Focus on: Young Oranje, preparing for European Title

Young Oranje wants the European Title. Full Stop. And with the group of talents at Cor Pot’s disposal you can understand the optimism.

Today, Pot announced his final 23. Jeffrey Bruma (HSV), Jetro Willems (PSV) and Danny Hoesen (Ajax) are the biggest victims of Cor Pot’s decision making while Feyenoord allrounder Kelvin Leerdam can be seen as a surprise.

Jeffrey Bruma, on PSV’s hot list for next season, hardly played at Hamburg SV and lost out against Utrecht talent Mike van der Hoorn, who is also on Louis van Gaal’s shortlist for the Big Oranje.

Jetro Willems already played an EC for the Big Oranje but fell in the hierarchy at young Oranje behind Daley Blind and Patrick van Aanholt. The latter, Chelsea loanie to Vitesse, seemed to get sidetracked in his career but he fought himself back into the limelight this season.

Danny Hoesen, former Fulham player and scoring prolifically for Ajax as a sub, simply has too much competition and not enough playing rhythm. Cor Pot has ample choice. Lerin Duarte, ex Sparta and now Heracles, will be given a couple of weeks with the squad to prove himself. The mainstay midfielder of Young Oranje was injured for a spell, and out of loyalty, Pot gives him a break.

This Friday, Young Oranje will play Young Australia.

It seems that Pot already knows who he will play upfront. Georginhio Wijnaldum is the right winger, Luuk de Jong the central striker and Ola John will most likely be the left winger for the tournament. With Luciano Narsingh and JP Boetius injured, it seems these three will lead the line. Yanic Wildschut (VVV) will have to await his chances. Both Memphis Depay (PSV) and FLorian Jozefzoon (RKC, ex-Ajax) have had a strong competition finish, something Cor Pot certainly noticed.

Gio Wijnaldum’s step brother Rajiv Van La Parra (Heerenveen) will most likely be the victim of this situation.

Kelvin Leerdam is the only player without real playing rhythm. The Feyenoord player played his last full game for Feyenoord in October 2012, when he had a fall out over contractual matters. He played six minutes against Vitesse last month. Pot will select him as he has no real alternatives for the right back position, behind Ricardo van Rhijn.

Young Oranje will start with a training camp in Dorwerth. On Friday, May 24 Young Oranje will play a friendly against Young Australia in Emmen.

The EC Squad:

Patrick van Aanholt (Vitesse), Marco Bizot (FC Groningen), Daley Blind (Ajax), Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (PSV), Leroy Fer (FC Twente), Marco van Ginkel (Vitesse), Mike van der Hoorn (FC Utrecht), Ola John (Benfica), Luuk de Jong (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Florian Jozefzoon (RKC Waalwijk), Kelvin Leerdam (Feyenoord), Jürgen Locadia (PSV), Adam Maher (AZ), Nick Marsman (Go Ahead Eagles), Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord), Bram Nuytinck (Anderlecht), Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax), Kevin Strootman (PSV), Tonny Trindade de Vilhena (Feyenoord), Stefan de Vrij (Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV), Jeroen Zoet (RKC Waalwijk).

Leroy Fer is the record international of this group. The Twente midfielder made his debut in 2009 and now has played 27 times in the talent team. With Mark van Bommel and Roy Makaay, he has the fourth spot in the list of most capped Young Oranje players ever. Arnold Bruggink ( Twente, PSV) with 31, Daniel de Ridder ( Ajax) with 30 and Niels Oude Kamphuis ( Twente and Schalke) are ahead of him.

Marco van Ginkel’s name is mentioned a lot in the transfer articles and musings. The Vitesse midfielder is aware of the carrousel. “So, Eriksen and De Jong need to leave Ajax, and then De Boer wants Maher and me? That is what I read. Which is all fine and dandy, but it’s not something I really want to deal with right now. I am focusing on the EC. Whatever happens with my contract is for later. I still have a two year deal in Arnhem and my biggest aim was to play European football. We will do so with Vitesse too, so I am not fussed. Now I’ll take a break and then we want to win that European title.”

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  1. Great Squad except Luuk De jong…Mike van der Hoorn is deal thats what everyone says.i think Bruma is unlucky,if bruma comes in PSV he is goin to have a wonderfull season..wish best for bruma..
    Bruma-BMI-De virj-Hoorn thats jus awesome for senior national team for WC2014..

  2. Oke wanted to touch on some things:

    First this negative campaign here in the Netherlands against Jetro Willems. Netherlands is known to be full of opinionated people, but really when 1 popular pundit starts to downplay a player, the masses follow and I even suspect some managers are influenced as well.

    Look at these highlights against NEC from very recent date. Who is at the start of every of the sequences that lead up to the 4 goals? Yes the 4th is a clearance, but still it’s again his side where the danger happens and some would have kicked it out.

    Willems has not been good in some games this season, especially against the best teams, but after he came back he had a very good string of games against all the sub top teams. I have seen PVA blunder against Ajax as well and he is some years older than Willems. The only thing I can’t judge is his mental state. Some people think that he is too full of himself, but in general people always misread introvert, stoically appearance for arrogance. He is a guy of few words and in this extrovert world that is a crime. I for one am still very happy that we have an up and comer who is quite eye catching in defense at his young age. More importantly he is not afraid to play the ball to the front and make an action. I love defenders who think in an attacking way. I think that 90% of all the negative talk about this kid is crazy and laughable at best.

    Second, I am happy that Depay is in the team. I hope he is going to use this tournament to show everybody why he is seen as such a big talent. Ola John had a disappointing end of the season. With that I mean also the quality of his own game. I think Depay should be able to get himself into the starting 11 during this tournament, if the (re) click between Ola and Luuk is not quite there for any reason. Ola John is a softy, Depay is a tough kid. I see Depay as a potential war winner for the Dutch NT, while Ola is a white flag waver.

    Then the pairs to look out for.

    – Ola John and Luuk de Jong reunited. That can deliver some goals for us. Depay from the right has very sharp crosses as well, so who knows we might be surprised of something new in the making.
    – Maher and van Ginkel. One has the flicks, the other has the depth and runs in his game to break lines and run on those flicks.
    – De Vrij and BMI. I think that BMI in center is better and de Vrij also becomes better with him next to him. De Vrij had a bad end of the season, but when BMI is next to him I hope to see his best again.

    There will be tough choices to make. Especially midfield is loaded. If Maher starts to act the great footballer again I hope he is subbed off before half time. The good thing is that we have a tough group and Maher is able to get the most out of himself against the best teams, so probably no d*cking around. However I will keep an eye on him. Also, Vilhena could replace him very easily if we play with a 10. My impression is that Vilhena scores more easily. Nuytinck and van der Hoorn are both footballers that do not posses great build up ability as far as I have seen. Too bad a Denswil from Ajax could not get himself really into the first 11 of his club this season. Would have liked him to make this trip.

    Van Ginkel has probably had the best season of all midfielders. Better than Strootman, Clasie, Fer, Vilhena and Maher. Especially in offensive contributions. Only Duarte comes close with 6.6 win points added. Van Ginkel is on 10.54. That is also the result of Bony and his hold up play, but Luuk de Jong can hold a ball up as well. Then the question is if the Dutch U21 team will counter a lot, like Vitesse did this season. Van Gaal made clear that the Dutch NT tries to make space for itself by falling back so now and then. If he has send Pot away with these instructions then van Ginkel could become a big weapon for us in Israel. At the end of the day, the ball needs to end up in the opposite net and van Ginkel is a guy who is often able to close a deal.

