AZ Alkmaar signs young Quick Boys striker

This Wednesday, AZ Alkmaar announced the signing of Sem van Duijn. The 19-year-old striker left Quick Boys, an amateur club in the Netherlands. He signs with the Cheeseheads until the end of the 2026/27 season.

Sem van Duijn is very happy about his move to AZ Alkmaar: “AZ Alkmaar is a fantastic club, which is also very busy with my development. I’m a player who likes to keep growing. I’m at Jong Ajax, which is a great start.”

“I think Quick Boys is one of the best amateur clubs. I’m taking a step higher. The Dutch Cup was very important for me. I can show myself and develop further at AZ Alkmaar” said Sem van Duijn.

Without van Duijn he came through the Quick Boys youth ranks. The talented striker scored both goals against De Graafschap this year and with his goal in the round of 16 against AZ Alkmaar managed to take the contest to penalties.

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  1. Anyone watch the Scotland game?

    Quick thoughts: Scotland outplayed them the first 30 minutes, more aggressive and alert; woukld have been up 1-0 but for Flekken. Reijnders was tbe best player. Team looked better when Veerman came on for Wieffer. Frimpong started as rb in 4-3-3, and looked a littler unsure. I have always been a fan of Wijnaldum, but perhaps his time is past. Looked like he was searching for key moments to exploit, whereas in the past his game had always been about work rate and speed. Simons wasn’t very noticeable. Geertuida also unconvincing.

    Based on current form, if everyone is healthy and they play a 4-3-3: Dumfries, De ligt/De Vrij; VVD, Ake; De Jong, Veerman, Reijnders; Malen, DpPay, Gakpo;
    If 5-3-2: Dumfries/Frimpong; De ligt De Vrij; VVD; Ake, Hartman; Dejong, Veerman, Reijnders; Gakpo, Depay.

  2. I watched it. I see issues. Koeman is still searching and testing and it’s hurts my eyes.

    Not sure why Wijnaldum had to be brought back. Time to move forward. Koeman seemed to play 4-3-3 but it wasn’t. We play 3-4-2-1 with Frimpong wide right, Gakpo wide left. Memphis striker with Gini and Xavi behind him.

    Why would you experiment now, with another system. 4-3-3 can work, 3-4-3 can work, but using Frimpong in his debut wide without any patterns/automatisms with other players does my head in.

    I think Reijnders is a shoe in for the role next to Frenkie. I would play with Brobbey as 9, Memphis as 10.

    Just go 3-4-3 Roland: Flekken and then Ake, Virgil, De Ligt or DeVrij (speed might be an issue, so Mickey vd Ven could well be the right guy) in defence.

    Use Hartman, Reijnders, Frenkie, Frimpong/Dumfries as midfielders.

    Then Gakpo, Memphis and Brobbey up front ( with right flank open for Dumfries/Frimpong).

    Both Reijnders and Frenkie will drift to the left.


    Reijnders as 10 and Schouten/Wieffer next to Frenkie so Frenkie can roam. And then Memphis as 9 and Brobbey sub.

    Does Koeman have a grip on the approach? I am starting to doubt.

    1. When did Koeman have a grip on anything? He in my opinion is the most vile yet clueless coach out there. Destroyed Everton with his attitude, crazy signings, and arrogant behavior. The team has yet to recoer from his disastrous tenure. Bailed out on the national team in his previous stint and ran to Barcelona (even had that in his freaking contract). Then destroyed Barcelona. No idea why the KNVB re-hired him after Barcelona kicked his ass out.
      As long as he is the coach, I won’t be able to support the team the way I have done for 40 years. Regardless, that is irrelevant as the team won’t really progress much anyway.

  3. I’m just re writing this again. Let’s face the facts.. you have Dutch players playing in top flight but most of them play one position only and are pretty average if played out of position or make shift. Top example Simons. At Leipzig he has been a revelation, come NT he is dull ,lacks the cutting edge. How you wanna call it. His stronghold is clearly on the left where he is thriving at Leipzig and his ultimate stronghold as well so why play him out of position. Why play him on the right and this really affected Frimpongs game. You Add gakpo, bergwijn and Lang to this dilemma it’s gonna be one big tea party very soon happening on that LW with also with the likes of Summerville, Van bommel coming up.

    I was really disappointed with gakpo regardless of his two assists. He was just waiting for the ball to him at the right time and right place. His time and role at Liverpool now shud be under spotlight and whether Lang or Simons shud be given the nod there. Players with cutting edge.

