build up some confidence level, but again its wait and see situation.

    1. No U r WRONG as usual…Left or right Mensah didnt allowed anyone get past him…only one time Lanzini could trouble him but still he managed it and his fellow defenders came to save him..I was happy that he was against a start performer of EPL Payet..Payet is an excellent player It was Payet & Lanzini Vs Mensah..if it was darmian MANu would have had a torrid time over there..offcourse i do agree he has concentration issue,but he is ruthless defender..Either u or ball he makes sure that one stays with Mensah..Nononsense Defender..
      B/W…..the workrate put by Marttial+Lindgrad+Rashford is awesome which is impossible with Floppay…I am sure no were near future Depay wont be able to displace any groin hair of them…unless an unlucky injury happens to any of them..

  20. How long, how long will we have to endure refereing mistakes that are seen by millions of people on tv, but not corrected on the fly? Barcelona robbed of a penalty, but given a free kick instead. It would not have even stopped the game if somebody with a tv had called the referee to make him change his mind. Disgusting.

      1. Simeone would have parked the bus for next 20 years if it would have become 2-1.but either way since Barce could not break Atletico in normal 90,,don’t think they would have done it either in the last couple of minutes or so.

        1. You are absolutely right. Barcelona was also terrible: before Athletico scored, they were not making any attempt at going forward. But my point is elsewhere: maybe Barcelona would have missed the pk, maybe Athletico would have scored a third; I see no reason why we were robbed of the show!

          The referee has an earpiece, so if there was a 5th (7th?) official in the place where they get all the camera feeds, in situations that are very clear like this, he could call the main referee while the players are getting ready for the free kick and make him switch to a pk. No time wasted. And if the situation is not clear, the camera official would say “I don’t know”, and the game would proceed as the main official sees fit, no time wasted either…

  21. Atletico Madrid is in two games deservedly beat Barcelona…

    In old days PSV would be prepared to win in the Champions League for two-three years from now……Today they think how to sale players in QPR,Chelsea,ManU, be better..and I do not want to understand this “robot (((money )))system”..I am more for body and soul..(what is stronger, we will see it on the end)..ok I am kidding little………….

    Memphis Depay was better in PSV than now ..
    It seems to me …maybe I am wrong…
    He should use yoga exercises ,maybe….Novak Đoković(tennis) practicing yoga very well…he is thin tough(wiry),fast ,mentally strong…After tennis career he will become Swami Novak Đokovićananda….

    About Cruyff….Johan Cruyff in football,Robert Bobby Fisher in chess,John Lennon in rock n roll,Van Gogh in paintings…….This kind of people are philosophers inside.Stronger than chess,football,rock n roll…..many people say:they are greatest ,because…
    But in term of craft..
    Cruyff could be better player than Pele and Maradona ..that he won WC 74.(he did not pass this exam)
    Later he wanted to make better club than was Barcelona…and he worked more for Spanish football than for Dutch football..reason? KNVB?Michels?Adidas-Puma?…I do not know…

    Holland-France 2-3.I thought it will be 7-0 for France.
    (Something like “battle” Van Gaal-Marcello Lippi 1996-97..Ajax -Juventus.. (0-6 friendly,1-2,1-4)
    Today we have Blind-Deschamps….Dutch team “starts to cirkulate around France”…creates good rhythm but without ..and then France starts a counter attack and makes a chaos in the Dutch defense..
    I hope that they (Blind,San Marco and co )will will find some solution.
    England-Holland 1-2.It was ok(good).

    And why blue lion on an orange shirts?..It need to be a black lion on an orange shirts …something like 1970s.
    On the away (blue?)shirt need to be orange circle and black lion inside…possibly ..white lion (in orange circle)…some my minds..
    Sometimes I think I am watching Chelsea…

  22. I have watched Fosu Mensah play he is great and just 18 years old!. I really hope he plays for the Netherlands.

    What’s his natural spot? because if I’ve seen him play as CB, RB and LB so I am a bit confunsed now.

