Oranje: how are we doing?

The month August is a terrible month for Dutch football, usually. Our teams usually struggle so early in the quakification games for European places. We also do not have the world class players who usually would be signed the earliest in the season (Raphina, Lewandowski, Haaland), which means Dutch players/clubs usually get to know their future in the final week of the transfer period. In this season, the Eredivisie will be already 4 games in.

Lets have a look at the Dutch NT players and where they are.


The usual suspects are Cillesen, Bijlow, Pasveer, Flekken, Krul as I see them, are all doing ok, but not great. Flekken and Cillesen had some howlers already. Pasveer just got back to fitness and the coming man Bijlow also had a couple of mistakes already. But, I think we’ll find 3 goalies to come to Qatar with us.


Van Dijk is doing what he does best. Lead the defence at Anfield. Ake is getting quite some games now at City, Dumfries came of the bench to score a dramatic winner with the last touch, De Vrij is playing, Rensch is impressing, Wijndal is doing ok with Ajax, as is Blind. Malacia has yet to play a real series of matches with ill-fated Man United. Hateboer and Karsdorp are getting games in, as does Tete. Botman got his first start as well, while Pascal Struijk is a regular starter at Leeds again. Geertruida also impressed at Feyenoord.

Mathijs De Ligt is the only player yet to start from the beginning, but he’ll be fine.


Our midfield is ready for a bit of an overhaul. Wijnaldum has to find a way to get back, while Klaassen and Van de Beek are also still waiting for ample minutes. It seems Steven Berghuis might also lose out now Schreuder seems to enjoy Tadic on the #10 position. Frenkie is not a starter at Barca (yet) but every time he comes onto the pitch, he lifts the game. It feels like – like Cruyff – the midfielder is strengthened by conflict situations. We do see some exciting new names, though and we might see a changing of the guards. Xavi Simons is impressing with everything he does. He’s a real player, great touches, speed, vision, he can score and assist and off the pitch he comes across as a fun, focused and humble professional. I hope LVG takes him to the World Cup. Quinten Timber is another player to keep tabs on.

Another name that established himself in my book is Joey Veerman. In the holding role (next to Frenkie) he can be really good. I love his side-footed finishes, which gives him a lot of control and shows the icy blood in his veins. I think he’s improving positionally as well, so time to give him the nod.


Luuk de Jong does what Luuk de Jong does best, at PSV. Bergwijn is shining at Ajax, while Memphis works hard to be a factor again. He impressed me in the pre-season and if his deal with Juve comes off, he’ll be our leader of the line, as per usual in Qatar. Gakpo is going through a difficult spell, while Noa Lang is also not yet settled. These two are typically players who might find a new club late in the window. Malen is yet a bit invisible (for me) while Danjuma is injured (ankle). Weghorst is playing in Turkey and will find the net, but I think it might be a toss up with Brobbey who has been really good in his hold up play as a #9.

Problem cases

I think we all know by now that Ihattaren is going through a really difficult time. His connections with a gangster family is not helping and Ajax, apparently, is ready to move on. Sad. I don’t think Frenkie and Memphis are probem cases, they are too good to be stopped. Malacia though, might have some issues getting into the Man U side, as Ten Hag does well to protect the lad in this tough period.

I do believe he’s way better than Shaw and will make his mark, but is it in time for the World Cup?

My current squad of 27 would look like this:


Cillesen, Bijlow, Pasveer


Dumfries, Karsdorp, Timber, De Ligt, De Vrij, Van Dijk, Ake, Blind, Wijndal/Malacia


Frenkie, Veerman, Simons, Koopmeiners, Berghuis, Klaassen, Gravenberch


Bergwijn, Memphis, Danjuma, Luuk de Jong, Brobbey, Gakpo, Malen, Lang,

Who do I miss?

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  1. I will again say this Midfield will be key to sucess as to how far NT goes at the WC. The midfield combo needs to be at their very best if NT has to beat the likes of Brazil and Argentina.

    I like the squad though, I also had Brobbery,Veerman and simons as the possible new faces. Ihattaren hope is fading away.

    On the flip side no Blind for me. Of what I have seen of Obispo, he clearly looks better option than Blind at CB. At LB, Blind may get the nod but again that will be a big gamble and team will have to cope up with his blushes especially backline. He defintely will become the weak link in the team and this will be exposed come Brazil and argentina.

    I still feel Van Gaal needs to go 4-3-3 given the quality forwards options he has. You cant have players like lang, Gakpo, Danjuma sitting on the bench and expectating Bergwijn and Depay to carry them all the way.its not gonna happen. The balance on and off the bench has to be Same. This is where it will all come down to in the knock out stages when the tatical battle with subs comes into play.

  2. Finally someone have some sense to put Berghuis where he belongs (on the bench). It was about time.
    So now Jan with this sad picture, what is our chance is this world cup? 2 months away from a world cup, most of our players are not even playing for their clubs. That is crazy! What a generation!!!!

  3. @Jan I think everything will fall in place by mid oct when the final squad will be announced. Definitely would love to see some players you named like veerman and simons etc in the team.

  4. Good picks Jan. Still have my reservations on a couple.

    Berghuis shouldn’t feel the heat of Qatar except as a spectator. Replace him with a kid who is going to garner valuable experience. Xavi, Veermans etc Anyone for the future but just not Berghuis.

    Blind should make the team but solidly on the bench. Their may be injuries he could cover for in midfield and maybe on the left against weaker opponents.

    Weghorst for Luuk. Luuk is far too immobile. And he is not the only one who can head a ball.

  5. Veerman looks like a really higher than average midfielder (by average I think of klasseen, van de beek etc..) , I like his passing , his vision, his shooting range!! Maybe a nice duo of frenkie-veerman would be a nice combination for us ? What do we think?

