Oranje ready for Kazachstan!

The tension is mounting. Also in the Dutch players camp. The media love to interview the big name players before a game as some of them still have it in them to say something remarkable.

Most young players are afraid to speak their minds and copy the words of the press officer… “Yes it is an honour”. “No the coach decides and I play where he wants me to.” Etc etc

Memphis Depay today is such a big name. But the Man U winger decided to scoff the press and said “I am not talking to you guys!”. And marched on. Louis van Gaal would not accept that kind of behaviour when he was in charge of Oranje, as opposed to his predecessor Van Marwijk and successor Hiddink, who were a bit more loose with that behaviour.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar is always a good target for interviews. The former PSV talent, who had to make his way into the big league via AGOVV and Heerenveen before Ajax picked him up had a horrific spell under Blind. In the first game vs Iceland he had to make way after getting a start when BMI saw red and against Turkey Blind suddenly didn’t need him at all.


The Schalke top scorer doesn’t want to dwell too much on this. “I wasn’t happy but hey, it’s football. The coach decides. I was happy to start of course and the coach explained his tactical views after the game, the reason why he subbed me. The Turkey game was a huge disappointment of course and again, the coach had plans that didn’t include me but I love Oranje. I love playing for Oranje and whenever the coach needs me, I’ll be ready to play. I will focus fully on the future and don’t dwell on the past. It is not about me either. Oranje needs to qualify. And whether I play and score or someone else…. ”

Wesley Sneijder was the key man against Scotland in 2004 when he helped Oranje qualify for the Euros 2004 in Portugal. “That is a long time ago. I’m still here, hahahaha.” Sneijder laughs when he realises his buddies Rafa van der Vaart, John Heitinga and – currently – Arjen Robben don’t have the level of fitness or form to play for Oranje at this stage. “And I’m not done yet. I have much more in me. I am happy where I am, my wife is expecting, life in Turkey is amazing and now we will need to give it all to qualify. Bring it on!”

The cocky midfielder realises his role in Oranje has changed. “When I came into the squad I had someone like Jaap Stam having a go at me and putting me in my place. Today’s young players are a bit different, it seems. I do sense I am one of the older lads and like Stam, most likely, I feel like they kids don’t always listen to me. In my early days, the senior players played cards. Always battling over klaverjassen, and the young lads tried to get into the game. Today, they sit in their rooms and play Playstation. I think it’s childish. Not manly at all. I don’t do it, hahahaha.”


Asked about the odds of Oranje not qualifying. “I don’t want to talk about it like that. I simply cannot believe we won’t make it. But whatever the result, I do believe Blind should stay. He is perfect for this group. He deserves to get more time. With new players, old players, whatever. As long as I am part of it hahaha.” Wesley’s wife Yolanthe is at the end of her pregnancy and Sneijder said many times he will go home if the baby comes. “This is priority. I have played football for too many years and have put my family on the second spot for years. This time. I want to be there. I want to support my wife and see my baby being born. Once I am on the pitch, I will play the match but if I get the message before the game, I’m off. Sorry.”


Oranje will play the away game vs Kazachstan in Astana, the futuristic capital of the nation. In the past, a big steppe where nomadic tribes lived and lingered. Today, a new sort of Vegas or Dubai with a highly futuristic football stadium, Sneijder: “It is very science fiction. I never saw this before, and believe me, I have seen a lot of stadiums.” With the new oil and gas revenue, this former USSR state (became independent in 1991) has re-invented themselves and are ready for the big games. The Astana cycle team has done well, the Astana FC made it to the Champions League and the nation’s dreams go further.

As to be expected, the pitch in the Astana Stadium is made of artificial grass. This is a first. Oranje never ever before played a match or a friendly even, on artificial grass. Robin van Persie: “The last time I played on astro turf was when I was in the Feyenoord youth. Maybe 16 years ago?”
Wesley Sneijder played their recently with Gala in their CL match against Astana. “My muscles are still sore. It’s not good.”


Huntelaar despises fake grass. “For me, it is a reason not to go back to the Eredivisie in the future. There’s like 4 clubs now with this fake pitch. Not for me. I hate it.”

The younger generation of Oranje players, however, is used to it. Elia: “I don’t mind it. When you are fast, it is more reliable and you can pass the ball well too.”

Blind trained with a fully fit squad in the Astana Stadium and as opposed to the earlier games, where he picked Hunter without RVP for Iceland and RVP instead of Hunter against Turkey. For the Kazachstan game, we will most likely see both players leading the line.

El Ghazi will most likely start on the right. The Ajax winger is seen as show pony but realises it doesn’t all have to be brilliant. “We need to win. As simple as that. Even if it is ugly. My job is quite clear and this applies to all players. We’ll simply have to do it.”

Georghinio Wijnaldum went from heaven to hell. Picking up the bronze medal in Brazil, winning the title with PSV and as a result a big transfer to a sleeping giant in the EPL. But his team is last in the standings and his Oranje might not get to the Euros. “It’s crazy. People in England ask me all the time, what is wrong with Holland…. It’s hard, we haven’t played our best football but that flow can come back just like that. I am personally happy with where I am. The situation in England with Newcastle isn’t great but we are a young team in development and we play world class opponents all the time. The pace is amazing and they all want to attack attack… Against Man City, we started great and got in front but then Aguero has 5 amazing touches: 5 goals. And we gave the goals to them….”


