Ajax announce second signing for next season

Ajax have announced the signing of Benjamin Tahirović. The Amsterdam club reached an agreement with AS Roma and paid around 7.5 million euros to take the Bosnia and Herzegovina midfielder to Amsterdam.
Born in Sweden, but with nationality from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Benjamin Tahirović was at AS Roma since February 2021. Without gaining space in the main team commanded by José Mourinho, the Italian club decided to sell Benjamin Tahirović.

“Benjamin Tahirović is a young midfielder who is strong in possession of the ball. He is one of the great talents and has an incredible mentality,” said Ajax director of football Sven Mislintat.

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  1. Just finished watched the replay of JO and Portgual. Nothing new, I said it before Van der looi is not the coach to lead this team to glory. Tavsan and manhoef are quality wingers and you play ekelenkamp on the wing. He was experimenting with 4-2-2-2 for quiet some time until Summerville came in. It’s also surprising that there is no other LW apart from Summerville as both tavsan and manhoef play on the right at NEC and vitesse respectively. Ajax prodigy Naci unuvar is loan at Trabzonpor, I wonder why he wasn’t looked or selected at all throughout. Active though.

    As pointed And again I said this before Van ewijk is better than rensch but the only thing he needs is good coverage when he goes forward. Good call by Van der looi to sub rensch. That flank became lively after that.

    Burger too as mentioned was a good sub for Timber. I think gravenberch grew more into the game as he was providing a good cover to him. Gravenberch needs to play with more grit and use his lanky body to his advantage in those holding ball situations .Better performance than the Belgium game especially in the second half where he showed glimpses of that while attracting fouls. Defensively he still needs to play with more grit and tracking back remains his weakness. The portgual goal both of him and Timber were in no mans land when ball came from the flank

    Dispointed Reis being such a good player is sitting on the bench.

    Lastly I would say verbruggen looks really good. Hope he has big season coming up. Hoping for best but don’t think this team has what it takes to beat Gerogia

    Hope to see better things under Reiziger. The AZ contingent, meedrink, poku, addai, others Mbuyamba, hilgers, unuvar
    ki Jana , no more rensch pliz, he got the benefit of doubt in the NT under Van gaal and now in JO. No more and I think Ajax is also in the market for RB. They know it too. They might shift him to CB probably. Sambo is another fullback who has been getting good reviews at Sparta. Ewijk will be gone and frimpong I don’t think will appear again for JO.

    Hartman and maatsen will be a good battle at LB in the years to come for NT. Both are 21 but I see maatsen with a better ceiling.

  2. Saw the game. After two games, it looks like van de Looi’s strategy seems to be defense first,and try to grind out results because he is aware of the offensive shortcomings. Gravenberch and Timber/Wouter played most of the game as a defensive block in front of the back four, and none were adventurous offensively. At halftime, In both games,

    Van Ewijk has been good going forward on the right after coming off the bench. I haven’t seen him play enough to comment on his defense.

    Offense continues to be challenged. After Belgium, I was a little surprised to see Ekkelenkamp starting; he hasn’t added much offensively. Perhaps van de Looi sees something in his play off the ball, and following his instructions and game plan? Still, it would have been nice to see what Tavsan could do. Credit to Brobbey, in both games he’s worked hard, and finally got rewarded. Taylor is not, and never has been, a 10. Maybe try Zirkzee there? Or give Reis a shot and push Gravenberch further forward?

    Agree re Verbruggen. Another big save late.

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