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50 responses to “Oranje – Deutschland LIVE BLOG”

  1. Bitterballen says:

    crappy lineup.. nice going LVG

  2. kevin says:

    Does anyone know a website where I can watch the game using android phone? I am in my class and I want to watch game … Thank u in advance if some1 knows

  3. goldstone says:

    Thanks for the live blog, Jan. OZO!

  4. Balkan says:

    Germany much better composed these first few minutes.

  5. SamDC says:

    16 mins or so into the game…very boring so far from both sides

  6. Balkan says:

    U G L Y so far. Robben is not helping his bad image as a cheat.

  7. Balkan says:

    Sorry but Schaken is an idiot. Robben was right in the middle 🙁

  8. islander says:

    not an exciting front three today

  9. Balkan says:

    Thank God Germany is under strength. This game could easily be over by now.

  10. Kevin says:

    Schaken is a winger without speed and he is old. Why is he in the national team?

  11. Balkan says:

    Germany is the new Holland, really impressive. For 2nd half keep only BMI, Heitinga and change everybody else. No need for De Jong, Schaken, Kuyt, all garbage.

  12. Carlos says:

    BMI is NOT staying on his wing – drifts in too much leaving the wing open – Heitinga playing very well but its like a heavyweight boxing match but the boxers throwing lightweight punches….

  13. Richard says:

    Crappy first half–terrible. Boring game and we were outplayed by the Germans. Don’t understand why LVG is using this lineup. Very little on the attacking end. The Dutch inexplicably parked the bus through most of the first half–playing too far back. Seems a wasted game so far.

  14. Mohamed says:

    Wonderful Live report 🙂 . Thank you both Jan and Carlos 🙂 .
    Heitinga kicks ass tonight . afellay is very good . BMI and Van rijn are good . Vaart has brilliant vision and poor work rate . the rest of the team is bad .

  15. SiN says:

    FANTASTIC first half!
    Highly entertaining. End to end.
    Both sides creating chances – neither can find the net. Germany perhaps a little more composed, Holland perhaps a little more inventive.

  16. Mohamed says:

    Elia for Robben
    Afellay to the right wing
    Van ginkel for Schaken
    clasie for de jong
    huntelaar for kuyt

  17. Richard says:

    Affelay can help this squad but where is the right spot for him? Drop De Jong–and while I love Kuyt but his time as passed. Same with Van der Vaart–can’t win a Cup with him. Schaken, i don’t get. One of the TV announcers speculated that Hunter was held out because he’s got a league game coming up. I’m sure we’ll see him in second half.

  18. goldstone says:

    LVG may want to wear down Germany and its famous counterattack, with the priority in the first half to shut down scoring and to bring a little wobble to their knees. Have to guess that everyone is laying back on his orders. Kuyt sure looks out of sorts in this strategy.

    Eager to see what fresh legs he brings in now. And to see more attack.

  19. Balkan says:

    It will be very bad if we lose to the germans again.

  20. Jad says:

    give me one reason why kuyt is playing

  21. islander says:

    de jong needs to go really, all he does is foul

  22. Demi says:

    very nice Jaanmat… almost !

  23. Gabriel says:

    Van Ginkel vs Maher. Who is better??

  24. Tjeerd says:

    Kuijt has passed very well today

  25. islander says:

    glad I turned over to see the last goal in the Sweden England game. Zlatan scored a belter

  26. RamyE says:

    Very proud of this Dutch team. Van gaal is doing a fantastic job so far. Impressed by so many players. Vermeer, Kuyt, all of the defenders bar none, and some others as well..
    It’s a good day for Dutch football. Good result, good performance, good development and progress.

  27. onzie76 says:

    I think it’s safe to say, although german youngsters get all the praise, Our youngsters can give them a run for the money and even surpass them

  28. Mohamed says:

    Janmaat was the man of 2nd half .

  29. SiN says:

    Good game.
    Exciting for a 0-0. Plenty of good movement and solid passing. Very happy with that.
    LVG has got a decent mix of players. Interesting times ahead.

    • JK says:

      Were we watching the same game. Maybe your tv added some special effects, but the one i saw will be voted as the most boring affair of the year, including games where the Greek football team participated on!

  30. Demi says:

    I am happy with the second half. We run and pressed more and if any team deserved the win, it was us. Very nice …

    Break a leg 🙂

  31. Miguel Rosado says:

    I’d love to see BMI as center back alongside Vlaar. And Kuyt should be our 5th option for center forward behind RVP, Huntelaar, Bas Dost, Wolfswinkel and L. De Jong.

  32. TFC Ajax says:

    Vlaar is absolute shit on the ball. Heitinga is better on the ball and a better defender. He stopped probably three sure goals in the first half. Play him beside BMI and put Vlaar on the bench

  33. Miguel Rosado says:

    I expected more from Van der Vaart. He has played over 100 years but has never been a starter so I really expected some urgency from him to shine in order to be considered as a possible starter.

  34. OhYeah says:

    The good: we didn’t lose.

    The bad: everything else.

    My God, I never realized a Netherlands-Germany game could be so boring. But seriously, what is Schaken doing in the team? Where are Bost, Wolfswinkel, Luuk de Jong?

    PS. That Zlatan’s last goal against England… could it be one of the greatest goals ever scored?

  35. Miguel Rosado says:

    I have to watch Zlatan’s goal everybody is talking about it!.

    I actually thought Schaken was our best winger tonight but nothing amaing.

    It seemed as if LVG didn’t want to experiment too much because he wanted to end our losing record vs Germany.

  36. Bart says:

    Pft his goal isn’t that impressive. Flukey more like it.

    • Jan says:

      Agreed. Lucky shot. He meant it, of course, but it only works every once in 1000 times. He got his one now. Good for him. Not the best goal ever.

      Not even in the top 10.

  37. OranjeFan says:

    Thanks for this Jan – I like the live-blog format – maybe someday I’ll be able to participate – (just need a day off at the right time!)


    De amerikanen zeggen: “Een gelijkspel is als kussen je zus ”
    Paraphrased from some quote by JC – don’t know where…hope I’ve spelled it correctly 🙂

    (The americans say that a tie is like kissing your sister)


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