John Heitinga talks about Brian Brobbey situation

What’s going on with Brian Brobbey? This question was asked to John Heitinga after Ajax’s victory over Fortuna Sittard. A victory in which the 21-year-old forward was not fielded.

Brian Brobbey has started just one of the last ten Eredivisie matches. This happened last week in the away game against the Go Ahead Eagles. How is it possible that the attacking talent plays so little and when he enters the field he is not used for the ninety minutes?

According to John Heitinga, part of the solution for the young Ajax player can be found in the training centre, as he made clear at a press conference on Sunday night.

“We are constantly working with him. It is essential that he manages to play more frequently every week. We all want to live the best life, but we need to work hard to make it happen and discipline is key. He has discipline, but he also needs help. It’s up to us, myself included, to make sure Brian Brobbey is in top form right now.”

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  1. when Brian Brobbey broke into the scene, he looks like a new star. Everything went downhill after the transfer to Rb Leipzig, wrong career choice at early stage to prioritize money over play time.

  2. This means he’s not living for his sports. He’s like Ihattaren. Ajax spent 16M euros on him and he can’t play 90 minutes. If he was Haaland or Musiala you’d accept it as he’d do in 60 mins what others can’t even do in 90, but he is a tad overrated as it is already.

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