Frenkie: We are not top!

In the international break, there is simply not a lot of football news on the day of the match. So the biggest news was the footage of a 13 year old Shaqueel van Persie, scoring against Ajax with a wonderful bicycle kick. The game ended 8-3 for Feyenoord Under 15. Dad must be proud! His goal is below, at 2.55 it all starts for him.

Oranje needs to get a result tonight vs Bosnia Herzegovina to keep the place in the finals alive. Bosnia kept Italy at bay and will be a tough opponent for the Dutch. After two defeats in a row (Italy, Mexico), it seems Oranje may have lost it’s magic? Frenkie de Jong disagrees.

“The magic isn’t gone. But we are not the top in Europe. We are not the best at the moment, so much is clear. We can’t play dominant against every nation in every game and can win them all. But I see a difference between the defeats against Italy and the one against Mexico. Italy was a tough game, but you’re talking about a top football nation. The Mexico game was a friendly, with lots of changes and some debutants… That is simply different. We want to show the world the magic hasn’t left us when we play Bosnia.”

Memphis will not be playing due to suspension. Frank de Boer didn’t want to say who will replace him but did admit that playing Luuk de Jong was very likely. Bosnia has Edin Dzeko up front. The experienced AS Roma striker was part of the team that got beat by Northern Irland, kicking them out of the qualifications for the Euros.

“That can go two ways,” Frank said. “It could have been a blow they are still dealing with when playing us, or alternatively, it could be a huge motivation to make something out of the Nations League for them. They played well actually, with Dzeko the target man, playing well in terms of hold up play. They got the 1-0 and chances for 2-0 but they couldn’t play the long ball to Dzeko in the second half and their game suffered as a result.”

De Boer didn’t want to say who will be the goal keeper tomorrow, but did say that Cillesen was doing “amazingly well” at training. The coach worked with Cillesen before and considering that the back four will be used to working with the Valencia shot stopper, odds are in favour of Cillesen.

De Boer also said they have been able to train tactics for a spell. “As a coach you are working on all the scenarios in your head. That is a constant thing, I even do it when I’m in bed, about to sleep… We learned from the Mexico game, but even more so, we will have the fixed formation, more or less, so I am quite confident, we can find our flow.”

“Babel as goalie? Are you nuts??”

The question: who takes Memphis’ role is not just a question of “what name do we pick”. The replacement of Memphis points towards something deeper. In the past decades, Oranje used to have a multiple of players who would frighten the opponent. In 1974, we had Swart, Keizer, Cruyff, Rep, Rensenbrink, Theo de Jong, Willy van der Kuylen… In the 1980s, we had Kieft, Bosman, Van Basten, Gullit, Gillhaus, Vanenburg, Houtman… In the 1990s we had Bergkamp, Van Hooijdonk, Makaay, Kluivert, Hasselbaink and more recently Van Persie, Huntelaar, Robben, Van Nistelrooy, Van der Vaart… Goals galore!

Memphis had 11 goals and 11 assists under Koeman. He had twice as many shots on goal (91) as #2 and twice as many (61) created chances than #2, in 2,5 years.

We simply don’t have enough players that generate fear and terror in the opponent. Waking up and realising you’re playing against Robin van Persie or Klaas Jan Huntelaar will have scared any defender. I don’t think Luuk De Jong, Boadu or Malen have that effect.

The options: Luuk de Jong and Donyell Malen. Malen resembles Memphis more. He’s quick, tricked and he is explosive, with runs in behind. Downside: he was injured for a while and has been treated with velvet gloves by PSV. Luuk de Jong is a different type. Static. Good in hold up play, but needing support and options. And service! Berghuis and Stengs both have the skills to offer that service. By the way, at PSV Malen and Luuk did play together as well… Luuk as target man and Malen as a #10 circling him in a 4-4-1-1 set up. 60% of the Dutch people (who voted) voted for Luuk in the 9 position. 35% picked Malen and 5% said “someone else”… (?).