    If we use the DM, runner, passer model then I would always go for Clasie in DM. Not only football enhancing, but you also have a de Vrij, BMI and Clasie triangle that know each other inside out. The advantage of that compared to other teams should be pretty big. Clasie will aslo be much better as those two play more close to him than the Mathijsen-de Vrij pairing as Mathijsen does not want to play with much space in his back. So we should see the best of Clasie in Israel if that set up is picked.

    The runner could be Vilhena, Fer, van Ginkel or Strootman. I would go for van Ginkel with his season and ability to score (or assists for) clutch goals. If for any reason van Ginkel is overrun, then Strootman is an obvious choice. Fer is is a flow killer and brings down the speed of the game to painful levels. Vilhena is better more up the field than in the middle yet compared to Stroot an Ginkel who have better legs and lungs as of yet.

    The passer is obviously Maher, but as soon as the nonchalant attitude kicks in (which will kick in) then Vilhena gets his spot from me, a player who knows how to score a goal. I think though that Strootman will be one of the first players on the sheet of Cor Pot, which is pretty harsh on van Ginkel.

    One weird but interesting idea is to play van Ginkel as striker. He has been striker in the youth IIRC. Way too adventurous for our Cor Pot, but could create some interesting dynamics. Both Locadia and de Jong are pretty static players. Van Ginkel could act like a false 9 and confuse the hell out of any opposition. The crosses would not lose effect either as van Ginkel is a sweet header as well. Not much worse than Luuk and certainly better than Locadia. Then we have space for Strootman, Clasie, Maher and van Ginkel in the same team. Pretty cool prospect. Vilhena on the bench keeping everybody sharp.


    1. “”””Both Locadia and de Jong are pretty static players”””””i really love this observation….its a serius question for NT too..who is after RVP?Even RVP fails in pressured matches(Real)…when i remmber the like of RVN,Iceman and kluivert…i feel sorry for Luuk and Locadia.But i think Locadia would be better choice among both….
      I wanted to point out about match in 1998 semifinal Vs brazil…What if brazil doesnt had a striker like Ronaldo,???We would have won that game at least by last kluivert goal.what if brazil played with mediocre/ less efficient striker??,they would have failed and we would have beaten france in final too…Entire history would have been cahnged.So its high time to find a prolific scorer.
      If u dont get that its better , u play with Ginkel/strootman or Leory fer as strikres than these mediocre less efficient strikeres..I am pretty sure Strootman/Leory fer and ginkel are better strikers than both… all aspect…..

    2. “”””Both Locadia and de Jong are pretty static players”””””i really love this observation….its a serius question for NT too..who is after RVP?Even RVP fails in pressured matches(Real)…when i remmber the like of RVN,Iceman and kluivert…i feel sorry for Luuk and Locadia.But i think Locadia would be better choice among both….
      I wanted to point out about match in 1998 semifinal Vs brazil…What if brazil doesnt had a striker like Ronaldo,???We would have won that game at least by last kluivert goal.what if brazil played with mediocre/ less efficient striker??,they would have failed and we would have beaten france in final too…Entire history would have been cahnged.So its high time to find a prolific scorer.
      If u dont get that its better , u play with Ginkel/strootman or Leory fer as strikres than these mediocre less efficient strikeres..I am pretty sure Strootman/Leory fer and ginkel are better strikers than both… all aspects…..

      1. “who is after RVP?”

        I made a table some time ago with some names per position with multiple generations into it. It’s a first or second version. In time I will update with new fresh insights and add or scrap names in it. For now it’s not an unreasonably list.

        IMO the most obvious thing to try out is play Depay as striker. Depay is a Suarez kind of player and I think some people on this forum will be surprised with his ability to shine at that spot. RVP also started out as a left winger by the way. Only after Adebayor left Arsenal, Wenger started to put him striker consistently and van Marwijk followed that choice for country. Before that RvP was winger for the Dutch NT, also due to the fact we had Ruud. Kishna from Ajax is another complete footballer with skill, speed and scoring ability. Also primarily winger, but in time could be developed into a striker. Moot and Walian are more in line with Locadia, de Jong and Dost. Not all the same, but they certainly are not in the mold of RvP. Kishna and Depay are much closer to that Imo. Boëtius as well maybe.

        Strootman or Fer as striker is a bit too adventurous for me, though Fer does have good finishing ability.

        Brazil won with penalty’s in 1998. We should have had a penalty for the foul on van Hooijdonk. Frank de Boer told some time ago that the group did not really realize they were able to win it. When I heard that, it became my primary explanation. Brazil 1998 was for the taking, but we lacked some proper believe.

        1. Your analysis is a joy to read , bro 🙂 .
          Just keep it up .

          another note , I think Wijnaldum may be a great striker.
          do you agree ? he is a good finisher with great contol and skills .

          1. also because he has almost no chance to be a part of Big Oranje as a playmaker .

          2. Thanks Mohamed and thank you for the question.

            I have watched him a dozen games this season for PSV I think and what struck me from that and the summery’s of the other games is that he misses really big chances. I am aware that he scored around 14 goals in Eredivisie this season, but that does not tell the whole story in his case. His chance conversion rate of clear cut chances can’t be very high. So that is a weakness that is quite a big thing for the striker position.

            Also, I am also not convinced his off ball running patterns are intelligent. RvP is a master of those, but Wijnaldum thinks more in ball possession often. That also translates into lack of defensive work and running too long with the ball rather then looking for the quick release option of the ball to speed up the general game of the team. His blindness touches multiple dimensions of the game. As end station he has less obligation to look for other options and could rather dribble and try to score, but his hold up play is not that great and as I tried to point out, I am not sure about his off ball movement to create space.

            Imo Wijnaldum is a shutler that is very compatible with RvP. RvP needs shutlers behind him to function optimal. Dutch shutler-like players in random order are:

            – Wijnaldum
            – Drenthe
            – Emanuelson
            – Affelay
            – van Ginkel could be one as well.

            These guys could force defenses to choose to go for the challenge on them when running with the ball towards them, or rather go with RvP’s off ball run. vdV, Sneijder and to some extend also Maher lack the speed and/or dribbling skill to really get past people. Maher does have the last characteristic in abundance, but he simply lacks the speed against serious opposition to make it a strong weapon to benefit from.

            All in all I think it is an interesting idea that could turn out successful in some games, but his game has quite some weaknesses for the striker position, meaning that over a season he would flop there in a good number of games.


        2. @DRB…i was talking about the Finishing of Ronaldo,if it was not him they would nt have beenscored that goal..thats what i was point,not the shoot out or penalty denied or anything…ABILITY TO SCORE FROM VACCUM OR ABILITY TO SCORE FROM HIS OWN SKILl.As a result we lost though we scored a goal.I really doubt Luuk/Locadia/kuyt would be able to do that in game for us,they would spoil that chance thats for sure.RVP and roben can do that but they will get out muscled,so chances are 50 % for them too…thats the worrying point..Dutch Need a hardworking BULL with Persie to kill the game in physically tough matches/close matches/tight matches.At present Stroot and Fer fits the bill..

          1. well, Lens is a pretty stubborn on the ball, can play as striker too, and listed on DRB’s table of NT players above.

            Strootman and Fer? CERTAINLY NOT.

          2. @Van Fadly i forget Lenz for a moment,yes he is a hope,i have seen in years Van persie gets sanwitched when it comes physical battle.i know it ahppend with ronaldo and Messi too..basically i have no hope in some of the players.We need gerdmullers,ronaldos,rossies,or at least a delpiero/totti combination of players.thats what i am looking for…….

  3. IMO Hoesen should have been called up over de Jong. IMO he’s better than him at most things, and has more potential (de Jong won’t become relevant for Oranje again). Unfortunately he didn’t get as much playing time for his club.

