Support your local team!!

My dear friends, I need to ask you all to keep the positive spirit up.

Yes, we are disappointed. Yes, we believe the team should do better. Yes, Van Marwijk is too rigid and headstrong. Etc…

But… Our players bleed orange. They do. I am 1000% certain. Has to be.

Remember how Robben played with pain at the World Cup? How hard he worked to get back? How Huntelaar is swallowing his pride tournament after tournament?

Van Nistelrooy was in the studio the other day and said he had intense contact with some of his buddies in the squad (Bommel, Boulah, Mathijsen, Robben) and said with conviction “there are no cliques in the team, there are no ego clashes!”. He was convinced this team was mentally focused on this tournament but tactics and maybe physical condition are lacking.

I think it’s painful to see how heroes like Robben, Van Bommel and Van der Vaart are crucified on this blog.

Van Persie is all professional and played some good game for us this tourney. But sadly missed too many chances. I’m sure he suffers like we all do.

If you saw Arjen Robben sing the anthem while prepping himself mentally, you could have seen he wants to give his right foot (useless anyway) for a good win.

And the reason why we have Robben in the first place is because he has that skill: taking on people, coming inside, taking a shot… This is how he bailed us out many times. And now he has difficulties getting to his normal level. Support the lad!

Mark van Bommel has been our fierceless leader for years. And him being Bert’s son in law was never a problem. I don’t think it’s now either. I expect Bert to bench Mark for the Portugal game.

Stekelenburg got us into the semis two years ago. He hasn’t yet won games for us this time around, but give the guy a break, please.

At times like these, it’s the Al Pacino “inch by inch, we claw ourselves out of this hell” monologue that springs to mind! And this is where we need to support our boys.

If we suddenly burn our orange jerseys and start insulting our players, we are doing the thing we accuse them off… Our task is to support. So, maybe if we start doing our job, they will do theirs….

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  1. our group:

    do u guys know that if denmark beats germany 1-0 or 2-1 and portugal wins by any result then denamrk and portugal qualify and germany goes to hell!!!! because at that point all of them have 6 points, so at that point only their direct encounters count, so all their encounters versus the netherlands do not count! then since all of them have six points they look at gool difference which would be the same in this case! so they look at who scored more and in this case it is denmark 3 goals portugal 3 goals (assuming they beat us 1-0 god forbid) and germany only 1 goal or 2 goals, so they go home:)!!! crazy stuff!!!

    group c:

    if spain and croatia tie 2-2 and italy beats ireland even 5-0 that doesnt count. then croatia and spain qualify! because in their direct encounters spain scored 3 and croatia 3 meanwhile italy scored only two (one vs each of them) this way italy goes home!!!
    i love doing these calculations!

  2. Its 1am here , couldn’t sleep and the first thing I do is to open your site and read/respond.

    No insults from me to our players (although I felt like getting heitinga 🙂 )…

    Guys, redemption with Portugal !

    Oranje 4ever no matter what !

  3. I have been a fan of the Netherlands teams since EC1992, since I was 11 years old and nothing will ever change that. I know that I picked the wrong team to support, Brazil of Germany would’ve been a much “easier” choice. However, I fell in love with the Dutch style of football and nothing is going to change that now, even with the changes that BvM has made.

    However, that does not mean we can’t be critical and try to find solutions to problems that we see on the field. With the tactics or with the players personally. I think whereas some other countries’ fans might be more prone to personal insults, Dutch fans are different because they are more analytical and use more critical thinking. That might come off as negativity, but I’d call it “desire for perfection” instead.

  4. It’s because many people on this blog are not even Dutch! They consistently treat out national heroes like whipping boys in a club team. Such a lack of class and respect is sickening.

    I don’t know what’s more disgraceful – the team’s start to the tournament, or the reaction of the so-called ‘fans’ on this blog.

    Yes, our team has problems at the moment. We cannot maintain the intensity with which we start matches – due mainly to stalling tactical systems and tired legs.

    The buck stops with the manager.
    I hope he either changes his strategy or is replaced before the next tournament – two reasonable options.
    Some fair weather fans here are calling for the heads of just about every player in the team.
    Grow up! Your opinion ceases to be valid when you choose to express it in this way. If you don’t like that, go support another National team, perhaps your own this time.

    1. It’s because many people on this blog are not even Dutch! – and what? why should an oranje supporter be dutch? wake up,this is a site to oranje supporters from all over the world and not just to the kind of racists you are

      if something doesn’t work,people are critical and they express their opinion. this is normal.
      but wait. bvm is the best coach ever because with nbeautiful football oranje played world cup final two years ago. robben is the best player on earth,who the hell is this messi guy? etc,etc

      as a non dutch i really feel insulted:-(((

      1. ‘not just to the kind of racists you are’

        You are a fucking clown.


        At no point did I make an inference about race. Prick.

        1. Who the fuck do you think you are? How long have you been here or have you mingled with the guys here. The person, who you are abusing, has been part and parcel of the blog since it was put in place by Jan. And you are only days or at most a month.

          This has always been a multicultural forum, most of the members of which are non-Dutch but bleed Oranje, may be more than you bloody bugger do. You have no right to abuse the old folks here.

