Oranje: Romania ends an era….

The picture above tells the story of Dick’s last tenure for Oranje.

Here are the key news items for the Romania game.

No one cares

It’s away, versus Romania

We will field 11 players

Rekik went home, sick.

Mathijs de Ligt plays.

Propper is fit.

Berghuis probably starts.

So does Veltman.

Let’s get it over with.

Sweden beat Italy

babyl memphis

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    1. I’m sick of pure bad luck keeping Holland out of the world cup. It sucks how teams from Africa and Asia can easily qualify just because FIFA wants to make more money. Like Morocco, Egypt, japan ,Saudi Arabia. I highly doubt any of those teams will win a game. Yet the Netherlands are easily in the top 6 teams in the world but are stuck at home

  1. In the world cup of basketball there are a couple of wild cards given to big names that didn’t qualify. For sure nobody wants to see Irelands north or whatever, peru, etc etc… It is so stupid that France/Holland/Sweden/Italy and Spain had to kill each other and other groups had Serbia/Denmark/Bosnia/etc for fillers. That is dumb. Sure Holland is in a serious decline but it is always Holland and the same applies to Italy. The entire UEFA qualifications series is flawed but that’s the way it is and we knew it and we lost from Bulgaria in a group that one mistake could be and was fatal.

    Anyhow, hopefully we will rebuild something better. I can’t picture any of the current midfielders in a real Oranje team…

  2. It’s seems that Advocaat is enjoying his rol of coach a nation who failure to qualify.

    While Ventura should be digging a hole in the floor to buried himself, Dick is talking to much.

    I honestly don´t care what he recommends to Eric Gudde. He is a great trainer with a mediocre mentality, with an astonishment lack of hunger to win. I don´t like this kind of guys that don´t have faith on his team and are happy just playing OK “because at the end, Netherlands is a small nation”

    Please, I want to put an end to this nightmare!!!


    Advocaat said, ”I am of the opinion together with Guus Hiddink that there are enough good Dutch managers. Why do we have to look abroad.

    ”I have spoken with KNVB director Eric Gudde. We spoke amongst other things about the organization surrounding the Dutch national team etc. I gave my opinion and he will probably analyze things and make a decision.

  3. You have to earn your spot. I don’t think teams should be given preference to qualify just based on reputation and past achievements. Yes, it is unfair to have top teams in the same group. The seeding needs to be tweaked a little to assign more weight to past performance of teams in addition to their present rankings.

    It is very depressing to miss out on the World Cup. The warning signs were there for Oranje and the powers in charge did not make the necessary changes. Sometimes, you need to hit rock bottom to start a new path. I hope this wakes everyone up and we have a constructive dialog and renaissance.

  4. Dear Dutch Fans and Blog Readers:

    I don’t understand why everyone is being so unfriendly towards me about this Scotland friendly. We won! We fielded competitive team that featured veteran stalwarts such as Ryan Babel, Kevin Strootman and Jasper Cillessen, as well as young up-and-coming players such as Memphis Depay, Daley Blind and Georginio Wijnaldum. Mark my words, these youngsters will the next generation of Dutch superstars! Just as with Sneijder, you will remember me as the manager who gave them their big chance!

    Additionally, all this talk of me padding my record / stats with meaningless games is ridiculous! I was brought in to win games and that is what I have done.

    Danny Blind was 2-2-3 in all competitions in 2016/17. He beat Belarus and Luxembourg, tied Sweden and Belgium, and lost to Greece, France and Bulgaria! His team scored 8 goals (7 against Belarus and Lux) and conceded 6.

    In contrast, I am 5-1-0 in all competitions in 2016/17. I beat Luxembourg, Belarus, Bulgaria, Sweden and Scotland. My only loss was to France! We scored 14 goals in those matches and allowed only 2 (or 6 if you count the France game).

    That is an .833 winning percentage, the highest of my career with any team! I did exactly what I was asked to do.