    The other fact, the balance factor. The team is too much orientated to the left (offset) and again this is due to a lot players having their stronghold there. Frenkie, Reijnders, veerman, koopmeiners,Timber just selected, Gravenberch coming up. This was one of the reason why Frimpong looked cold, because there was no chemistry what so ever between Wieffer, Simons and him. There was one or two plays, link ups but that was all it. You want see those triangles passes, link ups going on but as usual the back and lateral instead was on the display

    I mean you look at how the Scottish were playing fluently and penetrating from all around when they got on to the ball , mcginn, mactominay. I think the momentum shifted in NTs favor when subs came on for the Scottish and in comparison to NT were downgrade

    Reijnders was probably the brightest spark and the best player, and though Im glad to see somebody at last having that capability of taking long range shots, in terms of cutting edge he also fails to dance around with the ball. I mean mcginn was ruthless in this and all over the park. Frenkie probably is good in this but like I always say when he plays the rest has to play in his shadows because of his superiority but I think looking at Reijnders performances as he plays more it’s time to consider rotating Frenkie because Reijnders bring what Frenkie can’t. At Milan he plays both on the left and right but often his decisive when playing on the left. His goal is also a testimony to this. Again if you shift him to the right, it comes down to what I have said on top about how make shift positions offsets the dynamics and orientation of the team .

    You take veerman for example, big shift when he came on but the momentum had already shifted in NTs favor by then. His defensive attributes was also hardly tested or on show otherwise it’s well known he is another one of those whose stronghold is the left and quite average without the ball.

    It’s a pity Scotland didn’t have depth on the bench otherwise the way they played in first half, I would say it was like they were on another level. That’s what my expectation is for the Dutch NT.

  4. Wieffer also doesn’t look like somebody who has a high ceiling and can develop into a top MF going forward. He is robust with his tackles sometimes clumsy and that’s it. At times in the first half particularly the midfield completely were outclassed and looked to be catching crabs. I wonder what will happen to them vs Germany.

  5. I hope Koeman decides to go to a 3 man backline and stick with it. Let them get used to playing it together.

    You’re preaching to the choir about Van de Ven starting on the right of the backline.. He’s not right-footed, but he has been so good in the EPL he needs to be on the field.

    Reijnders has separated himself from the other mf’s to be De Jong’s partner.have to be in the mf. Than its a question of 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. If the latter I’m leaning towards Veerman. He is not good off the ball. But he keeps things turning over, puts the ball in good places for his to run with, and he is the best they in putting free kicks into dangerous positions. Hope to see him start against Germany. Maybe he gets exposed, maybe he opens up the offense, but at least we see.

    If they go with 3 up front, to me its Malen (joining Gakpo, Brobbey/Depay). He’s in form and he can run behind and stretch the defense.

  6. Hi all, some good comments here. I am not concerned about Xavi Simons, Wieffer or Frimpong. The latter is the best forward threat in the Bundesliga. Xavi, we don’t need to even mention him. Wieffer has demonstrated his value in the CL, in big matches for Feyenoord and Oranje. Atletico Madrid went far to sign him last winter.

    It’s too easy to ban them based on one match. I think the team versus Scotland was simply not set up the right way. Scotland found it’s system and playing style, Koeman is still puzzling.

    Not having Frenkie and Brobbey must have put a strike through his plans.

    Being “limp” on the right is not a problem, it’s part of modern football tactics: just look at how Man U and Liverpool (and Feyenoord) overload on the left, only to break open the right flank. Dortmund does it too. It’s by design, Wilson.

  7. You last part, you have to be kidding me to say it’s part of modern day football. Hell no And I really question what you have been watching. Liverpool TAA and Salah.
    Well balanced and on a day if everybody is avaliable and either of Robertson and Diaz, jota or gakpo on the left, it’s a massacre

    At United Man United paid 100 million to bring Antony to balance their right flank as it lacked cutting edge before.he had off field issues and as result United suffered as there was no one else who could replace him. Eth had to switch Rashford with few other new guys. Diallo. They were not unbalanced or like you say limping on the right. They are struggling because of their inconsistency of certain signings and due injuries.

    You look at any top team in epl they have the right and quality balance. That’s why Arsenal have joined the race this season for title after addressing the very issue.

    And then at Dortmund, I cant understand how you reaching to that conclusion when malen has been standout playing from the right. Again sancho’s arrival have given them a good balance and also adeyemi, moukoko, ryerson are slowly making a comeback from injury and also they have climbed to 4th in the table.

