The Fosu-Mensah bros in England

Timothy Fosu-Mensah (18) gets paid well. He’s a raw diamond with everything to dream for. His brother Alfons (22) struggless at North Ferriby United and isn’t understood. Two brothers, together but also apart… From the Xmas special of VI.

Sale, the southern satelite town of Manchester. A typical street. It’s getting dark and in this particular home, the only light illuminating the living room is coming from the TV. Tim and Alfons Fosu-Mensah are on the couch, watching football. Don’t think it’s a coincidence. Fons: “This TV only broadcasts football, hahaha. Go and switch channels, I dare you: South American, Australian, Italian, the sandy desert. Whenever a ball rolls somewhere, Tim and I are watching. That’s how it was when we were young and it’s still like that.”

When you and pimpled, the brothers watched football on TV whenever they weren’t out playing themselves. Watching Ajax (they lived in De Bijlmer, a poor area in Amsterdam East, watching the Dutch team and all European games they could find. Dreaming of a life as pro player themselves. That fantasy became reality for both. But that’s where the comparison stops.

Timothy has played Europa Cup football for Manchester United on Old Trafford. Tim has been seen hanging off Zlatan’s shoulders after a goal. On the way to that game, he was reading Zlatan’s biography. Again. He played with team mate Daley Blind. The guy who gave him his first football boots years ago when Timothy was but a ball boy, and Daley played in Ajax 1. “They were a size too small already,” Timothy smiles, “but I kept them. They were my first real boots!”


And now, Paul Pogba, the world’s most expensive player, is his friend. And only yesterday, he showered next to Wayne Rooney, David de Gea and Juan Mata. Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho only have positive things to say about him. Meanwhile, Alfons was playing on a rough surface in East Yorkshire, watching all the balls flying over his head, apparently aimed at the river Humber.

Alfons plays for United as well. North Ferriby United, to be precise. Hij plays with two bricklayers, a car mechanic and a couple of students.

The Daily Mail hails Fosu-Mensah: “He’s strong as an ox and highly skilled. A player with everything he needs to become a Man United icon!”. Asked about Alfons, the North Ferriby United PR man says: “Alfons. We haven’t seen a lot of him, to be honest.”

Two worlds come together in that house in Sale. In front of the house: a second hand Peugeot and a slick black Mercedes. Alfons: “I sometimes get to take the Merc. So cool, driving it to the club. Tim? No, he won’t take the Peugeot, he than grabs his grey Mercedes.”

tim zlatan

They played together for years on the street. “There were always amazing young players, the brother tz were always there. Queensy Menig (Ajax player on loan at PEC Zwolle) and Brandley Kuwas too (Heracles). Tim is younger than us, but I’d take him with me, as this level would teach him to man up,” smiles Alfons. “But I didn’t want him in my team. He never tracked back, he was only up front with the ball, dribbling. I always said: man, you gotta put in the work too.” They played a lot together too, just the two of them. Practicing. “I was his first coach. There were always dads doing this and criticising and yelling. Not my style. I taught Tim to use both feet. We did this for hours, playing the pass with his weaker foot. And long and longer distances. I had him dribble, sprint, do shimmies and tricks, finishing, everything.”

Timothy smiles, remembering it all. “He was the best coach, always positive. Whenever I made a mistake, he made me do it again and again, just to help me develop. But things went quick.” Alfons: “I just wanted to help him, as he was my little brother, but I also saw he had that knack. He was special already. He can make it big. So we put the time and effort in.”

And before they knew it, the student was better than the master. Timothy: “Hahaha, I know right? I was 12 years old, we did a 2 v 2 match and I was up against Alfons, and I nutmegged him, Perfect, in between the sticks, hahaha.” Alfons: “Yeah well, I was wrongfooted, just for a second. Pretty bad, but this was the moment where I thought: hmmm, my little brother has the best of me….”