  6. @ Alaa

    Veermans ability to break down is still a area of concern. He doesnt provide that robust factor when it comes to defending. I hoping to see more as PSV how much he has improved in that area from last season. Offensively he is a gold

    1. 4 minutes ago
      @ Alaa

      Veermans ability to break down is still a area of concern. He doesnt provide that robust factor when it comes to defending. Im hoping to see more ashow much he has improved in that area from last season as PSV plays tougher opponents. Offensively he is gold

  7. @ Jan,
    These Dutch players, if they want leave the Eredivise and move abroad, the need to join teams like Aston Villa, West Ham, Southampton, Christal Palace, Fulham ect that way they have a chance of playing regularly. These guys not only they are good enough, and 2 physically the can’t cope with the EPL or even a league like Germany. The Eredevise is way too slow and does not require a lot of physicality. That kid who just left Ajax for Bayern (I forgot his name) I guarantee you, he’ll be seating on that bench forever so as De Light. Depay is going to move from club to club until her retires. I doubt he’s going to have an impact at Juventus and at only 2 months before the world cup he’s not going to have enough playing time.

  8. @Wilson, Mees did well in this game. Came in as a substitute and scored beautifully. However, the area that he needs to work on is speed. He is a bit heavy (big muscular man), and his speed is not high. Any pacy right wing will outrun him. However, he has a good intuition to be at right place at right moment and it is something that comes naturally.

  9. Sydney van Hooijdonk looked phenomenal today. I think he could have a very good season for Heerenveen this year (20+ goals). Hoping he’s smart enough to have a good season with Heerenveen, and then jump to a Feyenoord or PSV rather than try to go abroad again. Could be in contention for 2026.

  10. It looks like Ajax are going to sell Antony to United. They put in a big of 80 million, but Ajax turned it down. Now Antony’s agents are putting pressure on the club to sell.

    I’m a big Ajax fan, but I don’t see Antony’s value going above 80 million, even in a few seasons. I would sell him now, and then they can likely get Ziyech back. They’ve been discussing loaning him or signing him from Chelsea. Sounds like good business to me.

    1. @Derek, I can’t for the life of me understand why Ajax are balking at $80 million for a nothing special player. He is a good player but definitely not worth $$$. Why not take the jackpot and bring 3-4 other players from South America that could be as good as him?! I hope Ajax doesn’t end up like with Neres 3 years ago when other clubs wanted him but Ajax was too greedy and in the end Neres is now where to be found.
      Ajax can be very rich by following this business model of buying low and selling high. Reality is no Antony will bring a CL cup anytime soon. SELL HIM NOW!
      With these super ridiculous player prices nowadays I wonder what Maradona or Van Basten etc. would be worth!!!

  11. @ Derekvdberg91

    Sydney van Hooijdonk is on loan at Heerenveen from Bologna. This is his second season on loan. I also think he will be a starter in JO soon.

  12. Steven Bergwijn just scored another super elegant goal in the first half and more to come from him:)

    I used to get obsessed with the idea of having oranje players play in top European teams thinking that’s the best way for oranje to go back to the top but these last few years showed us how only very few Dutchies made it in a top European team, seriously thinking about it, after robben and persie retired the only player who really made it to the top and stayed at the top was van dijk, other than that no one else made it 😳😳😳, frenkie never got to a safe position in Barcelona , Memphis struggled in United …, van de beek is lost , Nathan ake seems to be making it finally after last year where he rarely played for city!!!!!

    So now this bergwijn move to Ajax and the way he is tearing erdivisie apart so far will make a lot of these young kids who are dying to go to England or Spain stop and think very well before making those moves, Bergwijn is showing a lot of talent and class with Ajax in no time, after he got lost in England for two years !!!! Maybe he should be a lesson for all the young ones (look at brobbey who got humiliated in Leipzig and now he is also a starter in Ajax) to stay until later age in the Netherlands and then leave when they are 26 or 27 not when they are 20-21!!! Even gravenberch with his huge talent is risking of getting lost abroad …..

    1. I think Ajax is going to be very consistently in the knockouts of the CL, and then people will start to realize the move isn’t as big as they think. Antony right now is moving from a Champions League team to a Conference League team.

      1. Absolutely , I agree with you, I don’t see why Antony is fighting to move to a depressing team like United when he plays for a team that is becoming again a standard in champions league !!!

  13. Remko Pasveer seems a solid gk. Good reflexes and kick as well. He has been performing consistently well since he joined Ajax two seasons back. In fact, Ajax crashed out of the CL last season when he was injured if I am not wrong..
    He can be one of our gk for the WC.

  14. Watched City and Newcastle. Botman struggled with Haaland and was often caught napping. Needs to improve. long term project though at 22 and still early days in epl. Pretty much like Ake during his early days. Still has that feature of becoming wobbly when ball at feet and runs out of option.

    Ake stared well but was forced out what looked hamstring injury around 20′ with city 1-0 up.

    Was a good pressing game from both side. That st Maximin falla for Newcastle caused havoc for City defense with his footwork and penetrating runs. Was defintely the most dangerous man on the park. It’s amazing how a player of his quality hasn’t been able to break into France national team showing the depth they have. Newcastle is a good team in building.

  15. I watched the MU vs Liverpool today. I am very impressed with Malacia. He is keeping both Salah and Trent at bay. He should be our starting LB moving forward. Period. It will be criminal act to bench him for Blind or Wijndal.

    On the other side, what I saw from VVD is alarming. He is partially at fault for both United goals. Recently, he has a habit of not putting enough pressure on forwards in the box. I hope this is only short term as we really need him at his best.

    VDB only got a few minutes. He did not do much actually. He feel like he is not in sync with his team when he run towards goal.

    Will Gakpo come to MU? It will be tough for him as Rashford and Sancho are getting back their form.

  16. VVD has been lacking for a while now. He is being exposed now that the rest of defense is not up to par. Age may be catching up to him. He seems leg heavy. Not good for NT.

  17. Some Liverpool fans says VVD is playing it safe for World cup…Perhaps this is the only tournament he is going to play…Some says after injury he lost a yard or so..he was in argument with teammates ,Milner has shown some furiuos reaction to VVD…We need VVd at top form….how ever i think We are safe with Botman,Ake,Struijk….

