Oranje Latvia dessert of the 2015 season

After having been served a sumptuous main meal last Saturday with the brilliant Iniesta, Messi and Mascherano winning another Champions League at the expense of Juve, we are prepping ourselves for Oranje’s last game this season.

It was a great game. Happy for Barca and all the Barca fans. Happy for Xavi who leaves the club as a legend and realised last Saturday that Messi is only 27 years old so we probably have another 5 years of Messi to enjoy…

But from Iniesta, we go to Klaassen, from Messi we move to Promes and from Mascherano we focus on Bruma…. And co….

Latvia is our next opponent. We played them twice before, both times we won. We scored nine against them, and conceded none.

This is what we need to do again! Score and not concede. We are currently #3 in the group. Winning vs Latvia will get us closer to #2 ( 2 points) while we still have a game to play against them (Iceland). We also have the Czechs at home, so in theory, we could and should simply get to that #2 spot without too many problems.

Hunter latpre

Guus Hiddink has basically the same squad as LVG had in Brazil. Sure, Arjen Robben is injured and RVP is not 100% fit, but still. We played the World top in Brazil (well….Costa Rica…) and I do believe we should be able to beat Latvia sans Robben as well.

So what do we have now? A new coach and partly new staff. We lack Robben. We have a new team tactics (4-3-3, with emphasis on having possesion and playing “Dutch”). We have players like De Vrij, Janmaat, Depay and Blind whom all have improved over the year (one can expect).

So there is no need to not win.

Guus Hiddink made the decision about the players who will have to make way. Groningen midfielder Chery, Vitesse midfielder Propper and Ajax defender Veltman will be packing their bags.  Ron Vlaar is still not 100% and has been training alone but Hiddink seems to believe he will be ready for the game. The Oranje Defense was seen as the culprit for the 3-4 loss against Team USA and it might be that Hiddink starts with a complete new line up in the back. Janmaat-Bruma-BMI-Blind out, and Van der Wiel – De Vrij – Vlaar – Willems in. Blind will most likely move up to midfield in the Clasie role.

sneijder clasie

I would personally use Janmaat as he has experience playing with De Vrij and Vlaar but I would certainly pick Willems as left back. The decision Clasie vs Blind will have to be made on the basis of their form and the type of opponent. If we need quick passing to take the few opportunities handed to us, we need Clasie who has very quick feet and a quick mind.  But I am biased of course :-). Hell, I’d even advise Barca to buy Clasie :-).

It does look like Hunter and RVP will start again up front, in a 4-4-2 style system which will result in a 3-3-4 in possession. Huntelaar was one of the few who could look back with some satisfaction to the US game. “Well, I did score two but that is a poor consolation because we gave the game away. I am disappointed. We didn’t defend well but at the same time should have scored more. The US is stronger than Latvia and I do believe we will do the job.”


Huntelaar and Van Persie will both start under Hiddink, something the predecessors were not keen to do. “I am happy with this test, we did well. Robin van Persie played a lot of games behind the striker in his youth and early pro years. He can play like that and I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to play together,” says the Schalke striker.

In transfer news, Rafa van der Vaart is talking to Betis Sevilla. The second club from Sevilla promoted to La Liga this  season and wants to become a big rival of Sevilla FC. Rafa seems keen to move to Spain, as he is part Spanish and his grandparents live in the Sevilla region.

Some people claim to have seen RVP at Roma airport and a link to Lazio is easily made (RVP and De Vrij are good mates). Who knows. If I was Juve, I’d sign both Sneijder and RVP.

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  1. I believe Hiddink has to be sacked. We’ve lost just too many games.

    Losing against USA and Mexico in the Amsterdam Arena is unacceptable!. I know it’s just friendlies but you must have some pride especially when playing in your home!.

    Hiddink seems lost, he really should quit or the KNVB should sack him. Koeman in Southampton has done a magnificent job, he is a good coach and maybe it’s time for a change.

    Blind can’t play as LB never again please!.






    1. If you were Koeman, would you still want the job?

      We have no guarantee of qualifying (pretty much have to win every game left), and he has a great thing going at Southampton. The fans, management and players all love him. And he’s making a name for himself. Why would he become head coach of Oranje, risk not qualifying and then being out of a job with all momentum in his career lost?

