What’s the status with the Eredivisie’s Big 3?

All three Dutch top clubs have a challenge to deal with. Feyenoord won the title, which resulted in a seismic eruption of elation, joy, relief and pride. It won the National Cup the season before and apprentice Gio became the Meistermacher or Champions maker, and with a cockiness befitting a champion he now has to go for his sophomore album. The season after. Ajax had a wonderful second season half with an unexpected Europa League finals and breathtaking football (at times). But the loss of Peter Bosz and the exit of Davy Klaassen and potential other players leaving (Dolberg? Sanchez?) makes next season a tough one. And remember, Ajax hasn’t won silverware two seasons in a row now, so… And PSV? Well, their season was a wet fart, really. No excitement, no results, no outstanding players or performances and no European continuation of the season before. Embarrassing almost.

PSV will have to renovate and will want to renovate. Marcel Brands, technical director, seems to cop the most blame for not allowing Cocu to field a team with all positions covered by specialists. Brands allowed Narsingh to leave without having any real alternative. Resulting in Luuk de Jong having to deal with two wingmen who weren’t wingmen. Ramselaar on the left wing? An insult to the dynamic midfielder. Locadio on the left wing? He’s a centre striker. Pereiro on the right wing? No speed, no explosivity. And always coming inside to find the shortest way to goal.

cocu de jong

Luuk de Jong, the former talisman, skipper and leader of the team lost form in an incredible manner. I think he must have missed at least 15 opportunities which would have been surefire goals the season before. And that also a season in which Jetro Willems was outstanding and delivered many fantastic assists from the left. Without him this season, Luuk de Jong was harmless. Van Ginkel was brought in and so was Siem de Jong, but the midfield lacked pace, guile and class. Guardado, the leader and captain in midfield was less forcefully present than in previous seasons and Davey Propper dropped form from the moment Zenit St Petersburg knocked on the door.

Guardado will leave for Betis Sevilla. Jetro Willems is most likely on his way out to Turkey. Moreno, the central defender, is gone already. Davey Propper might leave for Zenit this summer. Cocu will want a sweet revenge on last season and he’ll need some fresh players in the squad. A loan deal for Vincent Janssen has been discussed with Spurs and if that happens, Luuk de Jong might even fear for his spot. Marco van Ginkel wants to stay at PSV and might take the role of Guardado, while Jorit Hendrix deserves his opportunity to play. Just like Ramselaar deserves a spot in midfield where he belongs. Two new wingers will be high on the list for Brands and Cocu, as will two full backs And full backs are in fashion this summer. Both Feyenoord and Ajax need a couple as well. With Jeroen Zoet being courted by Napoli, and Pasveer – the second goalie – already gone, PSV might also go shopping for goalies.


In Eindhoven, there are some envious looks going towards Amsterdam and Rotterdam. 27Mio for Klaassen, approx 30 mio for Kongolo/Karsdorp. Some loose change for Tete and Elia. While PSV was able to just get 6 mio for Moreno who’s off to Roma. PSV’s focus will also turn to the youth. And why not: they do have some pretty good striker talents coming through (thanks to the work of Luc Nilis and Ruud van Nistelrooy, among others) and Cocu has invited three youngsters to join the A-squad this summer.

Ajax endured the shock exit of Peter Bosz. Everyone understands that when a CL level club comes for a coach, in a country where the paycheck is substantially higher, he is not criticised if he takes the job. But Bosz also claims to have left because the relationships in the technical staff were toxic. Dennis Bergkamp: “That hurt me in my soul, you know? I just don’t buy it. He worked here all season, he never said anything about this to anyone, and a day before Dortmund calls he suddenly has differences with me and L’Ami? As if I am difficult to work with? Come on! And I don’t get it? Why not say “I’m going for my ambitions, the money, the challenge!”. We are proud at Ajax when a player we developed or a coach who had success here moves on to better pastures. We get that. But why did he need to use those reasons to justify his leaving? The emotions have settled with me now, but at the time I was furious.”

So there was no conflict between you and the backroom staff and him and Kruzen?

