The Aftermath: champagne and mourning….

Oranje has qualified for Brazil. And there was champagne! But the bad news had to land still…. The Netherlands dropped to position 9 on the FIFA Ranking. As you know, the first 7 (+ Brazil) will have a protected position as group leader.

We tumbled from #5 to #9 as a result of our last three games. We drew against Portugal and Estonia and those results in particular did it for us. At this stage: no group leader role for Oranje.

Obviously, things can still change (a number of games to go) and one of the current top 7 might still not make it but this doesn’t look good…

But, whatever happens…if we want to do well in Brazil, we need to take on any opponent, so…we’ll need to live with this.

But the late C Ronaldo equaliser and the off day in Estonia might be an expensive lesson.

Talking about $$, the CEO of the KNVB Bert van Oostveen personally poured the bubbly for the Oranje squad in Spain, last Tuesday. ” I am very proud of the staff and the players. You always want to qualify at home, with 40,000 Oranje fans but we can live with this too. I received many texts and sms messages from colleagues and some are actually jealous of our success.”

The KNVB made 2 Mio euros profit at the last World Cup. Is this the sort of profit Van Oostveen is counting on again? “Well, it depends. Brazil is more expensive for us. The travel cost are higher. But either way, we believe we should be able to break even. If we exit in the group stages, we will actually make a bit of money. If we exit after the first knock out games, we might have a little loss, due to additional travel. But it’s not about the money.”

And in terms of sports objectives? “Well, in principle, we believe Holland needs to be able to reach the semi finals of any tournament. But that does hinge on the form and availability of certain players of course. It’s too early to make those statements now.”

Stefan de Vrij was probably the most talked about player of Oranje, this last week (although RVP deserved that position more).  The 21 year old Feyenoord defender was backed by Van Gaal and his team mates however and quipped: “It’s part of the game. I am very levelheaded. Whenever they hail me as the next big thing, I shrug my shoulders. I do the same thing now they tell me I’m shit.” Did he read all the news and the criticism? “No, the internet connection in our hotel was not great. I didn’t see it all,” he laughed. “It is all part of it playing at this level I guess.” For De Vrij, such criticism is totally new. He made his debut last year against Belgium but the measuring stick is put higher every game. De Vrij now has eight international games to his name and the nation follows his moves with scrutiny. De Vrij was subbed against Estonia, but coach Van Gaal and colleagues Van Persie and Robben almost stumbled over each other to defend the Feyenoord skipper.

stef rvp

“That felt good. I spent a lot of time talking to my team mates and Robin in particular. And I had a one on one with Mr Van Gaal. I won’t tell you the contents but it gave me confidence. I had it some time back with Feyenoord too. I guess it is normal at this level, as everything you do is now under the looking glass. Van Gaal does not have a single thread of doubt about De Vrij. Even though he did miss De Vrij’s build up play, one of his strong points, against Estonia. “We started really well against Estonia. A dream start. And building up went really well. But after the 1-1 something happened in the team. It wasn’t just me. Against Andorra, we knew it would be tough to break them down, but with a striker like RVP in the team, you know you’ll get your break through. I never doubted.”






brazil camp

And while the media are contemplating who will replace Van Gaal or why De Vrij is not good enough or which wing is Robben’s, the Oranje team has already chosen their Brazil resort for the World Cup. The Caesar Park Ipanema hotel  will be the home of Orange for three weeks at least in Brazil. One of the few 5 star hotels in Rio de Janeiro. This hotel is close to the two main airports in Rio and is situated – like the hotel during the Euro 2012 – in the busy city center. The hotel is luxurious and modern, with a spa and wellness center, a gym, several restaurants and spacious rooms. The hotel is in the Ipanema suburb, the posh and very popular area made famous in the Girl from Ipanema song. The bar where this tune from the 60s was written is only a stone’s throw away from the hotel. And Oranje supporting thinking he can join in on the fun will have to think twice. Rio will be overly expensive in the WC time frame and Ipanema is almost exclusively booked by FIFA and its commercial partners. One reason for Van Gaal to want to pick this spot is the proximity to the training complex of Flamengo, only 10 minutes away. This venue was popular amongst most nations but team manager Hans Jorritsma was able to snatch it up before the other countries could do business.


We will end this post with some positive words of Willem van Hanegem. Normally highly critical but at the same time a tremendous football fan and loyal supporter of Oranje. Played a key role in the 1974 midfield of course and was assistant coach at the 2004 Euros. But he needs no further introduction. By far one of the best players ever ( classic left footed number 10) and a character to boot.

“I am really happy and proud that we qualified again for a World Cup. Congrats to all. And I do not say this in a cynical way, despite my criticism during the series. It was clear when I saw the draw for this qualifications that we’d get there, but still. It’s still a good job done. For the third time in a row. And in Brazil too. Any football player will get goosebumps to play a World Cup in the mecca of football. A dream. And I will look forward to this big time. We might have lost some quality along the way, but I don’t mind. I will still look forward to the World Cup.

But I will remain critical too. But my criticism will be focused on football, I won’t be bothered to talk about the fringe topics. And I also hope Van Gaal won’t be bothered by all the low level sarcasm on Dutch tv about him. Ignore all these people and focus on the game. Van Gaal needs his energy to build a strong team. Because no nation will have nightmares about our individual qualities. We do not have the strongest squad this time around. Robben and Van Persie are top notch. And Lens might have a strong weapon with his speed. When Sneijder has his form and fitness, he is special too, but that is it, really. We need to find it in team spirit, in workmanship and team tactics and sacrifice. And that is something you can build up. Because the category players Schaars/De Jong/Strootman/Blind/Janmaat/Schaken are either simply mediocre water bearers or inexperienced youngsters.


It is important that Van Gaal gives clarity early on. Who are the players he will build on. Determine the hierarchy and protect that structure. Make sure that the key internationals are aware of their role and tasks. I believe that if this team travels to Brazil as One Team, gelled into a football machine, we might be able to demonstrate something special to the world. We might not be the obvious candidate to win it, that won’t be easy, but with 10 months before us to grow, you never know. The team and all individuals still have a way to go. I will start enjoying myself already and I am very optimistic about this World Cup.”


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    1. Some highlights predominantly from Germany. I am pretty sure they left out some good attacks from the Netherlands. Also good to see the 1-0 from Germany was no a Verdonk mistake. He basically saw his team go down 1-0 in the first 2 minutes and responded quickly with a 1-1. That’s a sign of a good mentality.

      That attack without the goal at the end also looked technical and clever. Smart little touches and before the Germans knew it, there was an open chance. Good stuff

      Thanks for the video. I wish Ons Oranje would have more video coverage.

  1. Low level sarcasm? Every one of my family back in Dordrecht, Amsterdam and Maastricht (young and old) despise van Gaal… This sentiment is shared by many Dutch people – I can only hope for a miracle, I have no confidence in his trainer qualities – he embodies the arrogance that we desperately need to be rid of.

  2. Is this hotel for the team to stay during the WC round robin group phase? The hotel is in Rio, what if we are placed in a group that is scheduled to play in Manaus, Fortaleza, Natal, Recife or Salvador? Is it a good idea to travel far for the match and coming back to Rio?
    At this moment I am not optimistic like Van Hanegem; perhaps more conservative like Cruyff. When LVG said that there are 8 teams better than us, you can read that he tries to take the pressure of the young squad, lower expectation. You can also read that he understand what type of squad he has and he just simply speaks the truth, that we may make it to the second round only.
    As we do not have to worry about qualification now (pressure is off), the team should be able to play more flowingly. I hope to see improving performance from now till the WC. Momentum can be a good thing as I recalled those dreadful games before Euro 2012, killing our momentum and predictably telling us how the team would do.

    1. I agree with van Gaal though. There are at least 8 teams potentially stronger than the Netherlands. Cruyff recently said he thought Brazil would rip Netherlands to pieces.

      Compared to the big boys we have a mediocre side. I don’t like saying that, but it’s just true IMO. I am already happy we qualified. I miss the appreciation for this qualification campaign in blistering pace. We literally could not have qualified faster.

      To me we will learn more about this side in the away game against Turkey. Van Gaal should use that game as a big test. We are blessed we get to play such a game. Turks will go bonkers and the mental midgets in our team run a big risk at being exposed.

      1. Do we have history of a team consisting of mediocre players, but which played as a team and won any title? I believe there are bunch of examples. So, I will expect to see that team that works together in the next games.
        Maybe we don’t need stars? Maybe we just need players who understand each other well and create chemistry. That’s the head coach responsibility, I presume.

        I believe in LVG.


      2. Agreed DRB, totally. BUT…. it’s not the collection of great individuals that will win you a title. Remember Argentina 1986. Or Greece 2004. Or Germany 1990 and 1996.

        We need a TEAM. Like Willem says: sacrifice and team tactics. I do think LVG can bring that.

    2. All the groups have a lot of long distance travel. 4/8 groups have a game in Rio, so you might as well take your chances. By December it will be too late to book.

    1. He is now going to England for a second opinion and of they agree on the diagnose of the Dutch doctors he will be out for an extra 4 weeks as they have to perform a small surgery on him.

      4 months is not the case though.

      Bad thing is that we don’t get to see him in Turkey with the Dutch NT. Good thing is that we get to see Hendrix. Another big talent. Fingers crossed he does well against FC Twente. After that there are some big clubs waiting for him as well.

  3. If we take out RVP and Robben, yes we are very mediocre team and potentially worse than the top 16. We are lucky that we have them.

    Turkey will be at home so they likely won’t park the bus. Hungary will be away (at Netherlands). They both fight for the second spot for the playoff with Hungary leads Turkey by one point so these 2 games should be a good measure for Netherlands.

    I recalled that we have a friendly with France. KNVB should plan for good and challenging friendly now with all the time we have. On the other hand, we also care about seeding. Dilemma?

    1. We are still not sure FIFA will use the exact FIFA ranking as the way to determine the seedings. FIFA has a way of making things the way they want and not explain themselves too much. I can easily see them doing some black magic and surprise us with something new.

      If they do use it as the exact way to determine the seedings , then the question remains which cut off they use. They might use the cut off right after the last group game. Then playing hard friendly’s is not a problem in this respect.


  4. Sorry for the repost but this is the better thread for it:

    Some interesting matches coming up that could break our way (helpful result):

    Uruguay – Argentina (Uruguay loss/draw), best bet.

