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The Future of Oranje is Lucky

While the umptieth war is waged (I am not talking Israel – Hamas, but Laurent vs the rest, which I choose to ignore) lets have a look at our future… When Louis was signed I was cynical. I thought it was all about Louis’ ego and personal ambitions (and it was, actually) and feared he […]

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier - Turkey v Netherlands

Post WC2014 musings: thanks for the memories….

SORRY GUYS! HAD TO MAKE BRIEF BUSINESS TRIP. ENDED UP STAYING AWAY FOR A WEEK. AND HAD LAPTOP ISSUES SO COULDN’T POST. APOLOGIES BUT ALL GOOD.   Well, in all honesty… We came third this time, so the only way is up!! I am dead serious! I am totally in awe of what this team […]

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