Weak Oranje does the job: secure 3 points

I knew the day had to come. The day that Memphis got (some of) his mojo back. It would have been unthinkable that a lad with so much talent would just waste away. Yesterday, Danny Blind needed him. And told him “Memphis, I need you to make a difference!”. And he did.

Earlier on, when Blind was questioned for selecting Depay, he said he trusted his talent. After the Luxembourg game, he added: “I’m not surprised by his turn today. He’s training well. He still has it. I think the difficult time at Man U has made him better.”

It was all about Robben’s return. The 32 year old super winger was missing in action for Oranje for a year (to the day). Our talisman was needed to turn Oranje’s self doubt into swagger. And he does and he did. Whether it was in interviews, press conferences or just that all important difficult look on his face when stepping out of the players’ bus. Robben brings professionalism. The Bayern man was alive in the first half and could have scored 2 or 3. That it was him to break open the score was not a surprise. Passing the ball with his gifted left foot past the goalie. Klaassen had tried it before, Sneijder had an attempt, it was crowded, hasty and nervous. But whenever Robben had the ball, it was all pure class.

arjen scoort lux

A little muscle twitch in the final stages of the first half, however, saw Robben walking off with a grimace on his face. The former Groningen man wanted to keep on going, but the Oranje medical staff advised against it. “Don’t take the risk!”. And he listened. Wesley Sneijder had a tough match too. He was struggling with the abysmal pitch and couldn’t put his stamp on the game. Danny Blind: “I felt the need to go play with two real wingers. Taking Robben off (Berghuis) was a disappointment for us and Arjen, but I wanted to bring Memphis for Wesley to have a better positioning on the field.”

So, the two veterans who were supposed to lead Oranje to success were subbed and two question marks were brought on. And it was Memphis in particular, who took the game by the hand foot. And head. As the little mercurial forward scored his first goal (Oranje’s second) with a C Ronaldo like header on a cross from his ManUnited buddy Daley Blind. The second Memphis goal was a free-kick. After many failed attempts to hit the target from a setpiece in the famous George Best jersey, he finally got it right in an Oranje shirt.

gini memphis

At that time, Luxembourg was already done for. The minions defended like..eh… lions and in particular their goalie had a field day, refusing the likes of Robben, Klaassen and Wijnaldum earlier in the game. The 0-1 was supposed to have come earlier, so Oranje could work on the goal difference. But the goalie and his ferocious defenders – aided by a horrible pitch – stopped Oranje from opening the flood gates. And when we finally got the 0-1, a bad judgement call by Joshua Brenet got Luxembourg on the score sheet. Stekelenburg was able to thwart Man City twice from the spot, but Maxime Chanot did the job: 1-1.

They key for Oranje was to win. And they did. We hoped to see more goals, more flair and more flow but the circumstances were not helping. A bad pitch, a mixed up line up, ferocious defending and a good goalie didn’t help. The Oranje performance was well below par, but with the three points in the bag, it gives some breathing space to the Oranje staff to try and get things right. And Arjen Robben will definitely be at hand to help.

During Holland – France in March, when he wasn’t playing, he was seen debating the tactics with the technical staff during the match. Against Belgium, when Holland was forced to play 5-3-2 with Wijnaldum playing right wing back, again, there was footage of Robben moving in to talk to Hoek and Blind about what was going on. Robben might be our playing captain/coach… He is also the man who reaches a top level whenever he’s fit and shows the confidence and aims for the level we fans are so longing for.

robben sneijder

Arjen Robben, after the match: “I’ll be honest with you, I was a bit shocked when I saw our level today. We were not good. Stray passes, not enough movement, bad decision making. Not what I’m used to and definitely not good enough. We will need to improve. A lot!”

There were mitigating circumstances of course. For starters, Luxembourg parking the bus. Secondly the pitch was dramatic. Thirdly, we played in a new line up yet again, with two debutants as well. I also believe that a goal in the first 15 minutes would have helped. Now, we scored late and 8 minutes later, Luxembourg got their penalty, lifting their spirit.

