Under21s qualify for European Championships

While the big boys are preparing for the clash against Romania, it’s the Under21s who lead the way. The double fixture against Slovenia the last serious hurdle for their qualification for the EC next summer in Israel.

This weekend, Young Orange won the away game in Slovenia with 0-2, courtesy of two goals by Vitesse player Marco van Ginkel. The Cocu-like midfielder gets himself seriously on the radar for scouts of bigger clubs, although he’s happy to remain at Vitesse and witness the Arnhem team making its way back to the top with big names like Wilfred Bony, Theo Janssen and coach Fred Rutten.

Oranje won the difficult home game with 2-0 as well. Coach Cor Pot expected this game, played at the Sparta Castle, to be more difficult than the away game. “Slovenia plays reactive football and that works best when they play away. We need to be totally concentrated.”

But Holland did what it needed to do and won thanks to two second half goals by Georginhio Wijnaldum and Luuk de Jong.

Oranje didn’t start well and Feyenoord allrounder Kelvin Leerdam suffered a lot of possession loss, while central defenders Bruma and Nuytinck were too loose in their marking. Jeroen Zoet, the PSV goalie, had to act a couple of times and Oranje couldn’t find it’s attacking mojo.

Striker Luuk de Jong was too isolated and Wijnaldum and Cabral’s attempts to force something failed.

Wijnaldum celebrates the 1-0

Pot made some changes in the half time. Maher moved to defensive mid, Wijnaldum moved to the playmaker’s role and Wildschut came on to replace Wijnaldum on the wing. Former Feyenoord holding mid Ricky van Haaren had to make way. This worked. Wijnaldum launched Cabral on the wing. De Jong was able to play his cross back to Wijnaldum who could score the 1-0. Ten minutes later, the game was played.

Wildschut was impeded in the box and Luuk de Jong scored from the spot.

Oranje won the youth EC in 2007, in Holland, but wasn’t able to reach the final tournament since.

Under21 coach Cor Pot, who started his career as youth coach at the famous academies of Sparta and Ajax, is a seasoned football man. Played for Sparta, MVV, Haarlem and Excelsior in his active career and worked at Feyenoord, NAC, Dynamo Dresden and most recently with Advocaat at Zenit St Petersburg as assistant manager.

Cor Pot: “This is a relief. This was not a great game. Or better, it was pretty weak… We had too many players playing with tension and stress in their bodies. We knew in the first half that a Slovenian goal was always an option, as they are a pretty good side. After the break we started to play better and we did the business.”

Pot saw his changes work out. “We needed more football from the back. Better build up. Van Haaren played ok, but Maher offers a lot more on that spot. With Wijnaldum on 10, we could still keep pressure on their defence.”

Luuk de Jong was a happy trooper. “It’s great that we reached this. Everyone really wanted to go, it’s a main objective for all of us. Most of us were there when we failed to qualify two years back and we needed to fix that. We want to shine at the EC.”

Ex-Feyenoord and current Twente winger Cabral slips away

He supported Pot’s words. The game was not great. “I don’t think it was nerves though. I think it was more that we all wanted to show how good we can be. We were sloppy. Too hasty in the build up. And when you lose possession, they can lash out. I think we did well in the second half.”

Bruno Martins Indi and Jordy Clasie were not part of this game, but Martins Indi feels part of the journey. “I really want to go to Israel too. This a one tournament I haven’t played yet. And having made the step up to the big team is sensational of course, but I still would relish this EC.”

Ricardo van Rhijn, Luciano Narsingh and even Kevin Strootman can still play for Oranje Under 21. Although Van Gaal will take the senior team on a trip to China and Indonesia, he has already pledged to allow Cor Pot the strongest possible side to take to Israel.

With the team we can field in Israel, we wouldn’t even do too badly at the big tournaments, I reckon…

We will keep on following these lads…

Cor Pot is happy

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  1. Wow cool!

    De Jong, Narsingh and Wijnaldum as attacking options

    Clasie, Maher and Strootman in Midfield (probably not together)

    Martins Indi and RVR in defence

    This team looks like it could really succeed

  2. Let’s look at the players that will come of use for the Dutch senior team in time. I have taken the names by alphabetic order from an article about the total selection. Some have dropped by injury, but I still discuss them.

    Leandro Bacuna (FC Groningen): Will never be good enough.

