Oranje hasn’t lost since 1996….

….against England. It’s interesting, the Dutch were reigning supreme in the Golden Age, with the English Empire and the Portuguese seafarers… And England and Portugal are our up and coming opponents. We don’t do too well vs Portugal, but England…we never lost since that 1996 1-4 upset at the England Euros.

Ronald Koeman himself was part of some of these amazing games, with some significant contributions.

Koeman made it clear that he would be playing another system than 4-3-3. “I can tell you this, the system I’ll be playing is not 4-3-3.” That should be enough for us.

He also appointed Virgil van Dijk as the new skipper. With Daley, Strootman and Wijnaldum as vice-captains. No one seemed to disagree with the choice. Van Dijk has the potential to become a world class defender. He is vocal, he has personality and coaches prolifically in the Liverpool team as well. And, like Ronald Koeman before him, Van Dijk will have the game in front of him, which helps when having to re-position players and alert players.

Van Dijk will be the next in a line of wonderful Oranje players who wore the band before him.

Frank de Boer is the record holder captains of Oranje, with 71 caps with the band. He took the band from Danny Blind in 1995. Ruud Krol, a defender as well, wore the band 45 times, taking over from a certain Johan Cruyff in 1977, when JC retired as international.

Ruud Gullit comes next with 41 caps with the band, taking it in 1986 from Bennie Wijnstekers. Ronald Koeman wore the band 33 times, while before he took it – in 1987 of his rival Ruud Gullit.

Other names in the skipper top 10, are Gio van Bronckhorst, Puck van Heel, Cor van der Hart, Edwin van der Sar and Harry Denis.

Oranje in the Johan Cruyff Arena against England… hours away and a debut for Koeman in a full house.

The total balance between England and Holland is in favour of the English. The Three Lions won 12 times, and lost eight. Ten times both nations drew. The last match was at Wembley, in 2016, which ended in a win for Oranje with goals by Narsingh and Janssen.

The last time England was guest in Amsterdam, in 2009, Bert van Marwijk was the coach in a friendly ending in 2-2. With goals by Kuyt and Van der Vaart.

Kluivert scoring the 4-1 for Holland in a loss in 1996, but securing Oranje’s progress.

The last win by England on Dutch soil was in 1969. A team with Cruyff, Van Hanegem, Mulder, Israel and Muhren lost 0-1.

Justin Kluivert could be the ninth son of an international to make his debut. Ryan Babel will be the most experienced international in the young Oranje. The Besiktas forward played 46 caps and is the older player in the squad, with his 30 years.

The other father-sons: Martin Koeman and sons Ronald and Erwin Koeman. Martin only wore the orange once. Wim van der Gijp, also 1 cap, and son Rene van der Gijp (15). Johan Cruyff’s huge shoes couldn’t be filled by Jordy but he made it to the National Team anyway. Jan Mulder was a famous striker in the JC era and his son Youri played the same role. Just like Danny Blind and Daley Blind are almost carbon copies of each other. Steven Berghuis’ dad Frank – or Pico – played 1 cap for Oranje. Then there was Jan Everse SR and Jan Everse JR and lastly Nigel de Jong who’s dad Jerry played 3 international games for us.

The Oranje staff: keepers trainer Patrick Lodewijks, assistant Kees van Wonderen, Ronald, assistant Dwight Lodeweges and fysiology coach Jan Kluitenberg

The infamous England – Holland in 1993, when the 0-2 loss meant that England missed the World Cup in the US. Koeman scoring the first.

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  1. It will be a shame if Van Dijk and De Vrij can’t form a partnership

    I don’t think they have ever played together ..

    Then ake and fosuh mensah would be also my favourited left and right bAck if blind isn’t available

    As for the front and midfield … I don’t think there will be much surprises to see

  2. here we are:


    ——De Vrij—De Ligt —Van Dijk——-

    Van Anholt–Strootman–Wijnaldum–Hateboer

    —–Depay—–Dost—–Promes ——-

  3. Good pass from Dost setting England up on the break. If his career as a Holland striker doesn’t work out, he could be an English midfielder.

    1. Yes, but that was to be expected from two teams experimenting with players. The middle of the pitch seems quite congested so not a lot of movement through there, and the quality of crosses from all 4 fullbacks just hasn’t been good.

