Dennis Bergkamp: a very emotional year…

Interview with former Ajax forward #3… This was and is not a series… Just happened to be three stories in a row of people with a story to tell.

And that this post is about Ajax and not Oranje is relevant, as this story would be much bigger – in disappointment terms – if Oranje had qualified for the Euros, as expected.

But Ajax is the second behemoth of Dutch football to have a disastrous year. On the pitch, all seems to be going ok (PSV is the current champs but Ajax is still in the race this season and Frank de Boer can be happy with 4 titles on the trot). But off the pitch, Ajax is a mess.

Results are ok, performance quality is not and Frank de Boer does seem to have had it with his job at Ajax. And while critics enjoy debating Ajax’ football style and people guessing where Frank will go next (and who will succeed him at Ajax), the shenanigans behind the scenes (board level and youth academy) got everyone quite flabbergasted.

A number of years ago, Cruyff initiated the “velvet revolution” in the club. Back to the roots in playing style, utlising young talent as the foundation and making a return – of sorts – to the European elite. Well…. It didn’t work.

Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk,a phenomenal pairing on the pitch, not unlike Neeskens – Cruyff, Davids- Zidane, Mahrez – Vardy or Iniesta-Xavi… Jonk the playmaker deep and Bergkamp the goal scorer high up the pitch. At Ajax, Oranje and Inter Milan, they collected victories, trophies and kudos.

They both were the flag bearers of JC’s revolution. But this year, Wim Jonk was fired from his role at Ajax, as director youth academy and Dennis Bergkamp was one of the people behind that decision. Bergkamp: “The youth academy turned into an island within the club.”


Where did it go wrong?

Dennis Bergkamp: “Let’s start at the beginning. Before Martin Jol was fired, I got a call from Aron Winter to come to a meeting to discuss the football of Ajax. The word “revolution” wasn’t used, it was all about the identity and the youth development of the club. Later Johan asked me if If I was keen to take a role in the technical staff. Wim was already working as individual coach at Ajax and based on our past I invited him into those meetings. We had a small group of people and started to make plans. Johan used to ambush meetings, as he called it. Sometimes certain people would block what we aimed to do and Johan would just come into those meetings to confront people and have the debate. It soon became the Cruyff Plan, but Johan didn’t invent this. He wasn’t keen to become the name giver. He is not as dominant as people say he is. He just wanted to get clarity about the club philosophy. And he used to say “I don’t need you to agree with all I say. I just need you to hear me out.” I still back Johan’s vision, don’t get me wrong, but Johan does want people to bring their own ideas in. And I like to work like that. Johan always stimulated people to follow their own plans, as long as it fit the bigger picture.”

But the club articles of association determines that the management team decides… And Cruyff installed the so-called Technical Heart. Wasn’t this like setting yourself up for failure?

DB: “From a formal perspective, yes. True. But we had agreements with the management that we would focus on technical aspects and our directives would be followed. The management would then ratify these decisions taken by us. Wim and I negotiated with the management team for a year before we signed our deals. And this was not about money but purely about responsibilities and authority. When  we won that courtcase and Marc Overmars joined, things turned for the better. The board of directors, the management team, everyone embraced the new direction. To me, that is more important than the articles of association. When everyone has the same aim, it should not be hard to sort things out.”


And that appeared to be not the case?

DB: “The first technical heart consisted of Wim, Frank de Boer and myself. When Marc joined, we had a new meeting – with Johan present – and determined that the head coach shouldn’t be part of it anymore. Coaches are passerbys. The head coach needs to focus on results of the first team, that is his focus and objective. So Frank left, and Marc came. This worked well. Although Marc had some issues to resolve between the technical heart and the management team. But that was his role. We also determined that we would vote if we couldn’t see eye to eye on certain topics. And who ever lost the vote would simply have to accept that.”

If you look at the paper work it is quite a complicated spagetti of responsibilities and authority… Wasn’t that an accident waiting to happen?

DB: “Not necessarily. If you communicate openly and talk things through, it can and should work. But Wim got more and more disgruntled about Mark and my opinion about the youth academy. We would all have oversight in one another’s fields. But Wim started to shield what he did in the Academy. We started to get more and more… discussions and disagreements about this.”

jC D Bergkamp -4


JC and Dennis shoulder to shoulder….

Jonk says that you and Marc hardly came and watched the youth teams play and weren’t up to speed what the youth coaches were doing or even who they were… So how can you judge them?

DB: “We never judged the performance of the youth coaches. That was purely Wim’s responsibility. We also didn’t concern ourselves with players moving up from one youth team to the next. We couldn’t have a real opinion about that. But we did have an opinion about the selection of new coaches. At a certain point, a whole series of people were hired whom did not have a real impact or role in the football side of things. We saw a culture chance happening at the youth academy. Performance coaches came in, physiologists and it went too far. Football was and is and will always be the foundation. Too much happened without communication. The mentor system, the appointment of coaches, the department methodology, organisation charts were changed, reporting protocols were changed… Wim basically just informed us. Some of these ideas were probably very good but we felt we needed to have at least some form of say in it. The youth academy became an island. The connection between the first team and the academy weakened.”

And your role, partly, was to form the bridge between youth academy and first team?

DB: “Exactly. And that role became harder and harder. We had this situation for more than two years! And my focus was the flow through from the older youth teams to the first team. I focused on watching the A juniors. I don’t need to watch games of the 10 year olds. Irrelevant to me. I can’t be at three places at the same time. So I watched all A team games, with a focus on “which players are knocking on the door?”. I repeatedly asked for some youthful talents to be able to train with the first team. But I did feel and still do, that some A juniors were not good enough, in terms of tactical and physical development. And I had ideas how to improve this. But it doesn’t help if the director youth academy won’t come to meetings.  And in the meantime, they ignored our ideas and requests and started to work differently. The first team was supposed to be leading, that is a key element in Johan’s vision. The benchmark is, are the lads ready to deliver at top level, in terms of skill, handling speed, tactics, physically, etc… ”

overmars sar

Club icons in management: Overmars as technical director, Van der Sar groomed as general manager

But it is also important to look at the signings Ajax has done. Did Jonk have a say in this?

DB: “Of course. Wim was part of the technical heart. The starting point in determining the squad is always “who do you have coming up?”. This helps to determine the gaps we could expect and the positions we needed to fill. And we don’t sign players to broaden the squad or strengthen the bench. We needed players to make Ajax better and that is not always easy with a limited budget. And I think it is great if we buy a player but he is surpassed by a young talent. Fantastic. But you can’t just expect to sell players like Eriksen, Siem de Jong, Vertonghen and Alderweireld and expect four youth players to take their role.”

Jonk didn’t claim this. He complained about the way those decisions were made…

DB: “But I return to what I said earlier. If the director youth development decides to ignore the technical heart meetings, communication is getting hard. Take Daley Sinkgraven. We believe in him. He is still young and a talent still, but he has played a lot of games for Heerenveen already and he came with a price tag. We checked with Jonk and he admitted that Donny van der Beek and Nouri were not yet ready for that spot. We took that advice and decided to fork out the millions  for Daley. And now Donny van der Beek is starting to play his games too! Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. It’s a luxury.”

JC Dennis training

Buit Ajax has had a number of failed signings… Why sign Heitinga for 1 mio euros p.a. if you have Veltman and Van der Hoorn?

DB: “For starters, you need 4 center backs. You can play two, but you need to have two players at a good level to take over when needed. Johnny trained really well and added value to the group even if he didn’t play. See him as Andre Ooijer in the past. If he needs to play, he is there. But we do want to give the youngsters the chance to prove themselves.”

Frank de Boer publicly said he would happily share the responsibility for the signings with Marc Overmars. How is that for you?

DB: “The same of course. And I don’t agree with players on the bench being labelled “failures”. It’s silly. Robin van Persie took some time at Arsenal to get into the team. Is Memphis a failure? Of course not… Players like Viergever and Van der Hoorn help to bring the level up but we only can play eleven players. You need a balanced squad. And our aim is to have as many home grown players as possible. The aim used to be for the Youth Academy to supply three new players every season and one player from the partner clubs. This is much to ambitious and puts a lot of stress on the academy. It almost forces the academy to have players move up that actually aren’t ready yet. But you always end up in a situation where you need to sign a player. When Sigthorsson left, our youth strikers weren’t ready. Simple. So we went out to get a player on loan. Sanogo of Arsenal…. Well…that is not a success, I know, but it is the way how we will need to maneuver.”

swart ling


Two former rightwingers: club legend Mr Ajax Sjaak Swart and rebel Tscheu La Ling

Tscheu La Ling developed a report for Ajax, on the request of Cruyff, and his report says that most signings are done after a quick conversation between Frank de Boer and Marc Overmars?

DB: “That is not correct. I was always present and Wim could have been present too. Even before he formally said he didn’t want to come anymore, he was often absent. Too busy. While those meetings are key for the club. Do you really think Frank makes a list of players and Marc goes out to get them? That whole report Ling made is a preposterous and futile excercise.”

Oh? Why?

DB: “Ling is biased. It was clear what he wanted and whose side he was on. Before he wrote it, it was clear what his conclusions were. I had a 20 minute conversation with him. When I said “Let’s discuss the real issues here” he hastily grabbed his notebook and his bag and said he was in a hurry but he would call me back for another meeting. I have yet to hear from him. We would do follow up interviews, etc…we never heard from hims since. he wanted to have a broad look into the organisation. And suddenly, he presented his report. Ling had a 1 minute conversation with Frank de Boer! Can you believe that? The guy won four titles in a row and was just ignored like he was the coffee lady. Ling had a 30 minute meeting with Marc and had not even one conversation with Edwin van der Sar! Not with Jaap Stam. We never saw him at the training ground. And there were two versions of this report. A short version for the board and they leaked a longer version to the newspaper De Telegraaf. People played games, is my conclusion. I don’t even believe Ling wrote the report. It was a farce and this is the end result.”

