Oranje can’t rely on Robben….

It’s good to be back! Thanks again, for staying true to your favorite Dutch blog :-).

Starting to feel the jibbers already for the Saturday game!! And after, we’ll take Spain as well of course!

The man who deserved at least one Ballon D’Or. The man who will be remembered as one of Holland’s finest ever. The man who took us single left-footed almost into another World Cup finals….will not be at hand to guide the Orange Lions to victory against the Turks. Robben tore a muscle in his belly and will be out for four weeks. Just fit in time to win the CL with Bayern.

robben injury

The King is injured, love live the King.

The lads need to do it themselves. Sneijder, Hunter and De Jong are the only old guard soldiers and may not both make it in, even. So it will be down to Depay, Wijnaldum, Blind, Clasie, Narsingh to do the job.

depay guus

Depay has been criticised of not showing up in big games. The Ajax game, the two Zenit games…. He did perform ok vs Feyenoord last weekend (scoring one and having a huge opportunity for the equaliser) but needs a big game to shine. I believe in this kid! He does have that specialness that Robben has.

While the Dutch sports press is still focusing on the new coach, appointed or next season, Gio van Bronckhorst, Oranje is preparing for Turkey and Spain. Gio, who started as F pupil at Feyenoord and played in the first team in two periods (start of career and end of career) is proud to be the new Feyenoord coach. His buddy and colleague assistant  coach Jan Paul van Gastel will remain as his sidekick.

Kazim Richards, Feyenoord’s striker, will be part of the Turkey squad in the Arena. The English born Turk has been having a go at the Feyenoord international Jordy Clasie for weeks and Clasie quipped: “We all know he has a big mouth and I want to beat Turkey, so I can shut him up. Don’t want him yapping at me for weeks again!”. Clasie made his debut for Oranje in a game against Turkey under Van Gaal. “That was quite special for me, but at the same time, I didn’t play well. But hey….still a big thing, making your debut for Oranje.”

training players

With the three skippers injured (RVP, Robben and Strootman) Hiddink will fall back on his last big name player Wesley Sneijder to wear the armband. Hiddink, in his typical underrated tone: “I suppose that will work out well, yes? To give the little guy the band? He’ll know what to do?” knowing well that Wes was Van Gaal’s captain of choice when he started Holland’s qualification campaign for Brazil.

Sneijder was quite happy with the armband and his rehabilitation as a key player for Oranje. “I’m now one of the older guys who is being avoided by the young guns for being a nuisance, hahahaha.” The sparkle in his eye showed his excitement. “No one needs to tell us how important this game is. It hurts to see Iceland above us in the table. We will do what we need to do. And as an older player and now skipper, I will take responsibility and chat with the lads individually in the coming days.” Sneijder was in Istanbul when the news broke that both Van Persie and Robben couldn’t play. “They cheered as if there was something to really celebrate. They think they’ll have a chance now. And seriously, they do have a chance. They can play football when they have the ball. So the trick is not to give them possession. Tactically, they tend to be less strong. We need to play our game and not allow them on the ball and simply do what we do well.” Sneijder scored against Turkey in the WC qualification game and had very modest celebrations. “Of course, out of respect for them. I enjoy playing in Turkey. They treat me with the utmost respect and some of the Turkish internationals are my team mates, so I treat them with respect too.” Sneijder has the same number of caps as Frank de Boer and will probably over take him as the most capped field player for Holland, ever. He has 112 caps, with Van der Sar 130. Is that record achievable for Sneijder. “I am not really interested in that right now, but it’s 18 games away I suppose. So if we qualify for the Euros, or WHEN we qualify it will be feasible. But lets focus on winning first and then we’ll see later how that all adds up.”


Bas Dost was one of the key targets for the photo journalists when the players entered the hotel. “Huh? And only because I scored some goals?”, said the down-to-Earth Wolfsburg front man. He said he doesn’t expect to get playing time. “I would be foolish to count on playing. Huntelaar is number one and rightfully so. And I expect the team and Klaas Jan to do really well so I don’t think they’ll need me.” The tall former Heerenveen striker downplayed his amazing run. “Listen, I scored in a number of games. That is my job. When I don’t score for some weeks, people will call me a loser and waste of space again. I keep my feet firmly on the ground.”