    Uruguay – Ecuador (Uruguay loss/draw) both teams are more or less qualified but want to avoid 5th place playoffs. Venezuela is in 6th but has a -6 goal differential with one remaining game, whereas Uruguay is break even and Ecuador is +4. Theoretically Uruguay could drop both remaining games (-2 aggregate)and Venezuela runs up the score v Paraguay (+4), but that seems highly unlikely.

    It’s complicated in South America.

    Belgium – Croatia (draw), we’re sandwiched closely between these two so a win by either would hurt us.

    Brazil – Korea (draw) – maybe the Brazilians drink one too many caipirinhas the night before. They are guaranteed top pool so there is less motivation to win in Seoul.

      1. Yes I acknowledged that already, but it may be better if they are out of the top 7 in the rankings nonetheless. Fifa doesn’t always play by its own rules. I’d rather Oranje be 7th than 8th.

  5. Hey Goldstone!! You there?
    Still waiting!!

    Hahahaha. Classy.
    How does that humble pie taste?
    Bitter? 😉

    Who’s next for a good old fashioned ass-whoopin’?

    Line up, fags.

  6. Great article, Jan, thanks.
    I’m with van Hanegem. Not our best crop of individuals, but that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t do well if the tactics and mentality are right (which I don’t think either one is, yet).

    We know far too well that having star power isn’t a guarantee for success.

      1. Hahaha!
        This is far too easy.
        You are ordinary.

        ‘It’s the last you’ll hear from me.’

        Also, will this now be ‘the last’ I ‘hear from’ you?
        Just curious, as you’ve replied at least twice more since you wrote that! I hope not, because I very much enjoy serving you your own words, little one.

  7. While being in pot 1 is nice, in the grand scheme of things, it may matter a little. The countries in both pots 1 and 2 are going to be difficult irregardless of the permutation, and they are generally expected to qualify to the knock out rounds.

    What will “make it or break it” are those “dark horses” in pots 3 and 4. These are the banana slips. They will eventually determine the group of death or life.

    To illustrate, a group of Portugal(pot 1), Netherlands (2), Uruguay (3), and USA (4) is on paper a LOT harder to qualify from, as compared to a group of Brazil (1), Netherlands (2), Algeria (3), and Iran (4).

    1. looking at the pots last WC I think pot 2, 3 and 4 are divided between European, Asian and American teams regardless of fifa ranking (meaning Europeans in one pot, Asians in one pot, etc.). At least that’s what it looks like in 2010 (at first I also thought those pots were based on fifa ranking, but it doesn’t look that way).

      1. It’s always divided between continents, there can’t be two asian, african or american teams together in the group.

        I don’t think that Jordania will resist too long to Ecuador or Uruguay in the last qualify round…New Zealand will face Mexico/Honduras/Panama for the other game.

        No matter being in the pot 1 or 2, we’ll have another european team in our group or Brazil, Argentina, Colombia…

        Pots change nothing

  8. Dear Boys.lets forget about Fifa ranking and pot ,with in 3 months everything will be decided.Ranking sucks and Pot also sucks?
    Lets hope orange loose to Hungary and Turkey and learns from that mistakes or let some frequently called ed players gets exposed.And still orange can ends up in good group.IN WC there is not much weak group.If you want to win WC.Beat the best teams and win it.i agree that it would be better if we get draw like last time (only 2 real teams Brazil and SPain)with usarez i would have counted Urugauy too.Let coulmbia get the fucking seeding and we can be in their group.
    So dont worry abt seedings
    Lets worry about the turtles in back defense
    Super player spoiled at chelski
    Fitness of Wes and vaart
    Lack of real wingers etc

      1. No De vrij,Vlaar etc Definitly Not BMI,bruma and Janmaat.Am advocating for a back line of first
        Janmaat—-Bruma—-Reikik —-BMI
        this should be our 6 defenders for WC and waiting for 2 more CBs .

  9. More importantly is how the players perform for their club teams. we have a lot of wasted potential on benched for club teams.

    Vurnon Anita at newcastle, always plays great with distribution and breaking up plays. if he had the ball dribbling skills i would call him the next edgar davids.

    luuk de jong could make a great kuyt-type winger on the bench

    jean paul boetis is the future

    emanuelson, where will he play, he could make for a great winger or wingback, or even a straight left back. he needs to play more

    ola john bench needs more playing time

    hell we even got buttner who showed some good at manchester united.

    the winter transfer window is key, because guys need to move and play more if they wanna be on the plane for brazil and win something

          1. “speed is often confused with insight, when i start running earlier than others, I appear faster.” Johann Cruyff

            Cruyff’s ability to debate and have wit just shows his mental acuity and ability to think and see things before others. and to make faster decisions. Total football was done with slow guys, although they had to be in shape to run a lot, they would lose in a foot race. but they had the ability to out think others. even if your an olympic sprinter you can’t outrun a ball kicked at fast speeds

            philip Cocu vs winston bogarde pele and cruyff were sitting down, i don’t remember where and pele was like that bogarde such an athlete and Cruyff says something to the effect “that bogarde is an athlete, cocu is a footballer”

        1. Luuk’s a box striker with a good feel for space, a big body to wall off defenders, a decent first touch and finishing ability. He can’t dribble, he’s not quick, and there’s no evidence he can provide a decent cross, let alone beat a fullback one-on-one. I don’t understand why you think he has a winger’s skillset, nor why he is comparable to Cruyff. Furthermore, Kuyt was never a great winger, just a great worker.

        2. I am not a fan of kuyt he has 1000 times better brain Than Elia,afellay,Babel,Narsingh,Lenz etc.only one thing he lacks is skills on ball/dribbling etc.he doesnt have speed too.

          1. Kuyt doesn’t need speed. He uses his head, he’s smart, and he puts his body on the line – for a full 90 minutes. Every game.
            There’s no other player that we have in his style that even comes close to him.
            Dirk Kuyt.
            And all round nice guy. Trust me, I know 😉

          2. Ximixo : Everyone here agrees about Kuyt’s positive engagement but people like you exagerate a bit. You describe him like if he always saves us, which isn’t the case.

            He failed against Portugal in 2006, failed against Russia in 2008 (was absolutly horrible), failed against Spain in 2010…In all the games we were less good than the opponent, he was always the worst player, he never saved us actually.

            He isn’t essential for us. N.De Jong got more credit than him, he is the opposite, he is the player who was always trying to save us when we were losing.

            Maximum I would give him a place on the bench cause our current strikers suck, but I don’t want to see him spoiling again a wing with his useless crosses. We are Holland and we always had skillful wingers.

          3. Laurent,
            Why are you asking one person to ‘save’ a whole team?

            And if a ‘team’ needs ‘saving’ then it is hardly one person’s fault in the first place.
            You speak in contradictions, my friend.

            I certainly did not describe him as someone who ‘always saves us’. Please refrain from placing words in my mouth which are not welcome.

            Dirk is a player who plays for everyone else. He is not a Robben or a Sneijder, who only thinks about number 1.

            I would rather we had 11 Dirk Kuyts than 11 Robin Van Persies.
            You seem to be looking back on the past with selective rose tinted goggles, and your examples are also subjectively incorrect.

            And speaking about ‘exaggeration’ – He was not ‘always the worst player’, as you put it.

            I agree, a place on the bench is where he belongs. He is slightly too battle-worn and weary to start these days.

          4. I didn’t use subjective examples. I took examples of games we failed in every last competition. De Jong was good against Russia, correct against Spain (except his high kick), and good against Germany last euro.

            With “saving” I mean scoring a goal, which was Kuyt’s duty against Portugal, and could be against Russia and Spain. Did he score or gave an assist in those games ? He didn’t. Actually I think his game against France in 2008 was his best under the oranje shirt, I didn’t like him in 2010.

            The fact he always gives his best doesn’t secure him a titular place in our team, we need more than motivation, we also need talent, goals…

    1. The article says: “Clearly a talented forward, Netherlands will want to ensure that Zivkovic keeps his word with them, as the man dubbed the new Arjen Robben, may turn out to be an important player in the future.”

      The new Robben? Is he really that good?

      Is he a striker? We have a vacuum in that area, and he would have a great chance at rising quickly if he’s striker material.

      1. > “The new Robben? Is he really that good?”


        > “Is he a striker? We have a vacuum in that area, and he would have a great chance at rising quickly if he’s striker material.”

        Yes he is striker. Bit pale for my liking so far, but not an easy task to already make minutes as a 16 year old in Eredivisie. As all youngsters he now has to work on becoming a more dominant force and grow presence. Score goals, but that goes without saying. I’m happy this one is now in the pipeline as the brand of strikers we are pouring out is not exciting to me.

    2. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. This is a striker in the making that might have the ceiling to make it to the senior team and has a bit more skill about him than the other strikers who are moving in.

      Having said that, I keep an eye on his attitude. Not sure on his ability to work hard and keep fighting when the going gets tough or when the conditions aren’t that elegant/glorious. He carries a lot of pride with him.

  10. I will really believe this team has a chance of passing the group stage if we do not lose in Turkey. Turkey needs a win and will pressure us in their crazy atmosphere. If we survive in Turkey and also beat Hungary then I will believe we can pass a group and maybe surprise in quarterfinals.

    1. Better to get some of the other youngsters some game time and see what they can contribute.

      Van ginkel, leroy fer, van wolfswinkel, clasie, bruma etc…

      also some of the other veterans who still have some gas left in the tank

      huntelaar (in case something happens to RVP we’ll definitely need him)
      nigel de jong – needs some game time with the team if he’s going to be in brazil

      1. We don’t need Huntelaar.

        I’m ready to debate about Emanuelson, Pieters, even Van Wolfswinkel if he shows good things in England.

        But Heitinga and Huntelaar should never wear the oranje shirt again, they bring nothing and brought problems with Van Marwijk.

          1. @Wilson we already had debate on hunter.He is prety usless against good and strong teams.Euro12 he got enough playing time and what he did?
            We have good 9.5 striker persie,to utlize persie at his optimum u need a runner with him.only Ginkel/Seim or lees Maher is capable of that.

        1. Nah, S1’s right.

          We should definitely use Hunt and Ricky for these next two games. We’ve already qualified – we don’t need to risk seeing RvP get injured.

          Heitinga I agree with. Although it already looks like LvG is phasing him out.

          I’d also like to see Louis stick with a midfield of Nigel, Strootman, and Gio/VdV for our remaining games. The mid is the only position where I feel we don’t have a set 3 in mind for Brazil.

