Oranje ready for Scotland

The jersey numbers were presented for the Oranje squad. And with Jasper Cillesen out of contention due to Corona, Maarten Stekelenburg got the #1 jersey, while Tim Krul has his favorite #13. The jersey numbers don’t say much about who starts. De Boer said he wasn’t sure which goalie would be his new #1, and the coming friendlies will probably give us more insights.

Luuk de Jong has his number 9, a number previously held by Ryan Babel. But it doesn’t mean that much, it’s not the first eleven numbers that will play, as Frenkie has his fave #21 and Daley Blind his usual #17.

Frank de Boer already announced he will be playing a 5-3-2 against the Scots. He wants to spend more time perfecting it, as most of the players are well versed in 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 already. “Most players have this experience in playing with 3 at the back, but for some it’s years ago so we want to work on it. It also happens to be a good system vs Scotland, by the way,” according to the coach. He also said Marten de Roon will start against the Scots, but that was all he was happy with sharing.

De Boer: “We want to dominate the game but we don’t always have a lot of possession. With this system you can dominate the game without the ball. We did this well vs Italy away, with a good sense of discipline and work rate. Now, we need to add more when we do have the ball. Our key players know how to play in this system. Daley Blind, Mathijs de Ligt, Frenkie, Memphis, it’s not new for them. And I do hope the jigsaw will fall into place quickly, I think it can. And if not, it’s easy to re-shape into a 4-3-3.”

Cillesen not being able to play and train with the group was enough reason for De Boer to give clarity about the goalie. He’s not longer needed. “It’s deep deep disappointing for him and for us, but we can’t start with a player who is not fit. We can’t practice with him, he will miss at least one match and I think it means we can’t use him. I only need players who are 100% fit.”

He did say some highly positive things about his new lads, Timber and Gakpo: “I am really impressed with them. The pace is high with Oranje and so is the intensity, but these two didn’t have any issues getting on the proper level. Don’t think for a moment these guys are just here to make the squad full. We will probably need the depth of this squad.”

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  1. Lineup:

    Netherlands XI v Scotland: Stekelenburg, Dumfries, Wijndal, De Ligt, De Vrij, Timber, De Roon, De Jong, Wijnaldum, Memphis, Weghorst

    Would have liked to see Gravenberch or Van DeBeek (with Gini dropping back next to De Jong) for De Roon, but otherwise I like that Stekelenburg, Weghorst and Timber are starters.

  2. It’s funny, because with de Roon playing so deep, it almost turns into a 4-4-2, with a back 4 of Timber, de Ligt, de Roon, de Vrij, and then a midfielder 4 of Dumfries, de Jong, Wijnaldum, Wijndal.

  3. De Ligt with a major error. When you play U5 soccer they teach you not to clear balls low through the middle of the pitch… Scotland picks up off of a heavy touch and scores.

      1. I think it was a planned substitution. Just wanted to give him a bit of match sharpness, but don’t want to risk injury.

        The Wijnaldum substitution is because he took a knock.

  4. 5-3-2 is not working at this moment. De Ligt is right footed and not comfortable playing on the left. There are not enough players going forward when we have the ball. I am not impressed with both wingback. Wijndal is no threat going forward and Dumfries failed with his final touch when he has chance to cross for Weghorst and also when he set up by Weghorst.

    1. Yes agree our wingbacks are not posing a threat but it’s also because our CMs are not making good use of them.

      The difference with LvG’s 5-3-2 was that we had Blind who could pick out passes out of nothing & the 2 upfront need to be topnotch – Robben – RvP. Currently we are asking too much of Depay

  5. Timber certainly has been a stand out performance in the first 45. So comfortable on the ball.

    Depay, Gini & Wijndal equally good.

    Not convinced with Krul, Good Old Stekkie can do better.

  6. The amount of backing passing NT does is mind blowing. If they can do the same in midfield and link up with forwards, it would more adventurous.

    1. Yeah this has become our mainstay post 2014, known for passing it back & now Krul just makes it worse, so uncomfortable with the ball being passed to him (which we should do only in emergencies)

      Need the Midfielers to be more creative.

      Also need to press harder

  7. Everyone still looks like they’re getting used to the new formation and positions. I wouldn’t read into it too much. Weghorst hasn’t linked up well with anyone, but give him some time.

    These are friendlies and the goal is not to come out be your best self, but to try new things and get comfortable with things.

  8. Timber looks very good on the ball basically playing as a right back with Dumfries so far forward. I do agree that De Ligt doesn’t look super comfortable on his left tho…

    I think if we play this system Frenkie needs to play as the deepest midfielder. Too much De Roon on the ball and I think with Frenkie there the buildup would be much better. Also agree Weghorst doesn’t make sense with this formation… the front two have to be very fluid in terms of movement.

    Overall I am encouraged!

  9. I see most of us here not in favour of the 5-3-2, while it gives us a better shape against stronger opponents it can expose us badly on the counter with the wing-backs up.

    Everytime the scots got a break, they found tons of space. Better teams like Ukraine could benefit from that.

    PS: We badly need a Terminator in the midfield, where is Nigel De Jong. De Roon’s a joke

    1. I don’t agree necessarily. Even if the wingbacks go up, we still have 3 + de Roon back, so it effectively plays as a back 4 in possession of the ball.

      I think one of our biggest problems is aside from Frenkie we don’t really have anyone who can dribble in the midfield, so when faced with pressure, they’re always forced to go back. In the past we’ve had Sneijder and van der Vaart who could shake past one, open space and unleash a pass.

        1. Haha I’m eating my hat a bit. But I truly believe that Timber should slide over and fill that role, there’s no reason all 4 of them should be in the middle of the park when Dumfries goes up.

  10. Holland looks like a team trying to build some chemistry, while Scotland looks like a team that’s trying to build some confidence if that makes sense.