  18. World cup can have 26 man squad… thats too good for NT….
    As of now mine will be
    Depay-Malen-Berjwin-Lang-Gakpo-Brobbey—-Luuk De jong -7nos
    Frenkie-koopmeiners-klassen-Gravenberch-Ake–Berghuis-,Xavi simons—7nos
    Cillessen,Bijlow,Pasveer…3 nos..
    Xavi simions is outstanding for PSV ,cannot drop him for any one…

      1. @Alaa Veerman would be a stand bye..i wanted Xavi simons(huge talent who can create goal and score goal from half chance not only that he can create hovac and would de stabilise opponent defense)) Then a strong DM…so i included Nathan Ake as DM, so i can include Botman as Virgil is fading i fear…Berghuis can play in wing and no 10…so it went
        Simons >Veerman
        Ake> Veernman as DM
        Berghuis > Veerman As no10 and winger role..
        then we have Frenkie,Gravenberch,koopemeiners who have sealed their place…Cannot ignore klassen…
        Defense is our strength and i went with 9 defenders as 532 in mind with Ake as 10 the defender.

  19. Rangers vs PSV HT. PSV dominating but the finishing is letting them down. Gakpo has been wasteful on some good clear chances. Luuk is looking for luck.

  20. Psv what a frustrating team, as usual in Europe ….

    And Cody GAkpo, what an overrated player Man…. The guys does nothing right 4 matches against Monaco and rangers I didn’t see one good action from him!!!!

  21. Being a PSV fan would have me living on the edge of my building. Every single cross was won by a Rangers player. Every forward ball was won by a Rangers player. Any pass over 5 yards was won by a Rangers player.

    And then Benitez makes another howler, being 100% responsible for 2 of the 3 goals conceded in this tie. Oh well, Europa League for PSV will be good for the coefficient.

  22. Just depressing man and just to point out same story like vs Benfica last season. Agree with Alaa. Gakpo is overrated and again the same story last season vs Benfica. Closed him off and he looked lethargic. The rangers defense did a good job on him. Its only towards the end of the games things changed when he srarted crossing in those dangerous ball.

    I said this before, for CL they a clinical striker way better than luuk or even Vinicius who came on in the second half. This squad is good for eredivisie only. They won’t survive in europa as well with big guns.

    Veerman was clearly their best player imo.

  23. Correction not lerthagic but runs out of option. This is the problem with wingers who are only limited to only cut in from the left and pulling the trigger

  24. I also think RVN made the wrong calls. Simons is a midfielder. On the wings he tends to come inside instead of going out and strteching the defense. He brought alot energy and positive vibe but he kept going in the traffic and then had to keep passing back. He never once went outside and made a cross. He thrives better on LW though like Gakpo when cutting in.

  25. When your coach decides to use a tall static striker from start in modern football,you are s@@%$crewd..
    Luuk de jong has no business on feil till 75th minute..you need agile ,running players with vision and brain to play modern football..Human stupidity is infinite…PSV should have started with Xavi simons as playmaker no 10 and then vinisious as striker at least…Gakpo finishing capabilty is really poor..he has to develop accuracy and composure….Thank God we have Berjwin,Depay,Lang has it for NT..

  26. Tricky CL Draw for Ajax. Liverpool, Napoli and Rangers. No cake-walk teams.

    Liverpool look a bit weak this year, so I’m hoping we can pull at least 1 point against them. Napoli could be a case of scoring 3 points over 2 legs, and Rangers I would say we should be able to get 4 over 2 legs. That means we’ll be in contention to make the R16, but it won’t be straight forward.

  27. PSV infinite intrest in El Ghazi. Shame it is after they fail to quality. They should have done this before. It could also be indication of Gakpo’s depature

  28. I hope that Ajax start to get the mentality of competing for the Europa League if they’re not in the Champions League. In the past it’s never been a priority (until 2017). Realistically, this could be seen as a transition year for them, with five players leaving, so getting third in their group and making the semi-finals or so of the Europa League would still be very beneficially. It would also be amazing for Holland’s coefficient as we close in on France.

    1. It could come down to Napoli and them for 2-3. Napoli have a good depth but their incoming new transfers are somewhat second string players from their old clubs. Ndombele who flopped at Spurs from Lyon is now looking to salavage his career, raspadori from sassuolo and Giovanni simeone ( verona) who both are a very good strikers. Add to that Lozano (PSV) and politano (inter) will make a good attacking lineup. Their only problem is their backline. Big gap after the depature of koulibaliy.

  29. How in the world that Robert Levandowski in his 30’s moved to Barcelona and become a starter right away while Depay on the bench not knowing if he will ever be used. HAHAHAHA
    All these jerks need to move back where they belong ” THE EREDIVISIE”. I heard the Gakpo may move to the EPL, lol. He’s going to come right back. Its’ going to take a while before we see a dutch generation that can make it outside of Holland.

    1. Logic man. He is a clinical finisher whereas with Depay you have to make him the central piece like in NT, which Xavi doesnt want to tolerate this. He is building the team with a good overall balance.

  30. Just a random question, between Kenneth Taylor and Joey Veerman, who u guys think are better? Actually I feel Kenneth Taylor is more all-rounded a player than Veerman.

    1. I think Veerman is probably better right now. He’s more of a 10. But Taylor is trending upwards quite rapidly and he’s more all-rounded like you said. The prototypical 8 that Ajax tends to develop. I’m a big fan of his, but I’ve also seen how a lot of these 8’s Ajax pumps out just become solid squad players, so I will stay reserved with my hopes.

    2. Hard to compare. Taylor is an all round midfielder. Two footed. Hard worker. Good runner. Veerman is more a passer, less so a runner. Both could play well together.

  31. Milan van Ewijk is looking very good. Him, van Hooijdonk, Sarr and Halilovic are providing some good quality to Heerenveen. Could be a dark horse for a European spot.

  32. Watched Ajax vs Utrecht.. Ajax jas no plans to stop.. Simply they are the best at eredivise… Rensch, beghuis started… Winjdal was not in squad.. Blind was good till he got injured.. He is miles ahead of Winjdal…. 19 year old youri baas played as left back… He looked better than winjdal, better tactical awareness, better reader of game… Utrecht was physical..We need an understudy left back as we have only 2 good left backs.. Those are Malacia and Blind..

    1. Baas looked good, but not better than Wijndal. It’s easy to look good in a 30 minute cameo when your team is up 2-0 and bossing things.

      Honestly, Ajax didn’t really look that good. Lots of possession but no cutting passes.

  33. It seems that Virgil van dijk is getting back to his best after a good performance against bournemouth. He seems to be coming back to his best after that injury.