The Spanish papers were all about a Dutch player who isn’t important for Oranje anymore…. Although some feel he should be part of this current squad… Dirk Kuyt. Apparently, FC Barcelona made up a short list of players they could get to the club to allow them to bring on a super sub pinch hitter. The statisticians were told to look for players with international careers, over 30 years old with good stats in scoring off the bench and who haven’t played CL football this season (and thus are eligible to play). A list of four players, among them Feyenoord’s Dirk Kuyt. The only one on the list without Liga experience though… The same Dirk Kuyt that was mentioned by an influential sports analyst in Holland as a potential call up for Oranje. Janmaat wasn’t replaced by Danny Blind and according to Sjoerd Mossou only Dirk Kuyt would make sense. He would be the talisman, he would definitely make an impact in the dressing room and he would be able to start at right back and end up playing fourth striker and scoring the all important winner in the dying seconds….


With Janmaat out and Dirk Kuyt wearing his Messi PJ’s it seems Kenneth Tete is about to make his debut in the Oranje team. The young Ajax right back has caught the eye of many Dutch experts, not just Blind and Van Basten. The 19 year old will be 20 this coming Friday and has a bright future in Orange. As opposed to youngsters like Janmaat, Van Rhijn, Van der Wiel and Willems, Tete is a real defender. Not unlike Terence Kongolo, Tete is happiest after a strong block tackle. Where Van Persie dreams of the perfect assist and Huntelaar of the perfect header, Tete is all about the perfect challenge. Tete grew up in the same streets as Narsingh and Assaidi and played street soccer with the older lads. “I had to really grow up fast and become tough as they’re all so good and quick and older as well… I was like a kamikaze pilot in the youth… running and flying and tackling. I am the product of an African dad and an Asian mum :-), My dad was Dutch champion kickboxing and I think I have his power and my mum’s agility. I always wanted to be a defender. Jaap Stam is my role model. I love it when the Ajax fans applaud an interception or a tackle. The Ajax supporters are critical but can really appreciate good defending too.”

And back to Memphis… The young winger is talking to the media, but on his terms. “We only talk about the Kazachstan game. I don’t want to talk Man United or working with Van Gaal or the EPL or the World Cup Brazil. Most football fans like the arrogance of the top player. Sneijder has it, C Ronaldo has it. The amateur kids know Memphis could be the one playing Oranje out of prison.
“Asked if he feels the pressure to be the man who changes things around, he says: “I understand this. I am one of the players that can win a game with one move. So I will have to deal with that pressure.”

bassie blind

So…people…. it’s time to give you my ideal line up. Although this time it will not be much different than Danny’s, as the injury list is bigger than I would like to see it.

I personally am not a big Cillesen fan and would always go for Krul. But Blind won’t.

So for me it will be:

Tete – Van Dijk – Riedewald
El Ghazi – Wijnaldum – Blind – Sneijder – Memphis
Huntelaar – Van Persie

I expect Holland to win 0-3 against these cats. I think Huntelaar will score the first one. Van Persie will score one and Memphis or Sneijder will score from midfield position.

Gimme your ideas!

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    1. Roy keane is the coach..so its not a surprise eventually keane would pull such result….Germany has become weak due to retirement of Lahm and bastein…At present France is the best european team….then comes Spain Germany…if miracle doesnt happen Frnace will win Euro2016…especillay if they play martial as striker over overrated benzema…

  1. ———krul—————

  2. Dirk Kuyt wearing his Messi PJ’s..
    You’re 2 for 2, Jan 🙂

    To me all depends on the mindset of the players Blind puts out, not so much which players are picked..

    But having said that, I would like to see a 442 on paper which turns into a 352 once on the pitch, start with a tactical advantage because they will look at our lineup first an hour before the match and start talking about their own tactics..

    Tete— van Dijk—Blind—Kongolo
    El Ghazi —————Memphis
    —–van Persie–Huntelaar——

    GK hopefully not important in this match but given Cillessen’s disappointments, its time for fresh blood and someone who doesn’t switch off mentally, even though he has just been torn apart by Man City last weekend..
    Blind can spend more time as CDM and LCB depending on how Kaz is playing, and leave a 3 at the back.
    Tete and Kongolo are easy decisions under the circumstances.
    Wijnaldum and Sneijder must have at least a little bit of familiarity by now in midfield.
    El Ghazi and Memphis over Elia and Lens because I think they give us the better chance, despite Memphis disappointing form.
    I think Huntelaar has a connection with the players which Dost does not
    Last chances for van Persie to be a dutch hero and make that perfect assist for the Hunter.
    If not up by 2nd half, then pull either of Hunter/RvP and Memphis/El Ghazi and put Dost and Elia/Lens in and start to bomb the Kaz box with crosses. I hate that kind of football, but this is what players resort to when they feel desperate so might as well set up properly for it!

    Most importantly I really hope I see some motivation and passion in our game!!

      1. Yes, that’s what it says doesn’t it. And further to the reasons that I already gave, a match versus Kazakhstan might offer a chance for those 2 to put a positive performance in and get some confidence back, which helps v Czechs too.

        We need to win 2 games by any means, not test new players who I think have not done much better yet really – Dost, Lens, Afelaay and Elia

        Relax man, realize that your opinion is just as meaningless as mine.
        All depends now on what Blind sees in training anyways

  3. I have a bad feeling that orange get a tie in Kazachstan and beat Czechs (or vice versa) for a total of 4 points. Turkey gets 2 draws and in the end we get eliminated. I hope not.