          LVG should also bring Vermeer in goal back as well, or possibly even Stek if he’s back from his injury by then.

        2. ‘We don’t need Huntelaar.’

          Shall we take a look at his goals to games ratio for the National team?
          Shall we then take a look at Van Persie’s?

          KJH may have the appearance of a lumbering village idiot, but so did Ruud Van Dude. That’s their ‘trick’. Give these players confidence and they will reward you.
          We would be very foolish not to give KJH a seat on that plane next summer.

          1. Huntelaar was making problems into the team like a little boy to play, we gave him his chance, he played 150 minutes during the last euro, he did NOTHING. That’s enough no ?

            How can you compare Ruud who was great at Manchester, Real…to Huntelaar who was shit at Real, Milan…Everyone noticed that Huntelaar never scores in high level games, I can’t understand that some people still debate it in 2013.

          2. ‘Huntelaar was making problems into the team like a little boy to play’
            Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes?
            He was hardly the only player to express dressing room discontent. It is a false example you use. Again.
            I think maybe you should follow the game a little more closely, buddy.

            I can compare KJH with RVN.
            They play in the same positions, in the same tap-in style, and are both blessed with killer instinct and horrible individual ball skills (compared to our usual Dutch masters).
            Their statistics speak for themselves.
            Debate them all you like. You only fool yourself.
            If you ‘can’t understand’ something, you should look to study it further. Maybe then you will understand it. Just a heads up.

          3. Van Nistelrooy horrible individual skills ? His ball protection with his back is just too good, he is one of the best striker for that, and that really helped us to build around him. Having a striker able to protect the ball like he does and helping other players coming around is exactly what we need now.

            So your vision is only about statistics and position ? I can find you plenty of semi pro strikers having better stats than RVN.

            I know Huntelaar very well, but you should study his statistics against high level teams, judging only the number of goals without the context isn’t interesting.


            You can have a little idea of the prestigious teams against whom he scored his 34 goals…

            Of course he played against Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Portugal…but didn’t score any

  11. on a postive note, there is another transfer window in January which will trigger alot of movements. After that there will be a good six months before the World Cup. If players like classie, Wijinaldum, Afellay, BMI can secure top clubs who are in CL , this will be a great news for NT given the exposure to top level soccer in the last six months jus before the world Cup. Hope fully EPL teams expect for Chelsea.

    Im not very sure of the rules of when you are transferred from non playing team in CL to playing team.

      1. @Sam Afellay has played 44 games or more for NT.Still he doesnt bring anything extra other than speed and usless dribbling.Fit and Form MVG would be crucial for us.having said that i agree that Afellay is better than schaken,Elia etc as of now.

        1. I disagree with your views about Afellay.

          He dribbles when there’s no-one to pass to. That’s a collective failure of the team and the tactics.

          You should reserve the ‘useless’ comments for others who actually deserve them – maybe Babel.
          To be perfectly fair, I don’t think you should be insulting any of our players. It’s rude and ignorant, and it detracts from the valid and saliant points that you wish to impart. Hint hint.

        2. Has Afellay really played that many games for the NT? I wouldn’t have though that he’d played half as many. I’ve always perceived him as a pretty talented guy with a lot of skill and pace who has never really had a chance to settle in anywhere–that is something he desperately needs. I think figuring out the midfield is the biggest challenge facing LVG. I noticed that RVP complimented Maher for bringing more “creativity” to the team in the second half. I thought that was an interesting comment.

  12. @Onzie,

    Re: the Bogarde/Cocu discussion between Cruyff and Pele. It was during the 1998 WC in advance of the Netherlands-Brazil match. Numan was suspended. They were discussing the options. All became moot when Bogarde had that terrible leg fracture. (And while a great quote, I also think it was Cocu who was beaten by Rivaldo’s pass to Ronaldo that set up Brazil’s goal. But Cocu, he could play anywhere. He started as a forward in the South Korea match, and if memory also serves, scored a cracker of a goal from the top of the box.)

  13. On a brighter note the in coming new coach, who ever he is will have the luxury of the upcoming talented and young generation players to groom with. In another 4 years time after the world cup NT will definitely regain the powerhouse of soccer tag. if you look at the current Under 21s and then the u19s and there are those in the u17. Huge prospects and definitely will be interesting watching them as they mature into elite footballers. I’m not sure whether they will surpass vacuum left by the players of golden generation era.

  14. I will be more than happy if we reach quarterfinals, netherlands surprise me!!!!!!, this is the first worldcup i have not much expectations unless the youngsters in defense can surprise us.( Robben dont miss chances too)

    1. My hopes are to at least not be the laughing stock of the campaign. No 2 goal campaign, no shirt removing drama.

      Since this is where I set my bar, I am sure to be happy with the performance.

    1. The last time Belgium played in the Euros or WC was in 2002, where it reached the round of 16.

      It would really seem ridiculous for Belgium to usurp the Netherlands in world rankings based on a single game, when the Netherlands have qualified for Euros and WC in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and the present, and reached the finals in last WC. We had a bad Euro 2012 but Belgium did not even qualify. We otherwise got out of the group stage in all of the other listed competitions, and have not lost a WC qualifier for ages.

    1. I don’t care about FIFA rankings. I rather play stronger teams to give us a reality check and a chance for the coaches to see what we need to focus on.

      Top teams from all confederations.
      Cote d’Ivore, Ghana
      Any South American team. Especially Argentina or Brazil

      Away games in warm/hot temperatures will be good for us to get acclimated for Brazil in Summer.

  15. I don’t like completely writing off players. I take into consideration a players actual talent and what they can do week in and week out at their club.

    I’m not talking about average or below average players. I am talking about players who excel at their clubs at what they do and how they can replicate that specialty for Oranje.

    A lot of people here prior to the World Cup were debating about RVP. He never lived up to his potential because of how he was used in Oranje.

    After his amazing season at Arsenal and his transfer for Man Utd, he is now almost untouchable.

    The biggest challenge for any national team coach is how to get the most of players who excel for their clubs. It’s all about balance and keeping your options open.

  16. I think this coming weeks are crucial for MVG as it was an international break and now Chelsea has the EPL and the CL coming up so I expect Mou to rotate his team and play Van Ginkel at least one game.

  17. Worldcup 2014 Records for our players:

    Name Match Played Mins Goal Yellow Card

    Robin VAN PERSIE 7 581 8 0
     Rafael VAN DER VAART 4 281 4 0
     Jeremain LENS 7 568 4 1
     Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR 2 135 2 0
     Ruben SCHAKEN 3 197 2 0
     Bruno MARTINS 7 604 2 2
     Luciano NARSINGH 3 270 1 0
     Arjen ROBBEN 4 360 1 2
     Eljero ELIA 1 2 0 0
     Siem DE JONG 1 4 0 0
     Urby EMANUELSON 1 15 0 0
     Jeffrey BRUMA 1 24 0 0
     Joris MATHIJSEN 1 26 0 0
     Ibrahim AFELLAY 2 32 0 0
     Leroy FER 1 40 0 0
     Dirk KUYT 3 55 0 1
     Adam MAHER 3 75 0 1
     Tim KRUL 1 90 0 0
     Jordy CLASIE 4 155 0 1
     Jonathan DE GUZMAN 3 174 0 0
     Daley BLIND 2 180 0 1
     Kenneth VERMEER 2 180 0 0
     Michel VORM 2 180 0 0
     Nigel DE JONG 2 180 0 1
     Stijn SCHAARS 2 180 0 0
     Ricardo VAN RHIJN 3 225 0 0
     John HEITINGA 3 266 0 0
     Maarten STEKELENBURG 3 270 0 0
     Jetro WILLEMS 4 299 0 1
     Stefan DE VRIJ 4 336 0 0
     Ron VLAAR 5 364 0 1
     Wesley SNEIJDER 5 384 0 0
     Daryl JANMAAT 6 495 0 1
     Kevin STROOTMAN 8 708 0 1

    1. Robin VAN PERSIE 7 581 8 0
      Rafael VAN DER VAART 4 281 4 0
      Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR 2 135 2 0

      Minutes Played Per Goal:
      RVP 72.625
      VDV 70.25
      KJH 67.5

      So, as we all knew already, The Hunter is our quickest scorer, taking on average only 67.5 minutes to find the net.
      This WC qualifying campaign statistic is further supported by the all time National appearances minutes per goals statistic – which he also leads.

      As for Van Persie, he is not even as ‘efficient’ as Van Der Vaart – who many here claim is too old and slow.
      Had the referee not awarded Van Persie a gift wrapped penalty in the dying seconds against Estonia, that statistic would be even more revealing.

      Van Persie also played against as many ‘inferior’ teams as Huntelaar and Van Der Vaart, and did so for more minutes, and yet did not score as many goals.
      We do not have the comparable WC qualifying statistic against ‘superior’ teams, and even if we did, it is unlikely that, under Van Gaal, The Hunter or Van Der Vaart would have been given the same time on the pitch as Van Persie anyway.

      I like Van Persie. I really do. He is a stunning player.
      But you know what I REALLY REALLY like?


  18. Ze Germans went through a phase when they were terrible… Took them a while to re-build. Now their model is a Bayern/Dortmund hybrid. They play the controlling game against weaker teams and counter-attacking quick football against stronger teams.

    The problem with this Oranje is that they don’t seem to have an identity… yet. There is a lot of young players, many that possess good speed.. but the build up is slow, the lines seem distant and the team doesn’t click. I constantly get the feeling there is a lot of improvising going on and that things are not going up to plan. Sometimes I feel there is no plan or tactics whatsoever.