    2. @MIGUEL..ARE YOU DREAMS TO START WITH rvp??AND WITH OUT PRO proper holding mid????when u lplay with RVP that means u hav 9 feild players and a GK..RVP is dropped from Manu …he wont be there this year…
      clasie is not the man for holding mid
      put clasie on RVP spot…and put a brilliant and strong guy on clasie spot..at middel holding..

  2. “I am happy with this test, we did well. Robin van Persie played a lot of games behind the striker in his youth and early pro years. He can play like that and I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to play together,” says the Schalke striker.
    the issue is RVP is playing like grand pa…

  3. Why do people forget what happened to Blind in the midfield vs Mexico. Maybe vs Lativa,his defensive game will go unnoticed,but if he cant defend at LB,how can you expect him to defend at DM against tougher teams. He is a loose no matter where he plays and no more wasting time on him. he taking up two valuable spots which could be utilized on other players.

    1. Well its clear nobody is near capable of filling De Jongs shoes so why not build the midfeild around him.

      4-1-4-1. perfectly suits his one dimensional game.

        1. Daley Blind was Van Gaals toddler and thats why he is there.if Man United bring in good DM,he will be done and then Van Gaal will overlook both Rojos and Shaw to justify his signing.

          Jus get rid of him imo. Clasie is upgraded version of him and should be prefered over him. Though he is lightweight but you can expect him to put his body on line. he jus needs to play more.

          1. I think you are giving Clasie too much credit.

            If he were as good as you say he is, clubs would be lining up to sign him. So far, all I hear of is Southampton where his ex-coach now works.

            Don’t forget- he was a pivotal player in a Feyenoord team that spectacularly collapsed at the end of this season. He doesn’t take Feyenoord by the hand when the going gets tough, and he certainly won’t fill that role for Oranje.

        1. Where on earth are you getting these line-ups from?!?!

          Van Ginkel and Strootman have played a combined total of 10 games in the last 2 years. Both play in a more controlling role. So we have two controlling midfielders and an ultra defensive one.

          Then we have Van Dijk, who has been overlooked by every single manager we’ve had. Coincidence? Maybe…but i’m sure there is something they do or don’t see in him.

          With Buttner I don’t even know where to begin. He was let go by van Gaal at MU, and Blind came in his place. Although I don’t rate Blind highly, I think we can fairly assume he is a touch better than Buttner at the least.

          Let’s assess Buttner’s level when and if he returns from the eastern bloc.

  4. Latvia dessert? Ugh…! I hope so…but it is sometimes the hardest to win the game when all expect easily victory.
    I will ” remain on 7th June”.

    WWWC 2015 Canada.
    Lieke Martens with a cracking goal!! It is better than Afellay…(he has no patience)!
    But Afellay has a secret weapon! He would be say thunderous: ” I play in Barcelona and you….where you play girl??!!!”
    With that he always gets half the battle!!

    Belgium-France 3-4! ha
    Belgium becomes “The Cosmic Forces No 1”.
    Whether this is so?
    Maybe they are (Belgium) just more adaptable than the Dutch players? Or…
    They maybe produce players who will be better in stronger leagues.
    They do not go there to be stronger,smarter,faster…They already have this quality to they would be…Hazard,Fellaini,Kompany …etc.
    Maybe Cruyff right? His questions : how coaches train kids in Holland,what is wrong etc.
    Or managers (system ) are better than Dutch.
    Or the secret is coach Marc Wilmots.Great character and a fighter and he knows his job.
    I really do not know but I do not think they are better than the Dutch team.They are more concrete.Dutch more philosophize.In key match (against Argentina WC 2014) Belgium was weaker than Holland( against Arg.).
    We will sea what Holland can to do (today times) in 17th November(?) against Germany.
    Now we need to survive Latvia. Up and down,down and up…

  5. I do believe that regardless of the outcome of the game with Latvia, Guus will stay as a coach. Simply because there is nobody to replace him at this stage. Whether or nor Dutch progresses to Euro2016 is a big question. Guus tries to give too much accountability to individual players and I do not think his players have been handling this role well. Compared to first games when he started as a coach, he was able to switch to attractive attacking football. I think Dutch were very good in attack last two games (vs Spain and USA). However, defense is still a problem. I hope return of Vlaar and DeVrij will strengthen defense. May be most of you will disagree with me but I personally never cared about European championships as World Cup is the only important competition that Dutch need to win. I consider this Euro-2016 qualification as an intermediate stage in the development of Oranje. There are a lot of talented players in the Dutch squad who has not matured enough and reached to their full potential. Guus’ role is to select the best of the best so a new younger coach, whether it is going to be Koeman or somebody else, will lead that team to the glory in Russia. So, let’s take it easy and just enjoy the evolution and maturation process of our beloved team.