Hiddink trained with 24 players on the Katwijk grounds and did his best to conceal what he’ll do with the absence of Vlaar, RVP and Robben. It’s highly likely that he’ll play 4-3-3 with a definite starting spot for Sneijder left in midfield. Clasie or Blind will play centrally and most likely Wijnaldum right in midfield. Depay seems a cert, and Huntelaar impressed against Real Madrid with two goals and will most likely start too. It seems only logical for Narsingh to start in place of Robben.

At the back, Bruma might take Vlaar’s place, with De Vrij the other centre back. Blind will play left back, or Willems will if Blind plays in midfield and Van der Wiel is the most likely right back, although Janmaat is probably on par with the Paris right back.

Gimme your preferred line ups and your prediction for the game!!!


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  1. We can not, but I have a feeling that we’ll rely on Robben for a long time to come. Anyway, Oranje will win, I don’t doubt it.

    my line up

    Blind, De Vrij, Bruma, Janmaat
    De Jong, Sneijder, Wijnaldum
    Promes, Huntelaar, Depay

  2. The only reason we’re too reliant on Robben these days is the fact that we lost an entire generation of youngsters to injuries and poor career choices. The generation that was supposed to carry the baton of the Sneijder-Robben-VDV era ended in a total disaster. Hence, the talent gap is huge and there’s no other way we can make up for this except relying on Eredivisie talents. The scarcity of talents is not the main problem, its the lack of experience at the top level that’s hurting us right now. Pitted against the likes of De Rossi, Pjnaic and Nainggolan, Clasie managed to boss the midfield against AS Roma, but since he plays in the Eredivisie, such opportunities come to him only twice or thrice every season. He’s supposed to play against decent/top clubs week in, week out and then establish himself as a world class midfielder. So, our talents need to step up and play for top clubs in order to catapult the national team to greater heights. Some will flourish, while some obviously won’t. But 3-4 top club veterans will gradually pave the way for the next batch of Eredivisie talents. That’s how the process of transition is supposed to work.

  3. BTW, welcome back Jan!! Such a big relief to have this blog up and running once again. Mohamed, Ferenc, Miguel, Tiju, Srinjoy and others! Where are you guys??

    1. Hey man!
      Good to see you back here too, I never did post too much but I have been glad to read your posts.. would also love to hear from Mohamed, Ferenc, and Miguel and also Jad, Goose and Alex too. Of course there are so many more I forget..
      And DRB had awesome analasyis as well – if any of you read this it would be good to hear from you!
      I was just thinking about Finnster and wondering what pragmatic things he would have to say right now…

  4. alas jan n abhirup…the blog stirs awake atlast….saturday is exciting!!!!!

    dost n hunter to start together?! poor luuk

    With Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie ruled out of Netherlands ties with Turkey and Spain, Guus Hiddink will need to look for a new attacking partnership, and on the training field on Wednesday, the coach experimented with Bas Dost and Klaas jan Huntelaar as a partnership.

    The session was reportedly looking at a plan B should Netherlands have to force the issue against Turkey, with Bas Dost supporting Huntelaar, and Wesley Sneijder and Ibrahim Afellay on the wings with the clear instructions of getting the ball into the box as soon as possible. Behind them Georginio Wijnaldum was handed the number 10 role, while Jordy Clasie and Daley Blind sat deep.

    After watching this formation, Hiddink changed it up slightly with Luuk de Jong partnering Huntelaar and Memphis Depay replacing Afellay on the wing.

    The match against Turkey is crucial for Netherlands, who currently sit third in the Euro qualifying group, six points behind Czech Republic, and three off of Iceland. Beating fourth placed Turkey is crucial if Netherlands are to get back into contention of finishing top.

  5. Leaving the Turkey game aside,the game vs spain will give us a clear indication on whether we are in level with other top teams in transitioning young generation players towards 2016or no.

