Well people, the waiting is over. It’s all going to go ahead again.

Let’s look in the crystal ball and see what will happen.


We will suffer the least from the summer break vs France. Les Blues have talent to spare but they are rusty in their home game vs Holland. We will hit them on the attack. 1-3. We score first (Depay on a break) and when France is fighting to get back into the game, we score a second (Wijnaldum). They get back to 1-2 but in the final stages a risk-taking France concedes a penalty, converted by Janssen. Oranje is flying high and we won’t lose any qualification game after that. We’ll go to the WC2018. We’re not going to win it but we’ll get some swagger back.



Ajax is vulnerable. A young squad, an inexperienced coach and when Sanchez and Ziyech are sold, there is not enough leadership and experience to have the time fight for the title. Like with JC’s first season as coach, this will be a “development season”. The fans won’t like it but I do believe Ajax has gold with De Ligt, Kluivert, Van de Beek, De Jong and will grow to a peak performance in the coming seasons. They’ll finish 2nd.

cocu shock

PSV has lost their spirit. The new hierarchy in the dressing room takes time. Willems is not properly replaced and something seems missing in Eindhoven. They’ll have an abysmal season. They’ll finish 4th.

Feyenoord is in the winning mood. They won’t be making waves in the Champions League but the new kids gel into the squad with ease and Feyenoord wins the title again. Quite rare for that to happen. Boetius has a super season, Jorgensen wins the golden boot again and Labayad is the coming man in Feyenoord’s midfield. Feyenoord wins the title.

dirk robin

The surprise #3 in the Eredivisie will be Vitesse. With good, neat pass and move, they upset most opponents and get to rub shoulders with the Top 3. AZ and FC Utrecht are just behind, with PEC Zwolle again impressing. VVV will drop back immediately.

It will be Kluivert’s real break through year, like Hendrix will snatch a starting birth at PSV.


Man City will win the title. Man United will again disappoint. Liverpool will do well in the CL as cupfighters. Newcastle will finish mid-table. The lads in England will have a mixed season. Janssen and Klaassen will struggle to get time. Blind, Wijnaldum and Fer will do very well. As will Nathan Ake. Van Dijk will move to Liverpool and will become their rock for seasons to come. Crystal Palace under De Boer will also impress with Riedewald and Van Aanholt on the wishlist of the bigger clubs.

wijnal fer


Cillesen will get the #1 spot for Barcelona. Lens will impress in Turkey, like Promes will do in Moscow, if he doesn’t get a transfer before September 1. Karsdorp, Strootman, De Roon, De Vrij, Hoedt will keep on delivering the goods in Italy, while Robben will have one of his best seasons. Sneijder takes Nice by the horns but will finish fourth, behind PSG and Monaco. Lyon will finish third.

Dutch football will make the comeback we all hope for. We’ll have most players at mid-level European top clubs. No more Juve, Barca, Real or Chelsea but the mid-range players will form a solid team when they wear the Orange and the squad will only grow in quality with players like Van de Beek and De Jong of Ajax joining in.

Sneijder and Robben will lead the pack and young talents like Karsdorp, Memphis, Vilhena, Promes and even Kluivert will add to the recipe. It will be all good, my friends. I’m just still sad that Appie Nouri will never wear the Orange jersey….


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162 responses to “The 2017/18 Season is upon us: predictions!”

  1. Depay9 is the best says:

    Really great predictions Jan. Thanks for this. Good for someone else to know that Memphis will improve and start vs france

  2. Depay9 is the best says:

    I’m just hoping that kane is injured so Janssen gets his time to shine

    • Emmanual says:

      the problem in EPL is that u have to deliver from first game..they wont give u much chances even with injury kane…Janssen badly needs playing time and he is only hope as striker for ducth NT.

  3. Emmanual says:

    @Jan you forgot to add Timothy Fosu Mensah at Crstal palace…with a 343 FDB is looking as he wants boming wing backs..
    3 dutch players at defense….
    we have a hope there..

    • andrew says:

      @Tiju, Agree Crystal Palace will be of particular interest this year. Both Riedewald and TFM getting their opportunities. I read Jan’s comment differently than you did, I didn’t see TFM as an omission. He mentioned Ried. and PVA in the context of getting on the “wish list” of other clubs; TFM won’t be on anyone’s wish list, MU has him.