  6. Messi example for Holland

    Jun 08, 2015
    “The way Lionel Messi played for Barcelona was what was missing for Holland against the United States”, Johan Cruyff writes in his weekly column in ‘De Telegraaf’. “Playing to help your team instead of causing problems for your teammates.

    “Messi did not really stand out, but just take a look at the way he put pressure on his opponents that caused them to lose the ball. Or the many free kicks he won”, Cruyff says.

    “Once again the Champions League final was a good game to watch with both teams playing like you would expect them to play. Barcelona dominated ball possession and managed to take an early lead. And it was interesting to see that the Italians did not change their way of playing, knowing they would get their chances.”

    “Because both teams played to their won strenghts, the match had to be decided by a single moment. And that is where Barcelona’s extra strenght lies this season. Just like against Bayern München, they won the match after a counter attack.” “I give Juventus compliments for the way they play and entertain the crowd. It is no wonder that their home matches in Serie A are the only ones that are always sold out. Anyone who has seen Juventus play in the Champions League this season understands why. Juventus play like Italians, but in the meantime they play adventurous and on the attack.”

    “When you compare Barcelona – Juventus to the Netherlands than one big different stands out. Dutch teams are not capable anymore to play close together. This was once again the case in the friendly against USA (3-4 defeat). Again, the right back and left back players were playing so far up front, they were next to the wing attackers. And when even the number 10 moved forward, their were six players in attack and only two midfielders.” “That way you can’t put pressure and when the opponent does this, your midfielders and defenders don’t stand a chance. At Barcelona a player like Dani Alves can go forward, because there are always three players in midfield. Check the match against Juventus. Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets and Ivan Rakitic were always playing close to each other, keeping the team together.”

      1. I think comparing Messi to Holland is way to ambitious here. Robben is the only player by far who can come close to be compared to Messi and yeah his presence in the team has always being a influential factor as compared to Messi at Barcelona and also Messi isnt the same Messi when he is playing for Argentina when compared to at Barcelona.

        JC is too skeptical about his revolutionary vision. Suarez and Neymar have changed the whole dynamics of the Tiki-Taka style of soccer which Barcelona had inherited from JC during his days as the coach there.without Suarez and Neymar this season I dont think Barcelona would have succeeded in winning the treble. yeah maybe Xavi, Inesita and Messi have continued the legacy but Neymar and Suarez have also held their own this season and contributed immensely towards their treble quest.

        Even to compare Barcelona to Holland will be way out of league given the talents of of the current generation and eredivise itself lacks the hard grounds for the development of upcoming talents.

  7. In one year time many things will change.

    Depay will be getting more experience under LVG, Strootman getting back from injury, Fer moving to a new club, Van Ginkel was good with Milan let’s see if he stays, Van Aanholt was good with Sunderland and is Oranje material if not as LB sure he can play as midfielder in a 5-3-2 system, will RVP stay with Man U?, Robben back from injury, Afellay moving to a new club (again!!!).

    So now we just have to wait this next games. I am sure Holland will qualify for the EC but I do hope Hiddink gets sacked or quits because he really seems lost.

    I loved how LVG changed systems during games and that’s something I don’t see with Hiddink he is too predictable.

    1. Its all about building the combination and if Hiddink does not react quickly, time will be his nemesis. He has wasted time with Afellay in the midfield, Blind and BMI. A Lot of dutch players are subject to transfer this season and Hiddink needs to forecast which of these players have the potential to make the cut for Euros and should start them in qualifiers so that they play together regularly rather than waiting for the last hour when they wont have any exposure at international level and with no chemistry.

      Wesley Hoedt is one player Hiddink should look at closely given he will be joining Lazio in Serie A,rather than waiting for the season to end nxt year he should call him after the Lativa qualifiers and expose him at international level. I think he has had a better season than Karim Rekik at AZ. Buttner is long over due.