Kort geding Cruijff en jeugdtrainers tegen Ajax


Wim Jonk supporting Cruyff in his court case versus Ajax

Cruyff thinks the Ling Report is valuable….

DB: “That makes it so weird. I spoke with the management team some six months ago to give them my opinion on our issues. The general manager went to see Johan in Barcelona . I wrote a letter to Johan with 12 points we needed to focus on. And we spoke about that letter later. He gave me compliments for the analysis. I saw him in the summer about this as well. But Johan didn’t want to pick sides. It became awkward and when Wim was asked to go, Johan always protected the former players. while the board was playing the blame game. It is disappointing that we, as former team mates, weren’t able to resolve it. Kinsbergen, the general manager, who is friends with Johan couldn’t sort it out and the three board members who tried to mediate failed as well.”

Wim is an old team mate. You used to have this psychic connection almost. How was it get into conflict with him?

DB: “Highly regrettable. Wim, Johan and myself were the founders if you like… We battled and fought for reform in Ajax. I think the management back then underestimated it all. We had court cases and rifts and when it was finally behind us, the management team basically said “ok, that’s it, lets move on” but it doesn’t work like that. The distance between Wim and myself happened over a longer period. It was intense and emotional at times. Which was hard. But this wall was being put up between us… Don’t get me wrong, as a youth coach, in his vision and as a human being, I think Wim Jonk is a top bloke. But as a manager I think he listened too much to others. In the Academy we started to get people who had less focus on the actual football and more on the side aspects. I never said I didn’t believe in Wim, but I don’t believe in his entourage. Wim, Marc, Frank, Johan and myself were focusing on the technical decisions and I really didn’t need Wim to suggest all the time to bring in the performance coach and ask his opinion. We are a football club. With a lot of experience in the organisation. I think that Frank, Marc and I are quite capable to see if an A talent is ready for the big team. I really don’t need Ruben Jongkind’s report for this (Jongkind was Ajax’ performance coach). Wim got influenced by these people, while his view on the game is unsurpassed.”

JOnk Dennis Inter


Better days for the ex Ajax and Inter team mates, winning the UEFA Cup

Everyone at Ajax says that they follow the Cruyff plan. But according to Cruyff this can only be said about Wim Jonk….

DB: “I think in essence we all do. It really hurts me in my soul if people doubt my loyalty to Johan’s vision. We all want to play attractive football, with home grown players and working on these players individually to make them better. But there ought to be some protocols, some methods as to how you do this. The first team needs to be leading and the youth academy is the source of future first team players.”

Johan officially stopped as Ajax advisor and recently is even a great criticaster of Ajax’ performances…

DB: “I think it is wonderful that he still follows Ajax closely. I want him to be critical. It’s great to talk football with him and although we share the same vision, we don’t always agree on certain things. We have different opinions about the midfield situation. I prefer to play with a number 10. I like the fact that there is a shadow striker available when the wingers pass their opponent. Also, with a number 10 in Litmanen style, you can put pressure on their build up high up the park. But, in some case a deep lying center midfielder is better. Depends also on the opponent. I do believe midfielders need to be able to play all those roles. Like Strootman, Pogba, Fabregas… Multi functional and we haven’t developed that well enough in the Academy. It applies to the forwards as well, for me. I’m talking working on their two feet, technical skills, explosivity, lungs and legs and the capability of finishing.”

DB jonk now


The psychic connection gone….

So, do you create talent or does talent simply come to Ajax?

DB: “Both! Real talent is God given. But to develop them with the broad spectrum of skills and capabilities is a different thing. I believe the foundation always is ball skills. Most other things we can train them in. And sure, there is room for a performance coach in that process, but only to support, not to be the leading guy in it all. There are a couple of 15 year olds now who can bench press their own weight. Great!! But I rather have them work on their weak foot or on heading or on set pieces… The rest will come.  And our youth teams need more resistance. They need to learn how to battle. It was good for Tete, Riedenwald, Veltman and Bazoer that they had to make their games with Young Ajax in the Jupiler league. There is a lot of battle going on there. They learned a lot there. More than they could from statistics or videos or performance analysis. We wanted to bring young A juniors to the A team to let them work with more resistance. Higher pace. But Jongkind blocked that as he felt they weren’t physically ready, and he let them go into the fitness room. They need to find their resistance on the pitch, not in a gym. When Johan coached us he was tough as nails. He was toughest for the big talents. Van Basten, Rijkaard. I was there…. And Ajax has been spoiling the biggest talents. They were told to skip training if it was all getting too much for them. Ajax’ youth academy has gone far beyond what their charter was.”


Now Said Quaali is taking over from Jonk. Why him?

DB: “He is interim. But we have him with us now for four years and he has impressed. He coordinates the older talent teams and did his practicum with us at the first team. Frank and I were impressed with him. He’s neutral, objective and loyal. You can rely on him. And it’s not like Wim Jonk did everything wrong. He did great things and we want to keep those. But I will get more involved now. I have started my assessment meetings and I will be more involved with the youth academy. The lines between the pro and junior departments are open again. The objective is clear: making sure our youngsters get ready for the first team, with Cruyff’s vision as the leading vision.”

How are you going to do this?

DB: “For starters, we need to bring harmony back. I also want to re-balance the ratio between ball practice and performance training. I want to skip a number of those for individual technical training. I heard some players actually get individual training outside of the club! That is the world upside down. I am also convinced the youngsters can handle more practice. When I was young, I hated a day without practice. It blocked your rhythm. We need to play more 11 v 11 practice games. Even if it is just 30 minutes. It creates strength. It all happens in the game. I also believe we spoil them too much. We have almost one physio per youth team. No wonder players suddenly feel all the little pains more. They tend to pick days to just get massages. It’s rubbish. Just run it off! Get on with it.”

Do you want the new Youth Academy director to be a man with an Ajax background?

DB: “Yes, that is ideal. We are working on a profile now. We’ll have some more meetings and make up our mind. I am not saying we don’t want to innovate with nutrition and medical approaches, but the football need to be central.”


Is it disappointing that this Ajax has difficulties against small European clubs, like Molde?

DB: “It is, but it is the result of an ever weakening of the Eredivisie. You see the level drop, due to different reasons, and as a result our levels drop too. There is less resistance. And when you play European, against Scandinavian teams or Turkish teams or Czech teams, they might have less real quality but they’re physically and mentally mature. We play with too many young players who still only focus on their own game. When you are around 35 years old you start to see more of the pitch, more of the team. Our lads have difficulties in toughter games, when the duels are tougher and the pace is higher. In Holland we win most of our games at 90%, we score two goals in the first 30 minutes and the pace drops. We simply play the game out. In tighter games, vs Feyenoord, PSV or European opponents, we find this tough. We need to be on the ball and focused for 100% and our players struggle with this. It’s no coincidence that we play well vs Man City and Man United and AC Milan but struggle against Molde…”

And when players get to that age and can do all what is needed, they’re signed by richer clubs….

DB: “That is our fate. Yes… And players will be tempted to go sooner, because big clubs make it hard for them to ignore those offers and because our level is dropping. If you can train daily with Aguero, Silva and Toure, that is quite attractive.. And play against Rooney, Ramsey and Kane… So we will need to work harder to keep them with us and to allow them a growth path. My career was a good example. I played in the Ajax youth and made it into the first team when I was 18 years old and I stayed for five years. When I was 23 I left and then you are starting to see the game. My first years at Inter were hard and when I got to Arsenal I was 25 years old. Great age to play for a big big club. I see myself as the culture guardian of Ajax. I will make more time for individual coaching and guidance and will form that bridge between youth and first team. I like to get a more free role in the organisation, with strategy being dealt with in the technical heart of the club and with individual focus with the talents. A lot that Jonk has done was excellent. But we need to re-focus ourselves to serve the bigger Ajax vision. That is our main mission.”


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  1. @wilson with in 15 minutes Manu Vs Arsenal will start…
    What s ur prediction about Blind Vs Walcott,Sanchez and Welbeck…Who will win???toady u,me and others could find an answer whether blind is a top level LCB or not…this is goin to be acid litmas test for Blind…If blind wins he is our LCB if doesnt he needs to be consider only as attacker in NT..Agreed??????..i can see Blind struggle vs pace of walcot and sanchez and will be out muscled by welbeck..

    1. Good question. Both Dennis and Mark Overmars have ties to Wenger and Arsenal and I think they couldn’t stop laughing when Ajax decided to get him on loan. But, last weekend he scored thrice in the Championship vs Reading, so he does know how to score 🙂

  2. Bergkamp is a legend and the reason for my Oranje passion.

    Jan speaking of Dutch clubs in termoil, what do you think of Feyenoord in 2016 so far? and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way 😉

    1. And of course finally they win a match!
      Vilhena was very good, scored and got an assist (was it out of bounds??) creating 4 chances, as well as loads of recoveries.. better from Karsdorp and Vejinovic as well who had gone missing after Christmas. Maybe they are starting to turn it around..

    2. I think Feyenoord is still mentally vulnerable and not as good as they should be. They had a good run in the first half of the season, not without luck. And now luck turns against them and some players are choking. Having an inexperienced coach is a risk always in those cases. look at Cocu in his first year. Basically, Feyenoord wasn’t that good first half and isn’t that bad this second half. This team needs to grow mentally. Kramer, Vilhena, Van Beek, Karsdorp, they are not yet top level. Don’t forget De Vrij, Martins Indi at Feyenoord and Blind at Ajax took some time to get to their current status. Also, Feyenoord is fishing in a different pond then PSV and Ajax budget wise. Propper, Van Ginkel and Pereirro aren’t in reach for a club like Feyenoord. They need the new stadium for this!