Holland is able to break a bleak record tonight. The last time Holland lost 3 matches in a row without scoring, was in 1950!

Let me know what you think will happen?

I think 1-3 for Oranje. Dzeko will get his goal, but Luuk de Jong, Van de Beek and Dumfries score for the Dutch.

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  1. Ok now I like the front 3

    Luuk is having a good time so it makes sense to put him on the start . Otherwise I would love to see boadu

    Malen and promes on the start I have no complaint . Actually I would love to see Stengs instead of promes ….

    Let’s see how the game goes

  2. Tall striker is an old idea,which is failed us 2018 and 2016..Memphis got us to Ec2021…Luuk is an unselfish player,but he is plan b player for special needs..
    Hateboer absence has made big difference,though dumfries looks like dumb..
    Blind,De vrij,Van dijk,Dejong controlling it…Malen and promes are not bad…
    When u have Gin and frenkie on feild u dont need De roon to attack..thats stupidity…
    i want to see koopmeiners for De roon
    De beek for wijnaldum
    Stengs–for luuk..

  3. This team reminds me of the team we had in 2007/2008, pre-Euros.

    We would dominate games but just never score goals, which was outlined with two 1-0 wins over Luxembourg.

      1. 1-0 Luxembourg
        3-0 Belarus
        1-1 Bulgaria
        2-1 Albania (including a bad own goal)
        0-0 Romania
        1-0 Slovenia
        2-0 Bulgaria
        1-0 Albania (last minute goal)
        0-1 Romania
        2-0 Slovenia
        1-0 Luxembourg
        1-2 Belarus

        We managed to score 15 goals in 12 games in Euro qualies in that time.

  4. Surely iran has more talented youngsters than dutch. Dutch r just names but nothing in the field. If u talent player are van de been an djanuma and dilruson and veerman so iran has more potential than u.

  5. De boer has serious problem if stuck with De roon–Gini–De jong combination..they are boring as hell…Pathetic crosses by Dumbfries…though he looked better at defense than hateboer..
    we need danjuma,veerman,koopemeiners,stengs at squad and playing 11…
    we played good not bad..with little luck we could have scored..not a bad game….

      1. Krul too is playing in championship and did well.vs Mexico.

        The thing with danjuma is he is better skilled and can hold the ball better than bergwijn, promes or anyone atm.

        Just look at his skillset in this video and pliz dont forgot to hit that red subscribe button to keep updated for more.

      2. Faraz its all about quality Danjuma has it,krul is a better penalty stopper than cillessen,Terence kongolo is FAITHFUL LB..Bazoer can dribble ,has wonderful vision..Jetro williams can even a score goal from his back..karsdorp has nice crossess and dribbles..Ricardo van rhijn has PINPOINT CROSSES AND FREEKICKS…We need these players or else forget the failed ones..De roon,hateboer,Dumbfry,veltman,babel,strootman etc..MOST IMPORTANTLY BENCH GINI WIJNALDUM

  6. There are so many problems…where do we start? The way I see it, Frenkie is playing in an absolute desert of talents. Why play De Roon against such a mediocre team? He is useless, slow, not inventive so why play him when we know we will have 70%+ of possession. We need creativity, increase the speed of play and De Roon is not one who can do that for any team. The team is playing a style that is completely antiquated and will not bring victory.
    One word describes the style of play of nay of the teams De Boer has coached to date: BORING. It is so predictable and un-inventive that one wonders if the team is even capable of scoring one goal. Really terrible.

  7. What a wise decision to hire frank de boer right before the two biggest tournaments!!!!

    Anyway , the team will lose to Italy and then hopefully he is realistic enough to say ok sorry guys I need to go!!!

  8. Italy is another mediocre team that can not beat Poland or Bosnia at home, but they Can beat oranje in Amsterdam and look like a great team that night !!! That tells you a lot ….

  9. Cillessen- no shots on target from Bosina. Was a spectator for majority of the game. Few back passes and headers to him which he dealt with ease.

