Van Gaal irritated and impressed….

Louis van Gaal has announced his squad for the Portugal friendly. Schwarzenegger, Willis, Statham, Stallone, Jet Li…. Oops.. wrong list.

Louis has come up with some surprises… We miss Clasie (not in great form yet), no Nigel de Jong (long injury period), no Siem de Jong (LVG chooses others), Ricardo van Rhijn ( some lad from Augsburg gets the nod) and Adam Maher (because Wijnaldum was more impressive).

And other surprises: Schaars and Wijnaldum are in. The latter had a good spell with Jong Oranje in Israel and started well (as skipper) for PSV. Schaars was always a Van Gaal fave (AZ days) and has always been close to the Oranje squad. Schaars will go for the defensive midfielder spot ( with De Guzman).

Another big name not present is Wesley Sneijder. De former CL winner and Oranje skipper has not done himself many favours. When he wasn’t picked for the prelim selection, the Galatasaray midfielder couldn’t stop himself and was critical about his coach. “He will need to get fit first. Then regain his form. And only then can I compare him with the other players I have….”. Van Gaal was annoyed that Sneijder made comments in the media. “He should not have said that. Experienced players know what will happen with that. I don’t like that, as I constantly have to respond to questions from the media. Sneijder needs to vent internally, not via the media.”

“Players need to talk about their club when they’re at the club and the should talk about Oranje when they are with Oranje. That is the manifest.” Van Gaal also wanted to make it clear that Sneijder was wrong: “I have talked to him many times. In Turkey, Hoenderlo, Indonesia and China. If he still doesn’t get, than I don’t know what to do next with him.”

wijnaldum oranje

Van Gaal has not yet written Sneijder off. “No, he is still on the radar, but he will have to show it. It’s not an automatic situation that he will be part of the Oranje squad.”

Gio Wijnaldum is a fresh face in the Oranje squad. Criticised last season at PSV but a central part in Cocu’s vision for the new PSV team. And one of the best players at the Israel EC with Young Oranje. Louis van Gaal is clear about his choices. “PSV has played three official games. Those players are easiest to assess. Clasie, with Feyenoord, only played one official game and Feyenoord lost that game. Schaars and Wijnaldum were very impressive. Wijnaldum is a real surprise. I know what Schaars can do, but Wijnaldum has made a big step, in his maturity and the way he dominates the game.”

Oranje does not have a great record against Portugal. And Van Gaal is partly to blame, as he played two qualification games against them for the World Cup 2002.

We played them 12 times and we won only once! It was 1991, in the EC qualification game for the Sweden EC. We won 1-0 in Rotterdam, thanks to a Richard Witschge goal, under management of Dick Advocaat. Oranje played couple of remarkable games against Portugal. The home game in the 2002 qualifications, in which a fan blew a whistle and Davids stopped playing, gifting the ball to Portugal, who scored the 0-1. Reiziger played left back and led in the second goal with a horrific back pass.

In the away game, Oranje needed the win and was 0-2 up. With 10 minutes to go, Van Gaal took off two midfielders and put two extra strikers in, to go for the jugular. Davids was red carded however and Portugal pulled two back: 2-2.

The most infamous game was the 2006 World Cup knock out game. Referee Ivanov lost control and handed out 16 yellows and 4 reds (he gave one player 3 yellow cards if I am not mistaken). Maniche decided that game for Portugal, with horrific misses by Cocu, Van Persie and Kuyt.

Richard Witschge scoring

The Festival of Mistakes

The Hitchcock Thriller

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  1. Actually Oranje played Portugal 13 times,with 1 win 3 draws and 7 lose.

    17.06.12 EK12 Portugal Nederland 2 : 1
    25.06.06 WK06 Portugal Nederland 1 : 0
    30.06.04 EK04 Portugal Nederland 2 : 1
    30.04.03 vrnd Nederland Portugal 1 : 1
    28.03.01 WK-kw Portugal Nederland 2 : 2
    11.10.00 WK-kw Nederland Portugal 0 : 2
    10.02.99 vrnd Portugal Nederland 0 : 0
    22.02.95 vrnd Nederland Portugal 0 : 1
    12.02.92 vrnd Portugal Nederland 2 : 0
    16.10.91 EK-kw Nederland Portugal 1 : 0
    17.10.90 EK-kw Portugal Nederland 1 : 0

  2. I don’t know why everyone forgets that horric kick on Robben’s shoulder by some Portugese defender in that game. He was infront of goal inside the penalty area. That should have a straight red + penalty.

    I still have nightmares about that game. I don’t know why Portugal owns Oranje so bad. Maybe DRB3000 can tell us (tacticwise) why Oranje has such a hard time beating Portugal.

    1. i know it SamNy….i still remmebr it.the kick on roben’s chest.
      @Jan plz you must contact some media professional’s at the time of any crucial knockout matches of orange hence we make this incident more popular.So this might give protection to our players and will get more sympathy and fans.this will decraese the black spot we have received after Nijel stamping.Stamping on Alonso became more famous and no one talks about stamping on Roben.that really sucks.
      I was more annoyed by the inefficency of kuyt in 2006.if he had better caliber kuyt would have scored that, if Ricardo’s toes doesnt get a lucky help.horrific woodwork by cocu. and RVP’s wrong decision to shoot with right leg..etc etc..