  4. does anyone have any videos of the current u21s playing because i cant seem to find anything more than goal highlights? I would like to get to know how they actually play

  5. I am very happy with the selection. i am most disappointed that Duarte is not able to make it, I really like that player. Also, I think Castaignos or Van Duinen should have been chosen ahead of Locadia. Locadia is a great talent but simply doesnt have a lot of first team games under his belt.

    Very happy that Van Aanholt gets the call ahead of Willems. Willems simply cannot defend.

  6. Agree about Hoesen. I am impressed with him. He has lots of pace and technical ability. really too bad. As for Castaignos, have you seen him play this season. He is absolutely terrible, I mean no speed, no technique, he can’t shoot. The guy is a real joke.

  7. Castaignos really has been been a joke this season but has the potential to be much much better.Hoesen is the most talented young striker at the moment then locadia..luuk is ok bt avg..will be a Jan venegoor of hesselink kind of player for the national team and no more sadly

  8. What about Van Duinen. He has been great the second half of the season. And considering that this is his first season as the starting centre forward, he as been quite promising.

    Who do you guys think will be the captain of this team? Bran Nuytinck will be benched for Martins Indi and De Vrij, therefore another player will be chosen. Strootman or De Vrij would be the most likely.

  9. GOAL – Wigan 2-2 Aston Villa – Ron Vlaar (61 mins)
    Everyone is at it today! It’s your last chance to bag a Premier League goal until August, and Villa centre-half Ron Vlaar conjures up a cracker from somewhere. He pulls the ball out of the sky with one touch and then fires into the top corner from 20 yards. Brilliant finish.

    GOAL – West Brom 2-4 Man United – Robin Van Persie (53 mins)
    United back in control as that man Robin Van Persie lashes in from a low cross from Antonio Valencia.

    GOAL- West Brom 0-3 Man United – Alex Buttner (30 mins)
    Manchester United are cruising. Sir Alex doesn’t even bother getting out of his seat for this one as left-back Alex Buttner crashes in a thrid, with a powerful finish from a tight angle after neat work from Tom Cleverley and Javier Hernandez.

  10. GOAL – Swansea 0-3 Fulham – Urby Emanuelson (90 mins)
    Urby Emanuelson taps in a last-second third for Fulham after Michel Vorm could only parry a shot.

  11. RVP did well today for his goal, unlike what Tiju said, he did not get outmuscled, in fact, he outmuscled the defender to take his chance.

    Buttner was ok today, not great. His goal was class and his crosses were ok, but alot of the West Brom goals started on his side, i think his positioning needs work. His actual tackling is fine and wins most of his challenges, but his positioning needs work, which is fine.

    Vlaar’s goal was ridiculous, he quietly had a pretty good season for Villa.

    Ricky Van Wolfsvinkel’s Norwich city beat man city today, they finished 11th in the EPL and are pretty good. i hope he can score some goals there next season.

    1. ‘unlike what Tiju said,’
      No surprises there then!
      He’s a mouth-breathing retard.

      If you completely ignore his posts, it makes this website 100% more intelligent.

  12. Vurnon Anita

    Failed to have an impact on the game after being introduced after the break.

    Anders Lindegaard

    The ball seemed to pass through him for Morrison’s goal, and he should have done better for Lukaku’s first. Did not inspire confidence in what could be his final game for the Red Devils

    Alexander Büttner

    Was knocking the ball around confidently before firing in United’s third after the Baggies failed to track his run. Hit the bar with a cross-cum-shot. Did well going forward but put in a terrible late cross.

    Robin van Persie

    Had a quiet first half despite United running riot, with all the best chances falling to Hernandez. Made no mistake when the ball did come his way, firing United into a 4-2 lead. Quiet after that, though, as the visitors caved in.

    Nathan Ake

    Was quite cagey in his first Premier League side, often being over-run in the middle by the opposition though used the ball intelligently when given the chance.

  13. It will be nice if anyone can come up with analysis on other U21 teams, germany-spain-russia?
    Our team looks better than them, I cannot see any good selecteee in U21 germany team, except draxler ,not sure about Götze or Gündoğan?
    Spain team might be dominated with madrid-barcelona teamB, which imo lack of plying time.

    1. Germany squad
      Goalkeepers: Oliver Baumann (SC Freiburg), Bernd Leno (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Timo Horn (1. FC Köln).

      Defenders: Tony Jantschke (VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach), Sebastian Jung (Eintracht Frankfurt), Jan Kirchhoff (1. FSV Mainz 05), Sead Kolasinac (FC Schalke 04), Matthias Ginter (SC Freiburg), Oliver Sorg (SC Freiburg), Stefan Thesker (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim), Lasse Sobiech (SpVgg Greuther Fürth), Shkodran Mustafi (UC Sampdoria).

      Midfielders: Tolgay Arslan (Hamburger SV), Christian Clemens (1. FC Köln), Patrick Funk (FC St Pauli), Patrick Herrmann (VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach), Lewis Holtby (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Christoph Moritz (FC Schalke 04), Sebastian Rode (Eintracht Frankfurt), Sebastian Rudy (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim), Emre Can (FC Bayern München).

      Forwards: Pierre-Michel Lasogga (Hertha BSC Berlin), Peniel Mlapa (VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach), Sebastian Polter (1. FC Nürnberg), Kevin Volland (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim).

      England squad
      Goalkeepers: Jack Butland (Stoke City FC), Declan Rudd (Norwich City FC), Jason Steele (Middlesbrough FC).

      Defenders: Steven Caulker (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton FC), Craig Dawson (West Bromwich Albion FC), Tom Lees (Leeds United AFC), Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Luke Shaw (Southampton FC), Adam Smith (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Andre Wisdom (Liverpool FC).

      Midfielders: Nathaniel Chalobah (Watford FC*), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool FC), Tom Ince (Blackpool FC), Henri Lansbury (Nottingham Forest FC), Jason Lowe (Blackburn Rovers FC), Josh McEachran (Chelsea FC), Callum McManaman (Wigan Athletic FC), Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool FC), Andros Townsend (Queens Park Rangers FC**).

      Forwards: Marvin Sordell (Bolton Wanderers FC), Connor Wickham (Sunderland AFC), Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace FC***).

      Germany took no Gotze, no Draxler, no Gundogan…Don’t even know why.

      Waiting for Spain and Italy. Italy won’t call Balotelli or El Shaarawy as they’re called with the first team for a qualify game against Czech republic.

      About Spain, I think about Isco, Thiago Alcantara, Munian, Koke, Rodrigo…They have good players, but I think our team is better, I’m not impressed by their defenders (Barta, Montoya and all these youngsters…)

      1. Wow, thanks mate!

        I think I only heard few of these names, especially from Germany. Leno, Arslan, Holtby, Lasogga and Volland are familiar for me, they’re regular first-team player in their club (except Holtby, but his first half of season was with Schalke, he’s still 1st team). Emre Can is pretty good too, but he’s on the bench/reserve most of time.

        Meanwhile, England has Butland, Caulker, Rose, Shaw, Townsend, and Zaha, who quite made their name this season.

        Post Italy and Spain rosters as soon as you find it! 🙂

        1. Gardiens: Bardi (Novara), Colombi (Modena), Leali (Virtus Lanciano)

          Défenseurs: Bianchetti (Hellas Verona), Biraghi (Cittadella), Caldirola (Brescia), Capuano (Pescara), Crimi (Grosseto), Donati (Grosseto), Frascatore (Sassuolo), Regini (Empoli), Romagnoli (Spezia)

          Milieux: Bertolacci (Genoa), Fedato (Bari), Florenzi (Roma), Insigne Lorenzo (Napoli), Marrone (Juventus), Rossi (Brescia), Sala (Hambourg), Sansone (Parma), Saponara (Empoli), Verratti (Paris St. Germain)

          Attaquants: Borini (Liverpool), Destro (Roma), Gabbiadini (Bologna), Immobile (Genoa)

          27 players for Italy, the final 23 will be announced next week. Well, all the defenders play in the second division…I know Caldirola who was on loan with Vitesse two years ago. Not impressed by names in their squad, we’ll see.