    Depay, clasie, Wijnaldum, Narsingh, Willems, Klassen, Cillessen, Bruma, Luuk De Jong who are dubbed as the next and upcoming talents from eredivise will definitely be the highlight of the game vs spain as this will a good game tp compare them with upcoming talents from spain- Koke, Morata, De Gea, Carvajal,Isco,Bartra,Juan Bernat and gauage the level of quality and talent that we have in our eredivise players or we need resort to another avenues and look to players playing in another leagues such as , Van Dijik, Buttner, Van Annoholt, Van Ginkle, Nathan Ake,Ricky wolfswinkle, Ola John etc..

  6. Some thing about Van Der Weil,his games at NT level has been exceptionally as he always sits in retreated position behind Robben knowing that he doesnt needs to press high forward as Robben is one man army when it comes to those teasing run and acute crosses on the right flank.

    At Club level for Paris Saint German, he has has been very average in the last couple games especially with his poor crossing . He is sometimes very careless when pressing high forward and linking with wingers, leaving the back channel exposed That is something he will need to keep in mind if he starts and especially with Robben Injured.

  7. one thing for sure we have got better talents coming up in the current U21s (94-95)compared to 92-93 batch who are currently in the NT squad. If you at look Kishna, El Ghazi, Nathan Ake, Sinkgraven,Kongolo, Rekik,Vilhena, Boetius and with Anass Achahbar jumping into the limelight , maybe not in 2016 but they could rock the stage in 2018 with natural talent they posse. 94-95 batch is where you can really feel the quality running in their blood.

  8. @wilson……..Boetius is physically so weak,El ghazi is no where near RVP,RobEn,vaart level,Kishan is cocky and unwilling to learn..Anaas is brilliant and has vison but competeing for strker spot vs tall guys…But in see a david villa in him…konglo.Ake and singraven are real top class i tink,rest need to sweat it out a lot bar Anas who i bit unfortunate..

  9. —————–Cillessen——————
    it could be sneijder/clasie….

  10. but it is claer that guus will play

  11. Would love to try something new and bold.. here is my (current) idea:

    van der Wiel – de Vrij – Blind – Willems
    Wijnaldum – Sneijder – Klaassen
    Huntelaar – Depay

    Cillessen should keep going, his rivals are not convincing at this moment.
    VdW for me can keep his spot since he is starting for a team at the top of their league, and Janmaat just lost 3 in a row (albeit to Man Utd, Everton and Arsenal, but still his passing stats are not so great).
    de Vrij is a no brainer, a 5 dollar salmon as they say here on the West Coast of Canada, since just before the WC he is definitely our best CB and in great form at Lazio who should even get to CL..
    Blind is a crazy move for LCB I know but I wanted to include him because plays regular at United and has been one of their bright spots in a strange season for them and also because I wanted to include Willems who is leading PSV in assists.
    Clasie over de Jong since he has been playing more, not sure about de Jongs fitness.. I love Nigel actually and great that he is there but dont need 2 destroyers and it is time for Jordi to step up!
    For the front end, of course Sneijder must be captain and I feel he is most effective playing behind Huntelaar, who really has to take this chance and show he can rival RvP. Depay has to play as well, like Clasie I think the time is now to take the next step.
    So I needed to pick 2 more…
    Though I havent watch much Galatasaray league football I havent been watching Wes but usually I think Sneijder is a bit slow, and also sometimes Depay does not track back so well (another good reason for Willems to play because they have chemistry on that side), sooooooo I went for an idea of 2 box to box type mids next to Sneijder, Klaassen and Wijnaldum. I think this group of players can take over the mid and wont need to worry about counter attacks if they would execute properly.
    Anyways I know that wouldnt happen hahaha but MAN I would love it.

    I think it will probably be:
    van der Wiel – Bruma – de Vrij – Blind
    Wijnaldum – de Jong – Sneijder
    Narsingh – Huntelaar – Depay

    We play at home, the key players are saying the right things and know how important it is.
    If Sneijder stays captain he will hopefully warn his mates properly about these turkeys and so I dont think we will be complacent.

    NED 3 – 0 TUR

    Jan – we are going to need your lineup picks and prediction as well!

    1. Oh I meant to add about Klaassen and Wijnaldum — both have been running their asses off lately and looking fired up which super important for the team vibe and mentality (maybe more so than choosing the formation). Maybe Davy is a bit more of a risk, but I like him and want him to do well, plus he has just scored so why not!