      I do have a question for those of you who write your lineups for France with Ake as the starting Defensive mf. I will agree that he looks like he could turn into a real good player, and I know he played in the mf as a youth player—but he has played almost exclusively as a defender the last couple of years in England. How is it that you see him ready to take on a mf role against the likes of Pogba, Kante, Matuide, when he doesn’t play that position? Please, understand, I’m not criticizing the pick, I assume you have your reasons, and I’m curious to hear them.

      • Emmanual says:

        Andrew i believe in efficiency than man made structure…i have seen Macherano play as defender,though he is DM..Ngolo kante and Nijel Dejong is as efficient as RVN in my book..
        Coz its team game and you have role in it,just finish your work in top class style…Both Nijel and Kante are RVNs of DM..
        Ake is so alert and very good player like wijnaldum and Blind…Due to their unfathomble talent,coaches TRUST THEM more.So put them in actually team is weak..i mean placing a superplayer where you are doubting the specialist over there.
        Ake is a specialist DM…yes he can defend like Mascherano..i think Wijnaldum and Blind are another victims ..Wijnaldum has amazing ball controlll which is required in final third…only Roben has more…But since he is strong he is used as DM as well…
        Daley Blind has more acacuracy than Depay and promes…He is much better player than Klassen and Propper..But the poor lad can defend as well..So he also used as defender…

        • wilson says:

          When you versatile you dont prove it. He was deployed at LB when he was at Watford but when he moved to borunemouth he was switched to CB without much questions asked. He even turned out to be better than when he was playing LB at watford.

          He has all the qualities of a DN and it is not that he doesnt play at DM, he hasnt had a chance to play there. It jus like how van gaal used Kyut in WC.

          • andrew says:

            @Wilson, Tiju, Thanks for the responses. Fair points. I don’t completely agree, especially given the particular position, but I get your thinking. Wilson’s comment about versatility, brings to mind a debate at the 1998 WC between Pele and Cruyff in advance of the Brazil-Oranje match. The subject was left back after Numan’s suspension. Bogarde was supposed to take the spot, but after he broke his leg in training, Hiddink moved Cocu to lb. Pele said he felt that the Dutch would miss Winston’s athleticism. Cruyff responded that Winston might be a great athlete, but Cocu was “football player.”

          • Emmanual says:

            @Andrew…exactly thats what u said…there is lack of perfection in Blind,Wijnaldum and Ake..when they play not their ideal spot which suits their skills…they are new Generations Cocu’s …But Hiddink played Cocu out of choice as Both were injured..

  4. aanvalluh says:

    Not watching the game, but I see that our man Memphis has put Lyon up 1-0.

    Maybe they gave him a point for slowly lifting weights or something??

  5. JB says:

    Arsenal just beat Leicester 4-3 to open the Premier League season. No Dutch players involved, but pretty exciting game nonetheless.

    Hope that bodes well for this upcoming season across the board. Would love to see more 4-3 scorelines 😀

  6. Depay9 is the best says:

    Of course Memphis with another great game for Lyon and a freekick goal. Wonder when Emmanuel is finally gonna change his mind on him

  7. Jan says:

    Yes Memphis was great. Saw ext highlights and he was in them mostly.

    I do rate Ake but to play him in the engine room vs France in a must-win match is similar to playing De Ligt in a key game (Bulgaria). Why risk it? Do we not have players for that role?

    The point being, that if you play outside of your position (Ake played central and left defender mostly) it might take him just an extra second to get his bearings. He will also be playing with “new” team mates. Another factor.

    So no! Don’t ruin Ake by risking this, when you have Strootman, De Roon, Clasie, Wijnaldum, etc.

    • Emmanual says:

      Ake had already trained and played against very top teams in PL which de ligt lacked..before Bulgaria game..So his case will be different,so is Mensah…Both are winners in PL..i mean hold on to Top teams were plenty of money is there to buy any player..
      On top of that Deligt was paired with BMI,with him Dutch backline would never be stable…Putting deligt was too early at that time..But i think Deligt now is almost ready which we have seen in Europa league..

  8. Jan says:

    And yes, re: Crystal palace, I think Fosu Mensah is already at a European Top team. I was saying that for Aanholt and Riedewald, there will be room to grow and play for better clubs.

    I think Memphis, Promes, Tete, Hoedt and De Vrij are on the same list, for me.

    Janmaat, maybe not. Fer maybe not.