And now Alfons watches his little brother from the stands at Old Trafford. “And I still see him do things we practiced in Amsterdam, on the streets. And I think: well done brother! We spent hours working on this and that basic skills, that ball technique, he got that from the street. The foundation was laid there.”

The door opens and another young Dutch player enters. Rodney Kongolo, younger brother of Terence Kongolo of Feyenoord. He’s a player for Man City. The two played against each other since they were 6 years old. Rodney for Feyenoord, Timothy for Ajax. The two rivals have become firm friends. Kongolo’s impressive technique allow him to walk through the room, eyes on his iPhone, while avoiding all the obstacles on the floor. It’s a bit messy, there’s train tickets, cups, football trophies, coins, unopened bills and pizza folders. It looks like a shared student accomodation. “Ah no, usually it is nicely managed. My dad lives with us, and cooks and does our washing etc. But he’s back in Holland for a couple of weeks so… I now pick up food from Man United at times or I go and cook myself.” Alfons: “But if Tim goes to the supermarket I need to watch him. He throws everything he likes in his trolley, but most of it is not good for him, cookies, icecream…. I we cook here, it’s usually chicken rice or we eat pasta. No fastfood.”

The mum of the family lives in Amsterdam still. Their younger brother, a football talent as well, Paul is still in Holland, playing for Ajax (C1). Alfons: “Paul is a good player, more a traditional defender. Strong, tall, good header. Paul is a bit like Rio Ferdinand, whereas Timothy can play anywhere. Holding midfielder, full back, centre back… Me? I think I’m a striker Benzema style. Our styles are similar. A bit. I mean, I’m not that good but I am not focused on scoring alone, I wish to support the team and create. I’m a team player, skilled and very quick.”



He’s playing in the National League, and makes gets he calls a Jupiler League level pay-check (between 50 and 100k euro per annum). Alfons: “I was unlucky. Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. I played for Zeeburgia (top amateur class) and I apparently was offered several test options from big clubs. They never told me. Finally, Almere City approached me directly. A step up, so I went. And then it started: knee was crook. Everything crashed. But FC Oss came along and after recovering there were issues with my transfer. Finally, I played a number of games for them and the Oss technical staff was amazing for me. The coach wanted to keep me, said he was very positive but he needed to work on my consistency. But I didn’t sign an extension. I wanted to go with Timothy and try my luck here. I got a chance with Southport and in my first game vs Oldham Athletic I got injured. The coach said: I do like you but can’t use you now. We gotta move on, so he signed another player.”

Ferriby Utd

The “Old Trafford” of Alfons….

He did all sorts of tests for clubs he can’t even remember anymore. “Then there was a chance with Colwyn Bay. And another kid I knew got a test too, so I drove with him. Guess what? It was in Wales! We drove for hours, over hills, through valleys…endless. And when I got there, I got a 5 minutes sub run. And after the match the coach said: I haven’t seen enough of you. Yes of course not! 5 minutes and then we drove back. I was glad they didn’t want me. I couldn’t be driving there all the time…”

In the meantime Rodney Kongolo and Tim Fosu-Mensah discuss Tim’s big chance to score a Man United goal. “If Zlatan would have passed the ball late in the game, I was in on goal. Goalie was out of position. I had run a mile, but I was still fresh you know. And he saw me! But he decided to score himself. He said: I haven’t been plodding in the cold here for 85 minutes for nothing you know, hahahaha.”


