Annoyed Van Gaal’s quest for perfection

The press conference before the last get together before the World Cup was heavy with agitation. The team manager loves controversy, as we know, and enjoys playing his games with certain members of the press.

We have seen a very buoyant and generous Van Gaal at pressers, we have seen him funny even. This time, the first interviewer (the indeed very annoying Stekelenburg of the NOS) got on Louis’ bad side and the whole press conference was influenced by this. Any other pointy question was answered with “Ah, you must be a friend of Stekelenburg? You should sit together from now on” and more of those sarcastic quips.

His mood will also have to do with the work he can see in front of him. After this period, he only has 1 week in November, which he’ll need to “fine tuning”. This week is an important one for Van Gaal, the perfectionist, but the week is pretty full. We have two nations league games, we have all sorts of of PR and content related tasks for the players, among them, the intro of the new Nike jerseys. Van Gaal also added a former volley ball coach to the mix who will help Van Gaal with the selection of the penalty killer! There is this scientific method – according to Louis – to help analyse which goalie has the best chance to stop penalties.


Most countries (England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France) have their goalie or goalies for the World Cup. Not us. We still don’t know who is the #1. This time, the former #1 Justin Bijlow, isn’t even selected (although he will join the Oranje camp for the goalie analysis as mentioned, same as Kjell Scherpen) and with Andries Noppert a new name is added. Trusted goalies Pasveer and Cillesen are part of the club, but Flekken, Noppert and apparently Bijlow are question marks. Keepers trainer Frans Hoek will work with the goalies and will present his findings to Van Gaal, who is happy to meet the Ajax and Heerenveen goalie for the first time. But, all in all, Van Gaal doesn’t seem worried about this goal keepers conundrum.


Van Gaal has had several principles in his rich career. Players who wanted to be part of the squad needed to play and play on the position where he wants them in Oranje as well. But these principles have already been abandoned. Today, it’s about “performing”. Players need to deliver. All well and good but have players like Davy Klaasen, Devyne Rensch and Stefan de Vrij delivered, recently? And when questions like these are asked, Van Gaal gets annoyed and claims the reporters are asking mean questions…. It seems this squad might well be the World Cup squad, although Van Gaal leaves the door open for players who are currently injured and used to be part of the squad, such as Lang, Danjuma and Luuk de Jong. For new names, such as Joey Veerman, Xavi Simons or Bryan Brobbey it will be harder. Only when others get injured or lose form will new players be added and only if these new players really deliver.


Van Gaal has decided to invest in scientific methods and included Peter Murphy, former Volleyball coach, to his staff for this week. Action typing is what Murphy studied and he will use his methods to determine which keeper is best equipped for the penalty killer role. Length is a factor, yes (Noppert!) but speed of reaction is as important. A tall goalie who reacts slow is still not a good goalie. They will also work on methods to “distract” the opponent when the opponent is about to take a spot kick. Okay. In 2014, it was “the eye of the maestro” which determined that Cillesen needed to make way for Krul which helped Oranje reach the semis. But Argentina took their spot kicks better and Van Gaal wants to rule out a similar scenario.


The players will also need to spend time on what Van Gaal calls “content creation”. There will simply not be enough time for this later, so Van Gaal wants this to happen now. He doesn’t want this to interfere right before the tournament. This content creation is basically: doing the sponsor thing. Getting photos made with the new kit, or any other sponsor related action.


There is even time for football! Van Gaal will talk a lot this week. He will have group sessions and individual sessions, in which he (and Danny Blind) will focus on video analysis and more instructions to perfect the tactics he wants to see on the pitch. Van Gaal was moderately happy with the way it is going, but it can be executed much better. For now, the second half versus Germany in the last friendly was the best half Van Gaal has seen and now the focus is on doing this for more than one half. The only downside: that second half was not played in Van Gaal’s fave 3-4-3 set up. Work to be done. Van Gaal did say that he will not experiment or allow players playing time. He wants to work towards his firm first team. Don’t expect much chances between now and November. On this topic, when asked if new players were to be expected, Van Gaal let slip that he doesn’t only look at player’s footballing qualities but also how the player deals with…. Van Gaal. The coach is a keen talker and has long tactical talks. In his words, “if a player starts to nod off during my talks, I know I can’t use him.” This probably happened and might well be the reason why a player like Karsdorp or in the past Seedorf were ignored by him.

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  1. Can we as a community make a deal to not go on and on about the team selection and who was left out and how this particular crop of Dutch internationals is not a top nation?