“Not as it was described. We had our differences and we had firm discussions about football, but that is part of the job! You need to have these. And it’s not like I would walk out and bang the door shut. He’s the main man, the head coach so he decides. I respect that. It was about pure football stuff, the training build up, the intensity… Technical stuff. Nothing political or personal. And always respectful. Like I also worked with De Boer. But we have Ajax DNA. We are direct, confrontational and speak our minds. Maybe that was part of the problem. Versleijen was Bosz’ guiding light re: intensity training and all that. We decided at Ajax to abandon his philosophy. Marcel Keizer will work according to the Ajax way and this is one of the advantages if you have not only players moving up through the system, but also coaches.”

You had to leave the bench and sit in the stands, was that a problem for you?

“Not at all. My role changed. Under Frank I was assistant coach. Now I am training players individually and I coordinate the bridge between youth academy and the professional squad. Henny and Hendrie were the real assistant coaches, so Peter needed them. Henny Spijkerman is a genius in reading a game. He is the first one to spot where things don’t flow and he’s the one with the quickest solution. He was needed. Carlo L’Ami is the man for dead ball situations. Organisation. Like many ex-keepers they see the shape and have a good insight into who marks who, and all that. But Henny was not so happy with the way he could work under Bosz, but that was addressed. Henny would go to Young Ajax this coming season.”


But Bosz did want to make changes in the staff and you didn’t allow this?

“Not me. Nothing to do with me, Dennis Bergkamp. It’s Ajax! When Peter had his evaluation with Edwin van der Sar, I wasn’t even present. But Ajax, by voice of Edwin and Overmars, will not allow a coach, a passerby, to determine the structure of Ajax. We work like we do, with reason. The new coach can bring in his own assistant, and that’s it. That was not a conflict. It was a suggestion from Bosz and Ajax said NO. Next subject, you know?”

And now, Marcel Keizer…

“A great choice and you will like this: we already knew that Marcel would succeed Bosz. We just didn’t think he had to do it this soon. We signed Bosz for three seasons, so Marcel had some more time. But taking everything into account, we knew he was the one. The Ajax DNA I mentioned before is key. And we know how he trains, how he works, communicates. It was a no brainer really. The only thing is: how will he handle the pressure of the platform… But then again, he will have to start at some stage. Now, in 3 years… Cocu, Gio, Pep, Ronald Koeman, they all had to have their go at some stage.”

Sadly, it seems Appie Nouri will not be playing too much top football the coming weeks as he sadly was hospitalized as a result of heart rhythm issues during the practice camp in Austria. The young and highly talented midfielder was treated on the pitch for 20 minutes or so before he was choppered to the hospital. He’s not in life threatening danger, Ajax stated. If that is the best they can share, you know it’s a serious matter. Riedewald, in the meantime, has discussed his exit with Marcel Keizer. The young talent is being courted by several clubs. “I was really happy to stay at Ajax and go for my chances, but there is some serious interest out there and am open for it. Big clubs from big competitions. I explained this to Ajax and they won’t make it hard for me. Mind you, this has nothing to do with coach Keizer. I think he is the ideal choice for the club and I support him 100%.”

keizer emotie

An emotional Marcel Keizer waiting for news on Nouri

The Eredivisie champions and CL qualifiers have lost more players than expected, but they also lost someone else. General Manager Eric Gudde has resigned and will leave the club in November. The man who took the job almost 10 years ago, when Feyenoord was close to bankruptcy. Who had to take some harsh decision and take risky offers from investors to keep the club alive. Who had to put top talents like Wijnaldum and Fer in the shop window to survive. Both players going to direct rivals. He made his decision the day after the title was won. Feyenoord is more alive than ever! The biggest club in the country, when determined by followers (Ajax is the biggest in trophies). And financially healthy. But only just.