  34. 2 months before the world cup, most of our players are not even playing for their clubs including a few injuries. I am surprise Van Gaal isn’t saying a word. How are we heading into this world cup where more than half of the squad are bench warmers in some clubs in Europe?

    1. It is the weirdest of situations. Even FDJ is mostly a bench player at Barca. I imagine if he ends up at Chelsea he will be a regular bench player considering the glut they have in midfield. And for the life of me I can’t understand the hype about Gakpo. He is a good (not great) Dutch player with hot flashes in the Dutch league. I used to put him on same level as Gravenberch who is now deep in Bayern bench. All our talents are fizzling quickly. Zirkzee a once rising star for Bayern has been shipped to Bologna.
      LVG can be a magician but considering our players and the level of talent in the other teams, WC expectations will need to be heavily adjusted.

      1. 100% this. The only way this team can achieve anything next WC is based on if LVG can work his dark magic. The last good goalkeeper we had is Van der Sar. And the last best attacker is Robben.

        Something must be so wrong in those development department across the country. Every single season we see Dutch clubs go out with some silly mistakes from GK and wasteful finishing from the forwards. Those positions in NT are currently benched, injured or Eredivisie.

  35. I would think Gakpo and De Jong very likely to move on before the transfer window shuts. Where you guys think they will end up?
    Gakpo > Man U or Arsenal and De Jong > Man U or Liverpool?? 🙃

    1. Frenkie and Depay spotted in London today, so that could be something. Apparently it’s not transfer-related, but we’ll see. Could possibly be Chelsea for either one of them. Liverpool haven’t made a bid for Frenkie, I think they want Bellingham.

      I don’t know if I see Gakpo moving. I think Arsenal are out on him, and Man U just have other priorities in trying to get Osimhen in and Ronaldo out. I was wondering if United can get enough of these deals done if Frenkie would start to look at them a bit differently.

  36. I’m looking at Brazilian transfers.

    Richardlison- spurs
    Raphinha- Barcelona
    Antony- Man United
    Casemiro- Man United
    Bremer- juventus
    Jesus- Arsenal

    They look on course with the rest of their compatriots who are active with their parent big clubs. What could go wrong for them???

  37. Growing list of CB to look out for. Mickey van de ven now has shifted to CB from LB at Wolfsburg. Still adpoting to bundasliga, nervy moments but looks full of potential at 21.

    Sep Van der Berg is off to schalke on loan. Good move for him as well.

    The only transfer that I was looking forward too and which didn’t eventuate is to that of ludovit Reis at Hamburg. I think he will be a long term project and Frenkie’s best partner given xavi’s esque style of play. He needs to make a move to get into contention.

    Kluivert to Fulham also confirmed. Good move for him as Fulham looks to be in a grooving mode

      1. Come on man, don’t do that. PSV won a couple of games against some no name teams is the Eridivise and you are bragging about that. Are you serious? These guys particularly Gakpo did not do a damn thing in the CL these past weeks. Come up man! Have you noticed that all these guys who had moved abroad these past years have failed and they are all moving back. Gakpo need to stay his ass in the dutch league where he can at least play. Stop talking about these guys. Let’s pray for a new generation.

    1. If WC start now, both of them will go to WC. And it is not because of their brilliance but because all the other guys playing abroad either flop or being injured. I don’t buy into their hype when they cannot get past Rangers. This is the same hype with Boadu and Stengs before. I watched a couple of PSV matches and I am surprised by the level of defense in Eredivisie. Many ball watching defenders and both Gakpo and Simons run into open spaces without any marking.

  38. If you think about it, Xavi simons will transition well in NT training having the exposure of training with PSG full of big names. RVN should start him in MF though. That’s where he can start pulling the strings with his brilliant touches ( one touch passing)

    El Ghazi to PSV officially confirmed

    Leeds United ignite intrest in Joel Piroe

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    Brilliant Dutch
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    Burglars broke his jaw. Out for a month

    Rep Quote
    #25771 minute ago
    Watched Toulouse vs PSG. Though psg dominated possession, Toulouse put up good show when they did have poessesion.the dutch contingent were highly active but couldnt find any break through. Van De Boomen especially who was pulling the strings for Toulouse. He has that Eriksen esque style, set piece specialist and ability to open up play with overhead passes. He was dangerous in those areas. The commentators were constantly talking about him. Dalinga had 4-5 shots on target but didn't trouble Donnaruma much. His defensive contribution was also good and well drpped deep helping the team double team up on PSG's big three.Both were subbed around 75'. Spierings was pretty much focal in break downs.

    Dont think any is ready for NT atm.

    For PSG, that Vitiniha guy ( Portguese) is their ( portgual) next star in the making.
    I can see Him, sanches and Fernandes making a deadly trio for portgual.

  40. Ignore above

    Watched Toulouse vs PSG. Though psg dominated possession, Toulouse put up good show when they did have poessesion.the dutch contingent were highly active but couldnt find any break through. Van De Boomen especially who was pulling the strings for Toulouse. He has that Eriksen esque style, set piece specialist and ability to open up play with overhead passes. He was dangerous in those areas. The commentators were constantly talking about him. Dalinga had 4-5 shots on target but didn’t trouble Donnaruma much. His defensive contribution was also good and well drpped deep helping the team double team up on PSG’s big three.Both were subbed around 75′. Spierings was pretty much focal in break downs.

    Dont think any is ready for NT atm.

    For PSG, that Vitiniha guy ( Portguese) is their ( portgual) next star in the making.
    I can see Him, sanches and Fernandes making a deadly trio for portgual

  41. I wonder how much money KNVB got, are they paid so bad that they do nothing and continue making idiotic mistake? First FDB as head coach and now close the transfer market one day before all the major leagues.

    Ajax and PSV will end up with many players leaving tomorrow and no replacement or they will get pissed off players that could not move even with high offer. Awesome job by KNVB. But again, if they think FDB can bring glory to NT then why not close transfer market on a random day?

  42. Deadline day transfers: volendam have signed Xavier Mbuyamba from Chelsea on a permanent basis. Good move for his development. Still 20. Adds to the growing list of CBs to be watched.