  2. @ Eduardorw

    I have always maintained Three minds is better than one but apparently van gaal doesn’t sees it that way. It is always one way ( his) and no plan B. He wants the midfield to be built around frenkie in the hole. ( engine room) and probably this is what you will see at WC. If frenkie gets injured, the chapter for NT will close there and then simply because he there is no proven midfield combo without frenkie and it all comes back until as recently as the game vs Wales where he was forced to give other players the opportunity like schouten in that game and Koopmeiners as well.

    Now you would recall how when berghuis moved centrally ( middle) at Ajax, everybody started calling for him to start there as well in NT and indeed he was given that benefit of doubt but it yielded nothing. Vs average teams he shines and in tighter games he is average/ pedestrian. Same with klaassen who occasionally pops up at the right time and right place to tap in goals. And basically this was what Van gaal was contemplating to build midfield around until it was overshadowed with doubts when their performance from consistency point of view started fluctuating like I said. Vs average and tighter oponents. And thennnnn they decide to change the setting and give Koompmeiners the nod which still is in trial stage.

    Then Look how things have taken a new turn. Taylor comes on board at Ajax and how critics are jumping again , he should get the nod ( with Kudus) relegating both klaassen and berghuis to bench/ smaller roles.

    Now what I am trying to emphasize here is chain of events from partial selection which hasn’t yield anything and in the process overlooking others who could have given the team facelift based on their superior capabilities.

    Now back to your questions

    “How do you see veerman playing in NT”

    Just like in PSV. With frenkie in Sangare role on the right. In addition to this Gravenberch in an adavance role on the left ( strong hold) something he showed in last days when at Ajax. In other words, slightly point backwards with frenkie as a rover on the right, Veerman slightly deeper covering laterally for Gravenberch.

    Gravenberch —————


    In attack



    In defense everybody drop back. ( mandatory and critical)

    But look this is not something that can just happen and yield sucess over night. It’s needs time

    For De Roon. he doesnt seem to be on the same level as compared to during koeman era when they reached nation league final and this has been evident when he has played under Van gaal . Now you can have him on the bench and expect him to play a critical role in knock out stages when its gonna get tough. Well it is a gamble if you wanna take it.he is not in his prime either

    It’s all about the right balance and this cannot to achieved unless they play together. From creativity point of view Veerman brings more flare than any one else and this is why he should have been tested with frenkie long time ago. Remember creativity is a major component currently lacking in NT. This is where he surpasses Koompmeiners. Veerman in an instance can open the game up from any where and he has been doing good in the double pivot role for PSV. For Koopmeiners its subject to. ( preferable foot, positioning etc). I like him as well.

    But once again look here, its still trial stage with respect to other midfielders with frenkie being main orchestrater whether you play Taylor, Veerman, Gravenberch, klaassen, Berghuis or anyone. You need time, rotation and then see which combo prompts the right balance. This is what bloody is not a feature of van gaal. Only when there is crisis or when players start losing their touch is which prompts changes and which often spells disaster for the team.

    1. @ Derekvdberg91

      ” Can we as a community make a deal to not go on and on about the team selection and who was left out and how this particular crop of Dutch internationals is not a top nation?”

      Classic example of Blind leading a blind. Sorry for not jumping on your bus

  3. @ Jan

    “The coach is a keen talker and has long tactical talks. In his words, “if a player starts to nod off during my talks, I know I can’t use him.” This probably happened and might well be the reason why a player like Karsdorp or in the past Seedorf were ignored by him.”

    Just ro correct you. karsdorp has never been selected or played under van gaal. It’s nobody else but Danny Blind because it was under him that he got called up and later made his debut.its defintely has to do with his relations back then but eyebrow needs to be raised here because here as to why van gaal is not intervening.

    Again this proves its Danny Blind who drafts the player selection for van gaal and this will probably be van gaal’s downfall.

    1. Wilson, good point. But there are records from other coaches and there will be a database where the conduct of players is registered. Van Gaal is known to ignore players who are not part of the group dynamics. In LVG’s world, LVG is the star and he gets to behave odd, players are like robots to him. Sadly. I like rebels. Would Cantona play under Van Gaal? Or Ziyech? Or Van Hanegem?

      1. I think they will play just fine under LVG. LVG managed Edgar Davids, Kluivert, Rivaldo, Robben, RVP and Sneijder, just to name a few. Those are not nice or disciplined players. They are rebels and LVG got them under control and fight for him. I think the selection is bias and we are falling the same trap where players are knowing each other. I don’t see any players from this group will be mean to other players when they do not perform up to the standard. And this was exactly what happened last Euro.