    If I recall correctly you have consistently raised this idea of one flank being active and the other not been tatical especially in context to blind and Dumfries and in NT and for how many years it has being a corner point for their fall. Left flank gets compressed more and I’m not saying in every game but in those high tempo and vs big teams. Dont have to go into depth here. Unless you want me too. Standing by.

    I mean if due injuries its understandable but in modern day football and if you want to win there is no way you can go with the tatical aspect you have mentioned. Absolutely no top team in any league are doing so or have the status core of what you are saying.

    1. Look at how inter play. Its extremely tactical. Sometimes both wingbacks push on and a CDM drops between the CB’s. Other times, you have dimarco tucking in and dumfries getting high to turn it into a 4-3-3. Then the play evolves and theres a switch to the left side for the open lwb. It’s 100% by design but can look unbalanced at times as theres so much attacking coming from dumfries at rwb.

      As for the scotland game.

      Both early attacks from scotland came down our left. In the 49th minute we have build up play on the left where depay should score on the turn. weiffer, frimpong and xavi are all involved.

      50th minute scotland gets a good strike attacking our left.

      54th minute. good build up play leading to gakpo almost scoring. Starts on the left, goes through midfield and then a switch to the right.

      80th minute attack down the left, switch to the right and then gakpo fires wide.

      I’m not quite sure what you mean with all this balance talk. Our left flank gave up more chances defensively. Our right flank started many attacks and switched to the right.

      I mean, xavi tucks inside and gakpo stayed wide. Of course theres a difference of styles there and thats by design. ake stayed back more and frimpong attacked the wing that xavi left open for him.

      Then I assume youre also talking about RCM being a problem spot. We have yet to see reijnders and frenkie together. Weiffer, de roon, koop, and schouten are not quite elite level players yet. Of course theres a drop off when u compare frenkie to any of them. However, what exactly is the issue of balance you are referencing? Ball progression? defensive liability?

      You talk about triangles not being on the left but how often did we have ake, gakpo and reijnders passing in triangles compared to weiffer, frimpong and xavi. It wasnt all that different.

  8. @Wilson, watch more football analysis. In Holland, we have Pieter Zwart analysing games with video and interviews with coaches and this is what some coaches do. Sorry mate. But we all live in our own little world of understanding I suppose.

    Most teams want to lure teams to one side, to suddenly burst open on the other flank. Keep on watching Dortmund.

  9. I like Frimpong, I think he’s the best RWB in the world, but I don’t think he’s gonna take Dumfries spot at the Euros.

    Personally, I think the best line-up is:

    Dumfries–de Ligt–VVD–van de Ven–Ake



    I think that Dumfries, VVD, Ake, Frenkie, Reijnders and Simons have cemented their place in the starting 11. I think Zirkzee is the best option up front, Weghorst and Depay off the bench. Frimpong will be good off the bench as well, especially when in search of a goal.

    I really like Koopmeiners too, so if we switch to a 4-3-3, then Koop would get my third spot in midfield, and we’d have to play with a flat 3 with no DM or AM.

  10. @ Anthony

    neither NT plays how inter play and nor they have players like that of inter. at inter it may be 100% design because Inzaghi has depth and players to rotate but NT doesn’t so it’s no use looking at Inter.

    I can agree with you however what you have mentioned about various shifts in how inter plays and also with starting different players which Inzaghi has being doing a lot. But that doesn’t mean they have to resort to limping tatic on one side and having one wing back higher than another. No, Dimarco is as much attacking oriented as dumfries and while you did point this out, this has not being the case in NT until the arrival of Hartman if you compare him to blind. The balance factor Is quiet evident when he plays and again in Hartmans context I can agree what you said about Dimarco and dumfries. At the end of the day they are well attacking oriented and can balance it with defensive play. This is not the limping tatic which Jan highlighted and again going back to blind and dumfries and certainly not a modern day tatic either.

    Secondly the balance off set or left side orientated. It’s so simply but yet you don’t get it or want to see it . Where did all the 4 goals come from. I leave this to you to ponder . Yes there was passages of build up and shots on target from the right but it was neither effective and nor precise as Xavi was often forced to hit with his weaker foot having to turn compared to gakpo who looked dangerous in his stronghold cutting from the left and pulling the trigger.

    Lastly I see you often fail to understand what I’m trying to highlight.
    I wrote this so clearly

    “ The other fact, the balance factor. The team is too much orientated to the left (offset) and again this is due to a lot players having their stronghold there. Frenkie, Reijnders, veerman, koopmeiners,Timber just selected, Gravenberch coming up. This was one of the reason why Frimpong looked cold, because there was no chemistry what so ever between Wieffer, Simons and him. There was one or two plays, link ups but that was all it. You want see those triangles passes, link ups going on but as usual the back and lateral instead was on the display”

    I was talking about the right side here clearly ( Wieffer, Simons and Frimpong ) and you came and start banging on the left.

