Sneijder wants to return to world class level

Wesley Sneijder will do what he can to come back to his personal top level. The little midfield general was voted the best midfielder of 2010 (duh…. title in Italy, CL title, runner up in World Cup) and with only 28 years on the clock one would expect at least three more great seasons…

But Sneijder good fortunes (that 2010 season, working under Mourinho, being blessed with lots and lots of talent, Yolanthe) seemed to go against him when Jose left Inter and Sneijder believed he was still at Real Madrid or Chelsea. In Milan, the austerity measures hit hard and Sneijder’s stance on the whole pay-check matter resulted in him not playing a single minute for Inter in four months.

And even great players like Sneijder can’t sit out games for months without losing fitness and rhythm. Add to that a number of little pains and maybe a bit too much complacency with the mrs in Milan.

The former Oranje captain has made a pledge though. To do all he can to return. To be ready for Oranje in the Summer of 2014. For his own honour, but also to repay Louis van Gaal.

This season was….turbulent…

“It was. Very. I was happy in Inter until they came with these new demands. I thought it was wrong. Although I can imagine the club is in trouble, they should honour a contract and I was simply annoyed that I was being blackmailed. I know I can easily get by with less per month, that is not the point. I was instructed by different management groups and players’ unions that if I would give in, a lot of clubs would use the same arguments to put players on the spot.”

“The relationship between me and the club deteriorated as they seemed to be cross with me for the contract I had. Really immature. I realised I had to go, but not a lot of clubs were keen to pay a significant amount for a player whose fitness was questionable, and all that mid-season.”


When Galatasary came to the table, a lot of punters felt Sneijder should let that one pass, but he was keen. “I was keen. Galatasaray is a big club. Internationally. Dirk Kuyt has a great time in Turkey and I heard great stories from Pierre van Hooydonck as well. So we went and checked it out and I loved it.

The passion, the emotions… Football is important in Italy, but nothing beats how football is experienced in Turkey. And Gala has a strong squad, they had just signed Drogba and of course I knew Amrabat (ex PSV).”

Sneijder wasn’t able to set the Turkish competition on fire. “It was a major disappointment. And not just because I was so unfit, also because the Turkish competition is pretty strong. You need to be really on the top of your game. I was behind the group in fitness but everyone was keen to see me play. The coach, the fans and I was too. So I started too early, as these things go… And got little aches and things but I didn’t want to let the team down. But before I knew it the coach started to sub me so I never got the chance to convince, really.”

Sneijder is visibly upset that he let his team and his new fans down. “I love the club and we love living there, it’s amazing. So different and rich and lively. But I need to take revenge on myself. And listen, not just with Gala, I also feel a debt to the team manager. He made me skipper after Bommel and I don’t think I have paid him back with my performance.”

Van Gaal took the band away from Sneijder, explaining to him and the media that Sneijder was currently not fit enough to play top class football. “That hurt. Of course. I don’t know whether I expected him to leave me as skipper… I probably hoped for it, but I knew he couldn’t. I think Robin is the best man for the job now. For sure. He is fit, he is on top of the world, his season at ManU was astonishing. Nothing but kudos for him, but I need to focus on me now and I have to swallow my pride and hurt and simply work my ass off.”

We saw you at the Hoenderloo trainings camp. With that somewhat angry expression on your face? “Yes, that is me alright. Whenever I feel I have to battle or struggle to get on top, I get that look. As if there’s a thunderstorm in the air. But listen, I need that. I need that to motivate myself. I want to show the world what I’m made off.”

He lets out another big sigh. “I want to be decisive for a team. I want to be important. In 2010, I was so consistent. I want that feeling back. And it’s not like I’m old. I’m not even 29 years old yet. I have a lot of football in me still. I have been an international player for 10 years! I started as a young upstart at 19, and now I am almost 29 years and former skipper, hahaha. I need to get myself back to fitness. I want to play the World Cup when I’m 29 years old and another one when I’m 33….”

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  1. @Jan, very nice read.
    I still rem vividly his passes in Euro12 match against Denmark.
    Just too bad that no one can put those away…it can easily be a rout on the Danish.

