Another KNVB/Breukelen screw up!

Will it ever end. When will someone step up and deal with this. And don’t forget: the KNVB is not owned by the clowns in management, or even the non-existing board… It’s the members! It’s a association and the club – amateurs and pro clubs – are the final authority. So even if we have this part time marketing guy formally now as the main man, and Technical Director Hans van Breukelen being able to keep on screwing things up and blundering like an elephant through the crystal shop (Dutch expression I think).

So here is the story.

Hans van Breukelen as the main man in technical areas took it upon himself to find the new team manager. Their profile for it is non-existent. They talked about making a profile but based on the people he spoke with, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency. He went from Frank de Boer to Louis van Gaal. He also went to talk to the key Oranje players (Strootman, Robben, Sneijder) and discussed names with them. Unsure which ones, but one name in particular was NOT discussed. Not by Hans and not by the players. The name of Dick Advocaat.

breuk suf

Henk ten Cate was discussed and most if not all people with anything to say about it (players, ex-coaches, ex-captains, analysts, media) were positive about Henk. He’s got experience. He loves attacking football. He’s a tough task master. He worked internationally. He has a lot of experience.

Henk was happy to go with Ruud Gullit and Fred Rutten as his assistants.

So, Hans van Breukelen flew to Dubai (where Henk lives now) and discuss the situation with Henk. They didn’t really have a relationship and didn’t know each other too well. But Henk and Hans hit it off. Their 1,5 meeting went to 4 hours, in the daytime. Discussing football, tactics, vision, short term needs, assistants, etc etc. Hans was very positive and said to Henk: “I have not had an intense and good discussion with someone I really don’t know well for a long time!”. So Henk invited Hans for dinner that evening in a top notch restaurant. They spend another 4 hours. But this time, they discussed more than football. It was about life, love, family and probably good wines. They fell in love with each other. They hugged when they went their separate ways.

Hans said: “I have a very good feeling about this. I will call you tomorrow for next steps.”

The next day, Hans called Ten Cate. “Congratulations! You’re the team manager. We’ll make it work. I’ll go and talk to Fred Rutten and we’ll go for it.”


Van Breukelen even sent a number of text messages to confirm the appointment and more.

Hans called Fred Rutten to let him know he was in. And that he wanted Fred to come in. Fred would wait for Hans’ call. Ruud Gullit’s appointment would be harder. Ruud and Hans had a major falling out and Ruud pinpointed some lies and untruths and told the media Hans van Breukelen was “a liar and untrustworthy”.

So, it might well be Van Breukelen’s ego keeping Gullit out of the team now. Which in itself would be terrible. Gullit, one of the most recognisable Dutch sports heroes (probably second behind Cruyff). Two times European player of the year, one time world player of the year.

Apparently, Louis van Gaal plays a part in the background as well. He does not have any official role within the KNVB and has said NO to the coaching job, but is the power behind the throne. Apparently, Van Breukelen and the marketing dude (don’t even remember his name) seem to turn to Louis at every single turn for advice. Also, very strange indeed. Not that Louis is a fool. He’d make a very good technical director, probably. But now, the KNVB is not doing the transparant thing, letting their ear hang to someone who might decide not to get involved.

louis zonnekoning

Louis The Sunking?

Anyway, back to Henk and Hans.

Hans informed his family and some of the players were given word that Henk would be their new coach.

The next day, however. Henk received another call from Hans. “Henk, I’m sorry. I am going to need some more time”. Because Fred Rutten apparently decided not to go for the assistant role. And that was the strange reason Hans gave Henk, why they wanted to re-consider.

“Reconsider??” Henk ten Cate said? “What do you mean? You congratulated me? You told me I was the man?”. Hans started to mumble something about “some people in the KNVB having second thoughts, and give me a week to sort it out and then I’ll get back to you.” Henk said: “Hans, this is stupid. Unprofessional. You shook my hand, you sent me text messages to confirm. And now this? I won’t do it if people are doubting. If there is no consensus to sign me, forget it. I’m pulling out!”.

And this is where Hans said: “No! Don’t pull out! I can fix it. Give me some time.”

To which Henk got even more irrate and said: “Hans, this is it. It’s done. I’m not doing it. Good luck!”