    “You talk about triangles not being on the left but how often did we have ake, gakpo and reijnders passing in triangles compared to weiffer, frimpong and xavi. It wasnt all that different.”

    I don’t know what to see here

    @ Jan

    Well it hasn’t worked so far but I will accept as fans we are entitled to express what we see.

    “Most teams want to lure teams to one side, to suddenly burst open on the other flank”

    This is so not true. Even a team like PSG who have mbappe often at the center of focus and on that left side, the other players are often waiting on standby should he decide to pass or off rebounds

    I can also agree on this in one or two phases often during counter attack situation where defenders are more focused on defusing the counter attack on one flank that they have no time to see whose racing on top on the side. They just get sucked in

    Not most teams , very few teams and particularly those like PSG. Mbappe is often the center of focus and yes he can lure teams to one side and

    1. INTER:
      Ah… I see. So you can bring up arsenal to defend your opinion but you won’t let me use inter as an example…..

      As for the 4 goals, youre being unfair. 1 is a corner kick (irrelevant to the balance of the team). 2 is a run from malen on the right side. 3 is a shot from distance slightly to the left and the other is a cross from the left. So thats decently balanced. Left, left central, right central, corner.

      All you are saying is that players are left dominant. However, what are you seeing? Is it that they pass to the left? That they can’t dribble to the right? Find space on the right? Looking at the heat maps: Koop, veerman, schouten and de roon are slightly more right side based. Frenkie, reijnders, and timber and gravenberch are more left side. That seems pretty balanced?

      As for my point about the triangles on the left: There isnt alot of triangles on the left or right. Im not sure if you think the right is having ake, gakpo and reijnders having great interplay but xavi, frimpong and weiffer are not? I personally dont see a huge difference between the right and left.

  11. koeman is a Genius ,he thinks he needs to be seen what wijnaldum,Blind and De roon can bring..because he has won 2 euro and world cup with them..Blind was outstanding at LB..goin up and down with eletric pace..we have no future without blind…blind has won so many champions leaguse and still very important player for Real we need him in euros..Maatsen and hartmaan are too bad..
    Wijnaldum is indispensible,there is no dutch team after wijnaldum,He is playing for Real mardid as starter so we must take him to euros..
    De roon is the antidote to Rodri,camvinga,tochoumeni,etc..what a press resistant player,we will never loose a ball from his feet,he is quick,no1 DM who plays for mardid and won several champions leaguses ,Euro etc..He cannot be dropped..
    Also we need cheer leaders ,just for experience,we must understand that saudi league is better than English championship…anyone who disgaree that is a fool…
    when 532 we play ,just play dumfris who siting at bench at inter..when we play 433 play frimpong who is the best LB when play 532..such a genius is koeman…
    koeman is genius ,if anyone disagree i kill that person..

  12. uefa is living in past,why only 23 players/?/its an intense tournament in summer and we need at least 25..or 26,,as injuries ,cards are goin to play a role..Look at qatar WC,yes it was corrupted world cup,they knew the need of 26 man squad..what uefa is doing…We are going to eurpos with 19 men squad…beacuse we will have wijnaldum,De roon,Blind and weghorst..Weghorst i can understand,he is okay copared to others…but other 3?..earier koeman gets fired its better..

  13. My thoughts on the match.

    Despite Netherlands’ early goal, Germany was the much better team the first third of the game. The Dutch were better the next third, and the after the 60th minute, Germany was a little better, mainly because their substitutes gave them more than the Dutch subs. Verbrueggen was sharp to make several save, at the other end, Riejnders and Depay each should have scored. The winning goal was a little flukey, but considering the pressure Germany put on at the end, not entirely undeserved.

    The mf was the problem early; germany went right through them in the opening thirty minutes. Then Schouten grew into the game, the mf stiffened, and the Dutch got on top for awhile. Veerman was what he was. Scored a nice goal early, did okay with his passing when he had time and space (which wasn’t often), and was good on free kicks. But the other 83 minutes or so when he wasn’t on the ball, he didn’t help much.

    The backline stood up well—all 5—and it was a good thing given the mf’s early play.

    The attackers aren’t anything that that scares opponent,s as in years past.

    Verbrueggen was on his game. Wouldn’t be a surprise to seem him start the opener this summer.

  14. As long as as Koeman is still in charge, the NT isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Once again we are going to this next tournament as cheerleaders.

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