Gio van Bronckhorst and Martin van Geel knew that Elia wanted to move on. One more big step up. They knew Berghuis was going to have to go back to Watford. Dirk Kuyt was a question mark but he retired from football. If he wouldn’t have, his role would have been diminished anyway. Elia resulted in a smallish transfer fee (2 mio euros). But Rick Karsdorp has suitors as well, mention even of the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. “When I win the title with Feyenoord, I will move on” he said in an interview before last season. And now he won it and AS Roma came knocking with a checkbook. And Feyenoord welcomed the 14 mio+ for the full back. Van Geel was quick to find a successor, even with Nieuwkoop in the squad, and got Kevin Diks on a loan deal in. Fairly unexpected, Feyenoord got to cash in another 15 mio euro cheque, this time for Terence Kongolo. The 23 year old will play his football at AS Monaco next season. Quite a big move for the talented defender. So, approximately 30 mio coming in and with Diks, the return of the lost son JP Boetius and the young Amrabat Feyenoord will prepare for next season. AZ full back Haps will get on the short list for sure, and Steven Berghuis might well return to the Kuip as well. Among all of that, the name of Robin van Persie also floats around in Rotterdam.


Gio van Bronckhorst is confident.

“I went on a holiday right after winning the title to clear my head. I did take some of the Title Celebration books with me and the DVD. Really enjoyed processing the season and had a good time resting. When I went back to Rotterdam, I literally closed the books on the title. That is in the past. And it doesn’t count anymore. Now, we want to win the title again and do well in the Champions League. That is the journey of the pro. Improving and raising the bar again and again.”

Fey Diks Boetius

New signings Diks and Boetius with Kenneth Vermeer


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  1. Thanks Jan
    great recaps

    appreciated the interview with Bergkamp, when news of this issues between he and Bosz came out originally I knew something was not right.. Bergkamp is pure class right down to the bone!

    Pumped for a new season, eager for transfers to be over with and clubs to settle.

    Really hope Nouri’s future is not compromised either, still no fresh news except for that Ajax have cancelled tomorrow’s open training following yesterday’s events…

  2. U19s held to 1-1 by Bulgaria U19s but still progress to the semis – they will play Portugals u19s on Weds.

    England v Czechs in the other semi..

  3. Have being following Vitesse and Utretch in the pre season games since both are in europa and also feyenoord will be taking on vitesse in JC shield.must say both teams have done some quality signings given depatures some of their key players.Utretch saw the depature of their top striker Seb Haller to bundasliga, Richairo Zivkovic has left eredivisie for beligum pro league and also Amrabat to feyenoord. Maybe not big names but for sure they have recurited some quality players. Cyriel Dessers , sander van der Streek, both smashed 22 goals in ereeste divisie last season for NAC Breda and Cambuur repectively.Bilal ould chikh joined in from benfica and off course they will welcome Patrick joosten from injury which sidelined him up to 6 month. Him and Gryano kerks break through season in his absence was one of the reason why zivkovic loan was not extended and had to leave the club for belgian club .K.V. Oostende. Lastly former Ajax and milan utility urby Emanuelson is also on trial at the club after being free agent.he is currently in preseason training camp.with Erik ten hag at the helm this could a better season for Utretch compared to last where they left it to the second half of the season to climb the table.

    At Vitesse,Wolfswinkel surprisingly left for Basel and CL football,chelsea contingent went back to parent club .Marvelous Nakamba signed for Club brugge, .Adnane Tighadouini went back to malaga and leerdam joined MLS. Diks on loan from fiorentina also joined feyenoord.

    Given the depatures they were quick to capture thulani Serero from Ajax to Replace Nakamba, groningen winger Bryan Linssen (Adnane Tighadouini), thomas Burns (heracles) to replace lewis Baker and chelsea sent fantaky dabo and Charlie colkett on fresh loan to replace the out going contingent. Former psv striker tim matavz was signed from Augsburg to replace wolf with youngster mitchell van bregen look set to be his cover up.
    Out of the two vitesse looks to have reinforced the team better and apart from Matavz signing which for me is a gamble given his form in bundasliga and Serie A I think vitesse can compete with top 3.

    Looking forward to vitesse vs feyenoord in JC shield match.

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      1. hahaha you don’t know what to say?
        and you’re fine with it?

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        no one even corrected you..

        relax, I was only trying to have a laugh with you – pretty obvious what you meant


  5. Tete to Lyon
    Karsdorp To Roma
    Kongolo to Monaco
    Klaassen To Everton

    Those moves are good moves. Let’s hope Van Ginkel goes to PSV, Van Dijk to Liverpool, Riedewald finds a good club…

    Elia chose Başakşehir and that for me is a bad move.

