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Hi guys,

It’s that time again (almost). World Cup Time.

And without Oranje this time!

So my question to you all…

How do you want to experience this blog during the WC?

Do you want me to throw in posts on the tournament, the nations that play, the players that impress, etc?

Or do you want for me to focus on Oranje, Dutch players and developments?

And do you want me to do another World Cup predictor?

While you’re pondering and responding, feel free to use the donation paypal option when you can. And I don’t mean you, the usual suspects who have supported me through the years and ALWAYS chip in generously… I would love for the ones that are here very frequently to chip as well, please…

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  1. There is an old Chinese saying “ know your enemies . And the more you learn about them the higher chance you can win them “

    So I think it is vital for us to know what has happening in the tournament , as well as learning who and which team has impressed the most . We definitely need to know all the updates because every thing is a learning progresses

    No doubt , it will be painful to watch the tournament without Holland but …… we need to go through this and I am sure we will come back one day as strong as we were before.

  2. All current crop of dutch players is overrated. I was watching a documentary on Johnny Rep – he was 21 years old and elbowed Brazil’s captain in the World Cup semi-final in the face.

    We lack intense players… players with speed and flair… players with power and determination… even technical players seem to have disappeared.

    The only one I see is Van Dijk…he is world class.. no one else is even very good(maybe Cillessen). We have a couple of good players and the rest are mediocre at best.

    Kids coming through the pipelines are shite… Teams in Holland seem to be manufacturing kids to be sold in the Premier League. That’s the business model and unless the KNVB gets their shit together and do something about it like the Germans did, we will start seeing the occasional appearance in the WC and Europe, but nothing more.

    1. No wissor we have Deligt who is world class..
      Kongolo,Vilhena,Bazoer,Karsdorp,Mensah,Frenkie dejong,Van de beek are pretty good players.. we need a visionary coach to mold this average players/above average players to form a team like Italy in 2006 or greece 2004 or Portugal in 2016…..
      my worries are forwards???/ where is new Roben??overmars??Nestelrooy,kluivert??RVP??vaart???this is what we miss..

      1. Tiju

        Delight is still unproven quality. All these players perform in Erdivisie which sucks. Most of them move young to another league and predominantly choke.

        Memphis Depay is the biggest example.

        1. Memphis is talented,he is borderline overweight for his height for a footballer…So he failed as winger…But when you see that even below average players like klassen,Dost scores some goals from SO MANY CHANCES…Why cannot we play Depay or Propper there…they can Finish better than these bottom line luck hunters…
          Now Memphis is moveed away from winger spot…He doing good…1000 times better than klassen and Dost…Memphis will never beat Marco Reus,Roben etc…coz he lacks their agility and speed to succeed as winger…i think he spoiled his Body in Gym..that big lose for him and NT…
          Then De ligt…..Hasnt you seen How Deligt pocketed CR7…?????Only top defender can Pocket CR7…End of the story….
          Deligt is world class..kalvin stengs,Myron boadu,Bazoer and Frenkie De jong are sceond to none when it comes to talent…they are our super talents ..hope that they play regular and its required for their development.

  3. I have the same feeling. While my friend is waiting for World Cup, I feel so empty because Netherlands will not be there. Our production and clubs have been shite for years (20 years?) and finally that caught up the NT.

    No flair: Our goal keeper said that if Barca love him, he would stay in the bench.
    No determination: Depay said that his goal is to become as good as Messi and Ronaldo but he is now considering moving to Milan (a team that does not play CL or Europa League)

    And these examples are the players that are doing well compared to the rest. For many years, the next big star from Holland never come through:
    1. Drenthe, Van der meyde: waste of potential, no discipline -> mentally they are not prepared
    2. Afellay: injury -> our player seems getting smaller and weaker, where was the Davids and Seedorf?
    3. Janssen, De Jong brothers, Klaassen, Van Ginkel, Elia, Daley Blind, …: they are just not good enough, the gap is too big between the Eredivisie and other leagues

    I don’t see any movement suggest that thing will change. Our clubs get dumpster-ed by other teams in Europe so I am not too excited with the hype about new generation. It was not like Ajax/PSV did something like Monaco in Champion League 2016-2017.

    The WorldCup will start in 3 days and we are not in there and we are not doing anything to change. Shame on this KNVB.

  4. J. Kluivert sign for AS Roma, done deal. This club is good option for him to be play regularly at seria & champion league.

    Hope to see de Ligt, Berwinj, de Jong, de Beek come to right place too, & Tahith Chong, R. Kongolo, Dairosun, Redan, Castilo can break into senior career next season.

  5. I keep reading negative things about the Dutch national team and that we don’t have enough quality anymore.

    To begin with we should be in Russia as we speak. If only the KNVB had sacked Blind sooner we would be qualified. It was a very late decision. Advocaat is no Michels but he did a decent job.

    It’ll be difficult to find a new Robben, Sneijder or RVP but we do have quality.

    Bergwijn, Kluivert, Frenkie de Jong, Van de Beek, De Ligt are the future. Depay can become very important if he keeps training hard, also Promes.