    1. He can also play in the midfield apparently! My gut tells me he’ll end up as a CB but that remains to be seen. He is certainly confident carrying the ball up the pitch and has pretty good pace so he could make for a good fullback. Obviously he is left footed so it would be more natural for him to play as a left back but with Shaw and Cameron Borthwick-Jackson there it seems like he will have more opportunities at RB and CB next season.

  23. Manu united will sell out Carrick,Fellaini and bastein..this will move Daley Blind as one of two holding mid..
    Back line would be like
    then on bench

    1. Agree Carrick is out the door and possibly Fellaini and even if he stays he should only be used as a number ten. Not sure what the point of selling Schweinsteiger would be but it’s true he can’t be relied on at this stage in his career. This would leave Herrera and Schneiderlin as the first choice midfield with an injury prone Bastian as their primary backup. This means Man U will 100% buy another midfielder in the summer. Blind doesn’t have the creativity or the quick thinking to play as a midfielder for Man U. I can guarantee you that Blind will only play as a CM in case of an emergency. For the rest of his United career he will be a defender.
      With Rojo almost certainly out the door possibly followed by Jones and Valencia the depth chart for the back four will probably look something like this:
      Borthwick Jackson/Fosuh Mensah

      Varela/Fosuh Mensah

      (New Signing??)
      Fosuh Mensah

      This would leave TFM as the second or third option at both fullback spots to start the season with a decent chance at overtaking the options ahead of him at RB. United will surely sign a new CB over the summer, especially if Mourinho takes over. This would put TFM as the fourth choice CB.

      Due to injuries, bad form, and squad rotation Mensah should still see a decent amount of playing time next season with his best chance at a first choice XI spot likely coming at RB.

  24. What about a dutch team of




    then on bench



    Kongolo—-Raiwald—Veltman—-Kevin diks

    With Sneider,Roben,Strootman on wild card entry..if they are fit enough which seems unlikely though…

        1. Ah ok… I think there is actually small chance that PVA could be converted successfully to a winger but I really do not see that happening with Jetro. I suppose it highlites our lack of depth on the wing that of the four wingers you’ve listed only one is actually a winger haha.

  25. If everyone were healthy right now:
    First choice
    Willems-Van Dijk-De Vrij-Janmaat

    Second Choice
    Clasie-Van Ginkel
    Van Anholt-Blind-Bruma-Veltman

    Vermeer, Fosuh Mensah, Ake, Pieters, Sneijder

    1. Williams is not a reliable LB,
      he is more in to attack..Depay is real piece of shit i mean a ball looser upfront and has zero contribution in defense.So why should we bear this shit??
      Clasie is too light weight for DM,but he can be an excellent playmaker.
      We have shit load of wingers like Narsingh,Depay etc..None are good enough for NT..wijnaldum has certain level of quality and we should move him on left side or right side..
      Kishna has hsit of attitude and looser in all aspec tes of life..
      Roben is injured
      Strootman is injured too…
      Van dijk guarantees goal leakage…
      this is naked TRUTH ABOUT SOME PLAYERS OF NT.

  26. “””””Manchester United: De Gea; Valencia, Smalling, Blind, Rojo; Schneiderlin, Fellaini; Mata, Rooney, Memphis; Rashford.

    Subs: Romero, Darmian, Fosu-Mensah, McNair, Young, Lingard, Martial.””””””””””.
    LVG is so funny,starting with lesser players vs lesser team/relegated team…hence he thinks that at least they do something for MANU..

    1. He is really a slow defender with very very poor Agility.there is limitation for improvement,we can nt make kuyt to Roben /Messi..
      All i remember is that whenever Virjil played for us we conceded 2 goals minimum and there was chaos in defense..
      Southampton has conceded good number of goals too..So i rate Daley Blind,Mensah,Raidwald,veltman and Kongolo over him at any day…

      1. NT has always conceded with or without him so its baseless to say whenever he has played there was chaos.
        I agree he is bit slow but none of the CBs at the moment are fast enough as what you are saying.De Vrij,Bruma,Veltman, for agility I think you need to much some more games for Southampton or if not check out his stats.

  27. My views on TFM,I think people as usual are making unnecessary noise for no the end of the day it was Ajax themselves who were not interested in him as they were not interested in renewing his contract,which means jus like others who have come and gone,TFM was not seen as real talent when at why cry now when he has the last say. I think this will be a turning point in his decision making in which country he wants to play.Remember this is not the first time this has happened.