  43. As it is atm with injuries. 3-4-3 for WC

    Bergwijn- Depay- simons

    Malacia- Gravenberch- koopmeiners – Dumfries

    Van Dijk – frenkie- De ligt/ Timber

    Bijlow/ cillessen

  44. I’m starting to like Gakpo more and more. It feels like after not getting a transfer this window he’s got a big point to prove to the top clubs that didn’t go for him. Could see him getting 30 this season. Typically I don’t think of PSV as a European Cup team, but maybe.

  45. Provisional squad announced. Noppert,Veerman, Pasveer, Brobbery, Struijk, Taylor are new faces announced in the squad. Some will be dropped

    Suprising No simons and as usually no karsdorp. Resnch selection instead.

  46. Nathan Ake Manchester City
    Steven Berghuis Ajax
    Steven Bergwijn Ajax
    Justin Bijlow Feyenoord
    Daley Blind Ajax
    Brian Brobbey Ajax
    Jasper Cillessen NEC
    Jordy Clasie AZ
    Memphis Depay FC Barcelona
    Virgil van Dijk Liverpool
    Denzel Dumfries Internazionale
    Jeremie Frimpong Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    Mark Flek SC Freiburg
    Cody Gakpo PSV
    Ryan Gravenberch Bayern Munich
    Vincent Janssen Royal Antwerp FC
    Frenkie de Jong FC Barcelona
    Davy Klaassen Ajax
    Teun Koopmeiners Atalanta
    Matthijs de Ligt Bayern Munich
    Tyrell Malacia Manchester United
    Bruno Martins India AZ
    Andries Noppert sc Heerenveen
    Remko Pasveer Ajax
    Devyne Rensch Ajax
    Marten de Roon Atalanta
    Pascal Struijk Leeds United
    Kenneth Taylor Ajax
    Jurrien Timber Ajax
    Joey Veerman PSV
    Stefan de Vrij Internazionale
    Wout Weghorst Besiktas JK

  47. It’s amazing how both RVN and Patrick kluivert were born on the Same day and are of the same age. One peaked very early and the other late. Two great strikers of their generation.

    You cant pull the sticks yet as to who will be the next. Certainly it will be late blossomers. Make shift maybe like RVP.

  48. I feel either Berghius or klassen should go to the World Cup but not both, berghius is getting more minutes at Ajax so he should be ahead of klassen, but I would hate to see klassen picked over xavi simons, and what if the kid decides later on to pick Spain !!!!!!

  49. I’m not being negative here but If simons was in Ajax, for sure he would have been selected. I can bet on it. You look back at when Rensch was given the benefit of doubt and the nod at 18 over karsdorp and again in this selection at 19. This just boils me seeing double standard type selection. If the arguments pops up here that Rensch is familiar to the trainings and in ziest. It’s just lame and again doesnt justify his selection because he hasn’t proven anything. There are other new faces if selected will start from scratch anyway. I have said this many times, they keep hitting the fork in their own foot.

    Simons is the type of player they should be looking at fast tracking in NT. I mean in just how many games he has proven he has better qualities and ceiling than both klaassen and Berghuis.regardless of in experience factor. He even wasnt called up to JO when he was on the bench at PSG. Now when he has proven himself at PSV, then he gets the nod JO. This is what derails player motivation and builds conflict of intrest.

    If you recall earlier when Danjuma joined villareal from Bournemouth and was coming off the bench in the first few games. He was also overlooked with reason being he hadnt played much as seen by the no 1 and 2. It only took injuries and when he started making headlines that he got the nod.

    It’s just a waste,him ( simons playing in JO when can thrust more quality in the NT. Off the bench could have been a good start. Can you imagine Klaassen/ berghuis vs Brazil/ Argentina. This is whats wrong with this management. They simply cant fully nail it down. There is always gap.

    1. @Wilson just chill..That u21 coach wanted Simons for U21..Van gaal listens to them as well…Xavi simons is not there beacuse of u21 coach..it happend to Brobbey and many….
      i dont know what these guys hold against karsdorp,may be LVG doent like Jose/?//…as karsdorp is his favorite player..however i dont care much about it as long as Hateboer doesnt get call…Rensch is pretty good when you play 532 or 3412 o3 343…hateboer is the worst you could call…Rensch is ok and dcent call…Karsdorp would have been excellent…
      I am worried about noa lang and donyell malen.. both are immense threat to any defense and we need them back to be mercurious in attack..now heavy burden on Depay,Bergjiwn ,Gakpo…i hope Malen and Lang recovers well and soon form injury..

  50. Fully agree. He is Eredivisie player of the month. He deserve the call up more than Taylor or Rensch or Klaassen. Plus 3 forwards are injured, perfect time to call him.

  51. ——-Depay———-Berjwin——–
    ————-Xavi simons————
    total 22 players…..
    addional 4 players
    Wout Weghorst

  52. Somehow seems like many players are “reserving” their energy for coming WC. They could be less intense and focus at their club just to be fresh when WC comes around in 3months. Do you guys think so? 🤔

  53. Watched PSV vs Twente and the way Twente played, if they can play the same through out the season with no major injuries, they defintely will be in top 4. They totally dominated the first half. It was like watching a international level football with Vaclav Cerny ( ex Ajax) being a menace for PSV defense. Scored both goals and only after he got injured in the Second half that PSV gained some momentum. Ramzi Zerrouki also looks like a solid player for them and put in a strong shift in the engine room and also against sangare. I also liked their dutch LB Gijs Smal (25). Looks like a good LB in the making With the qualities he poessess. Regular on set pieces including corners and wiped in some dangerous crosses. Assisted in the first goal and was ever present in the build up to the second.

    For PSV, to start with, cracks is slowly starting to appear in their backline. Ramalho looks to be vulnerable these days and over weight as well. Both him and Obispo looked shaky at times.

    RVN started with simons up front and til behind him which would become 4-4-2 going back and forward. Twente really captized on this during turnovers with counter offensive with PSV scrambling in the mid ( one man short). Simons really couldn’t do much upfront but he really showed glimpse of whats to come when he shifted to midfield towards the end of the game showing his quick feet moves and penetrating runs. It’s during this you realize he is the future no 10 in the making for NT. Again a pity and a downfall that he wasn’t selected in NT. Another draw back for RVN was that of no arieal threat upfront with simons. Til was subbed immediately after he scrambled in the only goal and was replaced by vertessen ( winger)

    El Ghazi made is debut of the bench in the second half around 55′ but looked rusty and average on the right replacing bakayoko. This was always the case for him at Villa ( on the right)as well as his stronghold is on the left cutting inside. (Gakpo).in the last ten minutes he was pushed up front with simons behind him and it was then PSV put in last ditch attempt in search for the equalizer but didn’t find any break through.