    2. Sam NY 2006 we created enough chances and its true that we cannt score from every chance.and at times players kick the ball towards gallery.Shots of cocu and persie were not accurate(due to bad contact with their foot and ball. so it didnt go.if it was RVN instead kuyt up front we would have won that game.Just look at the goals Succer and Ronaldo scored in 1998 Wc and only coz of Ronaldo’s finishing ability we were dragged to penalty.hence we forced to get defeat

    3. SamNY,

      I’m actually not very strong in tactics, but the classical explanation for this phenomena has been that the Portuguese raise hard defenders and produce teams that are oke with sitting back and punish on the counter. Look at Portugal in the qualifying the last years. In one word: struggle. If they have to make the game themselves, against inferior opposition, it’s another ballgame for them. Look at Netherlands in qualifying the last years. In one word: juggernaut. We basically blast ourselves past opposition in these groups. For us it is not that hard to make the game or wrap up wins against weaker opposition one way or the other. With Portugal it has been a bit of different story.

      When we play Portugal we bring the fight to them and they can do their thing of inviting as we are oke with having the ball.

      Germany has problems with Italy in the competitive international games. Bit of the Portugal for them in that regard.

      I guess many NT’s have their kryptonyte teams. Many teams in the world have a problem with Brazil, while Netherlands is equal to them in the head to head confrontations and even has a winning record against them at the WC. Norway’s sample size against them is smaller but did good against Brazil as well.

      That having said I really want to beat Portugal in this friendly. Bad match up or not, van Gaal has the opportunity here to show us what a great tactician he is and demonstrate he can do better than Bert, Marco or old Louis for that matter against an opponent that has made life hard for us.

      Funny thing: Bert Maalderink has worn a Portuguese NT jacket when interviewing Dutch NT players. I think to piss them off a bit or just to poke fun. When I saw it I had to laugh a bit.

      1. I agree with your analysis.

        @Laurent – I don’t remember the incident being offside, Robben got a cross from the left and he was in the middle. It would’ve been very tough to be in an offside position.

        Anyway, I don’t think I want to ever watch that game again.

        If I were LvG I would play a defensive 4-2-3-1 and would play Robben as a false 9 with RvP behind him as 10 and would congest the midfield and defense and cut-off the supply lines off Ronaldo. Let it be a negative game, who cares… I want them to win. Downing Portugal is a huge boost of Morale.



          Indeed it’s not an offside, but he whistled a foul from Kuyt no ? That’s why he didn’t really pay attention to what came after.

          Robben is also not really smart to stand up as quickly after such a kick, penalty or not .He was not smart gain when he didn’t fall on his 1vs1 against Casillas. Robben is able to dive and to stay on the floor for invisible fouls but stands up quickly when he is really touched…Not the right behavior to convice referees.

          1. ‘On the action where Robben was kicked, it was an offside whistled before. That’s why the referee didn’t even pay attention.’

            ‘Indeed it’s not an offside’

            With back-tracking like that you could play for Portugal.

            Agree with the rest though.

      2. True DRB. The reason why Holland has it tough against teams like Portugal is because Portugal can be patient. They know how to kill a game off, like the Italians could in the past. Cruyff said: Normally Italy can’t win against us but we can lose against them…. This applies to Portugal too.

        They have 2 or amazing forwards (Rui Costa, Figo, C Ronaldo), a couple of all round midfielders (Coutinho, Maniche) and a bunch of assassins at the back.

        The interesting thing: they are always lethal against us but always fail against weaker teams (Denmark, Greece) because they need our brilliance to peak.

        Weird dynamics.

  3. Selecting schaars and Wijnaldum was a master stroke.Wijnaldum can play as winger ,AMF and holding mid and he is efficient in all these duties.What i like in wijnaldum is he strong,it is not possible to get ball from his feet.has pace,even if he makes mistakes he can correct it with pace.Very gritty.normally at least 2 defenders to handle him.
    its so strong and they are not inferior to any team together..
    What worries me in defense.i am unable to find a single solid defender.

  4. Why Van Gaal took only one left back ? He could take Willems too, it costs nothing, especially as Blind isn’t starting the season so good.

    I like the midfield, Van Ginkel, De Guzman, Schaars, VDV, all players that I do appreciate. Now it’s hard to choose two of them to play next to the untouchable Strootman.

    I’d also go for Wijnaldum RW cause Lens isn’t starting good with Kiev.

  5. Wijnaldum deserves to be called up. Sneijder better start shutting his mouth or else he won’t go to Brazil and actually this time LVG is right.

  6. ———————–Vermeer—————–

    ——-Janmaat—-De Vrij—-BMI—-Blind——

    ———-De Guzman—–Strootman—-Vaart—–


    1. Yep! It is obvious that Guardiola thinks very highly of him. He’s been the most consistent for Bayern in Pre-season.

      I am increasingly getting worried about Man Utd. They barely won games against weak opponents in Asia… Looks like Moyes is set to make RvP a lesser figure at MU.

      1. RVP a lesser figure? Didn’t he lead the EPL in goals last year? That would be rather stupid! I think ManU is looking hard for a good midfielder.

  7. Appointing Moyes was a dumb move from them. They would have been better off hiring Harry Redknapp IMO (who TBH I’m not even the biggest fan of). Top teams need managers who can win, not hire a midtable manager who’s team underachieves and then overachieves later on to compensate

      1. He is. There is nothing to say against him for his last euro performances. He was good against Denmark, Krohn Deli goal comes from Heitinga childish defending.

