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Hi all, I realised I am becoming a bit of fossil. The whole world is podcasting, infuencing, selling shit via instagram etc etc. And I am just sticking to the typed word. Putting a video in my posts is a real hi-tech feat for me.

But, you can now listen to the man, as the Soccernostalgia Podcast invited me to talk them through the year 1983, for The Netherlands National Team.

An interesting year indeed. Ajax won the double with Cruyff. Feyenoord with Van Hanegem (57 years old or something) just finished second. The season after this one, Cruyff signed with Feyenoord and won the double there :-). And Oranje was prepping for the amazing 1984 Euros in France. We will do another one of these for that season too, I hope. As this was the period in which the 1988 Champions were moulded…So host Shahan Petrossian and co-host Paul Whittle will also blow your minds, as these two afficionados have incredible knowledge of international football… In general. I mean, minds blown.

Just click here if you want to have listen of what we discussed…

Your fearless writer in the podcast…

I will work on a nice piece on Jerdie Schouten of Bologna, who was under the radar of most, for a spell. But Christian Eriksen and Lukaku will tell you that they know who he is now.

But more importantly, I will post a cool article on another 1974 hero who died recently: Wim Suurbier.

He wasn’t the best player in the team. He didn’t get the accolades that Rep, Cruyff, Nees or De Kromme would get. But he is by far the guy who led the most interesting life… And I hope to get that article out to you soon.

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  1. Jan Im just wondering how you use to stay updated back in days. I mean no live stream,espn etc, were you in the Netherlands back then. Your Archive must be really full.

  2. @ Jan,

    Well Done!, man. I’ve listened to about half so, far. Love the details and back stories, digressions, and the vivid descriptions of the players. (The take on Jan Peters is classic.) This great to listen to; and I haven’t even gotten to the good parts: Ireland (in Dublin, one of my favorite games of all time), Spain, and of course Malta-Spain which you tease early. Cool that they gave you so much time. Sounded like you were really enjoying it.

    Will you be doing future podcasts with these guys on later (or earlier) teams?

  3. Ake is going to Manchester City. Any thought on this? Does he have what it takes to nail down a starting position there? His tackle and position is good, ball control is good so he could blend well with Pep’s City.

  4. I agree, Kevin. I think Ake fits well with Guardiola’s vision of his team, for the reasons you say. Guardiola likes mobile, ball-playing defenders. (Who doesn’t?) I think Man City is going to grow very fond of him, very quickly.

    1. Bit sceptical about the move given it will put him in direct competition with Aymeric Laporte who mind you is not a bad defender either. Im just looking at his chances of playing free flowing like he did at Bournemouth . City have got Stones who has severly fallen out of favour with Pep to promising Erica Garcia,make shift fernandhino and aging otemendi on the right while just laporte on the left.

      I cant see Ake just going in there and benching laporte or unless if he (larporte) is injured. So somebody will have to settle in for the short straw . Either Ake will deputize Laporte or vice visa or one one of them will have to settle in and play out of position on the right.

      Which ever the case, if it works, well and good for Ake if it doesnt it could well back fire on him for not considering others options where he could have found more luxury.

      I mean you look at De ligt when Sarri started deploying him on the left. He didnt look comfortable at all until he moved to the right. Also thanks to Merih Demiral injury.This is always the case when you find yourself in an unfamiliar terrioity or in this case not on your favourable side and which can put alot of added pressure on you especially when you have competition all around. Some CBs are comfotable playing on either side but looking at both, dont think laporte has played any game on the right while Ake did play few games on the right at Bournemouth due to injuries but never looked to be in his comfort zone.

      Being said this Pep has rotated the squad through out the season well and in all competition so it may just come down to how effectively Ake takes his chances when given the opportunity and presses for the no 1 tag with competition from laporte.

      1. I would have also liked to see Pep give Philippe Sandler opportunity to prove him self .he endured a frustrating loan spell at Anderlecht, suffering a knee injury which sidelined him for six months.Anderlecht have confirmed they have no intention of extending his loan spell and will release him back to city. It remains to be seen what Pep and his super agent Mino Raiola has in store for him.