  2. After watching the highlights clip you can see that we are really missing those incisive passes that set up goal scoring opportunities, I don’t know if any of the young possibles ( Stroot, Maher, Clasie, etc) will have that ability in another year.
    Lets hope Snijder gets fit so he is at least on the plane to Rio, and then who knows what he can do, at 29 years old I feel he still has petrol left in the tank if uninjured!
    I’m thinking in clutch situations when there can be no mistakes, he surely would be a better option than the younger brigade.

    Great article Jan.

  3. Great and encouraging article. If Wes responds to the need to prove himself anywhere near the way that Robben did last year, he’s certainly still capable of amazing things. There’s no way I’d bet against him. In fact I’ll be watching and supporting all the way, even if he stays in the Turkish league, which is an unfortunate reality for him for the coming season.

    Watching that highlight video shows the unbelievable field-vision that he possesses, which is not even remotely close to being matched by any of our younger player options. Hell, it’s not matched by any other nation’s midfield options. Fantastic to see all of those amazing teamwork combos, but also the athleticism, skill, and the determination to force his will onto a game.

    Thanks for all the great articles, Jan.
    Hup Holland!

  4. Sorry, but I’ve been waiting for him to get back in shapre since Euro 2012. Promises and no delivery. I will believe this when I see it.

    We all know that Mourinho likes his players and has some of them follow him from one place to another. I don’t think he will gamble on Sniejder given that he’s been unfit. I know I wouldn’t if I’m to win championships.

    Anyone knows anything about Robben’s situation? Will he be a bench warmer in 2013/2014? Is he behind Ribery, Muller, Kroos, Goetze in the pecking order? Why doesn’t Manchester United buy him? Is he participating in Bayern’s practice sessions with Guardiola?

    1. Enjoyed ur comment.promises nd hope…
      B/w Robben has paca and he above Ribery,kroos etc in terms of intelligence and skill.All he has to do is keep his stamina for 120/90 minutes…

    2. That’s how I feel. Sneijder should stop talking and working on his fitness. One advice: He should look at Robben. Robben came back every time he got an injury with strong determination.

    3. Real talk, i’m excited at the prospect of robben playing the false nine and scoring 40 goals a season and winning the champions league. I think he can do it

      1. talks that Guardiola will play 3-5-2 rather than 4-2-3-1 which mean Robben most likely has a place to play.

        Boatang – Martinez – Dante
        Lahm – Shweini – Kroos – Muller – Goetze
        Ribery – Robben

        This makes a lot of sense since we all know Robben does not like to come back and defend and it’s probably smartest to keep your fastest player upfront, which should keep opposing defenses honest, under pressure and afraid of the long ball forward.

        Sorry for posting about Bayern but I do think this year is a make or break for Robben. He needs to deliver one more time so he can play the worldcup with a winner’s mentality.

        I honestly think Oranje is not good enough to win the next tournament and to have a chance we have to rely on the two shining stars we have left and their heroics: RvP and Robben.

        The core of the this team is the U21 team which had some bright flashes in the U21 Euros, but they were not mentally ready to crack Italian defence and have no head turning talent.

  5. I do hope wes gains his form back , however , in case he diesn’t the best option will be to use RVP as a playmaker behind Huntelaar upfront.


    De jong __ Indi
    Janmaat ____ Blind
    Strootman _ fer/Ginkel

    Lens_ van pesrie _ Robben
    ______ huntelarr _______

    1. RvP can easily play the 10 position, and I think this may be the best formation going forward. I have my doubts Lens is a top player still.

      Steks doesn’t start if Krul is not injured. I lost confidence in him since before the start of Euro 2012. Vorm has his weaknesses too.

      1. To get the best from RVP you must play him where he wants to play, and with the players he knows will play to/for him.
        If you stick him up front and feed his ego, and also his desire for the ball, he will score a lot of goals.
        Making him captain is the smartest thing that LVG has done. I think changing his position now would be quite literally one step forward, two steps back. Just my opinion.

        1. Appreciate your opinion. I was basing my idea on the frindly game they played against Italy , at times during the game RvP was playing a full time number 10, dropping deep and having the 9 position filled by Jeremain Lens or Adam Maher. I think RvP has so many qualities, including vision and ball distribution. Overlooking him for the #10 position should not be done with a grain of salt.

  6. Afellay will probably stay in Barça according to his agent. What do you think guys ? Can he compete with pedro , Fabregas and alcantara ?

