Netherlands will play Croatia in Nations League semi-final

UEFA held the draw to define the UEFA Nations League semi-final matches. The draw was held in Nyon, Switzerland. Wesley Sneijder was present to draw the games.

The Netherlands will play against Croatia, while Italy and Spain will make the other semi-final.

“Who will win? I hope the Netherlands. I think Croatia have a very good chance. There are four great selections. Croatia had a great World Cup. Spain and Holland have new coaches, so I’m curious to follow these matches” said Wesley Sneijder before the draw began.

The match between the Netherlands and Croatia will be played on June 14 in Rotterdam at Feyenoord’s stadium in De Kuip. The second semi-final will be played at FC Twente’s home ground in De Grolsch Veste on 15 June.

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  1. Wout Weghorst seems a man transformed..continuing from his exploits Vs Argentina onto current Man United. He plays well as a target man, laying off the ball to his more skillful teammates, pressing and dragging defenders away and holding the ball well. All these are obvious from his recent performance for Man United. ETH is a talent spotter, able to utilize seemingly average player to their strength. Wonder why LVG failed to deploy Weghorst the same in the WC. Still feel we would have done better if the players were allowed to play free-er, without being bounded by the tactical plan.

  2. @jan I have been keeping distance from football since the world cup for the way Netherlands went out. It was, and still, so painful. When I made an effort to get into football again I went back to this blog, and read the hilarious interview with peter Bosz after we win the WC in 2026. And then, the next post you announced you were leaving. I think you were not fair with yourself. On that post you mention few times how you fail 9no surveys, no regular post, not involving more technology, etc). And I think its totally the contrary. You did an amazing job. THANK you for creating and leading this blog.

    I was sad after reading you leaving, but then I read @tarcisio post and you are still here commenting. I am so glad having you back on this new rol. Please never leave!

    @tarcisio, I wish you all the best. Thanks for taking care this little treasure. This is by far the best place we, the Orange non-Dutch-speakers fans, have to share our passion. Thanks for keeping it alive. I knwo what does it means been a Holland and Dutch fan without being Dutch (I am from Venezuela)

    Thanks guys for your effors to keep this alive.

    @jan I expect your analysis when we win next WC, though!!

  3. I am doing something that Tiju/Enmmanuel loves to to. A line up out of context (we are 5 months form the semi final). I assume Koeman will try to play like Ajax 4-2-3-1.




    Malacia/Ake—Ake/De Light—Van Dijk/Timber–Dumfries/Frimpong

    ————-Bijlow / Noppert——————————-

    1. you i was also gutted ,still not in to football was devastiavting see Arjentina and Messi lifting it…..
      Cresensio summer ville and Malen can bring pace trickery up front…Brobbey and Berjwin looks like lost in wilderness…Depay is declining…Frenkie and koopeminers combo will have leak…We need to include Botman and struijk hence we can use Timber and AKe as Dm…that will give us better midfeild,i really hope Koeman uses younger lad with lungs and runs just like Sceloni used Enzo and Mc alister …that woul give pressing balance..Tijjani Reinders,Quinten Timebr,weiffer has it..Tony Vilhena at 28 has it…
      i would go with
      Virgil is injured,Depay still finding his rythem…i lost hope for Danjuma,can he make it in spurs??
      on bench
      —–koopmeiners—–Tijani Reinjders—-

  4. I repeated Lang. I will use Danjuma as right wing. I don’t know if this could work.

    What do you think? Any ideas Enmanuel?

    Who could be the 4th double pivot beside Frenkie?

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