          Norway can qualify, they got a really good midfield with Henriksen, Eikrem, Nordveit, Singh, Berisha…

          I wait for Spanish and Russian selections.

  14. Romelu Lukaku bagged a hattric, look like real deal for a 20 years old. This Belgium team have lots of quality players from 1 to 11. Its weird that they have not done anything good in the past recent years. Do they have problem of scoring? This current team’s top scorer is van buyten – 10 goals?

    1. true Jake…Belgium hav a super squad..
      Martens dries—————-Hazzard
      van buyten
      De bruyne
      Physically so strong and a very tough tema to beat,,its unlucky that they have to fight with equally combative Croatia to get in to brazil….i think minimum of semifinal is assured for this belgian team….

      1. You forget Witsel who is titular.

        De Bruyne———————————-Hazard

        With Mertens, Chadli, Lukaku, Defour on the bench…Though they have a problems of good backs, Alderweireld and Vertonghen/Vermaelen aren’t good playing on the sides, the only players they have are Gillet and Pocognoli who aren’t cracks…

        1. @laurent i didnt go muh deep in belgian football,Vermalen is playing not that good lately..i for got witsel..Mirallas is deal too..kudos to belgium squad..they are respectful side…..they have what it takes to win a WC with laukau and benteke up front..But they must gell togather as champion team…

  15. The fact that two guys, one Dutch and one Belgian… Vlaar & Vertonghen can make such an impact in there first season gives me the feeling that the Premier League may come raid the eredivisie in this off season as they know they get great value for money

  16. Watched Ake and Buttner and came away with mixed feelings. I am actually hoping they can make the WC2014 squad.

    Ake showed good technique and composure on the ball but seems to lack the vision of Clasie and strength/bite of De Jong/Stootman whom I think are his competitors for midfield position.

    Buttner showed good attacking traits and overlapped well but positioning in the defensive half suspected. I am actually hoping he can be one of the two left defender for WC together with Daley Blind. But again LVG can just opt for another Center back by considering Martins Indi as the backup for the left.

    1. I think Ake did really well. First EPL start in Chelsea. Being the balanced one with Lampard running forward. Ake had a big hand (foot) in the Torres goal. I think he can be very proud of himself. He is fast, positionally smart, he has balls in the challenges and the ball skills of a typical Dutch player.

        1. Could be.

          Could also be that Willems is young enough to learn something from sitting one out, if discipline has anything to do with this. We all want to see the best from him.

  17. I’ve had a look at the other squads I’m hollands group and I think it would be a reality check for us not to win, the individuals are there but they seem to be disjointed in the same way as Psv are where they don’t perform against harder opponents eg Italy u21 they lost 3-0. We have the form players and the talent it will be interesting to see if the dutch youth are as promising as we think they are

  18. things are getting pretty interested………Most of the young guns are going to Israeal..So we will see old guards against china and indonesia…Hope Bruma and urby gets time to prove their worth..

    1. Bruma and urby are not starters..urby is doing really well now though..i have a feeling that both have not given Good chances to show their capability.Bruma has started for NT but long time ago..Both needs support from coach and other players,which bruma seldom gets in career.but urby is slowly getting chances with Jol..At present situation its good to start aginst a low profile team..Urby was champion in 2006 U21 and he is always a missing puzzle of champion team..both puts team before their personal interest and such players will be rewarded for that.

      1. ‘IN MY OPINION Bruma and urby are not starters..urby is doing really well now though..i have a feeling that both have not given Good chances to show their capability.Bruma has started for NT but long time ago..Both needs support from coach and other players,which bruma seldom gets in career.but urby is slowly getting chances with Jol.. IN MY OPINION at present situation its good to start aginst a low profile team..Urby was champion in 2006 U21 and he is always a missing puzzle of champion team..both puts team before their personal interest and such players will be rewarded for that.’


  19. A few words about match Bayern-Barcelona 7-0. Yup Heynnkes (sorry if I write wrong names or teams..)gave us at the moment spirit of 1970s.On the right way.Space possession against ball possession.It was beauty fighting total football era in 1970s.South Americans and Euro latino teams are always wanted keep the ball and transform their passion in atack.And then came total football and take the space.For that you need to be warrior,fighter,smart and have native geometry to go in box of the rivals.Rinus Michels,Ajax,Holland…And on this way players of the total football play better footbal one on one ( all team looks like how one player)and team had many options with ball possession in space ,in war with strong latino teams .It was interesting to watching. And because first era after taken the space (, because space hasn,t end, ),made that,s later didn,t was matter to always you have ball possession to take the space(holland -Brasil 2-0,1974).It was really spirit that age,many says last spirit time western Europe(today the all things are much better for our bodies not for (phylosophy ) spirit -even in pop and rock music). And because, match Bayern-Barcelona 7-0 remember me on 1970s.Bayern players not to beat each other for Lionel Messi shirt .They beat Barcelona.On the van Gaal base in Bayern Yup Heynkes added hard football Borussia Monchengladbach 1970 s.He was child of Monchengladbach and Hoenes Weisswaller..It was enough for Barcelona..(I don,t know is it enough for Borussia Dortmund.For me more interesting today is young Oranje in Israel) Johan Crujff gave Spanish football the best of Holland and show us how is it wrong.Barcelona show us only one option.Ball possession,animal running and phenomen play one on one with mind passion Xavi and Iniesta.When Bayern destroy this one option they didn,t can nothing to do.Lost only 7-0.Barcelona had ball possession Bayern had space possession.Even Real(M) has 3-4-5 options.Many teams have many options. I think it isn,t the end of Barcelona era but I think it is the end of Dutch era in Barcelona.And now somebody said(if is it true) that Crujff(Ajax) wants again to made (from Ajax) some training camp for Barcelona.On the other way Holland to become Spanish football colony.No,NO,no second time.This time it is very dangerous.Ajax not strong like 1995……I was in panic 2012..4 lost games and dangerous match against Turkie.I thought that Holland will be found in situation like France and Italy after Euro 2008 and worse Scotland after 2003.Today situation is much better…But Ajax can,t do that.Ajax and Holland can,t be girl in public sex.And Cruyff is not only genius in Holland all the times.Ajax maybe is not the best team all the times (for it always must be near top).Ajax is the probably most genius team all the times.If many thinks that Ajax is the little club Ajax will be little club.I don,t think so.Cruyff has big authority in Holland but he can,t use his authority that Holland become his colony.Rembrant is bigger genius then Cruyff…Solution for Holland maybe are coaches warriors and smart.Like Rinus Michels.Every ten years.Maybe it is joke ..because I love coaches like van Gaal, Cor Pot and like Yup Haynkes (in Bayern).They carry spirit 1970s.There are many risk with them but now they are need.For future coaches for Holland (in my opinion ) Frank de Boer,Gio,Bergkamp ,maybe somebody who train some young Oranje today….and maybe Edgar Davids..The best of van Gall and Marchelo Lippi on the modern way.Smart and warrior……………..Because tournement in Israel is very important for young Oranje. For me much important then Euro 2012.Look at this: All Holland “football enemies ” ON the one place.Germany (last year and more…),Russia (2008),Spain (2010…and more)..Misses only Portugal to be “complete box ” 2000-2013…AND on the end money is not all.There are song of the Beatles “Can,t by my love”.I know ,menageurs is on the every step,it is their job but there are “too much monkey business”.Too much greed is not interest for made to money. Steaua Bucarest is very good playED against strong Chelsea WITH TEN unknown Romanian players….and nobody don,t WANT that Metalist or Basel beat Ajax 5-0. ETC…

    1. @ARS

      I very much like your point about the possession of space versus the possession of the ball. The Possession of Space really is the “art” of Nederland’s Voetbal – or “Total Football”. It is not just possession – it is the freedom and creativity to command the field using possession as just one of multiple weapons to unbalance an opponent.