  4. Outside of Sneijder, do we have any other player than can shoot from distance? I know Afellay can, is he on the bench?

    I am not holding too much hope on Memphis’ shoulders, he seems to be too heavy and not nimble enough. All the speedy players are/were light: Robben, Ronaldo, Messi, Nyemay, Aguero, Martial, Giggs, Walcott, Van Persie (in his younger days).

    I do believe we will win and I think Seijder will be MoTM scoring and assisting. I think Daley Blind will have an assist or score as well. One of the defenders will score for sure. We win by 2 goals.

  5. Wow you have a lot of confidence in Tete and Riedewald. In order to play 3 defenders they must be really good. I’ve just watched Van Dijk and he is great.

    I believe it’s a good line up against Kazachstan but against the Czechs I would play with 4 defenders.

    Against Czech Republic:





    1. Dont take my line up as literal static all the time. Of course in possession, CB Blind will move up. Steve explained my line up well.

      Blind will be sitting with Van Dijk, Wijnaldum and Sneijder will form the heart of midfield with El Ghazi and Memphis moving up making it 3-3-4 or 4-2-4 at times.

  6. I think Tete and Reidewald have to be on the top of their game and justify their selection. If they fail they should put one big lock on the ereivisie door.there is no room for choking which always has being the case

    1. THERE IS very less chance that they would perform worse than BMI,Weil….so even their mediocre performance should be better than both…Though what i saw from ajax games are there are capable of shutting down CR7,Messi etc…kazhaksthan doesnt have CR7 or messi…i feel kongolo is better than raidwald…i could be wrong…
      if ornage doesnt qualify fro euro2016 with 24 seats and 3 countrys can at least qulaify from each gruop and we came in to this situation is soly due to Hiddink no1,Danny blind no-2 and the players Afellay,BMI,weil,RVP,Memphis and to some extent Janmaat are the reasons for out absence in euro 2016…
      memphis,janmaat can sit in bench and rest MUST BE DROPPED FOR EVER…

      1. Looks like 433

        ————- Cillessen————–
        El Ghazi——————-Memphis

        1. WE NEED tremendous amount of work rate in mdifeild,with RVP sneijder we wont have that..Depay is not kuyt…hence there is hell of Job for Blind and elgahai..with can excpect some help from snijder…

          1. Tremendous work rate in midfield against Kazakhstan ? We need Kuyt against them ? haha you’re funny

      1. Good team, we’ll have 65/70 % of ball possession against Kazakhstan and the key is to find the spaces and ways to score. It’s the only thing to care about in this game since the opponents have little chances to score, except on a corner kick like in the first leg.

        So basically we have Van Dijk who’s able to score on a header, Sneijder-Blind who can give long passes on RVP/Huntelaar, Depay and El Ghazi to make individual differences on the wings…

        Tete and Riedewald aren’t that good going forward and I would like to play other full backs but Janmaat and Willems are injured.

        Elia has been in good form with Feyenoord lately and he can make differences against a weak team like this, hope he’ll come during the game.

  7. “””Tremendous work rate in midfield against Kazakhstan ? We need Kuyt against them ? haha you’re funny””””if a player doesnt work hard he is not a best player for team..football is played by 11 players..we miss kuyt, for his workrate…

  8. The actual starting lineups are up, RvP does not make the 11:

    Looks like 433

    ————- Cillessen————–
    El Ghazi——————-Memphis

    1. And apparently Danny Blind has made Daley Blind captain…
      I would have expected Sneijder or Huntelaar, the coach will take some heat for this I am sure.

  9. Well based on the national anthem Kazakhstan had a lot more players passionately singing. Only really saw Huntelaar mouthing a long a little bit.

  10. to create goal in tough matches…we need better players up front,the robens,overmars,bergkamps etc….we are left with Elghazi,depay,promes,Afellay…none are quality players…

    1. I don’t know, I like El Ghazi. He’s been lively this game and he’s still young. Yes it’s against Kazakhstan but I think he’ll get better once he leaves Ajax for a bigger club.

  11. We miss Annholt,willimas on wings to see some fire,i mean players got extra pace to create something from brilliant passes of Blind and sneijder…on left wing…
    should be our starting 11…

  12. The live commentator as raved about the play of El Ghazi, and sounds like Depay has also had an excellent game. Granted, it is Kazachstan, but we’ll take good play any way we can get it.

  13. Mission accomplished for now with a 2-1 victory, although not convincing it will do good for the pressure of the situation..

    Iceland blow a 2 goal lead and let Latvia draw 2-2, leaving top spot available for the Czechs to take, which could be good news for us.
    Now we all become Czech for a few hours!

  14. How do you lose two keepers in a match against Kazachstan–one in warmups and one during the game in which Krul had little action but somehow managed to twist his knee, apparently. And so it goes…but a 2-1 victory.

  15. Depay is really frustrating at times, what an awful waste he made of Blind’s fantastic pass. His only advantage as of now is his crossing which is really good and he should focus more on that in the game. Same goes for El Gazi also I guess.