          Better be off and troll in the Dutch sites, not this one for you, Prick

          1. Your ignorance is matched only by your incompetence in expressing even so much as a coherent thought.

            I was the victim of ‘abuse’ first. I defended my position.

            Sadly, you lack the reading skills to work that out.

            Back to school, bitch.

        2. Rocky take your head out of your ass, end your foul language, and learn some respect before someone else knocks some sense into your skull. You are making a fool of yourself.
          He took your statement at face value, which was nothing more than a back-handed ‘xenophobic’ snide toward non-dutch nationals and supporters of Oranje who happen to have contrasting opinions from your nationalistic self.

          You may be the most patriotic, jingoistic Dutch and Oranje supporter there is for all I care, You don’t police this site as to who can say what or what not.
          Rocky you may be here only for the EUROs but know there are people on this blog who have been true and faithful to this blog and Jan since 2006, and they have earned the right to manifest their frustration in words without any policing from your chauvinistic vigilantism.

          So here is an advice ‘Rocky Balboa’ and to all of you know it all geniuses, if you disagree with a particular comment, either respond in a civil and constructive way without resorting to insults, or just IGNORE the comment.
          Being Dutch gives you no extra privilege over anyone else.
          Over 80% of those come to this blog are non-Dutch nationals.

          1. Respect?

            Hahahaha – tell that to all the fair weather fanboys around here.
            You’re preaching to the wrong congregation, spermbreath.

            Here’s a quote to warm the cockles of your bleeding fucking heart:

            ‘If this is how Holland play, I support Germany or Spain now.’

            ^ You can fuck off with this idiot.

    2. Yes, I totally agree with you. We should never insult dutch players (which I don’t) and BvM is the only one to blame (which I firmly believe to be true). Funny how we agree on this… Guess what? I’m portuguese!

      Relax. People is what really counts. And people have opinions. Deal with it. 😉

      1. You dont have to be dutch to bleed orange, but there can be quite the lack of respect sometimes. It depends on the person, not on the nationality though.

        1. Yes, I never implied the two were implicitly related.

          It is obvious though that the majority here who bash our great National heroes so callously are not even Dutch themselves. The pattern is visible. Is it wrong to point this out? Clearly not.

          I often wonder how these bottom-feeders would react to me demeaning their own National heroes so publicly and thoughtlessly.

          These ignorant fools crack me up. They cannot even construct a rational thought, much less attempt to put one into words.

          If this wasn’t pitiful enough, these genuinely brainless morons even attempt to pull out the old ‘race card’ at the merest mention of a National correlation.
          Do they even realise that by misunderstanding the original post so badly, and by reacting in such a hilarious and predictable way, they serve only to reinforce our initial idea of them as said ‘morons’??

          I do not appreciate members of foreign nations treating my National heroes as if they were recent signings at club level.
          These are not some cheap footballers shipped in from Grimsby Town on loan. These are DUTCHMEN.
          They bleed Oranje, like I do.

          Some people here can never understand that.
          They bleed hatred and ignorance. Mostly ignorance.

          1. doesn’t matter if they are dutch or not, i mean, if someone plays bad are we supposed to just be quiet and let them play bad.

            bert van marwijk is a dutchman, and a hero too, and he’s failed so far miserably. it’s just the way life is.

            I feel Nigel De Jong and Wesley Sneijder should be captain, they always try their hardest and prove us proud.

            and on that same token, I feel bad for van bommel and mathijsen because they’ve been horrible, but it’s not completely their fault, they shouldn’t be on the field.

            and i’m furious with heitinga, someone who was so amazing for everton, and i defended so much to all my friends who said holland’s defense was bad, and here this guy is playing like crap

            Furious at van persie, and van der vaart for being so petty. making a phone call after the denmark game. and ignoring passes to huntelaar when he made great runs. and van der vaart for saying all these things and supposely being the leader of a revolt

            also disappointed in robben for showing his anger. and van der wiel for looking like he doesn’t care

            i mean man, these guys just don’t bring it, and don’t have it for whatever reason. and it’s sad, I support Holland no matter what, my family is dutch, but at the same time, just because they are dutch doesn’t mean i’m going to feel emotions, negative or positive to what they are doing.

  5. We can give portugal a run for the money and come out with our heads held high. Play entertaining football, players need to play and run for each other! Play as one team with heart and we will come away with a favorable result

  6. Well said Jan, Its years since i’ve been interesting in orange football, despite their bad performance espacially against germany I still believe they can win this game againts portugal, hope they’ll be motivated and play as a team…Go Holland!!! Allez les oranges!!!!

  7. I was not have high expectations for this tournament. The physical condition of the players during the season was no where near what it was before 2010. But the outcome so far has been much worse than anticipated. I hope the team “suprises” us tomorrow and get the job done against Portugal. The formation can remain the same but I’d rather see this starting line-up:
    Boulahrouz Mathijsen Heitinga Willems
    Afellay De Jong
    Robben Huntelaar Van Persie

    Afellay has played in this position before and can provide more attacking balance than Van Bommel.