  4. I’m going to comment on some of the points others made on the former blog post.

    Veerman vs Taylor

    I am a fan of Veerman, but he is limited. On the ball he is top class. His passing, his vision, I also like his inside foot finishes. He’s a special talent. But…he has never learned to play the top game without the ball. He’s not a great tackler, he’s not a great runner and his positioning is still mediocre.

    Taylor is slightly different. Good passer, but also good box-to-box player. He can tackle, hustle, run, but he can also score. Taylor to me is more complete.

    I think the fact there are already 7 other Ajax players in the squad will have helped Taylor, as LVG has limited prep time, picking players who know how to play together is import. Our left side could all be Ajax (Blind, Taylor, Bergwijn) which is a plus.

    Bijlow – Flekken – Noppert

    LVG has said that “yes, Bijlow is now goalie #5” but that can change in 2 weeks again. Bijow didn’t play super good, indeed, while Noppert in particular impressed. Pasveer as well. LVG wanted to spend time with Flekken and Noppert, the latter he never met before. LVG wants to induct him in his “special structure”. He is not 100% sure of Flekken and Noppert and wanted to see them both. He did confirm that if Bijlow gets back to his usual level, he will have a chance to return for the WC.

    Penalties and science

    LVG is using “innovative” methods and science to improve our chances in penalty shoot outs, both from a taker as from a stopper perspective.

    Rensch v Frimpong

    I don’t get the preference of Rensch. He’s a talent alright, but he’s still complacent, not always aware defensively and simply put: young! Frimpong is not much older I don’t think. The only thing I can think of is that Frimpong didn’t start all his games and Rensch has the advantage of having 7 other team mates in the squad… I really like Frimpong and I personally would also pick Karsdorp (when fit) over Rensch. But that’s me.

  5. As for Klaassen’s selection: LVG used to be quite firm: you don’t play at your club, you are not selected. But in this day and age, LVG has already had to drop the standard.

    Klaassen is in the team because he has that particular quality we saw from the likes or Bryan Robson, Neeskens, Donny vd Beek… Box to box, lungs and legs like a horse and popping up in the box to score important goals. Klaassen is also a good bloke in the squad.

    Trust me, coaches look at that. I bring you the Euros 2012, after we won silver in South Africa. The benchwarmers decided they needed to play this time around and the whole Oranje vibe and dynamics went south. Result: shameful exit.

    LVG wants a couple of Top Class AAA players, some of them are allowed to be “weird” (Memphis, Lang): Memphis, Virgil, Frenkie. The rest need to be team players and the likes of Klaassen, Blind, De Roon, Hateboer, Ake, Weghorst are exactly that. Bench them, give them 1 minute of play when the game is over, etc, these guys will not complain.

    You need to be able to contribute to the team/squad dynamics also if you’re benched. This is why Wijnaldum dropped in popularity with LVG. When he didn’t play, he expressed his frustration too much.

  6. De Roon has had criticism here, but coaches love the guy. He’s been a mainstay at Atalanta for a number of seasons now. He can play defensive mid, right mid and now also centre back.

    He’s a winner, he coaches and leads, and he has experience and grit. I can see why LVG wants him in the squad, even if he hasn’t got the sikly Frenkie touch.

  7. Danjuma was interviewed on live tv the other night. He was out for 4 months and has just started to get playing time. He’s confident he will 1) play and score in the coming months and 2) be part of the World Cup squad. I’m sure LVG will have told him this literally.

    At the WC, I think we’ll see:

    Noppert ( the FIFA Will probably make it compulsory to bring 4 goalies)

    De Vrij
    De Ligt
    Van Dijk
    Frimpong (I hope)

    De Roon


    I think Brobbey, Lang, Rensch, Veerman, Luuk de Jong etc will be on the reserve list in case of injury or otherwise.

    And then we will win this World Cup!

