Marco van Basten, assistant coach, interview…

Danny Blind is the National Team Manager but his assistant Marco van Basten will always turn more heads. No matter how good Danny was, San Marco is sacred. He has a good vision on football too. Here, he goes into 14 (!) topics. Personality of the Year MvB: “For me, Phillip Cocu. He won the […]

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prep wales

Oranje: A New Beginning (Blind leading the pack)

It is time to get positive again! Yes, we are frustrated. Yes we should have gone to the Euros. Yes, mistakes were made. But we can keep on moaning about it and withdraw support etc and where will this leave us? I do believe the players were partly to blame, but I also believe they […]

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When we win, I post…. Hiddink gets his points

I am sorry guys, I am making up excuses for having abandoned you. I feel like Darth Vader. Using Oranje’s defeats as an excuse is lame. But there is no excuse. It is just life. I suppose the high of the WC2014 left me in a slump. We could have won it in Brazil. Robben […]

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de vrij scored

Oranje has 2 players in Top 3 of World Cup

Sorry guys, traveling for my work. Less time and opportunity to write. Back home again this weekend, so expect the ultimate WC2014 Oranje analysis and debrief :-)….  Thanks to all for your tremendous support. Still working on improving the site. I will get back to all of you soon with some specific questions on this…. […]

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ned arg

Oranje-mania in Holland

Before the World Cup, many Dutch fans felt we shouldn’t even go… We didn’t have any defence to speak of, we missed Strootman, De Jong would be over the hill, Sneijder wouldn’t be fit, RVP and Robben wouldn’t be able to carry the team leading from the front and LVG would be too intense and […]

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KJH flag

Winning Oranje shows its Klaas!!

You know they say this about champions… If you can win ugly and grind out victories when you are playing bad, you can win the title. This team may not dazzle with gallery play but they sure impress with grit, worksmanship and effectiveness. We played four games at this World Cup. We won four and […]

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robin and robben

Big Puzzle for Louis van Gaal

Holland was the first European nation to qualify for the World Cup and it is now the first nation to qualify for the knock out stages. Despite all the pessimism and negativity (or concerns) we are doing something right. We saw the great statistics on the blog, thanks for that, and it is clear that […]

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porto alegre

Live Blog Australia – Holland

Well good peeps. We are back on air. Last time we did a Live Blog (Spain) we lost the blog for days, so please be patient and don’t hit the refresh button too often :-). Lets hope we are ready for this! I am watching this in the middle of the night with some good […]

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De Vrij

The Day After the Spanish Tapas….

Normally, I post this “day after” stuff …eh…the day after the game. But, as you know by now, we had a massive debacle with the hosting and our site was down for days. APOLOGIES again but it was merely the popularity of the site and the great win over Spain of course. We will still […]

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Oranje trashes Spain: 5-1 (could have been 8-0)

Hi my friends, we are back. I think…. So you know: my tech guru friend Icko (big Holland fan too) has helped me upgrade, migrate, manifestate, generate etc etc to sort out the new site. We have had issues, tech issues, hosting issues, potential virus issues, upgrade issues, conflicting software issues… Almost like the Dutch […]

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