  6. Per Ajax today, his heart is functioning normally (now independently) and is not damaged.. hopefully it was heatstroke or fatigue (as vanfadly points out) and he can make a full recovery without problem. If there was a heart abnormality then I understand that he might be out a few months and his future as a professional would be in jeopardy. (not totally sure, maybe someone can confirm)


  7. Luckasson has moved from AZ to PSV.
    interested to see where he plays there, until last season where he played mostly DM he was playing CB mostly and some RB..

    1. Derrick Luckassen and Jerry St Juste are both versatile players like Nathan Ake. I still think if Blind would have given these guys a break, the DM position could have been reinforced by now. Heerenveen coach Jurgen Streppel has been using St Juste at DM during the friendlys in the pre season camp and its highly likely thats where he will be deployed this season after the arrival of danish CB Daniel Høegh from basel.

      looking at PSV,Hendrix will finally get the get the chance to prove himself at DM with the departure of Guardado and Luckassen is highly likely to slot in at CB with Nicolas Isimat-Mirin.

      I think hendrix did play under Danny. I think it was the greece game he came on to replace strootman but really didnt live up to expectation. was too explosive and lost key duals and if im not wrong then it was his error which lad to winning goal. not sure on this one.

      I think St Juste is the kind of players you need vs the french especially in the middle where the play can be broken down.I think he will be good match for progba and Matudi

    1. if he would have stayed at Ajax, as usually he would have got the nod, jus like El Ghazi before making the switch to lazio. A very injury prone player from Ajax days and it really hampered his first season at lazio and was loaned out to Lique 1 side Lille. he had good start at lazio especially in pre season and also in europa but injuries once again sidelined him for considerate period of time and he couldnt keep up with the pack. both El Ghazi and him were pretty much average last season. the latest from lazio is he might be off loaded to bottom feeder club in Serie A. crotone or maybe loaned out again.

      Marcelo Bielsa has being appointed the new coach at Lille. El Ghazi might resurrect his career under him but for kishna I feel his career will never reach its peak unless he remains injury free..

        1. is back at lazio. pre season camp. all the players had their medical done and he was also part of it. must say De Vrij looks in good same. as for kishna. might be off loaded or sent out on loan again as there is alot of competition on the wing at moment. this could change though if keita blade or other departs but till then he will be deemed surplus especially with Inzaghi deploying 3-5-2.

  8. Our line up needs to look like
    Willems-van dijk-bruma-karsdorp

    If we have any chance at winning

    1. Zivkovic has long way to go in order to get a call and now after moving to KV oostende, You can forget about him. he should have stayed at Groningen few more years before making that big switch. his loan spell at Utrecht also failed to live up to expectation after from that goal which he ran in record time. Also dont know how this move will affect his u21 outings.

      who is culloden ????

  9. Depay – Robben

    Van Ginkel

    Buttner – St Juste – Strootman – karsdorp

    Ake- Van Dijk – De Vrij


    Buttner and St Juste (versatility and benefit of doubt)

      1. thats the thing. they still think they are are living in cruyff era believing they can execute his philosophy. they need to wake up from this dream. You simply need the right players to execute his philosophy and given the current batch of players its not possible and we have all seen what happened to danny blind.

          1. changed the formation around key players knowing there wasnt much depth in the team.

  10. Not sure what next post will be. Maybe a tactical analysis of Oranje’s lost WC2010 finals vs Spain?

    Maybe a story on Ajax’ youth system?

    Not sure yet….

  11. This is an interesting article from about a month ago. It’s not quite up-to-date with Kongolo’s recent transfer, etc., but it generally provides updates for each of the younger players on LVG’s 2014 World Cup team.


    After reading through the short write-ups, I glanced back up at the picture at the top of the page – our starting 11 in the 2014 semi-finals against Argentina:


    Kuyt – de Vrij – Vlaar – BMI – Blind

    De Jong – Wijnaldum

    Robben – RVP – Sneijder

    It seems so long ago that half of that team would be considered for international play (although six could still be starting today).

    On the bench that day:

    de Guzman

    It’s amazing when you think about the transformation from that 23-man roster to today’s:

    You still have Cillessen, de Vrij, Sneijder, Blind, Wijnaldum, Robben and Depay as regular starters.