    The Holland players don’t like they’re too concerned with the outcome, and are just looking to get comfortable on the pitch with each other, while Scotland is playing this like they need the win.

  11. I think the comment about Scotland trying to build confidence/Netherlands trying to build chemistry is astute. If anyone remembers 2014, they had, I think, 4 warm up games after Van Gaal announced they would go 5-3-2, and in the first two they looked terrible as they got themselves used to it. I know its not the same. Wijnaldum, Depay and Weghorst are not Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie. De Roon is not De Jong, and the wingbacks (Back then, Kuyt, Blind, Janmaat) were not pushed as far up the field, so the space behind them that has been discussed here was more protected. FDB and the staff have to work this out, and we’ll see how committed he is to it.

    Also, whoever above noted that the MF needs more options is dead on. As it stands now, if teams swamp De Jong, what are the options? With both the wingbacks playing so far up the field, when pressured, he can pass a to a central defender, or pass to De Roon. Not much is going to come of that, so you get the backpassing. If Blind plays as the left CD, that cures some of that because he can do more with the time and space, and if you put Wijnaldum or Gravenberch next to De Jong that provides another skilled player with space. Or even Blind playing in Wijndal’s spot will lessen the pressure, as he is more likely to be more judicious in pushing up the field. No question, Ake is a better defender, and Wijndal is faster and covers more ground defensively, but what he can add by providing an outlet for Frenkie is, IMO, worth the tradeoff. Others disagree, of course—and I’m sure will make their feelings known. 🙂

    Also, curious as to what people thought about Scotland’s first goal? I can’t decide whether Krul have done better, or it was just well-placed.

    1. I think for a lot of fans alarm bells might be ringing, but for me, I take almost nothing from this. De Jong went out early, so clearly the plan wasn’t to commit fully to this game.

      Weghorst started to look better as the game progressed, right until he came off, and Berghuis looked good from the bench.

      As for the first goal, it was well placed, and I think maybe in a competitive game Krul could have got to it. I played keeper at a National level until U14’s, and in warm-up games, you never dive hard, you just don’t have that extra will.

  12. with Weghorst upfront, Frank should have used Koopmeiners when Frenkie and wijnldum were subbed.his over the head passes would have brought Weghorst more into the game. It looks like FDB is not a big fan of his.

    Dumfries is not a wingback material, and I cant recall if there was any crosses in the box from either flank. Berghuis and Promes are other options but defensively you dont know and could be compromised. this would be best suited towards the end of the game when the teams are tiring and when you need more spark. again Karsdorp would have been the best option here given his stronghold going forward

    De ligt on left as I have been saying is not a good idea. Even at Juventus he look uncomfortable but has to do with. again the most balanced pairing would De Ligt -De Vrij and ake,all in their natural position. I have been hearing alot about Ake havning not played much but than on the other hand an injured player has been selected by FDB and who hasn’t played a single minute in what, last 3 months.just an argument point and Ake at least has complete two full games and has been training leading to the CL final.

    I also remember saying that its too late to test new players like weghorst especially and given when you have players like Depay who is more the focal point of the team. looking at his game he will need more time top adapt into NT and especially with players around him. there were phases where he was servicing Dumfries Depay and Wijndal and this is how he plays at Wolfburg using the wingers to create space for him. unfortunately the return service was very poor for him and everbody was squeezed in the middle making it congested for him to move . this is bound to happen.

    Malen on the bench as also a big waste.

  13. I know Jan is gonna write his opinion tomorrow and trying to convince folks that this team is good. HAHAHA
    This Dutch team isn’t going anywhere. The team is suck….. Berghuis is suck and again he is a starter. LOL Most of these players as sucks. I don’t know why people think that this kid who’s playing left back deserve to be in the squad. You have a bunch of players in this squad that are bench players in their clubs or went abroad and could not perform. I’m sorry to say but 1 we may not even make the world cup again and 2 we are going to go past the first round at the Euro. And a lot of you of this blog, ya need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. @Jean_Venette…so…we shouldn’t root for them, and get excited and hopeful at the kick off when the score is 0-0, and all things seem possible? I think I’ll just keep being sclueless and naive…more fun that way.

      1. Well you have being doing that for quiet same time now in your analysis. I have tagged some of your anaylsis and im waiting for the euros to finish and then we will play after that.

  14. When you have dumbry,de roon starts with No real winger…in a friendly ..its better to sleep….i slept nicely and didnnt watch game….i saw the line up and i knew Tim krul will always score against his own team ..6 gaols conceded vs turkey and scots…when you have De vrij,Deligt as your CBs….Tim krul should only be called only if there is penalty shootout…tim krul can pull you down vs any strong teams and THAT WOULD BE THE END OF ORANGE IN TOURNAMENT..
    dONT WANT to add much on dumbfry and De roon…Just average guys should not be NEAR OF ORANGE…
    FDB—His A#3S@2holic or Alcoholic experiment was taking 4 left foot defenders Winjdal,Annholt,Ake and Blind he played De ligt as LCB….Is he on weed????
    what is the logic????Especially when De ligt struggled at Juve at LCB….(Jan can you find logic in this??))..
    i liked experiments of Timber,given chance to Werghost etc…
    Guys this WINJDAL GUY IS OVERRATED…i know this for some time,but he is decent option compared given chances to Shi%$tboer and Dumbfry at RB…
    We miss karsdorp…Jordan Teze and Rensch is way better than Dumbfry /Sh#$itbeor
    We have better LBs at Jetro williams,Malacia,Sinkgraven…Winjdal should only be vistor on absense of these guys…
    1–Krul at Gk means leakage gurenteed..
    2–De roon means boring SH##$ game..
    3–Dumbfry and winjdal means no useful crossess

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