    Keeping hands crossed…

  8. Jan, I couldn’t agree more. You know I only have a beef with BvM, and that’s it. 😉

    And why? Because the lads are bound to some hocus-pocus BvM invented. Win-whatever-the-costs, unity-above-all, stop-thinking-boys-and-do-what-i-say, 4-2-3-1, you name it… If they’re willing to set themselves free, and do what they know best, we’ll all be very happy by the end of the month. Believe me. I believe that we have enough team to win tomorrow. I believe Germany will win as well. The only question is: will tomorrow’s victory gave us the willpower to go straight to the final? Or will it be just a flare and we’ll go down again against Russia?

    1. You and me both, Alex.

      I have worn my Oranje shirt every day of this tournament, and I will continue to do so until the day we fly home.

      Win, Lose or Draw – ORANJE till I die!


      I may not like BVM or his tactics, I may get mad with our performances, but I will still cheer our boys in good times and bad.

      I have made a nice little list of all the regular names here – noting exactly which ones showed their true colours during this difficult time.

      My true colour is Oranje.
      Theirs is a rather shit-stained Brown… and forever more their vile, ignorant, putrid and poorly worded posts will go unread by me.

  9. I certainly hope the team will take not of a phoenix and rise from their ashes anew. I suspect its too late now but then at least after the tournament.

      1. I’d love to see the same thing.

        I don’t predict any new beginnings under Bert though. He’s had 4 years to show us a Plan B. Sometimes I even wonder if he has a Plan A.

        He’s brought this current generation of talent to its knees. He’s killed us with negative football.
        He’s made us the laughing stock of the world in these competitions, and worse still…
        …his ignorance towards new talent has potentially crippled us for years to come.

        Step in, Johan. PLEASE!
        I want us to play with pace and purpose.

  10. I’m starting to feel confident again, I’m sure our men will not play as poorly as they did against the Germs, I’m thinking 4 nil (2 in each half)! I would love to see them play 3-5-2 with RvP ant Hunter up front Robben, Snij, VdV, Stroot across the middle, Kuyt holding mid I’m not sure about the back three but 2 have to mark and 1 has to sweep, we have nothing to
    Lose and everything to prove to the rest of the football community, I have bled Oranje since 74 and will do until the end!
    Hup Hup Hup!

    1. No offense to Bert, but that line up has a negative result written all over it. Still Robben on the wrong side, two a useless defensive block and isolating Sneijder on the left.

      The Portuguese midfield is rather weak, put Sneijder there ! where he can be a playmaker.. If this really is the line up, ill be disappointed up front.

  11. Just to re adjust some thinking here. This Blog is in English NOT Dutch so that Anyone can support Holland and do so In English, no matter how poor the English is. If you are “Nationalistic” then follow the 1001 blogs in DUTCH and leave this for the Internationals and those with a Dutch Connection somewhere or JUST Bleed Orange for their favourite team. I just love the different views and the odd spelling we see here from everyone. Its the perfect melting pot for Oranje lovers.
    and in a typical Dutch View Point – Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and make the team changes here. Enjoy Guys !

  12. Thank you, Jan, for the work you do on this blog.

    Thank you, fellow posters, for welcoming me and others — or at least for not badgering us off. 😉

    And thank you, Oranje, for making voetball fun even for those of us whose families haven’t lived in Holland for centuries.

    Thank you, Holland, for sharing your team, and your gezellig culture, with the world.

    I’m nothing but grateful for all things Dutch, and looking forward to all-out “war” with Portugal — with beautiful, flowing football and a sense of style and aesthetics that will make us once again the most attractive team in the world.

    Hup, Holland! 🙂

  13. In 1988, I was 18 years old. Old enough to remember the Basten’s world-class volley.

    I hope that BvM will bench Mark Van Bommel. So, Holland will play only with one defensive midfielder, that is Nigel de Jong. So, the formation is:
    –the usual back four–
    –De Jong—
    —Van Persie—Robben

  14. There is nothing to loose in the next game. Except maybe pride if Portugal wins,but that should not happen,that is not an option!
    They have to go all out,there has to be only ONE defensive midfielder,Van Persie and Huntelaar need to play together. And I would not like to see Sneijder on the left wing. I saw him at Inter on the left side,and he wasnt good. He is not fast,nor can he get past his markers with dribbling.
    Better put Sneijder and Van Persie as two attacking midfielders,or Sneijder as center,Van Persie attacking mid,and Hunter as forward. Then De Jong would play DMF,
    and he will need to play like his job depends on this game.
    Van Marwijk,I trust you know there is no point in strengthening the defence in the next game. Control the game through attack and pressing,and you dont need 2 holding midsfielders.

  15. Ferenc you should not feel insulted, we have enjoyed your posts for a long time and we know you love the dutch footy.
    I think Dutch or foreign we all have the right to express our feelings, be angry , whatever.
    PersonaLLY I enjoy it there are so many people from different nationalities here, its what makes this blog lively and I often read ´foreign´ posts first cos I find they give better analysis, cos they not blinded by their nationalism and have more objective views.
    Ferenc I for one will keep on reading your posts with interest!

    By the by it is one thing to be positive but when your team lets you down and is, lets fACE IT, a complete letdown we have the human reaction to be disappointed. We all remember our team members often Said they go to Poland to win the cup and not said they will play like old goats,losing from Denmark, making us fans look foolish.
    On another note: The fans of arsenal may be forgiving but: In inetrnational football you must make each single chance and missing one chance can mean win or lose. Persie misses costs us the finals, 6 point, so we have each right to be mad at him! With his arrogance, his pushing away others when he scores… his smirking face after he scored and thinks he is the salvador.
    He missed, he misses and he will miss in the future again. I am not sure I want to see his spoiled face again! I say Luuk de JOng!