Alfons smiles. He knows the anecdote well. His United anecdote makes him grimace. So North Ferriby. I never saw that before. It’s a tiny town, with a tiny football club. And all those old, fat creepy guys eating their pies and yelling “Fucking hell!” all the time, hahaha. We are fighting relegation. They were supposed to play football, the coach said, but now it’s all long hail marys forward. He told me: don’t ask the ball in your feet, run run run! And that just isn’t my game…”

But Alfons is a fighter. “I do everything I can, I enlisted a personal trainer and he trains with me three times a week. I need to become stronger. We got some new players in and they are quite good. So we might make it. And then I hope to be able to make a step up. When the chance comes, I need to be ready.” Timothy: “I have the utmost respect for Alfons, he is a hard worker and a good player. If all goes well he can easily play in the Championship. He had bad luck but keeps on getting up. My trajectory was quite simple. Ajax signed me from Zeeburgia at young age and the guidance I got from Ajax and then Louis van Gaal signing me for Man United at this young age. I am so fortunate. Trust me, I have to work super hard as well, but it’s different. He is working hard and hoping and I do not know, if I would be that strong.”


Alfons: “You would have said “Fok it!” hahaha. I just need the right club, and a coach who gets it. I actually need my Louis van Gaal but…I don’t think I’ll find him at the level where I am at, hahaha.”

Timothy: “It’s not always easy for him, sometimes he does get down and then I pick him up. I believe in him and I tell him: it will work out… You need a buddy like this. He is there for me, whenever he is here, life is pleasant, it’s positive. Memphis took a good friend with him to Manchester for the same reason. Someone who’s real to you. Who you can trust. Our whole family is like that. We’re strong together.”

There was always love in the Fosu-Mensah family, but not a lot of money. “My dad worked two jobs to pay for everything. He worked at the flower-auction and had a night job as taxi driver. My mother took care of us. They couldn’t see us play all the time, simply no money to travel to the games. They sometimes took the train illegally, without a ticket, just to come to a match. All my team mates wore the newest clothes while I had hand-me-downs from Alfons. I owe it all to my family and now as a Manchester United player I can repay them. My family and The Lord. They made it happen.”

Alfons laughs and pokes his brother, who by now is lying flat on the sofa: “Hey we have visitors. Sit up!”. Timothy: “Just tired man, had a massive session at the club today.” Alfons starts to organise the house. “He always was trouble. We would keep the house clean and sit up when visitors came in, but he would be exactly how he is now. But I’m proud of him. He is doing well and hanging with some of the best players on the planet. And I get to know his team mates now too. Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford come on down for a chat and Jesse Lingard came by last week to hang. That’s cool, they’re all cool guys…”

Timothy Fosu-Mensah of The Netherlands U19 during the EURO 2016 U19 qualifying match between Netherlands U19 and Northern Ireland U19 on March 26, 2016 at Sportpark Parkzicht in Uden, The Netherlands.(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)
Timothy Fosu-Mensah of The Netherlands U19 during the EURO 2016 U19 qualifying match between Netherlands U19 and Northern Ireland U19 on March 26, 2016 at Sportpark Parkzicht in Uden, The Netherlands.(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

Are you ever jealous, if you see what Timothy has and where you are? “No not jealous, but I do have…you know I wanna play football. Focus on football. And where I’m at is different. There’s always something. But that is something all of us on this level have to deal with. And yes, sometimes people can’t stop talking about Tim. Even my team mates are constantly fishing for tickets or jerseys….”

What are the plans for the coming years? Timothy knows it by heart. “I want to be important for Man United. Focus on a starting spot, reach Champions League football, develop myself, stay on the radar for Oranje…” Van Gaal gave him his chance, but he feels the support of Mourinho too. “Well yes, I’m part of the squad more and more and I did renew my deal with Man United and obviously Mourinho will have agreed to that. But I don’t see myself as a talent anymore. I’ve arrived. Whenever there is a spot in midfield or in defence, I’m ready.”

Alfons’ answer is clear as well: “Play football in the Football League. That is my aim for this year. But I don’t wanna go lower. I’m almost 25 now so it’s time. And if that doesn’t work, well… I have finished my marketing degree. I will assist Tim for when he launches his fashion label.”

Timothy: “Done deal brother. But I’m starving now. Let’s get some food. Pasta time!”