    BMI and Lens are still hanging around, with Veltman and Kongolo with some opportunity for playing time as well.

    Kuyt, Vlaar, Verhaegh, de Jong and RVP are done. In addition, Janmaat, de Guzman, Clasie, Fer, Huntelaar, Vorm and Krul are probably not coming back.

    But now we have Hoedt, Strootman (who was injured in 2014), Janssen, Padt, Zoet, Tete, Ake, de Ligt, Vilhena, Promes, Klaassen, Toomstra, and Dost, who were all on the 23-man roster for our most recent qualifier.

    And that doesn’t even include Karsdorp, Viergever, Bruma, van Dijk, Brenet, Zeegelaar, van Aanholt, Reidewald, Dijks, Letschert, Propper, Ramselaar, de Roon, van Ginkel, Hendrix, Bazoer, Berghuis, and Locadia, many of whom could still be considered for the World Cup if we qualify.

    In summary, we’ve actually developed a lot of talent over the last 3 years, and when I look back on our 2014 line-up, I think we may actually have more talent today (even acknowledging Robben’s and Sneijder’s aging) than we did then!

    1. @JB…Van Gaal had to hide BMI,he was the weaklink in that line up…
      We are still same in terms of quality if dont play Depay,promes etc..

        1. Something tells me that you think he is already the best.

          Emmanuel doesn’t like Depay. He thinks he’s too muscular and selfish and doesn’t have the requisite work ethic and team mentality.

          I think most of the rest of us appreciate his talents and enjoy it when he plays to his potential 🙂

          1. I think he needs to trim little bit so that he becomes more explosive especially when going around players.

      1. I agree regarding BMI. He should not be in the team unless his judgment improves dramatically.

        I still have hope for Strootman, and I think that our backline is vastly improved from four years ago — we can even play with just four in the back now!

          1. De Vrij and van dijk are no 1 contenders right now given how top teams are after their signature.Bruma and Hoedt might be back up.not sure about de ligt.he needs to play more with top teams , but surely he will develop into a top defender.Jairo Riedewald is another player who has alot of potential but needs to find a good club and play regularly to

          2. well looks like Everton are trying to hijack crystal palace move for Jairo Riedewald.

    1. induced coma. test revealed the heart is functioning normal, but its the brain which the doctors are worried about. once he regains conscious then further examination will be done there

  12. Nouri’s first neurological tests are very good. No brain damage. More tests to follow.

    People now seem to think it might have been a severe case of heatstroke…

    1. there’s also an update, stating that Nouri’s pre-game examination (before Bremen friendly) was within normal range. I think the medical team are just taking precautionary steps and not rushing things.

      I know I can’t diagnose him with just looking on the video and reading the news surrounding his condition, but I really hope it’s just a case of heatstroke.

  13. U19s today v Portugal, playing underdog.
    Nice to see Piroe back after the head injury but starts on the bench, with Stekelenburg opting for a front 3 of Dilrosun – Nunnely – Kongolo instead, with Kadioglu sitting behind.

    Good start from our boys, created some really good chances early but unable to make it count. Portugal scored the only goal in the half, with a bit of a howler from our keeper Bijlow (Feyenoord) watching the saved shot dribbling past him somehow, though our RB Bakboord (Ajax) gave lots of space and allowed his player to cut inside for a shot, maybe de Wit (Ajax) can help better too at DM… the young Portuguese keeper made a couple decent saves ahead of the HT whistle as well.. Bijlow did make a great save to start the 2H, and saw us take over in possession with some better team work on the ball.
    Some pretty nice stuff from Dilrosun (Man City) and looks class above to me. Kadioglu (NEC) a little disappointing, could not really impose himself though did not see much of the ball himself (maybe part of Portugals game plan) and taken off at 60′ for Lonwijk (young AM from PSV).
    Not super impressed with highly rated Nunnely (Ajax) or Rodney Kongolo (City) in this game either personally, and a Nunnely was rightly switched out for Grot (young striker from NEC) with 10 mins to go for the last change.
    Grot added a spark but his inclusion came a bit late for me.
    0-1 loss in the end – maybe could have gone through with some more clinical finishing up front.. but Portugal indeed look quite good, larger in stature and seem generally more mature with the ball as well, and although we did have them sitting in their own half much of the 2H we failed to turn the possession into chances.