Joshua Brenet had mixed feelings. “I am happy with Memphis’ two goals. Otherwise I would have felt like shit. I’ll thank him for this. I don’t think it was a penalty though. It happened outside of the box. He didn’t it smartly. Ran across me and then slowed down so I would bump into him. Then he went down as if he was shot. The ref saw it differently. He said I pulled him down. That didn’t even happen! But that guy did it smartly and I was fooled.”

Bast mist luc

Bas Dost is another player with mixed feelings. The Sporting striker is known for his ferocious fighting mentality and self criticism: “Listen, I’m happy. Of course. This is a team sports and our team won. Great, but I would have wanted to do better. I really wanted to score and be important. I can do much better than this. But, sometimes the ball doesn’t get to you and you need to work for the team.”

Just like Luuk de Jong is not good enough for Oranje’s aspiring top level, the same applies for Bast Dost. He is just a good super sub. It’s surprising that Danny Blind still doesn’t want to use Robin van Persie in games like this. He’s smart, experienced and has the quality – like Robben – to decide games with one action. The return of Robben showed a similar approach by the Oranje players as we saw with Argentina-Brazil a couple of days ago. All balls on Robben! And with Argentina: all balls to Messi! Sneijder was isolated on that left wing and I think if we want to utilise Sneijder he should play on the #10 position. I can imagine Blind will play 5-3-2 or 4-5-1 vs France away, but against Bulgaria and teams like that, surely Sneijder can play as shadow striker behind Janssen?

oranje lux

Ramselaar was breath of fresh air. His movement, workrate and forward thinking is needed in this midfield. With Wijnaldum, Bruma and Van Dijk, he was the one of the positives.

Wijnaldum has become a real workhorse in his current role (just as with Liverpool), a long way from his trickster game when playing for Feyenoord as a dreadlocked Gullit wannabe. The spotlights are less on him now, but his role is invaluable. Daley Blind played a mediocre first half but with Memphis in front of him, the ManU player could combine more and penetrate. His cross was the assist for the 1-2 and he also put Memphis one v one with the Luxembourg goalie. Marten de Roon was watching Oranje vs Belgium in England, on the couch, but made his debut late in the Luxembourg game. Pretty proud to mention that he is the first player of my own old amateur club ASWH to reach Oranje! (Started at ASWH, left for Feyenoord youth and then Sparta Academy. The rest is history)

de roon

De Roon: “I got chills when the coach said I had to prepare to go on. It’s a dream come true. When I went to Feyenoord I hoped to reach the top. Some players go the direct route. I had to go via Sparta, Heerenveen, Atalanta and now Middlesbrough. I don’t care. I played 3 minutes in Oranje and I’m happy as can be. The coach did give me some homework. He said I need to be a bit more domineering. Asking for the ball, not just destroying and passing into others. He believes I can do much more in possession. I know this, he’s right. I will work on it. This experience is fantastic and I long for more.”

Danny Blind was realistic: “I know we didn’t play great, but the circumstances weren’t ideal. Missing around 10 players never helps. And Luxembourg has gotten better through the years. This is their best team ever. You don’t win 0-7 just like that anymore. I think we could have scored earlier and if you then score the 0-2 in the first half, you can play yourself to more in the second. But we didn’t take the chances and one mistake puts them back in the game. It has an effect. Luckily we did the business in the second half, and we have the 3 points we needed.”



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  1. Our new friend Emannual thinks Bazoer needs to play for Klaassen as Klaassen can’t score….


    Klaassen scored 30+ goals for Ajax in 100 games. For a midfielder. That is very good. And I left out the assists.

    He scored 3 for oranje in 12 games.

    He gets into scoring positions because he is a box to box midfielder.

    Bazoer doesn’t play for Ajax and if he would he is a defensive mid (former center back).