    • Depay9 is the best says:

      How come I hear no rumours about promes? He is still young and already the best player in Russia. I’m surprised teams haven’t already picked him up

      • wilson says:

        @ Jan

        De ligt was daddy dannys fanstasy and compared to Ake who has proved himself in one of the best league in world speaks the volume for itself when it comes to comparing the two. Its either vs France or not at all. I mean it will defeat the purpose if gets to play there vs Lux, Bela or Bulg. He fits the bill and I dont think between him and strooman, there is another combo that could be as effective as in terms of the specific role that suits them.

        Strootman and Clasie could be acceptable but clasie comes with his own pros and cons and is better he be used effectively especially in the last quarter to inject more fluidity in the midfield.

        To be honest. Im not a big fan wijnaldum when it comes to NT. The reason being he has never rose to the occassion when NT need that extra something, something to get back into contention. Turkey, Iceland, france, Greece.

        As I always say if the midfield is not good and effoicient the forwards will go to sleep and this questions Tijus question what Depay was doing vs France. Its not only depay but Janssen and klaassen as well. But I do admit that lineup by Danny was horrofic one especially the midfield. Wijnaldum- Strootman- propper. Jesus christ what was Danny thinking.

        Ake and Strootman to start.

        Strootman and clasie to finish

        • Jan says:

          I’m not saying Ake and De Ligt are in similar circumstances. I’m making a case against playing players on a position they are not used to and with players around them they’re not used to.

          The risk is what I refreered to re: De Ligt. This kid’s confidence was smacked thanks to Blind. You don’t want Dickie to do this with Ake?

  9. Depay9 is the best says:

    IMO we should call up zivkovic. He is still very young and has alot of room for potential. He is getting his career back on track in Belgium and I think he can become a world class striker still

    • wilson says:

      Again think about it why didnt Utrecht permantely sign him and why did Ajax let him go. He is an exceptional talent for a striker but his finishing capabilities has really let him down. Thats his story.

  10. wilson says:

    Any news on FDBs starting lineup for his first outings at CP.

    • Sybe Pals says:

      He is doing 343 with Fosu-Mensah on the RCB and Riedewald on LCB, van Aanholt playing LWB as normal.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        And down 0-2 to Huddersfield after 30 mins 😳

        • Emmanual says:

          i could nt see first half..watching second halff….Fosu saved them from 3-0..Clean ferocious tackle in box…the guy was through to goal by yards…ther we could see the athletism and power of Mensah..

          • JB says:

            This is a great opportunity for him to prove himself and take hold of a startling position on a Premier League club. I assume FdB will respect TFM’s future as a Dutch international and try to find him a consistent role and opportunity to perform (which may also allow him to step up as a more regular NT player).

          • Depay9 is the best says:

            Mensah got subbed off in the game. Did he have a bad game or something I wasn’t able to watch

  11. JB says:

    After Watford and Liverpool finished 3-3 I was increasingly optimistic, but I’ve now suffered through an utterly joyless first half of Everton vs Stoke.

    I haven’t seen any action from Crystal Palace, but it doesn’t seem like a particularly good start for FdB.

    Meanwhile Burnley is destroying Chelsea 3-0.

    As for lineups versus France, I’m all for these younger guys getting experience and playing on top flight club teams, but France is essentially a must win game for WC qualification. I don’t think it’s the time for experimentation and playing people out of position.

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Hard to disagree with you about playing players out of position or starting unproven players in such a match, esp when we see over and over that personal errors happen in these situations and we in particular seem to struggle with these lapses in our NT..

  12. JB says:

    Not very impressed with Koeman’s Everton so far. Was hoping to see Klaasen have much more of an impact, but he just has been uninvolved. Rooney is running the show and dropping deep to begin the attack. And now Klaasen is coming out…

  13. Sybe Pals says:

    Guess I’m back from holiday just in time for a fresh season! 🙂
    was an easy summer (of heartbreak and disappointment) to sort of forget about football for a bit.. hope everyone here is well.
    I’ll post some news blurbs for players I am interested in, for anyone interested, since I enjoy following our players and look it all up for myself anyway..

    nice to see Memphis scores yesterday, and Tete with some minutes too in a Lyon away win..
    Dost scored a pen for Sporting in a 1-0 win.