  8. @ Jan

    “Wilson, good point. But there are records from other coaches and there will be a database where the conduct of players is registered. Van Gaal is known to ignore players who are not part of the group dynamics”

    To revolt against a coach like Danny Blind who failed miserably with his partial selections cannot be taken into consideration I would say. Van gaal is the head coach and the final call should be his, and not what something happened with danny blinds when he was the coach and taking it as guaranteed for decision making present day. AGAIN PERFORMACE SHOULD SPEAK THE LOUDEST. its fair on player to question a coaches integrity if he feels he deserves to be starting. (let performance speak for itself). you would recall it was the same story as I have mentioned above, veltman at that time became make shift RB at ajax and under blind got the nod in NT. I mean from a player point view this obviously can be agitating especially when you have been playing in particular position for years and diligently and seeing some body else given preference based on where they play. well its the system again which comes into the spotlight under the so called bosses.

    once again I dont necessarily buy in to the crap that selection based on playing together at club level should be given a higher preference than those over distinguished players playing else where. 2001, van gaal had the privilege of having his 95 ajax contingent at his throne but still he failed. then in 2016-2017 , Danny Blind calling on all the ajax contingent before miserably failing again. haven’t they learnt their lessons and look at their audacity of persisting with it again. please dont use Barcelona and spain in this context because its not justifiable and there is also other instances where teams have won tournaments with players out of different clubs.

    Re: Talyor

    Note this down. he is playing in shadows of alvarez at ajax. you just watch when he gets to play NT AND FINDS HIMSELF NOT IN HIS COMFORT ZONE.

    for veerman this is not the case and I think him playing in double pivot role at PSV will help him alot in long run and when he moves abroad.

  9. Thanks Jan and Wilson for answering my questions about Veerman.

    I have the feeling that Janssen is going to make it to the World Cup. I don’t see Malen going.

    I really liked Malen, he has a lot of class, but right now he is not playing well.

    Janssen is the opposite of Malen. Not much class but is a fighter. And score. He is scoring and playing very well right now.

    A friend of mine told me he never saw Dennis Bergkamp scoring an ugly goal. And it’s true. Bergkamp goals were beautiful. Janssen is the opposite. A bunch of ugly goals!! But he scores. He fights. I am very exited to see him again playing for orange!

    Taylor over Graverbench? Who is better???

  10. @Wilson, its not blind leading the blind. It’s just annoying coming to this blog trying to read the posts and it’s just 200 by you and your conspiracy theories and nonsense. Complaining about the team selections on this blog is not going to change them (despite Jan’s reach), and we’re stuck with this team, so instead of trying to convince everyone that Richairo Zivkovic deserves a spot in the team because he hit the post in China’s 8th division or whatever, let’s just talk about the team we have.

    And the worst part is, that it’s on every single post the same stuff. I almost feel bad for Jan. He’ll write these great posts about something, and you don’t even read it, you just start spamming the comments with your conspiracies about how LVG ruined Buttner’s career.

    1. Thanks Derek. I am afraid you are correct. Wilson is a passionate follower and clearly invests a lot in this, but I do agree that the baseless, offensive, and mindboggling drivel about the Blinds and Van Gaal is getting pathetic. I have spent so much words rebutting these claims but Wilson is not good at processing information. Closed mind.

      As for the many many names that were brought up, from Toornstra to Zivkovic to Diks to God knows who. Funny how most of these players NEVER made it big and were rightfully ignored.

      It seems supporting a team means different things in different cultures maybe? We love every player wearing the jersey and we tend to want to support the team and coaches. We accept that LVG has more info to go on than us and we believe the coaches want to achieve the same as us: good football, and trophies.

      Others tend to support by criticising and second guessing and insulting.

  11. I think that most of the team is probably decided at this point. Malacia has played well enough to secure the LB spot, and Dumfries has always had the RB spot. The three CB’s will likely be de Vrij, VVD and then de Ligt or Timber (de Ligt is leaking penalties every game). Ake will be a good bench option.

    Bijlow I imagine will be the keeper.

    The 6/8 roles for the midfield will be Frenkie and Koopmeiners. Koopmeiners has been one of the best players in Serie A, and I saw some stat today saying that across world football he is the fourth most useful player when in possession of the ball (analyzing pass accuracy, key passes, assists, goals).

    The front part of the team is a bit confusing. We don’t have a great number 10 (LVG might use Berghuis there). I think his preference would be Berghuis at 10, with Bergwijn and Depay up front. Maybe Depay could slip back into the 10 and we use a striker with Bergwijn, but the Depay/Bergwijn team has been so good.

    I also think Janssen makes it into the team, he (and all of Overmars’ project) have been good in Antwerp.

    1. De Vrij did not start for Inter this new season. So he might end up as back up for VVD. It is questionable that LVG did not call any replacement for BMI. Given the form that our CBs are in, including VVD, it would be reasonable to test out more options.

