Oranje candidates – Part 1

Well, taking a break from blogging about football didn’t result in any good outcomes for the Dutch clubs in Europe! Oranje is still asleep – friendlies coming soon! – and despite Memphis posts positive messages on his return to fitness, we needed more than that to keep us happy. And AZ and Ajax weren’t able to deliver in Europe. Feyenoord’s incredible ressurrection is fun to watch, but at the same time just scraps to feed on…

Cillesen benched. Frenkie not used in the right way. Injuries for Danjuma, Malen and Memphis.

Still there is hope. Ajax might lose on an off-day vs Getafe. AZ might run out of steam. PSV might still be in slight trouble (they could beat Feyenoord this weekend and get back in the heat of things). But we still have some exciting prospects to look out for.

De Ligt for instance, is increasingly becoming important at Juve. Hateboer, De Roon and Gosens impress in Italy. Weghorst keeps on being a key player in the Bundesliga. Kluivert scored in Europe. Propper and Ake are revered in the EPL and youngsters Chong, Zirkzee, Ihattaren and others keep on knocking on the door.

Lets look at some potentials for Oranje…

Bobby Adekanye – Lazio Roma

The 20 year old globetrotting striker scored his first goal for Lazio some while back. He’s been playing two handful of games for the Romans and his coach Inzaghi is a fan: “Bobby is a true professional, he deserved his chance.” It’s not easy for young prospects in the Serie A. Bobby sits on the bench a lot, but he’s one of the youngest benchwarmers, which does say something. And by now, he’s got one goal and one assist. Bobby was born in Nigeria and moved to Holland as a kid. In 2007, Ajax signed him and he left Amsterdam for Barcelona as a D-junior. He excelled with Ajax at a youth tournament and the Catalonians couldn’t resist, something they’d regret a lot. Bobby was part of the bunch of players signed “illegally” resulting in a transfer ban for Barca and a playing ban for Bobby in Spain. Adekanye was loaned to PSV but when he returned to Spain he still couldn’t play for 2 more seasons. He left Spain and went for Liverpool. Another big club on his resume. Initially, Liverpool sees in him a potential first team player and presents him with a good plan. Four years later, it’s still but a plan and Bobby decides to leave England for Italy. Lots of his Oranje rep mates already started to play minutes in the first team. This prompted Bobby to find his fortune elsewhere. Arjen Robben is his big idol and he has that classic Robben move in his repertoire ( threatening to go outside, cutting inside and finishing in the top corner).

Oranje Potential?

Bobby is on the radar of the KNVB of course, but a ticket to the coming Euros seems far fetched. He can still play for Young Oranje for which he played one friendly. Competition is killing at the moment for him, with Bergwijn, Promes, Babel, Berghuis, Stengs, Kluivert, Danjuma and Dilrosun all battling for a spot. Should Oranje never need him, he still can select Nigeria as his country of choice and become an international there.

Daley Sinkgraven – Bayern Leverkusen

Daley – son of Harry Sinkgraven, former FC Groningen forward – started life as a skilled winger / forward for Heerenveen. He made his debut at 16 and was destined for great things. Ajax picked him up and cherished the young talent who struggled with many injuries as he wasn’t fully grown yet when he was playing senior football and his body protested regularly. Peter Bosz transformed the creative player to an all round full back in 2017 and it seemed he found his role in the successfully marauding team Bosz moulded. But another injury was the end of his career at Ajax, who decided to buy this young, aggressive Argentinian left back. It was time for Daley to move on. Bosz, in 2019: “I think he could grow out to become the best left back on the planet! He has everythng for that role. I would not go back to midfield, if I was him.” And Bosz got a hand in that by signing him from Ajax, where he was surplus. At Bayern Leverkusen, he plays as a wingback, or a real left full back or at times as a third centre back. Bosz: “What makes him special is his intelligence, his vision, passing range and his ball control.” Bosz didn’t pick up those skills in relation to the full back spot himself. Former Cruyff assistant and super scout Tonnie Bruins Slot saw Sinkgraven in his youth already and later told Bosz: “He is the ideal full back. Put him there.”

Oranje Potential?

Hell yes! As long as he stays fit (which he has been now). The left back position is not an easy one in Oranje (not as bad as the right back one). Daley Blind is the obvious choice, but Wijndal might not be ready yet, while Pat van Aanholt hasn’t been overly convincing in Oranje. The 24 year old Sinkgraven might well be the ideal stand in for Blind.