Which prompted Hans van Breukelen and his ship of fools to immediately try and sign Advocaat.


The Traitor

This in turn got the players all confused? They responded to the messages in the media by asking Van Breukelen how it was possible that Advocaat was never mentioned in any conversation, not by Hans, not by them… And now suddenly, he’s the man!?

Van Breukelen let on to the media now, that he hopes to present Dick on Tuesday coming week!

But Advocaat informally told his close friends, that he’s not sure yet and will discuss more with the KNVB next week Wednesday.


But wait for it!!! It gets even better….

Dick Advocaat will not start – if he starts in the job – before June 1. As Fener has a cup final on the 31st of May.

But Oranje’s new match cycle starts end of May, with a friendly vs Morocco. It would be odd to start this new cycle with the new NT manager coming in after that preparation game. I know, it’s only Luxembourg at home, so it probably wouldn’t matter too much, but it goes to show how unprofessional this federation currently is going about things.

And to top it all of: the KNVB and Hans van Breukelen came out with a press release, denying everything Ten Cate said. They claim Van Breukelen didn’t appoint Ten Cate. That it wasn’t decided at all. Typical.

What the KNVB did not know, was that when Ten Cate was informed by De Breuk that he was Da Man, Ten Cate was driving in his car with a Dutch sports journalist. Van Breukelen was on speaker phone. The reporter got it all. Not only that, Henk still has the text messages on his phone, with Van Breukelen congratulating Ten Cate.

euro 2012

So, again, the KNVB and Hans van Breukelen have been caught lying, outright. To cover their ass!

Ten Cate is livid, coz they are now basically saying Henk is lying. Whereas he has proof that he’s not.

And the reporter has already wrote a very damaging piece in the biggest football magazine in Holland, exposing the lies.

Fred Rutten, even though he will not take the assistant role, has also publicly stated that when he was called by Van Breukelen for the role of assistant, Hans told him flat out: Henk ten Cate is our new coach. Do you want to talk with us re: assistant role? Rutten oozes integrity. He does not have a reason to lie about this.

So the net is closing in on Van Breukelen. He should go. ASAP. He’s a lightweight. A nitwit. Blundering his way through life. He was a decent goalie. Once upon a time.

The big question is also: who within the KNVB doesn’t want to work with Henk ten Cate? And why? The marketing dude (Decossier or whatever his name is) won’t be the one. He always claims to not get involved in football matters. So could it be that Louis van Gaal made it hard for Hans? If so, why didn’t Hans check with Louis beforehand if Louis the boss? Who else could it be?

And why?

So it now seems we get the Money Grabbing Traitor back as NT manager. Stepping up after the first friendly.

Or…if that doesn’t happen… maybe Hans van Breukelen will appoint himself? As long as he doesn’t lie to himself as well and pulls out the next day…


gullit advo94

Interesting pic from 1994. Prior to the US World Cup, Gullit pulled out of the squad over differences of opinion with coach Advocaat. Ruud realised the heat in Florida would impact the matches and had tactical suggestions for Dick to consider. The little Napoleon ignored it and Ruud decided to pull out. He was right. The heat and humidity resulted in a poor group performance of Oranje. We ended up exiting early vs Brazil which prompted Dick to conclude they “had a very successfull campaign and Oranje is in the top 16 of the world!” WTF!!

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  1. Ugh what a shit show in the KNVB..

    Blind started again for United at CB. None of the Dutch contingent from Swansea started, though Fer played the last 30 which saw Sigurdsson score a nice fk to spoil Uniteds win although their goal came from a brutal dive from Rashford anyway. probably a fair 1-1 draw in the end.
    de Roon was playing a strong match v City and up 1-0 until he was harshly deemed to have taken down Sane in the box for the equalizer penalty – very unfair for him, bad call for sure. 2-2 final in a pretty entertaining match.
    Ake was on the bench and played the last 10 while Chelsea beat Stekelenburg and Everton 0-3 and all but won the epl.

    Gouweleeuw and Verhaugh played 90 with Augsburg beating Hamburg at home 4-0 in a relegation scrap.

    Strootman and de Vrij squared off in their derby early today. would still like to check that out so won’t say much but I noticed Lazio got the away win and de Vrij was replaced by Hoedt due to injury late on… so unlucky, I hope it is not so bad.
    Letschert played 90 for Sassuolo in their 3-1 away win, led the match in tackles.