    We’ve a good experienced defense with V.Dijk, De Vrij, De Ligt, Blind.

    1. Beside Bergwijn, Kluivert, Frenkie de Jong, Van de Beek, De Ligt

      I believe Steng, Fosu, Raidewal, Schurr, Drongelen, Chong, Redan, Boadu, Pierie are also our future, most of them have already played senior level at very young age or some one who developing very good with very much potential.

    2. To be honest It really hurts my ears (irritates) when I see people writing we need a new sneijder, RVP ,Robben etc. No offense Miguel and (Tiju whose title track has been the same through out the years). In the name of almighty, father son and the holy spirit, there will never be another Pele, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Van Basten ,Robben, RVP, Sneijder. you name it.The tide is changing and you jus have to go with it . eredivisie is good for the development of certain age group of talents especially those who are able to debut early around 17,18,19 into the first team but after one or season they development too either stalls or jus remains at a critcal point as competition level keeps subsiding every year.


      De Ligt is a perfect example. if he remains at Ajax he will simply hit the peak at that particular level (eredivisie) and after that its will jus be straight and level cruise instead of maximum flight level. frenkie, VDBeek and all other talents that are coming up will go have to go through the same transition, before ultimately being shifted out to cater for others and keep the conveyor belt rolling. Im more talking about the top three here. Ajax especially has made this sure that this is what becomes the financial strategy of the club.

      Again look at Veltman, his selection for WC 2014 came on the back of his ceiling which looked to be on inclined trajectory at Ajax at that time. look at his trajectory now.he will end up at Ajax for another one or two seasons eventually if De Ligt leaves and if a right offer comes after that he will be offloaded to a above average club somewhere for maybe 3-4 million pounds like Van Der hoorn.

      being said this much of the hopes lies with with those like Hoogma, Chong,Redan,Van Drongelen, dilrosun, Fernades,Groeneveld who are and will be playing outside of eredivsise AND morever if they can go on to secure first team football or get scouted by other teams like Ake. this guys with other who have already established them selves in NT could provide a good platform in years to come and for other who are not far behind.

  6. Bazoer is very good talent but seems like he flopped

    Ramselar, Diks, Juste, Hendrix, Ghazi, Kardorf, Sinkgraven, Zivkovic seems just mediocre player and not potential to improve more to be top class level.

    1. Im not ready to give up on sinkgraven and El Ghazi, Zivkovic. all are still young and talented. they jus need to be playing. I was reading an article on Luc Cataignos where the FOX Sports analyst on Voetbal International said It’s a good idea to take two steps back and then make a big step forward”. this is quiet true. look at Mario Baloteli. he found his form at Nice after two season of playing continously playing there. then he gets the Italy call up and boomm.

      the analysts also said Castaignos should go to team like Excelsior or a team from the Jupiler League that competes for the title,and where he can play regularly. ” Luc must play, do not be mistaken: that man has qualities, I believe in him.”

      1. Elghazi is a headlesschicken….football requires intelligence Which he doesnt have..Zivkovic also seems have little slower brain though he fast physically.

      2. @Wilson, Baloteli is different story, at least he has already reached top class level before he got floppy because of his personality, but Sinkgraven /Ghazi/Zivkovic/Cataignos even didn’t play for big club or contribute for national team, they just showed some potential then flopped. 🙂

        1. Agree with you but you also have to agree the more you play the better the chances to boost your confidence level and I think this is where most of these guys have defaulted. It always becomes difficult when you arrive at a club and you are thrown into the action to compete with those who have been at the helm of team for longer period of time. El ghazi has made jus over 30 appearence, both on and of the bench for lille ending the last season with 5 goals. Coaches also sometimes can complicate situations depending on which strategy they wanna use. Since Lille couldnt spearhead any transfers due to financial crisis, El ghazi was often deployed as striker which was not his stronghold. The same goes for sinkgraven when bosz decided to shift him to LB where he continously picked up knocks and was often a causality. Both need to play more and depending on how the up coming season transpires, it would be then reasonable to further comment on both. Sinkgraven defintely should look for a new club while el ghazi and mendes are trying to cook something and hope it turns out good.

          Zivkovic also had a mixed season jus like el ghazi, was injured, on and off the bench and next season should also dictate his future.

  7. We had names in our team
    Bigger than any of other countries had, but still we failed in our different generations ie 1998,2006,2010 , 2014. Perhaps it’s time we build up a team that really plays as a unit , like Germany for instance

    Question – El ghazi , why has koeman not take him in consideration ?

    I can’t undersdand why we still give chances to dost , Janssen and Babel , but not there young players instead ?

    We need wingers and strikers as to me we only got Depay who is reliable now . Promes is not belonging to the top level

    As for kluivert , he is completely overrated by the media . I mean don’t get me wrong , I hope he will prove me a mistake

    But scoring 10 goals
    In the eredevesie doesn’t convince me much . Either he is going to be a success in Italy or… he will become the next zivcovich

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