    In the EPL today poor Wijnaldum, missed a big chance to put Liverpool up 4-2 and then his botched clearance ended up the tying goal for Watford in the 3-3 draw.. Janmaat had started as well, but off injured in the first half. unfortunately classic for him.
    Klaassen starts his first epl match for Koeman, with Steks on the bench. Not super involved, created 1 chance in his 60 minutes, but was the reason Rooney was unchallenged for the only goal.
    Pieters started as LWB for Stoke, Martins Indi not playing.
    Neither super impressive in a pretty boring match.
    de Boer starts his Crystal Palace career doing 343 with Fosu-Mensah on the RCB and Riedewald on LCB, and with van Aanholt playing LWB. Down 0-2 after 30 mins unfortunately.. rough start as they lose 0-3.
    Neither van Dijk (obvs) or Clasie in Southamptons team v Swansea, who had Fer starting and Narsingh stayed on their bench. 0-0 there.
    Ake back to his spot at CB for Bournemouth who lost away at West Brom 1-0.
    Propper is about to start his first game in england as well, tough home match versus City.

  14. AZ-forever says:

    AZ have been very unfortunate that they lost Calvin Stengs through injury within first five minutes. After his departure AZ lost entire attacking power. HOwever, instead of going compact, they still go forward leaving a lot of gap in defence. PSV have had at least four clear cut chances to score….Very disappointed how AZ play the game. Defense, especially Ron Vlaar is very shaky. Ron is so slow…and midfield is not creative at all…Although AZ had a great pre-season, I see the same team as last year: nothing has changed.

    • vanfadly says:

      I think after that injury-plagued time before he moved back to Eredivisie, Vlaar lost a lot of his speed. still remember how he able to catch Hazard running from about ten steps behind, and that matches in WC2014.

      I hope AZ still can give some fight. is Stengs injury a bad one?

  15. AZ-forever says:

    I am not sure how bad is his injury, but AZ just are not capable of fighting against very weak PSV…

  16. vanfadly says:

    Sanchez not included in Ajax squad. if he really is leaving… this is terrible, Ajax has to find a replacement, only about 3 weeks left in this transfer window.
    any good, upcoming CB from Jong Ajax? I think there’s not one good CB in the market left… Van Aken?

  17. AZ-forever says:

    Alas…AZ lost 2:3. So sorry that Calvin got injured so early in the game. It would have been completely different game.

  18. AZ-forever says:

    AZ follow the pattern of losing to PSV regardless at which condition PSV is.

  19. wilson says:

    Thanks guys for the up date. Its always feels good waking up to this blog. Thanks Jan.

    • Emmanual says:

      First was own goal,Mensah cannt do anything in that..He was beast as usual..Only draw back was Crystal palace was tariling 2-0,so FDB decided to furthur attack,Where was not giving great threat in attack…he seems little tired to…seconds after withdarwal of Mensah they scored 3 goal…the Munia was best player in the match,as the munia was athletic and fast,yet he was not match for Mensah,Mensah owned him…

  20. wilson says:

    Vitesse also opened their account with drubbing of NAC Breda 4-1. Buttner with an assist. Luc castaignos was also a late sub in the last quarter.

  21. wilson says:


    ACL in my opinon. Bad luck for him.season opener. Might be out for a considerable period of time.

  22. AZ-forever says:

    I have checked AZ website, there is no any update on Calvin’s condition. Not sure what it is but it is definitely does not look good. His playing style resembles Adam Maher’s style when he started to chine in Alkmaar.

  23. Sybe Pals says:

    Surprised to see Robben, only after just returning to training recently, on the bench for Bayern yesterday, but of course came on to create a few chances and assisted a Hummels goal in a 5-0 win..
    Promes started at LW for Spartak in a 2-1 loss

    No minutes for Janssen or Vorm for Spurs at Newcastle..
    Blind starts and plays 90 for United, and still taking the corners as well… surprised he remains a mourinho player but what do I know. So great on the ball though, in these days of playmaking wingbacks I guess it should not be such a surprise. They smash West Ham 4-0.

    El Ghazi played 90, although he can boast 100% passing acc in the final 3rd his side lose 3-0..
    Kongolo stayed on Monaco’s bench in a 1-4 win.

    Bazoer played 90 in a 0-1 win for Wolfsburg at Norderstedt, didn’t get to watch it but notice he had lots of recoveries, was 100% on take-ons and created 4 chances.
    good things to build on..