    1. problem with Afellay is that he has had two back to back injuries that sidelined him for a long time. He won’t find any decent club asking for his services. That’s unfortunate, but it’s true. That’s why Barcelona is not offloading him. His best chance is try to force his way back to playing the 5-10 minutes per match with Barca.. then, only then other teams would make offers.

      Back to Sneijder – we’ve seen it time and again, a top player gets injured and never regains top fitness. The brazilian Ronaldo is the best example.

    2. Affelay needs to play and learn to play at a higher, more consistent level. I’m sure it’s fantastic to be part of Barcelona, but if you’re not playing much you are not getting better. He should be playing.

  7. I think it not only Sneijder , but everyone will be trying to make a cut and book a seat on the plane to Rio. Van der vart, De Jong, Pieters,Afellay who are all recovering from injries and also the young orangies (21s)


    Dejong – Jammant – Virgil Van Dijk – Bruno Indis

    Maher /Georginio Wijnaldum – van Ginkle


    Robben – Hunterlaar/RVP – Lens

    Virgil Van Dijk was vote voted the best LCB for Eredivisie for 2012 -2013 season

  8. your back four worth a try next friendly, but i would switch nigel as DF in 3-1-3-3 in front of van dijk , which I say inexperience against top teams.

    I would love to see dynamic forwards of robben-RVP-maher, which all can play both wings, false-nine, and AM, their shift around will confuse any defenders.

    Against Portugal, imo, the key will be our RB-RM-RW side to contain ronaldo and coentrao, that will be big job for janmaat, because last time van der wiel overwhelmed by this. Maybe put van ginkel as RM to help jaanmaat?

  9. sneijder ended his NT career when he left for turkey. sad

    i could only see him resurrect his career at Chelsea, Dortmund, or PSG/Monaco

  10. I still think we need Sneijder and VDV in order to win WC2014. Maher has good potential but has not proven much at international stage. We need Wes and Rafael to find their form and fitness in 10 months or so.
    With Pieters at Stoke, De Guzman returns to Swansea and now Van Wolfswinkel at Norwich city. EPL is having more Dutch players. From Ricky earned his second cap for the senior Dutch side in their friendly against Indonesia in June, and feels the switch to England can only help boost his international profile. Hopefully we have good competition to back up RVP (Hunter, De Jong and now Ricky).

  11. Two great No9s born OTD in 1976: RvN and Kluivert (not forgetting this

    Best strikers ever

  12. Great article Jan..
    Finding back fitness at the age of 29 is bit hard,it has lot to do with genetics heriditory factor of ones body.The players like Roben,Persie,Pirlo,Puyol,Jap stam,RVN could do that and player like Lother Mathwues can take it in to other level.
    Personally i think we have the quality players to take us to at least semi with out wesly.its a team game ,i really wish that no individual players should nt considered over the National team.Personally i think Robben is the deadliest individual player of this team.its 11 men game (at least).so they should build a strong unit of quality players.Jup hynecks was doing well even with out roben,so it is a sad part relying on one player.Wesly is not Zidane at least or Maradona.So my point is we should not be focused on Wesly fitness or Vaart fitness.i think fitness of Nijel is more important than wesly.At least wesly can be replaced by Maher or Ginkel.
    Let LVG focus on quality/players with potential.if Vaart and Wesly is super fit they can join team.if not they must seek the advice from Clarence withdrawn from EC 2008 squad.and with drawel of clarence played a huge part in EC2008.
    Dutch has got some quality/effective/utility/ players in attack like Persie,Robben,Wijnaldum,Lenz,Ola,urby,Clasie, Wolfwinkel,Ginkel,Maher,stroot,Nijel,Deguzman,Fer,Seim dejong.these are all my hopeful players..

    1. Finally.
      It’s taken 3 years but at last Tiju says something (slightly) POSITIVE, for the very first time.
      Well done, mate. You’re learning. Good comment. Good focus. Keep it up.

  13. @Jake…. It’s my birthday as well 1st of July what a price large to be born on the same day as those 2 great Dutch strikers

  14. The combative midfielder is continually being linked with a move to a bigger league, but his current club have stressed that he’s not for sale

    PSV sporting director Marcel Brands has made it clear that the club have no intention of selling Kevin Strootman ahead of the 2013-14 campaign.

    The midfielder has long been linked with a move to Manchester United, while Napoli also made an enquiry for the 23-year-old this summer.

    However, the English champions have turned their attentions to Thiago Alcantara instead, while a move to the San Paolo now seems out of the question as well following Brands’ latest comments.