    Lastly Gakpo. Another classic game of how he starts to suffocate if you close him off. he only had two good intervenions through out the game. One shot on target after some good work cutting in from the left ( trademark) and second was a clean break setting up vertessen on a through ball. Otherwise he was completely shut out by Joshua Brenet ( x PSV).

    Again this game showed why PSV is still not a CL level team.

  54. A lot at Reis at Hamburg. Try to locate him in the build ups. He is defintely a long term project given he needs to move to a more competitive league and competitive club. I believe he will be the frenkie’s perfect partner when he reaches NT stage


    Joel Piroe also after a slow start to the season is now ramping up goals.

  55. Congrats to Ajax for pulling the robbery of the century by selling Antony for that insane amount of $ to Man U. Amazing businessmen!
    Watching Man U – Arsenal, Malacia has been embarrassed by Saka for the whole game and didn’t cover him for the equalizing goal. He hasn’t won a single battle with Saka. A pity that ETH is not substituting him, it will kill his confidence.

    1. @Balkan you are too harsh on Malacia, Malacia was battleing with the best winger in EPL who is no nonsense starter for England and Arsenal…Saka is tsrong ,athletic,with immense pace and trickery…if it was luuk shaw or Blind saka would have tored their Rectum…For me it was 50 50 battle,towards the end Malacia had an edge
      for you

  56. I will also add Peter Bosz to this list. 4 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 games (13 points) and having played 1 less than current leaders PSG who are 6 games and on 16 points.

    Lyon has also been blostered by their former players returning back. Lacazette ( Arsenal), tolisso (Bayern). They have a power pack forwards. I was suprised though bosz never went for any dutch players except for Tagliafico.

    1. Bosz’s team usually collapse in the second half of the season. There was a time his Leverkusen was playing real good football but then he could not continue. Let see if he can keep it up.

  57. Sheraldo Becker who is playing for union berlin in the bundesliga has five goals in as many games and is now leading table as top scorer. Akl this augurs well for Netherlands team.

    1. He looks very good with position, finishing and speed. With so many forwards out of form or getting benched at this moment, I see no reason why he does not get tried out.

  58. Looks like Brobbey might have lost his starting position at Ajax to Mohammed Kudus. Not a shocking change, Brobbey has been pretty poor given a lot of opportunities and Kudus has been pretty good given very few opportunities.

    1. This is what Schreuder does well. He creates competition. Brobbey had his chance and did not take it. Kudus did very well today so I think he will keep playing.

      1. Yes, Schreuder is more about rotating and resting, whereas Ten Hag basically used the same squad the entire season. I feel like Schreuder is going to integrate more of Jong Ajax into the team as well, such as Youri Baas playing LB even though Wijndal and Blind are there. Tadic, Bergwijn, Alvarez, Timber will have their spots confirmed, but none of the others.

  59. Watched the replay of PSV and Bodo Glimt . Much improved performance but BG was no where to what Twente were over the weekend. RVN as expected benched Ramalho and started with Teze and Obispo as CB pairing with vertessen up front and simons behind him. It was more like a 4-4-2 with xavi pushing up and down.

    PSV really needs to address their striker issues if they want to aim high.They simply cant afford to go with false 9 or winger make shift striker. The biggest downfall for them today was simply no Ariel threat upfront and hence the fullbacks were restricted to no crossing as they was hardly any PSV who could meet it. Also vertessen and Saibari were made to look tootless when fed with good opportunities failing to convert. Vertessen miss of a GK rebound in the first half especially was painfully. Well madueke is injured and there will be some redempetion on the right when he is back but for striker they need to invest in January for luck de jongs upgrade. The youngsters like Bakayoko, Saibari, Vertessen, Ledezema are good talents but lack that experience factor.

    The introduction of El Ghazi and savio in the second half somewhat changed the game around for RVN with EL ghazi assisting Gakpo for the equalizer but it didn’t last long. El Ghazi was drifting more towards Gakpo with no one on the middle and when in the middle he looked lost. Savio looked good on ball and runs but looks too light weight. This is story for PSV upfront.

    In the midfield Veerman was crafty as ever with ball at feet , pulling the strings when possible. Lost poessesion few time but so did everyone. Would like to see how he does in orange with better attackers up front and off course along side frenkie

    Sangare also had a good game especially in the break down area. Was caught out off of poessesion on BG’s goal.

    Simons again showed glimpse of what he can bring from pure attacking mid point of view. This Especially when el ghazi came on and he dropped back more centrally . He is going to be germ for NT. His footwork is phemenormal

    Gakpo probably the man of the match. Way better performance that then vs Twente. Was in thick of things and well taken goal as well.

    Godo Glimt should have buried the game in the extra time when they opened up the exhausted PSV team but a weak shot from few yards in the end was well saved by PSV Gk

  60. Watched volendam vs Go Ahead Eagles. Wanted to see Xavier Mbuyamba ( chelsea youth). Made his debut at RCB and must say looked well composed for a 20 year old.Had just one nervy moment where he tried dribbling one past two many and got dispossed in dangerous area. Was bailed out by his RB. Though volendam conceeded three goals and lost 3-2 , he wasn’t at fault at any. All goals came from corners which was not cleared and was scrambled in congested box by GAE.

    Carel eiting ( x ajax)also had a good. One goal and one assist . Looks to be getting back to his old form after injury stricken spells else where and returning back to eredivisie. If I recall correctly PSV thrashed them 7-1 and hence can’t see them competiting against the big guns. But I liked how they played and how Wim jonk is moulding this team.

    The only thing that kind of took the momentum away from their game was to that of having henk Veerman and Robert Muhren playing together upfront in the second half. It was like playing luck de jong and bas dost together. It was after henk veermans introduction that GAE scored both goals. Otherwise Volendam looked better team of the two.hope they survive come the end of the season.

