Oranje talents dream of the World Cup

Most Oranje fans would want any competition to stop now to make sure players like Robben and Huntelaar and Nigel de Jong won’t get injured… With Strootman out and Van Persie on the brink of being out ( sources claim that his injury might take longer than 6 weeks) any more bad luck amongst the mainstays would mean disaster.

This is not how the young talents look at it. And we do have a couple. With Strootman out and with Van Gaal opting for the 4-3-3 he is working with (wingers, penetrative midfielders, attacking full backs) a number of youngsters are aware they might be playing the World Cup this summer (albeit short….).

Davy Klaassen can’t stop smiling. He’s 21 years old and asked to come and model the new Oranje away jersey with his peers Joel Veltman (Ajax) and JP Boetius (Feyenoord). Klaassen smiles when he is confronted with skipper Van Persie’s kind words about him. In the game vs Barcelona, young Klaassen had the wherewithal to keep Barca at bay in the dying minutes and play like a veteran.”I read what he said in the newspaper. You then realise that these guys are watching me play like I am watching them. It hit me suddenly and it felt great.” Van Persie said he had enjoyed watching Klaassen playing for time. “Well, I did get a lot of positive responses to that but that was probably mainly because it was against Barca.”


Davy Klaassen

And with the mention of Barca, the discussion goes to the Real Madrid – Barcelona clash of last weekend. Klaassen: “Seeing that game did not give me any incentive to leave Ajax very soon. Man, that was such high level! I actually believe you should leave the Eredivisie at the moment where you feel you are at your top and you cannot grow anymore. Like how Sneijder and Ibrahimovic and Kuyt left.” Jean-Paul Boetius agrees. “Davy is right. And I think your gut feeling will tell you too. I have had my fair share of offers from abroad but I wanted to break into the first team of Feyenoord first. And make myself important for the team.”

Klaassen: “Playing CL or with Oranje is really a different level. It goes so much quicker. And I noticed that the energy drains away when you need to adjust to this. It’s massive. I think I can handle the level, but playing a World Cup is not the same thing. It’s at least three massive games in a short time span, maybe more. And then all the pressure. And playing top nations, right? There are no shabby teams there. And I have learned from the Barca game that if you have a plan and stick to it, it can work.” Boetius adds quickly: “Don’t forget one Lionel Messi didn’t play…’ Klaassen: “True. That is a big difference indeed.”

Klaassen knows the team manager is a fan and his call up for Oranje gives him the feeling that he might get lucky (with Strootman not fit). Boetius dreams of the World Cup too. “Mr Van Gaal has some options of course. Memphis Depay is a very good left winger. We played together in the youth Oranje teams. He as left winger, me on the right. I will do all I can these coming weeks and let’s hope it’s enough.

Klaassen will first party a bit with Ajax and the Eredivisie Shield. The fourth in a row. Has Boetius congratulated Klaassen already? The Feyenoord winger: “Listen, the Ajax of these past weeks is not the same Ajax as at the time of that Barca game. It feels like they’ll make it exciting again. And Feyenoord will want to finish as high as possible.” Klaassen: “Ah, yes, you’ll go for the second spot. Nice…”


Stefano Denswil

But there is more. Stefano Denswil (20) made his debut for Ajax in November 2012 but is still not a regular starter for Ajax. The central defender is quite a complete defender, with his length, speed and athlethecism. But he is still young and too kind. “I need to become more of a killer. I have worked with Jaap Stam and Frank de Boer on my defensive skills. It’s hard to go from Ajax youth to the Ajax 1 team. The difference is huge. The resistance at Ajax 1 is much higher. You saw that how we won many games easily in Europe in the youth CL ( Ajax lost against Inter Milan in the finals but beat the likes of Barca and Liverpool with aplomb). I am not happy yet and I think the coach shows this with his choice of starters. It’s as simple as that. De Boer always says: as a defender, you can never let both the man and the ball go past. If the ball goes past, the man stays. That mentality I have to learn.”

Karim Rekik is the PSV central defender this season. Developed at Feyenoord and now under contract with Manchester City. “I had a good talk at the start of the season with Man City. They wanted me to stay and I would be able to play 5 to 10 games in the first team. Mainly League Cup and lesser important games. I needed more games, so I decided to go for a loan spell. I preferred Holland because of the open play, the focus on youth and the Dutch style. I only needed one conversation with Mr Cocu to know that PSV would be the right team. Their vision but also the fact that they signed Jeff Bruma, Adam Maher and had Wijnaldum and Jetro already…”


Karim Rekik

Denswil: “This is my 13th season at Ajax. I started when I was seven. I was slowly prepared to play in Ajax 1 but the change is big. As Ajax youth player, you can hardly do any wrong. You win most games and you are Ajax, you know? But the supporters can be harsh re: the Ajax first team. Winning 1-0 at home is not good enough. At least three goals, is what they want. And I know, I used to be on the stands when Ajax played, hahahaha. I was one of them….”