    Well to bad if he chooses Ghana but this should be a eye opener for those who are undermining that no he was brought up by dutch society and all,fucken bullshit.this is what happens when you delibrately hit the shovel in you own foot.

  28. Well not dragging too much on TFM,on a positive note FDB decision to use Van Der Hoon in a advance role is really paying dividends.had two assists in five minutes after he moved in front of the back 3 which eventually tied the game 2-2 vs utrecht. The draw means the race to the title will now come down to the goals difference.PSV are behind by 6 with 4 games to go.big game for Ajax in mid week when they take on heerenveen.could be the decider.

  29. Just watched latest game of MU at PL, Memphis & Blind played really well. with Mem almost mu’ player on the field respected him, let him free to shot free-kick, he passes some very convenient ball to others, his dribling made opponent very snubed

    1. Yes it was a very good performance from Memphis. What struck me most about his game is that it looked like he 100% bought in as a team player. He passed the ball excellently and didn’t even really try any dribbles until the second half. He made some good runs with the ball and most of his runs ended with passes including one killer pass to Rooney in the box that would have resulted in a goal if Rooney took a better touch. I thought he really established himself as a threat as a distributor which he definitely hasn’t done often in the PL. When he finally did get a chance to take on his fullback he beat him with ease. A very encouraging performance!

        1. Mate you’re 100% missing the point. His performance against Villa was completely different than Brugge and Mitjyland. Against those two opponents he really showcased his ability to dribble above all else. Sure they were impressive but they didn’t really prove anything due to the quality of opposition. What impressed me against Aston Villa was his team play and his passing. Why does it matter what the level of the opposition was? In fact it’s perhaps even more impressive that he bought in to the team concept instead of being tempted to showcase his dribbles against a lower opponent.

          If you were a true Oranje fan you would be happy that one of our more talented players is showcasing an improved attitude. Instead you have chosen to blindly hate one of our best hopes for the future. I would encourage you to keep an open mind and realize that if a Dutch player is playing well it is a good thing. Also you always seem to conveniently ignore his excellent performance against Arsenal and the best right back in the PL.

          1. i didnt see him vs Aston Villa,but i expected him to do well as its just Aston Villa…
            I am concerned about his workrate and speed..Glad that he stopped stupid dribbling…

          2. Not saying that he didn’t dribble. Dribbling is a big part of his game as it is for any world class winger. He simply picked his spots much better against Villa. From my point of view a lot of the mistakes he’s made this year come from him being a competitive player who is frustrated that he hasn’t done enough for his new team. I haven’t seen any traces of a poor attitude that a lot of people seem to mention.
            Next time he plays I encourage you to watch with an open mind and I think you will see above all a player who wants to help his team win.
            I can’t really comment on your concerns about his speed or work rate as United dominated possession against Villa. But even if he isn’t lightning quick or doesn’t always get back quick enough defensively (Do Robben or Ronaldo?) I am sure he can still be a very useful player.

          3. In regards to his work rate an incident just came to mind against Villa where you made a tackle at his own goal line on a counter attack so I would say he is definitely willing to track back when needed.

  30. i see that, Memphis is not a stubborn person, he has ambition & confidence & football skill, maybe some moments he got crisis & mistake but he never give up & always try to improve himself by listening from others. the game that against Aston Villa is very good example. cheers 🙂

    1. I think somebody said this.the Aston Villa game was mostly for players who are struggling and needed time to boost their confidence level.but again it all comes down to how high is your ceiling and this is where Depay will keep lossing out.otherwise he is all fine.

  31. Is this for real. Van Oostveen has come up with a ten year plan to get NT back to top where it use to be before. In his dreams he will be there for 10 years.he is the first person who should be booted as part of clean up campaign and then Danny.

    1. My advice for the kid would be to not come to Man U. Way too many fullbacks ahead of him on the depth chart. Stay at Ajax for a few more seasons I say.

