Oranje prepping French revolution

Oranje is going into the final preparations for the France game on a high. After months and months of negativity, bad results and pressure, the tides seems to be turning. Danny Blind has been under a lot of pressure, and mostly due to circumstances beyond his control. But he is still standing. His performances at the press conferences get more and more applause. He’s confident, articulate, funny and goes his own way. The process around Quincy Promes as an example. Criticism on the lad, doubts…but Danny stuck to his guns. Told the media he trusted that Promes would come good. And three days later, Promes pays it back with a very good performance and two goals.


Another positive with Blind, is he doesn’t sugar coat. Hiddink was always fuzzy in his post match analysis. Van Gaal would not and could not accept any criticism, but Danny Blind calls it like he sees it. “The last 15 minutes of the first half were simply not good enough. I was quite alarmed about it and we need to fix that now.”

The French are confident going into this game. Coach Deschamps at his presser: “Oranje is always dangerous. They might have had their problems but they have excellent forwards. They’re unpredictable and can make it hard for opponents. We will come and go for the 3 points though. It’s still a long way to go, though. If we can’t win, we need to make sure we don’t lose.”

stekel france

We heard that one before.

Oranje had to make some changes to the squad of course. Luciano Narsigh injured himself (thigh), while earlier on Cillesen and Sneijder had to drop out. Tonny Vilhena has been called up and Feyenoord utility man Jens Toornstra (playing wide right, wide left and #10 for Feyenoord) is joining the squad.

jens france

I don’t expect Blind to make too many changes, despite the defensive howlers vs Belarus. He might bring De Vrij in for Sneijder ( 5-3-2) or bring De Vrij for Bruma and Propper/Clasie for Sneijder ( 4-1-4-1).

It’s also time for forget about Robben! The last week was dominated by news about a player who was not in the squad. He is in Munich. He hasn’t played regularly since March! And we’re obsessed with “Robben yes, Robben no”. This will give the squad the feeling that the guy who isn’t there is more important than the 23 players who are there. Aad de Mos said it without holding back: “We need to forget about Van Persie, Huntelaar, Robben and potentially Sneijder. If they can play and are fit: great! If not, we need to give the current squad the opportunity to step up and step out of Robben’s shadow.”

This game can go in different ways of course. We need to accept that France on paper is stronger than Oranje, at this stage. If all their big guns are on song (Matuidi, Pogba, Griezmann, Payet) and our team is playing like the third quarter of the first half, we’ll get our ass kicked.

janssen france

If they are playing under par and Oranje is playing to their qualities, we might draw.

We can only win if our key players reach a top level (Promes, Wijnaldum, Janssen, Strootman) and France disappoints (like the Euros final).

I’ll go with that last scenario. Let’s beat the Frogs 2-0.

Your thoughts?

tonny france

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  1. lets beat frogs-1-0
    i think Blind would go for 532

  2. Stekelenburg
    Karsdorp/De Vrij/VDijk/Blind

    Memphis plays a la Sneijder’s pseudo winger.

    I’m hoping.

    1. for me

  3. It looks like, he will not play 5:3:2 system. I do not know why he kept Bruma and replaced van Dijk with De Frij. Is that because De Frij and van Dijk play the same position within the center of the defense? His son is still there….Here what I just read:

    Maarten Stekelenburg
    Rick Karsdorp
    Jeffrey Bruma
    Stefan de Vrij
    Daley Blind
    Kevin Strootman
    Georginio Wijnaldum
    Davy Klaassen
    Quincy Promes
    Vincent Janssen
    Memphis Depay

  4. In two hours, Tiju changed not only from 5-3-2 to 4-2-3-1.. but also changed the names of the players including Steks…


    October 10, 2016 at 6:25 am

    lets beat frogs-1-0
    i think Blind would go for 532


    October 10, 2016 at 8:44 am

    for me

    1. this is ridiculous Wissor as i said before i put up line that Blind might pick the first one.its not my choice..
      My fanstay for today is second one…
      Are we clear…
      Why u take only parts i posted..?

  5. According to De Telegraaf, Netherlands will line up with the same 4-3-3
    Davy Propper replacing Sneijder (probably Klaassen moving out left like second half v France) and De Vrij coming in for Bruma.

    I think I’d prefer Clasie instead of Propper, sitting deep next to Strootman, much like van banger suggests.
    But either way, hope to see us turned on and ready to play as the first 30 mins v Belarus, and not how we looked in the first 30 mins v France in that friendly.
    I heard Sneijder led a very intense warmup on the field prior to Belarus, I hope someone else take that on.

    Let’s get behind the team!
    Hup Holland!

  6. You need BIG physical bodies in the middle of the field against France. Clasie is light weight in my opinion. He never delivered with Oranje either.