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  1. Really cool story Jan. I have to say as Man U the most frustrating thing about this season under Mourinho (and there have been many) is his refusal to trust young players like Tim. Tim is so physically gifted and extremely comfortable on the ball for such a young player it seems like a waste not to give him more game time. He and Axel Tuanzebe are two very promising young defenders but Mourinho continually prefers the likes of Matteo Darmian, Phil Jones, and Marcos Rojo over them. I don’t think Mourinho really concerns himself with developing young players because he is usually only at a club for two or three years.

    Anyway here’s hoping Tim becomes a star for the NT. I think it will be as a CB or a DM. I think he could play RB but it might be a waste of his physical gifts.

  2. I agree. Mourinho is all about Mourinho. But it’s a sign of the times of course. Some clubs basically want trophies and wins. They don’t have a long term view or identity. Bayern and Barca and Juve demonstrate you can do both at the same time: develop culture and talent AND win trophies.

    Tim will get there. I also hope his brother will end up at Championship level.

  3. Latest Oranje news: Louis van Gaal, Ronald Koeman, Ron Jans, Frank de Boer have all said no to the NT job.

    The only real options left are Fred Rutten or Gullit/Ten Cate.

    1. Interesting,Jan, about the turn downs. I can understand Koeman…he has a position. But the others are available. (And I just read that Roger Schmidt also said he had no interest.)

      Why do you think they are all keeping their distance. Is it that the KNVB’s present dysfunction is so deep that no one wants to touch it? Is it a comment on how these potential coaches view the possibility of succeeding (i.e. qualifying)? Or do all of them just have unique circumstances that make it not the right time in their lives/careers to take on the national job?

      I suppose, like everything, it is a combination of factors. But is it, in your experience, unusual for the NT to have so many people who you’d otherwise expect to have an inside track saying “not interested”?

      Don’t want to end without saying thank you for the brothers’ post. Finished reading it, and wish nothing but the best for those two. Really hope TFM gets into a circumstance where he plays regularly asap. Sitting does on the MU bench does him no good at all—and he looks like a talent.

  4. Promes played 90 mins at CF yesterday, scored the first goal and assisted the winner versus Zenit.
    That is 4 goals and 2 assists in his last 4, from RW, CF and LW, and his side is now 10 points clear at the top of their table 👍

  5. Im not sure if KNVB did aproach Albert Stuivenberg but for me he is the right guy for the job, if not, assistant coach at least. he is well acquiantized with the current generation of players after winning the euro U 17 in 2012 and also after the U21 outings before Van Gaal pulled him to Man United.most of the players that featured under him coming up the ranks to some extent have been featuring for the NT now or are in line for a call up . I think this would be a good reunion for him. I’m was really impressed with him during his outings for U21. he gave good bunch of players their debut after that Isreal tournament.Hakim Ziyech, stefano Denswil, Nathan Ake,Luc castaignos,quincy Promes etc.

    he is currently the head coach for Genk in Belgian league.

    1. I don’t get it. People say Blind was the wrong choice as he didn’t have coaching experience and only worked with Louis as assistant and now you want to suggest a clone of Blind?

      I do rate Stuivenberg by the way, but too early. KNVB will NEVER appoint an inexperienced coach now.

  6. also it will be interesting to what the summer transfer window hold for dutch players.looking at both feyenoord and Ajax you really have to lean towards Ajax for them to win the eredivisie and qualify directly to CL.their young talents are blossoming and they look set to take it to the next level big time.

    feyenoord, nothing to be taken away from them if they win the title but they will need some fresh legs and more quality reinforcement to compete at the top level.

    looking at abroad, Nathan Ake is the one to look out for here. he has to leave Chelsea and this time around teams will surely come for him.Southampton and Bournemouth both have been rumored to be tracking his situation at Chelsea.

    Riedewald I believe also should be looking for a new club. don’t think he will have much chance now with De ligt in the picture.