  3. Debut for Fosu-Mensah! LvG up to his unorthodox tricks – that’s what you call thinking outside the box.
    What a legend, Man Utd do not deserve him.
    United win a crazy game at OT.
    Was that according to your predictions Tiju / does Blind “win” the LCB spot or what? 😉

      1. He was good, maybe 2nd or 3rd most influential player for United, Memphis good too trying to make things happen! Was a good battle with bellerin, one of the stand out RBs this season,
        Herrera probably motm for me.
        Quite amazing, 2 more goals from your man Rashford, good one time finishes and same as last time result of good team attacks (but also really poor defending from tired Arsenal) – but he will get the praise and not LvG, I am sure.
        Their goals against resulting from set pieces, Schneiderlin (was poor again) leaving welbeck on one, and Ozil putting away a de Gea rebound (was an amazing save) on the other.
        Very entertaining match.

        1. thanks sybe….Especially Blind was paired with Carrick at Back…Though Mensah is huge physically guy who came on from to strengthne the defense would have helped MAnu much more…Kudos to my favorite coach LVG….
          YOU CN win with kids….Reminds me Turky vs Netherlands for WCQ2014 first match under LVG …in his second tenure..

        2. this guys Rashford has huge energy and speed…Memphis seemed tired after 80 minutes..though Memphis work rate is really poor to help any team.its true he is trying to make something happen,but in tough matches its workrate and one tocuh brillaint passes or moves towards spaces deciddes the out come of the match…

  4. Pals any stats for Blind. There was no thrust in Arsenal attack A dull looking Arsenal team as what the commentators pointed out.fatigue maybe from Champions League.

    As for Blind these are not the types of games to really judge him. Maybe on a another day but under pressure,he will definitely crack open. Few games I have noted this. Everton,Swansea,Chelsea etc.

    Speed and muscle he is gone.

      1. Household names does no t bring u success…but the quality and hard work brings u success..Rashford is house hold name???????Really????With Quality kids LVG beat Arsenal…

        1. To bring back glory days if you havnt read properly. If it was that simple any team could win the league. Or are saying Man United can win epl with Rashford.

          Well you could point at Leicester for the sake of this argument but then again it can be countered with what Barcelona has done and achieved in the last few season and are continuing with that the same momentum.

          1. wilson its very comprehensive subject todebate..For me barcalona has house holdnames+hardwork+quality…FYI Barca is not just house hold names,Except Mesi everyone works their Butt off to win back the ball.while real mardid has quality +Household names only….so always hardwork has the major say…Hope it sums it up all…

          2. Just checking doesn’t household name come with quality. As for the hard work don’t think so. Messi Argentina,Messi Barcelona. I hope you get the picture.

    1. yes arsenal’s 4th match in 2 weeks, and including Barca, a cup tie and Leicester.. but still they had more attempts on goal / more chances and more possession than Man Utd. Probably they could have won just as easy if they defended properly.

      some Blind stats: passing wasnt great, 28/42 might be his worse of the season, but 100% on his clearances and tackles. 2/2 for take-ons is kind of funny.

      So I agree that Blinds top qualities do not include speed or strength, but I dont find him too slow or too weak necessarily – but you think we should not judge him on matches against title contending teams in the fastest and most physical league? That seems odd to me.
      Instead versus lower half teams: Everton, Swansea, Chelsea? (actually I was surprised to see all 3 are below 10th at this time, strange! prob none of them belong down there..) As a matter of fact, 4 goals against in those 5 games so far actually isnt so bad.

      LCB is a really tough one to pick for the national team..
      But I like watching Blind play and would follow him even if I didnt think he could be an important part of the dutch NT.

      1. Those stats don’t mean much. Blind always tries to pass forward and takes risks. It’s better to have 25/40 with forward passes then 30/30 with back passes. Blind might not be quick on his feet but his mind is quick. I rate him high.

  5. @WILSON I FORgot to mention messi is the least hardworker in Barca and Arjentina.COZ he is householdname….hope this clears the air..i was talking about rakitic,Neymar,suarez,Macherano,Busquets,Sergio etc…Forget Messi..

    1. You are stupid fool. You just repeated what I said in my previous post. At Barcelona he is spoon fed. In Argentina he ends up sweating his ass off but still ends up futile.

      1. nO STUPID FOOL WILSON…mESSI NEVER WORKS HARD FOR ANY TEAM ,UR HIGHNESS IDOCY AND STUPIDITY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS…Talking to u is just futile…Arjentina is no wher near Barca when it comes to hardwork.ur artociously idiotic brain needs to understand that Barca is one of the most hardworking team..
        Now u F#$%%k off idiot..

        1. Language Tiju!! Working hard and working hard are different things. Van Ginkel runs like a antilope all much but Messi works smarter. There cannot be any complaints about his work rate and his decision making and goal scoring. I don’t think Messi deserves ANY criticism.

          1. @Jan..Wilsons point is that Hardwork doesnt pay??Do u agree that?..I dont agree that,Messi is hugly talented and a smart decision maker on feild..But there are guys who works their Butt off for Barca,Macherano,Rackitic,Busquets,Sergio,Ineasta etc..So i was saying these kind of hardwork is absent from Arjentina,thats why Messi chokes for Arjentina..My book there is no substitution for Hardwok.this is the story.

  6. Welldone ManU only 3 points off 4th, who knows with 12 games to go anything can and will happen. LVG is on a hiding to nothing no matter what happens from here, but Spurs will bring them back to earth! Let’s see how Blind goes against Kane , Ericksson , Ali, Rose and Walker bombing down the flanks.
    I only saw the highlights so I can’t really comment on any performance only to say I was glad they won for the sake of Tottenham!

  7. Timothy Mensah seems strong and tough can play DM,LB or even CB…which is nice…these young lads has plethora of energy when u combine 4 or 3 bid experienced players u get a world beating team Eg–Ajax95..

    1. Saw Ajax-AZ yesterday. Vlaar did not have a good game. Hope its just rust.

      Saw the Man U game. Depay had a good game. Nice that Mensah got a debut in such an important match. Made some good plays, made a few not so good ones. Kind of like what you’d expect. Good that he has progressed well enough that he gets on the field.

  8. Poor Hoedt, benched for the last 2 matches, even though it seemed he was getting pretty good reviews.. hopefully Lazio can pick it up for the rest of the season or they’ll miss out on european competitions, that would suck for de Vrij and for Kishna’s development as well.

  9. Dutch football is stuck

    29 feb 2016

    “It is the same old song again and again. As soon as a Dutch team is forced to attack they get stuck. In the Eredivisie and in Europe”, Johan Cruyff writes in his weekly column in De Telegraaf.

    “The consequences are dramatic. Of the 48 clubs left in the Champions League and Europa League there is only one Dutch club. And that is PSV who recorded a good result against Atlético. But they did this by adapting their style of play to the opponent. Like they also did against Manchester United and with which Holland was successful at the World Cup in Brazil.”

    “All Dutch clubs have adopted this style more or less. With the consequence that they sometimes can upset a stronger opponent but that they often have difficulties in beating weaker teams. All this has to do with position play. And that is very poor.”

    “I will once again take Barcelona and Bayern as examples to explain this. These teams pass the ball to a player who is two lines forward and who can pass it back a line. Those players have the overview and often have multiple possibilities to pass the ball again.”

    “This used to be the key element in Dutch football.”

    “Only now the ball is not played to the second line but to a defender or midfielder. Only one line forward. And most of these players are with their backs turned to the goalkeeper. If a player than passes the ball back and his opponent is running forward, he is immediately put under pressure. And if he tries to turn away, he could lose the ball in a dangerous area.”

    “This remains the big disadvantage of playing with a midfielder playing around the striker. Someone who is 25 meters away from the defenders. This usually is too far away to pass the ball to him. That is why I like to see a midfielder playing from further back, because he is easier to pass the ball to. This is an advantage when you want to build up going forward.”

    “I repeat it again: this has nothing to do with the talent of the players. It has all to do with the choices coaches make in their tactics. And because almost all Dutch coaches are doing this, it has to do with the coaching development. If this is the case Dutch football has created a big problem. It is not about lack of money compared to other leagues. It is clear we can not beat Barcelona, but now we can’t even beat Iceland, Czech Republic or Molde.”

  10. Chelsea is really on song under Hiddink.todays victory sees them move up to 8th. some fools were saying he time is up. yet again he is proving other wise. lets see if they qualify for Europa.

  11. Euro 2016 is coming soon…i feel disinterested to watch it due to absence of dutch team..its really sad and pathetic that we could nt even get past Turkey,Iceland and Czec…i knew blantant stupidity and uselessly rigid stubornness of Hiddink and Blind would cost us a lot..but at least i though we would make to 3 rd spot hence play offs…i would be pissed off if i see the guys who cost us euro 2016 gets selection again for WCQ2018..i mean especially guys like BMI,Weil,RVP,Hunter,Afellay, and i would add Depay in to as this guy is still not a team player.and Virjil who makes one mistakes in every match..i know except Vrijil every one played lots of minutes for ECQ2016.

    1. Yes great that he is playing, one to watch for sure! Not to be unnecessarily contrary, but you sure about the DM thing? I thought it seemed as he was a 3rd CB v Bayern in his first game (after 3 matches on the bench), and statszone also has him listed as a CB for his other 3 matches – anyways, unfortunately only 1 clean sheet / 1 win as of yet..