    Daley Blind (Ajax): Has fought himself back at Ajax this start of the season. Was according to de Boer the only player together with keeper Vermeer that was proper against Real Madrid. Daley was quite a talent back in the days, but he is just not a good enough defender. Footballing wise he is not bad, but he has something clumsy. He is not that quick. I do think he might be a steady grower, like Kuyt and Luuk de Jong. I think left back is a weak spot for Dutch NT and even a player like him has to be taken seriously. I would not have said that only 6 months ago.

    Jeffery Bruma: Very young when he made his debut. Was injured and is sub, right back and central defender for HSV. His former club mate “de Vrij” from Feyenoord has somewhat surpassed him, but I think Bruma does have the potential to grow in a usable center back for Dutch NT. He has a bit of everything and the question is if he is able to expand those bits into much or that he is not able to nurture his qualities. You have many players that have enough weak points to say it will be a difficult story for them. I don’t see outspoken weak points with Bruma. So I am a little optimistic about this kid.

    Jerson Cabral (FC Twente): Nope. Not good enough and never will be. Not fast enough and his tricks don’t work against high level defenders. Also has a mentality problem. Thinks is a hell of a player, while he is not. Distorted self image. His key pass to de Jong who made the assist to Wijnaldum was a wrong cross in the first place. At the end of the game he walks around with the ball like he scored a hattrick. He was not even that good. I also think he made a wrong move going to FC Twente. He thought he did not get enough playing time at Feyenoord, then I say good luck at playing Tadic and Chadli out of the starting 11.

    Virgil van Dijk (FC Groningen): hell of a game against Feyenoord last season then it went down. He has blundered enough in Dutch youth NT already. I was a bit enthusiastic about him last season, but since then he has only disappointed me. Too cumbersome. Remarkable bad header for such a big guy. Don’t think he will be of value in the future. Sub top figure.

    Mitchell Dijks (Ajax): Defensive solid in time probably, but offensive not good enough and in Dutch NT you have to bring something offensive also. Born in the wrong country I am afraid. Won’t play a big role I think, though if he becomes really solid he could build a case for himself. Also a big guy and that is attractive to have in dead ball situations. But for now, I say no.

    Marco van Ginkel (Vitesse): aka Justin Bieber. A player that is a walking contradiction. What is the contradiction? He has the most silky touch of all player (including Maher) and also the most joyful laugh, but also makes a ton of fouls. So he combines being a true footballer with being quite physical. Last season in Eredivisie he was in the top 5 of players making most fouls. However, he only gets every 20 or 25 fouls a yellow card. He is also able to get away with penalty’s that should be given against him. Very weird phenomena going on there with van Ginkel. As a player as I said a very silky touch and a true footballer. He is a box to box player that is with ball almost as fast as without ball. Some dare to say he is faster with ball than without ball. That is a great quality to have. I am following him now for quite a while and I am positive about him. He will be an addition for Dutch senior NT. The only things that would catapult him into a top player are becoming more dominant (I often ask myself where he has been in a match) and scoring 30% more of his chances. As he often comes into scoring situations he gets many chances through a season. I don’t think he is very effective with those. Fer is more effective, but less good as a footballer. Wijnaldum does not have the overview of van Ginkel (on top of being a defensive liability and also ineffective). Seems like all these 3 players miss a dimension. Van Gin“kel has to work on being effective with his chances and then we have a hell of a player. However I do think as of now he is a little bit underrated. maybe because he does not play for the classic big Dutch clubs or the new big club (FC Twente). However Vitesse is doing pretty damn well in Eredivisie this season and van Ginkel is a carrying player over there.

    Jeffrey Gouweleeuw (sc Heerenveen): I feel that he will never be defensive solid enough. He defends like a little girl. Van Basten has given him a place in front of defense as he has interesting quality’s. His creative pass is also sweet. As a defender he is just weak. Bit of a player who’s quality’s make it difficult to really pin him down for a spot. I don’t think he will be a big part of the future of Dutch NT due to defensive weakness. His football is good enough so he should start working.

    Ricky van Haaren (VVV-Venlo): I like this player. Has a great pass and shot in his leg. His handling speed is too low though. I have no prediction for him. Not seen enough of him yet.