        He wasn’t bad neither against Portugal even if he had a hard time against Ronaldo.

        If we look from closer, he was our best defender during that tournament. Even if no one noticed it.

        I do like him for his authority and anticipations, especially air balls, he win almost everything. Problems are average passes and slow reactions in 1vs1.

        1. Bad defending wasn’t what killed us in the last Euro, lack of cohesion was. Vlaar and Mathijsen refused to push forward to control the game, and instead stood halfway back in their end. That vast expanse between the defenders and attackers is what killed us against Portugal. Vlaar and Mathijsen can’t control the ball and push forward to win possession, which makes them both liabilities in our system. As much as Heitinga is error prone, I prefer him because he’s more capable of defending forward and playing with the ball at his feet. TBH though I’d rather that neither of them play. Next year I want NdJ playing RCB with De Vrij as the backup

          1. I don’t believe LVG would use N.De Jong as CB in a classical 4-3-3 dutch formation.

            N De Jong got qualities to be CB, but it’s more to be in a
            system with three defenders and a high line. Like Mascherano was used with Barcelona sometimes. N De Jong CB with our current configuration is hard to imagine for me.

        2. Vlaar sux! Not the answer at all. I had a lot of hope in him but he just doesn’t have it and likely wont at his age.
          I have seen him play for Villa a lot and he is below average! The only advantage he has is size. Slow, bad timing, and not positionally smart.
          Better for us to invest in a younger player who is has more potential to develop.
          He was horrible throughout that Euro!

  8. I dare people to measure their hart rate after watching this video and tell me it stayed below 120 beats per minute. Impossible:

    I can watch that video 10 times a day easily and still get excited from it.

    Not sure if we will ever see a Dutch keeper of his level in the next decades again.

  9. It seems like Robben is finally enjoying himself in Munich and he has already got the respect from the public and his teammates. I am very happy for him and very proud to say that I’ve been his fan since the game the Netherlands played against the Czeck Republic in EC ’04 (the 1st game I watched him play) 🙂

  10. Barca wants Vertonghen. The ex Ajax defender is valued at 27 Mio euros by the Catalunyans. Last season, Spurs bought him for 12 mio. I tipped Vertonghen as a real Barca defender last year. Listening to Jan Da Man could have saved Barca 15 Mio Euros. I take 10% usually. So Barca owes me 1,5 Mio euros.

    Spartak Moscow tries to lure Alderweireld.

    Besiktas wants Buttner

    AZ wants Maduro.

    Van Gaal considered selecting Rekik for Oranje but after some communication with Phillip Cocu decided to not select him. “Rekik had some groin issues and had to be subbed against Zulte. He is developing tremendously, and he simply needs to keep it up and he’ll end up in Oranje.”

    1. Jan I think you are too modest with your 10% tip rate here. I say 15% and Barca should consider themselves lucky.

      On another note, I am over the moon to hear the Rekik news. I was becoming exciting myself about this player and wondered if I was moving too fast to consider him as an option already for the Dutch NT.

      If there is one thing I trust van Gaal with it is recognizing talent. Still remember how he let Alaba make his debut for bayern at 17 years old. Many people wondered what that kid was doing at that age for a team like Bayern and look at him now.

      He recently also said that his wife is feeling bad for him to stop after the WC as his successor will benefit a lot from big talents that are on the way. That is nice to hear.

  11. Orange has got plenty of problems
    1-RVP doesnt score in crunch knockout match
    2-Defense is chaos
    3-No real world class defender.
    4-a non threatening/non creative player is always in the attack of the team.
    5.lack of intelligent players as back up.
    6-MVG is getting spoiled by Jose

    1. Let’s not forget that Mou is not in the spoiling business. The man will bench Casillas if he thinks that is right thing. Van Ginkel has earned all his minutes so far in preseason by hard work in training and making the most with the time he gets on the pitch. I am still very skeptical about him getting minutes, especially since Frank Lampard has to come back to form and van Ginkel showed bad distribution skill against Madrid.

      1. I am not worried about Lampard.MVG is way to better talent.Lampard was a brilliant hardworker thats it.a kind of kuyt played as holding mid.Lampard will get some minutes thats it.the worry is MVG is been used as pure holding mid and he is not allowed to play up in th feild.the guy can offer plenty in attack if he gets freedom,so gfar he didnt get that..that worries me alot.Lampard has become slow and bit static due to age he is done 90% for high purchasing club chelsea…Am worried about Sami khedira’s arrival..

        1. Yeah agree there. I am still on two thoughts. Mou really pushing this through of playing van Ginkel as a holding mid and in that case Lampard is less of a threat. Or he concludes that van Ginkel’s distribution is not good enough for now and plays an Essien next to him, or a Mikel for that matter. Then Lampard becomes a threat.

          Khedira arriving would obviously diminish van Ginkel’s chances in a great way this season. Would even call it a hammer signing.

          1. yes i hope MOU doesnt get easily in to a conclusion that MVG distribution is not on par.also wish Khedira to stay with real…i think Mou must go for

  12. i really like LVG reply on wesly.Vaart can do what wesly can it is not going to affect the NT.Wesly should keep quiet and must wish for the good for th team.

  13. LVG is the worst trainer Oranje has ever had – his comments about sneijder is reminiscent of his previous stint as trainer and just shows that he will always strive to be the star of Oranje.