      Like all “Art” though – it is not so easy to just conjure up! — “Playing simple football is the hardest thing” JC

      I like our chances though, and this group of kids in Israel are just helping to cement the creative bonds.
      With stability (if not money) in Ajax now – things are looking much better.


  20. Swansea City make new contract offer to Dwight Tiendalli

    Dwight Tiendalli has been offered a new contract to stay with Swansea City.
    The 27-year-old full-back made 21 appearances for Swansea after joining on a short-term contract in September.
    Tiendalli revealed he was still in the dark about his future after Sunday’s game with Fulham, but said he felt he had done enough to deserve a new deal.
    Continue reading the main story

    It was my first season in the Premier League and I think I picked it up quickly

    Dwight Tiendalli
    “I’ve said many times I like this club. I like the players; the players like me. I want to stay but we will see,” he said on Sunday.
    Tiendalli, who began his career at Ajax before moving to FC Utrecht in 2004, Feyenoord in 2006 and FC Twente in 2009, was signed on a free transfer by Swansea as a replacement for injured left-back Taylor.
    But the emergence of 20-year-old Ben Davies has restricted Tiendalli’s appearances at left-back and instead found himself covering more often on the right for Angel Rangel.
    He scored his first goal in the 3-2 victory at Wigan, Swansea’s only victory in their last 10 Premier League games, and manager Michael Laudrup is convinced he has something to offer his squad next season.
    “I think I can look back on a good season,” added Tiendalli, a former Netherlands Under-21 international.
    “It was my first season in the Premier League and I think I picked it up quickly. I’ve played a lot of games. I think I played in nearly every game against the big clubs in the Premier League.
    “I think I did a good job and I think everybody has seen it. I was nearly named in the Dutch squad and that says enough I think.”

  21. Selection for Indonesia and China :

    Keepers : Vorm, Vermeer, Cillessen

    Defenders : Heitinga, Vlaar, Janmaat, Pieters, Tiendalli, Nelom.

    Midfielders : De Guzman, Toornstra, Van der Vaart, Sneijder, Duarte, Siem De Jong.

    Attack : Van Persie, Kuyt, Schaken, Lens, Robben , Van Wolfswinkel.

    What a poor defense. I was happy he wasn’t calling Heitinga anymore, now he is here again. Nelom is definitly no oranje material, average eredivisie defender, same goes for Tiendalli, maybe he had some good games with Swansea but I’ve watched him enough with Twente to know who he is. He plays with a lot of energy but he can’t defend cleverly. Pieters is being a joke, don’t know why he is called. I’m only ok with Vlaar in this list.

    Would have been better to call players like Willems, Buttner, Bruma, Van Dijk.

    About midfield, I’m quite happy to see Toornstra and Duarte, two good players, even if I don’t believe one of them will play the world cup. Toornstra is a kind of Schaars.

    It would have been good to see Emanuelson, Babel, Anita, Afellay (he isn’t injured anymore, is he ?) back in the selection, they aren’t dissmissed for 2014.

    1. Pieters getting preference over Willems is a huge signal IMO. Then Nelom over Willems is like a knock out punch. That’s just plain weird. Too weird. There must be a special reasoning behind all this. Could either be giving him rest after a hectic time, or a behavioral correction. In the last case Willems must be doing things behind the scenes or in the dressing room that are really wrong.

      Anita is not either in this team selection. He has played well over 2500 minutes this season:

      Some on the team sheet can’t say that.

      We can also conclude that van Gaal really does not like Douglas. This defensive line up is the weakest I have seen in quite some time and he still not manages to get into it. that is telling.

      I would love to see Duarte and RvP in the same game behind each other. That would be my number 1 priority in this trip to China, to see that for at least 45 minutes. Duarte has one of the best over the top rainbow passes in the game of football and RvP has a trademark solution for those. Could be pretty sexy.

      Seeing Tiendalli there brings a smile to my face. No contract football player and now in the Dutch NT. I have seen him play for Swansea and he simply does well whenever I see him play. Can’t be too critical on that choice.

      1. Willems just seems to lack cleverness. He can’t talk on interviews, my dutch is maybe even better than his. I don’t think he is an interesting player to coach, that’s maybe why everyone boycotts him.

        Tiendalli is a kind of Braafheid. Can be good sometimes, but also can be really really terrible. Like his game against Schalke last year with Twente, where Huntelaar scored three goals, was guilty everyime.

      2. Agreed, I think Tiendalli has earned the call-up.

        Completely agree about Duarte as well. Very happy that someone has finally mentioned him. Nice observation.

    2. @Laurent dont be sad about heitinga,we need one experineced defender for WC thats it.or we may not need,its good that every player gets a chance.i am sure this will definitly help Van gaal and NT..Indonesia and china are not big teams,heitinga,kuyt,vaart,wesly all will have a good game.only issue the tireless stamina of chineese players.i really wish Roben and persie pullsback from squad and this show more weakness of the other overrated senior players..

  22. This defence means no more mathijsen in NT.
    van dijk and butneer deserve more than nelom, I dont see any need to call over 25y which play average football, like tirndalli.
    Anyway noone care about those games. Attention will be this saturday u21.

  23. I like Tiendalli. He has done really well at Swansea. Plays with swagger. Like he did for Under21s and for Utrecht. He somehow choked at Feyenoord.

    I also like Willems. I don’t get this negativity at all. The guy is 18 years old. He is not great at giving interviews. So what? Big deal. Ever seen Ruud Krol talk in his playing days? He was the King of Amsterdam AND Napoli. He was one of the most elegant center backs ever (in the same vein as Beckenbauer, Scirea and Rivera) but could string one sentence together.

    Willems is great in attacking mode, has balls, is fast, has a wonderful shot, had many assists at PSV…. But shit, the lad is young….

    1. I also like Willems. What I meant is that he doesn’t seem to be a clever guy who would listen to coachs and understand them, he seems to be in hiw own world. I’ve never seen a guy of 18 playing with as much confidence and crazyness, trying to get past Boateng in 1vs1 just 20m away from his box instead of trowing the ball…

      His definitly got balls, but it’s not always an advantage for him I think.

  24. I think LVG wants Willems to gain more experience before he is really considered for the senior team.

    Every time I see Tiendalli I’ve liked him and I remember a game of Twente vs Inter in which Tiendalli was excellent.

    Calling Pieters was more like a motivational reason because we all know Pieters was THE MAN for the LB spot before EC 2012 and if he rediscovers his top form he might be a contender for the starting spot again.

    So happy that Mathijsen isn’t called anymore.

  25. Thank you Laurent. I look at the squad selected for Indonesia and China and thinking:
    1. This is more like a fund raising trip so LVG did not want any injury to most of those selected players for the WC qualification.
    2. The reasons the big 4: Sneijder, VDV, Van Persie and Robben are selected perhaps are tied to the fundraising agreement (star players must come, interview/rating/fans autography…)
    3. Many players are given a “try out”.
    It is a friendly against 2 teams that not qualified for the next coming WC. I would not read too much into these matches. I’d rather see friendly against Italy or France or Germany. Less travel and better quality but money is part of the business.

  26. I simply don´t get it!

    One of the LVG rules is that he only will call player if they are in good physic conditions, and if they are playing regularly on their teams.