    “The coach who first he predicted that he would become a great, Aad de Mos, wonders what Büttner, in Brussels bakes. “Only after the playoffs will tell if he is a player for Anderlecht or not. Potentially he is. Or get filled depends on the relationship with the coach and the players around him. ”

    Because, says De Mos: “Alexander has one big problem. He can not dosing. He has so much positive energy that he occasionally brake should be set up. There must Besnik Hasi and the older players get to work around him. That should keep him with her. Büttner is good for 75 minutes, as he now plays. Thereafter, the candle goes out. He must learn to choose his moments. By Matthieu Dossevi and Lior Refaelov’s first defense as left back, and only then attack. I still see the things back that I thought it had already be out. ”

    His former trainer was delighted when Buttner got a chance at Manchester United, but says that the player had to stand much further. “I think he’s very underrated, he had already had to stand tall in Orange. But coaches us not look at you when you’re not at one of the three big clubs in the Netherlands, or if you are not a holder of a foreign club. ”

    Anderlecht he’s already better picture in the Netherlands. In no time, he will make himself loved, who predicts knows him well. Through his boundless dedication on the field and his availability and no-nonsense approach next to the property. All the while, he has remained a great, open boy, always approachable. One even dares to tell it like it is.”

  13. first loss for bayern if im not wrong.unfortunately Augsburg also lost after paul verhaegh had equalized via plently to level scores vs TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Huntelaar also on the score sheet for Schalke.

    1. I could not watch, but looks like the most important one is there, the clean sheet 😉
      I see he was tied with Herrera for most tackles, which he was 100% on and had a couple interceptions and blocks, while again not his usual passing stats but did create 1 chance.

    2. I hear also that he made many mistakes…
      Have we got any CBs who do not right now? Frustrating.

      De Vrij is the only one of our defenders which I have a lot of confidence in.
      Bruma has been solid lately, Veltman as well.
      Vlaar has been alright too, tough match v Ajax last weekend but huge part of AZs rise, always given all for the NT too.
      Kongolo, Blind and van Dijk have good moments, but make errors often even though they seem to usually get results (minus Kongolo recently obvs). My choices/opinion changes all of the time with the above players based on form and fitness.
      Rekik is just warming the Marsielle bench.. Would love to see Hoedt, Riedewald, Gouweleeuw, van Beek step up and prove themselves worthy candidates.

      Do you like 3 CBs, or 2?
      Or maybe like for me it depends on what kind of a midfield we can create.. hopeful in Strootman and Clasie forming a strong partnership, with an in-form and responsible #10 sitting in front. Then I think we could go to 433 or 4231 and be more positive and powerful.

  14. What do you guys think about Sneijder, too old now? If he is in lesser form this season and his club not doing as well, then is his leadership quality enough to get him chosen for the NT going forward, how much of a leader was he when he played all of the EC qualifiers anyways? I wonder why does Blind give him 90 mins v Wales anyways?
    I do think Huntelaar and RvP are done though.. I wonder if Blind will keep them out.

    I guess we will have a new team picked in the next week or 2.

    Now that I think of it, besides Robben, Krul, and maybe Vlaar, maybe no one born before 1990 should be involved! Use this low point to build for the future.. it’s not like we have a current identity to protect.
    Recently van der Wiel and Afellay have found pretty good club form but have also been disappointing in oranje more recently… Is it worth picking them? Actually maybe some other 1989 guys can do a job for us yet. Dost, Pieters, Buttner, Janmaat.

    Anyways just brainstorming, what do you all think?

  15. @Sybe, I think you answer your question in the third paragraph (3 or 2?) with your paragraph 2. I don’t see any pairing that looks comfortable. 3 is safer; plus it frees up Willems to play more offensively as the left back; he looks great going forward, defensively, still a bit of a question.

          1. Yea could do, I love Ake but he needs to play CM again and prove it first for me.

  16. Three players who should definitely retire at their respective clubs or return back to eredivisie are Van Persie, Huntelaar and Sneijder. If Blind picks any of this three,then NT is definitely in the wrong hands.

  17. Another point to note here is that this is only the first season for some of this guys.the next season should be critical one for them as by then they should be under the spot light given where their potential lies .the qualifications starts in September and this is a good time for Blind to start a new chapter. Regardless of win or loss, I think it will be justifiable in the sense that in run long it will be fruitful.

  18. Have decided my 11 though. 3-5-2


    Buttner-Clasie-Ake- Van Ginkel-weil

    Hoedt – Van Dijk-Bruma

    Cillessen/ Zoet

    One thing good about Locadia is he always drops deep during defense but then finds those pocket spaces on counters.

    Ake is the only player I want Blind to take the risk with

  19. Another player I’m looking forward to switching clubs or a possible return to eredivisie is Tjaronn Chery. Though his move to QPR badly backfired but he still has got immense potentially.Dont think QPR will reach the playoffs this season and like others should be sold. At one stage it was rumored that Maccabi Tel Aviv were on the brink of cashing him out from QPR but it never eventuated.

  20. Every one says including LVG..Mensah was a beast vs Watford..enormus stamina,power,speed.had he didnt play Manu would have lost the match…

  21. LVG’s red army is doing great lately. Depay has improved a lot he seems more confident and has impressed with some amazing tricks.

    1. when we look up superficially we can see that lots of dribbles from Depay..and Finally dribbbles ends with bad cross or bad pass or very inacurate shoot on goal…So wats the use of it????????This is from a manu fan…

      1. Depay created 3 goals vs Midjyland. Was strong vs Watford and Arsenal. Created a penalty in the FA Cup vs Sheffield. Had assists that were squandered by Herrera and Felaini. He is doing well, the lad. More to come. CR7 wasn’t that good either when he was 21 years old.

        1. Depay was king against Brugge too..2 goals and a assist..what i found in him was he is king in dribbles when faces low defenders and chokes when he face touh ones..He is not back tracking enough,lacks the extra speed coupled with extremely poor shots on goal,poor decision making in final third,Bad and inaccurate crosses.So i would not be surprised if he performed vS Brugge/ Midjyland and chokes Vs Tottenham,City etc..and .off course VS France and Sweden in upcoming WCQ2018..

  22. My 2cents re: Oranje:

    I think it’s time to allow some new lads to come on and demonstrate their value, but I also believe we will need so solid, experienced players.

    At this stage, Klaassen and Wijnaldum will be definites.

    I believe 5-3-2 > 3-4-3 should be the go.

    Cillesen / Vermeer

    Janmaat – Bruma – Blind – De Vrij – Willems

    Wijnaldum – Klaassen – Sneijder

    Robben – Memphis

    Subs: Propper, Veltman, Luuk de Jong, Clasie, v Aanholt/Buttner, Bazoer etc

      1. Not sure about the midfield. No protection defensively. Will open up in no time.remember what happened when they had Blind there for distribution.

  23. Schalke climb to fourth. Huntelaar again on the score sheet.

    Van Dijk rescues Southampton with a injury time equalizer.

    Jeffery Gouweleeuw also receives his first red card in 3-3 draw vs Bayern Leverkusan.

    1. It was a bad night for the dutchies at Augdburg.Paul Verhaegh with an own goal and then Gouweleeuw causing a penalty in in the last minute for which he got a straight red.

      1. “””It better they reach their full potential and maybe away from eredivisie I may add.I mean you look at Depay.”””””
        WHAT IS THIS MEAN?? and wat are u pointing out????
        Nouri will develop well in chelsea????Watford????..
        Depay is very very very very lucky that He Has LVG there..this wont be the case in other teams than Maclaren and Koeman teams..FYI and for UR his highness blindness.
        Apart from some dribbles Depay has not done anything special in Manu in EL or CL..if he was capable then Manu would have got in to CL second round…All his performance was aginst a Mitidland and Brugge..Both had low class defenders..So basically there is no point in looking at Depay..

  24. What about Sinkgraven. Will he rot on the bench or what. I think like others Ajax will offload him once his contract expires jus like lerin Durate

    1. Not even on the bench, has a foot injury or the last few games and had a hard time after coming back from the knee injury he had..
      Hasn’t really got a hold of his chances yet, but only 20 so maybe a little early to be rotting 😉

  25. another beauty goal from Bazoer, beauty shot from outside the box. also seems more responsible in CM with 31/33 on his passes so far.. Veltman also doing well at RB

  26. Wilsons Sinkgraven comment got me thinking about the future…
    so right now to me this is players born 1995-98.
    Midfield is looking strong to me. Lots of talent in there (obvs players will need to turn the potential into reality, this is where maturing with a winning mentality comes in)!

    CAMs – Singkraven, Nouri, Peeters
    CMs – Vilhena, Bazoer, Frenkie de Jong
    DMs – Ake?, Hendrix, Donnie van de Beek

    There are some exciting forwards coming as well in Bergwijn and Malen.. plus, I haven’t lost faith just yet in Kishna El Ghazi and Zivkovic

      1. When I see Depay who was such a big talent in eredivisie, I think the lads you have mentioned above will have to prove beyond reasonable doubts that they are ready for that orange jumper. Hopefully if they are to make a positive step and make a impression it has to be the U 21s.the current U 21s seems to be lacking the cutting edge and if these lads are to be next stars of NT then the U 21s is where it should be visible aimed at euros and WC.if not it will be the same old story.

        1. I still think Memphis is a talent and can become great, not there yet. But he was born in 94, so the time is now for him to begin to become what he can.
          Some on my lookout list are too young for U21 still!

          1. jus a look out once they reach that stage so as to it should give a clear picture whether indeed they are special or not.
            I really would like to see some consistency in the U21s especially when it comes to players playing in their natural position and maintaining that strongest lineup as possible rather than player rotation which has been the highlight of the current U 21s.

          2. it could take some time for Memphis though.Lingaard seems to be ahead of him in all aspect. Also you can expect a top striker top arrive at Old Trafford in the summer should they fall out of top 4. Meaning Martial, Lingaard then him .Im think he should be loaned out jus for one season to get conservative minutes in epl and to get is mojo the bench appearances will not help at this stage.