  8. @wilson ,,..Problem doesnt stop with afellay ,Blind or BMI.defense has leak hole it needs to be handled by intelligent players with lungs and toughness..Hiddink needs to sort it out first..Then RVP is playinfg like grand pa…there is room for him in NT..its for hunter and luuk dejong…

  9. Bas Dost is some where near luuk or so.strong and can hold any defender,will be better than RVP for sure.but not sure he would be better than current hunter and luuk..anyways 3 should be better than current RVP..personally i like luuk coz his link up play is excellent and brilliant..even if he doesnt score he makes sure that his team mates scores..especially when Depay-williams and Luuk play in PSV it could be a supper chemistry…but we know hunter is more experienced and RVP is star..hiddink goes with RVP first then hunter..i dont mind playing hunter coz hunter is still strong and faster than RVP…bur RVP is pathetic..he is ghost of his own..he was the worst player of Manu along with Falcao and Demaria for Manu IMO.

  10. @wilson..Dejong has become slow and his passing also slow.but he is still a destroyer of world class.for me it sMascherano and dejong..No one beats these two.
    Whom is think are closest to Dejong..plz dont bring ake,ake was the closest to dejong..but he is totally spoiled by chelshit academy…thats i i feel we need a young beast who can do Nijels work..i mean a dedicated guard..van beek has everything to suceed over there.Hendrix too..then who else..i consider even strootman to incompetent to do wat Nijel did for us for years.
    i think its time for Hendrix or van beek to step,but hiddink doesnt have th balls to do it..like LVg played kuyt as left back right back and holding mid..thats the type of coach we needed now..

    1. No more eredivise debutants.It aint gona work.4-1-4-1 formation can restrict De Jongs role as pure enforcer with only horizontal movement covering the defense.

      Newcastle United are also in the process of massive overhaul and it looks like they will splash big under new coach Steve Mc Calren to revive their status as a household club in EPL and it remains to be seen how Vuron Anita will turn out for the magpies next season.he really stepped up his game towards the end of the season when they were on the brink of relegation. Van Ginkel,Dost Bamford are also rumored to be on the radar of magpies.

      Well I think Anita is another player Hiddink should closely monitor as he is a natural DM and could be an option.

        1. Gents – you must have forgotten how good Strootman was playing before his injury, if there has ever been a player to take over in the DM role it’s Stroot for sure. Not only is he a beast in defense, he offers so much in attack and can control a game by himself if needed. He almost singlehandedly brought Roma back from the death. I have some close friends who support Roma and they say Strootman was a gift that changed their football club, he will always be welcome in Rome from now on.
          The big question is will he be able to get back to where he was?
          He says so but that’s expected, I’m hoping Ginkle plays by his side and runs Box to box and right now Snjieder can play in the 10 role as he is still the man.
          @Tiju – you seem to have changed you opinion on Blind, as have I over the past season, for me he is not NT material.
          @ Wilson – I agree with no more Eredivisie players right now, the league is just not tough enough for NT level.
          I have only seen the short highlights of the USA game so it’s hard to comment, although we must have created a lot of scoring opportunities in the game, RVP was super unlucky to not score with the back heal , it really takes a player of the highest skill level to think of trying to score a goal like that in that particular moment, he may be old and slow but he is still our best striker. Also happy for Hunter to score a few more goals, I have really warmed to him this year, Shalke has been a blessing for him and his confidence in front of goal.
          It seems our problems lie in defense, which most of us have been saying for a long time, the back 4 is a riddle that is yet to be figured out, injuries aside. I feel for Bruma, he is a good player, he just had a bad day with BMI from what I’ve read. Jaanmat picks himself along with Vlaar, I also like PVA, think of Stam and pick the player most similar to him to control the back line.
          I watch Ake play live against Sydney FC, he got half a game and I’m sorry to say was average at best, if you compare him to the Sydney FC left back Alex Gersbach, Ake was not in the same class, AG is 17 and is a product of the club I’m involved with and the AIS, I’m sure Mouriniho had a good look at him!
          @ Steve M – I got in contact with the Cryuff coaching clinic you sent me, it’s based in Spain and I am supplying them with some information about my club, they offer a “total” package, I’m thinking it would be very expensive though. I’ll let you know if things evolve further.