Rekik has trained with big names, like Kompany, Toure, Balotelli… Isn’t that a big step back, playing for PSV? “Well, at PSV I train under Phillip Cocu. Quite a legend too, I think. But sure, the practices at Man City were unreal. These guys you mention, Tevez, Silva, Aguero… It’s top top notch. And I had Mancini as coach. He was quite a good forward but he knew exactly how to defend as well. He taught me about Italian defending, hahaha. We played pretty intense defenive games. He would let us defend with a string between us. And if the ball was played to the left, the whole defensive 6 (4 defenders + 2 midfielders) were supposed to move as one. Keeping distance but not too much and not too little… Really tough. And these type of sessions we don’t do in Holland. But… in Holland I get to play and in Manchester it was mostly practice.”

Kyle Ebecilio has a Feyenoord background like Rekik and Boetius but moved to Arsenal when he was 16 years old. “I don’t really regret that step. It was amazing. I played with Alex Song, Van Persie, Fabregas, Sanga…. Every day a master class. The pace was so high, unbelievable. I realised this was to be my year. I felt it was time for me to become an Arsenal 1 player. But in the talent team they kept on playing me as a winger, or a wide player. And I’m not. I am midfielder, a real midfielder. That didn’t feel good. There was some interest, PSV, Anderlecht, Twente… I spoke with the clubs but the talk with Alfred Schreuder of Twente was just amazing. He knew everything about me and told me what he wanted to do with me. I was sold from the get go.”

Is the level in Holland much lower than abroad? Ebecilio: “Well yes. It is….it is slower. Not lower. I believe it seems a bit less good because clubs go for youth now. You see many youthful squads and they can be a tad naive still .”


Kyle Ebecilio

Karim Rekik: “I think the pace is a bit slower but I also believe our current generation talents is really good. We can easily tag along because of our development. Also, in Holland the coaches expect you to take responsibility and show leadership. I think it helps your confidence if you are made important and it probably looks like we are playing with more experience then we actually have, hahaha.”

Tonny Vilhena, the Feyenoord midfielder (18 years young) chips in: “I think we play a little bit too naive compared to the more seasoned players. I played against Van Bommel last year. The trainer told me I could make him crazy by constantly running away from him. Make him work. His legs being a bit older than mine. But he is so smart. He would constantly move in such a way that I would bump into him and he would get a free kick. He would pace the game down, play the referee and get me out of my balance. And I remember thinking “man that guy is so smart….” You can learn from opponents in the field as well. But the number of Van Bommel’s in the Dutch eredivisie is decreasing of course….”

Vilhena can look back on a Superb Year. “I am not complaining. I am still only 18 years old and I do feel like a regular for Feyenoord now. That gives me some rest in my head. I have played 50 Eredivisie games already, I was at the EC with the Young Oranje and played Spain in Israel and I have made my debut for the big Oranje. I am quite happy.”

Kyle Ebecilio feels like his peak is yet to come. “I got a lot of confidence from the coaches but I didn’t start too well. Too much loose balls, too much little mistakes. I need to simply sacrifice myself for the team and work like a beast. That is my game. I seem to be important for Twente now, but I am also aware that this is because of Wout Brama’s injury. Wout is returning now, so who knows what the coaches will do.”

Vilhena remembers the moment well, when Ebecilio told his mates he’d move to Arsenal. “We lost Karim and Kyle. Karim went to Man City. Kyle to Arsenal and Nathan went later to Chelsea. JP and myself had the opportunity too but we both decided to break here. Somehow it feels better for me to play a number of years in Feyenoord 1. I am a Feyenoord lad and they put all their energy in my development. I am happy here, so I decided this. Karim and Kyle did their thing and that worked out well. There is not one way to reach the top.”


Tonny Vilhena

How do you deal with the expectations at the highest level? Rekik: “The expectations were always there, also at Feyenoord and Man City. But not comparable to playing in a first team. We had a bad series before Xmas and the fans really suffered. I believe it is your task, your responsibility as a player to deal with that. The external pressure was enormous. After our loss against Feyenoord our bus was attacked. I needed to get out and talk to them. I wanted to know what they thought and what they needed to get off their chest… I think my bond with the supporters got stronger there….”