    “We do not want to lose Strootman this summer. He knows that he will stay at PSV for another season,” Brands told De Telegraaf.

    Strootman is a product of the Sparta youth academy and also wore the Utrecht jersey before joining PSV in the summer of 2011. He has since developed into a key player at the Eindhoven side.

    The midfielder’s contract with PSV runs until June 2016.

    The Eredivisie side previously lost Jeremain Lens to Dynamo Kiev, Dries Mertens to Napoli and Erik Pieters to Stoke City, while Ola Toivonen is in talks with Norwich City.

    1. MUFC transfer related tweets (involving Strootman)from :

      June 28 – Thiago. Not Strootman.

      June 30 – For the final time: Thiago- Yes. Cristiano- Perhaps. Garay- No. Strootman-No.

      10h – I see Strootman is staying at PSV for another year. As I said a few ago. A fee is agreed and he will move next summer to MUFC all being well

      10h – Strootman would have moved this summer had a deal not been agreed for Thiago.

  15. Eintracht Frankfurt are ready to end Nicklas Bendtner’s Arsenal misery and could seal a deal for the Denmark striker this week.
    talkSPORT revealed last month that the 25-year-old had entered negotiations with the German side.
    Talks between Arsenal and Eintracht have accelerated since then and the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau claim an agreement has been reached between the two clubs.
    However, the Bundesliga side are still awaiting confirmation from the player himself that he is ready to leave the Emirates to join up with them.
    Bendtner, who came through the ranks at Arsenal, spent last season on loan at Juventus but failed to find the back of the net.

  16. Wow PSV are going to look like the proper deal next season.

    They still need to buy a decent right back and follow through with the purchase of Schaars.

    but definitely Schaars-Strootman-Maher is looking awesome. Wijnaldum should start playing as a forward.

  17. Srinjoy… Please stop posting about Denmark on here this is a Dutch blog I do not understand why you keep doing it but its become ridiculous… I’ve never had a go at you or called you names but seriously it’s just damn annoying

        1. Yes Srinjoy, just finish it it really annoyig me to read about Denmark, they r really nothing for me,
          they never would get anythingin world, they never would have good talentend player
          denmark is really easy country to beat i never forget iran playing them and easily get a draw from them. playing with denmark in worldcup is a wish and hope for asian team.

          if i have a chance i would kill erikson and then we could have better league without this overrated danish player.

          1. oh abt taking a chill pill…and now am the unsophisticated villain now..sigh..a harsh world we live in today..i see a lot of similarities between the Olsen Danish project and van Gaals playing beautiful project…i see a world where one day the Dutch and the Danish Dominate and add to their sole european championships…hehe …its ok..i can live with the hate..i dont take myself too seriously…brighten up guys…i cnt promise to cut out all the danish posts..but will minimize it to the most exciting developments only…to preserve ppls sanity..and not unravel their quest for cannibalism…wink wink nudge nudege

  18. And now you’ve gone way, way too far. How about if we just keep this about Dutch soccer and neither post articles about Danes nor threaten to kill them?

  19. Speaking of Sneijder, I saw this exhanges in twitter. Just want to share.

    Powerpuff:Guy © ‏@Snicka21 41m
    @fergie1975 hi Alistair. Thanks for your eminent insight. Please enlighten us on why Sneijder never happened. X

    Alistair Fergusson ‏@Fergie1975 35m
    @Snicka21 Image rights and crazy demands from Wes such as asking United to buy his house in Italy.

    Alistair Fergusson ‏@Fergie1975 35m
    @Snicka21 He was given the green light at lunchtime on last day of window to fly in – much like his jet the move stayed grounded.

    Powerpuff:Guy © ‏@Snicka21 29m
    @fergie1975 I bet he rocks himself to bed every night sobbing and bingeing on Turkish delight, esp. given V. Persie’s cult status. Thank you

  20. According to transfermarkt: Sneijder is in the top 10 players whose value drop the most in one year (in euro). A list of good players, but most are considered on the downhill side.
    1. David Villa Barcelona 31 yrs 35 to 12M
    2. Kaka, Real Madrid 31 yrs 30 to 10M
    3. Xavi, Barcelona 33 yrs 35 to 15M
    4. Xabi Alonso Real Madrid 31 yrs 35 to 17M
    5. Dani Alves Barcelona 30 yrs 36 to 20M
    6. Sneijder Galatasary 29 yrs 32 to 17M
    7. Essien Chelsea 30 yrs 25 to 10M
    8. Adebayor Tottenham 29 yrs 25 to 13M
    9. Daniele De Rossi AS Roma 29 yrs 32 to 20M
    10. Modric Real Madrid 27 yrs 46 to 35M