  16. We all sympathize with our players on a personal level and everyone knows how hard it is to perform under such heavy weight of expectations. BUT frustration of an orange fan is not the same as frustration of a german fan who knows that sooner or later his team will get a trophy. We’ve been waiting for years (decades in my case) for something to happen and 99% of the time we’ve been left disappointed not because of talent but because of little, personal issues and mental breakdowns. Hence it is easy to start suspecting things and blame players. How can you not despise VdV for his cocky attitude when he is a substitute at best or how can you not admire Huntelaar’s silence?!
    I personally do not blame any player, they are who they are but BvM should be fired even if we win against Portugal. There’s no hope for the future under this coach, he seems only to be worried about his present time. I’ve been saying it for days that no one should hope for major changes in last game, BvM is not that type of manager. He will field MvB in starting 11 again tomorrow and maybe make the change of inserting Hunter and if that doesn’t work he will be vindicated in public eyes and continue with more of the same.
    IF we qualify it will not be because of him, but because we have lots of talent and experience. If we are to be eliminated I hope it happens in such a way that KNVB has no choice but to terminate BvM contract.

  17. Belgian newspaper Het laatste Nieuws has been following oranje too, and theyve come up with a remarkable statistic!!

    Out of the past 8 European Championships, 5 Vice-world champions did not make it past the group stage.
    2 times the vice-world champion was not european, and only one time did a European vice-world champion make it past the group stage of the following European championship, this was Germany.

    Remarkable, I’d say.

    1. Even more remarkable, Argentina and Brazil, the two countries that lost the other 90, and 98 world cup finals, went on to win the following Copa America, that was played the following year, so Argentina in 91, and Brazil in 99.
      Clearly European teams have trouble performing at EC’s after finishing second on a World cup. Possibly the relative strength of the Euro’s, and the time between the World cup and the euro’s compared to these elements and the Copa America has something to do with it.

  18. Everything in moderation. A balanced approach where one is neither too negative but nor too positive either. Since being overly positive about everything is just like any other drug…it wears off sooner rather than later…then….:P

  19. “Van Marwijk’s job to be reviewed after Euro”

    Bert van Oostveen told Voetbal International that he will re-assess van Marwijk’s role, who is contracted until 2016, and that building the squad for future tournaments would be the reason behind any future change of management.

    “It’s a logical moment,” he said, referring to Van Marwijk’s upcoming performance review. When you look at the age of the current players, we have to bring in some new blood. For the 2014 World Cup, but especially for the Euro 2016.”

  20. Still and will always bleed Oranje here. Might have been critical to our players BUT I think some of them do deserve to be criticized. I’ve written this more than couple times on Jan’s old blog and here: the players should start showing their hearts/pride from the beginning by singing the National anthem (and I’m not even Dutch). Look at the way German and England players do this. In the Oranje team (current and past), typically only half of the squad members sing.

    So I watched the Eng v Swe taped match yesterday. I am pretty impressed by England. Technical-wise, they are not even close to the Oranje, if you measure player-by-player. But you have to give them props seeing them running after the ball and not giving up spaces (or like Al Pacino’s speech said “inch by inch”).

    I also have recommended NOT to start Robben but to get him after first half – 50 mins mark. Look at how Walcott created havoc by scoring 2nd goal and running from the wing/passing to create their 3rd goal. As good a player Walcott is, in my opinion, he is nowhere as good as Robben.

    I think Germany will still play for a win. Based on the first 2 group matches, even if they want to “choose” potential opponents at later stage, they’d prefer to get us than Portugal anyway so I don’t think it will bother them to see us go through. If this scenario happens – Germany wins and we somehow can score more than 2-goal differential against Portugal – I think tides will turn 180 for the Oranje. BUT I think for this to even be a remote possibility, it should start with van Bommel NOT starting. This is not an insult or attack but objective observation that he’s not up to par to be in this tournament plus we should not be playing with 2 holding Midfielders.


  21. I dont need to write cynical and demonstrative comments on a computer screen to make myself feel better after a loss.

    I just beat the crap outta my laundry hamper each time we lose.

  22. I respect all the opinions here, good or bad, extreme or moderate. That’s what this blog is all about, so keep up the good work guys…
    Anyway, I think this last group game will be amazing, since mathematically any of the 4 teams can still qualify (2 being eliminated) then the rules of probability enters into play besides each team will depend on the results of the other teams (including Germany themselves). Therefore each team will have to deal simultaneously with uncertainty. Of course, logic says that Germany has lower levels of uncertainty than Holland, but still, the verdict is not out yet and 2 of them can either ace it or flunk it.
    Even Germany have it all to play for, and I personally don’t think they will play for a draw, its too risky cause they know Denmark can score goals (3), and yes they have also conceded 3, so that’s even more reason for Germany to win this one.
    I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t see Holland losing 3 in a row (they might draw) but not losing. They have had time to absorb all the criticism and disappointments, and I have this gut feeling that they will win just for the sake of pride and as a small gesture for all the support given to them…

  23. Big article Jan ! I think we all love the team but some of us cannot control their disappointment. That’s understandable.