  32. @dwherwey
    Vs Aston Villa….LVG rested some first 11 players,he knew its just Aston let other guys play some time…its okay he did and they won…i never said Depay is stuborn…or Roben and Ronaldo track backs..
    the point is that
    1- Roben and Ronaldo are on another level Depay will never REACH THAT LEVEL..
    2-No needs for comparison its SIN though all play as wingers left or right..
    3-the truth and realit is that Roben and CR7 doesnt give a Sh^&t about trackback..But they F#$%%ks every opponent they face while Depay is been F$%%ked by his opponent.So even if Roben and CR7 doenst track back,they simply scores or assit goals which decides outcome.
    4-If cannt take ur country to a group from 3 spots out of 6…then u r not a world class material..
    If Depay develops its good for him,if not bad for him..But personally i seeing Flop in making…So lets see…So far he is proving Tiju is right..Cannt help it..

  33. Just saw Janssen had four goals over the weekend! The lad can’t stop scoring. His total is now 25 on the year. Hopefully he chooses his next move wisely and doesn’t go to too big of a club where he won’t get enough minutes. An extra year or two in the Eredivise never hurt anyone.

  34. PSV has also signed Damian van Bruggen from Jong Ajax. good capture considering he can play play RCB,LCB,and DM. Most probably backup for Bruma if he departs.

  35. Looks like Newcastle has left it to late to fight their way out of relegation drop after holding Man City to 1-1. Anita with his first goal since 2014 and also MOTM.

      1. I did nt see Newcastle last match…But when ever i saw Anita i felt he had boundless energy like kuyt and Edgar davids had…clearly that would create a nuisense in opposite team..Anita,Wijnladum,Blind are versatile players but cannt say master in anything…

        1. Blind is definitely the master of the long ball but yes I see your point. Still think Blind and Wijnaldum have something to offer the national team though.

  36. Question for those of you who watch the Eredivise more frequently than I. What is Propper’s best position? Is he capable of filling the #10 role?

    1. No10……playmaker…very skilled,intelligent,hardworker,has nice vision for killer pass,quick thinker on pitch,team man….Toni kroos type player..

          1. You jus can see and tell from PSV lineup.when Van ginkel came in cocu could have used him at BTB and proper at CM but instead he used both in where they fitting. Van Ginkel is a class above propper offensively and this one reason why Cocu used him in point backward midfield with Guardado in the engine room. It perfectly fits out as Van Ginkel work is cut out by both Guardado and propper with Van Ginkel concentrating more offensively.

            Now suppose if you switch propper and Van Ginkel. Van Ginkel will be dragged in defensively which is not his strongest part of the game and this will automatically drag all three. This is what happened to Van Ginkel at stroke.most of the time he was defending and couldn’t move up.of course all this applies with tougher opponents not mid table eredivisie teams.

            But on a positive if Van Ginkel keeps playing there I don’t see why he cant develop into No 10.
            So it will will just come down to replacing Guardado in NT.

          2. No THEY WONT they have lungs ,muscle,top class intelligence and height…So they wont….
            i do agree
            Sneijder–Clasie–Afellay will flop….

      1. He is only built for eredivisie.won’t survive in competitive leagues.the reason being he classical midfielder.can not expect anything spectacular coming out from him. His tempo is same through out the game and if switches to 10 he will drag the whole team.

        As it is Chery,sinkgraven,Maher if he starts playing. Sneijder and Afellay are coming of age. I wonder if clasie will be up to the job.

  37. Looking at EPL, O boy Liverpool resurgence under Jurgen Klopp is finally taking its course. also out of all the teams, Liverpool have the easiest of draws in last four rounds plus one extra. I wonder if Klopp would have taken over after Hiddink. he was the right man for the job.

  38. @dhwerney – Pröpper plays as more of a CM, but I think he is capable of playing as a #10.
    It’s sort of hard to say since PSV don’t really use a typical #10, as LdJ is not a typical #9.. Pröpper and van Ginkel pretty much play the same, as 2 CMs sitting ahead of a DM and making forward runs off of L de Jong, with the other staying between the CF and DM, as a simple summary.