    Bazoer scored 6 goals in 50 games, which is like 12 in 100, so that is a bit less than Klaassen.

    Klaassen captains Ajax. Not sure if that means something?

    Diks as right back is nice, but he doesn’t play. Karsdorp and Janmaat are ahead of him and Brenet.

    Lastly, I highly respect Van Hanegem. One of the coolest guys around and after JC the best player of the world back in the 1970s.

    But he dislikes anything to do with bravado behaviour on the pitch. He doesn’t like the way some players celebrate, with the little dances and moves. He never did. He doesn’t like players being outrageous with fashion or driving sports cars. Memphis wanted to celebrate with his mates in front of the Oranje supporters who traveled four hours to get to the game. What is wrong with that?

    1. Jan I would highly recommended you go to a Ajax forum and find out the more about Klaassen.you will get a more clear picture.

      A lot of people are criticising Dost here but when you have Robben and klaassen playing on the wing and mo setup from midfield I do expect him to get serviced. Even Huntelaar and van persie went through the same thing.

        1. Don’t agree.if you follow somebody or team week in and week out it does become a reliable information.jus like Depay at Man United which most people follow in epl. Now that’s becomes a reliable source as to assess him based on his performance. The best thing about it is that are others who also watch and may have other ideas which becomes argument point until such time when it becomes conclusive as to where the ceiling lies for that player.

          1. Ok, copy a link in here please. I’m not going to spend hours searching for it to please you. But if you can link a thread in here, I’ll look at it.

      1. That is true Wilson. I believe Blind should have gone with actual 4-3-3 from the start, to service Dost. Good point.

        As for Ajax forum, I see Klaassen play every week for a while, I do think he should have left last summer to a bigger club (Italy) and make room for others but he’s not a weak player.

    2. hmmm klassen is second striker and at times false striker…While Bazoer is holding mid…
      his duty is to guard defense,but still he did scored some specatcular goals…his shooting accuracy is superb,which klassen or Depay will never have…Bazoer has the shooting acuracy of Roben,Vaart,RVP…
      End of the story–6 goals for a DM is equal to 30 gaols of a secodn striker..

      1. Tiju? I’m sorry? Who are you? Where did Emannual go?

        Exactly my point. You compare apples with pears. Bazoer can score from that role coz he is with Ajax. With Oranje, defensive mids do not score that much in general. Nigel de Jong? Clasie? Strootman? Van Bommel? Not that often.

        I rate Bazoer as a tremendous talent and I’m disappointed in Bosz but a player who hasn’t played all season should not be picked if there are alternatives.

        1. I am sorry too i had two systems(office and home) one had automatic login so went on like tiju1234,that wont be used any more..
          If Memphis can be selected off course Bazoer should get as he is better solid talent than Memphis.
          Danny has proved it u dont need playing time and you dont even need to be in first team squad to get in to NT.
          I am sad about certain players who get overlooked those
          Kevin diks
          Annholt As winger
          williams as winger
          Ramseelar was there but i know he grabbed his chance,hence i dont have to worry about him anymore..
          All these players would do better than blind’s current choice.

  2. Robben is a legend. So is Sneijder but a step below Robben. Without these 2 we’re shit, headless checken 🙂
    I agree with Blind’s excuses such as bad pitch, dirty bathrooms etc. but there is no excuse for game after game of mediocre play. Robben is shocked by the level we’re playing. 3 points are invaluable so not complaint there but I see Bulgaria as very tricky. When is the next game?

    1. Next match is another WC qualifier but not until Saturday March 25 – away versus Bulgaria.
      Then we have a friendly versus Italy on the following Tuesday.

  3. Playing on a pitch like that against an opponent that you expect to beat while trying to avoid injury is not a recipe for a good performance, which is most of what I saw in this game. Even Brenet’s play down the line, which resulted in him fouling from behind and giving up the PK, was probably as much about avoiding injury than just being lazy, which was my first thought. An extra quick step in the mud, on the touch line, could easily wind up as a pulled hamstring, so he dogged it a little bit, not expecting the Lux player to fully commit to chasing that down. As a result, he was badly behind on a breakaway.