  7. Ajax played good football vs Schalke. Hopefully they can win the Europa league which will help give a boast to a flagging Dutch football.
    As much as I prefer a Dutch to manage the NT, don’t think Gullit is the right person to do so. His records aren’t good. Read about Roger Schmidt and seems he is somewhat a good trainer, mentioned in the same breath as Klopp.

  8. @Sybe
    Safe to say Promes has conquered the Russian league? Might be time for him to take the next step in his career. Tough call for him because he seems to have a really good situation in Russia with Champions league football but it might be time for a new challenge. A move to a mid table side in England or possibly a top Italian side might suit him. I imagine his price tag will be quite hefty.

    1. For sure, definitely would love to see him out of Russia (if only for my selfish reasons of being able to watch him play easier!), preferably for me in england, spain or germany, but italy could be ok if on a CL team.
      not sure which suits him best, everyone is different – for instance, Babel seemed to do better in spain than he does now in Turkey!

    2. Yes, Promes needs to take the next step in his career which is to warm the bench for Chelsea, Tottenham, ManU etc. Chances are that like many other dutch talents his next step will take him tumbling downstairs.

  9. Interesting idea: if Feyenoord wins the title and Ajax the Europa League PSV will get qualification games for CL and Holland could suddenly get 3 clubs in the CL next season!

    Promes is valued at 40mio by some “agents”,

    As for why coaches say no to the KNVB now?

    Three reaaons: 1) the KNVB organisation is a mess. You take a job and you might find out who your boss is in 6 months and what they will assess you on, 2) the money KNVB pays is peanuts compared to what the Capello’s, Wengers and even Koemans make per annum and 3) the new coach first objective (WC 2018) will most likely not be achieved so you start your career as a loser…. I’m sure people like De Boer and others think: lets someone else commit career suicide with this lot and I’ll come in when there is a fresh start.

    1. The third reason, because it is undoubtedly true, stings the most. But there’s still a chance…

      This was a cool post, Jan, thank you. I’ve known nothing about this kid and have only seen him when he’s been trotted out with 2-3 minutes of a ManU game, so it’s nice to now know a little bit more about him and his potential.

      1. I will definitely rule out the second one because if they are looking for foregin coach then they will defintely need to folk out more from their pocket.if they put two bench marks as an for wages for foregin and local coaches then they have themselves to be blamed. the first option can always be addressed in the contract given what you said about in option 3.

  10. Nice post Jan , the brothers seem like really down to earth yOung men, I hope it works out for both of them in their respective careers.
    It was so nice to see Janssen score for Spurs last week, you could see he was struggling to hold back the tears, so was I!
    The next coach issue is dragging on longer than it really should, obviously the preferred options are saying no.
    Maybe Ten Cate will take the job but who really is up for such a difficult task ?
    I just watch Stroot play for Roma in the 1-1 draw with Atalanta, his overall game was very good a few poor passes but they were chasing a win so,that can be excused. Roma just could not find a winner they hit the posts 2 times and had all of the attack in the second half.
    Back on Janssen, he will now be in a real pressure cocked environment with Spurs only 4 points adrift of Chelsea, he will learn a lot in the next month!

  11. Ajax in the semis!!
    Down 3-0 to Schalke, playing with ten.

    Two goals in the last 15 mins of extra time to lose 3-2.

    Advance 4-3 on aggregate.

    Finally, a dutch team going deep in Europe.

  12. Now that Robben and Bayern are out of the CL, it’s just EL news for the dutchies now..
    I couldn’t watch today, but here are some notes:

    No room in the squad for Fosu-Mensah, but Blind started on the bench for United – came on after 20′ for injured Rojo.
    Just as the first leg, it ended 1-1 so added time…
    Rashford scored in the added time to take United through.

    Ajax at Shalke, traded 2-0 victories in 90 mins, but Shalke score in added time against 10-man Ajax (2 yellows for Veltman) to make it 3-0 which would see them through, before Viergever and Younes score in the second half of added time to win the tie 4-3! heroic Ajax advance.
    Huntelaar was on the bench.. came out and played the last 30 mins plus added time.