    IMO the ‘best position’ in regards to the Dutch NT should be the position a player plays in the most at their club level (for most players who are not elite). I’m not so sure if Pröpper can be an elite player yet, let alone an elite #10, since he is almost 25 so maybe nearing his best – but still very useful depth-wise, and I like him, was esp impressed by his CL performances. Appreciate his workrate and vision, although lacking in pace.
    Having a great season in the eredivisie too as one of PSVs most consistent players.
    All in he has 12 goals and 10 assists in his 43 matches so far:
    As CM – 38 games, 9 goals and 11 assists
    As AM – 5 games, 1 goal and 1 assist

    What matches have you seen him play this season?
    How did you feel about his game?

    1. I have seen him play in a few champions league matches this season. In truth he never really stood out too much for me one way or another. Perhaps this is not particularly surprising seeing as PSV took a more defensive approach in most of their champions league games. Guardado was definitely the more noticeable midfielder but that’s not really surprising he’s a class player.

      Couldn’t agree more with your comment about changing positions. It’s one thing to switch a player like Daley Blind around in case of emergency as he has experience playing a variety of positions. But any actual position changes always need to be initiated at the club level. It’s very naive to think a player could for example be converted from a fullback to a winger in a few international friendlies.

  39. My dream is one day our Orange will have some Robben in team, not because of some goals he has scored vs Spain but the way he was playing, very smart, speedy, passionate and over opponents ,he is rarely only some players in the world that can dominate German & Spain ‘r player in term of football skill.

    checkout this video and you will see why i appreciate him.

      1. hehe @Wilson don’t be pessimistic, the world change itself everyday, so after Zidan, Ronaldo then Ronaldinho, KaKa then Messi, Ronaldo so future should be another generation but we dont know and not sure it will come to Orange or not 🙂

        1. Agree every generation produces a unquie talent but they all are different in their own rights.

          Cruyff vs Berkamp vs Sneijder

          It would irrational to say they were on top of each other or the same.they all were special but different in certain aspects. There will never be another Robben but maybe someone with a different composition.

          1. Roben has carried this dutch team for a decade he never failed us to qualify(2016 he didnt play)..i would say individually it is Roben VS Cryuff….everyone stands seconds…
            For me Roben was rebirth of Cruyff,
            Both were fast,fantastic dribblers,immense fighting spirit…winners etc etc…well capable deciding match out come by their own skill and intelligence..

    1. 2014..we ould see the intelligence of Roben,Vlaar,Devrij,Blind,Nijel,Snijder,RVP and Roben…
      Now weare left with Narsingh,Floppay…thats svere decrease in quality..

      1. Even Sneijder or Vaart when they was best form still embarrassed & over-respect German & Spain’r top player, but Robben not, this is the point, he can lead players at big clubs he has been playing at German & Spain. Top player from those leagues even respect & admit his talent. 🙂

  40. Coutihno of Brazil and Liverpool is a freaking deadly player…i felt he plays better than any one includes Neymar,Messi,Suarez??,CR7 and Roben…..he has teh skills of CR7.,Messi,Roben along with massive workrate…that makes him a nusisence player to opponent..

    1. Coutinho is incredibly overrated he’ll have two amazing games followed by five average ones. Probably about the fifth best player on Liverpool. Not even the best Brazilian attacking midfielder on his own team.

  41. Bummer for Afellay, ACL injury in training yesterday.. just when he was earning consistent minutes again.

    Wijnaldum on the bench for a second big match in a row, Janmaat still out so Anita holds on to RB.

  42. Promes scores again plus created 4 chances, his 14 goals good enough to hold current top scorer in Russia, plus 7 assists in his 28 matches. Glad he does well there, but would love to see him move from Russia.

    1. It’s no surprise as its jus indicates the gap between eredivisie and epl.this should be eye opener for others who think they are ready to move abroad.

    1. Patrick annholt is a very good winger…can defend too..i want to see him dutch NT with Willeims and him in LB and LW…the total defending and total attack the total football.