    @Rocky, what the hell are you saying? I’m not Dutch but I’ve been following and defending the team, suffering, crying and enjoying it for the last 25 years. Does it make me an inferior fan to you ? Stop saying bull**** man.

  24. Yo! I don’t know how they do it, but they will win the game tomorrow.

    Apparently, there’s no point in continuing mentally sending signals to BvM about roster, so all we can do now is to support the team and enjoy every single game.

    Speaking of new coach, I lost the link to the web-site where I read it, but rumor has it Frankie Rijkard is coming back!!! (if this team doesn’t get through group stages)

    Recall the group stage games against France and Italy! Those were brilliantly played games, exciting! I was to see Frank back.

    But now, Holland vs Portugal is the game to watch!
    At the same time, I think, if this team gets its first win, that will pump up the chemistry, and they will be able get through to the finals.

    Go Oranje!

  25. Gio, I also don’t think we’ll lose 3 in a row. If anything, I think they’ll go ape-$h*t and put bunch of goals on Portugal. Law of averages will support this theory, all those misses in first 2 matches. If it happens, it will be a sweet revenge of Nuremberg.

    P.S.: it’s cool to respond to “Gio”, as if I’m chatted with that retired “Gio” …. 🙂

  26. Let’s hope. Anything that we gain is a bonus because everyone is ruling us out now. Many are saying that we will suffer the biggest defeat against Portugal. We might surprise everyone by bouncing back in style. That would be a great oranje moment.

  27. Jan, I support you for this blog and although disappointed, Oranje will always be embedded in my heart…. I am all for Oranje and they have my full support..

    Whether or not we get the favor from Germany, it doesn’t matter…

    I want to beat Portugal, even 1-0 because I want to see Crybaby7 cry… and we need to go home with our heads held high..

    Hup Holland!

  28. @Paul , this line up is not bad at all, I hope it is true, we need to something else man! Even if we lose with this new line up, at least we know we tried something new and we played with our two best strikers in the world right now! As one of the guys said even if we win only by one goal difference and get eliminated but at least we end the streak with a win against a team we only beat once before in in our history! So at least u end with a positive result or if we’re lucky enough then who knows I don’t wanna say it but I am dreaming about it 😉

  29. I feel sad for vMarwijk, for 2 years he was a hero and now he is the one who is to blame, but the players made him look stupid. Yes I also wanted he took Urby and vRhijn with him, and not willems, but moreover I feel sadness. VMarwijk seems to be taken by the events and looked as bewildered as any of us here after denmark.
    Eventhough he made mistakes I will always feel he is a good guy and gave us pride in ´10.

    Its not his fault 5 players are out of shape. Or that some came mentally broken from their clubs. Or that most players dont like eachother and cant sacrifice for eachother nor suffer pain for eachother.

  30. @ Dutch Dream

    It isnt his fault that they arent in shape, but it his fault for building the team around players who are not in shape…thats why there is a provisional squad, to make the correct selections based on form and fitness.

    OT, but fox soccer is showing the AJAX-RM game from madrid, ajax had good possession, but RM was so clinical with their finishing…sounds familiar.

  31. Yep he kept holding on too long to his own, but you see this often with succeful teams, its very hard to make change, especially when it not clear who should be the new leader, even sneijder is not himself.

    Noy only did we see the downfall of Bommel,(Thanks to our coward defense which doesnt dare to move up, and let him drown in midfield) we also saw the demise of vd Vaart .. I have never seen him play so bad and disinterested, already in the friendlies I thought he looked haggard. When so many players in bad form its hard to make a new formation. But I agree with most of us here that vmarwijk acted too late and was always one step behind.

  32. I think everyone in this blog bleed Orange and will support the Netherlands until the very end.

    I am from Mexico (26 years old) and I am entitled to analyse and sometimes even criticize our team because I bleed Orange just as much as Dutch people or even more!!!.

    EC 2012 has been very difficult but what has left me very sad is that Holland has the players to kick Germany’s and Spain’s ass altogether! but they need to play with the right attitude and with balls.

    In life when you approach any situation you must approach it with the mentality that you are going to get it.

    Holland players seemed scared to play against Germany, we started well but after their 1st goal it was over!.

    It will be hard to get to the next stage but with the right players and the “I AM HOLLAND AND I WILL KICK YOUR ASSSSS MENTALITY” we can make it.

    So guys HUP HOLLAND HUP.

    Yes of course I will wear my Orange jersey 🙂

  33. —————-Stekelenburg————–





    Mathijsen is just to old and slow.
    Schaars will do better than Willems.

    I liked Vlaar against Denmark he did better than Heitinga and he really bleeds Orange!!!.

  34. @ Miguel

    With all due respect, can i have some of what you are smoking?