    In fact, that is all I ever do.

    All I do is win, win, win no matter what
    Got money on my mind, I can never get enough
    And every time I step up in the building
    Everybody hands go up

    1. Additionally, it is not my fault that the Netherlands team is at its current level.

      Look at my CV – I have not been an everyday manager of a Dutch club charged with developing young players for quite some time. In the past 15 years, I have coached 1 season at PSV and 2 at AZ. The rest have been abroad.

      And other than Strootman, Wijnaldum, Memphis, Hoedt and Berghuis, all my best young players were foreigners — Romero, Mertens, Dembele, etc.

      And so the current state of Dutch football is not my responsibility. I was asked to come in and try to make a bad situation better, and if we defeat Romania today, my record will become 6-0-1 in this third reign as bondscoach. I’d say that that is better!

      Finally, I don’t understand all these hypocritical demands that we suddenly force teenagers into the side for these friendlies. The 2020 Euros qualification process has not yet begun and the young players that you may think are rising stars today may be long gone two to four years from now. Besides, Danny’s decision regarding de Ligt is what caused this whole predicament to begin with. So make up your mind, Dutch fans.

      Back to my song…

      And they stay there, and they stay there
      And they stay there,
      Cause all I do is win, win, win
      And if you going in, put your hands in the air, make ’em stay there!

      1. And what do you know, we are WINNING again!

        And you see how I tricked you about de Ligt? I am a master of tactical deception…

        Head on a swivel… My players call me loco…

        Al Davis said it best, “Just win baby, win!”

  5. you see this is why I was sayiong this friendlys should have been used to inject new faces in areas which needs reinforcement.
    England confirm NT friendly. what now?

  6. And now Ryan Babel to make it 2-nil!

    All I do is win, win, win no matter what
    Got money on my mind, I can never get enough
    And every time I step up in the buil-ding
    Everybody hands go up…

    And they stay there, and they stay there
    And they stay there (up, down, up, down, up, down)
    Cause all I do is win, win, win
    And if you going in, put your hands in the air, make ’em stay there!

    1. Nicolaas goin’ in on the verse
      Cause I never been defeated and I won’t stop now
      Keep your hands up, get ’em in the sky
      For the Dutchies that didn’t make it and my folks locked down
      I never went nowhere, but they sayin’ “Dick’s back”

      Blame it on that conjure, the hood call it Advo ‘gnac
      And I’m on this foolish track, so I spit my foolish flow
      My hands go up and down, like Memphis’ thighs go
      My verses still be servin, tight like Cillessen
      Last time on Ruud’s remix, now I’m on the original version
      Can’t never count me out, y’all better count me in
      Got twenty bank accounts, accountants count me in
      Make millions every year (yeah) Scotland’s champion (yeah)
      Cause all I do, all I – all I – all I – all I do is

  7. Advocaat celebrating the thir goals as if there were a reason to be happy.

    Van de Bebel debut at minute 82…

    I don’t get it… I just can’t understand

  8. Again. How can you criticize? Look at the quality I have introduced to the team! Luuk de Jong with the third goal tonight!

    And to think he has now scored a third of his senior international goals under my leadership.

    Another up-and-coming star for the future of Oranje!

    All I do, All I do, All I do…

    I’ll let you finish that

  9. It’s time Dutch clubs start giving more minutes to Dutch players instead of foreing players. Younes is good but when you have Kluivert maybe give him more minutes, also Frenkie de Jong. I don’t mean they should start ever game but Dutch clubs must put their faith in Dutch youngsters.

    Another big problem is the budget difference between the Eredivisie and the other European leagues. I hope the club’s staff can convince Dutch players to stay for a longer period of time.

    Sometimes players of 20 years of age are signing for Chelsea, City or any other team. Perhaps the best thing would be to convince the player and the big club to let the player stay in the Eredivisie for another season to develop into a more mature player.

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