    Babel played the full 120 in Bestikas, who also matched their first leg defeat to get into added time.
    Babel took the first pen and scored.
    But Lyon win on penalties.. too bad Memphis can’t play with them!

    On to the semis…

  13. Nice to see Ajax on the semis! it was a great game by Viergever. Veltman did good as RB although I’d play with Tete there and Veltman as CB, De Ligt to the bench.

  14. Ajax will need some luck to beat Lyon too! Very good team….

    Stuivenberg and Genk did well too, just not enough.

    Viergever was indeed very good this match, for Ajax.

    Now this Sunday it’s PSV-Ajax!

  15. Nathan Ake will start against Spurs:

    From “Ake has not played since 18 February against Wolves, but he has been deputising for Cahill in training and he will step up against Mauricio Pochettino’s side, with Conte confirming the news to a group of journalists at Stamford Bridge ahead of the match.

    “Ake thinks he deserves to have this chance to play,” Conte said. “He is showing me his all in this period, always great commitment. He worked very hard. His behaviour was great, was fantastic, and he never told anything.

    “Don’t forget that Ake was playing every game with Bournemouth, and he wanted to come and to stay with us to try to work together and to help us to fight for the title.”

  16. I’m excited to see the current Ajax team. The team plays a high pressing game. A lot of pace in attack with the likes of Kluivert and Amin Younes. Defence has a solid feel with De Ligt and Davidson. How I wish this could translate to the NT too..
    Hope this Ajax team can stay together at least for one more season. Many vultures will be circling around players like De Ligt, Davidson, De Beek, Kluivert, Amin Younes, Klaassen etc.

  17. Jose mourihno is disgrace to develop young players.hatsoff to the patiance of Fosu mensah..
    KLassen had stated after going down for 3-0 they decided to go with everything…Glad that they won..i couldnt see any kind of klassen impact in any games of ajax..rather than tap ins and penaltys so far…Amin younes is deadly,he is a small scale Roben..with Hakim zych has has egale eye ofr gola with a superb Dnny van de beek ,justin and Doleberg…
    Lyon with out Memphis is more dangerous team,hope ajax gets past them..

  18. Watching Ake at Chelsea would convince you about WHAT KIND OF CLOWN we had as coach of NT…The Lad should be our No 1 holding Mid if we want to stop leakage in the back..Not strootman..
    Kongolo—Mensah–De vrij—karsdorp—
    on bench

  19. De Roon started for Middlesbrough, who went down to 10 men early and down 2-0 at Bournemouth when he went off injured at 38′.
    Janmaat started for Watford, they lost 2-0 to Hull, who had 10 men for 70 minutes.
    Fer starts, Narsingh and van der Hoorn on the bench, as Swansea who host Martins Indi and Pieters starting for Stoke. Fer off injured 20 mins in.. Swans win 2-0.
    Stekelenburg back starting for Everton, they had a 0-0 draw.
    Chelsea beat Spurs 4-2 in the fa cup semifinal. As Jan mentioned, Ake indeed started and played 90. Janssen was an unused sub for Spurs while Vorm is still out injured.

    Robben started, scored and assisted in Bayerns 2-2 draw and also created 5 chances!
    Bazoer started for Wolfsburg at Hertha Berlin, was pretty good. Had a goal line clearance in the first half and looked alright, but even though they looked far the better team they lost 1-0.
    Gouweleeuw started for Augsburg (along with Verhaugh, who still always starts) played DM, and even scored early, but they lost 3-1.

    Hateboer was an unused sub for Atalanta.
    El Ghazi stayed on the bench while Kishna started and played 75 for struggling Lille who won 3-0.
    Promes played 90 at Rostov but Spartak lost 3-0, played a lonely striker role and limited to just one shot attempt.

      1. Great to see him play well.
        Too bad he hardly ever plays!

        do you guarantee as well that he would improve if he cuts his hair, as you did with van Dijk?