  16. Was impressed with Sneijder, motm for me. Good choice for captain and what a great team goal he finished off (finally) – I have been missing that!!
    Big misses from el ghazi, Memphis, and Wijnaldum too, but all had good moments as well I thought..
    Nice for Wijnaldum to get a goal reward for his hard work as well.
    Foolish to say any of them suck completely to me, even when Memphis is in such horrible form.
    Blind was fine in CDM, always tough with an early (and bad call) yellow card.

    Still frustrating stuff at times, not really dictating/ dominating the play.
    Kaz defended well, keeping us to the outside and they are playing with a little more purpose, mind you we seemed ultra nervous.

    2 great goals should help the general form, disappointed wit the Kaz goal at the end especially if the 3rd place position comes down to GA, but maybe it’s a good time for this young defensive line to learn the hard way that the game doesn’t end until the ref blows the whistle.. rather than over glorifying a clean sheet.

    Better obviously, but still not great.

    Some good stats:
    Most chances created: Huntelaar with 3, and 1 his assist.
    Most passes: van Dijk with 87/91
    Most take ons: Memphis 4/5 (and Bruma 3/3 haha)
    Most tackles: Tete 5/5
    Most interceptions: Blind with 6
    Milestone: RvP makes his 100 appearance

    And some news: van der Wiel and Vermeer have been called up.
    (Strange to lose 2 keepers in a day!)

    1. memphis doesnt lack form…he is a body builder with heavy legs…he cannt recive the balls from blind and sneijder.which is require to beat any quality team…memphis has an elephant leg,he is truggling to dribble and run with his heavy legs,,its spoiled by idiotic gym training…

    1. You know nothing about football, just nothing. Nothing, nothing ,nothing. Even not the players names that you cannot write correctly.

      Kazakhstan has been improving a lot lately, most of their players are playing the CL campaign with Astana and just got a draw from Galatasaray.

      India is total crap, they’re not even in the best 20 asian teams, they just lost to Turkmenistan lol

        1. Tiju with all due respect, stop embarrassing yourself.

          If you make ridiculous statements then you should not be surprised that you get constantly disrespected, so just take it.

          When you show such a huge lack of respect to others then you cannot expect it back – that goes for anyone.

          1. I don’t know how long you’ve been posting here Steve, maybe you were using another nickname before but you should know that Tiju has been spoiling this blog with his daily crap for a long long while now.

            I left this blog last year and many others interesting contributors as well, we are now writing on another website where Tiju wouldn’t stay long cause the moderators would throw him awaw…They don’t allow people to flood, especially if repeating the same silly things.

          2. Respect doesn’t work with tiju. There a lot of members on this blog that got fed up and left because of him.

            I used to post a lot more when there were guys making some legitimate conversation.

          3. Laurent I have been visiting Jans blog since around 2008 and I have always seen Tiju’s posts and felt his wrath too!
            I have also defended his right to say and think whatever he wants even tho he does not seem to extend that..
            I don’t have a problem ignoring most of the time, but sometimes I will get sucked into comment haha

            I remember wissor!
            I appreciate what you have to say

            But let’s be honest, disrespect doesn’t work with Tiju either

          4. I also was able to handle it when he was only hating on Afellay. But now he got a whole list. Depay, Promes, Weil, BMI, RVP…It will keep going on and on.
            The funniest is that he accuses Holland to fail because of these players while some of them have played very few qualifiers games or even none.

            It’s just very boring to read that Aanholt (a random dutch LB) should bench Depay (our best winger bar Robben) 5x a day, I’m obliged to be disrespectful. I’m posting on many football websites and I’ve never seen someone sounding as amateur and boring as he does, the worst is that he claims to be 32 years old…

  17. 0-2 for Turkey. We need Iceland beat them and us win against the Czechs. Honestly we are not better than Turkey. Arda is much better than our best player whoever that is. With Czechs losing today there is no motivation for Iceland to win. But who knows. Stranger things have happened .

  18. Hey guys,

    well Turks managed to win Czechs and I believe there is very little chance for Oranje to get into knock out stage. But let;s just ask very simple question: does this team really deserve to play in Euro? I truly doubt. Losing twice to Iceland and giving away four points to very grey Turkish team speak very little about the quality of this Oranje. Not only does this team lack quality, they also lack passion and willingness to fight for every point….Last game with Kazakhs once more proved what I said above. Even if somehow we manage to take third place in this group, we will lose during last round of qualification or embarrass ourselves in Euro 2016. I think we need to take a break, pose and think how to re-build a new team. We definitely need a new coach who could clean the team up, bring a life into this apathetic team and choose players who really are ready to give everything for the sake of victory. However, I am very much afraid that this shortsighted KNVB will still keep Blind in this position until he shits himself during WC-2018 campaign…..

    1. AZ I so want to agree with you on whether NT deserves to be in the Euros or no.but can’t of half hearted coz you have to agree that injuries also have being a crucial factor in determining the outcome for NT in these qualifications. I think with the return of injured players like Robben,Clasie and Strootman,Vlaar, NT can definitely go pound to pound with any team. With them, there is another good half season left for Dutch players in other leagues including PSV who full steaming in CL.with another transfer window ahead I’m sure come towards the end of the season there will be other players who will force their way into the team should NT scrap through to euros. I won’t name them now but let’s just wait and see.

      Maybe it’s useless to say this should NT not qualify but if they scrap through,first thing first get a coach we has really balls and can think outside of the box. I think the clean up campaign should start from KNVB, otherwise the whole ship will sink. Fingers crossed NT will at Euros.