    Pretty decent for our B team of U19s to reach the semis imo, though there will be disappointment to lose on such a poor goal. Important for youngsters to learn to play as a team anyway, and maybe with so many “A” players missing it can be good for our depth in young talent for the others to have got chances.
    Ultimately a bit of a déjà vu for a few of the same players who last year lost to Portugal at the U17 euros, also in the semi final.

      1. @Depay9, Kluivert and De Ligt come immediately to mind. People who follow this more closely, can probably rattle off some more.

        Riedewald to Crystal Palace. This could be a very good move for him, I think. Always thought he could become a regular in the NT. EPL is a good place for him to prove his worth, and he’ll be under FDB.

        1. Yes also Tahith Chong and Dylan Vente were not there (not sure why), also Kaj Sierhuis who scored loads for Ajax U19s last season (injured) and Donyell Malen (on tour with Arsenal in Australia) were unavailable.
          I think Fosu-Mensah played last time as is too old? maybe I’m wrong
          Zeefuik of Ajax.. who am I missing?

          1. Jus broke in the AZ first team in the last few matches of the season.I think during the europa qualification matches.This could be his break through season.

      1. Nunnely is just another overrated crap at his level best.
        Justin kluivert has got something,but he seems followig Depay step..getting bulky (in early stage i hope i am wrong butt)and we need use Justin before he bulksup..

  14. Hey Depay9 is best. Admire your curiousity mate. I was exactly like you when I first joined this site. I see you havnt been following alot on players or about dutch soccer. Have you started following jus recently.

  15. bad news
    Ajax have released a statement, saying Nouri has suffered a severe and permanent brain damage.

    I really hope that this is just a joke 🙁

          1. Don’t know for sure yet.. goal .com says that Nouri’s brother says: If he wakes up, he won’t be able to think, eat, talk, walk, probably won’t recognise people.

            massive bummer

        1. You have to consider he was out for 15 minutes before being rescitated by medical team.15 minutes is a long time. Van Fadly any comments here. How would this has affected the brain. Six minutes is max I think the brain can go if the heart stops.

          There is also some reports that there was a incidents where he collspsed in dubai but he denied it saying they was his friend who fainted. Im suspecting the love for soccer, fame over health here. I dont think a condition can jus develop over night or jus while playing.

          1. Also I wonder if the players had their medical done before they left for Austria.

          2. they did have a pre-game medical exam, and Nouri checked out with no problem.

            after 5 minutes of oxygen deprivation, the brain cells might start dying. any cardiac issues management consists of giving adequate oxygenation (even arrhythmia, because the heart beats but can’t pump blood properly).

            usually the first aid team (that rushed into the pitch whenever there’s suspicion if injury) don’t bring oxygen support. in Nouri case, I don’t know how long until the ambulance had arrived.

            I know there’s something wrong from the moment he’s put into coma. I’ve never seen an out-of-arrhythmia patient being put into coma… I can’t tell if the doctors messed up, but surely there’s more story that hasn’t been told about what happened before he’s put into coma.

  16. Utretch were held 0-0 away at Valletta in the europa league qualification. news signings Bilal Ould-Chikh, Sander Van Der Streek,Emanuelson,Simon Makienok all featured in the game but couldnt find the break through. Ten Hag again deployed 2 strikers upfront with Edson Braafheid also playing full 90. new signing Cyriel Dessers and Patrick joosten were notable absentees other wise this was their best starting 11.the second leg will be played in Utrecht next week.

    1. Despite all signings, neither Uttecht nor Vitesse will be successful in EL this season. Apart from Big Three and AZ, the reamining Eredivisie clubs are bullshit in EL. To lose pont in Malta is just not serious….

  17. Nick Viergever could be on way out from Ajax’s as well as Bayern Leverkusan look set to sign him from eredivisie giants. he will follow tete, Reidewald,Dijks and Sanchez who is also on the radar for both Madrid and Barcelona.