    Vlaar was terrible against Denmark, he never pushed up, and was responsible for the goal…he was totally out of position! He is also extremely slow and has the agility of a hippo

  35. actually i believe the solution is in using De jong as a CB aside with Heitinga .
    He is the best tackler in our squad ” and he is really good actually ” , fast and can read the game .
    for sure he is better than mathijsen and vlaar .

    i’ve been always a bog fan of vdv but he really is not in a good shape either mentally or physically .

    i will use both Schaars and strootman as holding Mids ,
    young , skillful , great long and throw passes , good vision , good defending skills and great lungs .

    my line-up for the next game and for the rest of the euro if we could make it :

    __________ Stek ______________

    ____ Heitinga __ De jong _____
    Kuyt __________________ Willems

    ________ Strootman _ Schaars __

    Persie _____ Sneijder ___ Robben
    ________ Huntelaar _____________

    it will be very surprising for Portugal , and we have many keys with this line-up .
    let’s try it !! we have nothing to lose to be honest .

  36. ‘Is it not racist to say, “I will not allow any Morrocans into my store because they dont respect me like other dutch people do”? OF course its racist.’

    No. Clearly it isn’t ‘racist’. The terms you have used have no bearing on ‘race’ whatsoever. Your analogy is also woefully inaccurate.

    You are a fucking moron.
    Learn to speak the English language before you attempt to use it.

    ‘What you said is racist’

    Hahahahahaha – what you said is a affront to language and intelligence.
    If, as in your case, you lack the simplest ability to express yourself in correct terminology, or even understand those words used by others, and yet you still persist in lecturing your peers, then you don’t deserve the basic right to breathe.
    If fact, how the FUCK has a dumb cunt like yourself even made it through life this far?
    Your parents must be so fucking proud.

    I never said anyone wasn’t welcome. Idiot.

    I never made a single inference towards race. Moron.

    I merely highlighted, in accordance with the ARTICLE IN QUESTION, that the rather antagonistic nature of some of the recent comments could be attributed to those individuals here who clearly do not have Dutch nationality, you know, the ones who bestow up on us such luminary gems as “I am now supporting Spain”.

    The fact that you so catastrophically failed to understand this, in addition to the aforementioned lack of intelligence (and reading ability) you have demonstrated thus far, leads me to conclude that any further discussion with a total fucking ignoramus such as yourself will only lead to your further frustration. As much as I’d love to keep ridiculing you all day, I just can’t be arsed to lower myself.
    Instead, I’d rather you continued to do it all on your own.

    Go on, genius. Enlighten us with another pearl of fucking wisdom.

    1. Last warning for Rocky!

      The rules are simple: no offensive language, no name-calling, no abuse and no racism. I am accusing you of the first three, not of the latter :-).

      But control your language, otherswise you are out! Respect!

  37. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Came on late last night and commented on the previous post, that we need more positivity and I am very glad a few ppl other than myself are showing support for Robben, VDV and Oranje as a whole. COME ON LET’S SHOW THE WORLD WHAT WE GOT TOMORROW!

    Off topic, but seeing Pacino’s speech I wanted to throw in a bit of humor.

    The name’s not Al anymore, it’s DUNK! Hahah good stuff this

  38. From the looks of it too, we have to take advantage of our win and seeing Germany win too, we could potentially have easier opponents, but we must win and we must support our Oranje, if not you can get the F**K out and type somewhere else.

  39. Kuyt would be good in the back, but don’t think that will happen.

    The Dutch COULD win by two but aren’t playing well enough to do so–and Portugal has as much to play for as Holland. Plus, I expect Holland to press forward for goals–as they must–but that will leave the defense vulnerable, which could spell trouble. There was no excuse for getting in this bind–but the team lost the one game it had to win (Denmark).

    This group just hasn’t gelled–Van Bommel has been a great player but is too old, Willems is way too young, Affelay hasn’t played all year due to injury, Mathijsen is old and coming off a serious injury, plus all the van Persie/Hunter drama. It’s too much–but I’ll hope for Dame Fortune to smile on Holland tomorrow!

  40. The speech chosen is spot on. Tomorrow is Sunday, and you all know the title of that movie…

    The preach is spot on too.

    We will all do what we have done for years, support the team.
    Strange enough, I find myself in a weird position, its the first time in years that I feel frustrated, and highly oponionated about the starting 11, tactics and so on… I cant aprove what I see… noone does I guess… It was easy in the past. I would just relax and enjoy my beloved Oranje. If it was to loose, they would do it, but with the chin high.

    Let’s hope for a win tomorrow. After all, in any given Sunday… any team can win.

  41. wwooowww looks like Russia won’t qualify and if we win we should have a rather easier opponent, but we must win. LOOK AT GREECE NO ONE THOUGHT THEY WOULD QUALIFY EITHER, COME ON LADS STAYING HYPED SHOW YOUR SHOW AND STAY SHOWING IT LLLEEEETTTSSSS GGGGOOOOO!!!

  42. Jan, excellent words

    I have been reading strong’s comments against Dutch players, written by foreign and Duct people, indistinctly; so I think is no matter of race or nationality.

    I personally meet some Duct people and I know that I am more Orange fan than they. I love too much Orange football, even I am not Dutch. And that’s why I respect a lot this players, and why I try to make objective and constructive comments… and my loyalty for Orange, after all this years without WC or EC, prove to be very strong jajaja!

    I personally think that will be nice to see Strootman playing tomorrow as centre back beside Heitinga. He is very good in the buildup, one of our weak points.