    This game was not pretty, but I am happy for Memphis and pretty hopeful for the team going forward. I liked what I saw from Ramselaar, maybe he can be the creative spark of the future in the central midfield. I believe that Arjen still will have the wheels two years from now but am less willing to believe that Sneijder is a viable choice.

    I really liked the possibilities that Karsdorp and Janssen in particular brought to the side vs France, and of course Strootman firms things up nicely. I hope those guys stay in form for the future games, as I think they make a ton of difference to the squad. Propper and Brenet are done, for me.

    We have a way to go and a lot of work to do, but I feel there is a good possibility for this team in the future.

  4. Klaasen is a fighter and a leader, besides he did nicely flick the ball to robben for the first goal and should have scored himself! Dost was terrible in link up play and could rarely hold the ball against his opponents, yeah he is a clear downgrade compared too Janssen! I was really happy for Depay he deserves a chance, its not easy when u go from everybodies darling to bench warmer/despised player!

    1. if you compare klassen with Dost yes klassen is top notch..if compare klassen with Depay he klassen is way better..agree(i mean just impact on game)…Klassen lacks acuracy or that extra skill to find goal which Bazoer abundantly has..i would play klassen over dost or Depay at anyday..but not over Bazoer,Janssen,Ramseelar..
      Depay just a fluke luck he will come back to ground very soon as he doesnt have that extra pace for winger on top of it he always loose possession..So that will refelcet in total game fluidity and we would be less attractive team with him..

  5. Johan Cruyff’s grandson – 9 years old, son of Chantal Cruyff – played with Sitges against Barcelona this weekend. Wearing the #14 of course.
    Sitges lost. Jordan Cruyff ” I play for Sitges but I also support Barca”. 🙂

  6. Best sports news this weekend was obviously Max Verstappen, the new Rain God. In Brazil, of all places, the Dutch maverick showed flashes of Senna when coming back from place 16 to finish 3rd.

    The Brazilian fans went berserk after Max’ defining race and applauded him more than winner and runner up.


  7. i think We need De roon the most as we are so fragile at defense…things shoudl shape up like this
    ————De Roon————–
    as first 11
    Second 11
    Kevin diks–Devrij–Blind–Mensah

  8. I think Marco van Ginkel should give some stability in the midfield come march as he surely heading for another loan. Not sure where though. PSV is congested at the moment with Siem,Guardado,Propper,Ramselaar,and Hendrix. Another addition means either somebody will have to see the bench or unless Siem moves back to Newcastle who by the way have already made their intention clear of selling him after their serge in championship which sees them sitting top of the table.

    Klaassen and Propper will never thrive in big leagues and are only good for eredivisie since there are around technical players at club level. If you take guardado out of the picture at PSV,the midfield will collapse in big games.,this is one reason why Hendrix still doesn’t get playing time. Guardado is more reliable and versatile than Hendrix. I think it was vs France Danny selected Hendrix but with no game time now he is slowly fading out like tete,Riedewald,Bazoer.

    Klaassen too neither can’t dribble, is not fast enough and first touch is always poor. France,Belgium and then Luxembourg.played all together three different position but cant provide much thrust needed jus like after depays introduction.

    I did say this earlier Zeegelaar should have started with dost up front. Jus to let some people know Zeegelaar was a winger when he was coming up in Ajax ranks and had played all positions on that left hand side. It doesn’t mean if he is playing LB at Sporting so he can’t play on the wings. Klaassen on the other hand also hasn’t played wing at any level but Blind felt obliged to starting him there without any experience. Excluding Robben who obviously doesn’t like to link up,starting Klaassen on the other LW jus didn’t make any sense especially with Dost who should have been serviced.