        1. Cutting hair will increase his speed and agility..and also he should go to gym to build better body as he can look like statue in the feild..

          1. Bad luck ajax boys …Today your only hope in PSV line up is Davy propper..perriro on bench..i still think both justin kluivert and younes are venmous at going forward,both could cause real trouble VS any Real madrids in this world…thats the hope ajax has as both guys has quality when u add Zych,dolberg and van de beek…thats enough to see 1 or 2 goals…i feel jelous to klassen as he can play with such quality players in his team and he can benefit from that..

          2. last time I ckecked Ake was 17kg lighter than Van Dijk,so you can do the maths here.😆

  20. Feyenoord v Vitesse
    Missed the first half which is unfortunate, was 2-0 from a couple Jorgensen goals, and another Toornstra assist. Probably should be more as I see they also missed 2 big chances.
    Not sure I saw any attacks from Vitesse besides a long range try from their LB, until the last 15 they had a couple more shots – even though they had more possession. Not for the first time we notice the large difference in class between a competitive eredivisie team who is not one of the big 3.. I liked Vilhena, would love to see him and Kongolo improve further at higher competition, although hopefully they play some CL next season.
    Another 3 points for Feyenoord and all eyes go over to Ajax at PSV.
    2 matches to go now for Feyenoord to close out the season on top.

    Blind started at CB for Man Utd, Fosu-Mensah on the bench. Blind had most interceptions in the 0-2 win.

    Hoedt and de Vrij each played 90 while Lazio thrashed Palermo. 5-0 after the first 26′, with 2 assists for de Vrij as well. They eventually win 6-2. Top 2 players in aerial duels, and also most passes.

  21. PSV won it…tight game..Ajax hardly had chances..while PSV missed some golden chances..Justin kluivert had issues with Locadia…i didnt want to miss a single second in the game..Amazing hard work by locadia from attack to defense he was all over the pitch..evry one worked their butt off…good game..
    Hope PSV gets second spot and and Ajax wins vs MANu in EL final..

  22. Wijnaldum started for Liverpool v Palace. van Aanholt returned from injured making the bench, played the final 15. Crystal Palace upset Liverpool winning 1-2

    Huntelaar gets a start at Shalke, scored a header at the befinnninf of the second half for their only goal in the 1-1 draw.
    Memphis plays 90 and gets an assist v Monaco.
    Sneijder squared off versus van Persie and Lens in Fenerbahce’s 0-1 victory at Galatasaray.
    Neither van der Wiel or Nigel de Jong played.

    PSV v Ajax, trying to find a link now!

      1. Jurgan locadia didnt faded,he was injured so he could not play..thats it..Fit Locadia was always playing…The moment i saw Luuk,Seim are not playing..i knew its hard luck for ajax..
        I am not counting on Locadia Goal..though he scored of his own ability unllike tap ins and other guys penalty..
        Locadia was every were,he did a nice check in to Justin kluivert..

  23. I read somewhere that Ajax is in the last 4 of a European Cup for first time in 20 years!!! This means since playing in the final against Juve? Shocking. Almost 2 generations of players. How far the mighty have fallen. Lyon will be tough to pass as we don’t have good luck with French teams. If Ajax makes it to final I think they win it. Let’s hope.

  24. Strootman in action today for Roma at Pescara, bossing the midfield as usual.
    Scored the first of 2 quick goals before HT, ended with most passes on the match, plus loads of recoveries and tackles.. their midfield of Parades – Strootman – Nianggolan must be one of the strongest around at the moment.
    4-1 win and they sit in 2nd with 4 points up on Napoli.

  25. Hello Jan
    I read that the KNVB is talking to Dick Advocat about being the next NT coach? Are you kidding me? They had a 2 days meeting with him in Turkey over the weekend. This is BS! That simply tells you how much these guys doesn’t give a shit. Dick Advocate, heck nooooooo

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