    Lens played 90 in Fenerbahce’s 2-1 win.
    Neither van Persie or van der Wiel were in the side.

    The cup final in the Netherlands is kicking off shortly, and so a break for everyone else there this weekend – AZ v Vitesse
    Nice to see Krul Haps Luckasson and Dos Santos in the AZ side but disappointed to see both Diks and Buttner benched for Vitesse :/

  2. Pathetic. So, how is it being received in the Netherlands? I would expect there to be such a public/media backlash that HVB wouldn’t be able to keep his job.

  3. so vitesse win their first major trophy in club history after 125 years and are now guaranteed a direct spot in europa group stages. another two quality goals from Ricky wolfswinkel.

  4. Janssen and Vorm started on the bench for Spurs hosting their archenemy Arsenal, neither took part in the 2-0 win.

    Promes played RW for Spartak in a 2-1 win at CSKA, for once did not score or assists a goal.
    Babel and Besiktas almost shut out, losing 3-1.
    Dost scored a hattrick away at Braga today in a 2-3 win for Sporting, Zeegelaar assisted one of the goals.

    1. Dost and Depay scores tons of goals Vs Brugge,Braga and Mitijland..We should not be fooled by these goals and statitics…
      Am dreaming of a well balanced first 11 with workrate,intelligence and discipline..
      if Roben is fit
      Kongolo—Mensah–De vrij—karsdorp
      on bench
      Stand bye
      Leroy fer

  5. Van Breukelen should be sacked. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Replace him with a football guy–LVG, probably. I think LVG wants the job, doesn’t he?

    –What is the procedure for hiring a new coach? Is there a KNVB board vote or is it simply Van Breukelen’s decision to make? You don’t fly to Dubai to talk to Cate unless there is a consensus that he should be offered the job, assuming the interview goes well and terms can be arranged. Otherwise, don’t go. Or go, but don’t tell him the job is his if there is not a consensus.

    Also, this reads as if it was assumed that Fred Rutten would be the assistant–but apparently Rutten himself had not signed onto the idea. The whole thing is amateurish.

    RE Gullit: A prominent playing career has little to do with whether someone can be a good coach or not. Most great coaches, in any sport, were not prominent players. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a good coach–but playing and coaching are very different.

    The KNVB should hire an outsider. No Dutch coaches worth hiring want the job, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to hire somebody with completely fresh eyes. So long as it is someone the players know and respect, this would not be a bad way to go–even knowing that he would be closely scrutinized.

  6. Sneijder with 2 assists on 5 created chances today in Galatasarays drubbing away at Bursa, FYI for Tiju he also played the full 90′ 😉

  7. for me I have no problem with Dick. I think some of you guys are being too sarcastic about him. I mean look at van basten he also left the job to persue higher status at FIFA. no one said any thing about him being the traitor. Albert Stuivenberg left from the U 21 to be van gaals assistant at Man United. and above all let’s don’t forget under what circumstances van gaal left the NT for Man United.he just addressed the issues at hand leading to WC.he never considered what was to come after math of the WC.

    technically DA is better then Danny. he is well versed with epl,eredivisie and almost all other players players playing abroad and for most he has no Ajax connection so come selection time doors will be open to everyone based on performance at least.

    1. The point is this:

      Marco van Basten has been talking to FIFA for years about this role and everyone at KNVB and in Holland knows that this is his main passion. It’s also in our interest to have him there.

      Marco is not a very well respected coach and doesn’t have that what Dick has.

      Which is why Dick was asked to join the team.

      He said: “I’m done with being a club coach. I want to give back to Dutch football now!”

      And 3 months later he walks for money. Not passion, not vision. Not for a higher reason but mainly $$.

      Marco’s absence did not affect our results I don’t think. Dick’s role would have been key in these qualification games and he split. So he’s as much responsible for the debacle we are in as Danny Blind.

      And as a thank you, they offer him the main job.

      I wouldn’t want them to give it to Marco either, by the way.