  21. Call me mad, I still hav doubts on RVP. I mean from WC 201O, Ec2012, he seems to shift the back gear when it comes to big events. if you look at Mario Bolateli, Fred after the confed cup, Trevez, if you given them one chance, they will hit the bulls eye, (angry bull). but you can not say the same for RVP.over the years Huntelaar and RVP has always battle for the No 9 Jsy and also no coach has been able determine whether whom to start. I think at one stage when Van Gaal took over from BVM, He told RVP that he would prefer Huntelaar over him , but he changed his mind after wards. Schalke 04 have signed Hungary striker Adam Szalai from German league rivals Mainz as back up for Huntelaar. he was terrific form for Mainz in Bundasliga last season I think this will keep him on his toes neck to neck with RVP. I think its wise to say that Huntelaar doesn’t have what RVP has and vise visa,but again huntelaar can give goals when it matters the most, and this can only happen if he starts regularly.

  22. I agreed that RVP has not contributed to NT as much as we would like him to. In 2010 I think the system was built mainly for Sneijder and Robben where RVP created space for them to attack as he drew the defenders. In 2012 RVP disappointed us but Hunter did not show much when sub in. For 2014 I still bet on RVP to lead the attack if he can maintain his form, perhaps with Hunter as his backup. Next season (2013-2014) if Hunter outperform RVP then Hunter should start and RVP as backup. Otherwise I will give RVP another chance for 2014. We can look for change of guard in attack for 2016 if needed. I prefers

    1. In the EPL, at both Arsenal and even MU, RVP is the man-he gets great and constant service from his teammates. He is/was the striker/scorer, and wings and mids feed him the ball, even Rooney. That’s never been the case with the Dutch NT. Robben has always liked to score and, until last year, has always been a bit selfish. The same is true to some extent of sneijder–who can and does give great service but also has a robben-like ego.

  23. RVP remain me of Messi when playing for Argentina.I think RVP gets more playing time than Huntelaar, thats where I see his downfall, you need to play regularly to build confidenece, that whats Huntelaar needs, more playing time for NT. as for 2012 EC, Hunter was only called to start the game after they knewthey had shitted in the previously two games. just watch the reply of the NT and Indonesia game. Of Cousre he is more lethal than RVP, but if you keep coming off the bench, where will you confidence go.

  24. wilson,

    Last time I posted two youtube links about two great No9s born OTD in 1976:
    RvN And Kluivert (not forgetting this

    I feel goose bump when I see they ways they scored, even only see how they moved you see the difference between great strikers than good striker like Huntelaar. For RVP I would not need to compare him to RVN or Kuivert because RVP for me is modern central forward – false nine, we can’t expect him to score like RVN, as this blog always discussed a lot, RVP offer the team more than scoring goals, he offer what false – nine need to do, drops deep, move away from the centre-backs who would naturally mark him. If the centre-back follows, he risks leaving space that can be exploited by wide players cutting in, or by midfielders coming from deep. But if he sits off, there are two centre-backs left redundant, the deep-lying centre-forward has freedom, time and space either to pick his pass or to turn and run at a defence so he is arriving at the centre-back at pace, which makes him far harder to stop. In addition he effectively gives his team one extra midfielder.

    One article “in Guardian” said RVP is the falsest nine in modern days. Other interesting article back in 2010 was said that Sneijder in WC10 was playing false-ten, a player to break forward from deeper areas to exploit the space created by the false nine’s movement. From that article, tandem of RVP-Sneijder were not unsuccessful, both have played their roles and carry the team to the final.


    And van Ginkel keeps talking with Mou, now even visiting him in London. First it were only phone calls. I think van Ginkel and his family are sensible and down to earth. This is a choice a player should make. He is not 16 anymore. Then again, Huntelaar also sounded sensible and made bad choices with Madrid and Milan.