  24. andrew says:

    Liverpool gave up 3 goals to Watford? I think VVD’s (and Southampton’s) negotiating position just got better.

    Klaassen looked like he needed to get used to the speed and intensity of the EPL.Propper looked like a guy playing with strangers (which he was, for all intents and purposes). No reason to think they won’t adapt.

    For all the constant talk (literally from his first season) of his place in the squad being jeopardy, Blind is in his 4th year with MU, is the starting lb. Says something.

  25. andrew says:

    @Depay, You could be right. My belief is that Mourinho would put greater weight on a league game (especially the opener), than the Super Cup. But who knows? Maybe it is just a question of which player fits into his scheme for that particular game.

    • wilson says:

      Shaw and Rojos are both injured . Speculation over Danny Rose moving to Man United is also building with both parties tight lipped on the negiotation. Shaw is slightly ahead of Blind but is injury prone.Rojos and Darmain are no upgrade to Blind either so you can expect daley to be starting alot unless some who is an upgrade to him arrives before the window closes.

    • vanfadly says:

      Blind is the no.1 LB. he’s the fittest out of the other options. he may have limitations, but he can hold on his own.

      one thing popped up in mind, there are some ManUtd fans who mocked him for his crossings/passings. are they out of their mind? he’s one of the best they have!

  26. manoj kumar says:

    Some predictions may not come true but one prediction that netherlands is going to win all its next matches is not easy as said as we can be hopeful but i dont agree with you on this that is after qualification Netherland may not go far in the WC 2018. What i feel is If Netherland aactually qualifies from here then there is chance that Netherland could go far and even win the world cup next year. only thay need to play steady from the begining doing no mistakes and defending well and then peak for the semis or the final match.

    • wilson says:

      Who is the best RB

      Who are the best CBs

      Who is the best LB

      Who is the best DM

      Who is the best CM

      Who is the best striker

      Who is the best GK.

      To date this is still unkown and apart from Van Dijk and Robben, the rest are pretty much floatin g here and there. This is where it has all failed to materiailize.the world cup is around the corner but yet there is no clue who the best players for individual spots are.its times like these when you look back and ask you self what the f**K has been happening all this time.

      • wilson says:

        Compare this to other teams at present.

      • Emmanual says:


        Who is the best RB—-Tete

        Who are the best CBs–Devrij-Virgil

        Who is the best LB—-Kongolo

        Who is the best DM–Nathan Ake

        Who is the best CM—Bazoer

        Who is the best striker–Janssen

        Who is the best GK.—–Cillessen

        • vanfadly says:

          LB – Blind

          I count fitness too.

          • Emmanual says:

            Blind,Wijnaldum,Ake are all rounders..even Bazoer too….Ake is natural DM..Blind can be devastating up front he could be better than toni kroos..Wijnaldum should be 1000 times better than our current leftwingers..
            Beleive me Bazoer is superb talent who can dribble pass 2 players at ease and give nice visionary pass and brilliant in reading the game..these players are victims of selfishness of coaches..

  27. vanfadly says:

    alright, Robben finally got some needed minutes.

    with current fitness and form of our players, IMO these are the probable call-ups, sorted by the most probable starter:

    GK: (Cillessen), Zoet, Vorm
    DF: (Veltman, De Vrij, BMI, Blind), Tete, De Ligt, Hoedt, Kongolo — Van Dijk, Willems, Bruma
    MF: (Strootman, Wijnaldum, Sneijder), Klaassen, Bazoer, Toornstra, Vilhena —
    Van De Beek, Van Ginkel
    FW: (Robben, Janssen, Promes), Depay, Bergwijn, Berghuis, Dost — Kluivert, Locadia

    and by the way, just knew that Kenneth Paal is now a converted LB at PSV. is he doing any good there? I remember how he rivalled Nouri and Marlon Slabbekoorn (which disappear now) at youth NT level.

    • JB says:

      I could get on board with all of these selections other than BMI.

      I would start Van Dijk or Hoedt at CB, drop BMI and add Ake to the mix instead.

    • vanfadly says:

      Van Dijk hasn’t even played at preseason, right? until his situation fixed up, I think Advocaat won’t risk calling him up.

      and Hoedt, despite his preseason minutes, I think will not getting regular time until France match. honestly I’ll also pick him over BMI. but BMI will get his regular minutes in remaining mathces for Stoke. he only missed the league opener because he’s just arrived.

      oh yeah, forgot about Ake. him over Willems.