  19. Disaster! I cant see iceland defeating turkey. One of the worst days ever. Turkey were better than us in both games. Unfortunately they deserve to go to play-offs. Hopefully we can make it to wc 2018. After tuesday it is time to build a new team with a real coach. First let us destroy the czechs for not doing their job today.

  20. The biggest fail in Dutch football ever…!! 24 Teams make it through and we managed to stay out! This is so sad for all the Oranje fans around the world.

        1. Now its so much worst my friend because of the fact that every team qualifies. 3 teams from every group had the chance to be in the Euros and we managed to screw it up. In the 80’s it was much harder for teams to qualify plus the fact that the Dutch team was going through a process of renewing the team since the golden generation that produced total football were retired.

  21. OK NT is on on 13 points and Turkey on 15 with both having goal difference of 4.now if Iceland and Turkey end up drawing their last match then it will all come down to how convincingly NT can beat the Czechs right. But then why they are saying Turkey only needs a draw vs Iceland to qualify.

    1. If NT win Czechs and Turkish draw with Iceland then both NT and Turkey will have 16 points. However, Turkey will progress further because they were better than Dutch in the games between each other (1:1 and 0:3).

        1. no, head-to-head comes first, unfortunately…Let’s see may be some miracle will happen. Although I doubt….I also agree with you that if Strootman and Robben were not injured it would be a different story. Unfortunately, at this point of time both of them have been irreplaceable….

  22. The situation is basically the same – out of our control.
    To get to the euros we must win at Amsterdam versus the Czechs and Iceland must win away at Turkey.. After that we will still have to win the playoff for 3rd place teams.

  23. @To clear certain misconcepts…
    I dont attack anyone hear unless they dont attack me at first as if they think that they are the most intelligent in their own minds…I came from differnt country which has no connection with dutch…still became fan of dutch due their flair game,i get mad when that is spoiled by some twat stuborn coaches and some low quality players….i had a big fight with many bloggers in 2012,many faught against me for no reason, I STOOD ALONE. i challeged dutch to loose 3 games under a mad coach Bert in Euro2012..i knew dutch are goin to get humiliated and humbled for their arrogance,arrogance is first step of fall.which happend with some dutch fans over here..i came from a wonderful and strong country,.but am not arrogant about it….some here thinks that they are football pundits and they knew everything,thats the sign of an utter stupid..
    I PREFER TO SPEAK THE TRUTH ONLY…. Offcourse stubron coaches who slecets flop players repeatedly for games are th number 1 culprit for these losses…I know its not nice to hear RVP is done,Afellay,Narsingh,Promes weil are Headless chickens..BMI is not a relaiable LCB etc…but ITS TRUTH MY DEAr BLIND FANS….U NEED TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX AND IMPROVISATION IS REQUIRED,THATS HOW lvg SAVED FROM fart van marwijk catastrophy…open up….

    1. You have been having big fights for much longer than since 2012!
      It is also wrong if you think that it was ‘for no reason’..

      don’t pretend you are the one who gets bullied

      1. its normal we cannt please every one,truth is always bitter and i speak that..so will have problems…laurent was looser in the blog but i was winner…we both stood against other bloggers in 2012 and 2014…Laurent ended up as a sore looser…

        1. What are you saying ? I’ve always been against Van Gaal and thought we would get kicked in the WC first round by Chile and Spain. I was wrong about my prediction and I immediatly recognized it.

          This Tiju will call anyone looser as long as we don’t win a WC or EC, he will keep saying that it’s because of Promes, Afellay and coachs choice and that he s right and we’re all wrong.

          It’s his very childish tactics to impress us.

  24. the Oranje performance has been underwhelming, woeful after the World Cup in Brazil. The current team is not competitive at all. Even if we reach the euros next year, there is a high possibility that it will end up a disaster, similar to Euro2008.
    Iceland, Czech and Turkey are deserving winners.

    1. amen……TRUT IS SPOKEN….BUT we would have done better had we dropped some players…Hiddink and Blind are equally culprit for this..Blind got 4 games with advantage over turkey…it is his stupid selection of players in first 2 matches cost us victory…though i do apreciate him for selecting Raidwald,tete,Virjil etc…

  25. Honestly, I fear we might not even qualify for 2018 World Cup with France and Sweren in our qualifying group. It is really a dreadful but possible scenario. 🙁
    Hopefully we can regroup and be competitive once more.

  26. If NT doesn’t qualify, the one game they have look back and bite the dust is the Turkey game which they lost 3-0 and this was one game where Danny totally lost the plot as a coach.

    Once again the euros can be good platform for the young NT players leading to 2018 and if they don’t qualify it will be huge waste for them in terms of their development especially getting exposure to top international competition like euros and also missing out on the opportunity to attract intrest from top clubs in Europe.

    But I’m not sure whether NT will will be missed if they fail to qualify this time around compared to other years when they didn’t make it.

  27. I’m sure EL Ghazi after this game should kiss eredivisie goodbye.Im sure all those club who are after him would have penciled him down after watching him vs Kazakhstan. I think he will a target man in Jan transfer window

    1. Wait..Elghazi is not the final point.At present we can say only this that elgahzi looks better than elia,promes,Narsingh,Body builder…so lets wait..i dont see anything like roben,Overmars thing in him…but must agree that something is better than nothing…

      1. Tiju do you really think NT can come up with another Robben or Overmars.why do you always wanna compare the players of Golden generation to the current crop of NT players. It ain’t gonna happen dude.