And do you dream of the World Cup? Rekik: “If I have to be honest, I would be disappointed if I wouldn’t be part of it. I think I can handle it.I was invited earlier by Mr Van Gaal and had to say no due to injury. I think he will keep on checking me out and I believe I can deliver. So I will focus on that.” Vilhena: “Of course. If you have played for Oranje once, you do know you are close and you want to be part of it. But, I am young still. And there are many great Dutch midfielders, so….”. Ebecilio: “I want to be part of it, but I have quite some competition on my spot. I think I better focus on the Olympics….”. Denswil: “Van Gaal once said he wanted to select me but didn’t because Young Oranje needed me for a key game. That gives me confidence. That was a strong signal. I know need to show Van Gaal that he needs to pick me, but I’m not the only candidate, I know.”

boetiusJean Paul Boetius

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    1. Jad did you watch NT vs France……it will be first round knochout and in worst case scenerio we will end up drawing all the three games which has been the case under Van Gaal.

      1. Exactly

        There is a very good reason that coaches do not play entirely young teams.
        Kids get star-struck, they forget their duties, they follow the ball, they lose their heads, and when they go a goal down they do not have the wealth of experience to draw from and they PANIC.

        This is EXACTLY why all the best teams this world has ever seen are COMBINATIONS of youth AND experience.

        Sadly, the idiots on this site (tiju, laurent, goldstone, etc, you know who you are,) will keep posting their armchair youtube teams of the week, filling them with kids, and shouting abuse at anyone who disagrees with their hilarious line-ups.

        let’s not forget what happened against France.

        ‘To be honest I’m quite happy with the line up’

        ‘me too laurent’

        This ^

        This is what happens to your kids.
        They get embarrassed.

        1. Haha retard, there is absolutly no young eredivisie player in my line-up (that I rarely post)

          And I still say that I was happy with the line up against France, cause the bench was : Schaars, Klaassen, Siem de Jong, Kuyt, Huntelaar…

          Now the real question is : Did you know the guys who were playing that night ? I noticed you’re only able to comment things on Sneijder, RVP, Robben…

          Do you watch a bit of eredivisie ? Is it easy for you to follow conversations here when it’s mentionning young Twente or Vitesse players ?

          It’s obvious that you know absolutly nothing about dutch football. Surprise us please, come to tell us something about Van der Heijden, come to tell us something about Utrecht economy etc.

          We all know that you are a good troll, now show us that you are really interested in dutch football.

  1. I like the Man City model which they are using right now in the absence of Aguero with Silva behind Dzeko. we can use Robben behind either RVP or Hunter with three running midfielders…..2 DMs plus the 4 backs. As it is We dont have players to go with 4-3-3 formation but van gaal is focal on the eredivise players gambling if it might striker the jackpot which I think will fail miserably.

  2. if you look at Bacelona they have the talent ,players that fit in theright position ..even with the backup or the reserves they efficiently deploy the 4-3-3 formation .As for NT strootman is injured…we dont have a genuien CM….and also we dont have experienced backups. I dont think it will be a good idea to use 4-3-3

  3. Klaassen is an overrated player. You won’t go anywhere with this sort of players. The only potential world class player from this new generation is Depay.

    1. Looks good. Makes some runs past players. Can turn, dribble, pass, cross. Here is a short gif of one of his plays:


      Had to make a choice where to cut off the action as it only records for 6 seconds. The pass just went out, but he spotted the winger and attempted a good long ball.

      He is only 16 years old, so good luck to him and maybe one to keep an eye on. I hope he is level headed. Maybe there are good reasons for him switching clubs already, but maybe there are not. I don’t know. I hope he can settle down at FC Twente and leave when he has outgrown the club.

  4. I didn’t forget Depay. I think the PSV winger is a cert for Brazil. The lads above are dreaming about it :-).

    Depay is a wonderful talent and LVG loves him.

  5. Duno if any of u are aware but the Dutch are astonishing and breaking records in the cricket world.cup, this is a quote from the new Zealand captain…

    “The way the Dutch are playing, I think it’s incredibly courageous, rocks or diamonds, so to speak,” New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum said. “They’re either going to come off or they’re not. It takes balls to play like that, and it’s why they’re a dangerous team to play against.

    1. srinjoy i consider this blog as wonderful site with full of passionate football lovers ,why bringing shitfucking game of cricket??it is exclusively for girls but some men plays it,it is an artociously ridiculous game with no sense,people with some kind of sense will never be a fan of criket,indian are brainwashed by media and corporate of criket by constant TV shaowing of 30 years.if Holland starts concentraing on cricket then its a downgrade to Holland.