    ———–De Jong—Sneijder—-

    Narsing—–V Persie—–Robben


    Another nice formation will be:


    —Affelay——De Jong—Sneijder

    V Persie —–Huntelaar—–Robben

    1. Greece was last team and they managed to do it and we can do it too and build from there as we progress. It just goes to show you ya know. On any given Sunday and tomorrow is our Sunday!

  43. Could we please cancel group A altogether, and shuffle the teams from group A and B?

    None of these group A teams play well. But at least Russia was sometimes entertaining. Tourney doesn’t look good.

  44. The fact that Greece are through–and Russia not–just shows what a odd game football is. Greece is the most boring team in the world. Yes, if you sit back and defend game long–and then steal a goal, you somehow prevail. It reminded me of the first half of the Holland-Denmark match: Holland miss a handful of good opportunities, and somehow the Danes score first–and then win.

    1. two lessons to look at:

      1. the last line of defense for greece goes to the ball, doesn’t wait for the ball to come

      2. their best offensive guy, #7 samaras, defends in one game more than some of our guys during an entire year 🙂

      don’t want to start the negativity again but if the front line doesn’t track back…

      1. I liked the way the Italians were doing it. Once they loose the ball, the midfield slows the opponent team down, and the attacker!! goes for the tackle in midfield.

        1. yeap … now that our two beasts can’t control the game, the entire team has to work together…

          both italy and greece, although different, play the control game very well. sure especially greece is nothing special to look at but they made it through…

          that #7 of greece, is like a mini ibrahimovic …

  45. Russia’s exit is a good example to Germany. They know now they can’t afford to slack off and go for a draw against Denmark. They need to beat them

  46. Like it or not, Greece has so much more spirit than Holland. 11 unknown players create more synergy than 11 talented individuals. You have to play with heart which Holland players lack. And Samaras, what a player, a horserunning back and forth.
    Advocaat fails again.

    1. I think this rule change was made so that the weaker team in the group would not decide the outcome — particularly if that team were played on the last day, they could throw the game. So head to head comparison is the best metric to see which team is better.

  47. I’m confused.

    Greece and Russia have 4 points, but Greece beat Russia so they are above them in the ranking. However Russia has scored more and has a better goal difference, but apparently the result between the two counts more.

    If we beat Portugal we will be above them in the ranking (makes sense if you follow the Greece/Russia logic)

    But why would we be above Denmark?? They beat us.

    Where is the rulebook..?

    1. >But why would we be above Denmark?? They beat us.

      but they lost from portugal 🙂 and its a 3-way tie

      so the goal difference will determine the 2nd team. so we need to beat portugal by 2+

  48. Russia had 31 shots at goal, but no goals. Played some very nice football. One defensive error and Greece scores. Suffered from a bit of hubris, maybe. Sound like a familiar situation?

    You really can’t count on things like this happening, but it goes to show that anything can happen in this sport. Let’s hope for another Greek style miracle tomorrow, beating all the odds.

    1. makes me feel a whole lot better reading that, hopefully that’s what he’ll do; depending on intense we mark and fight for the ball, if played right should down their wings and slice through. Even if we utilize a different formation, seeing those names makes me feel a tad better, but they really gotta play with each other, hand gestures letting each other know where they are or if an opponent is coming, etc. Nonetheless, I am feeling very good and positive about the task at hand, keep the faith high and we can make something out of nothing here, Hup Netherlands Hup!

      1. my only fear is that probably kuyt hasn’t been playing with the defense much, and might play someone onside, I mean schaars, boulah, and heitinga have, so that shouldn’t be a problem….

        but funny enough, it will most likely be heitinga who makes a mistake of playing someone onside.

  49. It’s simple guys .
    if only two teams have the same points J , the winner of their game qualifies no matter who scored more goals .
    if more than two teams are equal in points , the team with better goal difference qualifies .
    if equal in goal difference , the team with more goals scored qualifies .

  50. Thats a nice line up, however today Bommel was sitting next to vmarwijk on the presser, usually that one is playing. We all better lower our expectation or be disappointed again. We lost 2 games, the team is not in form, and we play against a counter attack team that we could not beat for years.

  51. Just read this:

    The change that most people expect is that Klaas-Jan Huntelaar will be deployed as a central striker instead of Robin van Persie, who could either replace Ibrahim Afellay on the left wing or be used as a No10, with Wesley Sneijder then moved out to the flank. Sneijder might even be shunted one line back to replace one of the holding midfielders, Nigel de Jong or Mark van Bommel.

  52. Just so we’re all under no illusions about the task ahead, it’s going to take a pretty epic effort to get through at this point. The players would have to make some kind of ‘double history’ by doing two things that have never been done before, neither by any previous Dutch generations, nor in Euro tournament history.

    (1) ” The Netherlands have won just one of the sides’ last ten meetings, and that was nearly 21 years ago. And even if they matched the scoreline in that game, 1-0, it would not be good enough. ”

    (2)” So we’ve never beaten Portugal by two goals before. And no team has ever managed to go beyond the EURO group stage after losing their first two matches. But hey, there’s a first time for everything! ”


    Men’s ‘A’ Matches

    —————–Portugal vs Netherlands
    Goals for———–12————5
    Goals against——–5———–12

    So Probably not wise to get hopes too high, but hope is all that’s left now. At least go out fighting with an offensive line-up and see what happens. Maybe Oranje by some miracle does a Liverpool-Arsenal 1989 style victory, which really would be quite epic. Need to just go for it.