          1. ITS just kazakhsthan…So wait..thats what i said, agree he is better than many..No doubt he should get preference over other headless chickens…i worried about the qulaity of over all team…
            ECU21-2007 we won it with assiati,bakal,Donk,Reighters etc and Bable…None has emerged in to top..this says if find right mix of team that can win a trophy like Greece 2004,italy 2006 etc…I am very much pessimistic about our chances with Bodybuilder,Promes,Narsingh,RVP,Afellay up front….when u add weil,BMI in back are going to conced tons of goals…this is scary situation for NT..
            Both williams and Annholt are faster than Depay,both has acurate boots for crosses,they would be more suitable to team than Depay the bodybuilder..
            On right we must put Wijnaldum as first choice,with Vanrhijn as second and Elgahzi as third..
            Vanrhijn is brilliant footballer,has got pace,acurate crosses,very technical ,has vision,only problem is that his defense is weak,so why not play him as winger as per his strength..??

  28. Tiju was constantly criticizing Van Gaal and his choices before the world cup too, you can find his posts here, and even though we finish 3rd, which is very good even if there were some helping circumstances in my opinion, he continued to insult players and put his lines up.

    Actually I’m not even sure he’ll stop even if we win a world cup someday, the only way to get rid of him is to create a blocking option or something like that.

    1. not at all ..ever since LVg took seat,i never had to yell…bar kuyt case whom finally played where he belonged.and kuyt played his best tournament for dutch due to LVG..idiot laurent was against fart van marwijk not LVG…LVG did everything i wished ..u r a liar laurent.

    2. Laurent, if you want to dig up the past:

      How about recalling the promise you made to leave this site and not come back?

      How about recalling the racist/anti-semitic/whatever comments you wrote here and for which you NEVER apologized and were obviously banned and which made other bloggers leave in disgust?

      1. You don’t make any sense, I’m posting on bigsoccer with DRB, Gabriel and many others and there are no problems at all. We even talked about racism, religions etc. on a specific thread without any problem.

        The problems here have always been Tiju and the multi troll Krab Van Zandvoort.

        I’m not posting anything related to football here, I just came back because Tiju is boring as hell and I’m trying to help you .

  29. Made this killer lineup based on Tiju and wilsons ideas mixed together.

    N de Jong-Ake-Hendrix

    CBs who are ‘body builders’. 2 wing backs who do not play for their clubs and have never played together. 3 holding mids to protect a weak back 4, especially Memphis who is now ‘a shit’. Our best forward wingers, hands down. Was thinking Locadia in the middle because he only scores as a sub, and never misses big chances, and has a bad attitude, but since Blind is our best runner he gets the call. Was thinking about maybe Sneijder as a false ‘box to box striker’, but he has eaten too much turkey and is fat now right, so went with Daley instead since he is not a defensive player.

    1. Would be a great team, at least there is no dribbler.

      The only questionnable choice is Nigel De Jong, since he is >30 and cannot run anymore. You should study more biology.

      Also you forgot the legend Aanholt, he can give a serious competition to Williams upfront.

  30. Watching our U21s v Slovakia U21s, 1-1 at HT
    Some good pressure, but everything is a bit nonchalant.. another nice finish by Vincent Janssen. Slovakia tie it up right before HT with a goal from a corner with some really bad marking from our D, especially Hoedt, who looked furious after – dumb mistake but I love when a defender is furious after allowing a goal against.

    1. Slovakia win 1-3
      Another goal allowed from a corner..ugh, bad again from Hoedt. Then poor midfield marking and basically the attacker is allowed a shot from the edge of the box, not great from Hendrix, he has to shut that down.
      Frustration causes some dumb fouls, and desperation hurt our possession after that, just playing sloppy trying to make too much happen too quickly..
      Big misses from Hateboer and Janssen.
      One of those days.

      I liked captain Vilhena’s work ethic even though not much went right for him.
      Disappointed with Hoedt, Hendrix and Kishna.
      Apparently they are really missed the CB combo of van Beek and Rekik, and Bazoer in the CM, and maybe Boetius up front as well.

      1. “”Apparently they are really missed the CB combo of van Beek and Rekik, and Bazoer in the CM, and maybe Boetius up front as well.”””
        thats truth..if u take one puzzle out,team gets imbalanced…

  31. Its really devistating not qualifying to the Euros, i hope it will be an opportunity to objectively study the reasons of failures apparently our football is fading, with the presence of strong leagues around netherlands an action plan should be set, i assume the major reason of our failure is the weak erdevesie….

    1. always 2-3 crap players played in every game we played..thats how we lost…Blind can slect many from this blog also he can call back cryuff ,guilt to NT also ,,,basic is selecting the right players for NT….thats the base…Dutch wont reach anywhere as long as they keep selecting wrong ones….
      its like builidng a corporate company…slecting the right employees..
      now there is big misudertsaning is goin that Depay is cR7…people are really blind…take my word..Depay is goin to loose his starting spot once andreas pereia shows bit urgency in MAnu…its just matter of time …WAIT and see..

  32. Without a doubt this will be the worst failure in Dutch soccer history. There is no comparison with the 80s. There are 24 teams that qualify and Holland is not among them. Even Albania made it straight to the tournament in a group with Portugal, Denmark and Serbia. Terrible. WE HAVE the players, I don’t believe it is their fault. It all falls to KNVB picking the wrong managers after WC. I hope dutch media slays them in the coming days. What a bunch of incompetents.