  6. I think Nathan Ake is the talent with one of the highest ceilings of the Euro winning U17 squads. He must move away from Chelsea, not just because he needs playing time, but I figure that he is not Mou’s type. Matic, Remires, Lamapard. You get the idea. Guys with infiltrating runs in the attacking third. Ake is a whole different kind of animal. He is a shape keeper. He could be the Busquest in a Barca team.

    Let’s say a de Boer comes around as NT coach, then I can see him using him as a single DM with 2 runners in front of him. Like:

    –van Ginkel——-Strootman–

    In this system an Ake would compete with Ayoub, Clasie, Bazoer, Blind, Anita etc.

    1. clasie will never make it at the senior level..nor will anita…don’t know much abt bazoer as he is too young…but ayoub is a pocket dynamite..brill gem, those 2, ake and ayoub are the future! (Blind as backup)

      1. clasie is more a carzola and Insigne kind of player. I think defending is not a strong game of his. It will intesting too see how he performs in that running midfield role jus like carzola and Insigne.

  7. who ever consider clasie as holding defnesive mid has got severe mental dysfunction,such a light weight guy to play top level holding mid top flight is ridiculous expecetaion.
    Clasie,stroot,ginkel,klassen, all must concdentrate on box to box creative and defensive mids like xavi does.thats the best fot NT,Club and them.

    1. ‘severe mental dysfunction’

      says the guy with severe mental dysfunction.
      how fucking stupid ARE you??

      Tell us some more, Jesus freak!!

  8. DRB300…….I mentioned this sometime back in response to jeff I think about veltman an Van Dijik and how van Gaal has opted to go with Veltman and not van dijik. How do you see both of them.

  9. I personally like the cricket news re: the Dutch. So keep on sharing. We are good with hockey, baseball and soccer/football. About time we start with cricket and rugby is what I say.

    1. Netherlands competed gamely for 34 overs in Chittagong, but Brendon McCullum struck an unruffled 65 from 45 to drive New Zealand’s highest successful World Twenty20 chase, which was completed with six wickets and an over to spare. New Zealand needed 56 from the last six overs, before McCullum whipped a flat six over deep square leg to ease the final charge in motion. Had the man on the fence been right back on he rope, he might have caught McCullum to give Netherlands a chance, but McCullum would maul 30 from his last 12 balls, leaving Corey Anderson and Jimmy Neesham with a short skip to the finish.

      Peter Borren and Tom Cooper had put on Netherlands’ best stand against a Test nation, hitting 60 together towards the end of their team’s innings, but though New Zealand only took four wickets, their discipline caged the opposition. Borren, who top-scored with 49, felt his team were about 20 runs short on a decent batting pitch. New Zealand’s calculating chase confirmed as much.

  10. 2 goals for De Guzman. The second one was a peach after a great linkup play with former Vitesse man Bony. De Guzman is so very versatile. He has played 4 or 5 different positions for Swansea this season and has excelled in each and everyone of them.

  11. You probably can add Van Dijk, Veltman, Promes, Boetius, Cillessen, Zoet, PVA, Bruma, Willems, Wijnaldum, Propper, Toornstra, Duarte, Nelom, De Vrij, Van Rhijn, Van Ginkel. It is important to bring some of these young players to the WC as sub. It will lay a good foundation for Hiddink and Euro 16. I can see 3 of these young players may be able to break into starting 11, likely Rekik, Depay and one more midfield (not sure who at this point). However, I think we can go as far as veteran can carry this team, and the heaviest load is Robben. He is now our key player. The way he plays this year no one can call him selfish player anymore. If RVP can come to the tournament fresh and share Robben’s load, we have a decent chance to go deep. If our defense can step up then our chance is better. It is a good news to see Van Ginkel get U21 playing time, but I am not sure if it is enough. It is not first team and we are almost in April.

  12. Rekik and Bruma looking like school boys in this game so far…what the sh*t was Rekik doing for that second goal?

    Its a shame the NT has to be depending on inconsistent defenders like these guys.

    1. its really brumas fault, he chooses the weirdest angles to close defenders down meaning once the guy gets past him he has to foul or give up a goal, gronigen is really disciplined i wonder who their coach is

  13. If Rekik continues being so poor in this game he is certainly going to get another yellow(he already has one).

    On a more positive note, Depay has been outstanding and Willems have been ok.

  14. Our young players have been inconsistent. Perhaps Jan can do another article about more experienced players who have not been able to contribute much to NT (because of not being called up) but LVG should consider. An article about Verhaegh, Pieters, Elia, Ola John, Afellay (might as well add in Van Dijk and Douglas).