    A key position for the upcoming world cup the the RB position…. The position will play against the likes of Ronaldo, Ribery and Podolsku. That position needs to be super solid. So far, Verhaegh was the only one I thought is good enough to hold that position. Janmaat lacks experience

    1. > ” There is a lot of young players, many that possess good speed.. but the build up is slow, the lines seem distant and the team doesn’t click. I constantly get the feeling there is a lot of improvising going on and that things are not going up to plan. ”

      The problem is that midfield is build around Strootman. How is it possible that when all these supposed great players left PSV and youngsters coming in, people were raving about the new PSV? Why did it feel so fresh and lighting fast? IMO players like Strootman, van Bommel and Toivonen made the game more negative with their theatrics, ref complaining and supposed solidness. Pieters is another rigid rake making the view of the play less graceful and more clumsy for the eye. Strootman is a tractor running over the field. Tractors are useful machines, but they do not speed up the game. When we played Italy it was Clasie who dictated the game. Strootman played in service of Clasie (when he had the ball he nicely passed it to Clasie and made him available further up the pitch to see what Clasie would do) and then we saw a fun game. When did we play really bad football? Portugal second half. Who was in charge of the key 6 position, a make or brake position for build up? Strootman. Why was Strootman seen as the MOTM? The guy creates his own demand. The guy sets the conditions in which he himself is able to shine. His presence on 6 turns the Dutch NT into an off ball team where we get to chase the game. Who is the best off ball player in the Dutch NT? Probably Strootman. Loves to bulldozer over the field, winning a ball here, winning a ball there. Has a nice long ball. Passes it deep to Robben or someone else can make a run. Hower it remains a player with low handling speed. He is also pretty slow and when being more up the field in ball possession is easily exposed with a counter attack. That’s why he likes being tucked in close to the defenders so that the lines become stretched which we saw when Robben made runs against Portugal left without any support, easily smothered by the Portuguese. He is a player without real magic in his passing, bar some long balls (which he does not give enough as I am still waiting on the first rainbow pass he is able to deliver RVP). A player that is limited in the combination. Making enough misplaced passes over shorter distances. He quite simply is unable to generate game speed.

      This is a guy that first makes the football mediocre so that the floodgates open up and then runs away with the label “luckily we still had him on the field” as he is the best bailer in the boat where the water is rising.

      The DM with the highest handling speed and creativity IMO is Clasie. The DM that makes himself best available all the time, being an outlet for his fellow team mates, while also having an insanely high work rate is Anita. The DM that connects good football ability (though dry in the creativity department) with defensive solidness is Nigel de Jong. Strootman for me brings less football swung than these 3 players in DM. Though I thought Nigel’s creativity had dried up completely I bet he is better in rondo’s than Strootman, meaning he is better at getting us out of pressure situations than Kevin.

      This guy is pretty inevitable though, until a really better player having the total package comes along. If we go by the controller, runner, passer model, we can only hope that Nathan Ake starts rising soon for DM and van Ginkel starts making serious minutes at Chelsea so he is considered for the runner role. Come to think about it. Bliss if Ake and van Ginkel would become the Chelsea tandem in the future so they can find each other blindly and make our midfield run like a train. The passer role can go to Maher, Vilhena or further from now, to the 10-ish players that all seem to come from the 1997 generation. Sneijder lead us past Scotland being 18 years old, so I hope to see a surprise soon again from such a talented generation.

      I wrap up by saying that van der Wiel played his third game in a row for PSG. A French coach is preferring him above Frenchman Jallet. Maybe van der Wiel is up to something and able to make steps this year. Let’s wait and see.


      1. Thank you for that Strootman’s analysis. Tractor is perfect to define him.

        Now I do believe LVG will go for him as DM in the world cup, and not for Nigel De Jong. And that’s what I worry about since the beginning.

      2. Great analysis DRB , but I thought Strootman was good against Turkey in the 2nd half when he played with Fer , what do you think about this ? He also made a very good pass to Narsingh leading to the 2nd goal.

        Also I’m glad that you believe in the new generation. I believe we will have a hell of a midfield in the next few years, plus , a very good defense and very good keepers.
        I hope Depay and Boetius meet my expectations for them. I rate them very high and i believe they should go to Brazil if they show nice development this season.
        I also wait for Darri. he has enough talent to be one of the world’s best wingers , doesn’t he ? What do you think about him ?

        1. > ” but I thought Strootman was good against Turkey in the 2nd half when he played with Fer , what do you think about this ? He also made a very good pass to Narsingh leading to the 2nd goal.”

          Yes, but going back to that game where he fulfilled the 6 position from the 50. minute on, Netherlands was pushed back, weren’t they? It became a battle. I remember Fer even getting injured as he wanted to prove himself badly and went on sending a signal to the Turks. That assists from Strootman was almost from our backline.

          This is my problem with Strootman. He invites the game towards us as he can’t generate high enough tempo and be a catalyst for complex intricate passing to easily football ourselves out of pressure. He sets the conditions in which he can shine, but are bad for the team.

          Against mediocre sides like Andorra and Estonia he adds nothing to up the tempo and keep it high. Schaars went on playing fast for the first 10 minutes against Estonia but quickly it disappeared. What would have happened if RvP had not come up with a curler against Andorra? Normally we have to obliterate these teams by a passing game where the opponent can simply not follow. If you can’t football through Estonian pressure (them locking us in midfield) then that is a huge red flag in my book. We even experienced problems in build up and not only due to a de Vrij mental collapse after the first conceded goal. With Bruma things did not get much better. Only when Kuyt moved to center, playing behind van Persie, we started to create chances with opportunistic football.

          The Dutch NT midfield is build around Strootman and I am telling you from the last 2 games it is dysfunctional. Onzie points to all the left legged players and that can explain it to a certain extend, but IMO Strootman has as much egg on his head in this respect.

          I feel that he prevents us from going to the next level. He is saved by the fact that Clasie is unable to defend against dynamic 10 players, Anita having made the dumbest club choice since the invention of transfers, van Ginkel being semi pressed to go to Chelsea instead of Ajax and de Jong being injured for so long while also drying up in the creative department.

          However I think it is pointless debating Strootman, as obviously he is chosen by van Gaal to be a pillar for the Dutch NT in Brazil. It’s just that whenever somebody starts raising points or questions about the dysfunctionality of our midfield that I feel inclined to point to a player that often gets overlooked in debates about optimizing the quality of the play of our team.


          1. So I can conclude you’d like to use strootman as he is used in Roma , aside with a De Rossi type of player “I think clasie has something in common with him” , who can push the game up , to decrease the pressure on the team. It’s so unlucky Clasie got injured before the two qualifications game especially that he was in a very good shape with feyenoord imo. Things could have gone different. I know we have already qualified but the draw result gainst Estonia had a bad impact on the dutch fans.
            Many thanks for your Reply 🙂


        2. no mate… Brahim Darri is a very mediocre player…he will end up defecting to Morocco when you consider a much more talented Ousama Assaidi went to Morocco

  19. Van der Wiel played relatively good for PSG tonight. He deserves to be called up for the coming two qualification games. He seems more confident now, especially defensively. Our best RB for the moment. At least he plays regularly in a European top club

  20. DRB, your notes and points are much appreciated on this blog. they blend nicely with jan’s insight and enhance the threads drastically. i think i speak for everyone here when i say thank you. i especially enjoy the ‘cheers’ at the end of your longer posts …. you should trademark it the way gareth bale trademarked his heart-shaped goal celebrations 🙂 amen.

    now, in regards to GVDW, you are on the money by pointing out his inclusion in PSG’s starting 11 week in week out this season. what has he shown you thus far? do you think he has what it takes to defend against great opposition. did he take that next step? i feel like Van Gaal is stubborn and it will take a heck of a lot to overtake janmaat as the main man for RCB. that said, do you think he could be a CB? i just feel like this dude is massive and it would be silly to overlook him.


    1. by the way DRB / JAN / ONZIE / TIJU (i know you get a lot of stick here tiju but i think you have nice perspective) and ANYONE ELSE:

      can you elaborate on our current defensive state of mind. i would like to hear your thoughts on our back 4… that’s it… at this point in time, who do you see realistically taking us on the road to glory and protecting the net between stek’s sticks?

      Janmaat; I don’t know, I am STILL not convinced by this guy. sure, he has speed and can send nice crosses in the box from time to time but what does he bring to the table defensively. as you said DRB, we got tested against estonia.. ESTONIA! the Same team that got destroyed by hungary a few days later.

      Bruno: He looks tough but is he?

      de Vrij: He has something IMO but it will take time for him to continue his development.

      Blind/Pieters: Pieters has been playing well at Stoke.

      So, what are your thoughts guys, can you elaborate on these guys and which 7-8 defenders you think we should bring to Brazil if the WC started tomorrow and why you opt for them versus the rest?? My guys would be Pieters. Wiel, de Vrij, Indi, Schaars (LB), Blind, and Heitinga. If the WORLD CUP started TOMORROW, who would you bring to defend our goal?

      SamDC used to have interesting points to make about our defensive frailties. Haven’s seen him on the blog for a while. It would be nice to get his insight too.

      1. Schaars is the best reliable LB we have now.thats master stroke.Some how my intution ,i feel Heitinga(Experience) is better than Devrij for NT.any ways i have no hope for defense aslong as we play Vlaar,Devrij,Blind,joris together and Williams etc are no different.

      2. It’s very subjective about the back 4, because there is what i would do, and there is what van gaal would do. Then there is what others would do.

        I honestly wouldn’t have a back 4, but a back 3, or at the very least have clasie as defensive midfield who goes between the centerbacks and passes the long ball distribution.

        But truthfully i’m just gonna guess what Van Gaal wants and says he wants

        Blind is a no go, because he’s not playing regularly

        Leftback 1st option Jetro Willems I still don’t feel he’s ready but i believe when he hits 23 he’s gonna be a star

        2nd option is Bruno Martins Indi, he’s kind of like heitinga, a fake hardman. just watch feyenoord and see him play

        (reason for inclusion is he played left back, for holland)
        3nd option is schaars, dutch style is not conductive for what i saw when he played left back for sporting lisbon, he played one two down the line with a partner, thats something more south american style. He in essence wouldn’t get forward and just defend, might be prone to red cards because it rely’s on him playing close to his defender. would have to be partnered with lens as winger to protect him

        Left Center Back, 1st option should be Karim Rekik, strong on the ball, good distribution, as long as we keep possession we should be fine, he can be prone to mistakes, but so is everyone else.

        2nd option Bruno Martins Indi we all know about him, i don’t think he’s so tough, his distribution is alright nothing special.

        Right Center Back 1st option De Vrij, he makes occasional mistakes but him and rekik i think would be the best most ideal pairing possible. he can pass and give you that edge to set up guys.