    1. As an Albanian i am very proud of my county. I can’t even enjoy the amazing achievement that Albania made because of the fact that the team that i support wont be there….!!

  33. If The Netherlands qualify for the WC in Russia 2018..(or rather Road to Moscow 2018) it will be like(FRODO TRIP)in the Mordor.!..in the fires of Mount Doom…Maybe that is why good (for Dutch NT) to miss Euro 2016.
    To ponder and gather strength for future days.

    The problem arose after the World Cup in Brazil..Return on total football.Hiddink has been(?) under pressure from total football.What is this shit???!!!What is this mystery??’!!

    I tried to explain(how I can,of course)total football.It came from a Dutch nature.(But it seems too complicated)
    In the final match in 2010 (against Spain)Netherlands were playing total football also.Perhaps it was ugly total football but it was total football.
    Whenever Netherlands being on that level..Netherlands will play total football.When is Netherlands on the level 1961 Netherlands will not play total football..A simplified variant …for practical use…

    After beating Spain 5-1…one of the main questions was whether Netherlands play total football.It is sheer madness!!…What is hidden behind?

    Perhaps excuse because Cruyff(1974 vs Beckenbauer and Fogts(whole match)),Rensenbrink(1978),Robben(2010)had not the balls at key moments.?!

    Later,or before..Another problem was:Someone,s desire to Barca,Milan(firstly)..(later and others) to be better than Ajax.In my opinion Ajax failed to be champion of Europe 7 times(up to 1996(total 1971-1996)).In this case you can easier to win in World Cup).
    But now this is the highway for Hungary.OR.. Better for Luxembourg.Jeunesse d,Esch will never win in the Champions League(if they have not some rich guy)…Because Luxembourg needs to send its players to stronger leagues..and football circle of hell is closed(1961).

    Firstly…Feyenoord,Ajax,PSV must be better than the Portuguesse clubs…and the number of foreign players may be limited to 2,3 or 4 players.Cruyff said 5.
    If this is utopia what we can to do?Probably nothing.Drink some beer!

    One of the symbols of the seventies(Euro finals 73,75,77(they had not balls against Liverpool),79),Borussia Monchengladbach has changed the coach..Fire(Andre Schubert)instead of water(Lucien Favre) for “Foals”.(ok,I am kidding he was good but..)
    Perhaps Hennes Weisweller (and Rinus Michels)are gave first base for modern football.Upward.It felt Inter Milan in 1971.(in the rule(era) of Ajax of Amsterdam)
    My point is simply..For the victory you should to have balls…AZ 67 Alkmaar -Ipswich Town(final 1981) is another example.

    Iceland chances against Turkey? 0,1 percent If I am not mistaken in calculation..

    Dutch NT was solid against Kazahstan,even not so bad against Turkey(without balls probably)..against Iceland was worse…..

  34. i dont know nowadays people completly lost logical thinking…
    on one hand they say had Strootman and Roben stayed injury free ,it would have been a different story…yes i agree both are quality players…so we would have had something…
    but when i say certain pool of players lack quality that irritates them,and they dont understand qulaity players are the base of a team…if u dont have qulity players no coach can do any wonder…
    Non quality players in my book
    Players with other issues.
    Daley blind as LB—-should be box-to box
    Wijnaldum as playmaker—–Closest to Roben we got,must stay as right winger..
    RVP——Way past his prime,
    Depay—must concentrate in Rap and bodybuilding may be modeling too
    Players who got over looked with injustice…
    Adma maher
    Jorit hendrix
    Richaldy bazoer…

  35. Turkey vs Iceland will be played in Turkey. Turkey will play to win. I don’t see why they cannot beat Iceland.

    The question is, can Holland beat Czech Republic?

  36. @ ARS

    “The problem arose after the World Cup in Brazil..Return on total football.Hiddink has been(?) under pressure from total football.What is this shit???!!!What is this mystery??’!!

    So what are saying if Hiddink would have continued with, 3-5-2
    after the WC things would have been different now. HELL NO.

    The WC for NT was only about one player and just one player, ARIJEN ROBBEN and without him that 3-5-2 formation wouldn’t have worked.simply as ABC. The rest of the team was a cover up.

    Now my question is how many games has Robben played under Hiddink and Blind especially in the qualification rounds.

    There is no way Hiddink would have achieved the same success as Van Gaal in the WC by using the same formation but without Robben.

    The Czech game in the first leg is perfect example of this. 3-5-2 formation without Robben, NT were forced to play catch soccer until that sloppy defending from Janmaat gifted the Czechs 3 points. On top of this all the players who featured for NT in this game played in the WC, except for Narsingh who came in as sub.

    I don’t think there is any mystery here,Vlaar was frequently injured and BMI in 4 man defense was nothing worse than a tropical cyclone. This was his major downfall playing with 4 man defense when he should have taken heed from Van Gaals decision to change the formation to 3-5-2 leading up to WC.