      2. Since Fernandinho is getting older, I think Ake has a chance to be placed as a defensive midfielder. In several matches, Guardiola placed Fernandinho in defender position, partner with Laporte. So Ake can be used in defensive midfielder.

  5. Must say PSV are looking one hell of a squad with all players back in training. 4 talented strikers, malen,Lammers,Piroe and Romero, obispo back from loan at Vitesse, add others like Ihattaren,Doan,Bruma and Gakpo to this plus if Van Ginkel arrives from chelsea as well, it will be collateral damage I tell you and by far one of the most competitive seasons with Ajax,Feyenoord & AZ after a long time.

  6. Greetings Jan!
    The video about Suurbier brought tears to my eyes. I love the 70s and 80s. So much nostalgia.
    Name Jan Peters brings back the memory of the mini WC of 1983 where he scored a screamer from about 35-40 meters against I believe Italy but I may be wrong. I remember HOL getting beaten by Uruguay 2-0 which went on to win the final against Brazil. Later Peters went to Italy to play for Pisa (or Atalanta). I got so excited anytime a dutch player went to play in Italy. There was Van de Korput playing for Torion, Krol for Napoli I used to listen to live calcio games on the radio on Sundays. It was amazing. The glory days of V Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard with Milan followed by Gullit going to Sampdoria. So many memories.

  7. @Balkan,

    You are taking me back. In the 80’s, it was almost impossible to find European games on television in the US. But there was an Italian language TV station in San Francisco that used to show live Italian League matches on Sundays. Do you remember the it came down to the last game of the season: AC Milan playing at Napoli? Maradona and two Brazilians played for Napoli; Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard for Milan. Milan scored twice in the second half off of two wondrous runs by Gullit. (It might have been Van Basten who got them both.) Fantastic.

    1. Hey andrew. I don’t remember that particular Napoli – Milan game, I will youtube it. I remember one when V Basten scored 4 or 5 against Napoli. It was a fierce rivalry. I used to listen to radio broadcast of the scudetto. Sandro Ciotti was the most famous of broadcasters those days with a very typical voice. Brazilian Careca used to play for Napoli mid to late 80s. Zico and Junior used to play for Udinese, Falcao for Roma, Juve had Boniek (famous polish player) and Platini. I really liked it that only 3 foreigners were allowed to be in a team with (I believe) only 2 on the field at the same time.

      1. @alkan, Yep, I remember that period well. Great league. If I recall right, when Italy opened up many of the big stars went there, and with the restrictions you mentioned, there were limited spot, and that is why Zico ended up in a place like Udine. I was a real admirer of Boniek. He was the leader of the Poland team that advanced to the 1982 WC semi-finals on the basis of a match against a very good Soviet Union team; a strikingly emotional match, with a massive “Solidarity” banner unfurled across a section of the upper stands. Btw, if you want to find the Napoli-Milan match I mentioned, it was in April or May 1988, in Naples.

          1. No worries andrew. Great chatting with you about that beautiful period.Can’t find many people who recall much about that wonderful calcio era.

  8. unknown Pascal Struijk has came under spotlight at leeds united .he got good reviews after being crowned winners of the championship and will featuring in epl next season. somebody to look out for given he plays as a defensive midfielder.

  9. Bakkers development looks on coure at PSG. Already a winner after PSG won the coupe de france 1-0 vs St the nod ahead of kurzawa and brenet who both are struggling with injuries anf fitness respectively . Played full 90.

  10. @Balkan, yes, a great era. I always thought Tardelli was the epitome of the league; good player—scored a beauty in the ’82 WC final against Germany—but it was his mentality, a hard payer who never gave an inch. He got red carded in a World XI v. Argentina charity match. lol.

    Curious what the Italian radio announcers sounded like. The TV guys who broadcast the Sunday matches I watched were remarkably low key; wouldn’t do much more than name the player who was on the ball at the time.

    1. I must say I underestimated some of you guys. You guys go way back man. I have been a arsenal fan since Highbury days and while growing we only knew epl existed.early 90s to be exact.

      Just a question here I do you see football today when compared to back then? Maradona era,Crujff era to the big names today.