      1. a one year contract, I’m sure he must have weighed his opinions before making the decision. he did make it clear prior to the approach by KNVB that he would retire at the end of this season wHich explains why he went for the big cash in short time whereas in NT it would have firstly dragged under pressure and given his age and health it would have been more demanding to get the results coming whereas at Fenerbahce it was always going to be a smooth sailing with the player availability.

        and also remember when he took up the job for NT there was no other offer on the table and again the KNVB this time must have offered him more than what he is getting at Fenebahce.

        with all this, It still is a big gamble itself given the player avaliabilly and the depth in NT. on a day when everybody is avaliable it could turn out to be a good day but if the injuries continue to hinder the preparation I don’t think it will be any different from what we have been seeing under Danny.

        1. I was a little non-plussed when Adv. left the NT; mostly because it seemed like he had been of help to them. I wasn’t offended, though, that he took a head coaching position at a top club. When he took the assistant’s job, he may have been tired; he’s older now. I could easily envision him thinking that being an NT assistant at that point in his life is exactly what I want to do. But my guess is that being out on the field, working with the players in the assistant’s position probably got him rested recharged, and it made him hungry to coach again. Its a recurring pattern with a lot of older coaches in all sports. They may think they want to be in management, or be an assistant behind the scenes, but its funny how many of those guys who sign such deals and make such statements find their way back to running a team. Coaches like to coach; its who they are. Just like engineers tinker, writers write, runners run.

  8. Janssen

    wijnaldum – Van Ginkel

    sinkgraven – Ake – Strootman – karsdorp

    De ligt- Van Dijk – De Vrij


    Robben- Depay – Promes – Lens as super sub.

    also would like to see Ruud Vormer and Denswil also get the nod. both have been playing well for club brugge and are the type of players who can fit in any team. unfortuantely they had to go to belgium in order to play at level where there was chances of playing european football.

    A midfield of strootman and vormer would also be intresting to see.

      1. I don’t think this will be the case. they are just exaggerating the whole situation NT is going through now. Depay, El Ghazi also went through the same outburst.

        1. I really wish that Depay could Play for Ghana,Elgahzi for Morroco..But We want Fosu mensha,Nouri and Ake..they are on the way to top..

    1. dont think so.he is not an upgarde of Jørgensen or kramer either or but it could be said is on par with them given his performance this season.
      but again it could be different story if he has more skillful players around him like at feyenoord than at vitesse at the moment.

      Orange Material? I would say he is in the same boat as Luuk De Jong. he needs to prove himself at european level or in a top league which is failed to do. rememebr Louis Van Gaal selected him for the Asian Tour but was a shadow behind RVP,Huntelaar that time.

      also if Feyenoord has to win the eredivisie they will need to splash to reinforce the team to stand a good chance in CL next season otherwise it will be come from this door and exist from there.

      there are talks going on to bring clasie back from southampton but it has been rumored that Koeman is also trying bring his favourite prodiogy to everton.

      serioulsy I think feyenoord should move for Leroy Fer or Tjaronn Chery and a more explosive striker who is a upgrade of Jørgensen or kramer.Van persie???????

      1. well Van Persie might not be expolsoive now given he is on a decline but this could be a good time and opportunity for him to come back to eredivisie and have crack at both CL and NT both.

  9. Ajax 4-1 Lyon. honestly Ajax could have scored 10 today.
    Dolberg got 1, Traore 2, Younes 1. Ziyech bagged a hattrick of assists.

    let’s hope the boys won’t screw up in away leg!

          1. well, you can see him vs Tete, our best defensive RB. it’ll be interesting.

  10. Finally just saw the Ajax match; amazingly fun game to watch.

    Ajax’s movement was terrific: the forwards and mf’s all looking for space wherever they could find it regardless of their positions; the fullbacks doing more than just looking to get up the field along the sidelines as fast as possible; De Ligt certainly didn’t look like he was suffering a crisis as a result of the Bulgaria game—he was everywhere, as was Sanchez…Of course I don’t for a think that if they navigate the return match successfully (and I wish they had put a couple more of those sitters away just to kill the tie off for good) that Man U or Celta will give them nearly as much time and space…but for one game, what a pleasure to watch two teams go up and down, with wide open play, lots of chances, goals and multiple spectacular saves…

    See what happens when they change the name of the Stadium? 😉

    1. was bit surprised Lacazette didn’t start and was introduced only in later stages of the game. also good to see Riedewald get some game time.