    I think what keeps this going on is that van Ginkel is a Mou player, not having any problem with doing what is asked of him, especially defensively. He will run his 12+ KM a game, being very consistent and mature for his age, is the ultimate unit player and also shows up with a vital assist or goal every game or so. I can see why Mou wants him, but van Ginkel needs to separate appreciation for his characteristics and the development phase in which those characteristics are at the moment. Are they already developed to the the point that they will carry him into a EPL title contending team that at the same time wants to win the CL for a second time after winning the EL title this last season?

    Chelsea want their new Ballack, but Ballack was around 26 when moving to Bayern and around 30 when moving to Chelsea. Van Ginkel is 20 years old. Apart the great internal competition he will face from the old guard (Lampard, Ramires, Essien, Mikel etc.), he will face competition from new young stars like Kevin de Bruyne and Englands darling Chalobah. Especially the last one will get pushed by press and English fans, that could come at the cost of van Ginkel. If that is not enough, our own Ake is also opting for one of the 2 more defensive midfield spots I see van Ginkel operating.

    1. Marco will have his chances if he goes to Chelsea, and I think Mouinho really likes the guy. The point is , i’m not sure if Marco can make this step.

      The best solution for all teams is : Chelsea gets MVG from vitesse and gives him to Ajax on loan :D.

    1. @jake i have watched Ake..i think he is the best behind Nijel in position of holding mid.Chelsea is not goin to loan him,fans like him,its true he can play CB too.but i think he will play as holding mid.thast his spot.

    2. I do know that at the NT in U15 he was played CB, while later in U17 he operated as a DM. At Chelsea we see the same kind of switching where he has played CB in the youth many games, but in the senior NT he is a DM. About Terry, it’s actually Luiz who is also used both as DM and CB at Chelsea and both have also the same haircut, so …. :).

      However, I think Ake is not equivalent to anybody at Chelsea or even in the Dutch NT. He is something very special on his own. A true shape keeper if I ever saw one.

      If I see Ake playing he reminds me of a squash player that contently battles for that center spot on the court from where he can dictate the match. It’s really like he runs the show without any fancy stuff or tricks. Even contrary to that I would say, he is pretty dry and could do with a tad more creativity in his game.

      On a side note, we see Bazoer now also getting playing time as a DM at Ajax, while we thought he was a right center back. Maybe that is for development reasons (as DM’s are more pressured and thus nurture a higher handling speed). However both players are not forced to play at the back to neutralize an opponent and kick balls away when they don’t know it anymore. They can play at both positions (CB and DM) as they are simply put, pretty good footballers.

      1. Hello DRB300, you have any news on the U19?? I was wandering why Psv defender Joshua Brenet didnt made the preliminary cut, is he injured or something? Also I am concerned for the lack of goals of that team. And most important Depay, Vilhena could not go because they played U21 tournament, or was a technical call??

        1. Hi Gabriel,

          I saw on a forum that Brenet did well in a game against Poland not so long ago. I looked at his age and he is now 19 years and 3 months old or 7046 days to be precise. So for U19 he is already of age. We know that with these tournaments it’s oke to have players passed the supposed age limit if they were still young enough when they entered the qualification.

          What I do know is that Brenet is pretty good at going forward, but iffy in defending. I see that Tete is selected for the preliminary squad and that is quite a talented right back on the way from Ajax. Tete is also going on the training camp trip to Austria with the first team of Ajax (Bazoer as well). Also PSV is after a right back and that means Brenet has to wait even longer to get a shot at the first team. Not feeling big trust from PSV in Brenet, just like with Koch. The big talent at the back remains Hendrix.

          Lack of goals could be the result of the fact that de Bondt is not a big talent, Achahbar not really able to make things happen on his own (lacks speed) and Darri promising but also not able to make big waves at Vitesse first team yet. Also the midfield is pretty dry and maybe lacks some creativity. Haye, Ake, Ayoub are all super solid. Ebecilio brings vertical power, but I have to see more of him at Twente to check on his vision. He seems to be a hard player to pin down on a spot that really fits him. Probably lacks a bit in the vision department. These are two explanations I can come up with for what you signal or worry about. Both lines (attack and midfield) lack something. Theoretically Ebecilio and Achahbar should be a good pair though, with one behind the other.

          I think Depay and Vilhena get rest. Clubs pay their wages and depend on them for next season. The NT using their services for two teams would be a bit too much I guess.