    Luuk de Jong (Borussia Mönchengladbach): Don’t like his locomotion. However he has the steady growth gene I talked earlier about. He is stoically and knows to make little improvements every year. That adds up and makes it hard to predict where he will be in 5 years time. I don’t like his kind of striker. If he would become Dutch striker number 1, then we have a problem in our education system. We need players with better technique, speed and swagger leading attack.

    Kelvin Leerdam (Feyenoord): Nope

    Jody Lukoki (Ajax): Well Ajax have now tried quite some wingers and Lukoki is their new try out. He was always a blind horse but has improved. Sana is better at the left and so he could be getting more and more playing time. That will make him better. He has the speed, now it’s the question if he can make the step in the other dimensions. He was at the tournament of Toulon this last summer really good. I park him as a blind horse and to him the job to surprise us. His luck is that van Gaal works with profile sketches for each position and for the wings he wants real wingers with speed. Kuyt like players have a problem. That’s why Afellay also has a problem. If a guy like Schaken can make it, Lukoki must get ambitious is what I am saying.

    Adam Maher (AZ): No introduction needed. The supposed talent of this generation. I do have to say that I have reservations about him. His short combinations might be great, but he is in Eredivisie the player who has lost most balls. Over 140 I believe so far. Maher is very inaccurate with his passing often. Now I can forgive his risk taking passes, but the ones over 30 meter that end up somewhere totally else and in the feet of the opponent is a problem. I also don’t like his saunter style of playing at times or when he just let a guy run past him, like he has a sudden dip in aggression. I now have seen him do that game after game this season. He is only 19 years old, so maybe this is still youth. The first problem needs more attention IMO. It’s a real problem. All this having said, his technique, vision and shot is of a high level and he will be part of the Dutch NT future, no doubt.

    Nick Marsman (Go Ahead Eagles): Don’t know him. We have 3 good keepers and I am skeptical we will ever hear this name in the future.

    Miquel Nelom (Feyenoord): Weird player. Feyenoord fans are not that fond of him and that has to do with him not being defensive solid enough. I have seen him making very difficult balls dead in one touch or do something else of high lebel. Then all of the sudden he messed up the same situation he solved so well earlier in a clumsy way. He puts me on 2 thoughts in a game. He will have a problem at club when Mathijsen and de Vrij are back. I think BMI will move to left back and he will go to the bench. I don’t think Nelom will be part of the Dutch NT future.

    Bram Nuytinck (Anderlecht): Can defend, but is a very poor footballer. The guy had one missed pass after the other in these last two U21 games. Horrible. In Dutch NT this is more important than other teams, so he has a problem. I don’t think he will be part of the senior NT future, like Donk also never became part of Dutch NT future.

    Sergio Padt (AA Gent): Don’t know him.

    Davy Pröpper (Vitesse): Nope. Talent, but softy. Is not made of the right metal.

    Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV): This must become Wijnaldum’s season now Toivonen is out 6 months with an injury. He will have to claim Ola’s spot and convince Dick Advocaat. On the wing he is just not good enough and on that spot he will never really reach senior NT. It will have to be from midfield in an offensive role. He will have to show he has overview and he will have to show he can be effective in front of goal. He also has to show he can make important goals and not tank goals. His effectiveness has risen somewhat so far this season. I am skeptical about Wijnaldum. You will have to become world class in offensive midfield to play for Dutch senior NT, if we go by history. Every generation we produce great players for that role and so even if he is able to hold on to that role for a short time he will face immediate opposition from younger guys. So I don’t think he will be a big part of Dutch NT. He is a player who’s quality’s make it hard to pin him down on one spot. This makes it all more problematic for him as coaches will maybe keep misusing him as a winger.

    Género Zeefuik (FC Groningen): lol

    Jeroen Zoet (RKC Waalwijk: Very talented keeper. I always feel save with Zoet. Young and already dependable. Maybe the best keeper of last year in Eredivisie. PSV made a huge blunder not to take him as first choice. Hard to say if he can beat Krul in time for the nr 1 spot. Keepers have this hurdle to take. You don’t switch keepers after 1 game or after 70 minutes in a game. He will really have to reach a moment where the coach thinks he is better than Krul. Will be tough, but with Keepers Dutch NT is pretty save for the next 10 years and that is a big relive as it is maybe the most important spot. However I have to say 1 thing. I prefer to have 1 world class keeper (like we had with VdS) than the 3 good ones we have now in Stek, Krul and Vorm. Krul can develop still into world class though. Zoet will have to establish him as PSV’s nr 1 keeper in the next 3 years and then he will probably move to EPL. All power to him.