    Dutcheis abroad..RVP,Gouweleew,BMI,Weil,Verhage are proving they are not for NT..and there are others too..
    The guy who impresses me Timpthy fesu mensah..the guy is so alert and strong at back..seems no one can trouble him no nonsense defender..
    I am Convinced Virjil Van dijk will score more goals than current RVP,Depay,Afellay,Hunter,Narsingh if he plays as striker,hence we can qualify..As a defender he is below Veltman,Bruma ,Devrij,Raidwald and new comer Mensah..perhaps lesser tha Reikik too.

          1. Ok you 2 fellas, I can’t handle this kind of ‘discussion’.. so I’m out, have fun acting like children.

  28. Forgot to mention Blind sucks as a defender…only good thing is his vision from back..others has to cover his weakness and this gives extra burden to other CB/LB and holding mids,this slows the tempo of game..My team on current form

  29. I really hope Danny watched Watford vs Leicester on his tele.a big performance from Nathan Ake at CB,though couldn’t do much on Mahrez goal. Had eagles eye on Vardy. This should be it station him in front of the CBs. Even Quique Sánchez Flores now should be rest assured of the versatility of Nathan Ake.

  30. Yes yet again we have exciting prospects emerging but I refuse to buy into the hype this time. Too many times have they been false alarms. So not going to post potential 2018 line ups like

    Nathan Ake Timothy Fosu Mensah

    Donyll Malen Justin Kluivert

    and then start salivating over it.

  31. Tjaronn Chery has really found his form after Leroy Fers depature from QPR.When Fer was around he was mostly used on the wings off the bench but now he is been used as a focal point in attack. really hoping they can reach that 6th spot and have a crack at qualification.

  32. Looks like Eintracht Frankfurt will welcome back Luc castaignos this week as he participated in the full training session today after his ankle injury that sidelined him for 3 months.

  33. Goalkeepers: Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Kenneth Vermeer (Feyenoord), Jeroen Zoet (PSV).
    Defenders: Virgil van Dijk (Southampton), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Mitchell Dijks (Ajax), Jeffrey Bruma (PSV), Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle), Timo Letschert (Utrecht), Erik Pieters (Stoke City), Jetro Willems (PSV), Joel Veltman (Ajax), Ron Vlaar (AZ).
    Midfielders: Ibrahim Afellay (Stoke City), Riechedly Bazoer (Ajax), Jordy Clasie (Southampton), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Davy Propper (PSV), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Georginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle).
    Attackers: Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Schalke), Vincent Janssen (AZ), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Jurgen Locadia (PSV), Luciano Narsingh (PSV), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich).

    Really pathetic selections are Narsingh,Afellay,Huntlaar,Depay and Blind…
    Ron vlaar is doing bad too..

  34. i really wanted how many of u supports danny blin for bondscoach…and how many of u think he will take us to WC at least????
    After seeing his latest selecetion i have no hope for him and NT…

  35. One more hapy news is plastci chelski out of CL…with clueless performance…Cannt blame Hiddink for it such defensive minded club who spoiled evry teenage talent joined with them..

  36. this stupid blind could nt even take us from a 3 spot group to euro…then how he is going to face upcoming euro champion france and sweden??
    5 year little kid who watches Manu will understand that Timothy mensah desevres a call and start over Daley blind..its pure merit..i have never seen biased people winning anything…

  37. On current form our starting 11 should have been

    1. on bench

  38. Mensha—Bruma would have been hell of a CB pairing for us…id Danny is not biased…i remmber Strootman sitting in benceh for done Vanbommel and we sucked in Euro 2012..History repeating…

  39. None of the current PSV players are super talented bar Williems….But they cover the weakness of each other,hence fight as a team..Not yelling at each other,when one chance misses they say i am goin to another chance bro…i can see this blind danny blind feilding..
    Subs will come on later those will be
    Same old story,screwing NT with poor typical blindness and stubornness.,there is no proper scouts for Blind to make him understand what he is doing…
    As a result if those players play the best result would be a draw vs France and England…Against france its still unlikely though…
    U will see a lethargic team Hunter-roben -Snijder older players less energy….Pathetic light weight midfeid..(Afellay–Blind)…..
    Then Depay this guy lives in some another world(World of Rolls royce)…he will do some dribbles and when it needs to connected with team mates he ends up with futility…same old story…
    Then comes Virjil Vandijk and Bruma -willems and janmaat at back…
    Both Willems and janmaat will be bombing up…and they will lay well with one mistakes from both might end up in goal…
    Then center CBS..Bruma is a player whom we will see the best when we pair him with best..Vrijil is a slow tower whom always reacts slow..very vulnerabale to trcikery players…thats makes us sure that there would be leakage in center CBS….
    this is what Danny idea…just wait and see…

  40. Come on TijU and what about Martial and Rashford? All Man U were crap tonight.

    LVG’s tactics were wrong this time. Liverpool plays fast football and with Fellaini who was recovering from injury Liverpool won the battle in midfield the whole game.

    Herrera has been doing good I don’t know why he didn’t play.

    1. Miguel…..Martial and Rashford did their best to contain..Rashford had to play like a defender to help the the he played good…Martial didnt get support from memphis,who will try to dribble past as much as defenders and then loose the ball..His final pass are real crap,his freekicks are joke..his dribbles are usless and not good for team work..its sad that LVG played this crap Depay,Blind and Fellaini,they were the main weaklinks of todays team as usual….may be lindgraad for Depay and Blind for fellaini and Mensah for Blind at LCB would have made them much more fluid team…
      Take a note buddy….We are goin to suck it in NT with Daley blind at back,Depay on wings,Afellay on wings,,,this would make furthur sukcing if we add RVP,Hunter,Virjil,Vanderweil,BMI in back and front…

  41. I think the problem with Blind is that he’s good enough to play several positions but doesn’t really excel at any of them. He doesn’t have the pace/dribbles to be a world class full back, He isn’t strong or tall enough be an elite centreback, and whenever he’s in midfield he seems to lack creativity. That said I think he’s a very useful player who can do a decent job at any of those three positions. I just think in a perfect world he’s coming off the bench in case of injury and is not in the staring XI

    1. @dwherwey, I think that is a pretty good analysis of Blind. Though I’d add I think it applies more to his finding a spot in a 4-3-3. I think he can be a starter in a 5-3-2 as one of the 3 cb’s or as the left wingback.

      1. Yes that Analysis is truth…But when you start Blind in LCB,LB,DM u make u sure that u have a weaklink assured in ur defense..Normally weaklinks would be constantly attacked..Hence others has extra burden to cover him up…That makes team vulnerbale and imbaalnced..Fro me Blind has shown he is Better than Elghazi,Depay,Narsingh,BMI,Weil,Afellay,Klassen,So i want to see him what he could offer in higher up the pitch..He has a clinical left foot and intelligncen which is not there with forementioned players bar Klassen..So i think Blind will do better than these player of for NT and i am 100 % convinced about it..
        B/W…Ron vlaar was playing Real crap of late may be he done with age or still injury hangover..But still got selected..I have a gut a feeling that we have biased ,coward coach who fears to take gambles…

      2. Yes excellent point. I for one am definitely hoping that the Dutch have the quality of players to play 4-3-3. Tha may be wishful thinking though.

  42. Let me see,somebody is again making a lot of noise. Just to end all the commotions regarding Depay. Let’s don’t forget even the great Denis Berkamp struggled at Inter when he joined them from Ajax at the age of was not until his move to Arsenal at (25) when he exploded into life and went on to become a legend both at Arsenal and NT. You can say anything or write any thing about Depay but you cannot just write him yet. Maybe next season could be deceive for him but also remember he has done reasonably well at NT level and games out of epl. In other words he tends to perform well away from old Trafford. Just as to be precise here tends means often as I know some people will pick out the Liverpool game for the sake of the argument…..this concludes to only one thing, expectation.he is struggling because of high expectations.I agree with whoever said that it works reasonably well when you join a team with low expectations and then work your way up. Hazard is another example of what the pressure of high expectations can do to you, the only difference here is he already a established player compared to Depay who is still getting to familiarize himself in a new environment.

    1. Let me clear the air, is very meaningless stupidity to compare the disaster of Bergkamp at Inter and Depay at Manu..
      The reasons are the following…
      Italians are well known for leg breaking tackles and catanachio defnsive style…So any striker would have trouble..
      Bergkamp was never loved or hyped at inter,instead he got little support…He was player under a forgin coach whom didn support him well and didnt how to use Bergkamp..
      This is not the case with Depay,he had huge media support and hype..He had MOST LOYAL LVG as coach,To play Depay he dropped Lindgraad,Januzaj(who was playing better than Flopay)he benched Herrea and Young…What else u need to be a succesful in such club…Finally LVG realised so the he put him in bench..(Deservedly)..
      so how can this compared to Bergakamp..Bergkamp had to fight of Coach and other from onw team and the opponent team to…while Depay was having a cake walk in Manu…
      Apart from a tap in from Roben Cross vs Chile2014WC Depay has not had any single shit thing for NT when it mattered..We have already out of Euro with GREAT LEGEND DEPAY AND Now i think he is going to cause LVG his Job..he gave an artocious penalty to Pool.this is what u pay back for a coach whom belived in u and risked with u..
      Let him Ride his Rolls royce and GF..We dont need him..

  43. I am coming from India where Deluison and fantays is well apriciated and worshipped..So guys plz dont be delusion that RVP,Depay,Hunter,BMI,Weil,Afellay,Klassen will help u for WC2018..
    also i think its the high time to think and mold team who can play with out Roben..Coz Roben will be injured for most time…

  44. WC2014 Germany won it…there was no player in that team could dribble like Afellay,Depay and Roben….Danny blind has to think about including players who puts team first with excellent vision,good for slick one touch passing..i know this requires hell of stamina..But that we can make it…
    Let our team be
    Kongolo——————–Kevin diks
    Second 11

  45. Castaignos made a late Cameo for Eintracht Frankfurt in the 3-0 defeat to Borrussia Monchengladbach. Janssen and him are my two strikers that should take the Centre stage in NT. Hopefully they will survive the relegation.