    His ego got the better of him at Ajax, Barca, Bayern and now Oranje. He clashes with all the stars of his teams and ultimately shows more arrogance than ANY of our previous golden generations.

    LVG is a fool…I weep for the chances that go begging. At least van Marwijk stood by his players. LVG just wants to wield power. I can’t believe I will watch yet another Oranje underachieve.

  14. its just a matter of time 4 PSV lads are goin to WC
    Bruma and reikik…….Just need and year with out any injury.
    If PSV can make to CL it is goin to be awesome..

  15. @Ed: I don’t share your opinion but I respect it.

    I think LVG has been honest to his players his philosophy has been clear since he took the job “play on a regular basis, stay fit and you will be called up”.

    He doesn’t want to fight with his players and that’s why he said the door is open for Sneijder but he needs to vent internally, not via the media. He was the captain and a leader can’t be ruining a group’s harmony that’s why I think Sneijder was wrong and now he needs to work his ass off if he wants to play for the NT.

  16. Sneijder has looked lackluster since LvG took control. He thrived in van Marwijk’s 4-2-3-1 formation, but for whatever reason, he’s just not fitting into LvG’s 4-3-3 system.

    It’s nice to see Wijnaldum finally getting into the Dutch squad. How Dirk Kuyt keeps getting called up to the main squad is beyond me. He’s another guy who’s showing his age, and has slowed down considerably in the last year. Same thing with Mathijsen.

    We’re very strong in the mid and forward positions, but our defense is still a question mark amongst the elite teams. This game against Portugal will be very telling. I hope we win this one and continue the momentum.

    1. Defense is the big interrogation. And so was it last years. In 2008, Heitinga was the most used player during qualifications, and Van Basten finally benched him during the tournament for Boulahrouz, who almost didn’t play with Oranje and Sevilla. Same last year, Van Marwijk surprised with calling Willems.

      Now our defense seems to be Janmaat-DeVrij-BMI-Blind but I wouldn’t be so surprised if we start the world cup with 4 different names. I have the feeling that Van Gaal would go for a central pair which plays together. Now it’s De Vrij-BMI, it can be Rekik-Bruma depending on their season with PSV. PSV is more under the spotlights than Feyenoord, if they win the title and have a good european performances, it can give to LVG reasons to doubt about going to the world cup with 3 Feyenoord defenders.

      PSV can give another direction to the NT this year if they play well, Rekik-Bruma-Willems-Schaars-Wijnaldum-Depay, maybe Brenet and Locadia if they take another dimension, they’re all potentially NT material and they have the advantage to play together.

  17. Great game for lucadiawith two assists. I really think he will be better than Huntelaar. He’s mor than just a goal scorer or a box player.
    Depay was below par 🙁 , maher wasn’t great either.
    Willems must be a starter in Brazil if he keeps up this form.

  18. @moahmmed, I was so sad the first time I knew bakkali was not Dutch, the guy at 17 years old is already showing too much talent, and his third goal today was a masterpiece, a goal that only exceptional players can score!!

  19. Just got back from the Chelsea/AS Roma game. What a sloppy mess. I think all these guys are tired from traveling around the US. Strootman started, Van Ginkel came off the bench for 20-30 minutes. Nothing to report really. Michael Bradley was the only player to stand out consistently. On to the Oranje friendly…

  20. Is louis Nani injured??????is he playing??
    I am eagerly looking forward to fight of
    CR7 Vs Janmaat,Vlaar and Blind
    Nani Vs Vlaar,blind and Janmaat.if they could handle these 2.they are deserved to go to Brazil.i think it will be Schaars and BMI will excel in defense with de guzman.
    LVg has understood that he need experience in back than in attack.sure he know that he is not safe with Devrij,Joris etc………

  21. This bakalli looks a better talent than depay and boetius. Unfortunately he’s born in the other side of the borderneigh. Another reinforcement to already golden generation, which received his first call to Belgium’s next friendly.

  22. @Mohamed: Bergkamp really has the exquisite first touch, superb technique and eye for the killer pass.
    The way he wraps his foot around the ball and pings it that accurately is just unbelievable. 🙂

  23. Paul Verhaegh
    Supported Hahn to good effect when moving forward but his delivery was poor and he completely lost Aubameyang as he slotted in his second.

  24. I watched the game between Ausburg v Dortmund and was actually not convinced with Verhaegh performance.
    And then I watched Feyenoord v Twente and am gutted to see the play of De Vrij, Martins Indi and Joris.
    Now watching Ajax v AZ game and not convinced at all by Blind and Rhijn (who is sent off).
    Our NT defence seems to be in shambles.

  25. to be honest that red card for Van Rhijn and consequent penalty were the result of a DIVE by Bereens. Ajax played subpar in the first half, but started well the second and would have probably won if it weren’t for that terrible piece of refereeing.

      1. yes, in fact I hadn’t seen that pic by the official Az photographer. Still from the replays the shirt pull probably started outside the area. Big ingenuity by Van Rhijn, since Cilessen would have probably got the ball.

  26. Schalke 04 – Hamburg 3-3.

    Hutntelaar scored twice and Van der Vaart one asist and one goal.

    Both Van der Vaart and Huntelaar were voted man of match.