          So what can we do for the Latvia Game?
          Change the strikers, the midfield and the defence, what about Cilissen, surely he should take some of the blame for conceding 4 goals, your keeper should Marshall the defense, most keepers never stop talking to their players as they can see all, so for me Cilissen is not off the hook. Especially when he had a new CB pairing.

          1. van banger…i am not hard fan of blind,but the guy has got intelligence unlike Promes,afellay etc..that i really like.i am not a fan of playing him LB or holding mid..i still like him as box to box runner who attacks and defends when needed.but we have Ginkel,klassen,clasie and stroot over there..so next is blind in my veiw..its all about pecking over and playing to players strength.Masherano plays as central defender,if remmber he even played as 10 or play maker..its all about utility..

  11. playing under mclaren would definitly help ginkel but not that wat Depay is goin to get fromLVG..But still its good for Ginkel if he leaves chelshit..

  12. Hunter—Luuk
    Van ginkel–klassen
    Van beek—-Hendrix
    de vrij—–virjil–
    stand byes
    Stroot man-if recovered
    hiddink must stick only with these playersrest he can forget..

  13. Defense is collective effort…Bruma was playing with wrong defenders with him BMI,Weil and Blind…Bruma needs a chance or more..if orange doesnt have a back up for Nijel…then its Vletman or Van beek can do the job of nijel or Anita..
    if hiddink has certain level of intelligence,Now Vlaar is out and Devrij is half fit..he must feild a PSV line with a hard holding mid.
    blind is the only option we have as per the selection..
    i dont want to see stupid promes on right and wijnaldum as holding mid.As we dont have Stroot,Van beek,Hendrix,Anita and Dejong..
    @Vanbanger..Ake is becoming garbage by chelshit academy..growing like cucumber..the great chelshit academy.

  14. Sneijder needs to take lead at back should allow clasie as a playmaker.Sneijder can defend if he wants,he has balls to put body on line.lets have experienced and brilliant guys as holding mid…

    1. Are you sure on this?
      If so, great it will be easy to follow his progress as the EPL is always on TV.
      I also heard that Advocaat is going to stay with Sunderland for 1 year, maybe a chance for some Dutchies to get a run in the big league!

      1. WITH Mclaren ginkel can be better,but still i feel he had a backwoard journey by joining chelsea..Ginkel is best when he is unleashed as a box to box runner with more focus on attack.if he gets a luuk dejong kind of players arround him he wil excel more as he needs intelligent players arround him to play his fluid game..
        Ginkel would have an unfathomble chemistry if he plays wiith Clasie,stroot.luuk and Memphis..

  15. We have enough, plenty good players but we don’t have a coach. I don’t trust Guus a bit. I’d rather see RVN coach this team even if we don’t make it out of the group. Chances are we won’t.

  16. Roma and Man United are both in negotiation with Van Der Weils super agent Mino Raiola over over potential move for the PSG. Raiola has already believed to met Roma Directors over a potential move and Man United is set to battle Roma for the signature of the former Ajax Fullback after missing out on Alves and Clyne.

    The good news is the depture of Van Der Weil from PSG could yet open the doors of another Dutchmen at Parc De Princess.PSG
    are big admires of Van Rhijn and could be an idle replacement for Van Der Weil. Van Rhijn was linked with PSG before, but it never eventuated.

    1. I highly doubt that anyone is a big admirer of Van Rhijn. Except maybe van Rhijn.

      That guy is one of the worst players in one of the worst Ajax squads in history.

      1. that a bit of a reckless comment.. van rijn has been brilliant in some of the past seasons…also he has never shown any sign of arrogance or egoism…dont write comments just to catch people’s attention….

        van rijn isnt world class and is suspect defensively…but your statement is ridiculous…and i really wonder where all this pent up frustration is coming from…its not like ligeon has been class and been unfairly benched or anything…

        1. I don’t even know what to say about this comment. Do you watch football? Specifically Eredivisie? Save one or two sunday shots, van Rhijn has never been brilliant. He makes van der Wiel look like a world class defender. The way he has been playing the last two seasons, he is not good enough for Ajax let alone PSG.

          What part of my statement is rediculous? That this season’s Ajax team was atrocious in every aspect? Or that van Rhijn was one of the weakest players of this Ajax? Most Ajax fans I know will be the first to admit both of those claims.

  17. Oy yeah,Joachim Low is is crap and his era has come to a end,he is done. He is doesnt have a clue what he doing.he should be quit or if not should be sacked for failing to win vs a second string USA side.

