• Welcome to my orange world

    Welcome all...

    The fact that you are not put off by the screaming orange colors in your face probably means you bleed orange like we all do, here....

    This is where the fans of the Dutch National Team, or "Oranje", hang out. This is the second coolest spot on the planet. The coolest spot being the pitch if the team is on it...

    Here, you can find anything on our team. Match reviews. Interviews. Opinions. Cool pics. Historic videos. Games. Polls. Predictions. But, more relevant, cool likeminded people. Friendships. Laughter. Shared passion. People to cheer with...and people to cry with... People to make fun off. And people to get angry at.

    But most importantly, an outlet for the passion of the game. The Beautiful Game. Our game... Total Football.

    Because you bleed orange....


    In order to keep this site going, I have added a "donation" option on the bottom right of this page. Please consider this... It does take a bit of $$ to keep this going... Thanks in advance!!

    Oh, and to be totally open about it: I write original posts but I also get inspiration from the AD newspaper (Dutch) and the VI voetbal magazine (Dutch as well). So you know... ;-)

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    Hi all, we are well on the way.

    And like you, I'm pretty stoked with the way players like Robben, Fer, Van Persie, Krul, Vorm, Nigel de Jong and De Guzman are doing.

    And not too happy with what's going on with Van Ginkel, Dost and Luuk de Jong, to name a few.

    But there is time to grow and sometimes it's a blessing to have players that are not used too much during the season (MVB 1988).

    The coming months will be chockablock with CL action, domestic stuff, Oranje games, etc etc.

    As promised, I will come back to you with the Exclusive Video Interview with Van Gaal and I am hoping to find some more cool victims for my video journal.

    Keep on bleeding Orange my friends!!