        2nd option Bruma Good long shots, long passing is above average, his speed is good, i find his first touch and positioning to be suspect i’ve seen too much bad at hamburg to truly believe he has totally changed at psv, need more time to see

        right back 1st option janmaat- can get forward, combine well if given the chance suspect defensively, not the future right back, just good enough for a few years

        2nd option verhaegh- solid defensively ok going forward

        3rd option van der wiel at psg last year he was used as a wing back in a 3-5-2 formation and there is no doubting his ability to go forward. i think he was a victim of robben not tracking back more than anything else. and you know my main issue is the mentality, he seems to me like someone that can be broken, and he doesn’t have that last ditch tackle

        I think you definitely take to brazil right now

        1. BMI
        2. De Vrij
        3. Rekik
        4. Bruma
        5. Jetro Willems
        6. janmaat
        7. verhaegh
        8. Schaars (doubles as midfielder)

        1. and for myself,

          My starting back 4 would be

          BMI- rekik- de vrij- Lens

          and my backups would be

          Willems- BMI or strootman- bruma- verhaegh

          with vlaar on the bench just in case needed to keep a score.

    2. Thanks Bitterballen.

      I only got to see 20 minutes from the 90. In those minutes he actually looked a tad rusty to me. He made a mistake with a lateral pass inside. He tried to correct it, but only in the box he was able to recoup the ball. He lost an easy header and he had a misunderstanding with Rabiot so the ball was turned over.

      He was also at times overlooked when he made a forward rush, though not ignored I would say. Also had some good play on ball.

      However I have not seen the whole game. He came across fit. I would not say that from what I have seen he has made a next step. However the fact he now strings one game to the other is a good sign. Maybe the coach has decided to invest time in him and give him trust. We get to know more about his status if PSG gets to play their CL games.


  21. Dutch U17 side has won from Greece with 3-2. Nouri scored and was subbed after 70 minutes or so.

    The point I want to make though is that the Dutch youth team (s) are playing 4-2-1-3. A 4-3-3 variant with the point to the front as we say in the Netherlands. What is the problem with this?

    The problem is that we have so many gifted footballers in this generation that are left out on the bench for lesser brothers. The gifted players from FC Twente, Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV are all 10-ish like. However Ould-Chikh , Nouri, Slabbekoorn and Paal (injured for now) are in the current set up not played together. They compete with each other all for that 1 spot behind the striker. It’s like a bad joke. They either prefer to go for maybe more balanced sides rather than use this time to strengthen the chemistry between the best players this country produces. The aim is winning now with this setup, not long term development. The new credo of the KNVB is that winning is also development. I think it’s a joke. I want to see this:



    If Ould-Chikh goes for Morocco then put Paal there. Or maybe Paal there anyway, whatever Ould-Chikh decides. With the current setup we see far more mediocrity getting the time and attention to develop.

    1. well Maybe they could play with one Dm and two AMF. What do you think? Its glad to hear that they are some good AMF for remplace the current generation. I am not so sure about the sneijder vaart replacements. Maybe Nouri and Slabbekoorn??
      I really like Vilhena, and Maher too but the last one seems to have stopped his development, lets hope not!

      1. also I havent seen play ould chikh but Gino Dekker looks good, heard in some scouts report… dont remember where that Nouri has the same style of play that Iniesta. What do you think?? I expected he could score more goals than Iniesta!!

        1. I would not place that high expectations on the kid. Also he is very small and we all we know what happened with Aissati. Was once repped by van Hanegem as the new Zinedine Zidane. Right. Gifted kid, but if you have to do everything on technique and handling speed, you have to be awfully good. If he is that good, is still a big question IMO. In the youth things can look good, but once the step to the seniors is made we have yet to see how a player like that manifests himself.

          Its also crushing for these elegant, highly skilled players. Put yourself in the shoes of Achahbar now who is playing in second Bundesliga at Alemania Aagen. Once repped as arguably the biggest talent of the Feyenoord Academy. Won the U17 Euro. Sees his friends he grew up with making stellar debuts and getting increasingly game time (Rekik, Vilhena, Boëtius, Ebecilio) and he is kind of left behind. He is too slow and weak for the striker position currently.

          I really feel for these refined players that are not able to make the step to the more physical senior competition. Therefor I am a bit reluctant to categorize these players with the great players yet.

      2. Yeah I would just play 4-1-2-3. So with 1 Dm and two half players. All players combined:




        Beast football to be expected I would say.

  22. DRB300: really interesting your thoughts, but I’m afraid you are wrong about Ould-Chikh. He has always been a winger a la Robben: a left-footed player cutting from the right wing. If you know some Dutch you’ll understand what about of him wrote a Twente fan:

    “Nog een ego/macho, maar afschuwelijk (fraai) om te zien: Bilal Ould Chick. Ik had het al gehoord van anderen, maar ik heb sinds jaren niet zo’n potentieel goede spits (buitenkant) gezien. Zoals ik het nu zie: beter dan Ola. Wat een passeerbeweging, vanuit stand. Moet nog van alles leren, zoals meeverdedigen en soms doseren, maar foei, wat een talent”

    1. Thanks Keko. Regarding his position this is how FC Twente themselves have registered him:

      I was not aware he was exclusively a right winger. In the first game vs Germany U17 he was brought in for Slabbekoorn on the 10 position. So for NT he has played on 10 right off the bat. I feel that an NT coach would not do that without the player having any affinity for that position. Luckily against Greece he did play from the right wing, so he was on the field with some other good players (Nouri/Slabbekoorn after the sub).

      In the end that is what I want. That the regardless the exact profiles of the players, the best ones (who are head and shoulders above the rest) are mixed together and build some chemistry on the field.


  23. @Bitterballen thanks.
    Defense is weakest link in this team,but i would add attack too.
    Lets get in to discussion
    its true that Devrij is developing,Blind too and Vlaar playing for villa and has grit.
    “”To compete or to win in WC u must have defenders with Antipiation,reading the game(Game intelligence)with speed,strentgh,aeral ability etc and many things we can develop by experience.””But u cannt develop skills of messi by training and speed of Bolt.
    I have no faith in Devrij(slow),Vlaar(slow),joris(slow)blind(slow) in defense against fast attacking teams like Arjetina,Chile,coulmbia,Belgium,Brazil,Spain(with Navas),Germany defeat is INEVITABLE WITH these players at ur backline.
    So it is wise that spend time on other defenders,though they also have defensive issues but they will become better by training.
    So i would go for pool of Defenders Those are Bruma,Janmaat,Vanrhijn,Paul Verhage,Rekik,Bruno martins,Eric peiters,Douglas.why coz i will tell you one by one before that you must watch this video.this is the attitude out defenders must have
    lets see the video…
    Janmaat=Like you i also dont belive 100% in him.But seems like he is the best available we 100% for team,good workrate he is some what ok.
    Van rhijn-Has speed,some awesome skills on his feet.only he lacks is Ruthlessnes otherwise he would have been my 1 choice.
    PAul-Experinced and some what ok for me.
    Bruma-Has much more speed and Grit than Devrij and Heitinga,which is going to be important at WC.i hope he plays full seaoson with rekik in PSV and hence they form good understanding like Pique and Puyol at barca.He will be much more reliable than Devrij with Dejong and Reikik as mates.
    Reikik-even though he is 18 i feel this guy has better vision and build up than i would move BMI on left.
    BMI-He has some guts not that much like stam.He put his body like the warriors does ,i like it.still not secure form errors,but he is also one of the best we got.
    Peiters -will become good and seems like he will start for us.Much more reliabe than Blind,Williams in defense.
    douglas-this guy is tsrong and agrrssive and has got very good speed,Should be taken as back up for bruma at least.
    Schaars.-Intersetingly i feel more safe in LB with him than Peters,Blina and williams.Coz he doesnt make mistakes,has very good vison.
    if i was LVG i would start going with following defners as fixed ones.i would forget some for ever.
    so my first 4+1 holdingmid

    Second one
    Van rhijn—Douglas–BMI—Peiters
    if WC starts now i would go for formentioned ones

  24. i agree that Germany also had trouble against Faroe islands.but they played betetr than orange.
    Out attack is also have dep trouble it is not lethal as the Arjentines,Germans,Braizlins,French,Belgian?,Spain,Chile and colombia.
    Do we have capable pleyr in attcak than Persie and Roben?>no We dont have.i cannt think about
    Kuyt Vs Reus/Ineasta
    Kuyt VS Navas
    Kuyt Vs pedro
    schaken Vs Reus,Muller
    Schaken VS Demaria
    Schaken Vs Gotze
    Hunter Vs Falcao
    Kuyt Vs falcao
    Kuyt Vs Aguero
    hunter Vs Aguero Hmmmmmm lack of quality is huge and it is scary.and still we dreaming WC?
    i ma jus leaving Meesi and Cr7 for roben and Persie,at least or some how they are competable to them.
    I also understand that there some more factors has more imporatnce than individual quality such as unity(23 players has one heart one dream),Sacrifice and hardwork.
    What if Brazil had a lesser quality striker than Ronaldo at WC against us?he would nt have scored that goal and hence wioth Kluivert goal we would have one it.thats the quality we must have.unfortunalty we dont have that quality bar Persie,Roben,Vaart and Wesly and later 2 has their own fitness and other problems.Many think afellay,elia,Babel will come back like Messiah will save us.that is a day dream.Some says hunter he cannot.some says narsingh ,no he cannot.the REASON IS THEY LACK QUALITY.
    i think Laurent has explained abt wesly in better way than me.that point is simply superb and which cannt been seen by many.
    Kuyt has played 90 mores games,afellay has played 44 games and hunter,elia ,Babel had their own fare share of games.its true they did ok.Especially Elia did someting ofensivly and kuyt did defensivly.if they bring u WC with better teammates in 2006/2008/2010/2012 then do you think they will bring you this time?No.
    i strongly belive that LVG was right to drop wesly and it would help us to play better game even if we loose.My sympathy goes for Vaart,who didnt get much chance to save us in 2006,2010..when we had good team.if he is fit for 120 minutes play,we will go much further with help of Persie and Roben.

  25. next significant moment, Elia saves Werder Bremen from giving away a chance (defending in his own penalty box).

    Sidenote: he’s playing both the left and right wings for his team.

    Werder Bremen still sucks though, 1-0 Frankfurt

    1. ha ha Mohmed now u also realised…Glad..he moved to club which is full of non intelligent players.he and wolf are really scrwed.its painful to watch Fer and wolf there and Ginkel sitting in chelase bench..bad really bad

      1. I wouldn’t have been worried if his team played good and lost , especially as they are facing spurs which is a tough team , but actually Norwich city can’t play football which is too bad for his development.

  26. Pieters keeping Man. City at bay for now (with the help of his team obvously). I’d like to see Feyenoord or PSV pull that off. (Or Ajax with Blind)

    I still see no reason why he souldn’t be ahead of Blind at least.