      1. @Wilson,

        I’m a fan, and so I have a limited view and knowledge. The game is much different now in 2020 than in the 70’s and 80’s; as with all sports, the players are fitter and stronger, players are analyzed on a granular level, metrics are pored over, and strategies are devised based on such. Too, the game is much cleaner; not as much brutal and dirty play; the stadia are cleaner and less hostile, the conditions much better, the game is tilted towards offense, and goals are easier to come by.

        I don’t know how you compare players of different eras other than by how they operated within the circumstances of their era.

        That said—conceding that I romanticize the players I saw when I was younger—the qualities of Pele, Cruyff, Maradona, were unique and unparalleled; the greatness of their play was not a product of the conventions of their time, but rather in defiance of it. To me, that is what separates them from a Messi or a Ronaldo.

  11. PSV new coach Roger Schmidt is working on deploying 4-4-2 start the new season. This will be very very intresting as they have so many options up front. Maxi Romero has returned from his loan spell in argentina,So to Joel Piroe. Malen and lammers both have fully recovered and then gakpo,Doan,Bruma and Ihattaren who would add further depth on the flanks.

    The only question mark is their midfield.they should offload Hendrix now. His time is up and Rosario was over hyped.they should look at signing Joey Veerman

    1. Bakker and Wijndal will be our future left back. How about right back? Can you recommend some players? I am not sure if Dumfries can develop further.

  12. We now have real options at LB. Blind, Van Annholt, Wijndal, and now Bakker. Bakker reminds me of Arthur Numan.
    Guessed we need similar for RB. Dumfries never impressed me in the outings thusfar.

    Another thing which excites me is Robben! I believed he will make it for the Euros. His big game experience coupled with the new talents such as De Jong, Stengs, Bergwijn, De Beek will certainly improve the team. Robben actually retired when he was still on the high, no surprising he decided to make it back. 😊

  13. Bakker and wijndal are the way foward.time to say good bye to van annholt and blind. Also look out for chelsea uitilty Ian Maatssen as well.under Lampard he could get his big break in the coming season

    Tete,hateboer,Karsdorp,Fesu mensah,Diks,frimpong.There is alot of right backs out there but none so far has been able to really stamp their mark and are floating. Hateboer,though is enjoying top flight football at Atalanta, he has not been tested at NT level and especially at fullback.

    I personally feel they should have tied down sergino Dest. He looks to be n upgrade of dumfries

    I would say there will be alot changes at RB based on who is performing how. Dont think dumfries is undisputed or no 1. Ki jana hoever is also being groomed by klopp at RB.

  14. Hello, it has been a while since I last posted but I miss Oranje playing due to this virus.

    Hopefully the wait will end and in 2021 and 2022 we the Oranje fans celebrate we being champions of the Euro and World Cup.

    Van Dijk lifts the trophy and finally the Dutch are World Champs!!!!

    Greetings to all, to Jan and his great work and of course may GOD keep you guys safe and sound.

    Finally my line up for 2021…

    1- Cillessen
    2- Dumfries
    3- De Ligtt

    4- Van Dijk
    5- Blind
    6- De Jong
    7- Ihittarian (or whatever it spells)
    8- Van de Beek
    9- Memphis Depay
    10- Wijnaldum
    11- Justin Kluivert / Promes / Babel

    1. There is enough time for new faces to come in since last time out. koeman needs to try new players and build a good depth which will cater for major injuries without impacting the team. you dont wanna see another major injury just before the euros like that to Depay which shadowed alot of doubts but only for COVID 19 to give a lifeline. malen, boadu,stengs have already had few outings for NT and need to clock more minutes to build more confidence at international level. and again there will be nations leagues, friendlys and world qualifiers where koeman can do this.

      apart from the them if there are other players whom hits top flight then why not. a good example is Mitchel Bakker.PSG management has been satisfied so much with Bakker’s performance that they have added him to the CL selection submitted to the UEFA.

      wijndal Koopmeiners, Veerman, Dilrosun are probably other players who should be next in line for debut.

  15. Ake official now a man city player. Its slowly shaping up and I think by 2024 NT should have their next golden generation . Some big talents are on their way and if they can make a smooth transition and get scouted by big teams, like van dijk, frenkie,de ligt bakker, NT is destined for stardom. You have the u19 contingent who are not far behind and then the winning u17s who will be queuing up behind them. Its jus gonna come down to choices the players make and then the transition itself.