  15. PSV 2-3 Groningen . very good game to watch. Rekik has a very bad first half. was ok in the 2nd half. Bruma was good , so is Willems who I think can be good for the NT. Depay scored a very nice goal but it wasn’t his best game overall.
    I am so happy with Gio Wijnaldum’s return. he was very close to score in his first minute but was so unlucky.
    I hope he can reach his peak before the WC. I would pick him for the runner role after Strootman’s injury.
    It may be unrealistic for some of you guys , but I think a midfeild of N.De jong , Wijnaldum and Ginkel , who I think will be fully fit by the WC , can be great for LvG 433 , and will help Persie shine in the tournament.

    1. wijnaldum, ginkel and dejong is a damm pretty good midfield BUT we cannot play with 2 mids that are inactive since six months!!
      But I liked the idea!!

      1. Why not ? Boulahrouz had played only 6 games the whole season with Sevilla in 2007-2008. But Van Basten surprised everyone with giving him a starter spot during EC2008 and he did quite good, while Heitinga who had played about 50 games with Ajax that season came and spoiled everything against Russia.

        As long as Van Ginkel and Wijnaldum can run and have a bit of rythm behind them (the world cup is in 75 days, they have time), they will still be better options than Klaassen and Siem De Jong.

        1. Fit wijnaldum,and Van ginekl can do as much as wesly and vaart did their prime,so i have no doubts.
          Wijnaldhino=the ronaldighno od the dutch in WC2014=Goals
          Van ginkel=is the better version of ballack we have.

    2. It’s good that some of you guys agree with this trio. I think Wijnaldum and Ginkel simply have enough lungs , football and speed to penetrate and make troubles to the oppenents aside with Robben Persie , and can also defend very good aside with a real destroyer like Nigel so it will help our back four.
      De guzman and Fer can be good subs. I don’t think VdV with Hsv in the relegation area or Wesley who really seems to be in trouble with his team-mates and probably LvG can do the job. I don’t mind playing with Wesley on the left but LvG doesn’t seem to be a fan of this idea.
      I mean the trio of RvP , Arjen and wesley upfront looks like a real deal.

      ___________ Krul ____________

      ____ Vlaar _____ Rekik_______
      Janmaat _____________ Willems

      _______ De jong _____________
      __ Wijnaldum _____ Ginkel ___

      _ Robben ___ Persie ___ Sneijder

      Willems will help sneijder a lot with his speed and skill , as sneijder is not a real winger I think we will need Willems as a LB. Ginkel will Help Willems and Sneijder in defensive duties on the left side , So is Wijnaldum on the right side .

      what do you think ?

  16. Zivko is such a counter striker. He impressed me in that mold. Can become the new Makaay. What is the plan with an ultimate possession team like Ajax? Curious how that will pan out.

    Ziyech is the ultimate counter 10. Launching people with every turn over. When he was closed down by Vitesse I was disappointed by his handling speed and ability to get out of it, though I only saw the first half. He should do better in ball possession concerning accuracy. He loses too many balls.

    Too bad for these 2 players that Netherlands does not play like Greece. They also match well together. Zivko + Ziyech.


    I have a hard time comparing Veltman and van Dijk. Van Dijk made bad impression on me at U21 in the past, Veltman after the winter break made many key errors in Ajax defense. Just this week vs AZ he had 2 yellow card in quick succession. If the penalty was converted then it might have been game over for Ajax. Another Veltman mess up. They both play in leagues that have lost touch with what is demanded on the highest level. The Scottish league even more so. Doing well in Eredivisie or SPL is still not a guarantee they will do well on a WC. I have no idea how some people can be sure that one would do so much better than the other. The arena’s both players perform in do not trow enough at defenders to know for sure. One might say van Dijk has looked better in SPL, then again celtic is a behemoth over there, even compared to Ajax in Eredivisie. Look at the guessed market value in the SPL:


    It’s a joke. At least in Eredivisie there are teams that can rival Ajax with their money, also since Ajax restrains themselves in spending it.

    I have said before that I can not remember a time where things were so even between so many players than in this juncture. That’s why I just leave many things up to the coach. It makes no sense to me to be opinionated about marginal stuff. waste of time. He knows best who the players are that can execute his defensive vision in the most optimal way. If that means that some intuition defenders who might individually be slightly better than the picked “rational defenders”, but who are better as a whole in executing the defensive vision, then I am oke with that. Why? No defender at this time is much better than any other. So let’s go for the synergy effects that better synchronizing mediocre defenders bring. This is actually the reason why we see so little of PVA, Douglas and maybe also van Dijk (not sure). Our only chance on the WC is optimizing the collective, individually Chile and certainly Brazil+Spain are just better.