          1. Thanks for the update DRB300, always a pleasure to read your thoughts, Then I will more look for Tete, I have seen a little from Bazoer but I know that he is a big talent, maybe the midfield lacks creativity because Vilhena is not there? I understand know, the position of the clubs, lets hope Depay will gain more playing time these year for PSV!!
            I still see a great player in Achahbar, but is really he shame is lacks of speed and body, maybe he will end playing more of a second striker??

  26. Van ginkel shoudl cut off the talk with chelsea.Chelsea,madrid,Mcity has lots of money and they dont give a shit for younger ones in terms of chance.Only hope in MOU and he is a talent hunter and not affraid to bench a usless senior for a hardworking brilliant younger ones…. i dont many of the chelsea players have the footballing intellignce of ginkel.but when we see th WC14 its a huge risk,we need current vanginkel for WC2014.
    his competitors are goin to be
    De bruyne
    Van ginkel should not go to any plastic money club instead he should go to real footballing club.moving to chelsea is a gamble..IMO Vanginekl is far better than forementioned players and he deserves to start every game ahead of them considering his current form.

    1. Thank you for sharing this article Bitterballen.
      Believe me bro , In the end it will depend on the draw and the teams we will face.
      Denmark , Japan , Cameroon , Slovakia were the teams we played against to reach the quarter-finals in 2010. In 2006 Italy only had to win Australia and Ukraine to be in the semi-final.
      I can say Oranje in the current form , can simply get over all the teams mentioned above , and with a bit of luck and some of LVG magic we can all celebrate the First WC trophy.
      I do believe in our chances a lot.

  27. @DRB300:
    Regarding Bazoer, he was actually wearing the #10 jersey in Ajax’s first practice match on Saturday. Now I only saw the goal highlight real, but that would indicate that he was actually playing as a playmaker in midfield rather than simply a DM. The other two midfielders were DMs Boccara (#6) and de Kamps (#8). That would to me indicate a pretty complete player and potentially a top CB if he is good enough with the ball to play as the #10 (an Ajax 10, not a traditional 10) while being primarily a CB. Possibly the Dutch answer to Vertonghen?

    1. Oke that would be the latest. I saw the Aegon Future Cup and there he played as DM. This latest position switch is in line what I already suspected. Bazoer is a pretty damn good footballer for a defender and could play midfield as well. Dutch CB positions should become broder line world class in the next 5 years. Denswil, Rekik, Ake, Kongolo, Hendrix, de Vrij, BMI, Bazoer and I actually like Riedewald from Ajax as well. We know that some will trip and not fulfill their promise, but out of that group we really should get something better than Heitinga/Mathijsen, though I have much respect for what the pair did for Orange until Euro 2012 (where they really collapsed). My hope is that we can get back to the level of de Boer/Stam. That’s aiming high, but why not.

      On a side note, word is that Boccara is not making it. Not picking up the Ajax game and his role as DM withing the Ajax system. His passion and tackles are great for the eye, but slow the game down, while Ajax want their DM to speed things up and have high handling speed. I loved him in the Heerenveen game and I think he will become a sensation in English teams that have that “get stuck in” style and “leaving everything on the pitch” mentality. Ajax want their DM to play a vital role in the position game and enhance football. Boccara as of yet is not looking like a player that will fulfill that promise. He is also not going to Austria with the first team trip. I hope he can adapt in his second season. After Blind’s rise from being hated on with a passion to the clubs player of the year, I start to believe that everything is possible.

  28. Ajax have had problems to find the ideal DM

    Shone: good build up and regular in defence.

    Pulsen: good in defence, but bad in build up.
    Boccara: ????

    Since Anita Ajax haven´t found their ideal DM

    1. I think if Boilesen stays fit this year, Blind should try his hand at the midfield. I think he has the tools for it, so the real question is if he can get the positioning.

      1. well, he is not quite good in positioning, but I like his passes forward and his tackles, but I dont think that will be enough to fullfill the DM role.
        Just imagine Ake in Ajax!!!
        That will be a pleasure to watch!

  29. Boilesen back to LB position? I hope FDB is wise man before do that. So far Blind is NT best in LB position, if he is not playing regular in that position, I have not found anyone s steady as him in development, eventhough surprisingly we have plenty of options there.

    1. Turkish second tier team it would seem. No big deal really since he wasn’t able to reach his potential. Although I don’t like the Dutch league losing their average players to other leagues as well.

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