    Schalke 04 will one of the dark horses in Bundasliga this Season. keep a tab on them. Im looking at another huntelaar goal feasta in Bundasliga this season as he did it in 2009 and 2010 season

    Im hope Huntelaar starts against Portgual and not RVP.

  27. RVP will carry MU this year. However I am afraid that he will burn out for the WC. Capello said about why England failed at international level: “‘They’re the least fresh of any of the competing national sides because their league doesn’t have a break,’ said Capello. ‘It’s because they’re tired. It’s like when you’re driving a car: if you stop halfway to put fuel in then you’ll definitely get to where you want to go, but if you don’t then there’s always the chance you’ll be running on empty before you reach your goal.” NT has a number of players in EPL so I hope they do not burn out.
    I’m disappointed at Ajax loss. I wonder if Eriksen’s uncertainty is a factor or not. If his transfer will happen at the last minute, would Ajax find a way to land Maher? I know it does not sound logical but I would like to see both Maher and Wijnaldum are regular starter at attacking midfield position behind the striker. Right now they are the 2 candidates to replace Sneijder and VDV. I am guessing that Maher is losing that position to Wijnaldum both at PSV and NT.
    About Feyenoord, I’m still not confident about Koeman. I think Feyenoord will have to wait for Gio.

  28. my dear Paul USA we will see at the end of the season. So for now I will refrain from insulting the high rollers of PSV known as the light bulbs who buy a new team every year… Enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Watched the ajax game. They played awful. Really terrible. Every aspect of the game was terrible. I was very dissapointed. Vermeer was awful as well. Ajax had no flow, no posssession. Very bad and worrying.

  29. Latest on Afellay. His stated training with Bacelona. No confirmation on Malaga loan. Apparently Puyol and Affelay are training with the squad , but on their own. There is something that you have note about Afellay, He is both right and left footed, giving him extra edge over one footed players .Depending on how he performs this season, I reckon he can be a good impact player for NT in 2014, if he is fully fit and if he plays regularly this season. I think with Van Gaal it all about performing.

    1. Since we can’t annex Bakkali, it’s worth looking at the Willems/Wijnaldum goal. Fantastic work out of the back by Willems- great movement, ball-handling and a perfect pass for the assist. These guys can both play strong roles for Oranje in the coming years, I think. The 5-0 was impressive.

  30. If LVG holds his rule, Afellay will not get a call unless he can play regularly. If he cannot make it to Barca first team, he should leave Barca, not on loan to a new team every season. He is not doing any favour to his career for what he is doing now.

    1. We have better players than Afellay like Wijnaldum,Vaart,Wesly,Maher,Lenz,Roben,Urby,even Ola.etc so i am not worried about afellay,he has played more than 40 matches for NT and he got a nice chance to show him in 2012EC,but did nothing.clearly player who lacks ineteligence to cop with wesly kind of players.barca has some young inetteligent spanish players and they will make sure that Afellay sit in bench,if you cannt win aginst pedro then u cannt play with wesly,persie and Roben.i prefer kuyt over him at any day.

      1. If you think that Afellay isn’t able to play with Sneijder and VP, then you didn’t watch NT games between 2010 and 2012 for sure. He was often better than both and seemed to be the favourite player of Van Marwijk. He was really leading our play.

        1. I did watch him between 2010-12 and before.what i saw was dribbling a lot and taking shots with low accuracy.Always takes hours for a good pass.keeping ball at his feet for long time and finally makes a non productive pass.Finshing is worse.evn narsing finishes better than him.i did like his speed and tricks.but when it comes to strong teams we need goals.ther he failed bar one swedn game.mate we wont agree on afellay ..lets have anoter topic coz i was fan of afellay but not anymore.Anyways i felt that these morocan guys are less intelligent when compare them to the dutches and may be just my feeling but….i dont know..
          I was watching Wesly Vs kuyt yesterday.i was amazed with the intelligence of wesly again.None of his team mates are able to utlise him,he doesnt run like he used to but still at time u can see wher wesly stands and rest gala players.kuyt was running with a law speed and there was no movemnet from his side.


            That’s probably one of his best games with NT. Here you can see his qualities and defects. The kind of crosses he gives at 55sec is typically what makes me nervous and made many Barca fans also. Going on 1vs1 with speed and and throwing the ball with power without even raising his head and looking is the mark of headless wingers.

            And that’s pity cause when he sees the game, he has technical quality, pass quality, pace, skills to do great things. Look at his work from 3:35, that’s the mark of great players.

            I hope he’ll get chances as midfielder with NT this year.

  31. I think Rekik and Bruma will face their first acid test in form Balotelli and El Shaarawy when Milan and PSV go head to head. The mids for both are equivalent and you can expect a fierce battle in the middle. Williams is proving himself game after game and with either Arias/Brenet should will able to hold the wings though they will have to be on the top of their game. I guess Ac Milan play 1-4-1-3-2 formation whereas PSV play 1-4-4-2 formation, looking at the above I think PSV have slight egde ove AC Milan especillay in the wing department. If PSV has to win, I think Depay and Locadia has to come up with come thing extraordinary. you can expect Bakkali and wijnaldum to lead the charge as usually.

  32. The team that van Gaal will prolly start against Portugal..



    Martins Indi


    van Ginkel
    van der Vaart


    van Persie

  33. if so this is one of the deadliest attack unit of orange in last 6 years bar the friendly match VS irland under Vanbasten….only doubt abt defnsive 4..that doesnt seems solid but experinced by Vlaar and Paul.