    1. Why do you consider that Chile is individually better ? They don’t have many high level players.

      Medel is their best defender (he is originally a midfielder if I’m not mistaken), but I don’t think that he is better than Vlaar. Isla is also a midfielder able to play lateral back, was good with Udinese but doesn’t impress at all with Juventus, started only 8 games this season, being often criticized, I’m not sure he will stay there next summer.

      Of course you have Vidal and Sanchez who are top class players, Vargas and Matias Fernandez who can be good when they are in form, but except that, they have nothing really interesting in europe. Maybe the guys playing in south america they take are good, I don’t follow south american football to say. They also have David Pizarro who is a really good player but he retired from selection.

      According to some websites, Felipe Guttierez from Twente may get a starting spot with them, not a bad player but I think we have at least 10 better midfielders than him. In the same style I definitly put De Guzman and Duarte above him, do you rate him high ?

  17. On a siding note for those PVA lovers, watch the goal from basacikoglu today against vittesse. He just stared the kid!!
    What a waste of player, very very bad defender.
    Lets hope willems keep improving for the future. Much better player than PVA.
    PD: I think I even preferer Buttner over PVA!!

  18. I thought how a 17 year old Zivko bullied Rekik+Bruma was unacceptable. Rekik had probably his worst game of the season. Also disappointing he could regroup his thoughts and carry on in a cool way. His low quality even dripped over to the second half. When Veltman made that big mistake vs Colombia, the rest of his game was pretty good. His one major error did not become an oil stain.

    I was impressed with Zivko’s endurance. He ran a lot and until the end. Too bad he lacked the overview to pass it to Chery when he got past Bruma and took the shot.

    1. I quite liked the outside left kid in Heerenveen, Sinkgraven. Very good move with the ball and quite fast too. Looks like he could play in midfield and in LW position.

  19. Another loss for VdV with Hamburger SV today. They really seem to be in a bad situation. I wonder why Bouy and John don’t play. They can be helpful I believe.

    I wonder if VdV will be able to concentrate in such situations in the WC .

    1. Such a horrible horrible tactician
      I hope he NEVER EVER gets to be the manager of the NT..He’ll make us drop out of the top 50..
      Immers??? Ha ha ha ha…
      speaks volumes of his tactical mediocrity..such lack of insight..I’m sure Feyenoord will do better without him next season..There are pleanty of young talents who just needs proper nurturing under a new manager. The results will follow!

      1. I wouldn’t put Schaken and Kuyt in my worst team. Schaken had some good games with NT, impressed me last year against Kiev with Feyenoord, limited winger but good speed and penetration. I don’t think that players like Lens or Narsingh are much better than him, they are no top winger neither.

        Kuyt is boring but has a positive impact in a team, also he can be crucial for his team, rarely in world cup games, but he did some good things in qualifying games, EL and CL. I put him in the same package than Huntelaar, not good enough for NT but not completly awful.

        Brama, Klaassen and Immers forming the midfield, Van Wolfswinkel striker, De Sa and Verhoek on the wings, Van der Hoorn leading defence…

  20. Tiju…..personally Kuyt is one players that I feel should really dont be in the squad to Brazil. he will jus be occupying a extra sit which can be offered to a more utility player. I admire his workrate and team play but he jus simply slows the tempo of the game so much that you feel like wanna going inside the TV and start whipping his back to make him run faster. He was one player in 2010 final whom I was very pissed off. He jus doesn’t take on players head on and starts retrieving back instead of going in front and that where he kills the games. it would simply useless to take a player and expect him score from rebounds and stuff. In counter situation what you need is pace and versatility. he is the third best in all the position he plays and if he gets selected it will jus be for the sake of adding fake experience in the team. Van Gaal has called him in almost all the friendlys and qualification but his max minutes has come in form of sitting on the bench. he was at his peak during Liverpool days and like sneijder when he moved to Turkey, he hasnt lived up to expectation. In other words you put a Ferrari and on the side a station wagon and have a race……you know who is gonna win.

    1. Wilson i was joking on selection.and thinking pattern of selection.Only one game i wanted to see kuyt in dutch NT was 2006Wc match vs arjentina,coz we were already qualified,after that game i understood who is he is what he is capable of,i was really pissed off to see him vs Portugal second round,result was big suck it was mainly due to kuyt and sneijder(Hopeless shots towards goal instead of passing it to team mates)Though we would have won that game if Roben foul gets penalty etc etc,by the smartness of other individuals like RObin and Roben.but that didnt happen.
      Time and time again he simply occupies a place in th team and always denies a spot for better talent,most of the time it was Vaart who sufferd it,We have got punished in al tournamnets since his arrival,even with the like of fab4 we didnt win the games one of the reason is kuyt always,So i like his intelligence but as u said completely boring and kills of any movement.there are other players are coimg out in same mold that we really dont need those are Luuk dejong,seim dejong,partailly Ricky wolf etc,We can forgive klassen since he is playing as midfeilder and has better skills than kuyt.So dont misunderstand me kuyt case.
      Selection of wrong players=keep sucking.