      • Emmanual says:

        BMI??????????????????Ohhh my dear God…who will save us from BMI?????……
        He was there in 2014 WC,LVG had to hide him ..thanks to kuyt-Wijnaldum-Blind-Dejong…
        2016ECQ he was there to make sure that we dont go to EC2016..mistakes after mistakes and red card at wrong time…
        2018WCQ yest again Vs bulgaria to support young Deligt….
        WE DONT NEED BMI…..
        Our best defenders are
        We dont need him at all….Even Vander heijden is much better than him..

      • vanfadly says:

        oh yeah. of course.
        still, all three of them will be called up vs France. get real.

  28. Depay9 is the best says:

    I think just the lb and DM are undecided yet. I still think we need someone stronger than blind. I know he has great passing but his defensive abilities are not the best. And we also need a proven DM. When veltman played CB in the game vs ivory coast he even said he had trouble because he was always drifting to the right after playing rb for a season. And CB is his natural position. So I think ake will have the same problem

  29. Depay9 is the best says:

    Maybe we just change the formation so we don’t need a dm

  30. AZ-forever says:

    Just got information from AZ website. Poor boy (Calvin Stengs) is out for entire season…That is very sad news.

  31. Emmanual says:

    Instead of BMI…we must give chance to this beast……….Our boy Fosu mensah Vs top club Real madrid …literally making Joke of 110M gareth bale…

  32. Emmanual says:

    Squad Vs france should be

    • Emmanual says:

      Injury and lack of fitness omissions

      • Depay9 is the best says:

        Wijnaldum replaces bazoer in cm and depay takes LW. Veltman on RB and strootman on dm

        • Emmanual says:

          Veltman is really a RCB not RB,yes he can be RB…But French players so athletic and fast as we saw in Ajax Vs lyon…Tete saved his A@@ss…So when you have Tete-Mensah–karsdorp…No need of veltman as RB…
          Wijnaldum and Babel has quality ,Deapy just ran away from EPL…He is too slow and fat for a winger..he lacks workrate too..Eihreh Wijnaldum or Babel would be ideal vs strong teams like france…May be against luxuburg,club brugge,mitjland,Strausburg…Depay might work well…No chance vs France as he played vs France under Blind..

          • Depay9 is the best says:

            Did u not see the first friendly vs France. Depay came on in the second half and set up two goals to tie the game.

          • vanfadly says:

            when it comes to Depay, he won’t be objective.

            btw, you should change your nickname to Depay11. he changed his number this season.

      • Depay9 is the best says:

        And Willems for kongolo

  33. Depay9 is the best says:

    Willems played 20 minutes for Frankfurt and already got himself an assist. He should be the NT lb

  34. wilson says:

    Southampton bid 17 millon pounds for hoedt and this is why he was a unused sub vs Juventus.

  35. wilson says:

    Looking at other Youngesters today in DFB Pokal. Van Drogolen was on the bench for Hamburg and suffered defeat to a second divison side. Gervane Kasteneer played full second half for Kaiserslautern and they won 4-1. Hoogma never made it to the match day squad for hoffenhiem.

  36. wilson says:

    Depay – Robben


    Buttner – Ake – Strootman – Mensah

    Hoedt – Van Dijk – De Vrij


    • wilson says:

      im sure Van Dijk was be training on his own given he knows the transfer will happen.

    • Emmanual says:

      if its 343 then it should be
      on Bench

  37. wilson says:

    I like what I see of Mensah. he always looks hungry and never thinks twice when putting his body on line. these are the qualities you want too see in fullbacks.cystal palace are up against Liverpool this week and if he continues to play like what he did vs Huddersfield, I cant see any reason why he can not start vs France. for me he is defintely ahead of tete and Veltman and like Ake his exposure at epl level should be enough for him to transit on to the international stage.
    fingers crossed there wont be causalities before the France game. I think there two more rounds before the international break and Dick will announce his preliminarily squad after this week rounds.

    • wilson says:

      I think FDB needs to put a good fitter behind benteke to utilize him more effectively. if not with the midfield stretching in 3-4-3- will always drag him further back. they wing sytem and a fitter in the middle will enable benteke getting serviced as much as possible and more effectively .

