Hi all,

I’d like to wish you a very happy New Year…. And a big big thank you for being part of this blog.

It’s been a tempestuous year for the blog (relatively speaking 🙂 ). For starters, we made our move away from the Blog Gods of the Worlcup blog to go it alone.

And we created this wonderful home for all fans of the Clockwork Orange, right before the 2012 Euros and wouldn’t you know it: we had the worst Euros ever :-)….

In the last months, I had serious challenges to get a post happening every two days due to busy-ness. But I hope that will change soon.

But, 2013 looks great already.

Why? Well for starters, because we can’t be humiliated at a big tournament!


I think it will be top year, because Robin van Persie can’t stop scoring… because it’s the year of the snake and Robben earns the Rensenbrink nickname Snakeman…. because Van der Vaart will be fighting fit…..Heitinga, Stekelenburg, Vorm are well-rested…because Ronald Koeman finally does what he is good at: delivering talent…because Louis van Gaal will definitely qualify this year…Sneijder will make a move to a real football club….Elia will find his mojo…Clasie will grow a little….Fer will never look back….we have the best full back talents (Buttner, Blind, Janmaat, Martins Indi, Willems, Pieters)….

I am SURE you can come up with much more reasons… 😉

Best reason gets a cool gift!

My predictions:

RVP = Golden Boot

Feyenoord = Champ of Holland

Sneijder = Back to Real Madrid

Robben to win the Champions League

Ronald Koeman to take over from Tito next summer at Barca

Benitez to be fired, to be succeeded by Martinez, to be fired two months later, to be succeeded by Dick Advocaat to be fired in the coming summer to be replaced by Michael Laudrup….

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0 responses to “Happy New Year :-)”

  1. Pete says:

    Happy New Year to all…

    Let’s get this Sneijder thing settled soon!!! Anyone, Please post when
    the news when you know he has signed!

    I see him at Madrid only with Mourinho.

    Best reason for ’13 to be good: Oranje will qualify and will be set
    to win in the WC ’14 to coincide with Cruyff’s jersey number on the 40th anniversary of the game we really won!

  2. SamNY says:

    VDV and Sylvie are seperated!! That’s the news!!

  3. Miguel Rosado says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you the best for this 2013 and of course I hope this will be a good year for Dutch football.

  4. Miguel Rosado says:

    Bruma might go to Vitesse. In Hamburg they play him as RB but he is a CB so he is not well used and that’s why he hasn’t been doing so good.

    Sneijder’s issue seems to be coming to an end. Inter will try to keep him but if they can’t reach an agreement he’ll leave.

  5. hien says:

    Sneijder himself knows that he needs to leave Inter. I wonder if it is down to Tottenham, Liverpool, MU, PSG, maybe a German club like Schalke04 or the Russian club? I still would like him to move to MU and replaces Kagawa or Scholes as long as it helps him to regain his 2010 form.

    • primo says:

      I don’t think MU is looking for a replacement for Kagawa. I still think Manchester United would be the best club for him though. Giggs and Scholes are on their last season and Sneijder would be the perfect replacement.

  6. bobotoh says:

    If Sneijder goes to AC Milan, I will support Milan to beat Barcelona in CL….:)

  7. Bitterballen says:

    great post jan… happy new year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Enjoy it, only great things for you in 2013

  8. Bitterballen says:

    by the way any techies on this blog?? would love to have an iphone app for this blog 🙂 just made the switch to iphone… finally!!!!

  9. Jan says:

    Having some issues with the blog (technical) as a result of some upgrade. Hope to post a new article today…

  10. YC says:

    It’s sad to see no big clubs coming in for Sneijder. Instead he is being linked to clubs like QPR, Anzhi and a mediocre AC Milan. Even Spurs was purportedly said to be interested in him after being priced out for Joan Mouthino.
    How can a player who made a record 10 goal scoring chances in Euro’12 be not wanted?!!!

  11. Faraz says:

    Robben: I could decide to play fewer games for Oranje

    • TFC Ajax says:

      Why would he do that? he already mostly just plays in a couple friendlies and the tournaments. Last time around he didn’t play a single EC qualifier

      • goldstone says:

        It’s the injury thing. After Franz ‘Klootzak’ Beckenbauer mocked Robben (and all Dutchmen) for being “soft,” Robben was injured yet again with the NT in November.

        Really the same old conflict between club and NT, isn’t it, and it’s a chronic issue with Robben, who gets hurt a lot. (Remember that little backheel pass that sidelined him for weeks?)

        Robben has to be watching what’s happening to Sneijder, and know that his first priority is to play for his club. Or he could wind up in limbo, too.

  12. Faraz says:

    The 65-year-old QPR manager says he would love to sign the Netherlands international but insists a deal is “unlikely” due to the huge wages the midfielder would command

  13. Andrew says:

    @Ferenc, Many thanks for the link. Great piece, just about says it all.

  14. Jason says:

    I like Sneijder like everyone else but lets be honest, theres a reason why Inter is shunning him. He’s obviously pissed someone off real bad because they are content to let him rot. I hope he doesn’t have a substance abuse problem and becomes the next Van Der Meyde.

  15. Miguel Rosado says:

    It’s the ideal moment for Wenger to buy a top quality player and Sneijder would be ideal for Arsenal FC.

    @Jason: Inter are letting go all their star players because of financial problems. They let go Eto’o, Lucio, Motta, Maicon, etc…

    • primo says:

      Financial fairplay has got them all shook. Which is good. The playing field in Europe is slowly levelling out a bit. Now we just need Spain and England to wake up. Spain especially is gonna have some real problems down the road. Already it’s an accomplishment for a club to actually receive payments from a midtable Spanish team….

  16. hien says:

    Not just Inter, Milan is doing the same thing. I do not see Arsenal or Milan can get Sneijder. I hope the playing field is levelling too.
    I read the link and Graham Hunter’s book. Basically no Cruyff then there is no Barca today, but they are lucky that Barca’s managements listened to Cruyff and share/follow his vision.

  17. Precisely how much time did it acquire u to publish “Dutch Soccer / Football site – news and events – Happy New Year :-)”?
    It features loads of decent info. With thanks ,Nydia

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