  46. Watched Yester Match PSV vs Heerenveen for first 60 minutes…PSV should have won it..Vanbasten was present over there i dont know wats his puropse,scouting or Watching his beloved club heerenveen.Ginkel had a good game but he bottled a chance,i was really impressed by Willems,Ginkel,Proper…we have some quality in these players..i think Ajax will surpass them again…
    Narsingh was as usual non quality…PSV attack seems toothless with out Gasten and Lestinne…Locadia was great in defense played better than Narsingh..i still dont understand why stupid danny selected Narsingh.its artocious stupidity…

  47. Let’s don’t forget what happended the last time both France and NT met. There was at least 6 eredivisie players who started that game and 1 of the bench. My stances is very clear on eredivisie players. At club level especially in eredivisie Its more comfort for players when playing with players whom they know in and out but it becomes a a whole different story when those players are not around them and this is where their individual ability comes in effect and this most of them crumble.

    One example I think of is PSV minus Guardado and how it would affect the backline. Now picture Bruma in NT without Guardado. This where NT keeps getting exposed.

    1. In this PSV team my boys are
      Van ginkel,Proper,Willems and Bruma….they are good enough for NT…i dont count on others but i must say that Locadia will be more useful than Memphis for NT.

  48. I really like the Ensteins Relativity theory…Friednlt warm up matches are really useful when u r heading for a tournament…But these friendlies are completely useless if we play out experienced and eligible players Like Roben and Sneijder..I want both to drop out from NT and wants to see a team built around Gini wijnaldum..We dont need Roben or sneijder as they have nothing to prove to anyone..
    So at times frindlies are useful but coaches like Bert van marwijk,Danny blind can spoil it by playing stupid players and playing experienced players..

  49. Just watched the match between PSV and Athletic Madrid. I love what I see from Propper , Willems and Zoet against a very strong team.
    Hope they can continue with such performance.
    the current PSV is reminiscent of the Guss Hiddink-led PSV which went all the way to the semis (if I didn’t rem wrongly).

    1. There still a problem with PSV..LUUK is good but not great or classy…Narsingh is just inefficient..Locadia too not that great…Rest looks fine..i do like Locadia and Luuk..

  50. One thing I am starting to notice with Depay is that he struggles to make an impact unless Man U are dominating the game and he’s seeing plenty of the ball. The Liverpool game is a great example. Liverpool dominated the match and he only got the chance to take on his fullback a few times. He did actually pick out a nice pass for Martial once but other than that he was very ineffective. He seems to need to make a few runs with the ball early in the game before he settles into the match. In my opinion one of the biggest things he needs to work on is having an impact on the game even when he doesn’t see much of the ball. I have been impressed with him since he came back into the team a few weeks ago because he’s showed an improved defensive work rate and he’s clearly trying to be more of a team player, but he does still have a long way to go.

  51. at the moment we have Vincent Janssen and Lars-Veldwijk that quite jong just 22 – 24, they are typical striker, no so many skills but know how to score hopefully they can develop well.

    1. Janssen is not heavily talented…He is not stupid..that it self a big bonus nowadays..He simply gets the job done..No fantasy dribbles,or freekicks or big muscles or anything…but this guy gets teh job done..

      1. In Sport, it is not enough to be talented, if any talented player lacks tenacity and does not work hard all 90 minutes,he will never succeed. I truly believe that Janssen is the best Dutch central forward at this moment. He is much better than opportunistic Luuk de Jong and KJH. He is physically strong and he works hard all 90 minutes. Having said that he is still young and needs a patient coach who would give him a chance to play all 90 minutes even though Vins could lose him form which happens quite often with younger players. If he decides to stay in Eredivisie, he needs to stay in Alkmaar. If he decides to move up, it is better to leave Eredivisie. It is absolutely worthless to go to Ajax or PSV as it will not add anything to his development. At the end both PSV and Ajax play the same teams as AZ in the National Championship. Both Ajax and PSV mostly play in Europa League as AZ. Many AZ players got burned out by leaving early Alkmaar for PSV or Ajax, except Nemanja. Finally, departure of Wesley Hoedt to Seria A has been a great example of how a young player can succeed in football without making this stupid waste of time intermediate step by playing in “BIG” three Dutch clubs.

    2. @ruud Glad to hear we have a striker worth at least getting somewhat excited about. I don’t watch much of the eredivise but I looked up his stats and he seems to have a fairly impressive goal rate (1 goal per 111min). Striker definitely seems like a weakness going forward. I can pick out at least one young somewhat established player at every other position. Do you think Janssen is in line for a call up next international break?

      1. Yes, dwherwey

        I think at this time Danny should forget about Persie & Hunterlaar, We have some strikers/forwards that in my opinion they are not at top level yet as Spain, German for ex: Vincent Janssen, Lars-Veldwijk, Luuk de Jong, Luc Castaignos, Jürgen Locadia. But the good new is They are not too old & They are typical striker that can get job done although lack of other skill such as dribbling, passing, possession, ect. We have given so many opportunities to Luuk & Luc but look like their potential are limited , so this time we need to give some chances to Vincent, Jürgen and Lars-Veldwijk. Hopefully Danny can develop them 🙂

  52. TIJU1234 (Y), So maybe we just need some guys like this at the top of squad, get the job done that’s it, let other tasks such as dribbling, free-kick, passing, possession, ect for surrounding him.

  53. Mitchell dijks is doing well,i mean really well,he is tall and strong,agility is ok or Good..not that slow…For me its Peters Vs Mitchell dijks…i have seen Coaches like Fart van marwijk selecting younger players when only he doesnt have any solution…then he puts them in bench and eventually ignores them later..Like he did Kevin strootman for Euro2012 but didnt play him due to his son in law..Had he continued after Euro2012 ..we wouldnt have qualified for that stupid cannot think about a team with out expereinced…its was our blackest 4 year in dutch history..I really dont rate Xavi and ineasta over Vaart and snijder…Both Rafa and snijder were deadiler and had more venom and they were capable of out scoring spainish duo.Offcourse Xavi was a great player and passer ..Snijder adds on scoring…
    We would have won 2010WC had we started with Rafel van der vaart instead of kuyt…
    Then his catastrophic tunrament of Euro2012..but over all Fert van marwijk was very very luckiest coach of dutch NT..Coz he had the prime years of Deadly fab 4 at their prime age..Iron steeel djeong.Clever Bommel..Not much overrate but very very good Joris mathijenson and Heitinga and Legend giovani vanbronchost..

  54. We need to look back to Euro and we muct understand that How many new players LVG added to WCQ2014 how smartly he won it..i mean 1 st match VS turkey…Doed Danny has teh balls to do it???
    Tim KRUL

    Daryl JANMAAT
    (-46′ HT)


    Bruno MARTINS

    Jetro WILLEMS

    Jordy CLASIE

    Luciano NARSINGH


    Robin VAN PERSIE

    Wesley SNEIJDER

    Arjen ROBBEN

    1. ha haa……DM??????it seems as usual u have no clue…PSV is playing 433…
      Ginkel and proper are box to box players who help defesne and offense..this gives immense balance to team for attack and defense…U get the best out of propper an Ginkel when only both together as starters…Both can not do anything if they come as susbsitute..

  55. it was fair that Athelitico won…but it doesnt mean that PSV was bad..Bruma,Moreno,zoet,Propper were excellent…Luuk,Locadia,Ginkel has shown immense energy to balance the team..They attacked as a team defended as a team..ButAtheltico had clear cut edge chances over PSV though PSV hit the bar..I dont know why Narsingh is slecetd for NT…Cocu was brilliant that he did not start with Narsingh instead he went for Isimat marian which helped PSV to defend well..i mean rather than using a uselss attacker up front its better to start with a defender who could defend may be he switch to attack later..Willems had plethora of poor passess..

  56. Anyways ..PSV played against the most physical side of europe..they played against team who has astonishing defensive record against world star players like Messi,CR7,Neymar,Suarez,Bale…PSV did so great …i am sure except for athletico PSV would have scored against Barca,Beyrn,Real etc…little bad luck…
    Zoet could have saved at least 1 penalty…

  57. PSV’s yesterday game has given me a hope that Dutch football still has a chance to return to the top echelon. I also clearly see a birth of a new type of Dutch coach (Cocu) who can train our teams in a way that they could compete with the richest clubs in Europe. I hope the example of Cocu will be contagious and we will see more new younger coaches with different mentality. Unfortunately, at this point Cocu is the only one who goes in a right direction…but we have a hope and having a hope is wonderful thing.

  58. Cocu is becoming an open thinker coach,who is willing take suggestions and doesnt stick stupidly with same tactics or same team but still plays the core team….He lacks clear attacking threat up front thats y he had to surrender to Athletico.. .His eye for talents are amazing and on top of it how to build a young balancing team by complimenting the strength of each player..thats how his team gets balancing,its a team not based on indvidual brilliance..they are very collective together for victory,No selfish pricks in team…thats great thing ..

  59. Cocu is becoming an open thinker coach,who is willing take suggestions and doesnt stick stupidly with same tactics or same team but still plays the core team….He lacks clear attacking threat up front thats y he had to surrender to Athletico.. .His eye for talents are amazing and on top of it how to build a young balancing team by complimenting the strength of each player..thats how his team gets balancing,its a team not based on indvidual brilliance..they are very collective together for victory,No selfish pLAYERS in team…thats great thing ..

  60. The setback and the truth for NT is clearly the time capsule between young, old, experience and amateur coaches. You can’t just yeild overnight expecting it to be of the same perfection and this what is the main problem for NT now. The whole soccer fraternity in NT are under the illusion that by coaching and playing in eredivisie can mold you for the highest level which is just a fantasy which both the clowns are fanatasing right now in NT with the KNVB.