  18. Nouri case is pure tragic,i feel sad for Nouri and sure thats a big lose for dutch NT..only one player i had hope that step in to vaart/sneijder level …at least he would have been a great hope for that spot in NT.He has amazing ball control and passing range..Most of the young ones were really over hyped but Nouri had something..
    Why this happening to best ones???i got the answer supra naturally,which i dont want to disclose..
    And there goes about medical experts…
    they have degrees but no real knowledge about Human body apart from some books.
    Some@####ahole will go and say come on come on get up Nouri you can..you can..some doesnt know the pain you are going through still they will say their opinion..i think pure neglection of the condition has got it worse,there was delay in proper diagnosis.100 sure.Doctor on duty should be fired by all means..then there is delay in ambulance..this all played a part in his tragedy.c

    1. This is not first time when players collapse on the field and die. Not sure why this is happening as all players are under constant medical control. Is it a doctors’ negligence or ….Anyway, very sad story – to become a “vegetable” at the age of 20…

  19. For fuck sake guys I’m shattered with this news….

    Three days ago the news was positive and now this. He will live his life like a plant is now the prognosis. Can’t think, walk, eat, speak… Devastating.

    For him, for his loved ones and also for us. He really had the goods to become one of the best.

    1. He is just recovered from injury which sidelined for almost 1 year but I think the CB positions are sorted.

      Virgil Van Dijk

      Stefan De Vrij

      Jeffery Bruma

      Wesley Hoedt

      Mathias De Ligt

      Jairo Riedewald

      Joel Veltman

        1. Ake can lay CB..but we are really in short of DM,we cannt beat a strong team with strootman as DM..We need Ake in that spot….Raidwald also must be considered for that spot as well
          CB should be limited to
          We have wonderful 6 pure CBs at our disposal..

  20. It will intresting to see how the relationship between patrick van annholt and Frank De works out compared to Sam Allydace who focused alot on Van Annholt to use him to the best of his abilities. It will intrestling to see if gets the same luxury under FDB.

    I think with a few more signings especially in the back line, De Boer will be able to inject total football at Crystal palace. They have agreed the signing of martin indi, Riedewalds transfer is also being finalized and with Ruben loftus cheek already signed cystal palace will have good depth in the team with players who can execute total football

    Projecting their lineup.

    Townsend- Beneteke-Zaha

    Cabaye-Milivojević- loftus-cheek

    Van Annholt-martin indis- kelly- ward.


    1. Or another explosive line up can be with two offensive strikers up front. 4-1-2-1-2

      Townsend- Zaha


      Puncheon- loftus-cheek


      Van Aanholt- Martin indis- Kelly- ward


        1. Well he has already played for NT but that LB position is still under dispute and he could be up for the fight if he standouts for crystal palace and under FDB.

          1. I don’t think van aanholt was used that much under alderyce. After his injury last year he did not feature a lot

  21. @Jan and friends:

    Nouri’s recovery update is really sad. I saw a video where many fans went to his house to cheer up his family and also Ajax’s player went. It was heart breaking, I am shocked that a 20 year old is going through those horrible health issues.

    1) Does anyone know what produced it? was it a heart attack, mental stroke?

    2) Is there still hope of him being able to recover or are the doctors 100% certain that he will never be able to walk, talk eat at all?

    I am obviously not thinking of him being able to play football again, if that happens well wonderful!!! but let’s hope and pray that he can at least live a decent life.

    1. 1) no clear statement over that matter. but seeing the news here and there, I deduced that the “severe brain damage” is caused by lack of oxygenation.

      note that Nouri has checked out the pre-game medical exam prior to Bremen game.

      now, it is a basic sense that every body cells need oxygen to live, and brain/nerve is one organ that controls everything.

      in theory, after 5 minutes of “hypoxia” (lack of oxygen delivered towards body cells) have passed, the brain cells will start dying.

      Nouri was first diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, which is “a fast, arrhythmic, and inadequate beats of heart”. imagine you squeeze a rubber bottle of ketchup/jam, but rather than fully squeeze it, you do it just 1/8-ish power and at fast rate.

      there won’t be a lot of jam (blood) came (pumped) out of the bottle (heart).

      that’s what happened with Nouri.

      now, one of the standard step in guideline for CPR is to give adequate continuous oxygenation. but being a side-pitch medical team, perhaps this step was delayed (the oxygen tank, etc). we don’t know what has the team done, did they give him oxygen while waiting for the air ambulance, or something else.

      what caused the arrhythmia? a lot of things. of course there are genetic and disease factors, but my first suspicion is heatstroke.

      sorry for the long explanation. in short, Nouri’s brain problem is caused by his heart problem that occured PROBABLY because of heatstroke (or other cause..)