Jairo Riedewald- Crystal Palace

Some young players gel into the first team without a hitch… Sergio Dest, for instance. Or Kokcu at Feyenoord. Ihattaren at PSV. Riedewald is not one of them. His problem is his ability to play at so many different positions. His coach at Ajax, Frank de Boer, used him as a stop gap. His debut was like a rocket and reads like a teenage book. Ajax was trailing against Roda JC and needed goals. With only minutes to go, De Boer selected him to go and make war in the box of the opponent. Minutes later, Ajax wins 1-2 with two Riedewald goals! That was his debut. But he never got a firm starting spot. He never could settle in. He played as central defender, as midfielder and left full back and when he got injured, he’d never play for Ajax again. Bad luck followed him to England, where he signed to play for De Boer’s new club: Crystal Palace. But the management lost patience after only 4 games and axed Frank de Boer. Riedewald was his signing and initially new coach Hodgson ignored the Haarlem born player. In the first 15 games this season, Jairo doesn’t get a look in but when Van Aanholt gets injured, the former Ajax player is used as his stand in and gets plaudits and praise for is games. His stats tell the story. Riedewald is the fourth in passing accuracy as a back, just behind the Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal full backs. Not bad! Which has all to do with his education at Ajax. Riedewald never gets nervous on the ball, even under pressure.

Oranje Potential?

Well, he did play 3 caps in 2015, as left full back and he did ever so well. It’s going to be tough to get a look in for central defender or midfielder, but as said above as well, we don’t have too many good options for left back. Obviously, he will need to keep on making minutes and with Van Aanholt back at full fitness, that might be an issue.


Tim Krul – Norwich City

It’s 2015 when Cillesen gets injured and Tim Krul takes the #1 jersey for Oranje. The Newcastle goalie is knocking on the door for some time but his dream match in Kazachstan becomes a nightmare! His injury means the end of his Newcastle career and when Ajax gets him in as a loanie, his lack of fitness sends him to the bench, where he can watch the emergence of a new goalie, a certain Andre Onana. He would play half a season for AZ and would move back to England to be second goalie at Brighton & Hove Albion. The Canaries were able to sign Krul on a free and it’s with Norwich City where Krul finds his joy and successes again, winning the promotion back to the EPL. And even though Norwich is hard on it’s way back to the Championship, Krul made headlines with glorious saves and stopped penalties. Should Norwich indeed get relegated, it might well mean that Krul will return to the highest level.

Oranje Potential?

Of course! He used to be a mainstay in the squad and achieved hero status in the WC2014 when Van Gaal brought him on, just to stop some penalties and get us into the semi finals. Koeman is following him but up until now, Ken Vermeer and Jeroen Zoet were the ideal second goalie, with Bizot the young turk third in line. But with Cillesen benched, Vermeer in LA and Zoet at Utrecht, I believe Krul deserves a spot in the squad!

Davy Klaassen – Werder Bremen

Klaassen had his best season under Peter Bosz at Ajax, as a number 10. He has the technique to play out of difficult situations and the nose for space, the legs to get into that space and ice in his veins to be a goal scorer. Koeman signs him for Everton but he never settles there and leaves the club via the backdoor. At Werder Bremen, he reinvented himself as a leader and in a new role. Forget the number 10.

Werder Bremen moved mountains to lure Klaassen to the Bundesliga. They really courted him, sent him videos and pushed a strong delegation on the case. Finally, Klaassen caved and left Everton. He is immediately made part of the players’ council and is promised a starting spot. His role changed though. The attacking box-to-box player is no more, he is now more the holding mid and the leader on the pitch. But he still runs. He is the player just behind Joshua Kimmich with the most kilometers in the Bundesliga. Last season, many clubs from different competition enquired about Klaassen’s future, but he stayed loyal to Werder.

Oranje potential?

Yes, in principle yes. I believe as a holding mid, with the experience he has now, he could well be an Oranje player. Sadly for him, it’s crowded in midfield. Wijnaldum, Frenkie and Donny van de Beek will be certainties. Davy Propper and De Roon will be as well. It won’t be easy for Davy Klaassen to wiggle his way in between them and Strootman, Vilhena and Ihattaren… But who knows. There is also that possibility that Koeman and Klaassen had a bit of a falling out.

In Part 2, we will look at more potential candidates!

In the meantime, gimme your names in the comments below!