      1. @wilson…after the departure of kuyt and replacement with better prolific players such as rahim,sturridge and suarez Liverpool became a title contender..

  21. isnt it possible to loan out players in the middle of the season. I wonder why Afellay has not considered this especially with WC in mind. I think he expects van Gaal to call him because he plays for Barcelona. he could have being a good utility backup……what a waste.

    1. it is not possible to do so unless they are in a lower division or if a team gets a special request – such as if all their goalkeepers get injured

      1. I agreed. Had he transferred or loaned out, he might have a chance. Now he has no chance unless LVG breaks his rule. What a big mistake! He could have been a very good winger.

    2. do we need this headless chiken Afellay??? are we that short of wingers?
      We have lenz who is more productive,strong and brilliant than this shit.with better mental gritt too.
      We have depay who is more productive, strong than this shit.
      We have Roben-No words
      We have wijnaldum-Extreamly skillfull than this shit,and 100 time more productive than this shit.
      if not lets forget abt Boetius,promes and co.Kishna,zivkovic can play better than shit with no brain.

  22. So far i saw Zivkoivc,kishna,and bilal ould chikh are real talents i mean natural born talents,who could bring something extra which kuyt,Afellay and others cannt bring,billal might be too young but he remmbers me michel owen,As long as you can dribbles past a tough defnder and can score experince is not required,that is a simple point.these 3 players are simply capable of it.Experince might help us holding on lead and in defense but in offense it has little role.Offense is all about intelligence,speed,skill,vision and efficacy.while defense is organizing,intelligence and exeperience.

    1. What Kishna and Zivkovich are doing now, Afellay was doing it in 2005.

      I wonder why you still didn’t get that your way of thinking is wrong. You put all your hopes on a young player, and when you realize that he isn’t good enough to make the difference in a world cup game, you start to insult him.

      Ould Chikh got past three Dordrecht players wouaw what a great talent, Afellay got past Marcelo and gave an assist to Messi to qualify for CL finale.

      Think a bit with your brain

      1. i can see the efficacy and elegence which afellay lacks,Afellay is a useless dribbler who takes enormous time to understand where is co player is.lessthan zero vision,with cocky arrogant mindset with a foolish brain.thats what Afellay is and thats why he is not playing regularly with his stupdity.simply destabilises the squad making groups etc.

      2. I agree with Laurent on this point. Afellay was at the same level of Zivco and Kishna when he was with PSV. This also doesn’t necessarily mean that Kishna and Zivco will end up like Afellay.
        I think Afellay could have been in a much better situation if he moved to man utd , Arsenal , Roman , Dortumond , etc. also could have been better if it wasn’t for his recurrent injuries.

        1. @mohmed Afellay finishing skills we have seen,very very poor,i mean less than mediocre,while while kishna and zivkovic are execellent at finishing,during past years i have many Afellay missing even one on one.horrendous finisher,all he knew is run speed and starts useless dribbling with a final foolish pass.his head is one diamentional,coocky with teamates,thinks i play for Barca and you play some cambuur????thats the attitude of a real proud idiot.complete waste of human being.

          1. I agree Afellay finish is quite poor. But don’t you forget that he is formely a AM ? Zikvo and Kishna are strikers.

            Wijnaldum has a better finish than Afellay, he scores much header also, but Afellay has a better long shot than Georginio.

            About the speed of execution and vision, Afellay is definitly above Wijnaldum and Lens, both take one hour to give a pass, Lens is really an hesitating player,really few movements in first intention, many wrong choices. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like him, he has other qualities, but vision is not his strong point.

  23. if we drop snijedr for WC we have better chance for WC ,trust me on this,it might seems idiotic,and sense less for one diamentional football fans,Mark my words its going to be true.we would be better of with out kuyt,sneijder,seim,luuk,devrij,van derweil,Afellay,schaken,hunter etc.

  24. this world cup we will see Korea beating belgium,Japan beating some better teams,Ghana will beat Germany in Fortaleza etc….its all climate and psychology not based on players and their quality.