    Karsdorp against Griezman is a frightening proposition in my opinion. We definitely need to play 5-3-2 to cover for that.

    Steks is more comfortable for me than both Zoet and Cillessen.

    Back to Tiju…. I was trying to point out that he makes a new lineup depending on what the temperature feels like where he lives and then says he predicted this… we just need to check!!

  7. Stekelenburg
    van Dijk

    Bruma stays in.
    Maybe Bruma uses his couple CL matches experience keeping Greizmann out, also van Dijk also with a clean sheet on Payet a couple weeks ago, to surprise us all and keep France off the scoring sheet. 😉
    Only Strootman was missing last time v France, so really hoping to see him command a strong spine today with 100% focus.
    I also consider Karsdorp and Blind as upgrades to Veltman and Willems, who were wingbacks last time.
    I honestly think we can keep France out – IF we play to our ability and avoid the gap outs and personal mistakes. Big if apparently (unfortunately)!

    But can we create anything?
    Hopefully some good omens:
    17 – No player has created more chances from open play this Eredivisie season than Davy Pröpper (tied with Bel Hassani). Trusted.
    21 – Quincy Promes has created 21 chances for The Netherlands in 2016, 16 more than any other Dutch player. Craft.
    16 – No player has attempted more shots so far in the European World Cup 2018 qualifiers than Vincent Janssen (with James McClean). Rampant.

  8. Shaky defense??
    Blind lb Vs Griezmann thats scary for me..
    Hope Bruma and Strootman stay focused..
    Virgil buy olive oil for better agility…
    Lets see …biggest worry is stekelenburg..
    3-1 for France it seems..my heart out wish that players prove that i am wrong.

  9. I don’t like Bruma, he seems to be in starting lineup again. I also see Propper starting which I don’t get. He doesn’t convince me at all.
    Anyway, Hup Holland.

      1. one trick and one curling….Daley Blind is struggling now as he does get very little help from memphis from that wing…Apart from that He and propper were walking in the pitch

    1. No stekelenburg….he was in wrong position and savable shot..even pogba didnt belived it went in….gift of stek than bruma..
      Bruma,virgil,wijnaldum,janssen,karsdorp,strootman are playing okay even klassen and Blind too…Worst players are propper and Depay..propper is the worst.
      Promes workrate is really missing..

  10. Yeah and Bruma should not have played in the firstplace De Vrij far better choice!!
    But that pass was not the only problem Strootman left to much space to Pogba he lacks gritt! And ofc Steklenburg with a clear goalkeeping mistake he must push that shot away easy he had both hands on it!

  11. It is Ok, guys. When Spain started game against Dutch at 2014 WC, first 20 minutes the difference was huge. Then we all know what happened. The same was when Dutch played with Brazil in WC 2010.

  12. Unless we turn up strong in the second half we will lose this game. It is not a tragedy but the fact that we would have 7 losses in our home in the last year or so doesn’t bode well for Blind. Never happened before.

  13. The fact that Propper is a starter on the Dutch NT, that tells you Dutch football is Finish. Danny Blind has no real vision as a coach. If he doesn’t substitute this freaking Propper guy, i am done with this Freeking team. This guy has no business on the field.

  14. Do we have any alternatives? I am not crazy about Blind ether, but he uses what he has in his hands…Losing to France is not the end of the world. Plus, we have another 45 minutes. Be patient, guys.

    1. Regardless Strootman not closing in quick enough on Pogba (it seemed like he dared Pogba to shoot) Steke should have stopped it. His mistake. But I like him better than any other keeper we have.

  15. I told you guys. This is a return to the 1981-1986 years. We are “in between” what we were, and what we can become. It is cyclical. The WK 2014 was a last gasp aberration just like the Europa ’80 was for the 74-78 squad.

  16. What a weird game. Was Strootman even on the field?

    On a good note, we did not have those horrendous defensive lapses (but the French did!), and we silenced Griezmann the rooster. I think Stek could not see the beginning of Pogba’s shot, as he was masked by Virjil. So, all in all a good defensive performance…

  17. This team is like Swiss cheese. It’s full of holes…

    Memphis (although he was marginally better today).

    Strootman is still not 100% and it’s obvious

    Karsdorp was a breath of fresh air… maybe he should be a winger

  18. Today it was a tough game vs a great rival.

    What I can´t still understand is how Oranje has gotten used to losing and losing when Hiddink and then Blindman took over.

    The man without eyes is a completely asshole and I want him out of Oranje for good.

    We lost by details, Bruma pass, Steks could have done better. But to field Klaassen as a winger, bench De Vrij when it is clear he is better than Bruma and then not calling Robben, the biggest mistake of all are because of the stupidity of the man without eyes.