  38. Depay9 is the best says:

    The best line up is





    But probably strootman and klaasen will play with wijnaldum and blind on lb. That’s who I realistically will start

    • wilson says:

      midfield is too offensive and none are defensively sound. you need to go back to look at the last four games NT played vs France. Willems was man handled last time when he played vs France. he only comes with good crosses which is jus not enough when considering the job on hand is do both attack and defend. do you really need Janssen when Robben is playing.

      • wilson says:

        well I also agree pretty much with you, Dick might jus stick to the same lineup as vs Luxembourg as most upcoming players are still not tested at international level but then given the depth in the french team it will be hard to topple them and also since there is no friendlies before the game,it again makes it harder to find new combinations.

        contray to above looking at how Kardorp got his break after that greek game where veltman was exposed, Brenet first performance at NT level vs Belgium where he nearly hit the winner, you can always argue on the capabilities of incoming new players.

  39. JB says:

    What we need is a Nemanja Matic type performance out of Kevin Strootman. There was a time, approximately four years ago, when he was being hailed as the next great Dutch player, to the extent that LVG had to revamp the national team’s entire formation and system due to his injury. 2017 Strootman may never again be the same physically as he was in 2013-14, but if he could put in a performance against France like Matic did for United this weekend, it would give Advocaat the freedom to go for it with a much more attacking side. I feel that he still has it in him; we just need to see it

    • wilson says:

      Dick needs to take the risk with Ake and release strootman up front.worst case scenario even if they lose it wont go to waste as by the time Sweden is up,NT Will a new DM.

  40. Depay9 is the best says:

    I can’t believe I forgot about haps as lb. He should definitely start over anyone against france

  41. JB says:

    Sigurdsson heading to Everton. Seems like a decent move for Koeman but probably will make Klaassen even less impactful

  42. wilson says:

    Zeegelaar heading to sevilla.

  43. Jan says:

    Terrible injury for Stengs. Advocaat and Gullit were on the stands checking him out. What a talent!

    In the first 5 minutes he was the man of the match.

    He sadly didn’t want to let go of the ball and this headstrongness cost him. He’s out for a full season and hopefully he’ll recover. Sad.

  44. wilson says:

    provisional squad named by DA and guilt.

    Goalkeepers: Jasper Cillessen (Barcelona), Maarten Stekelenburg (Everton), Jeroen Zoet (PSV).

    Defenders: Nathan Aké (AFC Bournemouth), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Wesley Hoedt (Lazio), Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax), Bruno Martins Indi (Stoke City), Karim Rekik (Hertha BSC), Kenny Tete (Olympique Lyon), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio).

    Midfield: Donny van de Beek (Ajax), Marco van Ginkel (PSV), Davy Klaassen (Everton), Davy Pröpper (Brighton & Hove Albion), Wesley Sneijder (OGC Nice), Kevin Strootman (AS Roma), Jens Toornstra (Feyenoord), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool).

    Attack: Ryan Babel (Besiktas), Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon), Bas Dost (Sporting Lisbon), Eljero Elia (Istanbul Basaksehir), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur), Jeremain Lens (Besiktas), Jürgen Locadia (PSV), Robin van Persie (Fenerbahçe), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Arjen Robben (Bayern München).

    • Emmanual says:

      Ryan babel>>>>>>>>>>>>thats a master call…why stekelenburg??BMI???Davy propper???….
      unfortunate omissions..
      Fosu mensah,Nathan Ake,,,,,we have no DM
      ———-Cillessen————are the best first 11 we can have..

  45. wilson says:

    Hopefully there will no injuries leading to the game. DM again is a question mark.

  46. wilson says:

    Like the u21 squad.

    Goalkeepers: Justin Bijlow (Feyenoord), Joël Drommel (FC Twente), Yanick van Osch (PSV).

    Defenders: Hidde ter Avest (FC Twente), Damian van Bruggen (VVV-Venlo), Kevin Diks (Feyenoord), Rick van Drongelen (Hamburger SV), Denzel Dumfries (SC Heerenveen), Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Crystal Palace), Thomas Ouwejan (AZ), Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace), Jeremiah St. Juste (Feyenoord).