  43. Patrick Van Annholt is again turning heads at Sunderland as the season draws to a conclusion.he has been really impressive in the last few games for the Black Cats especially in defense which was his weak area.
    Vs Arsenal he completely shut out the likes of Sanchez and Bellerin. As predicted it was all about balancing his game up and as mentioned by Sam allardyce in the above article they have been working on that and It seems like it working for PVA. Both him and wahbi Khazri really complement each other well both defensively and when in attack on that left wing and this is where PVA movement has been restricted going forward too high as Khazri really can take on defenders without much support from PVA leaving him to concentrate more on defensive duties.

    With zeegelar also turning heads at sporting,it would intresting to see both of them playing for NT.

    PVA- LB

    zeegelar- LW

    1. Also looking at the last few games for Sunderland I positive they will avoid the relegation but not sure about Newcastle.if the magpies down win vs palace this weak it could be kiss goodbye to EPL.

    2. IF Annholt developed as better defender its Good….
      Annholt—Willems combination would be deadly on left wing…Only blcokage is People are obssed with Depay shist as he plays in left wing …
      With keeping tabs on Strootman,Roben…
      ——–De vrij—-Bruma————

    3. That’s great for PVA but he needs to find a club for next year, as with Anita, Wjynaldum, Janmaat, maybe they could go,as a package deal to some club, that would be cool!
      Nice story on Memphis, Jan, I’m hoping he can have astrong second year.

      1. Depay already has strong muscles and good six pack upper body with weight of 85kg and his height is 176…So will will comeback strong as his big thigh muscles.biceps and triceps will help him…

      2. @Van Banger Not sure there will be too much interest in Anita around Europe and truthfully the Championship might be the right level for him. I do think it would be disastrous for Wijnaldum Janmaat and PVA to be stuck in the Championship. I think all three are part of the future for the Oranje. PVA and Wijnaldum have been among the best players on their teams so you would think they could catch on with another EPL even if it’s just on loan. I’m a little worried about Janmaat as this season has been a bit of a struggle for him. That being said I’m confident either Sunderland or Newcastle will avoid the drop at the expense of Norwich.

        1. I’m not sure if you have been watching the Newcastle games lately but Anita has been indispensable for them playing a number of different positions, he has been impressive to say the least. There would be plenty of clubs that would benefit from a player like him, now that he is seemingly injury free. He is a bit unorthodox , it’s hard to pin point, but he has a weird gait (body shape) and his running style is a bit strange, but you can’t fault his commitment or his engine !

  44. Good news, was hoping Allerdyce’s affect on van Aanholt would help his defensive game.. even though I do not like Allerdyce much!
    With Bacuna and Aston Villa having such an awful season, the relegation fight is pretty much down to 3 teams, 2 must go down with Villa..
    Although looks like Crystal Palace are technically not out of the woods just yet either, although they are basically clear of Newcastle now since they have 39 pts and much better GD.

    Sunderland, 31 pts
    *van Aanholt and Lens
    Stoke (a)
    Chelsea (h)
    Everton (h)
    Watford (a)

    Norwich, 31 pts
    Arsenal (a)
    Man Utd (h)
    Watford (h)
    Everton (a)

    Newcastle, 30 pts
    *Krul, Janmaat, Anita, Wijnaldum, S de Jong
    Crystal Palace (h)
    Aston Villa (a)
    Tottenham (h)

    …unfortunately it seems as though Newcastle is most likely to go down, even though probably favorable fixtures, but more since they have only 3 matches while the others have 4 — but who really knows, it’s been a f***ed up year with Leicester probably winning the league and Oranje not even making the Euros!? Who would have bet on either of those happening?!?
    So if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Newcastle and Norwich join Villa in their relegation..

    If Newcastle do go down, I imagine they’ll have to unload a ton of players since they won’t have the EPL $$$ to keep them all.
    Would love to see Krul and Wijnaldum move to better clubs anyhow – but same for van Aanholt even if Sunderland does stay up!

    1. PS apologies for getting Allardyce’s name wrong, wouldnt want to piss off any Allardyce fans haha.

      Also, FYI — it is van Aanholt K guys 😉

  45. Well Newcastle jump Norwich and Sunderland in one foul swoop, anything can and will happen in the EPL. I still have a small hope that my Spurs will somehow crush the Cinderella story of Leicester , who knows! It’s probably the only time I’m rooting for ManU to win.

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