  27. hunter has scored 5 goals vs sanmarino ..persie is less prolific against sanmarino he could score only 4 against who is better hunter??isnt it?
    i really dont remmber when hunter scored against a strong team.his total play is horrible.he just break the ryhthm of our evry movement in final third.Sleeper in box scores aginst low teams.

      1. Van fadly..this hunter has flopped in milan,Madrid etc.only he had some sucess that was with scahlke against Weak teams.his link up play is horrible.he doesnt opens ways for others.While persie is respeced by defenders and he is double jammed always,this free up Roben wesly etc and we have benfitted from that.i really wish hunter plays against a strong team of 90 minutes and then he chokes.we will realise that ,till then we can remmber Protugal match EU2012,Germany match45 minutes Eu12 etc.

  28. so how is everyone performing today, my cable and internet went out, doing some construction (in library) how did all the players do today? i see fer and van wolfswinkel did bad, what about everyone else

  29. Van Ginkel poor guy he was bamboozled and lied to by Chelsea and Mourinho. They promised him playing time, and obviously that has not happened. He should have just stayed at Vitesse

    The fact that he is not even on the bench is what really scares me.

    1. he needs a winter transfer to spain or portugal, or germany, anywhere,

      i suspect chelsea just buys all the talented youngsters to waste away on the bench so other teams can’t have them, a kind of financial doping of sorts

      1. Onzie he needs transfer to Netherlands it self not any other teams in Spain or germany,wher he will not have enough mental support,which he wont get there.May be simyoni from atheltico would give that but seesm unlikely.I would kill chelsea managemnet for this am more than angry…
        I will make them loose this year(EPL?CL),if they are goin to play with him………….i will make them suck.

  30. van der vaart is kinda pathetic against Dortumond in the 1st half.
    Sneijder is in bad form , Maher is not doing anything special with PSV , Van ginkel is not even on bench .. Our midfield is being screwed !

      1. * 20 years, 4 months and 7 days old.

        On Squawka he gets the highest performance score in this game and on Whoscored he was MOTM.

        He still should have scored that header though :).

        1. 🙂
          meanwhile Bruma makes a silly mistake leading to a Twente goal ! very bad mistake actually .
          Hendrix is a joy to watch though. the boy can play football !

          1. The first goal is more a Schaars mistake. He communicates to Bruma he has to take Eghan on a very short notice and then just stops his run while he should have blocked the route of the pass. Against Milan he left Rekik to deal with Boateng on short notice while not blocking the route towards Boateng. He left the pass the Boateng to easy then IMO. So that’s kind of a thing.

            The second goal Toivonen is not paying attention to his surrounding.

            IMO with the first goal Hendrix makes it too easy for Luc to pass the ball into the box and with the second goal Brenet same thing with the Tadic cross. We could also say that Willems and Hendrix should have won the header from Luc with the second goal. Was a bit too easy.


        2. Bruma almost gave away the game in the last minute too… dangerous chest pass to the goalie when the opposing forward had run by him. He needs to improve mentally.

          1. yeah he was lucky it was saved by zoet and hendrix .
            I have seen today 2 refreshing defensive talents in hendrix and Denswil. I think Hendrix can be a great LB too ! he has skills , speed and very good positioning .

    1. I don’t know if he’s always been mediocre , or he is just not in a good shape 😐 . He will definitely be benched for narsingh and bakkali if he keeps this form.

        1. depay with a goal and an assist…needs to work on his wing play though…but am sure his form will go up once he finds narsingh n bakalli threatening his spot

  31. Rafael van der Vaart

    Found it difficult to get himself in possession inside the BVB half and seemed reluctant to drop deep to pick it up. He put a few good balls into the box from free kicks, one leading to an assist for Westermann, but on the whole he struggled for creativity.

    Robin van Persie

    Quiet for periods but then exploded into life towards end of the first half. Hit the crossbar before his expertly taken penalty calmed any nerves.

    Erik Pieters

    Didn’t offer much going forward but, after a tough start, settled down well at left-back.

    Christian Eriksen Top of the Match

    The new signing made an instant impression as Tottenham’s playmaker, providing creativity and vision in the final third. Wonderful assist for Sigurdsson’s opener and showed his class around the penalty area as he looked to shoot.

    Leroy Fer

    Showed one or two glimpses of ability but spent most of the game chasing shadows in midfield.

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel

    The most threatening of the Norwich forwards. Tried hard but lacked service and denied by good blocks when chances did arrive.

    Arjen Robben

    Unlike Ribery however, Robben excelled on the wing. The architect of many of Bayern’s chances, posed Hannover quite a few problems. Finished strongly too.

    Leon Andreasen

    Almost scored a stunning own goal when Robben’s ball deflected off his foot and forced a good save from Zieler. Nevertheless, industrious in midfield, but tailed off.

    Ron Vlaar

    The club captain is a powerful presence in the air at times but he’ll be disappointed he couldn’t stop Loic Remy’s run for the first goal when there really should have been a tackle. Yet another game without a clean sheet.

    Jores Okore

    The 21-year-old has been in the wars this season, first by missing pre-season through injury and now by leaving the field injured for the second time in the league already.

    Tim Krul

    Krul is close to breaking 100 appearances in the league for his club and is edging ever closer in style with a clean sheet here today. Was nearly caught out by Ciaran Clark though, but he can be thankful the ball dropped to the defender inside the penalty area.

    Vurnon Anita

    The versatile midfielder is small in stature but looked the most commanding figure in the middle today. Impressive in the tackle and a hard worker, he also hit a shot from the edge of the box that forced the keeper into a save down low.

        1. You can be proud about Eriksen. Spurs fans are raving about him. I hope he can show his new superpower soon: the free kick. That is actually a good example why a talent like him should make an in between step to Ajax. At Spurs a Bale would have taken them. At Ajax he had all the time to work on it and then getting the freedom to try it during games with 50.000 people watching you. He took pretty much all dead ball moments, so that means he is already quite accepted. Good for him.

          1. DRB, as an Ajax i’m def proud. But i’m more looking forward to Spurs selling him in a few years to Madrid. That piece of the pie that Ajax will receive will be delish.

    1. Great to get these reports but a bit confusing with all those Danish nationals in there, or did I just miss hearing about the annexation of Denmark by the Netherlands? If that’s the case they shouldn’t stop there but go for Belgium as well. Then we would be talking serious contention. Benede?

  32. @DRB300 : “The first goal is more a Schaars mistake. He communicates to Bruma he has to take Eghan on a very short notice and then just stops his run while he should have blocked the route of the pass”

    yeah that’s so true , I noticed this only in the replay .
    I’d also put the biggest blame on Toivonen in the 2nd goal .

    great day for football imo ;
    Chelsea without MVG loses to everton
    Man city tied with Stoke city
    Real madrid tied with Villareal

    Real madrid started the game with a line-up of 387 million euro , so watching them unable to defeat a team which is reacently promoted from the 2nd division is just great 🙂 !


  33. It will be interesting to see who starts at CB against Barcelona on Wednesday. I don’t want Denswil to be out there for the inevitable torching and get rattled. IMO he’s not yet ready to face some of the best attackers in the world. On the other hand, imagine if he managed to actually shut down Messi.

    1. i feel denswil has something.defnse is collective unit if he gets good help form collegues then it would not be problem for him.He is agile and Quick so messi will have a hardtime aginst him.he wont get fleet footed by messi.

  34. I get more discouraged about our chances at WC by the day. Almost all our players seem to be on a weekly decline. PSV bubble has burst and what were thought to be some exceptional talents have turned into a bunch of very average players of a very average Eredivisie,MVG has disappeared from the face of the earth, those who play in England are average at best at mediocre teams (with the obvious exceptions), we’re still hoping for some miracle from our old brittle soldiers. And this is so early in a season which promises to be a long one. Depressing.

    1. wow thats cool news he must be 30 now…played 10 superb games for NT and fater went coz of injury..very good team player and an assist man,who is capable taking 1 or 2 defenders..had list horrendous knee injuries dont know much abt him now?playing for Ado??

  35. Anita is doing well.
    can it be
    ————Seim Dejong——————–
    ————–Leroy fer——————
    Schaars—–Douglas–Devrij—-Van rhijn/Weil

    1. ie

  36. ————————-Tyton————————–





    That would be my best Eredivisie 11. More scandinavian than dutch I know, and I’m nice to put Wijnaldum cause he doesn’t play there with PSV, and Gudmonsson is doing quite well.

    We have overrated Maher and Clasie, they don’t really improve, Depay shows his limits, De Vrij and BMI still make the same mistakes I would maybe even choose Kashia over them for the 3rd defender.

    Duarte,Denswil, Promes and Boetius are interesting I think, I wait to see more of them.

    1. I think your evaluation for the dutch talents is a bit harsh , Laurent.
      Tyton is not even a starter for PSV , how can he become the best GK in eredivisie ?
      The best LB , Well I like the guy in SC Cambuur , Lucas Bijker. He is really good and still 20 y.o. . A Barazilian-born dutch player. Looks very promising.
      I agree with you regarding BMI and De Vrij though. Especially after their terrible performance today , aside with Mathijsen.
      But I think Rekik and Bruma has been good so far , Especially Rekik.

      Janmaat can grow into a great RB, he needs to play in a better competition to improve a bit defensively , and with some experience he can become one of the best RBs in the world.

      Regarding Midfeild , I don’t think Clasie is overrated at all , but I’m worried about Maher who I don’t really like his performance this season with PSV.
      Clasie and de vilhena played a great game today , despite the draw.
      Both have great vision. I’d also add kyle ebicilio to my Eredivisie 11.
      He’s been really good with twente.
      Also one of the players I like this season is Jeron Drost , he’s been called lately for the u-21 oranje team, very intersting talent to follow.
      For the attack ;
      I think Promes has been doing very good for Twente so far , I’d pick him over Wijnaldum as a right winger. Actually If i were LVG I’d pick him any day over Schaken.
      I’ll keep Tadic in the left side till Boetius regains his full
      form , he already scored a goal and assisted another one only in 30 minutes after a 6 months injury . Let’s hope he can keep this up.
      I’ll also follow Depay , and see how things will go with him after Narsingh and Bakkali return.

      1. Hi Mohamed

        The fact Tyton is on the bench with PSV has nothing to do with his talent according to me. He was doing really great at Roda and PSV brought him to be the titular keeper. Problem is that he is too much injured, but he should get his place back last year over Waterman, again a bad decision from Advocaat. Tyton showed how good he is during euro2012. Believe me, he is a way better than Zoet.