      Koopmeiners did have very good stat this season. He was very good last season as well. The problem with him is I don’t feel he has his position in NT. The system is not set up for him to do well. He scored a lot of goals for Atalanta recently, but if he get pair with Frenkie, then he will play very deep and thus his shooting or passing will not be utilized.

  12. @ Derekvdberg91

    My friend, looks like you are living in a closet and dont know. what happening outside. I follow about 4 other sites and majority of critics are of the same view and sentiments. Just for your information. I just don’t make things up unless there is a chain of events or circumstance leading to particular scenario. I thought I gave some good insight views on this above.

    The Zivkovic saga

    there are many talents that were hyped about but never lived up to exceptations. Kluivert,VDBeek, Bazoer, klaassen. The list is long and Zivkovic unfortunately is one of them. I see you and few others here are clinging on to what I initially said about zivkovic and will take to your grave.I remember saying about him at a time when he featured for u21s. He was still at KV Oostende at that time and given his performance in the last two games of the EC qualifers was outstanding. Based on it I said a transition in NT was warranted with Depay and him upfront. Note through out the qualifers he was on the bench and only when JO bombed out after Scotland beat them that van der looi reshuffled the team and started him in the starting 11. It was after that season that he moved to China and from there his trajectory just went down. It was his choice which let him down.. Again for your information.

    About the conspiracy theories. like I said I look at chain of events which points in a particular direction. Van gaal has been controvesial figure through out his coaching career having busts ups with players and had to dealt with consequences. It’s well documented. You can go and look for it in your spare time if you want.

    Re Buttner

    I said this 100 times and will say it Again, Alex Ferguson or who ever scouted buttner did it for reason as they saw something ( raw talent) in him. To get scouted by Man united itself speaks it volume. As that time man united was basically scouting and bringing in raw talents ( unpolished) and slowly developing them to their full potential. You see tge difference between SAF vs Van gaal. Fir this reason i have maintained if Alex Ferguson would have stayed at man united Buttner would have thrived. he was settling down slowly which was ok given it was a giant step from eredivisie. . Everybody knows what happened after van gaal came into the picture.

    1. Also to point out it’s annoying and heart breaking as well from fan point of view when you see bogus selection and criterias twisted and turned. Once Again performance should speak the loudest.

  13. The mantra “the more things change the more they stay the same” must have been coined with respect to the Dutch national team and its shenanigans in mind.

    Some complain of fans talking about and hyperventilating about the same things over and over again. Well, there would be nothing to talk about and this blog obsolete, if we do not talk about the same problems. They keep resurfacing. What else is there?

    Karsdorp has been left out again.

    LVG is in his full swing crazy fox act and appearing far from knowing where the team is headed nor its core.

    The persistent and shameful bias and wanton selection of Ajax players, no more symbolic than the presence of Rensch.

    As Wilson so finely stated, holding grudges from yesteryears and letting that dictate your selection in the form of who dozed of or not in team meetings.

    All so authoritarian and egotistical, yet ironically, so, so petty. Small.

    Bringing in all this specialist might be important in gaining some fractional advantage but in the grand scheme of things, relative to management been its own stumbling block, will surely win you no world Cup.

    The biggest challenge that Dutch football faces is to find an experienced and smart coach who is not burdened by the Ajax legacy, the jury demands and one who is capable of seeing farther than the tip of his nose. A tall ask because the mechanism of the national management is strategically structured to be anti-such a person.

    Jan, you claim to love rebels(which the coach of my description would be) but with somewhat of glee, gave quite a lame probability/justification why Karsdorp and Seedorf had been treated so poorly by a team they clearly could have been improved by them.

    As fans we have to learn to call a spade a spade. You don’t sing the praises of fecal matter for the gravity of its putrid stench.

    It is, indeed, still SXXT.

  14. Botman pulled out of u21 squad. Some excuses for the selection are those players needed for u21 and they need to build the future. Look at what they have achieved. Botman is needed for u21 and Rensch is urgent need despite we have Frimpong and Karsdorp. Imagine we let the best Bundesliga RB play for Ghana at Worldcup. This would be master stroke. This selection is not only hurting the current team, it is burning the future.