    1. mAY LOW REACHED SATUARTION WITH GERMANY..ITS HIS TIME TO STEP DOWN..,..But more i feel is germany doesnt want to play seriously..they dont mind loosing frinedly games and plays lesser intensive in unimporant official matches..they have brilliant quality players with them and they are authoritavily capable of beating any team Bar oranage under a brilliant coach not Hiddink.

      1. Oh Tiju you really fell for that. Both games are indication that USA is not a walk over team as most of you guys were highly critical about after the NT loss.Well the win vs germany has put them on the horizon of force to he reckon with.

        it jus shows the growing development of football in US and how they have grown over the years from a conutry where soccer was only introduced as a minor sports.

        1. @wilson there is a hidden truth in central american football..especially costarica,Mexico and USA.They have immense stamina for 150 minutes play..this makes life rea hard for any opponent..We have suffered against Mexicao and Costarica.it was not just parking bus their stamina too..Mario sablla understood its better to face dutch with water tight defense with foul (demishelis and Rojos on Roben)..thats how they held us in to draw..or else Sabella knows we would burry them.He and Mascherano were the masters behind 120 minutes..though Costariac and USa acks some classy players they are tough team to beat.if they beat dutch germens in friedly then they will surely beat other european tesm with ease…like they did with italy in 2014…so idont underestimate them..since 2006

  18. @ Primo

    Vam Ginkel and Strootman are the two brightest prospect in NT. Strootman is due back in the pre Season for Roma.Jus like Van Ginkel,Strootman is also a proven fighter. The Iceland game is September and if both are fit,I dont see any reason why they should not be selected.

    Van Ginkel is vunerable in defending and with De Jong in the engine room,he doesnt have to do the yards and stay in those pocket areas where he can line up the strikers with his precise passing and with Strootman at rover,the midfield is perfectly balanced.Runner,Enforcer,playmarker.

    1. I just think that at this stage it is too early to tell what sort of level they will be playing at come next summer.

      Van Ginkel is still property of Chelsea, and if he doesn’t get regular playing time starting in August, he will miss out. Hiddink’s selection patterns show he would rather select players from the Eredivisie that play twice a week than talented players that warm the benches abroad. For Van Ginkel, this summer will be crucial.

      As for Strootman, he is coming back from his second major injury in quick succession. Assuming his recovery has no further setbacks, he still has a long way to go before he reaches the level he was at before his string of bad luck. Obviously I hope he gets back to that level, and if he does he should be a starter without hesitation.

      I really think van Ginkel overestimated himself when he moved to Chelsea, and I wonder if he’ll ever really live up to his promise because of it. I do not see him being a key member of the Oranje squad at the Euros (assuming we make it….:))

  19. Clasie out as well, too bad….
    And Propper, Chery and Veltman were sent home after the friendly, yea?

    I bet this is what we see from Guus v Latvia

    1. Ugh I’m so bummed for Clasie..

      @OptaJohan: 98 – @Clasie_Official played a total of 98 minutes (2 games) out of a possible 810 for the Dutch national team since the World Cup. Absent.

  20. Sneijder, RVP and Blind in the middle? Two old guys and another who is not quick or athletic? That would be a DISASTROUS midfield. Maybe we could beat Latvia with it, but nobody who is good. I can’t imagine why Strootman and Vlaar are taking so long to heal–they have both been out for a LONG time.

    As someone said above, the Dutch have a lot of talent–but they never seem to be on the field at the same time and the Hiddink doesn’t give much confidence with his lineup picks.

    1. Yes I agree.
      Hiddink does not appear to be inspiring his team, or the fans!

      Vlaar just has bad timing, I guess. He played 90 mins the FA cup final just 2 weeks ago.
      Strootman came back and reinjured his bad knee in Feb, so had to have surgery again. Actually there is rumor that he will have to retire but he himself has rejected this…

  21. Hiddink tries to please every player by making them starters even though all these players don’t fit in the same lineup!! He might as well put Lens as a left full back and Luuk De Jong as a center back.

    Who’s gonna be the player to get back and defend when Latvia counters?? Sneijder or RVP? Or is it up to Blind to do all the defending by himself and we all know he’s not one the quickest players!

    I have a bad feeling about this game…

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