  34. What i liked from Cocu for PSV was he is not concerned about highsalaried ,less hardworkers with less effect.thats master stroke.Infact thjis guy is doing a favour for national team and keeping dutch identity.He deserves a atleast a eredivsie title for his GREAT ATTITUDE.

    1. thats true Laurent…i think dutch will score some goals may be 2 or 3.But result will be based on the defense of paul,blind ,Vlaar and BMI’s performance.Orange can score 2/3 goal aginst any team when u have fit RVP,Roben,wijnaldum,VG and stroot in the feild.but that will not be the case with schaken ,kuyt etc upfront.
      My mind is aying we will win this or will get a draw,just 1% of chance for defeat.

  35. Picked this up on the net, not sure if entirely correct.

    Most minutes played in preseason for Chelsea:


    Gary Cahill…………..(465)
    Eden Hazard…………..(433)
    John Terry……………(421)
    Branislav Ivanovic…….(414)
    Marco Van Ginkel………(408)

  36. No one here ever talked about Zivkovic ? Young striker from Groningen who already scored two goals in two games this season. He is still 16, born in september 96, even younger than Bakkali. And he is dutch.

    They say he is the best young talent since Robben playing in Groningen.

    1. Thanks for mentioning him, Laurent. He’s 6’1″ and only 16. Anyone have anything more on him? The youth video of his on Youtube makes it look like he’s playing against kids half his age.

  37. ————–stek—————-
    Janmaat-de vrij-rekik-willems
    -ginkel—-wijnaldum—-de Guzman
    –robben–persie–ola John
    This is my World Cup team!!

    1. Mine
      ——Leroy fer—–Clasie———-

  38. My world cup team if touchwood all goes well






    van Ginkel
    van der Vaart

    van Persie


    1. Do anyone believe Drenthe can be back to Oranje? I like his speed and technique, but hes dumb and headless. I hope he stay fit (physically and mentally) and get a transfer to a better team next season.

  39. Schalke striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar says Wesley Sneijder must rediscover his form at Galatasaray before he can think about receiving a call up to Netherlands.

    The former Inter star was seen as one of the world’s best in 2010, helping the Nerazzurri to win an unprecedented treble under Jose Mourinho but, following a loss of form at Galatasaray, was stripped of the captaincy in June this year for the Oranje.

    His dramatic tumble from the top all but confirmed after national boss Louis van Gaal chose to omit Sneijder from the squad for their friendly against Portugal this week.

    And Huntelaar says even established players can lose their berth in the country’s squad if they fail to impress at their clubs, he told Goal: “Wesley is normally a part of our team.

    “It’s important for him to show himself at his club. If you play well at club level, then, you deserve an invitation for the national team. That’s the way it goes.”

    Meanwhile, Rafael van der Vaart has voiced his regret that Sneijder had not made it into the team this time.

    However, he agreed with his Bundesliga colleague Huntelaar that the Galatasaray midfielder needs to improve his game in the Turkish league in order to be considered by the national coach in the future.

    “That Wesley has not been called up, surprised me. But the coach is always been clear in his explanation,” he said.

    “I also wasn’t called up a few times. You try to cope with that by working hard and getting back in the team quickly.

    “It’s good for me to come now. Portugal away is a great match. Even when it’s just a friendly.”

    Following the Portugal clash Van Gaal’s men face Estonia and Andorra in September as part of their World Cup qualifying efforts, in which they currently top Group D with a seven-point lead over Hungary.

  40. @Srinjoy, thank you for the link.

    Re: Ajax-AZ. Agree that in the second half when Ajax came out and played their game, they were better than AZ. But give AZ its due, from the start they played a positive, attacking game (with a good deal of skill). Ajax didn’t look ready to play in the first half. I had no problem with the penalty. Van Rhijn was beaten, and pulled the player from behind.

    Lastly, Siem De Jong a collapsed lung? Serious stuff. Wonder when it happened. He finished the game, didn’t he?

  41. heya fellas.

    Has anyone created an EPL Fantasy page for us yet?
    Let me know, I would like to join.. or I can create one if it has not been done yet…


  42. I still not trust dutch defense. I simply cant trust De Vrij and Martins Indi. Why not have big guys like Vlaar and Douglas as first option? Heitinga too, the should be a good replacement option in bench. Nuytinck and Viergever should fight for a sport too, the first one is very strong and the second one is faster than all other dutch defenders tested by LVG.

  43. I think Anita and Emanuelson should join the team as useful option in bench. Anita can play as fullback in both sides and Emanuelson can play all positions in left and as offensive midfielder too. They can be options in bench for right and left back and play other postions too. Versatile players could be very important in a World Cup if anyone get injured or got supension due to red card.

    1. No way Alan….Hetiinga, with due respect, his time his defintely up, when he playing good , he plays quiet well, but when he starts sitting can you can smell it from 1000 miles.Vlaar is defensively average and is very vulnerable one on one. (watch some of the his game for Aston Villa). Douglas I think deseves to be called up. but I dont think so it will happen. It will take a heavy knock for Van Gaal to break his ego. (remeber WC 2002 Qualifying). It has already happened when they played Beligum, EC 21 , but he is still reluctant. I hope the friendly against Portugal will be the catalyst for Van Gaal’s vision for NT towards WC 2014.