  4. So far nothing really special happening. Memphis may be our best player but he’s the champ of the chumps out there. Him and van Aanholt seem to have a bit of chemistry.
    I’ve liked van Aanholt a lot, very eager to get the ball back which is something we’ll need if we’re not going to be a skillful team going forward.
    de Ligt has looked good. Lots of smart challenges and is reading the ball very well for someone his age.
    Dost, Wijnaldum and Strootman look lost in the system as the ball very rarely has gone through the middle of the park.

  5. @derekvdberg Wijnaldum and Strootman look lost in EVERY system that is precisely why i said we need a change in midfield. Vormer was worth a try.

  6. I say Strootman and Wijnaldum don’t start next game. Van de Beek is the future, and Propper is more flexible in formations.

    Wout Weghourst may have only been on 4 minutes but he gave us an option that Dost never presented, so lets start him as well.

    No really problems in the backline.

    Would have been nice to give Kluivert a few minutes. If nothing else he would have run at defenders in a way no other player dared to.

  7. Well a Lossing start for koeman, but there is defintely room for improvement and im sure the notebooks must be full with comments. Starters,wijnaldum and strootman are not cutting edge midfielders suited for modern day era @ international level and it looks like it will again be a headache area for koeman. I dont think there is anybody right now who can fill the ” black hole” to immediate effect. It might take time.im alo really suprised how klopp has developed Ox into a midfielder and it was always going to be a mismatch with wijnaldum and strootman in the middle who as usually were clueless and no match to his pace

    the wingbacks were quiet and couldnt deliver decent crosses in the box an as I mentioned earlier it was ” another day in the office for Dost”

    Again I dont think Depay should be starting and as mentioned earlier should be super sub. He is only lively if he receives the ball to his feet and if there is space in front of him.he would be better of at 10 or 9 where he can use his built to his adavantage.im sure if sterling would have been playing for Dutch, dost would have scored. With this I think kluivert should start vs portgual.

    The back three were the only bright light of the team and looked solid apart from De Ligts tackle on Radford which was a sure penatly.

  8. ha ha Wijnaldum- strootman combo is a disgrace to dutch history of midfeilders..as i .expected….
    then Dost???who is he???
    Memphis starter????
    We need Jetro willimas and Ricardo van Rhijn on right to have pin point billiards sharp crosses and pass if we use 532…Rest of the players doesnt have it..yes both might be SH$$%%t as defenders but they are the best in it..

      1. You Choker……UR Dost has eaten shI#$$% t yesterday..as uusal Strootman -Gin combo …it is not an ongoing issue ,how many matched required to learn that they are clueless together especially strootman…??Koeman and easily drop strootman,when did we won this combo last time??..
        FYI (to ur idiotic brain)…..i didnt say Annholt and HAteboer was bad…..Williams and Vanrhijn are more clinical and extremly sharp in attack..Van rhijn can be coached well so is williams…We have some world beating defenders in Vandijk,Devrij,bruma,Mensah and Deligt…they along with players like Ake can make up for Williams and Vanrhijn…its all about complimenting each other and hence making a balanced attacking team..

      1. Derek …i said if u want pinpoint extra sharp crosses there is no one is better than both..yes i do agree they dont play regular due to their defensive vulnerability…But We have 3 men world class defenders..
        Devrij–upcoming chelsea/inter/juve player
        virgil—most valuble defender in the world.
        Deligt—Up coming Barca/MAnu playerk out ..
        we can use williams and van rhijn with them …i am sure koeman can coach both…
        But we need to kick out strootman and Dost for the sake of the team..

  9. Against Portugal,I hope the line-up would be
    De Vrij Van Dijk De Ligt
    Hateboer Vilhena Van De Beek Wijnaldum Ake
    Depay Weghorst

    I think the good part from the England game is we found our guys for Defense except for LB.

    I would want to see Ake there for the next game but I still do not think he is the right guy for it.

    I would want to see one of Wijnaldum or Strootman taken out from the starting 11, clearly these two can’t play well together. I would want to see us play with 3 midfielders, Vilhena and Van De Beek are both young and energetic player, both are pretty well rounded too but they need more experience, so we need one more experienced player like Strootman/Wijnaldum to play with them.