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  1. Bobby has the potential to become a superstar but with the current setup and players ahead of him at lazio it wont be anytime soon. Hope lazio sends him out on loan in summer to one of the bottom feeder teams where he can get minutes regularly. He has to be unleashed in the NL which was drawn some days ago. Im expecting him, Dilrosun and groeneveld to compete for that LW spot.on the right stengs is destined to make it a amends for KNVB for losing ziyech.

    Gakpo,Jkluivert and lang also should provide a good depth and competition in the wing department. All the current wingers should be released after the euros.

    In the forwards,Boadu,Memphis and Malen are our top choices and two younger have to make sure their development doesnt get stalled by foolish decsion making or by their agent. Lammers is also a huge talent and he might have to prove how good he is in order to make it to the top if he can. Him and malen should put up a good fight at PSV for supremcy and this indeed should bring out the best in them.

    Finally im expecting richairo Zivkovic to blossom late or at an earliest if he can hit the ground rolling Sheffield United. United are enjoying a good season after being promoted to epl and ball is in his court now.he just needs to take the opportunities as it comes and prove his true potential.

  2. Talking about our forwards, I would rather spend more time on zirkzee . If he keeps what he is doing
    Now , he will definitely joining the euros


    He is the only one that has shined out ( 3 goals in 4 games)

    I don’t think bobby is comparable or even close to him . Sorry but I’m not convinced with this physical type of forward ( never the oranje Type of forwards ). If he was that good Liverpool wouldn’t have let him gone

    As for Zivcovic, it too early to say anything about him . Let’s wait and see until he gets the minutes first and starting scoring a goal or two (which Danjuma stlll hasn’t managed to do so until now

    Danjuma still hasn’t score a single goal

    By contrast , bergwijn has shown what a
    Should do – simply score goals and providing assists . Maybe Al Ghazi should
    Get a chance . But we have Stengs already … unless koeman let Babel go but Don’t think that will happen

    Klaasen – em… is it just me ? But I think his oranje time is over already .

    Now that we have so many Choices …. ihattaren would definitely get the final place in midfield . If not or injured I would rather have Someone else like Carel Eiting .

    1. Zirkzee is predominantly a poacher type striker very similar to huntelaar , if you wanna invest in him then you need players around him who can service him. dont wanna dig on van persie vs huntelaar rivarly and why huntelaar was never seen as a dominant striker at NT level when at club level he was one of the most deadliest strikers. with players like Depay around you cant expect zirkzee type of players to thrive especially when they need to be serviced all around. malen and even boadu are more explosive strikers which will always favour them like to that of van persie over huntelaar. also if you consider Ruud Van Nistelroy here, he had some best fitters around him during his prime. Robben, Van Persie who was on the wings at that time, with young vaart and sneijder behind him.

      Bobby is more a winger than a striker so comparing him with Zirkzee is uncalled for. well he can play anywhere upfront including AM for that matter. he left liverpool because there was no way he was going to gets minutes with Mane and Salah dominating liverpool lineup and origi and Shaqiri further behind them. lazio was a good move for him, atleast he is getting to play and is already scoring. I really hope KNVB will tie him down in the Nation League. you look at how long groeneveld and Malen took to light up in NT. its the skill set. this is the type of players you wanna take risk with. Its a pity Groeneveld has been struck with injury other wise he is better than both promes and bergwijn.

      Bergwijn I have said this before he will be overtaken when other wingers come up exactly like when he had head start at PSV and Malen was on the bench. its his energy level which currently makes him standout at spur but again thats because apart from Son and maybe Aurier, no one else has the same intensity than him. but again bergwijn is all about space, no space he is useless and will just be running up and down.

      Zivkovic is 50-50 indeed,but hopefully he goes on to reach his full potential.

      1. Thanks Wilson for sharing your view and knowledge again ok zirkzee . Agree it would be difficult for Him of depay is back .

        As for bergwijn , it’s sad but true that pace is his advantage right now only . He may be a good sub then but I would definitely rate malen stengs Danjuma above him If they all fit

        1. Im still not convinced with his defensive game. Its rare seeing him breaking down plays or making those important interceptions.maybe the stats would be good indicator here but if you look at his offensive attributes, he gets so carried away that when ever there is a turn over he is out of position which as a deep lying midfielder is not acceptable. This is where frenkie is well balanced.

      1. Krul is a proven penalty killer…time and time again he proved it…But we need a better one on playing times…ATM Bizot and Bijlow looks 1000 times better than Cillessen..