    Dumfries- the only useful contribution he made was that last munute tackle in the first half when the defense was caught out with cillessen last man standing.

    Van dijk- MOTM

    De Vrij- could say the same.

    Blind- I was counting, was brutually exposed 4 times. Van dijk came to his rescue 3 times and the side lines once. Every second pass was either back or lateral. 1 good cross and apart from that never made an penetrating runs on the flanks. Dumfries was in the same boat as as mentiomed earlier this was typically the type of game where he looks good.

    De Roon- no comment. Midfield was f$€ked as hell and needs overhaul big time.

    Frenkie- had two big opportunities. Both shots were saved. Apart from that was in the thick of things for most part of the game.

    Wijnadal- switched off as usually. His two major interventions was that overhead pass to frenkie in the 2 second half which frenkie should have have connected to better and then the other way around with frenkie setting him up which the Bosinan keeper had a good check on him , with a timingly run and blocking him out. Thr midfield needs more creativity and its evident. This is his 4th game now where his creativity has been a big question mark.

    Luuk- only arieal threat as usual. Had one good header which was on target stretching the Gk into an outstanding save.

    Malen- never looked comfortable on the wings. Had some descent crosses, some interplays exchanging flanks but that was it.

    Promes- no comment. Should have been a super sub.

    Babel- diarrhoea. He is done.

    Berghuis- super sub, changed the tempo of the game coming on with some good crosses in box.

    Hateboer- replaced Dumfries, linked up well with berghuis. Nothing major. Can karsdorp be looked at again

    Ake- last 5 minutes, switching to back 3.

  10. Frenkie says “We are not top”, I say we are bottom. That shot by Babel by end of the game when it was much easier to hit the target just sums up the NT. FDB is out of his depth. More than FDB I blame V Dijk and the other d!cks that wanted an easy coach. 3 games in a row with no goals must be a new record. We went from a really strong team to a mediocre one in a heartbeat. Free falling.

    1. thats serious thing others dont notice..
      More than FDB I blame V Dijk and the other d!cks that wanted an easy coach..
      F$$5k player council of Virgil,Deligt,strootman,Babel,Blind..

  11. I quote what ycsng0822 said in the previous blog,

    “The current NT certainly isn’t a world beater, even if we incl. the many other players who have shown potential; most have not fully being tested and convinced.
    There is no wow or fear factor unlike the past teams.
    We just got to be patient and hope the players continue to develop and grow in stature. 🙏🤞.
    For now, it will be a roller coaster ride for the team and us”

    This is what it is and undeniablely the cold hard truth which has to excepted by FDB and Co and what they should prompt to.forget about the euros and indulge on a long term goal/plan. This is the best solution and way forward. There is a good bunch of talents that are coming up and everybody including the KNVB should sit down together and draft up a player selection which the team should be build on for next 2 to 3 years straight. No questions asked.If you look at Van Dijk,Frenkie and Depay, De ligt,the spine of the team is already there.start with a clean up campaign,get rid of the dead woods, identify players that tick the relevant boxes and mould them around the big 3 or 4. If upcoming euros needs to be sacrificed, so be it, whats important is that the development of the team is sustainable and not back to square 1 (start from scratch) every now and down. The biggest downfall right now for the dutch is depth. They hardly have any player who can come on and change the game around. They have been persistent on pinch hitter tatic which nowdays teams hardly deploy and if not is outdated. All this needs to change and this is where alot of work needs to done in context to upgrading.

  12. De boer is a nice guy. But sorry he is not a good coach and I think this will be his last job

    Sorry but this is terrible and I simply cannot see any hope

    De boer has no tactics and sorry he is really really bored .

  13. with Frank De Boer as manager the question is: will the team ever score a goal (let alone winning a game)!!! I hope he quits after we lose to Italy on Wednesday!!!

    there is still time to fix things now but if they keep him until next round of games in November then he wins against Bosnia at home and they will tell us look he is great he is starting to win then we are stuck with him until the euros!!

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