    Up front, Dost is a big no, we gave him enough chances, his work rate is poor, and make too many mistakes, can’t control the ball up front. Depay is the only player making some noise for us against England, he lost the ball a couple times though, I would want to see Weghorst given a chance.Promes has always been on and off for national team he is even more inconsistent than Depay. To be honest our best shot for the real striker place is a healthy Vincent Janssen and Locadia. If the team does not work with a traditional striker. I would rather see Depay Prome/Berghuis as strikers and have a runner in the midfield to come in the box often.

    For subs, I would like to see Berghuis, Propper come out in the 2nd half, and gave Justin Kluivert a couple minutes to play as well.

    I think the question mark for now is LB, whom to play in midfield 2/3, who should partner Depay at the front.

    1. I don’t mind this line-up. I like Ake too, but I can’t see him playing a back 5, he’s just not quick enough. A back 4 I think he’d be okay.

      The 3-4-3 formation confuses me because it seems like the wingers are always running out of room to the full-backs, and the wingers need more room to run into and do their tricks. A formation with two strikers is probably best with 5 at the back, but unfortunately we don’t have the van Nistelrooij, Kluivert combo that we used to.

      1. that’s why I said Ake might not be the right guy haha, Van Aanholt’s performance is not great, I would give him another chance maybe against Italy/Slovakia.

  10. We should go with
    Annholt–Van de beek———-Wijnaldum
    Is Vilhena in team?????

  11. Its true that now we know who should be the first choice backline therefore it would be good idea to rotate some players in there to determine who the backup players should be

    Ake- Van Dijk- Bruma.

    Hateboer and van annholt should play again to build more confidence.

    Hateboer- van annholt.

    Midfield, to be honest, nobody fits the bill for me but I guess the option to be go with vilnea and propper.

    Upfront Depay was lively in the second half when he switched to the right flank and that where he should start and kluivert on the left.

    Kluivert- Babel- Depay

    Van Annholt-Vilhnes- Propper Hateboer

    Ake- Van Dijk- Bruma


    1. Being said this if by the next friendlys if everybody is playing consistently for their clubs and are fit than I would like the see this team.

      Locadia- El Ghazi

      Van Ginkel

      Sinkgraven- Riedewald- Frenkie- Karsdorp

      De Ligt- Van Dijk- De Vrij


      This is best team you can come up with from the current generation of players.

  12. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ll take finding a tight, solid workable back 3, and then build out from that.

    The offensive players have to be able to combine…and the set up and players they put out there today didn’t gel. My thought is that when they put two wide wingbacks along with Promes and Depay, they become a little too predictable, don’t look for space through the middle enough. So maybe replace Dost with a more offensive type of player who plays sitting behind Promes and Memphis?

    If nothing else this game should give huge motivation to Kluivert, Frenkie, Van De Beek, Bergweijn—there are places in the team for the taking.

    For leftback, while I do think Van Aanholt does bring something, but, for now, IMHO Blind is the best option. Wingbacks can find a lot of freedom and space. He’s a good passer, and he reads the game better than the others.

    Looking forward to Portugal.

    1. Totally agree, if we play with a back of five Blind is probably the best LB to use, then maybe Pieters, I would not mind give Van Aanholt another chance in another friendly. Williems actually has a decent start at Frankfurt this season but then he got injured. He might fit pretty well at LB in a back 5 system. Other options we have Haps (but not enough international experience), Zeeglar(currently injured? had a good start at Premier League this season), Joshua Brenet (can play both LB and RB), Sinkgraven (poor kid is made of glass),

      1. Blind should be promoted to midfeild as Advocate did…we must avoid strootman i dont remmber a match we played well with strootman..Dost is a must dropper as well…
        Wijnaldum can take hateboer spot..like chamberlain took role in mdifeild…
        Depay should come a sub only as impact player..

    2. our only compatible striker with Depay-Promes is Janssen and he is currently injured (just as he was about hitting the good form). in other word, a striker with good ball skills and able to take on the defender, 1v1.

      I hope Redan is able to be one.

      Dost/Weghorst will benefit more from the likes of Berghuis, Kluivert, Til.

      Kluivert-Depay-Berghuis might work!

      1. or just wait until Frenkie finally got called up and play him as a 10 in 5-3-2. then Dost will get the taste of the days when he played with DeBruyne at Wolfsburg. Kluivert/Depay/Promes can partner him.

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