    That’s why I don’t understand why he calls Pieters. He was injured almost all season, then when he came back he was red carted and angrily he punched a glass door and get injured again like 5 weeks more, only to came back against Ajax to make a terrible mistake in his duel against Boerrigther that cots the league to PSV.

    I don´t have nothing against Pieters, I am hoping he recover his level, but come on, he didn´t deserve this call right now.

    And Nelom?

    I just think that for the left back Willems or Buttner should be called instead Nelom or Pieters.

    Even for central left back I would choose Viergiver over Pieters.

    The rest of the team it´s ok for me. Maybe I would like to see Van Dijk or Bruma. I really want to see Van Wolskwinkel playing as central striker.

    How is Affelay?

    Pd: Heracles rejected an Ajax offer for Duarte.

  27. Affelay generation (elia, emmanuelson, anita, etc) in NT will be depend on the NT players participate in Uero U21, if they show strong characters on top of quality performance. In particular if they win that tournament, it will be very hard for Affelay, elia, emmanuelson, anita. Its not that I dont like them, I doubt LVG will bother to call them again.

  28. I think these two games would have been a good opportunity for Van Gaal to see and test some “real” interesting players. It’s not like two qualify games where the group spends few days with each other, it’s a long trip.

    I wouldn’t take Van Persie, Robben or Van der Vaart, as I don’t doubt about their near future with the selection. + Van Persie and VDV had long seasons, and I doubt Robben wanna play against Indonesia and train with Nelom just after a CL finale. I’d really be not surprised that at least two of them would invent an injury not to go there, as always. In 2007 there was a similar trip against Thailand and South Korea, and I remember the players were Slory, Vennegoor, Engelaar…

    If I was Van Gaal I would call :

    Vorm, Vermeer, Cillessen, Janmaat, Van der Wiel, Viergever, Bruma, Vlaar, Van Dijk, Willems, Buttner, Maduro, Anita, Toornstra, De Guzman, Duarte, Sneijder, Emanuelson, Babel, Lens, Kuyt, Siem De Jong, Dost.

  29. Thank you, with positions :

    Spain squad
    Goalkeepers: David de Gea (Manchester United FC), Diego Mariño (Villarreal CF), Joel (Wigan Athletic FC)*.

    Defenders: Marc Bartra (FC Barcelona), Dani Carvajal (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Nacho Fernández (Real Madrid CF), Álvaro (Real Zaragoza), Iñigo Martínez (Real Sociedad de Fútbol), Marc Muniesa (FC Barcelona), Martín Montoya (FC Barcelona), Alberto Moreno (Sevilla FC).

    Midfielders: Thiago Alcántara (FC Barcelona), Ignacio Camacho (Málaga CF), Sergio Canales (Valencia CF), Asier Illarramendi (Real Sociedad de Fútbol), Isco (Málaga CF), Koke (Club Atlético de Madrid), Pablo Sarabia (Getafe CF).

    Forwards: Álvaro Morata (Real Madrid CF), Rodrigo (SL Benfica), Iker Muniain (Athletic Club), Cristian Tello (FC Barcelona), Álvaro Vázquez (Getafe CF).

    There are good names in every line, but I think we don’t have to be afraid, as we also have. It’s the first time we can consider we have a good defense, I mean, we won in 2007 but with Donk, Jong a pin, Zuiverloon…No one of them was called with the first team. Now the defenders we have all played with.

    Well, compared to Germany, Italy or England, they’re one level higher. It’s maybe better to have them in our group, as we would avoid them in semi final. Won’t be surprised if the finale is Spain-Netherlands, but let’s what will be.

  30. runs an article on LVG saying that Netherlands Can’t Win the WC. If the article is to be believed, that’s a real dampener isn’t it?
    I maintain faith in our chances in Brazil. 🙂

    1. I think Louis is downplaying it. Doesn’t want too much pressure. He says we can win it. But there is other teams with similar or better chances…. It’s psychology

  31. MikeMorrisxxx7 hours ago
    interesting squad. should do well.
    i hope the under 21 squad will do great.
    Reply +1

    Anonymous7 hours ago
    holland under 21 team will dominate the European championship.
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    Nael Seger12 hours ago
    Where is Kyle Ebecilio ??!!
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    Kain Soulreaver5 hours ago
    Umm. Louis van Gaal usually just invites players that play. Even if top players don’t show form or don’t play they won’t get invited. And I’m sorry, Kyle who? What has he done in the world of football. These talents need to stop wasting time and stop ruining their carreers in England just because of the extra cash. If he just stayed in Holland he’d probably be mucher further right now. Look at all the Feyenoord youngsters. Now look at Bruma (biggest defending talent) wasted a lot of time in England, went to Germany and will now probably come back to Holland.
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    Kain Soulreaver5 hours ago
    Anyway. I think Kyle is moving to Twente so he will probably get some playing time and develop. Maybe it’s not too late.
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    Kain Soulreaver12 hours ago
    Many important players are with Holland under 21. How poor the defense may seem I’m glad Mathijssen ain’t in it. Sad Heitinga is in it though. 🙁

    Furthermore, decent squad with it will miss al the edge without the hungry young fantastic new players. Sighs. Not really worth watching, I think.

    By the way I know why Dost and Elia are missing. Hunter is a question mark.
    Reply 2 replies+1

    Mohammad Mohammad9 hours ago
    so why are they missing? other reasons? Elia is frozen out like his time at Juve & Dost has been ignored by new Wolfsburg coach. Hunter could be called. he was injured & has just recovered but i think Louis favors RVP over him.
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    Kain Soulreaver5 hours ago
    Elia has a bad attitude and will end up like Babel and Drenthe. Dost is a hard worker and a decent pinch hitter but nowhere near the level of a top striker.
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    Mohammad Mohammad21 hours ago
    Bas Dost, Eljero Elia, Hunter & more missing. Mostly because of bench warming in respective clubs
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    _FULLTIMEGRIND1 day ago
    Who was gonna be in on that list if this duo wasn’t ?
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    theonlystront1 day ago
    the whole defence & midfield is f***ed up lol
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    Anshuman Singh1 day ago
    You do know they are going to face Indonesia and China… Do they need a world class defence or midfield to beat them?
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    marcel huls1 day ago
    u-21 squads..
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    RP1 day ago
    Lerin Duarte, Dwight Tiendalli, Miquel Nelom and Jens Toornstra are the names you have to be mentioning in the headlines!! RVP and Rob are pretty obvious selections. Lame journalism to say the least.
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    Henk1 day ago
    daryl janmaat : pinda
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    omarvandenberg1 day ago
    ————–D­e Jong———–­
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    Mohammad Mohammad1 day ago
    is Maher too in u-21 squad?, as he’s not been called.
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    Anshuman Singh1 day ago
    Yes he is…
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    Subha Ashish1 day ago
    nigel de jong ?????????
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    Mohammad Mohammad1 day ago
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    JuvenileJunkie1 day ago
    RVP is an international flop
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    Kuti Raju1 day ago
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    Faraz Masumian2 hours ago
    and who r u?
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    hassanaly11 day ago
    swansea has 3 players , yeah they are that good.
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    Shadman1 day ago
    Is Strootman injured?
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    Anshuman Singh1 day ago
    He’s in the squad for the U-21 Euros.

  32. The former Bayern boss has called up a number of fresh faces as he shuffles his pack with several regulars at this summer’s Under-21 European Championships

    Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal has included debutants Lerin Duarte, Dwight Tiendalli, Miquel Nelom and Jens Toornstra in his 23-man squad for this summer’s trip to Asia, where they will play international friendlies against Indonesia (June 7) and China (June 11).

    Van Gaal will have to make due without the services of regulars such as Kevin Strootman, Bruno Martins Indi, Stefan de Vrij and Jordy Clasie, who have all been included in the Holland Under-21 squad for this summer’s European Championship in Israel.