      2) this I don’t dare to make any assumption. let’s just say that in theory, severe brain damage that left untreated for way too long is irreversible. but miracles do happen…

        1. @Vanfadly, No need to apologize. I appreciated your explanation. As you say, there will be an inquest, and we’ll find out what happened and whether, realistically, anything could have been done.

          It really is heartbreaking; so much of his life in front of him.

      1. Most likely he his heart went into ventricular fibrillation. Looks like he has a pulse but in reallty brain doesn’t get any oxygen. That’s my assumption. If they’re saying he had a problem with the heart there’s no explanation why he’s brain dead. I’d need to get full story but from the info media is providing it sounds like it’s medics fault

  22. Wesley Sneijder now a free agent..should have a host of big clubs going for him..surprised only MLS club registered interest and really be disappointing if he ended up there or any other lower league..
    Believed he can still play at the highest level, top assists in Turkey league is no mean feat..

    1. I’ll be glad if he return to Serie A. but also surprised that it is Sampdoria that close in signing him (Sampdoria can afford him? that’s a surprise). Inter should re-buy him. or Lazio/Roma.

  23. Guys, I am sorry, I have prepped several posts and really cool ones too but this Nouri thing won’t leave me alone.

    I decided to take a break a bit and the next post will be on him.

    Sneijder Schleijder.

    It all becomes so meaningless…

    Several people are now calling for Ajax’ De Toekomst youth complex to be called the Appie Nouri Complex.

    It’s the most discussed thing in Dutch (sports) tv.

    Terrible, but I will get back in the saddle soon.

    1. Very distressing news about Nouri Jan, I really feel for family, it’s bad enough for supporters but for his Mother to cope with this must be impossible.
      And if you need a break just take it, there are enough people on here to keep things ticking over so we still get our Oranje fix!

  24. Don’t worry Jan. It’s very difficult news to process.

    Life is very fragile. Nouri had all his future ahead of him it is really sad and it must be so difficult for his family. I can’t even know how hard it must be for his family and friends.

    Miracles do happen. Let’s hope and pray for one.

  25. Psv and Chelsea have reached and agreement for Van Ginkel on loan again the whole year with PSV. That might give some much needed stability to his career, he might even make it to the WC?.

        1. You see thats the thing.he stayed back just because of Champions league and now all of a sudden his form has radically dropped.again you have to go back and look at his ceiling and determine how far he could have gone. Not far. I said it back then after watching that french game not the qualifiers and thats what exactly happened but yet he was used extensively in NT by Danny. There is where it continuously went wrong for him. Imagine what if instead of him pieters would have started more. He has being a consistent performer for stoke for how many season now but yet his ceiling and capabilities has being overlooked. So what happens now? It has all gone to waste and its time to start from scratch which will take more time and which again is the biggest nemsis at this point in time.

          1. I hope Adovcaat wont make the same mistakes as Danny.defensively Pieters is better and more rugged than daley Blind therefore both should be in the running for the french game.

            Apart from them, Buttners review has being very good from the preseason training camp. He has trimmed down and has trained through out coming into pre season training camp. Vitesse will take on feyenoord in the JC shield match and they are also in europa so defintely worth keeping a tab on him.again I must say this there has being good reviews coming from vitesse especially where he stayed back sacrificing his holidays to get back in shape for the new sesson.

          1. The thing is maybe we would have already cemented a solid left back if Danny blind wasn’t biased and played his son. Somebody else should’ve had that position for the longest time

  26. Ruud Vormer has being appointed the captain for Club brugge for 2017-2018 season. This jus goes to show how much he has developed after leaving feyenoord where he was struggling for playing time.though club brugge bombed out of champion league without winning a single game but his performance has not gone untouched.he has been used all over the park and individually offers so much to the team rather than team as a whole.

    Deserves to be called up by DA.

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