    Don’t think they will be lucky eveytime when depay comes on and if Danny thinks Depay has suddenly woken up from a vivid dream might well as go to sleep again cause with average teams and average defenders he has always had a upper hand jus like in eredivisie days. But Im hoping a move to Everton under koeman will be another life line for him.

    This is also I find it so ridiculous. Klaassen a midfielder can play on the wing.Toornstra who has being in top for feyenoord on the wings is not selected jus because he is midfielder. Can somebody throw some light on this.

    1. Klaassen is a proven goal scorer and good box to box player. I refute his “bad” touch, I think he has a pretty good touch. Great vision too.

      Toorsntra had an ups and down period at Feyenoord. Playing well the last months but out of the team for a big spell before that. Is more a battler. Not the fastest, no good technique, not really good with one touch.

      I can understand (as Feyenoord fan) why Blind picked Klaaseen over Toornstra.

      As an NT manager you can’t just keep on rotating players because someone plays well for a month….

      1. Klaassen goal scorer.. only in eredivisie. Depay was also the king . while obviously Danny is doing everything to get the best out of klaaseen but he is not the type of player who can take it another level when required so its no use wasting time on him. his mid tempo best suits eredivisie which he doesnt want to leave. hasnt danny learned from his experience with willems the assist king

        trust me jan he needs lock players first for individual positions and start rotating them other wise it will always gonna be risky shift when there is injury. A good example is Daley Blind. he needs to decide whether he is a lock at LB or LCB.he cant jus ignore other players jus because he can play both position. what if Daley gets injured, he will go back to willems again who already has been a proven failure. this is what is happening now and I don’t think this will in any circumstances enhance productivity of the team or improve the mediocrity..

        you look at the epl guys who play every week and than you compare them to those whom danny have selected in the past and wasted his time on as most are not getting game time.

        it was predominately evident that with the non availability of strootman, then danny thinks schaars has been in form for heerenveen and hence gives him the nod. why not before or when strootman was available.

    1. Jurjus
      Bazoer-Riedewald-van Overeem

      Zivkovic scored a penalty in the 1-1 draw.

      If Ake was there, he stayed on the bench..

  9. First of Wilson i completly disagree with you concerning Hendrix, first of all he is injured and since he is not playing anymore we can see a huge decline in Midfield at PSV. They are really struggling without him! And Klaassen are you serious saying he has a poor first touch lol, he was compared very early on with ICEMAN Dennis Bergkamp because of his great first touch! Ok he has stagnated a little but he is still young with plenty of chance to grow further! And Yes Toornstra should have been called into NT but certainly not for Klaasen but for poor Berghuis who actually plays even very very poorly for Feynoord!

      1. sorry guys seems like you either are not following PSV or were sleeping and jus woke up. first of all its not Hendrix, but Van Ginkel depature has left a immesnse vaccum in that midfield. hendrix was starved of game time with van ginkel, propper and guardado in the midfield. might wanna go and check last seasons games.

        as for Klassen come to ajax forum on big soccer forum- nerthlands

        1. Haha wonderful, he who makes things up tells others to go and check things…

          Well, big surprise he is not correct!
          Hendrix got lots of playing time, starting 10 out of 11 games (exactly the same as Guardado, except Guardado was subbed off more) until he was injured.
          Of course, that’s just speaking of this season, not last season (so van Ginkel has nothing to do with it).

          As for last season – Hendrix was definitely not starved of game time even when van Ginkel was there.

          1. This is as my stats.Hendrix has missed last six games for PSV and they only have lost too games both to Bayern in CL. Don’t think Hendrix would have won the game for them in both.

            Van Ginkel had 8 goals in 13 appearance operating from that midfield.you think Hendrix would have done the same this if he wouldn’t have got injured

            When ever Guardado ,Van Ginkel and propper started last season Hendrix was on the bench. They only played together if a third party was injured.