        Rekik is good so far yes, but I think Bjelland-Moisander are more solid, and Rekik is on loan, better to put “real” eredivisie players into that team. Bruma I’m not as fan as others here.

        About Clasie to be honest I didn’t watch Feyenoord too much those last months but the fact he can’t “help” his team to get a Europa league groupe stage two consecutive years make me to worry. Even if he is young, he is described as the leader of that team, and so far we don’t see good any good result for Feyenoord, maybe the environnement around doesn’t help him ok, but he can also do more I think. About that spot I think Eikrem from Heerenveen is a good talent too.

        I like Vilhena but so far he is nothing more than a good eredivisie player for me. I don’t understand what was Van Gaal’s goal to call him many times without giving him a minute to play. Now he isn’t calling him anymore, it’s just a kind of message like “You didn’t improve as we excpected to get your chance”. The fact Vilhena was called with NT is quite worrying I think, a player of that level would never be called with Brazil, Spain…Remember his game against Spain -21, he was a bit too too light for that level no ? Wijnaldum and Fer also started really young with Feyenoord but they had their first call being 20/21 if my memory is good ? Vilhena should developp a lot before to be considered as Oranje material for me.

        1. In any way I think it’s fashion in Holland to overrate and start immediatly to be excited about a young new player. Give me a good reason to pick Clasie over N.De Jong, Schaars or De Guzman for the world cup ? They’re all playing in better teams, getting more experience and having proved more.

          Same for Maher, poor statistics in the poor eredivisie, played only 5/6 high level games in his career where he never was exceptionnal…No reason to pick Maher over Afellay who has done too much more (except his current form of course).

          1. Laurent people are blind that clasie can only play as holding mid.he is not for that,he doesnt have the physiq to excel in holding spot.Clasie and Us forget about being him played in that spot.its Exclusivly for Schars/Dejong/Deguzma and Anita.they are the best we have got in that spot.i mean alone holding mid.
            Bring on brazil/spain columbia,chile,arjetina etc i beat them or least we will be qualnet to them on feild but may not be on paper.

  37. 1332:
    Reading 0-0 Brighton
    Royston Drenthe has been his usual enigmatic self so far in the opening 15 minutes. Some lovely touches and trickery, some slack passes and some lazy indiscipline all rolled into one. At this level he can certainly be a match-winner.

    Anon on text: “Royston Drenthe is far too good to be playing in the Championship. Would love him back at Everton.”

    Reading 0-0 Brighton
    Reading having a good spell now with Danny Guthrie, sporting a newly shorn head, getting on the ball to good effect. Royston Drenthe again looks lively down the right and he wins a free-kick which Brighton defend well.

    Reading 0-0 Brighton
    What a pass that is! Royston Drenthe launches into an overhead kick inside his own area to clear a Brighton corner, and it turns into a superb 45-yard through ball right into the path of Adam Le Fondre. ALF is almost clean through on goal but he can’t get it under control in time and he’s tackled.

    Spotters’ badge for the big man.

    Reading 0-0 Brighton
    Brighton may have changed managers in the summer but there’s no change in style, it remains a patient, pressing style for the visitors and they see plenty of the ball early on.

    Royston Drenthe then gets on the ball for Reading but runs out of room as he tries to get to the dead ball line.

  38. Feyenoord tied 3-3 wih NEC Neimegen.
    Neimegen is currently the 18th on Eredivisie table , which makes me wonder , If Feyenoord defence can stop Neimegen from scoring three goals , how would they do in the WC ?
    Mathijsen was a starter with BMI on the left , I haven’t seen the game , watched only the goals , but the goals are disastrous

    What the hell is that !

    The positive about this game is Boetius return. Scoered a goal and assisted another one for Indi. Great return.

  39. Just watched some highlights of the Bayern vs Hannover game and I think Guardiola is already having a positive impact on Robben: less predictable with him tearing open and cutting through the opponent’s defence while still keeping an eye open to see where his team mates are and actually passing the ball to them! Thank you Mr. Guardiola for making “our” Arjen a better player.

  40. Anita is getting a few games at N Castle and is playing well…looks to be returning to his best form, But Enoh may retake his place in the midfield soon.

  41. Elia still gets games at Werder abd still looks our of sorts

    Hedwiges Maduro? did we have a very promising lad by that name?

    Royston Drenthe….still keeping an eye on him…still believe he will make something great of his career.

    Van der Wiel….is getting a few chances at PSG…doing ok. should be recalled for next WQ? Can I forget his very poor Euro showing?….we’ll see.

    L De Jong & B Dost… will they ever be anything more than average strikers? I am hoping so.

  42. The most important thing is over.Holland goes to Brasil WC 2014. Now comes:Barcelona-Ajax,Holland-Hungary,Turkey-Holland.Barcelona-Ajax is very important match for Dutch football and for all experts and coaches in Netherlands.Dutch football slowly goes down from John Bosman,s rule and this match can show us what we must to do in the future.Match for eyes of “new Michels”…crossroads.

    Against Hungary and Turkey Holland need to play with strongest team.If van Gaal lose these matches with strongest team he can to know what to do.If he plays with experimental team and lose,everybody will say:missed Roben,RvP and other players.We would win with them.It is not šure.(but questions always is: and how hide something)
    It can be trap.Holland need to play with van Gaal,s strongest players and to find some reserves ,in right time ,if they lose.And find 20 players and goalkeepers for Brasil and working hard.

    Result was good against Portugal and Holland could win.But Portugal and Ronaldo drinked too much Holland blood in the past and “war will be long and hard”..Next step :Ajax and PSV need to beat Porto and Benfica..

    PSV-Milan.PSV used energy of the wrong way.Always same trap.You can play 433 with little ball possession and to be defense.And you can to have ball possession and atack with 451,4141,442…etc.But 442 is more comfortable for defense.433 system is like a nail.In old times (Ajax and Holland 1970s)dutch players are quickly seized the ball from an opponents and attack like a nail in their defense.With beauty combinations .New in that time.With players rotation.All team like one Man.This basis (with two wave , mainly) living up to John Bosman,s rule.Today things are different.PSV with young players who can,t play in Stoke,Norwich or even ManCMan U,Barca..etc want to have more ball possession than Milan in San Siro,with 433 system.It is suicide if they don,t know(or not sure in self to realy can win) how to give goals(fear?).Milan could beat PSV 4:0,5:0,5:2…It is very dangerous for character young players.Lose orientation.And stopped to believe in self.I,ll hope that Ajax use better their energy against Milan and Celtic and Barcelona.

    What is problem with Andora and Estonia?The times are a changing.Van Gaal and others haven,t basis as in the old times.Everything become too much as a market.Holland always given something new in football tactics(little step after little step and waiting wave like surfers).After Bosman,s rule it is stopped.Something new you can,t find if everything is moving.Export-import moneyball..For static football that,s o.k. maybe.And you have market competition.Who is faster,stronger,who is better and maden footbal clubs pyramid.”Dragon,s darkly instinct “start to win dutch football system .Dutch footbal school creates big new talents but not enough good (sometimes is good) to beat “dragon,s darkley instinct”.Other nations becomes better.In this point Holland is losing.NO SWORD.And if Holland trying to playing with ball possession ,433 on old way..everybody know to read it(they are learning it years and years )and if they have better” dragon,s darkley instinct”,killer instinct, patriot instinct,all nations “against Holland instinct”final 2010..native football instinct etc they will have advantage.Van Gaal believe he can play like 1994,95..It could be very dangerous because difference between paper and possibility dutch players in “the war” with others teams sometimes make big holes.And he asks players to fill holes.But” dark forces” are faster than new dutch talents.Simbolicly: “Darness” faster reading them , faster than you can develops players for dutch system.Ajax football school can,t to make new Bergcamp, Marco..Crujff.. becouse “dragon” will eat them.(Of cource after John Bosman,s rule.) And Robben,RvP,Sneider…yes they are in the top football world but difference between them and others: Portugal,Argentina,Spain bigger and bigger than difference Bergcamp,Seedorf with Spain,Portugal,Argentina in their time.Maybe not so much but becomes faster and faster, and comes new nations.
    Today Holland and clubs must to find right energy for position on the football field.PSV need to play with 40-45
    against Milan not with 55 procent ball possession.Holland has total football in blood.They won,t lose it.Must to find,to feel” dragon,s energy” first.And then to see what to do..
    Second mistake:Dutch club think:O.K. we are not Barca, Real,Bayern..but we are always little under them , but we are better sure than some Kuban Krasnodar(never heard for them) Metalist…and then lose with 4,5 goals(Ajax-Spartak(M)).
    Look at Stuttgart -Rijeka.Rijeka is small croatian club.I loved them 1980s in Jugoslavia.They played wonderful football 1980s. Most modern football(Rijeka- Real (M)and ref. 3-1,0-3) in Jugoslavia for watching.(today Croatia plays better italiano footbal than Italia)
    They beat rich Stuttgart.Does Ajax and PSV can be total sure to be able to beat Stuttgart?
    Same thing with Coca Cola ranking list.Many talks about strong Belgium and Croatia. Look at these results: Croatia-Serbia 2:0,1-1.Serbia-Belgium0-3,1-2.Everything is clear.Everybody know secret.FIFA list and result.But if you see game Serbia-Belgium 0:3(first half) you will see that Serbia could score 3-4 goal in first 30 minutes.In that case strong Belgium wouldn,t know where are their heads.Energy in match becomes different.But Serbia was tired by missed chances(in Brussels too) and Belgium started to give goals.
    Better example is match Serbia-Croatia.If you compare Spain-Croatia 2012 with matches two matches Croatia had 3,4 chances and all translated in goals.Better than Italia.If they scored it against Spain 2012 Spain wouldn,t be Europa champions.And Serbia in this two matches had chances and chances and nothing scored.Even in Zagreb in second half..but in Belgrade is special story.And then Serbia remainded with 10 players.And could more easy win with ten because with ten players Serbia was more relax and more concentration.Joe Šimunić had to “killed” Sulejmani.Probably, it would be 2-1 and then more easy for Serbia.Croatia would be on “wrong leg”. Sulejmani couldn,t play later(injured)so good and it is practical 9 against 10 and they made another two chance.Serbia played 4231(I m not sure) and they(Serbs) are very much changed positions.It was realy good match and in one moment Croatian TV commentator was confused:How this player can be now on this position?He didn,t know who it is!!! Cruyff need to see this match.
    Later Croatia beat South Korea 2-1 and Serbia Wales 3-0 very easy.Wales wanted revenge for 1:6.Wales has many talent players who play in EPL (Croatia was losing o:1 against Wales until 75(?) min.and win very hard on the end 2-1). And Serbia and Wales are 40 and…on FIFA list…
    All Serbian players are very fast and have native talent for football.Hard men.And Mourinho was in in the match and he fell in love in Belgrade. HHm..
    I said this bla,bla,bla( and later too-) because only results and coca cola list are not enough for reality(there are some truth in list of course)if you can,t see undercurrent.Slow and smart players are good if you can,t to read them or play something new (1970s,198os,199os(Holland had and very fast players too)) but if your opponents can to read you , you will be in problems.Holland need space and Cruyff see it .Because “war for Ajax “. Holland has total football in blood even with ball possession 28 procent.Ball possession 60-70 procent you can practise on summer tournaments if you want.
    I would wish that Holland plays friendly with Colombia,Chile,Equador ,in Brasil.Japan?Van Gaal,s ,Patrick,s and Denny,s good memories .