  12. Expected Turkey Lineup 4-2-3-1


    Tore-Calhanoglu-Kazim Richards

    Belözoğlu – Topal

    Erkin – Gülüm – Balta,- Gökhan Gönül

    Volkan Babacan

    Strong linup from the tuks

  13. @ Tiju “Boetius is physically so weak,El ghazi is no where near RVP,RobEn,vaart level,Kishna is cocky and unwilling to learn”

    Tiju can you pliz tell who in the current 21s or in the NT Squad for that matter is near Robben,RVP,Vaarts, level. You statement is so irrational . You have been adamant over the few weeks that Jetro Willems should start on the wings and yet you say that Boetius is phuscially weak. Didnt yow watch how Willems was out muscled in defense in the last few games but yet you are saying that physcial aspect of his (Willems) game wont matter when playing on the wings. What the hack are trying to prove here.

    the guy (Boetuis) is still hatching out of the shell but you have already classified him as a amateur.When compared him with Memphis Depay, Boetuis had a good 2013-2014 season where he netted 10 goals and 9 assists in 29 apps when compared to Depay who had 12 goals and 1 assist in 32 apps. This is why (Boetius) earned his first Cap for NT vs France and with clubs like Napoli who came close to signing him. Both Him (Boetius) and De Vilhnea have been unlucky this season with Fred Rutten constantly rotating the team. New has already emerged that Vihnea has already signed a deal with Southampton jus because of this. (no game time under Rutten).

    You also under rate players like Elvis Manu, Promes who are playing productively for their respective clubs but yet you say players like Wijnaldum should start on the wings when clearly he more a midfield player.

    A very example is De Guzman who has been selected for sometime now in NT,even in the world Cup. looking at his performance you can tell he is overall a good player but you cant expect anything spectacular or special from him at NT level.

    This is how I would rate a player after seeing him performing for NT over some time, not from one game or jus because he not up to level with Robben, RVP or Vaart.

    I jus dont how do you analysis players or based on what.
    Has no Brain, is cocky and unwilling to learn, physically weak is all bullshit IMO.

    You Look at Afellay, He is one player you have criticized (No Brain, Headless chicken)since the day I joined this Blog but yet he gets selected even though he is playing in a lowly rated league. Why. Though he hasn’t played much for NT or club games for that matter but they know he is capable of producing match winning performance.

    According to Quincy Promes, he received an offer Man Untied, But he declined it jus because he new he wont get much playing time at Man United and look at him now at Spartak Moscow , he has been the most consistent player for them.

    Look at Buttner, He simply knew he wont get a chance under Van Gaal and he left for Dynamo Moscow and look at him now, it only a matter of time when they will break into the main team and once they make it they wont be turning back and thats for sure.

    My point here is it takes time to redeem your staus as a good player you cant get it over night or jus by playing few games.

    1. My Analyis and prediction basically based on intelligence of a player and his physical and menatl strength..My logic is as same as LVG FYI i am quoting and LVG dialouge.

      “Running is for animals. You need a brain and a ball for football.””””””””””””
      I see charactor of a player and whole Approach to life and their thoughts on game….
      While i found Afellay.kishna kind of players are verey very arrogant and dump…thats why they could nt suceed till date..i dont think will achive something according to their skills on ball.
      I didnt say bullshit or any thing,,,Football is a simple game But u cannot play it simple ..or else an african team would have won a WC by now..
      Then comes Roben,RVP,sneider and Vaart….its true no one is near them whther u18,u20 or u 21 or u23……
      But i do have hopes for
      Van ginkel—-Better vision,brain
      Clasie——Better vsison brain
      Kongolo—-Better vsison brain
      Anas achabar—same
      Luuk dejong–Same
      Van beek –Same
      All these guys can plays together tehn collective effort they can bring us a WC….i dont doubt it..its the work of a coach…
      Boetius is brilliant and has got vision but physically so weak….If willeims is much stronger guy than Depay,Afellay and boetius..if he gets out muscled then these guys would and easy for that guy who out muscled williems….
      Williams ahd pin point cross,he plays for team better chemisry for DOst and hunter…He can Help Blind in LB….its a very good use IMO….