    Unless and until they come out of this perception the serial will continue.

    On the other my stance is very clear, eredivisie players when playing in NT get exposed simply because they are no more around the same players as at club level and secondly and for most the intensity is to hot to handle when compared to teams and players who are playing in stronger leagues.

    This is what will happen in the two friendlies that’s coming up.

    1. Yes ..willson many eredivise players are real Afellay,elghazi,narsingh,boatius,Depay etc…some are just average like BMI,weil,luuk dejong seim dejong etc,,,So when u play with these kind of eredivise players you are destined to suck…

  61. ATM i feel this is our most potent and balance line up.


  62. I think it’s better that Robben won’t play Blind needs to know what to do when Robben is injured. Hiddink and Blind have suffered from Robben’s injuries it’s about time he finds a good system that can suit Holland when he is not playing.

  63. I really like the looks of this midfield going forward

    ———- Wijnaldum —–
    Obviously this requires Strootman to actually be on the pitch from time to time but I think these three would play really well together.

  64. Tonight another bottom for Dutch football!!!!
    Not only no Dutch teams in the final 16 European teams, But also no Dutch players in the remaining top 16 teams in Europe!!!

  65. With Robben injured now you can expect a typical Dutch soccer as what happened between PSV and Atletico Madrid. Sit back defense and long balls on counters for Luuk to sneak in.
    Just can smell what’s in store this time. Still think the midfield selection is weak and will be torn apart by the likes of progba,Sissoko,Kante,Matudi.

    The DM will again be under the spotlight for NT given Blind has selected 4 BTB and 3 CMs. Which stupid coach would do that. I mean Clasie, Propper, Bazoer,klaassen,jus doesnt make any sense. I don’t think Clair should be deployed at DM in this game.he will run out of steam easily.

    1. Midfeild selection is weak because he has selected klassen,Afellay,Clasie etc..this make us light weighted with lesser stamina players..on top of it Afellay is really a stupid player too.klassena and afellay should nt get the selection..

  66. What makes me more sad is that there is class upfront bar and old and declining sneijder…No wingers…on lefet and right..2 average strikers Janssen and Luuk…thats just pathetic….unfortunalty we dont have choices…
    May be Donyll mallen,Zivkovic and Nouri will come up off late…i dont know..

  67. I think with Robben now out the two friendlies should be used to
    Identify the weakness and strength of individual players and eventually the players whom the team should be built around.regardless of win or loss this showed be the start of the blocks for NT which should be the road to WC.

    1. I think commitment of these so called experienced coaches ike Blind should be questioned..As if they follow the games of PSV,Ajax,Feynoord,AZ and Vitsee..they can easily scrap many along with Afellay,Weil,BMI,DEpay,Elghazi,Hunter,RVP,etc…with partial benefit of doubt goes to promes,klassen,virjil,Dijks,kevin dijks,vanginkel etc…

  68. I would play 4-4-2

    Vermeer in goal

    Janmaat and Pieters (Premier League wingbacks)

    Bruma and van Dijk (Beasts in defence)

    Propper in DM

    Wijnaldum (RCM) and Blind (LCM) slightly more advanced

    Sneijder (LAM) and Promes (RAM) playing off the striker


    1. @Srinjoy
      I’m not sure what about Blind makes you think he could play in a more advanced midfield role. First off he has not played in the midfield at all this season. Secondly when he did play as a defensive midfielder last year he was heavily criticized for not being adventurous enough and playing too many backwards/sideways passes. I’m not sure how moving him further up the pitch would solve these problems. Sure he can pick out a beautiful long pass every now and then but only when he’s in plenty of space and has time to look ahead of them. Of all the beautiful passes I have seen him make playing for Man U I don’t think a single one of them came when he was in midfield.

      1. @DWherwey…Here Srin joy makes sense in his 11,basically 9/11 selection is logical and form…
        Blind is really a weak point and liability at back,Since our forward line is real shit…Srinjoy has selected 3 very good inform players over there..As advanced midfeilder he can defend and attack..he is very smart player not a stupid player like Afellay or Narsingh,very clinical left foot,can dribble..For me its blind VS ginkel Vs klassen…
        What i dont understand is Virjil..i think he is error prone defender IMO…
        Since Tete is out Janmaat is logical….
        Then it s Peters VS williems VS Dijks…lets go with expereinece..fair and square..
        is a combative team…still far from quality…

        1. I am not saying Srinjoy picked a bad team, I actually quite like it. I also never suggested that Affely or Narsingh should have been selected instead. I was just wondering why he thought Blind would succeed in a position that he has never played before and for me hasn’t shown any abilities that make me think he would be a success in that position. Perhaps you could enlighten me as you also have Blind playing in a more advanced role as well. I also noticed Wijnaldum who has played quite well as an attacking midfielder all season is your DM.

          1. @Dwherwey, I can’t argue with your points about Blind, made both above and in earlier posts. I don’t see him in a more offensive mf role either.

            Earlier things Blind (Danny) has said about needing to make sure the team has a firm defensive foundation and the Wales game make me believe that he’ll open with a 5-3-2, and I’d be surprised if the three weren’t Bruma, Van Dijk and Blind.

          2. Mate I didn’t mean to play Blind as an attacking midfield. I just would play Blind as the Left of the 3 man midfield. The reasons you outlined are exactly why I would prefer Propper over Blind (or anyone else for that matter) in the 6 (DM) role. Blind has been absolutely fantastic all year round for a shockingly under performing United. His only weakness, lack of pace in spaces on the wing, is irrelevant if he is playing Left Centre Midfield.

            So for illustration purposes:

          3. @Srinjoy I see what you are saying sorry for any misunderstanding. I’ve never seen Blind play as part a midfield three so I’d be interested to see how he performed. I would prefer to see Clasie in that role but that’s just my opinion.

  69. this is my team:

    janmaat-Bruma-Van dijk-Vlaar-Willems

    5-3-2 with the best available players!!!
    sneijder and wijanldum did it this way in 2014 so they are familiar with it!!

    this is a team that can get results.

    willems and janmaat are not the best defensively but can push to a great effect on the flanks.

    1. Alaa.. 5-3-2 is not the way forward when there is plenty of time to develop the starting XI.

      We need to ensure we develop 4 competent defenders like the top teams. I am interested to know what you see in Jordy Clasie week in week out at Southampton that makes you want him in the national XI.

      Frankly Clasie is very limited as a player. I would give him the benefit of the doubt because I have seen him play some very impressive matches but at the moment he is not in form.

      Definitely not starter material ahead of Propper!

      1. I will attempt to answer for Alaa regarding Clasie. I will admit I do not watch Southampton play every week but I have seen him play a fair bit. From watching him play the the thing that first jumped out at me is his defensive instincts/positioning. Every match he seems to make a number of impressive interceptions. His work rate is also off the charts and even though he’s one of the smaller players on the pitch he’s not afraid to fight for the ball with someone much bigger than him and he usually comes out on top. Also for a more defensive minded midfielder he’s quite a decent passer of the ball.

    2. I think you nailed your selection if they do decide to play five at the back. Five at the back would probably be the right call if these games actually mattered but seeing as these are friendlies I would prefer to see what we have playing a 4-3-3 or even a 4-4-2

  70. @dwherwey..i knew u also didnt want Narsingh or Afellay…i was just stressing the strength of Daley blind over both..nothing else..So i was just pointing that Blind will be a nice addition to squad than many futile players…
    Gini wijnaldum is very strong player,can keep the ball,can muscle out opponent..extremly skilled on ball.very good speed…You need these quality to be a sucessfull holding mid,unfortinatly now orange has very less players in this catagory..
    wijnaldum was played for us same position vs Portugal and whole world cup..he was excellent and Top class where LVg appointed him to…We need players who are well capable of finishing duties which assigned to them.i Do like ake and and Hendrix,But wijnaldum bring excperience and that needs to be utilised..wijndlum can play wings,playmaker,holding he is versatile pereformer liek Daley Blind…He is a fantsatic captain who could pull the strings from Vital holding spot like Guadrado does it for PSV..or pirlo for Italy..

    1. I agree the Wijnaldum definitely possesses many attributes of a good DM and DM is an area that we are lacking at the moment so I can see where you’re coming from. I just think its a big ask for him to play somewhere he hasn’t played all year. I would also hate to take him out of the position that he has been playing great in, in one of the best leagues in Europe. Thats why I maintain the best bet for the midfield going forward is Strootman Clasie and Wijnaldum. None of them are really traditional holding midfielders but they all have excellent work rate and good defensive instincts. On top of that they are all comfortable with the ball. But I realize that until Strootman gets healthy this a moot point.

      1. i like comibination of strootman-clasie wijnaldum..thre can defend and attack…But Strootman is no where near his old now..we another 6 months to see how good strootman now..So its a big question mark..

  71. I think at this point in time you have to accept what’s on the plate but being said this Im 100 percent sure Danny Blind is not the right man for NT. I agree with srinjoy on starting with 4 man backline and not 5 which at somepoint in time will have to be abundant when everybody is up and running. If he sticks to 3-5-2 then it will just prove it more and show how shallow his decesion making is in respect to his abilities as a coach.


    Sneijder-Clasie – Propper – Promes

    Willems -van Dijk – Bruma-Janmaat

    1. I think the very important thing here is to see where capabilities of eredivisie players lie and to what extent the gap is if there is one to that of players playing in other leagues.

        1. Tiju – Huntelaar I agree is on the decline yet he always delivers at national level. But obviously there is little point in persisting with him now given we are not in the Euros. I guess he will get the first half (just as a mark of respect) and Janssen will get minutes 2nd half to bed him in.

    2. Danny blind isnt ideal. But really no point being anti him as he is now in charge and seems to be making promising call ups.