    1. Great DRB,thanks!
      I only do not really agree with Maher passing you mentioned. He has a great vision WITH great passing. Long and short. Some strange pass here and there does not take away from that. And I feel his team mates sometimes do not understand his intentions. He reminds me of Sneijder in his passing sometimes. Sneijder also makes much risk and because of that misses many passes,specifically long ranged ones like Maher.But he creates so much because of his great vision and great passing range-when his ideas go through.
      Maher played great yesterday for U21,he started almost 80% of all dutch big opportunities in the game with his passing.

      BTW,WIjnaldum played a nice second half yesterday when he was deployed as an AMF. I hope he will have a great season at that spot now that Toivonen is injured.

      1. I also have reservations for Maher though, and that would be his physical game. I have a feeling he can be shut down very easily against a stronger oponent. So when playing against stronger teams,he needs to improve,and he will do that by being better in duels and like you said DRB-being more persistent and a bit more aggressive without the ball.

  3. Some players of younger Dutch teams (U15 to U20) that you might want to follow also:

    – Karim Rekik
    – Nathan Ake
    – Stephano Denswil
    – Riechedly Bazoer
    – Jorrit Hendrix
    – Terence Kongolo
    – Kenny Tete
    – Ilan Boccara
    – Thom Haye
    – Marlon Slabbekoorn
    – Kyle Ebecilio
    – Tonny Vilhena
    – Abdelhak Nouri
    – Ricardo Kishna


    – Anass Achahbar
    – Memphis Depay
    – Jurgen Locadia

    A short clip of Kishna as he has been injured for so long that many probably don’t know him, but is considered one to watch.

    And let me just say that is a big shame what is happening with Ola John at the moment at Benfica. What a great player this Jesus guy is messing up. I found out that Munsterman from FC Twente has been lying. Ola John did not want to leave so much, but to pat for Tadic he made a deal with Benfica and talked him into it. Then he started to tell people Ola wanted to go so bad and his hands were tight to comply. I feel that Ola here is not totally to blame. Moving abroad that early to a big club is just not smart. What a waste of time for him sitting in the stance while he should be playing week in week out getting better.

  4. This is from the article:
    “Although Van Gaal will take the senior team on a trip to China and Indonesia, he has already pledged to allow Cor Pot the strongest possible side to take to Israel.”

    Trip to Indonesia? It is great!

  5. DRB300, tip our hats to you.. great analysis. i think you should still evaluate the ‘nearly there’ guys… BMI, Van Rhijn, Clasie etc. as far as what they’ve done up to now, what they still lack, and how close they are to the plane to Rio.

  6. Great Post Jan – and thanks for the clip with highlights. Wow 8 Senior players can play next year for Young Oranje in Israel – amazing team building for 2014 – plus vGaal can still try out more newbies for his Asia trip. A quick trip to Indonesia is definitely ON 🙂
    DRB300 – Great additional Piece !!

  7. We have one more “probably future world class player”:
    Gyliano Van Velzen (1994 born).
    He move to Man United in 2010 from Ajax. Van Velzen play very godd in MU Academy, now he is loan to MU satelite club in 2nd Belgium division – Royal Antwerp. He plays 1st squad every match since september, score one goal as yet, but he has excellent pace, tricks, – realy left winger.

  8. Great piece , Jan .
    I think Oranje has a great chance to win the tournament in 2013 .
    Van ginkel , clasie , strootman , wijnaldum , maher .. What a midfeild 😀 .

    @DRB300 : what a post ! keep it up my friend 😉 .
    I hope Wijnaldum proves himself with PSV . I do believe he can be world class one day .

  9. Mohamed – I hope Wynaldum doesn’t become the monkey on your back – the more you mention him the less likely he may become the “idol” you dream he could be. I felt same about de Ridder, Maduro and Taument (the New Gullit !) – I’ve stopped hoping for individuals and now just feel whatever comes along – GOOD LUCK !!!