      As for WC 2014 , I hoping Rekik and Bruma will force their way into the NT. Pieters is another good option who can slot at CB. After the lengthy injury spell , he jus needs regular playing time at Stroke city. Im pretty dam sure, by the the end of this year he will hit the top form that he was in 2011 -2012 season before his injury.
      As for De vrij and BMI , I dont know,Feyenoord hav started their season with two straight defeats , they wont be playing any major competition. it seems they hav hit the reserve gear,but again it to early in the season to say .

      but on the other hand i want to say this, Joris being called for the portugal friendly is sick joke .

  44. Like someone else pointed out, I read about Siem De Jong’s collapsed lung… that’s such a pity, although is less serious than it seems by words (at least my brother studying medicine told me it can happen after knocks on the chest or else).

    Siem is probably the most charismatic player in the Ajax squad, but this injury could be good for some talents waiting to get in the team, especially Andersen (although he can also play in fischer’s role), Serero and HOPEFULLY Klaassen! Klaassen is a great talent, he has vision, charisma and a sense of position which is blatantly superior to most other youngsters in Europe. I hope De Boer won’t go for the midfield Schone-Poulsen-Eriksen, although it wouldn’t be stupid of him to have a Defensive Midfielder (but I HATE Poulsen, would rather see Boccara or Sporkslede or Bazoer).

  45. I noticed no one talks about Twente here. Probably the best dutch team 2007-2011. Last year seemed to be a end of cycle for them, but they may surprise us this year again. Almost all their team is changed and there are some dutch players who can be interesting :

    -Quincy Promes, 21 years, was on loan with Go Ahead last season and scored 13 goals in 30 games. Don’t know him too much but from what I’ve seen in videos, he seems to be a kind of Serrero, he is quite small but very agile. Can play as midfielder and winger, interesting profile.

    – Kyle Ebecilio, 19 years, midfielder, he was playing with Arsenal young teams before to come. Let’s to see what he really worth.

    Joshua John is still with Twente and played, good winger for me, wait to see more.

    I just hope they’ll build their midfield around young players like they’re doing ( except the dutch players I already mentionned, there are also Eghan, Holscher…), and will stop with Brama for example, who is one of the most awful midfielders from Holland. Just too slow and unable to play forward. Twente is trusting him for years and would have probably done better things with someone else.

    Tadic is the best Eredivisie player according to me, I really wished he was dutch, the danish defender Bjelland also seems to be a good deal.

  46. I saw second half U19Portugal-Holland 4-1 and Holland team played very well in my opinion.They were take the space,and read the space and find the space and were good one on one.Portugal players were keep 1-0 and they were little afraid.It was good.
    Where was mistake?Dutch players were” shamefaced “in (or around)Portugal 16 metre.And they didn,t give goals.In this cases you must go back or atack stronger ,doing some unusually and change rhythm.Or rival kill you with yours energy.Dutch coach wanted to do something and maybe made mistake.DRB tried to explaine.(in that case situation is something like Advocat -Robben( 2004 ) Chech Republic -Holland 3:2.) Never mind.Portugal started to give goals.4:0!Almost every ball goes in Dutch goal.Then Dutch players started to feel fear.On the end,they became relax (too late )and scored beautiful goal. In angry concentration style.
    Holland was better against Spain.And unhappy.Everybody could saw who played realy total football.Dutch U19 team was good(even without the best players)and no need to be hypnotized by results..Player with white hair(like Wim Rijsbergen)was good,Kongolo,two players which names begin with A..,and some others.Much talents.
    O.K. It was yesterday.Tomorrow is Portugal again.The best N teams. For Holland problem these matches is in the past.
    Portugal NT (even and clubs)was winner very happily in some matches and then it became normal (it is psychological).Dutch team became less sure in self,then started to feel fear and it made mistake.Wrong leg.Portugal players feels it like sharks and attacks.Holland feel bigger and bigger fear(makes holes) ,and Portugal is winning easier and easier.With smile.Medicine for it is very hard.A few huge and high victories for Holland.And put their key players “in the pocket”.Example:Urby Emanuelson vs Figo, first half Ajax-Inter 2:2,spring 2006.
    Not allow that Holland energy play for Portugal.Because, Michels thought “in match you must go as a soldiers,warriors”…and with some Cruyff,s eagle eyes for game.I hope that van Gaal will see what is need.That,s it.

    PSV-Milan.I think that PSV is better(or faster) and have more chances against Milan.But,but…Minds are miracle!How to win famous,rich Milan…everybody want to see Milan_Bayern,Milan-Barcelona….many wants it etc..Milan and Italians have stronger will and psychological.And ,I hope that it will stay only on the paper.
    I think that Feyenoord could be in the worse situation than PSV. We will see.

    My predictions .Dutch champion :.Heereenveen.World champion :
    Brasil or Argentina or Spain (if Fuentes find some new drug)..but I hope that Holland be surprise.First step is Estonia.Bad statistics for van Gaal in september.It is important for two “friendly matches” against good teams Hungary and Turkey.(if win against Andora).And then would be play two matches in Brasil (against Colombia(kindly,gentley and deadley dribblings) and 4 -5 days later against Equador) to feel warm climate…The biggest jungle in the world,most water in the air…hard to breath.The biggest snakes..etc.

    O.K.maybe is joke for Herenveen but Marco goes to Hollywood .To find star.