  53. Czech and Greek are through and they fought well. I am desperate, despair but still has hope and faith, that Oranje beat Portugal and Germany beat Denmark 1-0. If the rumour is true about the lineup, I’m fine with that. Can’t wait tomorrow to see what this team is made of.

    1. “Can’t wait tomorrow to see what this team is made of.”

      Agreed! The best thing about this moment of crisis is the challenge itself — and seeing how Oranje swims or sinks.

      All their international careers are focused on the head of a pin tomorrow.

      Hup Holland!

  54. Well, I’m half Greek and half Dutch, so the miracle is half done for me already! ;D

    I’m feeling good about Sunday, and have my beer pre-chilled and peanuts ready to munch. it It will be tense and exciting, and we’ll either be elated or frustrated with the result, but I WILL enjoy watching my team, whatever the outcome.

    I bleed Orange as Holland clearly plays exquisite football most of the time, but I have so much pride when I see the determination of the Greek players. I know Holland can do this too but usually there is no need as we are simply better than 90% of the teams we play. And we ARE better than Portugal if we get the tactics right.

    We need a little luck, a lot of heart, and a LOT of determination.

    Get the tactics right (whatever they are, I won’t pretend to know) and we can do this. I’m sure of it.

    Come on ze Zjermans… wow, feels awful typing that! 😉

  55. Just so we’re under no illusions about the task ahead it’s going to take a pretty epic effort for Oranje to get through at this point. The players would have to make some kind of ‘double history’ by doing a couple of things that have never been done before, neither by any previous Dutch generations, nor in Euro tournament history.

    (1) ” The Netherlands have won just one of the sides’ last ten meetings, and that was nearly 21 years ago. And even if they matched the scoreline in that game, 1-0, it would not be good enough. ”

    (2)” So we’ve never beaten Portugal by two goals before. And no team has ever managed to go beyond the EURO group stage after losing their first two matches. But hey, there’s a first time for everything! ”


    Men’s ‘A’ Matches

    —————–Portugal vs Netherlands
    Goals for———–12————5
    Goals against——–5———–12

    So Probably not wise to get hopes too high, but hope is all that’s left now. At least go out fighting with an offensive line-up and see what happens. Maybe Oranje by some miracle does a Liverpool-Arsenal 1989 style victory, that really would be quite epic. Need to just go for it.

    1. So it’s Greece vs Germany! Just like in the Euro community hahaha.

      The winner of “Group of Death” vs the runner up of “Group of Debt”!

  56. In spite of their coach and in spite of the fact they’ve been pushed to play in a way that seems to be against their nature, I still hope they can make to the quarter finals.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    Hup Holland Hup

    Dutchie in Lotusland

  57. Last warning for Rocky!

    The rules are simple: no offensive language, no name-calling, no abuse and no racism. I am accusing you of the first three, not of the latter .

    But control your language, otherswise you are out! Respect!

  58. @Rocky, and others

    As a non-Dutch supporter of Oranje, I didn’t read Rocky’s initial comments as being racist, or even necessarily nationalistic. Rather, I took it to be a comment about “fairweather fans” – people who jump onto a team’s bandwagon and then are quick to desert them when times get tough. I think he made a fairly accurate point – these fairweather fans are not likely to be Dutch; a Dutch football supporter is not likely to abandon their own team, but fairweather fans who don’t have strong ties to the Netherlands will.

    That said, is clear that many of the people on here (and Jan’s previous site) are not Dutch, but rather – as evidenced by their involvement online – are as passionate supporters of the team as anyone else. After all, this is an English language site – it will obviously appeal to non-Dutch Oranje supporters.

    Rocky, I don’t agree with your insulting and abusive responses to the replies to your initial comment. I understand it is insulting to be called racist when your initial comment was not, but it is also understandable that the non-Dutch people on this site will be sensitive about non-Dutch people being compared negatively with Dutch people as supporters of the team. Perhaps instead of responding with abuse next time, you can try to explain your position again – particularly when English might not be the first language of some of the other people posting on this site.

    Let’s not fight among one another guys – we are all wanting the same thing tonight!

    Hup Holland!

  59. Seeing the Russian allsupporters crying … I really cannot imagine that that is going happen all to us in another 24 hrs…

    No… I thought ! We cannot let this happen. There is still a chance to turn it all around. I know the formation the team got a big problem.

    But let holland defeat Portugal first. I agree , I also want to Ronaldo crying instead of us!

  60. Yes, support your players however they play. I am not Dutch… I like the Netherlands team, which is why I am here, but I can’t claim to be a dedicated fan because I am English… I am primarily a fan of Manchester City – a real fan, who followed the Blues in the THIRD DIVISION, and didn’t go off and support Chelsea or Liverpool. So I can understand Rocky’s anger at the people who want to go off and support Germany or Spain.

    Support those who wear your shirt. I always support Nigel de Jong, he is a 100% wholehearted Blue hero, I don’t like the criticism he gets here. He was virtually playing defence on his own against Germany. He is fantastic…

    Please Holland go through… I wanna see Ronaldo cry ha ha ha. 🙂

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