    1. I know you’re right about this , but actually i can’t stop myself hoping for the young dutch guns , lol 😀 .

      but i agree with you actually . I mean , where the hell are Donk , brafhied , schaars , hofs , aissati , sno , drenthe , theo janssen , castelen , de ridder , julian jenner , rigters , Bakkal , Quincy abyie , jeffrey sarpong … etc .

      the list is literally endless .

    1. Front line looks good, I hope van Gaal gets Clasie into the midfield though. If its true that Romania has good wingers, than BMI and van Rhijn are good choices for fullbacks

    2. then it will all depend on Strootman how to link the back with the front. From NDJ and backwards nobody will move up, and from Raf and forward nobody will track back 🙂 Just like with Andorra… hope not though and hope Stroot runs like a horse…

  10. Thanks Jan

    Please keep posting the manager’s and players’ thoughts/reactions in your articles.
    I don’t read this comments section as it is populated by amateur arm-chair opinions.
    To hear it from the horse’s mouth is much more palatable.

    1. Well, all right then. I don’t have to worry about you reading this reply:

      It’s less than pointless to post such a comment in a comments section that you don’t read. Or hadn’t that occurred to you? 😉


  11. @Mohamed, buddy u can skip Romeo Castelen from list,he was injured for 6 years,its not his fault,so that is also a matter..poor unlucky guy…Now he is 29…He played 10 matches for hoalland and i never saw him playing below average in national team…Great loss for him and national team,He was the guy with kuyt’s attitude and plenty of skills and speed.

  12. wow just think of the team we could field at the u21
    A Team:
    van Rhijn – de Vrij – BMI – Willems (essentially first team)
    ———-Clasie—–van Ginkel—–
    —————-de Jong————-

    B Team:
    Bruma – Gouweleeuw – Nuytinck – Blind

    more like A1 and A2 since you could argue that several players that I put in the B lineup should be in the A lineup, but I put the players who I think have the most potential (plus de Jong) in the A lineup.

    1. It’s great line-ups for both teams , but Depay is a left winger so we can exchange his position with ola john or Barazite .

      Is Ricky Wolf still available for the u-21 ?

  13. The Most biggest upcoming intelligents talents are
    Jordy clasie,Adam Maher and Anas Achabar….
    Guys like Trinidad de vilehna,Memphis Depay are extreamly talented dribblers…but the forementioned three belongs to another class..

  14. To be honest that was no penalty at all. Going 2-1 to halftime would be tricky. 3-1 is more reassuring. It is not over and we need to tighten up in defense.

  15. So happy with this team 🙂 . they play like a real team . perhaps it’s not the strongest dutch team , but i like their spirit , how they dominated the 1st half and their winning mentality .
    We were lucky with the penalty though 😀 .

  16. all narsinghs doing…so much pace….he hardly got the ball all half…once on the right he went for a silly dribble from midfield…and the commenttor was like van rijn….FACEPALM….another he was outnumbered by 3 romanians on the left touchline and still won a throw in 😀

  17. Douglas and Janmaat warming up during the break. Maybe we might see them in the 2nd half. Especially, Douglas! Want to see how he does with his first cap.

  18. We need these young players as much time as possible so they are comfortable against top competition!

    This would be a good time to bring in some fresh faces because our offense and creativity seems stale in the 2nd half.

  19. What odds would I have got for betting Holland would score more against Romania than Andorra ??? Unbelievable – Great all round performance. My MOM = Mr Indi !! But there were many good players….

    1. Elia played 3 minutes and did some of his magic , could have assisted or scored a goal .
      He should be called-up in the next games .

      BMI is my boy atm 😀 , I may buy his Oranje Jersey so soon 😛 .
      Btw this is our biggest result ever vs Romania . Thank you LVG .
      we are very close to the WC now . HUP HOLLAND !!

  20. Great win for Oranje! Winning big with style from what I can see!!!! Maybe Romania were playing above their head before this game but no matter, great result and we boss the group!

    Long wait now for March but we maybe can qualify with two big wins then (perhaps optimistic but hey its possible)!

  21. awesome showing , awesome !!! The score is unfair for Romania. They are a very good team. Better than Turkey. And this was our toughest test. Wow, well done…. I am impressed. BMI awesome, RVR same. Vlaar solid. The only two I didn’t like is Heitinga and Narsingh.

  22. Three points on the board! At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

    We definitely took it easy in the 2nd half. Midfield creativity and offense was lacking for good portions of the game. The Romanians didn’t really create any meaningful chances even though they seemed to have more urgency and initiative in the 2nd half.