    I respected Danny the player, the coach is simply an stupid asshole and has to go for good. Every game he is at the helm, every game Oranje is losing time and prestige.

    We need a real coach and that is not the BLINDMAN. He should pack his bags and leave NOW.

    I am aware many things are not his fault but at the moment, we need an experienced and capable coach that can resurect the squad. There is plenty of the talent, we just need a new HC.

  19. my rating:

    Stekelenburg (6): should’ve punched instead of parried that shot from Pogba. not really convincing too.

    Karsdorp (7): offensively exciting. defensively, needs improvement. one thing I’m assured: he can defend. obviously an upgrade over Janmaat.

    Bruma (6): one of 3 men guilty for the goal. should’ve covered. got stuck into the path of French attacks, never really that convincing.

    Van Dijk (7.5): our man. foiled Frenchmen time after time. he should always start whenever he’s fit.

    Blind Jr. (7): got forward pretty regularly to combine w/ Depay. Defensively pretty solid.

    Strootman (6): stupid yellow card after altercation w/ Pogba. he frequently let go of his men. didn’t press enough.

    Propper (5): wait, did he play? 🙁

    Wijnaldum (6.5): gave us golden moment when he danced past 2 players at byline and fires a cross. then let us down by mistouched some balls. hope his injury isn’t serious.

    Promes (-): unfair to be rated

    Janssen (7): held the ball really well even against Varane/Koscielny, but misses Promes too much.

    Depay (6.5): as I predicted: he know how to pass. but his decision making issue is still there. for me, it’s him that took Sneijder’s place (and Propper disappeared) that turn and shot was sweet, but your opponent is Lloris. that one direct FK was a poor one.

    Dost (6): did he even touch the ball? can’t blame him, Papa Blind decided to play high ball against tall defender.

    Willems (6): yay, new right winger.

      1. ah yes. thanks Wilson!

        Klaassen (6): win some balls, readied himself for return passes. wasn’t really able to make late runs into the box. first touch was generally poor

  20. I really would like Jan to comment on this because he is a big fan of Danny Blind.
    Why in the world Propper has a place in the Dutch starting lineup? What was this guy doing on the field in such of an important game like this? Van Gaal would never select him. I don’t think he is national team material.

  21. Realistically we’re on course for 3rd place. France wins the group. Sweden is methodical and usually doesn’t drop points against second hand teams like Bulgaria, Belarus etc. I doubt we beat Bulgaria twice or Belarus. We must win all remaining games if we want to make sure we get to 2nd. We will rue 2 missed points in Sweden.
    Propper, Depay, Bruma, Klaasen shouldn’t be in the first team or not even reserves. Van Dijk is a rising star, Karsdorp will be big in a couple of years.

  22. I just saw the goal, Stroot should have closed on Pogba ans Steks should have saved it, not the best outcome but really not so bad against France, who boast some of the best players in the world right now.
    We need to focus on what’s ahead and hope our players are fit, this was not our strongest side so 0-1 is no disgrace. Without seeing the match, my perception is that our midfield is just not up to scratch ATM (injuries aside).

  23. We are improving maybe if we let Blind coach for another 20 years we will se real signs of improvement LOL.

    WE NEED RESULTS. Not only little improvement. Blind hasn’t been lucky tonight there was a clear penalty ruled out but it’s sad to see Holland losing yet again on home soil!!.

  24. @Vanbanger..
    We played okay and well at times,Memphis blowed one easy shot over the bar(i expected that though).another chance he shot it correct but good save from Loris…
    In reality we lost due to following reasons.
    1-Stekelenburg.who is not at all confident at post,i expect steks to concede 3 goals but he conceded only one.thats a rountine save for Zoet or even Cillessen..
    2-Proper was the worst in the feild,poor workrate,no strength,no stamina,no physicality.
    3-Promes out and Depay in ,on the moment i realised we are going to play with 9 men as Proper was already not in the pitch.Promes lacks quality but he puts up teh work rate of 2 players,that makes us ticking the game..
    At any cost Propper,Steklenburg,Depay should not wear THIS ORANGE JERSEY.
    i saw that strootman was completely undone by more physical pogba..that happens in games ..i can live with it.
    bets players were
    struggled but okay
    Worst was
    Propper both were equal IMO
    Depay for his lack of pace and poor workrate as usual expected.

  25. Really a shame Steks could not stop that shot.
    At the top level that really must be stopped. Not into blaming Strootman, at least he makes sure the shot must go to Steks right side..
    Although we were close to a clean sheet, more worrisome is that it was our worse attacking match in a year, and failing to score for the first time in 12 matches.
    Bruma with his usual mishap and an invisible CM combo for Strootman to work with this game in Klaassen and Propper. Maybe those could be justified selections, but the difference in class and athleticism between them and Pogba/ Matuidi was clear. But I do think de Vrij is a clear upgrade to Bruma.