  61. Ajax vs Rangers . they dismantled rangers as if they are a second division team.. Blind would be eaten if he was not in Ajax… Blind seems too slow… He was subbed.. PSV are a stupid team yo. Loose to this Rangers at qualification….
    Then comes PSv vs glimt… Psv looked like toothless.. Their better players was sangare, Gakpo and simons…. Second half they played better… Overall they don’t deserve to be in CL… I dont think they have chance at Europa either… Their playing style and system is non exsistant… They rely on individual quality…
    Malacia was excellent vs Sociadad..

  62. There’s just something about PSV and Europe, which didn’t use to be the case. In the past decade PSV teams crumble as soon as they play in European Competitions. I can’t think of the last time they won a match that was 50/50, or even one where they were favoured 60/40. The only time they seem to win is when they play minnows.

    AZ has an easy group, not sure if they have the quality to go deep in the Conference League.

    Feyenoord could still finish second, but I’m thinking more likely to get third and then make a run in the Conference League. Similar to PSV.

    Ajax, as an Ajax fan, I was originally thinking they’d get third and then go for the Europa League this year, but now it looks like it could be a lot more open than originally thought.

    In terms of the UEFA Coefficient, we’re right behind France this year. The best case scenario would be all the teams to drop down a league and pick up lots of wins in the knockout rounds.

  63. You need to have the right pieces which they dont have. How can you expect to go to champions league with Luck de jong as your main striker. At eredivisie level it may be ok but otherwise they needed a profilic striker which again would be hard to get given the status of PSV. If you recall last time when PSV reached the quarters or R16 of CL, they had a solid and above all a very balanced squad. Locadia and luck upfront. Van ginkel, Guardado,proper in the midfield. Williams at LB, Burma, Arias etc.

    What I suspect is PSV is not ready or in the state to splash big and were riding high on the new comers to push them through which didn’t happen. So No incentives.Madueke’s injury also didn’t help them and as mentioned their for youth players, it’s a big step up. Its just not gonna happen for them now and need more exposure and game time.good talents though.

    El ghazi also has turned out to be a panic buy and unless Gakpo departs then maybe you will.see the best of him on that left side. No way He will flourish as a striker or on the right.

    The player that they should have all gone out for was lois openda of vitesse. I was suprised none of the big 4 acquired him. He smashed in 18 goals last season and was second behind haller in most goals scored. A team like lens picked him up for around 10 million and are siting 3rd in Ligue 1 with him already scoring 4 goals. This just shows how cash stricken eredivisie clubs are apart from ajax. I mean if you look at PSV, Xavi simons and Walter benitez came in free, Luck 3-4 mills and same for El Ghazi and til. They made over ten mills on the departures of doan and Gotze. This is what it is.

    1. Last time PSV went deep in the Champions League Jefferson Farfan was their striker and their top scorer was Alex the centre back.

      When they made the semi’s in 05, their striker was Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. I think their top scorer that season was Park Ji Sung, could have been Cocu though.

    2. I don’t know how you pin PSV’s loss down to Luuk De Jong. The whole qualification campaign, Luuk and Veerman carried the rest on their back. When Luuk got injury, no one else did anything noticeable. Anyway, they have any quality to get past Rangers, the problem is in their head. Year after year flopping in Europe has made it their habit. When situation get tough, they panic.

      I agree with your other assessment that their squad is thin. When the first team players panic, there is no other alternative. No one on the bench can look at this and think this is my chance to prove my worth.

        1. This was one of the major reasons but I don’t think it is the only one. Was Benitez at PSV last year? When the same thing happen again and again, there is a common theme.

          By the way, I don’t understand what happen with all the goalkeepers in Netherlands. The last good goalkeeper is Van der Sar and might be Stekelenburg for a short period. Every year, Dutch clubs go out with goalkeeper’s howlers. The goalkeeper development is bad, so is the goalkeeper scouting.

  64. Frenkie De Jong’s decision to stay with Barcelona seems to be vindicated. He is very much in Xavi’s plan even though he is on the bench. He played well when he came off from the bench and his game is more developed, driving more forward with aggression, and in goal scoring position.
    Depay I believed also made right decision to stay, though he ain’t the starting eleven, but training along side good players will help him. He will certainly make appearances off the bench.

    1. I think it is too early to say about FDJ. For Depay, I don’t think he can get better at 28. He reached his ceiling. This could potentially benefit the Dutch NT is he could be fit when WC come. But that also depend on how much Xavi will play him. If his minute is so little, this may backfire as he will be out of form.

  65. Watched heerenveen vs Ajax. Was hoping it be a good game but turned out to be opposite. One way traffic. Heerenveen was no match them. Kudus deployed upfront by schruder is turning out be gold. Its no use talking about Ajax given how easy they made it look.thumping 5-0

    For heerenveen Milan Van Mwijk had a good game and check on bergwijn and really kept him quiet through out the game and I believe I have talked about this plenty times. Bergwijn doesnt have twinkling feet, if you can stop his momentum. He is pretty much done. Van Mwijk, im expecting him to follow Dumfries foot steps. He is going to become a good offensive RB. Even though it was a one sided match and given the big score line, it’s not hard to call van Mwijk is better than Rensch. He only carved opened Ajax twice I think but when he did, Ajax defense with Blind on his side looked totally in shambles. Other wise he was forced to defend throughout the game which he did very well.

    Also even though heerenveen conceeded 5 goals, their best player was still their GK, Nuppert. No reason why he has been selected in NT. He came up with some good saves and couldnt have done much on either of the 5 goals.

    1. Haha Wilson you are anti Bergwin…He was fantastic till he got subbed,do you want him to score every day?//..even linel messi and maradona needs momentum..what are you up to…You like Danjuma who cannot do a SH%#^T…static poacher…Bergwin comes deep and involved in fluid play of Ajax..He is vital to ajax…Are you watching with your A@##ss???only problem wit bergwijn is that he doesnt have the lungs for 90 minutes..after 60 minutes he struggles with stamina..
      Rensch is a joy to watch, his dribbles his combination with right winger and CAM..He is mercurial going forward…yeah his tackles or defending is not that great….with Vangaal playing343 0r532,0r3412…Rensch will be massive…

  66. Its a constructive criticism which can be turning point in tighter games whether its is for Ajax or NT. I never said he played badly. I said Van Mwijk kept him quiet and reason being he couldn’t go around him. I hope you watched the game and not the highlights as usually.