  11. will Bosz keep the same lineup? or will Veltman and Viergever return?

    I was hoping that Nouri would get some minutes yesterday. Ziyech looked lethargic toward the end of the game…

    and, just some curious question: is Younes & Onana available for naturalization? 😀

    1. younes is not a NT material. he will exactly turn out like Depay. convincing vs weak defenders and cold with quality defenders.

      Onana, you just need to analyze the goals that have been scored against him.

        1. Sinkgraven will just be a left sided Berghuis.. he has to take up his game.
          let’s just see what the next coach will do w/ the tactics.

      1. I know, Younes perhaps already reached the ceiling anyway. but I just kinda like his directness in taking on the defenders.
        compared to when Justin subbed him… Justin could do damage w/ his speed, but he hesitated.. not only once, but twice.

        I think he’s the closest to right-footed (Elia, up your game please) Robben, in Eredivisie, in term of directness. but his finishing is way too predictable.

        well, agreed on Onana. I just don’t know who’ll be coming after Zoet. van der Hart isn’t making any headlines, is he?

        1. Amin Younes is the Roben of eredivise,his dribbles are joy to watch.If Depay started playing okay in french league,Amin younes can be king there..
          Amin is pretty successful in his dribbles though his final pass is not great.Depay crosses are slightly better though he struggles to dribbles past the defenders with his heavy over weight body.

  12. Amazing game last night. De Ligt is such a hot talent he is only 17 years old!.

    Kluivert is also 17 years old! he has a lot to lear and has plenty of time to develop into a great player. I’ve seen him play and he has great skills. Riedewald is only 20, Tete is 21.

    We have great youngsters and not only Ajax, Psv has Locadia with 23 years I do think he can be our future center forward if he keeps developing well.

  13. “the winners of the Champions League and Europa League are now granted entry into the following season’s Champions League should they not do so through their domestic league position”.

    this is could be intresting if only Ajax finish third and if they fail to topple feyenoord to the title.

    1. i hope Manchester finish fourth in EPl and ajax finish 3rd in eredivise.but ajax wins the Europa…After seeing ajax games Clown Mourihno doesnt have clue about What ajax has in would be nice to see Jose loosing in final though Manu is my club too.But Jose is death grave for youngsters so HE MUST FAIL.

        1. Cool, a showdown for what?
          Nice clip.. but it is Ferdi and not Fredi (if we want to remember the name haha 😉).
          Also I believe Kadioglu is just 17 while Nouri has turned 20 last month..

          Was not overly impressive with Kadioglu at the U17 euros, but the management was not the best (imo) so who knows.

          Anyway, let’s hope they both do well!
          lord knows we could use some depth in class in the midfield

          1. auto correction- Professor Syber Pals

            well he has been featuring for NT U19s in the EC quailfers which goes to show his maturity and his talent playing at a different age group level or even at eredivise level.

            showdown- hunter/RVP, sneijder/Vaart all were rivals in the same team and were always competing for the king crown and at the end of the day it was NT who benefited from it.

          2. okay, a lie and an insult?
            hey man I meant no offense – dont you think it is at least a little funny for someone to tell everyone else to remember a name which they dont even know?

            relax, do you not see that I agree with you that it is good he does well?

          3. just wanna let you know again,proof reading is not my thing and if changes do come about due to auto correct and if I miss it. that’s it. I’m sure it has also happened to .

          4. who cares about typos in names, again only thought is was funny paired with your ‘remember this name’.
            Haha wait – so you say you got his name correct but then autocorrect changed it to something incorrect?
            And what is your excuse for making up his age? 😂

          5. also, thank you for sharing a link – actually it makes ,e pretty pumped about Kluivert as well! 🙂

          6. *makes me

            now THAT is typo

            where is the autocorrect/moron patrol when I need it? hehe

          7. how many times we have had this argument. even you name changes to cyber pals when im make reference of you in my posts.

            If I remember correctly you also have been a victim of this. Kevin diks (dicks) . dont wanna waste my time digging that one out, but i wonder if it was jus a typo error as you call it.

          8. There is not an argument here, I was trying to joke with you and correct some non-facts, read again.

            And no you do not remember correctly (Diks), now we know we do not trust your memory or the facts you claim.

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