  47. Norwich City’s Ricky van Wolfswinkel eyes Leroy Fer link

    Norwich striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel says his Dutch “connection” with midfielder Leroy Fer could create a useful partnership this season.
    The two summer signings played together in Tuesday’s 1-1 friendly draw against Real Sociedad.
    “Leroy’s a great player. We maybe have a connection because he’s Dutch,” Van Wolfswinkel told BBC Radio Norfolk.
    Van Wolfswinkel on English breakfasts
    “I have to get used to the breakfasts. English breakfasts are not for me yet. I don’t know about the beans, it’s not really for me yet. The Spanish guys are eating it. They said before they didn’t like it but wait a few months and you’ll start eating it.”

    “He has individual qualities, works really hard and for me it’s great to have a player like that behind me.”
    Van Wolfswinkel signed for the Canaries in a reported £8.5m fee from Sporting Lisbon and was later joined by fellow Netherlands international Fer from FC Twente.
    Against Sociedad midfielder Fer, 23, played behind 24-year-old Van Wolfswinkel, who found the net to score his first goal for the club.
    Former Utrecht man Van Wolfswinkel, who scored 13 times for Lisbon last season, has said Fer’s presence has helped him settle at Carrow Road.
    “It’s the second time I’ve joined a club abroad. It helps because he’s just a nice guy and we connect very well,” he said.
    “But the whole team is great so it’s easy for me to adapt here.”

  48. Mental power has a big role in any sport,mostly it comes with experience or in realtionship with Jesus.There are many teams are menatly weak but talented.Arsenal was a prime example for last 8 years.eversince hard boys Martin keyon,Campbell,Veira left arsenal they had trouble.
    The bloody hell manu1996-2001 was made of super mentally strong Jaapstam,Roy keane and scholes.thats the spirit dutch national team should have.
    there are plenty of weak but hugly talented players are in national team such as Adma maher,Ibrahim afelaly,Arjen roben(i hope arjen become strong after 2013CL)Van persie,etc but on the other side you have kuyt,Nijel,Bommel kind of less talented players with great mental strength.But the important thing is neither Mental strength or talent alone cannot bring you sucess so it is 60/40 ;60 for Mental strength andd brilliance in feild and 40 for creativity,agility etc.On top of that we need to understand that we can develop strong mentality but we cannot add anything extra to basic skills.
    so it is wise that players must be selected on certain critirias other than whther they play regular or irregular.
    I still remmber the support scelari given to brazil ronaldo and how he won the Cup for scelari.We need such kind of finisher up front.though he was injured for long time.
    Dutch will easilly win WC2014 if they are determined,focused and on top of it selecting the right players for right spot.chance of winning Wc is based on LVG selection coz all other tactics,teaching,psychology starts from the basic point selection.

  49. Portugal vicory over dutch in 2000 was due to some mistakes,we wre the better team
    Portugal draw with Nt in 2001 was also mistake we were better team.
    2004 Ecvictory completly belongs to Portugal.they deserved the victory.
    2006 we do nt deserve deafeat we played well.but there you understand the difference of class striker and an average player.
    2012 -Portugal deserved vicotroy we were out played.
    This time portugal is goin to have hard time the reason is We have roben and Wijnaldum on wings like figo and CR7 for portugal with the support of RVP.that was not the case in 2006/12 and 2004.only problem is defnse ,if they can hold portugal and if we start with wijnaldum-Persie-ROben-stroot-Ginkel and Deguzman.its going to be too much for it might be a 2-2 draw or 3-2 victorty for us.i am really unable to predict the dutch defnse.

  50. It seems i missed an interesting Eredivisie games . A really bad start for feyenoord , not to forget that there is a great possibility they have three defeats in a row after Ajax game. I don’t think they will reach Europa league which makes me sad and worried as a dutch fan.
    Twente have really intersting talents in midfireld with kyle ebicilio and quincy promes. I do appreciate th job made by van basten and herenveen. Best of luck to San Marco 🙂 . I feel sorry for Siem with that lung collapse. Ajax will be extremely affected upfront. I hope davy klassen shows his talent.
    Regarding Portugal game , i hope LVG uses all allowed substitutions , give chance to the players against a tough team and see how they perform.
    My line-up :
    Van rijn __ de vrij__ indi __ blind

    _____ de guzman____
    Strootman____ vdv___

    Lens__ persie __ robben

    2nd half

    Same back four

    Schaars – – Van ginkel
    ____ persie ______
    Wijnaldum__ huntelaar __ Robben

    I want to see how persie will perform as no.10 , with Huntelaar upfront.

    1. We have seen Deguzman,kuyt,Lenz and Vaart so let them start from bench.all are well experienced..and let us go for
      with ricardo,devrij,bmi and blind as back line

  51. I think LVG should have called couple of new defenders for next NT. Our current defenders are really worrysome.
    De vrij-BMI: conceded 13 goals and 5 lost in last 6 official games in the last two months, incl u21. These losts were with and without Mathijsen.
    Since his present in feyenoord defence did not make any different to our younger defenders, why would we need him in next NT.
    Case of janmaat is bit different since he only shared 1 lost of eredivisie first game.
    Those 3 feyenoord CBs are not in good shape to fight portugal after those trending of defeats.
    Would have been good opportunity to test Rekik and bruma, who in contrast maintained only 2 goals in last 4 winning games.

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