        Bizot as starter
        Cilleseen as back up
        Krul for penalty killing

  3. Watching the Ajax -vs- Heerenveen match live from my living room.
    Ajax have lost whatever they had. They have nothing. Heerenveen could easily be up 2-0 at the break. Blind looks fragile. Unsure and unsteady at best.
    So sad…

    1. And they finally wake up and start playing in the 2nd half. 3-goals in less than 7 minutes. Where the hell was this over the last 2-weeks?!?’

  4. Ajax looks to me like their heads haven’t been in it for awhile. The high expectations at the start of the season have given way to disappointment, and a number of the key players have spent the last couple of months making plans for next year that don’t include Ajax…the title chase should re-engage them; maybe today’s second half was that start. They must have figured out by now that AZ isn’t going away.

  5. Other commanding performance from Ake vs liverpool and this is why I rate him highly and even over De Vrij. had some good arieal battle with van dijk both offensively and defensively.couldnt have done much on either if the pool goals though but was rock solid in bournemouth defense.

  6. two players were signed from
    The Chinese league to the English. Premier league during the winter break

    One of them was Ighalo . He has already played 5 or 6 games so dad scoring 3 goals

    Another one is richairo zivkovic . Unfortunately up until now not even seen on the bench.

    1. He was on the bench vs reading. FA cup. Including zivkovic, Sheffield united has 4 more strikers who at the moment are giving coach chris wilder what he wants. Goals and points. This is why zivkovic has not been able to play yet.plus they are also chasing the CL spot which is kind of ambitious and another reason why wilder is not making string of changes.

      Now compare this to Ighalo, he his getting minutes at United because they dont have a recognized striker apart from martial and Rasford who is injured.he was specially signed to provide the back up for martial.

  7. Ok really need to put a spot light on Daley Blind after his comeback from the heart condition. Hope koeman is watching his deteriorating form and comes to his senses of giving wijnadal a shot at LB or if not patrick van annholt.

    His just a disaster waiting to happen if koeman drags with him. Just watch how helpless he on the counters especially against ejuke on the left.


    Its just hard to believe how heerenveen couldnt bury it with so many clear chances.

    Vs Heracles



    Vs AZ


    1.14. Not only here but he overall is just two slow on counters

    Again vs Utrecht,Ten hag took the risk and switched him to the midfield. Paid the price and again big hole in middle during counter defense.


    No time.

  8. Davy klassen is nothing special,he is just an avergae player who benefits from other better players arround him..Davy Propper is 1000 times better than Klassen…
    ooo hell…klassen and his orange appearnec were Jokes…We dont need him..

  9. i think Joshua zirkee should be given a WILD CARD ENTRY…Considering 2 top injuries of Malen and Depay…

    Is Danjuma recovered?

    Dilorusen is pretty a dead lock opener like leory sane ,Gnabri and co.with leseer goal scoring capability…He could do better damage than taking a useless klassen..

  10. Babel is out of touch..will he be selected for loyality??
    Considering Malen,Depay and Bable out…

    ————Bizot —————–
    As first choice

  11. Yeah, Ronald Koeman must be scratching his head.

    Goalies, I think we’ll be alright. Krul. Cillesen. Bizot. Bijlow. Good enough. Not world class, but good enough.

    Daley Blind. Let’s be patient. He played amazingly well for 1,5 years. Lets not sacrifice him directly after some personal mistakes.

    The Heracles – Dessers goal was 100% his mistake. But in some other clips, it’s not just him. It’s the team letting each other down (Rest defence, etc).

    Babel is a loyal soldier and even though he doesn’t impress at the moment, Koeman will have seen enough in Oranje of him to know whether he can play a part.

    Zirkzee: lets give him some more opportunities at Bayern first, but I also believe he could be the dark horse for us.

    Berghuis is now a shoe in. Stengs and Ihattaren had some bad spells.

    Karsdorp is playing really well too at the moment.

    I don’t see too many other options becoming available.

  12. Bergwijn is out also I think he just had too many games upon his arrival . Compared to eredevisie one game per week …

    Now with all the many wingers got injured , I think kluivert or el Ghazi will get a chance ( maybe one of them )

    Danjuma is training with the team already and hopefully soon we will see him again

  13. Orange extended squad for USA and spain friendly.

    Goalkeepers: Marco Bizot (AZ), Jasper Cillessen (Valencia), Tim Krul (Norwich City), Jeroen Zoet (FC Utrecht).