      I’d love to see Loovens though. Captains a solid Sheffield Wednesday outfit that is destined for the Premier League next season.

      Seems a solid bet and if Verhaegh could be called up, why not Glenn?

      1. Loovens is done and shit..its finished for him..LVG had to hide Verhage in Verhage dilema is also over…Let us start from new slate…
        Danny blind is not completely shit…but now he has called back Van aanholt and Afellay…i am sure Afellay would play better than muscleman Depay..but still far from quality…

  72. Another option I can think of is using the PSV formation. Just replace Moreno, Guardado, Arias.

    Claise- Sneijder-Propper
    Willems – Van Dijk-Bruma-Janmaat.

  73. Italy squad in full:

    Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Mattia Perin (Genoa), Salvatore Sirigu (Paris Saint-Germain).

    Defenders: Francesco Acerbi (Sassuolo), Luca Antonelli (Milan), Davide Astori (Fiorentina), Andrea Barzagli (Juventus), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Matteo Darmian (Manchester United), Lorenzo De Silvestri (Sampdoria), Andrea Ranocchia (Inter).

    Midfielders: Alessandro Florenzi (Roma), Emanuele Giaccherini (Bologna), Jorginho (Napoli), Riccardo Montolivo (Milan), Thiago Motta (Paris Saint Germain), Marco Parolo (Lazio), Roberto Soriano (Sampdoria), Marco Verratti (Paris Saint Germain).

    Forwards: Federico Bernardeschi (Fiorentina), Giacomo Bonaventura (Milan), Antonio Candreva (Lazio), Eder (Inter), Stephan El Shaarawy (Roma), Ciro Immobile (Torino), Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli), Graziano Pelle (Southampton), Simone Zaza>

  74. After watching Claise vs Liverpool I would wanna say he still has a long way to go. really looked medicore and was all over the park for Southampton like a lose cannon . rightly subbed by Koeman at Half time which changed the course of game with Wanayama introduction in front of the back four. again the emphasis here is how the DM influences and balances the workload on the back 4. if you dont have reliable DM,you jus cant except the CBS to keep sustaining the pressure,eventually they will crack open too.

    1. We have Wijnaldum,Hendrix,Ake,Anita, and Timothy mensah can do it great…Since only iwjnaldum is selected i think Wijnaldum should play there like Guadrado as a Capatin for NT..Wesly snijder should only be called for WCQ matches we,dont need Wesly & Roben in Friendlies.
      Wijnaldum has done it excellently and he will do it again excellently…i am convinced..

    1. @Wilson – did you notice that in the England squad you posted every player selected plays in the EPL, I can’t see the Dutch ever doing that although it would be interesting to see how they went, a full squad of Eredivisie players!
      Do you know if we have qualified for the Olympics?

      1. Van banger..Some of the eredivise dutch players and forgin based dutch players lacks quality..i mean they are joke…So we need to select players based on how we could form a winning team…Narsingh,Depay should be thrown directly form current 23…

  75. i have said that several times,claise has intelligence and good skills on ball..and He can be better than Xavi as a playmaker but not a DM material due to physical short comings…

  76. yesterday Blind ,Vanbasten were there to watch Ajax Vs PSv…they have seen Joel veltman having good game…i think he will play as RB…Not karsdrop

  77. it seems like
    Danny will feild

      1. three man offensive midfield is receipe for disaster vs a team like France . Blind is offensively better at DM but defensively he will be torn apart by the like of Probga, kante, sissoko amd Matuidi. If Blind starts at DM it will be big un justice to Nathan Ake who really deserves to be at that spot.

    1. Yes not bad but I really don’t think that front three will put fear in the hearts of too many teams. I’m sure you feel the same way though. Surely Depay is a better option than Affely on the wing? Simply not many options up front right now.

    2. @Tiju, When you write “Seems like Danny will field”, where are you getting that information? Did he say something? Or is this just your supposition?

  78. I have to say Blind was a colossus yesterday against Man City. He had been looking tired the last few matches and I was hoping Van Gaal would rest him in favour of Fosuh Mensah but my did he prove me wrong. He was extremely composed on the ball early which helped Man U settle into the game and later on in the match he did not shy away from a physical battle with Aguero. Dealt with everything City threw his way with ease.

  79. @ Van Banger

    Both the mens and womens team haven’t qualified for Rio. I think Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Portgual have qualified from Europe for the mens.

  80. @ Srinjoy

    I with you on Tjaronn Chery. he may not be household name but he is very consistent player even from the Groningen days. it was bit unfortunate that QPR got relegated and had to sell some of their big players. lets see if they can quailfy for the playoffs or if not he should look for another team in more competition league.

  81. I also watched Man City vs Man United. Blind as usually was composed with ball,fouled Aguero few times but this doesnt mean he has become a good defender. I think Yaya Toure time is up at city. the central midfield for city lacked killer instinct but cant blame them because of injuries.Bonys introduction also meant,their attack would mostly come from the wings which was well matched by United fullbacks. Navas is another hopeless player in city. he makes brilliant runs but his crosses are extremely hopeless. it never finds any of his team mates.

    1. Navas is hilarious. Every single time he gets the ball he tries to make a low cross to the front post. I don’t think he even looks to see where his team mates are as I’ve never seen anyone get on the end of any of his crosses. To top it all off City had him taking corners!

  82. Germany Squad.

    Goalkeepers: Bernd Leno (Bayer Leverkusen), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona), Kevin Trapp (PSG);

    Defenders: Matthias Ginter, Mats Hummels (both Borussia Dortmund), Jonas Hector (Cologne), Shkodran Mustafi (Valencia), Antonio Rudiger (Roma), Sebastian Rudy (Hoffenheim), Jonathan Tah (Bayer Leverkusen);

    Midfielders: Emre Can (Liverpool), Karim Bellarabi, Christoph Kramer (both Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Draxler, Andre Schurrle (both Wolfsburg), Sami Khedira (Juventus), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Manchester United);

    Forwards: Lukas Podolski (Galatasaray), Mario Gomez (Besiktas), Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich), Max Kruse (Wolfsburg), Kevin volland (Hoffenheim)

    A lot options for Low to choose from.


    Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (FC Porto), David de Gea (Manchester United), Sergio Rico (Sevilla)

    Defenders: Marc Bartra (Barcelona), Juanfran Torres (Atletico Madrid), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Jordi Alba (Barcelona), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Nacho Fernandez (Real Sociedad), Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea), Mario Gaspar (Villarreal)

    Midfielders: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Mikel San Jose (Athletic Bilbao), Isco Alarcon (Real Madrid), Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea), Sergi Roberto (Barcelona), David Silva (Manchester City), Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich), Jorge ‘Koke’ Resurreccion (Atletico Madrid), Juan Mata (Manchester United)

    Forwards: Pedro Rodriguez (Chelsea), Paco Alcacer (Valencia), Alvaro Morata (Juventus), Aritz Aduriz (Athletic Bilbao), Manuel ‘Nolito’ Agudo (Celta Vigo)

    Can just sense Spain is also depleting. Morata, Isco,Alcantara could prove other wise but still remains to be seen.

  84. I think Denmark and Holland’s fate are entwined. Both have a talented upcoming squad of players and both did not qualify for the Euros.

    Denmark Squad:

    Name Age
    Kasper Schmeichel 29 (Premier League star)

    Andreas Christensen 19 (Prodigy)
    Riza Durmisi 22 (Hidden gem)
    Frederik Sørensen 23 (Unfulfilled)
    Jores Okore 23 (Upcoming beast)
    Jannik Vestergaard 23 (Massive talent)
    Nicolai Boilesen 24 (Unfulfilled)
    Mathias Z Jørgensen 25 (Unfulfilled)
    Simon Kjaer 26 (Absolute class)
    Andreas Bjelland 27 (No-nonsense)
    Daniel Agger 31 (Legend)

    Pierre Højbjerg 20 (Ballon D’Or candidate)
    Lucas Andersen 21 (Unfulfilled)
    Lasse V Christensen 21 (Wonderkid)
    Christian Eriksen 24 (Premier League star)
    Lasse Schöne 29 (Set piece specialist)
    Michael Krohn-Dehli 32 (Top drawer)

    Yussuf Poulsen 21 (Blistering Pace)
    Pione Sisto 21 (Ballon D’Or candidate)
    Viktor Fischer 21 (Unfulfilled)
    Nicolai Jørgensen 25 (Grossly Underrated)

  85. Squad: Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea), Jean-Francois Gillet (Mechelen), Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) Defenders: Toby Alderweireld (Tottenham Hotspur), Dedryck Boyata (Celtic), Jason Denayer (Galatasary), Bjorn Engels (Club Bruges), Guillaume Gillet (Nantes), Nicolas Lombaerts (Zenit St Petersburg), Jordan Lukaku (Oostende), Thomas Vermaelen (Barcelona) Midfielders: Mousa Dembele (Tottenham Hotspur), Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United), Thorgan Hazard (Borussia Moenchengladbach), Radja Nainggolan (AS Roma), Axel Witsel (Zenit St Petersburg) Forwards: Michy Batshuayi (Olympique de Marseille), Christian Benteke (Liverpool), Yannick Carrasco (Atletico Madrid), Nacer Chadli (Tottenham Hotspur), Romelu Lukaku (Everton), Dries Mertens (Napoli), Divock Origi (Liverpool).

    anyone thinks this is a overrated belgium squad.

    1. I would say a very talented squad, but they are running out of excuses as to why they have no silverware!
      They should be a force in the Euro’s but you never know. England is in the same boat IMO .

      1. No Vanbanger…its all depend on coach…if ur coach is average u can not win anything…
        England is just overhyped physical game players…its just a matter of time they are going to loose Vs protugal-france-germany and spain..mark my words…So dont bet on both..for me if its Blegium Vs England winner would be belgium..

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