  15. @Kevin

    “Imagine we let the best Bundesliga RB play for Ghana at Worldcup. This would be master stroke. This selection is not only hurting the current team, it is burning the future.”

    exactly what I was trying to emphasize on top. you take this into account and see how the systems works in contexts to marketing of the ajax players and giving them that early start of the block which later on builds on to the basis that they have more NT caps and that’s why they should be selected.. This is typically when somebody new is knocking on the door but then is pushed back even though he may be better to the existing one. this is exactly what happening with Resnch. playing together, known and in good books of van gaals, system, training etc. With one callup that is.

    you would also recall in 2014 this was same story with subject to van dijk ( celtic) and veltman (Ajax) who were both fighting for a spot. Veltman had I NT cap to his name and got the nod. van dijk had to take the long route.

    even if look u21s players, van de looi should be advising van gaal and daddy blind on the trajectory of the players and who is better and ahead of who. performance based. i doubt if this is happening or Van Gaal and Daddy blind are prepared to nod their head to Van De Looi. just my in opinion Milan Van Mwijk looks to better than Resnch. just watching from their games and both have been actively involved in JO as well. Botman/BMI etc.

    1. another classic exapmple of this if you recall in the last selection, Karsdorp was called up in the provisional squad but hateboer was given the nod. just look at the chain of events, this selecton its gets twisted hateboer is left out even though he has been playing regularly for Atalanta and Rensch gets the nod. Bahhaaaa.

    2. Yeah, it is very clear that they use double standard. The problem is those decision will come back and haunt us later. Like no decent LCB are called to compete with Blind so that he can start. This created a young CB who had attitude issue and another CB who might switch alliance.

      When it comes to Ajax, then it is all good because they know the system. When it come to other players, they invent different excuses.

  16. With all due respect, in my opinion Van Gaal es the best coach to lead us to win a WC.

    I am also very exited he bringer back Daley Blind and Hoek (coach trainer if I remember well his name)

    I don’t see any other Dutch coach that can lead us better than him. Maybe I am going to be one of the few guys extremely sad when he retires.

    After him, I praise very high Peter Bosz and the Feyenoord coach. Coach’s with vision and spirit.

    I have faith that we can win this WC. And not because we have the best players (we have them in 1998 and we didn’t win) but because we can have the best team, thanks to Van Gaal.

    Orange have failed many teams having amazing players in part because we never assembled a great team. Van Markwijk did it in 2010 and maybe Rijkaard was close. But what Van Gall did in 2014 was amazing. I really hope and wish and believe, he can do it again.

    In won’t change Van Gaal for any other coach.

  17. For next game I want to see:

    De Vrijk. VVD. Blind

    ——-Frenkie —- Koopeimaners
    ——————— Depay————

    Janssen—- Bergwijn

  18. Van Gaal has proven he is a good, if not the best tatical coach there is but after his 95 CL winning feet, he really never managed to layer stakes in big games after that. his tactical pros really never reigned supreme in those close affiar matches where it was either neck and neck or the opponent were s slightly superior to superior. (famous wins). he certainly does sparkles and enhances the dynamics of the team through his brain but he really hasnt been able to deliver after 95. im more talking here on the big stage here. Bayen vs Inter 2010, barcelona CL 97-98, WC qualifiers 2001, I will not consider 2014 here, which I know will be argued because it was a very low competitive affair and they did dodge the bullet vs Mexico. (miss hit). I hope this is the right term.

    Im expect the same in crunch matches come the WC. QF,SF. especially and especially when it will come down to player head to head. till then it will be smooth sailing for them.

  19. I want to see this lineup tomorrow:

    Dumfries De Ligt VVD Ake Malacia
    FDJ Taylor
    Bergwijn Depay

    I think we should play Koopmeiners higher up the pitch and try Taylor with FDJ.

    Given how the coaching staff operate, my prediction of the actual line up will be:
    Dumfries Timber VVD Ake Blind
    FDJ Klassen
    Bergwijn Depay

  20. I had some posting issues here. This was my response to Kevin who claimed in a comment that LVG worked well with more headstrong players…

    Van Gaal managed the YOUNG Davids, Kluivert etc with success. The mature and experienced Ajax lads (Davids, Kluivert, De Boer bros) played under Van Gaal in 2001 and hated it. His cadaver discipline and school teacher antics. Frank de Boer of all people said something publicly about it. That team failed to qualify.

    Van Gaal and V Persie had a massive falling out at Man U. Sneijder and LVG were not friends. Sneijder hates him. Van Gaal told a story at the presser that his endurance coach went to Turkey to whip Sneijder into shape for the World Cup. The next day Sneijder denies it vehemently. The guy had never even set foot in Turkey.

    These guys didn’t fight for Van Gaal, they fought for themselves. Like Memphis and De Ligt and Van DIjk all seem to laugh sheepishly when LVG says something cringy again at a presser about them.

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