    Defenders: Patrick van Aanholt (Crystal Palace), Nathan Aké (Bournemouth), Daley Blind (Ajax), Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), Denzel Dumfries (PSV), Hans Hateboer (Atalanta Bergamo), Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus), Stefan de Vrij (Inter), Owen Wijndal (AZ).

    Midfielders: Donny van de Beek (Ajax), Leroy Fer (Feyenoord), Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona), Teun Koopmeiners (AZ), Davy Pröpper (Brighton & Hove Albion), Marten de Roon (Atalanta Bergamo), Kevin Strootman (Olympique Marseille), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool).

    Attackers: Ryan Babel (Ajax), Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Myron Boadu (AZ), Mohamed Ihattaren (PSV), Luuk de Jong (Seville), Justin Kluivert (AS Roma), Quincy Promes (Ajax), Calvin Stengs (AZ ), Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg).

    1. Sources are saying that uefa will be doing everything to do to keep the euros on schedule

      Should there be a need , at champions league cost .

      Chances for postphone the tournament will be very low . Most likely it will be behind closed doors

  14. Yes ur right it could be postponed based on the latest updates

    Which I think will be good news to us . One year later oranje with all our guns back will be definitely stronger . Much stronger and mature

  15. Guys, it is very quiet in this room. Maybe some topic outside of soccer.
    I am sure the users of this blog are from many different countries. Every country reacts differently on his excellence coronavirus. Here in US, people got crazy about stocking up. One of the most popular items is toilet paper. Today in Costco I was a witness of how two women were literally fighting for a bag of toilet paper. Among Russian speaking community of US there is very popular joke. One asks why Americans buy a lot of toilet paper, the other says it is because when one sneezes – seven others crap themselves”.

  16. @AZ, Don’t know where you are, but I’m in the Bay Area, and the stores are a little crazy…A friend of mine tried to go to a Costco yesterday, and he turned back when he found that the line of cars just to get into the parking lot stretching back to the freeway…some talk about the Eredivisie or the NT would be great right about now.

    1. I am not very far from you – Sacramento. The same story: Costco is an epicenter of all activities. It is good that there are a lot of ethnic stores around. We shop only there and there is no such craziness like in Costco, Wallmart, Target, etc

    1. @Wilson. Wesley would have been a great asset for AZ. However, he is very ambitious boy and when he meant top club he meant Ajax or PSV. I do not think he will come back to AZ. Plus, Southhampton will ask a price for him which is going to be too high for AZ.

  17. Hey guys. Anyone here is from italy or spain?? I live in Iran.i belive my country with italy and spain are in worst sutation in the world. Coronavirus kill 100 iranian people everyday and here we have 13000 people with that virus in their body. Which adding more than 1200 per day. In iran we have worst history government which did nothing for people. I wish u best just plz pray for us

    1. Do you think the statistics that you mentioned above is valid unless all fatalities come from one cohort of people, namely elderly with health complications? Corona is not that deadly in general.

      1. I’m begging all of you: take this seriously, and stay home.

        In ideal circumstances, it’s true that fatalities are mostly elderly people. However, 5-10% of all cases require hospitalization. And, with the course most countries take, there simply will not be enough hosp beds.

      2. @az_forever.
        Coronavirus kill 4%. But in my coutry government didnt tell the truth. We have 18000 people with corona in their body with 1100 people die. Maybe 6%. Also in iran we havent enough hospital too help pepole

  18. @Wilson, Haven’t seen Veerman play, who does his game remind you of? In regards to Hoedt, is he in AZ’s price range?

    @Faraz, It is hard to know what to say, but am thinking of you and yours, and your country. Please take care, my friend.

      1. Reis is another player/ midfielder who also has a big future ahead.he certainty needs to make a move from Barce B though and start playing at la liga level atleast. Maybe loan would do like what madrid is doing with odegaard.

  19. Ok I know this is not the best time to say this , people are dying every day, but facts is with the euro confirmed postponed Ronald koeman got 12 months additional time for preparation

    All the problems are now immediately solved . Our front power will have all the enough time to get back , or even stronger

    We can also fix our wings and our midfield will have more experimental time with the new freshers

      1. will be quiet a hectic calender though.Nation League, Euros, World cup qualifers and in between Champion league, europa league and domestic leagues as well.

        1. in between the nation league which is secluded for September will also give koeman more time to try out more potential players.this would be a perfect build up to the euros well,. all this off cuorse t if the COVID-19 suppresses

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