    Gutted for Promes and Wijnaldum to go off injured, two of our hardest working and most important players.
    Positives were van Dijk, who dealt with everything which came his way, and Karsdorp, who got forward well on Kurzawa and put some decent crosses in.
    Blind was pretty good too, appreciated his little nutmeg on Sidibe hah

    France should deservedly take top spot, need to focus to take full points on other matches to stay ahead of Sweden. Even though our quality is short on France now, we are still much better than Sweden Bulgaria and Belarus.
    Let’s make sure we get results to prove it!

  26. As a fan i am following since 1994..i am really gutted for yesterday loss as i think we played well with a 9 man team.we could have get a draw with 11 men.Guys put up lost of energy i mean other 8 guys.GK betryed us when it really mattered..Everton plays good football and still they loose thats due to they dont have a world class GK.
    The moment i saw stek on line up i was sure about mistake.
    disallowed goal vs sweden,mistake strootman Vs sweden,Mistake stekelburg VS France..these all were easily and avoidable mistakes..
    Can we win rest of the games??vs sweden,bulgaria and belarus at least..??
    Away match to france seems impossible to win..i am sure we would have had better result,if we could avoid klassen vs sweden
    propper and stek Vs france..
    Individual player choice of blind was so bad..

      1. If it was for no mistakes nobody would win. Mistake aside they couldnt score in either games.did you watch Buffon’s howler vs Spain but then they fought back and equalized, end of story.

        Whom else you will blame.

        1. Bigfarter…We lack quality,so we will dried of goals for some time..our bets players are at defense farter.So at least steks could have kept a clean sheet..idiot..

    1. I will still trust Stek unless Zoet does something spectacular at CL.

      Everton lose like how many times? even ManU lost twice, they had DeGea.

      Really, don’t look down on Stek unless you watch how he plays at Everton.

      and how is disallowed goal = avoidable mistake?

      1. Zoet is the most consistant keeper for alst 2 years..We dont better consistancy than Zoet..
        stek was in hiatus for long time,it was blunder mistake as vanhengem said it before game…

  27. Its been a hard game for any coach. I blamed Blind but playing without Sneijder and Robben is already difficult and then having Promes and Wijnaldum injured that is a killer punch in the face for any coach.

    We have to make sure we keep focused for the next games and win at any cost.

    Karsdorp was great he is fast and is Oranje material. De Vrij has to play instead of Bruma.

    Janssen is good but his substitue Bas Dost is not Oranje material. We have to find a decent sub for him.

    1. if Bellerin goes to Barca, Wenger should sign Karsdorp. or better yet, Bellerin stays with Arsenal, Karsdorp goes directly to Barca.

      Dost IS oranje material, but isn’t compatible w/ current setup (he only subbed in when we need to play long/high ball). his combination play isn’t as good as Janssen. even Huntelaar would have a hard time.

      Had Sneijder been there, Dost might get more balls at final third.

  28. Just look back the game vs France, lost 3 points is so disappoited but in the game France not dominated us. Loris is over our Stele, same at Pogba position. Strootman played ok but Pogba can make 1 difference, 1 brilliant minute. Our best players that day could be Kardorp, van Dijk, Janssen even they dominate French at same position, all of them still quite young so we have a hope for long term.

  29. My Player Ratings

    Stekelenburg – 6
    Really should have done better on the French goal but he made and excellent reaction save later on from a Pogba header

    Karsdorp – 8
    Dynamic in attack. Looked like our most threatening player

    Bruma – 5
    His errant pass lead to the French goal. He really should be replaced by De Vrij

    Van Dijk – 8
    If he’s not a world class defender yet he definitely will be someday. Excellent game.

    Blind – 7
    I was just thinking to myself its a shame Blind isn’t more dynamic going forward because he really does have everything else, then he nutmegged a French defender and got into a great position in the French box. I have to stop doubting him.

    Wijnaldum – 6
    Wasn’t at his best today but still a shame to see him get hurt. He’s a big part of this team

    Strootman – 7
    The best of the Dutch midfielders passed the ball fairly well and did a decent job shielding the back four.

    Propper – 5
    Invisible, especially playing as a #10.

    Depay – 6.5
    Looked excellent when he came on for injured Promes, provided a spark. Faded a bit in the second half but that’s not surprising given his lack of play time.

    Janssen – 7
    His hold up play was brilliant and he combined well with Depay on the left. That being said he’s got to find a way to make the French pay for the Payet giveaway.

    Klassen – 6
    Played in two unfamiliar positions today and did about as well as could be expected. Kept the ball ok but didn’t really offer anything dynamic going forward.

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