    Therefore, the national team coach has not only included a number of new faces, but also recalled the likes of Erik Pieters and John Heitinga after a lengthy absence.

    The squad will gather on May 29, with Jonathan de Guzman, Dirk Kuyt, Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Rafael van der Vaart all joining their team-mates on June 3.

    Full Squad:

    Name Club
    Kenneth Vermeer Ajax
    Michel Vorm Swansea
    Jasper Cillessen Ajax
    John Heitinga Everton
    Miquel Nelom Feyenoord
    Erik Pieters PSV
    Dwight Tiendalli Swansea
    Ron Vlaar Aston Villa
    Daryl Janmaat Feyenoord
    Lerin Duarte Heracles
    Wesley Sneijder Galatasaray
    Jonathan de Guzman Swansea
    Rafael van der Vaart Hamburg
    Siem de Jong Ajax
    Jens Toornstra Utrecht
    Jeremain Lens PSV
    Dirk Kuyt Fenerbahce
    Robin van Persie Manchester United
    Arjen Robben Bayern Munich
    Ruben Schaken Feyenoord
    Ricky van Wolfswinkel Norwich

  33. The Manchester United striker scored 26 goals as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side secured a record 20th title, notching two hat-tricks to win the award by three strikes

    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie has picked up the Golden Boot for the second year in a row after finishing as the top goal scorer in the Premier League with 26 goals in the 2012-13 season.


    Total Games
    Total Minutes
    Total Goals
    Where he scored them
    Right Foot
    Left Foot
    Outside Area
    Inside Area
    Inside six-yard box
    Total shots on target
    Total shots off target
    Successful passes
    Pass completion rate
    Home: 12 Away: 14
    The Netherlands international finished above Liverpool’s Luis Suarez (23 goals) and Tottenham’s Gareth Bale (21 goals), in his debut season at Old Trafford to help Sir Alex Ferguson’s side become Barclays Premier League champions for the 13th time.

    Since scoring with his first shot as a United player in the 3-2 home win against Fulham, Van Persie has scored a number of memorable goals including the stunning volley against Aston Villa that helped the club clinch their 20th league title.

    The left-footed volley, following a fantastic 40-yard pass from team-mate Wayne Rooney, was not only a part of his second hat-trick of the season, but also won Manchester United’s Goal of the Season.

    He received the Golden Boot trophy after United’s thrilling 5-5 draw against West Brom at the Hawthorns and will be given £30,000 by Premier League sponsors Barclays to donate to a charity of his choice.

  34. The Oranje boss believes there are at least eight teams with a better chance of triumphing in Brazil than his side

    Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal has dismissed the possibility of his side winning World Cup 2014.

    Oranje finished runners-up in 2010 – losing 1-0 to Spain after extra-time, but the former Bayern Munich boss feels competition to win the tournament will be even greater next summer.

    “That would be a surprise, but I don’t think so,” he told ANP when asked of his country’s chances of lifting the trophy.

    “I can count eight teams who have a better chance of becoming world champions than Netherlands.

    “I’m always real. I dream of becoming world champions. That’s what I love for. That’s why I’m the coach.”

    Van Gaal took over from Bert van Maarwijk in the summer after Oranje crashed out of Euro 2012 at the group stage and has led them to six wins from as many competitive matches.

    Their next game is a friendly clash with Indonesia on June 7.

  35. It’s been nearly two weeks since the Eredivisie campaign came to an end and it’s certainly been an interesting season.

    Despite trailing then leaders Twente by 10 points at one point, Ajax were eventually crowned Dutch champions for the third consecutive season, with PSV runners-up. 

    Feyenoord and Vitesse, meanwhile, finished third and fourth respectively to qualify for the Europa League, while Twente and Utrecht are fighting it out for the remaining European place in the end-of-season play-offs. 

    Elsewhere, Willem II finished rock bottom to drop down to the Eerstedivisie again after just one season in Holland’s top flight, while VVV will play in the second tier as well next term after losing to Go Ahead Eagles in the play-offs.

    But what of the other winners and losers? Who have been the best players and coaches in the league season? And what of the worst? Goal hands out the individual awards at the end of another absorbing nine months of football.

    Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax)

    At the start of the 2012-13 campaign, Ajax coach Frank de Boer said that Kenneth Vermeer would have to fight it out with Jasper Cillessen for the spot between the sticks, but it quickly became clear that Vermeer was the one emerging victorious. The 27-year-old eventually kept more clean sheets than any other goalkeeper in Holland’s top flight and was rewarded for his fine form with a call-up to the Oranje side.

    Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord)

    Daryl Janmaat previously failed to break into the Feyenoord first team after coming through the ranks of the club’s youth academy, but returned to De Kuip last summer after spells with ADO Den Haag and Heerenveen and quickly proved to be a valuable signing. The right-back became an undisputed starter right away and his fine performances even saw him break into the national side under Louis van Gaal.

    Marco van Ginkel (Vitesse)

    It’s been a rather remarkable season for Marco van Ginkel as he not only became one of the Eredivisie’s absolute star performers, but also made his debut for Netherlands’ senior side. The young midfielder impressed throughout the season with his energetic displays in the middle of the park and showed he’s not afraid to stick his feet in, while also offering plenty in possession. The 20-year-old scored eight league goals and assisted eight more for Vitesse.

    Wilfried Bony (Vitesse)

    After scoring just 12 goals in 28 Eredivisie appearances in 2011-12, few would’ve tipped Wilfried Bony to win the topscorer title at the start of the season. The striker has since turned into one of Europe’s most lethal finishers, though, and is continually being linked with a move to a bigger league. Bony has arguably been the best attacker around in the Eredivisie this term, not only scoring 31 goals, but creating eight more, too.

    BEST YOUNGSTER (Under-21)
    Marco van Ginkel (Vitesse)

    The Eredivisie is possibly the league with the most promising youngsters around in Europe. Players such as Adam Maher, Christian Eriksen, Viktor Fischer, Tonny Vilhena and Jean-Paul Boetius all impressed this term, yet it was Vitesse midfielder Marco van Ginkel whose progress caught the eye the most. The 20-year-old played a key role in his side’s Eredivisie success and was rewarded for his fine performances with a call-up to Netherlands’ national side.

    Frank de Boer (Ajax)

    After guiding Ajax to back-to-back titles in his first two seasons at the club, Frank de Boer had a difficult start to the 2012-13 campaign. He never panicked, though, and steered them to yet another Eredivisie title with a string of fine performances after the winter break. Although Feyenoord’s Ronald Koeman and PEC Zwolle coach Art Langeler did a superb job as well, De Boer is fully deserving of the Coach of the year award.

    Graziano Pelle (Parma to Feyenoord)

    The loan-signing of Graziano Pelle raised plenty of eyebrows at the start of the season, but the Italian wasted no time in proving his critics wrong, prompting Feyenoord to sign him on a permanent basis in the January transfer window. The former Italy Under-21 striker netted an impressive 27 goals throughout the season, thus firing the Rotterdam giants to third spot in the table, and has become a real crowd favourite.

    Genero Zeefuik (PSV to Groningen)

    NEC were outraged when Groningen hijacked their move for PSV youngster Genero Zeefuik at the start of the season, but the Nijmegen side will have no regrets that they missed out on the striker in the end. The 23-year-old netted just four goals all season, with two of them coming from the spot, and was even dropped from the first team at one point due to his weight problems.

    Wilfried Bony (Vitesse)

    Wilfried Bony really rose to prominence in 2012-13 as he guided Vitesse to fourth place in the Eredivisie table, winning the topscorer title in the process with 31 goals in 30 appearances. The Cote d’Ivoire international’s cheeky back-heel winner at home against Feyenoord was one of the goals of the season, while he also played a key role in Vitesse’s 2-0 win over Ajax as he netted both goals.