    Midfielders: Pelle van Amersfoort (SC Heerenveen), Juninho Bacuna (FC Groningen), Frenkie de Jong (Ajax), Jeremy Helmer (AZ), Bart Ramselaar (PSV), Pablo Rosario (PSV), Jari Schuurman (Feyenoord), Guus Til (AZ)

    Attackers: Ilias Alhaft (Sparta Rotterdam), Steven Bergwijn (PSV), Vito van Crooij (VVV-Venlo), Gervane Kastaneer (1. FC Kaiserslautern), Justin Kluivert (Ajax), Sam Lammers (PSV), Richairo Zivkovic (KV Oostende).

    • wilson says:

      Stengs would have made this squad for sure.

      • AZ-forever says:

        He is young and inexperienced. Partially, due to the lack of experience of playing at high level he made that stupid move towards the ball that was already lost. He was so eager to show his brilliance that got burned out. It is OK. I am pretty sure he will recover faster than one year and will shine next year in AZ.

  47. Depay9 is the best says:

    Good to see van Persie in the squad. Although he won’t play he can still mentor the young stars like Janssen and help him succeed

  48. AZ-forever says:

    Bravo Utrecht! They played fantastic game against Zenit and deservedly won 1:0. They have very smart coach. Erik ten Hag is one of the most promising young coaches in the Netherlands. I never liked Utrecht and do not like them now either but I am glad that they contributed to the NED UEFA coefficient.

    • wilson says:

      Missed alot of clear chances though. I hope this wont come back to haunt them nxt week in russia.

      • wilson says:

        They also have good depth in the squad which could be crucial as well. Jean-Christophe Bahebeck has sealed a season-long loan from Paris St Germain. Looks like Yassin Ayoub will not leave and patrick joosten is still recovering. Could be tightest finish this season in eredivisie.

  49. wilson says:

    Marco asensio is turning on the heat at Real Madrid big time This guy is destined for stardom . Cant blame him for chosing spain as the future ahead for him was better there than in NT.

  50. wilson says:

    Increasing likely.with no injuries.


    Tete- De Vrij-Hoedt-Blind

    Wijnaldum- Strootman

    Robben- Sneijder-Depay


    Also I wont be suprised if RVP starts. I dont think dick has called him up for no reason.

    • vanfadly says:

      it’ll be cut down again, right?

    • Emmanual says:

      Wijanldum–Strootman–Sneijder is the most static midfeild we could have,if u add Propper to it u will have a more static mid…
      Replace Depay with Babel
      then replace Stroot with Ake..
      Sneijder with Toonstra..

    • vanfadly says:

      please, count match-fitness too.
      that is the sole reason why Van Dijk was omitted.

      Toornstra/Promes is ahead of Sneijder. can’t remember his last game in preseason.

      Veltman – DeVrij – Hoedt – Blind
      Strootman – Wijnaldum – Toornstra
      Robben – …RvP… – Depay

      Vandebeek for Wijnaldum
      Promes for Depay
      Tete for Veltman

  51. Depay9 is the best says:

    How come bazoer wasn’t called up to the u21 squad? He is still only 20

  52. Depay9 is the best says:

    Ajax lost again. I don’t know what Keizer was thinking playing dolberg and neres over kluivert and Huntelaar

  53. JB says:

    Davinson Sanchez to Tottenham for £42 million

  54. Emmanual says:

    Next Friday 25 Advocate will have final 23…i really dont want to see Propper,BMI,Dost,Depay in final squad.
    i hope he realises veltman cannt handle physically fast french wingbacks and wingers..

  55. wilson says:

    Vitesse 3-1Roda JC. Buttner with another assist.utrecht and vitesse will be the dark horse these season in eredivisie.

  56. wilson says:

    Wesley hoedt to southampton confirmed. Another success story of the length some players have to go through to prove them self. From a free agent to a 15 million pounds man. hope he follows van dijks footstep.also if van dijks transfer saga fails to materialize then we could yet see another dutch combo should van dijk remain at southampton.

  57. Depay9 is the best says:

    Bad news. Sam Larsson is going to Feyenoord which means less playing time for boetius

    • wilson says:

      I think feyenoord are trying to reinforce their squad in all deparments with good backup as well. Its a good strategy given they will have busy schedule due to CL and EL should they drop plus eredivisie. Promotes healthy competition amongst players to try and bring the best out of them. He is proven player and will be a good fit in the team.

  58. wilson says:



    Future GKs.

    If Zoets leaves for Benfica this could be the break through season for MVDM

  59. wilson says:

    No minutes for Kongolo. Was un used sub as Moanco overcame mertz 1-0.

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