    1. Big contingent now at Hertha. Dilrosun,Redan,Rekik and now zeefuik. You expect in another season or two for them to be taking that big step. Good stepping stone for them but not sure of coach Bruno Labbidia though.

  16. Hey guys,
    Hopefully, everybody is safe and sound. I was very busy at work and did not have a chance to visit the site. AZ have had very slow start, three losses in a row from Genk, Utrecht and Zwolle (all 0:1). Finally today they won Lille 2:1. I am going to watch the game today. Overall, with the absence of Boadu and Stengs things are not going very well. The attack is very toothless. Having said that with Genk, AZ created tons of good moments but last touch was always poor. My boy, Ferdi, was not very convincing either. With Lille Boadu played 45 minutes, did not score but at least he will most likely feature in AZ first game in the CL. Whether Stengs and Vlaar are going to be able to play that first game in CL is a big question. Both of them were injured during preparation, they train with team but are not match fit. AZ has been pursuing Terence Kongolo. Two weeks ago it was on news but after that I have not heard anything. We really need to secure the back line in order to release Teun Koopmeiners to midfield. With his presence midfield will be much sharper. Classie was not very convincing in that position yet. Overall preparation goes well, hopefully no new injuries before the season starts. Next game AZ will play against Monaco. BTW new arrival, goalkeeper Hobie Verhulst did a really good job. He is from AZ youth Academy but for the past three years he played on loan in different clubs. He is back now and it looks like he be will eventually very good succession for Bizot if he decides to leave the club, and rumor has it that this might happen during coming transfer window. Cheers, guys.

    1. Looks like Slot will stick to the same plot as last season. Not sure if this will be a good move. They looked burnt out when ajax caught them on the points table just prior to season ending because of covid. Slot used the starting 11 extensively and it took the toll on the players.keeping in mind the the acquisition ajax, Feyenoord and PSV did in the transfer window you would have expected AZ to be doing the same. Druijf is a good striker but he not an upgrade of boadu so you can imagine what will happen if boadu gets injured.

      On the other hand im putting all my money on PSV this season.they will be the team to look out for. Watch out for this guy Noni Madueke. Has being a standout figure in the training sessions and plus new coach Schmidt will deploy 4-4-2 which will cater for all 4 strikers. Malen, lammers,piroe and Romero. Their only problematic area is LB.

      1. AZ has not made any significant investments this year, they added several players from the Young AZ and that is it. However, I am expecting one good signing for the back line. I would not compare AZ with Ajax and PSV in terms of spending due to small budget of the team of Alkmaar. But I agree that Slot will rely heavily on the same starting 11 that he employed last season.

  17. Re: PSV. Last year, they had a very good group of forwards, and Ihatteren playing just behind them, no different than this year. But their problem was a mediocre central defense, and neither the defenders nor the holding mf’s serviced the offensive players. I had hopes (and it could still happen) that Van Ginkel would join them, which would go a long way towards solving the problem. But if he doesn’t, do they have anyone who can solve that issue? And what does heir central defense look like now? Just asking; I haven’t followed their off season.

    1. Armando Obispo should reinforce their backline after returning from loan at vitesse. this should be his break out season even though he played 100% games for vitesse last season before it was called off.he is still deemed unfit and is training separately after recovering from injury he sustained at vitesse.

      midfield indeed his an area of concern for them and even though they have so many options, Michal Sadílek Mauro Junior,Ryan thomas, Rosario, hendrix, Guti, none have performed exceptionally and are medicore at best. They need upgrading in this area.

  18. I do not think AZ will be able to compete for Kongolo as Fulham will beat them in this competition. Now AZ turns its face to Wesley Hoedt. Wesley does not have any future in Southampton and hopefully will be open to return to his Alma Mater.

    1. They need a striker who can push boadu. An injury to boadu will prove fatal for them and not sure what their aspirations are for CL. An early exist will decide their future in eredivisie while CL or EL would burnt out the players

      1. I agree on that. However, priority is back line now. I beleive making a group stage is AZ CL aspiration. Honestly, I do not think they will be able to pass Victoria Plzen

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