    1. Arjen roben was the best player in WC…he was differnce maker and out of nothing he made impossible things..but he is human too..
      Germany lost their best player Ikay gundogan,sami khedira and ultimate losse as Marco reus who was th closest to roben..still they played spectalcular game and they Won Wc…
      U dont need Roben to beat cezc,turkey or Iceland if we have right mix of right players…
      Roben too played vs iceland though…
      initial matches we didnt creat anything this was due to RVP and afellay up front..when u add BMI,weil at back catastrophy gets completed…when u have promes and narsingh s are in bench u have no quality in bench too..So HOW can we beat minnows when we dont create chances.???????
      dirk kuyt played at the expense of RVP and Vaart for long time in NT under dark age of Fart van marwijk…So Danny and Hiddink stick with experinced failed players…So they got punished…
      Ornage will get back to win…if Danny drops immediatly RVP,Afelay,promes,Weil,BMI,narsingh and Depay….these are the guys deserves immediate drop and these are guys reason behind team not jelling well..they all needs to be dropped……..its MUST..

      1. THIS REPETION OF fART VANMARWIJK DARK IDEOLOGY…PLAYING TEH LESSER ONES at the expense of best ones…finally costing us..
        i hope that Danny learns quick….

  37. @steve if kuyt can play as RW/LW..the offcourse williams,annholt and Vanrhijn can….like kuyt they can do better than any selected headlesschickens…

  38. If you go back to Hiddinks first game vs Italy as Holland coach he used 4-3-3 only for BMI to received the red card as early as 9′ trailing 1-0. First goal, 4′ second goal 9′ through penalty. For the rest of the game they played with 10 man with Lens sacrificed for Veltman and yet they held Italy at bay for the rest of the game. Any coach would have seen that as a positive start even though they lost with 10 man. Then came the Czech game when he changed the formation to 3-5-2 with no Athens Robben.game should have ended 1 a piece but sloppy defending cost NT dearly.For me this could have been the reason why Hiddink abandoned the 3-5-2 formation especially with the WC players minus Robben and Vlaar.

    1. Well if it wasn’t for Janmaats sloppy defending then Hiddinks decision to change the formation
      Back to 4-3-3 would have worked.

      So it perfectly makes sense as to why he went on with 4-3-3.

      1. yes janmaat made mistake and we conceded 1 goal due to janmaat agreed…but we were doing till 90th minute?????
        We got escaped by devrij goal.orange never look liked scoring in that match…we should feild our best players and burry 2 or 3 goals before 80 minutes…orange was lways chasing a lead in this campaign this was due to poor attack…after that Janmaat didnt played…next 9 matches..so janmaat was not the problem…
        Wilson its all about quality players that wins u game…not stupid or medicre ones…Hiddink and Blind both played with mediocre players…so they screwed dutch NT….if blind wants to win and form a formdable team…he must immediatly drop
        Depay,afellay,weil,BMI,RVP,narsingh,promes also he must stop playing his son as LB or lone holding mid…
        Wijnaldum should be our right winger…Depay is not a team player and u wont get rythem for team as long this bodybuilder lose his balls everytime…i was pissed to see Afellay as sub,Depay ,RVP in last game…

  39. Jan – can you please make Tiju a co-owner on this blog? I mean, he spends his entire day here. He doesn’t leave. He has to respond to every single post. He has successfully crowded us out. I mean there are plenty of people with good ideas for a conversation, but he jumps every conversation and responds and makes the entire post useless.

    Can people please reply to this message and vote to allow or ban tiju from this site?

    1. I vote for leaving Tiju alone. The man is like family here. Some days you don’t like some of your relatives, some days you do. If he gets to you, scroll down, jus’ saying!

      A man without honour like racist Laurent, him I can do without.

      1. dutch game has deteriorated a lot…..this is collective responsibility of 2 head coach and numerous players..there are many people saying some players lacks quality,but still they playing…i still belive in Blind that he can form a good team for WC2018,and i dont think we will make it for Ec2016..

  40. @ Wissor 3

    Though the lion is the king of the Jungle,it doesn’t mean another animals run away from the jungle. Well I’m not saying Tiju is a lion but if you want to live in the jungle with the lion you have to smart.

    Tiju is a master of twisting and turning which makes him very predictable and everyone knows this, nothing complicated here so why get frustrated when you know what to expect from him.

    1. Because I have to scroll between 15 of his dumb comments and lineups every time I want to respond to some respectable as you are. Regardless if I agree with your post or not. He’s trolling this page.

  41. I’ve had trouble coming to terms with the fact that we will not qualify for Euro 2016, I just can’t see Turkey losing at home to Iceland, in fact I’m not so sure we will beat the Czech’s!
    So where do we go from here? Blind?
    I guess time will tell but I’m not so sure there is a plan in place that will return us to glory, I don’t think that we can complain about the talent pool for this qualification as when you line up our players individually against the opposing teams, Czech, Iceland, Turkey, Man for man I feel we are better. So,quality of player can not be the reason for failure.
    This leaves the coaches, firstly Hiddink and then Blind, so change of formation, new players, new game plan etc it all failed!
    It won’t get any better with younger players if they are told to play a boring pass back style of possession football with little end result. I’m hoping we will unearth players who can play 360 degrees in the middle of the park, that is what we really miss at the moment. I had high hopes for Stroot and Ginkle but I’m not sure if we will see that combination given the current injuries to Stroot, I still have high hopes for Ginkle, the EPL will make or break him.
    Anyhow in the morning we will know for sure where we stand as a footballing nation, maybe when I get up at 5:30 it will all have been a bad dream and we will be sitting top of the group!
    Anyhow Hup Holland!

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