    About Živković.He will play for Holland.Serbian sport news says that Holland kidnapped Živković.Put pressure on him.And one day,they says, Živko will play for Serbia.I don,t know what is true but I know that Neven Subotić(Dortmund) suddenly refused to play for Serbia.(after match with Croatia).He grow up in U.S.A. and Germany and probably his mentality is different than classic Serbian here and he can,t adapt.In” washed brains”.
    Serbia is like alternate current and very hard for definition.No direct current.199os they attacked Croatia and Bosnia,practical from “coffee rooms”, and wanted to change borderlines in SFRJugoslavia.Adventures spirit live!Then they lost “mind games” and returned in the “coffee room” to see what will happen next.And whole world thinks that Serbian people most hates in the world Croats,Bosnian,Albanians…etc. but it isn,t true.Perhaps the reverse is true.They have reason.Serbians don,t like Croatians(old times second world war) but half people in Serbia will support Croatia in Brasil…and Bosnia and Montenegro(if they go).Serbia most of the world hates Netherlands,England and U.S.A….then hm..Germany,Danemark. Serbia most of the world loves Russia(Montenegro),Byelorussia,Greece,Spain,Portugal,China,Cuba,South America,Italia,Scotland,Ireland..
    This is not list all single people of course,but very important persons in Serbia on that way” washes brains “theirselfs people.This is the basis from 1990s-2013. My relationship with Serbia is Hamlet vs Denmark,Denmark vs Hamlet.Simply and complex.
    Many very important persons in Serbia said during WC 2010:”Never mind who will win in WC .I hopes only that it won,t be Holland.” After final Holland-Spain titles in newspapers were in style”Van Bommel,s butcher shop-“.On that way the kids in Serbia have more “washed brains” than children in 1993,94,95.They want to go in EU, to get money,to becomes strong,to fascinate most famous men in the world,how do Novak Đoković,Kusturica and many others,waiting for a strong Russia,and one day to beat the Western world.Go back Kosovo, and revenge Holland in football for 1-6 EURO 20oo.Wolf pack .Big unity forever.Serbia will waiting revenge on the same way as in volleyball WC Japan 1998.Many times lost against Holland.Holland wanted to be world champion 98 and all taught it…but SRJugoslavia broken Holland 3-0 (sets) and Holland went down”forever” in volleyball.They want revenge in football on the same way to win one day 7:0,6:0. Serbia can to play 30-40 procent better than against Croatia.They haven,t limit as normal teams.They are mountains and abyss..I wouldn,t like Serbia to play “friendly” against Holland in this moment.Van Gaal could miss the point very difficult.Years and years they followed Holland as sharks.Aleksandar Mitrović (Anderlecht) even looks like Patrick Cluivert.Bad sign.Van Gaal would have thought that the Croatia,Bosnia,Montenegro better than Serbia and he found himself in hell.

    one old story.autumn,oktober 1988.Match:Red star Belgrade-Milan.Milan “thought” that Red star is another “bulgarian-albanian” club.Milan with van Basten,Rijkard,Gullit(easy injured ,no need to play, job is easy).First match in Milano .San Marco saved Milan (1:1).Never mind ,we will beat them in Belgrade.But job wasn,t easy.In 6o(?) min. Rijkard got red card!Milan was on his knees.And before red card for Rijkard Red star was better (Milan was on “wrong leg”).Suddenly a fog,or cloud, began to descend to the football field.Red star leads 1:0.The fog becomes thicker and thicker and thicker.Ref. stopped the match.Gullit said:”God saved us”.Tomorrow he played.Milan was better just a little bit and win on penalties.Ref. didn,t see goal for Milan!
    Matches for TV series : Twilight zone!
    Red star lost semi -final Cup champions against Panathinaikos 1971 on a strange way too.Very easy Red star win in Belgrade 4:1 and need to plays against Ajax.In Atina Red Star lost 0:3.They complained that they had been poisoned by the Greeks.But I think they were much arogant and drink too much Metaxa in “coffee rooms”,taverns,pubs…Never mind ,Ajax would have a more difficult match against Red star .Trust me Cruyff.
    Serbs are people from noisy coffee rooms,taverns..and from there run their own affairs…Maybe something is joke, but new kid generations have washes brains and they don,t know it.Players from Serbia in Dutch NT team(Živko not grow up in Serbia),Gudelj ( AZ), I simply don,t believe in it .They could be very useful but risk is high.Much higher risk than Boss on this blog.

    and about Jesus.
    There were a lot of “prophets and messiahs” at the time of Pontius Pilate .Many of them were making miracles and claimed that they can do miracles and were often crucified.Nobody in history can,t to say who was real.One was a real.Selected a group of around him,with secrets ,in which you can enter only with help of the Holy Spirit.On this basis, with a “little help” from miracles made later Church in Roma.Christianity has become history.There are four Gospel.No three no five.And christian Church made many mistakes in the past.People are people and God is God..

    The end. huu.All day wrote this .more easy is running 20 km than this.Good night.I hope that Ajax not lose by Barcelona 5-0.

    1. “PSV with young players who can,t play in Stoke,Norwich or even ManCMan U,Barca..etc want to have more ball possession than Milan in San Siro,with 433 system.It is suicide if they don,t know(or not sure in self to realy can win) how to give goals(fear?).Milan could beat PSV 4:0,5:0,5:2…It is very dangerous for character young players.Lose orientation.And stopped to believe in self.I,ll hope that Ajax use better their energy against Milan and Celtic and Barcelona.”


    2. ARS…norwich and some EPL teams are shit.i am sure PSV/ajax and Twenete would beat them at any day…but that cant be said abt otehr Eredivise clubs.
      Bergkamp era we were the best team than Mighty France and Brazil.only thing they didnt knew was how to take a penalty of how kill a game off before getting it to penalty.

    3. Great post ARS , long winded but still great to read your perspective especially about the Serb’s. I agree with a lot of what you have said about the 433 and the quality of the players needed to play it successfully.
      I feel that our team for the WC needs to have the players who are predominantly playing in the top leagues in the world, especially the defenders , playing for Stoke or Norwich etc is no disgrace and will test players week in week out. Playing in Champions League will also test players against the best in Europe, so my team would consist of players who play outside the Erdedivsie in strong competitions. I would not disregard all Erdedivsie players like Maher, Classie, BMI, etc,etc,etc, but really they will not be strong enough come Brazil!
      My biggest concern is for Van Ginkle, our team needs him to play along side Strootman, he is our xfactor, our player that is not on the radar of every defensive coach out there, who won’t be shut down like they would do too Robben and Robin. Van Gaal needs to get him in the team, Snijder or Vaart would really benefit from having Van Ginkle play behind either of them in a 4231,as he has a massive engine (kyujt like) with great skills to go with it.
      He is in my team every time along with RVP, Robben, Stroot, Fer, Anita, Pieters, I’m stil not sure on the rest, Ricky Wolf would be in my squad for backup, also Vlaar, Van Rhyn, BmI , Jaanmat, Krul, Sniej, Vaart, NDJ, Willems, Kyuit Bruma.
      None the less I’m not Van Gaal and what I think does not matter, but its going to be a tough campaign for the NT, 2018 will be a much better proposition for us!

    4. About Jesus.
      Mnay doesnt know who is Jesus.though might be knowing one or 2 things abt chritianity.Good news is Jesus came for evryone and HE is still alive.Pilate is not alive and so is other prophets or Apostles.As a person id dint knew Jesus was this till m,y 29 foolish years.i cannt balme any one but i can blame myslef only for is my favorite game and dutch is my favorite national team.So when i saw dutch in pathetic condition i just suggested that JESUS will save everyone and he will give you a WC once u surrender to him and then acts according to his plans and intelligence rather our limited intelligence.I can tell abt myslef only.HE will not forsake you and he will not let you down,interestingly he stands even for my stupidity.Jesus has done evrything for you and you dont have to do anything except be available to HIM.I know iam blessed and i will go from strength to strength.Also under stnd that Jesus and religions are on opposite spectrum and it doesnt go i left all religion.i dont have a religion but i have JESUS.

  43. Thanks ARS – that was interesting. I like your point of view and your observations teach me a lot.

    @DRB (somewhere back there in the blog)- I loved your analysis of Strootman and the effect he has on midfield.

    I tend to agree, and maybe some of this is the effect of playing alongside Mark van Bommel.

    I don’t know – my feeling though is that as a young player – he is still developing, and though the touch may not speed up – the football brain will improve.

    To me Strootman looks to be a player with the potential to develop into the next Wim van Hanagem.

    And to the poster (can’t remember now who it was) that said Cruijff was a slow player – could not stop laughing over that one – he was fast, make no mistake about it. And as he himself admitted – he always moved before anyone else and was therefore was also a step ahead.

    As always – enjoy virtually all of the posts and comments.

    Keep up the good work Jan!

  44. I thank all for the wonderful contributions but really need to urge all to keep religion, personal belief systems and politics OUT OF this blog.

    No one is interested whether you like Jesus, Madonna, Cookie Monster or ET.

    I don’t care if you’re gay, black, ambidextrous, left wing or vegetarian.

    All I care about is that you want a team with only small players (Vorm, Clasie, Sneijder, Anita) or only players who are called Van something ( Van der Vaart, Van Wolfswinkel. Van der Wiel, Van Ginkel).

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