  23. I think they’re playing solid all round. I’m still not impressed with Lens (his style reminds me of Ribery – which I don’t like).

    The good thing is we have 12 points from 12 points possible. The young kids are getting better each game as they play more with each other.

    Defence still shaky a bit – Vlaar and Heitinga good, but not WC final good.

  24. i think all of the group play well. we play like a team. i like our defence. nigel was good. narsingh was weel. lens show us his ability for us and vlaar and RVR and BMI was well.

  25. brilliant assist from narsingh..in almost all the games…when everyone tires out…his incredible stamina leads him to race clear and pop up with a goal or a perfect assist..and what a brill dribble ELIA is…did u see that run…this is why no matter how many 22 yards header lens scores…we need ELIA & NARSINGH on the wings

  26. Louis Van Gaal will be impressed with the performances of many of his younger players, especially the attacking threat posed by Luciano Narsingh and Jeremain Lens. As a defensive unit, they also look more solid after their vulnerable performances during Euro 2012. However, Van Gaal is aware that there is much work to be done if he is to convert his side into World Cup contenders in Brazil in 2014.


  27. This is Louis Van Gaal´s revenge!! What a game. Totally dominated apart from some moments specially in the first half. Those spells should be avoided. The difference now between Van Marwijk´s team and Van Gaal´s team is that this new Oranje plays as a team unlike before. That is why defence looks better because the gaps are not there anymore. Strootman and de Jong didn´t impress but their work was very effective and our defenders were quite good although I think Heitinga still looks shaky. I think it is about time to test Douglas, against Germany in the next friendly would be a good game to see him in his debut.

    The group is open for us and now we receive Hungary and Romania…I think it´s a done deal although the team needs to keep focus and not get overconfident.

    What a great job is doing our friend LVG.

  28. elia cant play on the right…and robben with his lack of pace is neutralized on the right nowadays…so has to be ELIA and NARSINGH 😀 plus robben is mostly injured anyway

    1. Elia’s a great option on the left, but I wouldn’t consider replacing Robben with him yet. Right now I think he’s the ideal supersub to run circles around defenders that Robben has tired out, or open up crowded games with his ability to get out of small spaces. I’d definitely like to see him become the long term replacement for Robben though

  29. You know, In history, World Cup teams that qualify by going undefeated and winning all games, Not a single tie or draw, always make it to world cup final game.. Holland and Spain in 2010, 1970 brazil, and west germany 1982

    Although it’s 50-50 winners of world cup, It would be great to root for germany or spain to get a tie and draw, and if we win all our games, We should be in the final!!!!!! It will be destiny.

    Too Early to tell what effect Buttner, Pieters can have on left back, But for sure, depth charts should look something to the effect of

    Wingers; 1 robben, 2 Narsingh, 3 Lens 4. Elia 5. kuyt 6. Schaken I would put elia two but hey

    Strikers: 1 Van Persie, 2 Huntelaar, 3 luuk de jong 4. Van wolfswinkel

  30. Not sure why u guys are over excited about this victory.
    Granted, it was disciplined and defense looked good, the win was hard-earned and somewhat merited, but we didn’t really boss the game.
    Possession was very hard to come by for long periods of the game. I also didn’t see many passes being strung together. Midfield looked poor in buildup also.

    And why the hell is afellay not playing more? And why in centre of midfield? Neither Lens nor Narsingh were effective in second half as wingers. Van persie was getting poor service.

    Van persie, BMI, Stekelenburg and Vlaar looked good for 90 mins. The rest were not as consistent.

  31. with Pieters back from his injury , Buttner hopefully getting some playing time with man utd , douglas , may be de vrij e can have a very strong defensive line by the WC .

    Elia has to work hard and gain his 2010 form , he still has it .

          1. and in the last 30 mins France is pretty good … many chances inside the box. But I will watch the whole thing later. Seems like 1-1 is a more fair result. But you know Spain, they have the rabbit’s foot oh no Casillas ankle I meant 🙁

    1. I mean germany was winning 4-0 versus sweden, and then gave up 4 goals so sweden tied them, awesome

      Lets chill out, we have lots of time before world cup, lots can change, the game was promising only because sneijder and robben were not there, so they played good for having players who aren’t that creative

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