    1. you are a nut to compare kuyt with bergwin…Bergwin is ultra creative,speedy player with trickery and work ethic….all kuyt had was he has intelligent footballing brain and work ethis..he ccannot dribble past a school kid,poor shot acuracy from distance,pace/shots were less powerful…Who has benefitted from creativity of roben,RVP and sneijder….under fart van marwijk who is stubbon and biased what else to expect… we should have played 433at WC..
      ————–NijelDe jong——————————–
      Fart van never went for it….
      While bergwijn carries the team ,with bergwin there is 4 /5 goals ,we beat germany and strong teams with bergwin pace/trickery/work rate…You are anti bergwin since long time back..keep going…but stop nonsense…
      your danjuma is one diamentional with zero work ethic,
      however i would take kuyt over Danjuma(poor work ethic) and Afellay(Headless chicken)…

  67. What I meant was how Kuyt having played so brilliantly through out the tournament was check mate in the final. He simply couldnt live up to expectation because of how the opposition pegged him down. I kind of also found afterwards that even Babel was on the bench for NT.

    Fyi this is what I have been critical about bergwijn and again was on showcase vs the heerenveen. Though it didn’t affect the team ( Ajax) much but from NT perspective that is sometime that can turn out be a decsive point in knockout level stage which may come too late then to get somebody else to cover for him. ( again Kuyt 2010 final). This is so one of the very reason he flopped at Spur plus other factors such being injury prone.

    this is why back up players are important and should be absolutely be on the same page as the starters. this has become a norm in NT. The reserves players often get to have higher stake in the team over the starting 11.

    I was reading about the Brazil team selection, tite has left out some regular names for the upcoming internationals and called up fringe players and will give them game time to gauage and select the best possible squad for WC. Again with the depth they have this will sharpen them even more.

    1. Then go again utter foolish..kuyt was a stumbling block in creativity and fluid game in 2010.he will do a back pass always,he had no speed to receive a speedy pass from sneijder..and .We got the name thugs. Bert never changed kuyt for Babel or Vaart…instead he changed Dejong for vaart and it was disaster…Dejong was a part of spine in that team…Bergwin had good game vs heerenven,after 60 minutes he ran out of gas…
      kuyt had best tournament for us in 2014 ,he was too good for team balance ,he played RB/LB and Mid…but 2006 and 2010 he cost us goals…goals decides out come and we spoiled the generation of Roben with kuyt on wrong spot..
      dutch players need dutch coach or system or coaches who understand dutch philosphy to suceed at forgin league…look at malacia…he will sit in bench for shaw if there was another coach…jose mouthrino is a worst caoch for young players,,,look at klassen at everton and ajax…

  68. This was one of the major reasons but I don’t think it is the only one. Was Benitez at PSV last year? When the same thing happen again and again, there is a common theme.

    By the way, I don’t understand what happen with all the goalkeepers in Netherlands. The last good goalkeeper is Van der Sar and might be Stekelenburg for a short period. Every year, Dutch clubs go out with goalkeeper’s howlers. The goalkeeper development is bad, so is the goalkeeper scouting.

  69. Today Bayern Vs barca..i pray that barca loose this game…that doent mean i want bayern to win ,bayern the team who killed bundesliga…our star players De ligt,gravenberch ,Frenkie de jong ,memphis depay all sitting in bench…i would add masseroui as well….its sad state of affairs…

  70. Kenneth Taylor is quickly becoming my favourite player at Ajax. It looks like there’s two of him out there. When we need an extra body back and someone pops up, its Taylor. And then making the late run on the other side. Taylor. Arguably he’s not an amazingly technical player, he’d be more like a Cocu, but I think he’s eclipsed Klaassen just due to his work ethic.

  71. Watched liverppol vs Ajax twice. really This is what you call a typical high tempo game and the outcome was nothing new especially in context to Dutch NT players.

    Apart from that they are still in rebuilding phase.

  72. Glad to see barca loosing while frenkie sits in bench.. Watched Ajax vs liverpool.. Though i didnt like result. Liverpool deserved victory.. After kudus scoring people started to boo van dijk as he is not commitinng and should nit have allowed kudus…. Then salah goal, timber lost the areal dual, ball goes to jota he was pressd by calvin pass goes to salah who was not marked by blind…. Considering his pace was low he should have been man marking salah… Botb Rensch and blind is vulnerable.. But they are awesome in attack…

  73. when luis van gaal going to announce final squad for upcoming nations league games??..Bergwin is criticized for his performance vs Liverpool…Liverpool looked like top balanced team….it was not the team who played vs Napoli…by benching milner,Gomez and firminho…with jota,Matip,and thiago was huge…thats the difference in quality…lucky that napoli got a b team of liverpool…English players are the most overrated players on the planet..joe Gomez to Maguire…can they defend???ha aha..

  74. i hope and pray that Malen,Gakpo,lang,Bergwin,Depay stays injury free and fit….both Lang and Malen are injured,both can find goals from out of the blue…lots of depend on these players..

  75. Good to see tjaronn chery still scoring in CL. Scored the opener against PSG but went on to lose 3-1.

    It’s a shame his talents was not recognized and NT todate still sucks in attacking mid department. To see a player like berghuis getting the nod there is depressing as fcuk.

    Not saying though he should be called up. His boat sailed long time ago.

  76. Like having a WC in winter isn’t strange enough, our team situation is as weird as ever. More than half 1st team doesn’t play regular football. Van Dijk is in a steep decline and and half the goals Liverpool suffers go through him. His only move inside the the zone is put hands behind and stand like a cinder block. Frenkie held on like a champ until the very last moment when he accepted to have his wages cut and be a second fiddle to Gavi. The best he gets at Barca is 30 mins. Depay is sitting in the farthest corner of Barca bench. I can’t even remember the names of the rest of the team.
    My only hope in Qatar is some dark magic from Pasveer who looks like Bjorn son of Ragnar who’s just magically returned from Valhalla after many thousand years. He looks older than my next door 70 yr old neighbor. Malen, Gravenberch, Gakpo, deLigt are 2nd tier players at the moment. I reckon our best player currently is Dumfries who plays every week and regularly scores or provides assists at Inter. Bergwijn is a warrior as warrior too.
    Passing the group will be a mountain to climb.

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