      1. Tiju it seems like your IQ is bit low.No of offense but what you are doing is simply counting the chicken before they hatch. you jus wrote without thinking what I was trying to illustrate.
        I quote it takes time to redeem your status as a good player. Its so simple but yet you wrote a whole lot of stuff contray to what I was trying to Highlight.How many games has Boetius played for NT.How many games has Kishna played for NT,but yet you have gone and forseen their abilities. What is this ,OMG are u a future teller.Thats insane com on this guys are still 20,21, what I said was they have potential as an good raw material and only with time and environment they play in will mould them into elite players.

        Of course Kishna is having some problem with FDB but how did know that he is arrogant and dump,r u his personal trainer,com on dude. There is a conflict if intrest at Ajax especially with Kishnas super agent Mino Railoa openly expressing his intrest to find a top club for him aiming at Juventus and for that reason they dont look into each others eyes,whats wrong in that. Apparently he was discaplined jus because he was training the same way as Sinkgraven which FDB didnt like, so clearly there is a issue there.I mean why discapline 1 when both have done the crime.

        so what is that to do with being cocky and unwilling to learn. from where you always get you bullshit theories from .this is what I was trying highlight above. Patience ,with time we will see who is built for kill and who not.this is simply what I meant,stop jumping the gun when you dont know where your target is.

        1. @Willson My IQ might be low but it would still a 10 plus above ur IQ.No offense.I had IQ test from my employer which was 135,definitly u dont have it,i know from a standard IQ test..
          Then i can tell fortune based on character of a guy…Basicall when iask 1 question u come up with othere answers…My theoroes are nor crack pot…i have won all bets i made…Here in this blog and evry where,it doesnt come fluke…
          i have seen that u like pussy guys more over character full guys…i Like players such as Nijel,wijnaldum,Jaap stam etc kind of guys more…While u chosse to like Afeally etc…its ur freedom,that doesnt make my IQ low,i predicted on my experince in healthcare scetor and psychology..these guys Afeally and kishan are mentally so poor guys it seems.
          I am really flabbergasted by Afeallyay performance for NT…He has won a EC2012 for us and many to come,he excelled in barca by sitting in bench….
          So he desreves a spot in NT.
          Kishna on the other hand is mistreated by FDB but klasssen doesnt get mistreated…..its the fault of FDB,,so tell me what will be my IQ now??

          1. Its the attitude of player which makes him a sucessful player….The prime Example is Dirk kuyt…..with such poor skills on ball he had achieved so much,thats what a professionla player should have….Only the player i misjudged for a long time….

          2. ok my friend I will keep that in mind and I will wait and see when Jetro Willems and Wijnaldum start on the wing.

  14. You feel there some thing is wrong in the formation as per the article posted by Srinjoy on Training sessions.

    “The session was reportedly looking at a plan B should Netherlands have to force the issue against Turkey, with Bas Dost supporting Huntelaar, and Wesley Sneijder and Ibrahim Afellay on the wings with the clear instructions of getting the ball into the box as soon as possible. Behind them Georginio Wijnaldum was handed the number 10 role, while Jordy Clasie and Daley Blind sat deep”.

    What formation are they using here.




    ———–Blind —————-Clasie————–

    4 backs + keeper thats 12 players on the fiels IMO.

    1. Yes curious where it comes from.. Perhaps if they were in a position where they needed to force the issue, late in a match or something, then they would withdraw a defender for Dost? Not sure.. I suppose Memphis would be subbed out before that point already? haha
      I like Bas Dost but personally I would be surprised to see Dost play. Even though his strike rate is great so far the year (http://www.espnfc.us/vfl-wolfsburg/story/2326292/bas-dost-breaks-bundesliga-goalscoring-record-with-wolfsburg-brace-against-werder-bremen) now he has no goals in 5 matches and was an unused substitute in the 6th match..

  15. yap makes sense…Plan B. Sacrifice a defender.

    Defender – Dost

    Afellay – Depay

    Dost – Luuk ( general alteration)

    if veltman starts then we are definitely done.


    It amazing that Veltman has been selected even though not in form and with both Bruma and De Vrij there, where as Van dijik could easily slotted in left back since he playing in that position for celtic.

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