  25. Terence kongolo and Ricardo van rijn are doing pretty good lately. They both can defend really good. Van rijn improved a lot moving forward , while Kongolo is just a great talent.
    Kongolo was injured yesterday and it seemed to be serious but I just read on Feyenoord clubwatcher twitter account that he trained today with the group and was ok. Good news.

    1. terence ha future everyone syas it,Van rhijn is not worst than weil,Vanrhijn is deadly and productive when going forward,excellent final pass and crosses for left back,but defensivly he also has a vanderweil syndrome.

  26. I am looking forward to see how Büttner does against Robben. It is a very big test for him and I think he isn’t lucky because he’ll face the best winger in the world.

  27. Robben is gonna kick some BUTT-ner! And Buttner will be the BUTT of all the jokes at the end of the game.

    Hoping that Robben decimates his morale by scoring a hat-trick.

    Just hope this pathetic (Buttner) player doesn’t end up injuring Robben.

  28. If Büttner does well against Robben it’s good news so I don’t understand why you want him to do badly.

    I mean if he actually manages to stop Robben it means he is Oranje material. Also tha

    1. buttner could assist rooney with a goal, score his own goal, and stop robben from scoring or doing anything and david moyes will still bench him for the second leg.

    2. buttner could assist rooney with a goal, score a goal, and stop robben from scoring or doing anything and david moyes will still bench him for the second leg.

  29. word press made a mistake and had me repost stuff multiple times.

    tuesday april 1st


    Barcelona vs athletic (affellay scores 3 goals….april fools
    Man utd vs bayern Buttner vs robben

    april 2nd wednesday


    psg VS CHELSEA maybe van der wiel


    ajax vs rkc
    feyenoord vs almelo
    twente vs den haag

    thursday april 3rd

    15:05 europa league

    az vs benfica

    april 4th friday

    hamburg vs leverkusen Van der vaart, ola john


    gronigen vs zwolle

    saturday april 5th


    augsburg vs bayern verhaegh and robben
    bremen vs schalke huntelaar elia


    aston villa vs fulham (steks, heitinga, vlaar, bacuna)
    hull vs swansea (de guzman, vorm?)
    newcastle vs man utd (anita, buttner maybe luuk de jong) krul rvp out inured


    chelsea vs stoke city (pieters)
    dortmund vs wolfsburg dost

    herenveen vs psv

    galatasaray vs fenerbache (kuyt, sneijder)

    nec vs twente

    sunday april 6th

    8:30 am
    ajax vs vitesse
    rkc vs feyenoord

    10:30 roda vs az

    monday april 7th
    genoa vs ac milan

    april 8th tuesday


    chelsea vs psg (van der wiel)

    wed april 9th

    athletico vs barcelona
    man utd vs bayern

    thurday april 10th

    az vs benfica

  30. Buttner will be very cautious coming into the Bayern game given is situation undermoyes , the WC spot up for grabs and also this will be the only few games he can impress both Moyes and Van Gaal. will be a good confrontation given the pace both possess.but on the other hand it will be also intesting how Robben defends coz once buttners gets that extra space he will definitely fly. Buttner is a compilation of both wing/ back something that I have not seen either in pieters,Blind,Kongolo, BMI,PVA . Its also quite intresting as to why a coach like Alex Ferguson brought him to Man United. Lets see how it goes but for sure he is an exciting talent. …..

    Tiju….. Afellay would have been quite an option in the midfield given his dribbling and speed to counter the likes of Inesita and Fabregas.
    When he was at schalke he was showcasing his true potential unitil that injury setback which struck him again.. giv him a break dude he is not as bad as you always characterize him. Its the injury that has got him the most.

    1. am not doubting abt his speed or skills he has it,but the attitude?????horrendous.Mostly idiotic people have more these kind of attitude problem,he seems menatlly so weak and doesnt have a courageous mind,seems like an coward and a whiner with full of proudness,this kind of players doesnt win u CL or WC,thats what my point is.For the better sake of NT Afellay,kuyt,seim,luuk,Devrij and many should stay away from national team.its makes our chances more better.

  31. hopefully Buttner will find another good club if thing dont work out with moyes and also wonder wether Van Gaal gonna watch this game or no. Given we have only three friendlys left before the WC this game could speak its own volume.

    1. For not sending De jong after Alonso incident??then we would have failed before half time.Though he may not have redcarded heitinga in last if he did Dejong earlier.

  32. we must consider oursleves lucky that we didnt get redcard for Dejong,it would have spoiled the final if he given that at halftime,though spanish and latin players are best in dives and time and time they have proven it again.so we need to careful when we face these teams.they will fool refrees by any trick.

  33. my new line up for the day after considering Zivkovic and Kishan performance

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