    Etienne Reijnen (AZ)

    With Niklas Moisander leaving AZ for Ajax at the start of the season, head coach Gertjan Verbeek opted to give Etienne Reijnen the chance to prove his worth alongside Nick Viergever at centre-back. It was not meant to be for the former Zwolle man, though, as he mainly made the headlines for his disappointing performances. An early red card in the away game against PSV was the absolute low of his season.

  36. VeskoKanchev1 day ago
    I think a “Worst player” award is unnecessary. There a plenty of players who never played a full 90 minutes, because they were horrible, why give the award to a random player, who was good enough to start, but made a bad impression. Not to mention how a small team player would usually have a lesser chance to attract the highlights for a “worst player” award.
    Reply +3

    Stephen1 day ago
    I dont follow eredivisie closely, but i’ve always heard that eriksen and kevin strootman are really quality players and they are wanted by many top clubs in europe. can someone who know eredivisie well enlighten me why they are not on the list? have eriksen and strootman not performing well this season?
    Reply 2 replies0

    El Rebelde1 day ago
    Dude, this list is done by and it’s not an official list..
    it seems that the editor is not watching Eredivisie.. 😉
    Reply +1

    VeskoKanchev1 day ago
    Because there have been better performing players. Being a star player doesn’t automatically mean you are always performing better than everybody else. Only if FIFA could understand this and stopped giving Messi random Ballon D’Ors…
    Reply +1

    Moses K1 day ago
    VIKTOR FISCHER my youngest player
    Reply +2

    El Rebelde1 day ago
    This is so stupid… As youngster, Viktor Fischer is two years younger than Van Ginkel, scored more goals, played 10 matches less, and was decisive in a lot of matches won by Ajax “the champion”!!!
    and as midfielder Christian Eriksen is way way better than Van Ginkel in records (goals and assists) and in style of playing… so W T F??!!
    Reply +13

    Benad Beaubrun1 day ago
    This hw ligue 1 was whn psg was broke these articles were dry wit no1 commenting
    Reply 0

    Reuben Matara1 day ago
    Van Ginkel is a true gem…Heard BVB will replace Goetze with Eriksen..can’t wait to see how well he settles, just like Gundogan did for Nuri and Reus did for Kagawa!!!
    Reply +4

    King Xavi1 day ago
    wow eriksen is uselss
    Reply 1 reply-3

    El Rebelde1 day ago
    hehe u r an idiot!
    Reply +5

    Cool Milan1 day ago
    Best striker is Graziano Pelle IMO

  37. I can’t wait to see that Spain team get spanked. TBH their team two years ago was far better. Looking at that list, the only names that jump out are Thiago and Isco.

    1. ———————De Gea—————————

      –Carjaval——–Bartra—–Inigo Martinez——-Muniesa

      ————-Ignacio Camacho——Koke——————-



      With Thiago as substitute, I guess it’s not bad at all. Attack and midfield are quite similar, our defense is a bit better, but not too much.

  38. Van gaal says coz,he knows football much better..Person with some knowledge in dutch football will agree to him…According to the ability dutch have no chance for WC2014…But everything is possible with JESUS CHRIST.Tell Van gaal to submit Jesus.and do according to the plan of Jesus rather than Van gaal’s plan…HIS plans are higherthan any little brains plan.
    @Van gaal…..if u think so then u should hire me as sports psychologist…:)
    Just imagine kuyt plays with skill of Ronaldihno and Afellay plays with the intelligence of bergkamp and heitinga plays like kaiser franc beckebouer….

    1. Will you please cut it out? It’s just freakin bizarre. There’s no possible way you can think that someone’s going to sign up with Jesus because you said these whack ass things in the middle of a football post.

      And yes, all of you who are going to say/think it, I know in supposed to ignore it, but come on… He’s clearly nipping the communion wine or something. Is there such a thing as Holy Weed?

      1. Religion and Jesus are in opposite spectrum,i am not a religious person,BY HIS grace i understood who is JESUS..what i know is am nothing without HIM…I was offering my help to Van gaal the bondscoach since he has said Dutch has no chance for WC…please dont take it as part of religion..Religions are created by human beings including christianity..
        The truth is “Jesus was GOD in human flesh”whether u belive it or not it doesnt matter.HE has given u free will,i know all my good works are dirty rags infront of HIS purity…So i boast HIM in my weakness.HE has done miracle in my life and am a testimony for that..and am sure that JESUS is able to help Van gaal too…but he has to go to HIM.,,untill then HE cannot work.Please dont take it as religious and am not a religious person,But am son of christ. I am damn sure with JESUS Van Gaal will win WC..

        1. Universe belongs to JESUS,Soccer is part of that…Anyways i was telling a way to WIN wc for dutch…thats it.if u dont like it ignore it….

          1. please don’t post this on any other sites– Jesus would want us to have an unfair advantage.

            I hope he’s a 4-3-3 man.

          2. ‘I hope he’s a 4-3-3 man.’

            and the award for comment of the day goes to this chap ^


          1. I’m genuinely curious, my friend. No need to be rude.
            Is your God almighty? Is he all powerful?

  39. Wow, the Dutch NT — a strong squad —, will take on Indonesia NT on June 7. Van Persie, Robben, VdV are reportedly will visit my country. It is great to watch world class players playing.

  40. Maybe an interesting article about one of the two country’s Netherlands faces on their Asia tour. It’s about Indonesia and the relation between politics and football in the country. However there are also numbers about the sport in terms of popularity that will raise your eyebrows:

    1. though I knew this problem long time ago, it’s sad to read this article. reminded me again about some players that were died after suffering from an illness. they couldn’t pay for their treatment, therefore they couldn’t stay on the hospital. this all was because the club couldn’t pay their salary…

      did you know? when we have 2 separated league (as told by the article), only players from the “accepted by the FA” league (the IPL), were allowed to join the NT. whereas big portion of our true NT squad are from the “rejected league” (the ISL). this resulted on weakened NT.

      not to mention that, a season before that, the condition were a vice versa. the ISL was the “accepted league”, and IPL was just created by the opposing force of FA (from Bakrie’s side), and they’re the illegal one.

      aside from that, here’s hoping for a great match on June 7! 🙂

  41. Why do you guys think that LVG has dismissed any possibility of the Dutch winning the 2014 WC?.

    Is it to take pressure off from our players? it’s a good reason especially as we’ve a Young team and they’d feel better playing as the underdogs.

    Or does he really think we don’t have a chance?. If LVG feels we won’t win the WC well that’s not good news. I don’t like him sending that message to the players.

    1. maybe he want the “he’s wrong, and we’ll prove it” reaction from the players. besides, he’s not really saying it. he just said that currently, other teams also strengthening themselves. in fact, the tournament will really be difficult.

  42. I’d like to write about Indonesia’s squad, but I think it’s not released yet. some notable players are Boaz Solossa, Titus Bonai, Patrich Wanggai, and Andik Vermansyah.

    Even some of the players were Dutch. Diego Michiels (now Diego Muhammad), Irfan Bachdim, and Sergio Van Dijk. Van Dijk was a top player in Australian League (top scorer once in 2010-11 w/ Adelaide United), and was quite a prolific goalscorer there. Bachdim was once an Utrecht player.

    Michiels was recently allegedly committing crime (assaulting in a night club), and sent to jail. however he’s been released on March. I don’t know if he’ll be called up.

  43. The lineup
    Zoet, Van Rhijn, De Vrij, Bruno Martins Indi, Blind, Strootman, Maher, Van Ginkel, Wijnaldum, De Jong, Depay.
    Possible strongest lineup you can get, imo

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