            It totally a different story now with the arrival of Ramselaar,Siem and

            I would agree to the fact that Guardado has been subbed more but don’t think Hendrix started over Guardado in normal circumstances when all van ginkel ,propper and guardado were available.

            I hope this will make sense.

          2. Not to me.
            You miss the point, I just point out the things you said which are just not true, so it doesn’t matter if you agree.

            it is the others, Oranjeboven and Oranje4life, who disagree with your opinion.

          3. Miss the point? Save it for another day pals.don’t think you will ever see things from my perspective.this is where my ceiling goes as far as putting words from what I see is concerned. I said what I saw and what I followed.

          4. You still dont get it?

            “Hendrix still doesn’t get playing time.”
            Not true

            “hendrix was starved of game time with van ginkel, propper and guardado in the midfield.”
            Not true

            Next time you think about being rude and telling someone to go check games, why dont you just do it yourself?

            Apologize to them.

        2. Dude first of all dont get cooky, second Hendrix has been injured since September 28 this year and he will miss at least another month if not more! So i suggest you find better ressources, and it seems ur not following PSV!

          Thnx Sybe! Dunno why i argue with Wilsons crazy statistics and beliefs!

          1. Correct Hendrix out since the 28/09 due to Ligament injury, better fact checking please Wilson.

          2. I hear you..
            Of course, anyone is entitled to their own opinions or perspectives, which are totally up for debate.. but, facts are facts – and there is no reason to be cocky or rude!

          3. “SORRY guys seems like you either are not following PSV or were sleeping and jus woke up” my apologetic first word if you failed to read it.

            “first of all he is injured and since he is not playing anymore we can see a huge decline in Midfield at PSV.” which decline is this. vs feyeneoord when they lost hendrix was in the lineup prior to his injury. cocu has also used Daniel
            Schwaab in the 2-1 loss to bayern which turned out very well give compared to the first leg when they were thrashed 4-1.

            as for last season When ever Guardado ,Van Ginkel and propper started, Hendrix was either on the bench or was injured.he was never cocu no 1 choice when ever these three started so this is why i said he was starved of game time when the trio always started which is true.

            I do take it that hendix has missed up to 8 games and not 6 as I mentioned early.

          4. hahahaha

            Yea.. too bad he will not follow his own advice to others (and mine to him) and check for himself!

            Well I just checked and see that Hendrix started with van Ginkel and Propper 7 times last season, the same amount which Guardado did. Hahaha
            Hardly starved for games.. (PS still no one argues that Guardado – van Ginkel – Propper was not the preferred midfield line for Cocu)
            Maybe his point is that Hendrix is so hungry to play when he is on the bench or injured that he is starving.. hehe

            Bringing up Schwaab v Bayern is pointless too.
            Hendrix was injured by both of those matchups, haha

            Anyway, wilson seems to be the only person besides Tiju who is absolutely pointless to discuss anything with. (Makes things up, wont answer questions, insults people..)
            Though I do feel it is important to point out when they say things which are just not true, unfortunately a regular occurrence!

  10. Hello Guys,

    My few comments are:

    1. Danny blind’s tactics were very poor and his use of Klaassen and Wes on the LW was simply ridiculous. He was not the right man for the job, but I hope that he will learn fast, improve and eventually make a success out of this qualifying campaign.

    2. There is still hope for Depay. It is sickening to see a few selected ppl on this blog talking bad about this guy day in/ day out. It is uncivilized to constantly speak crap about this guy, even when he isn’t playing. He is in a bad place, yes and he needs to improve, yes. That’s it! Lets now start to provide support and hope, instead of constantly riding on his back. I am really hoping that he will pass this bad period in his career and start to develop. He has all the tools to become a great player and as a true Dutch football fan, I will always try to support our player, even when they are experiencing their low period.

    3. Our players need to also shoulder some of the blames for our poor performances. Danny decides on the tactic and personnel, but it up to the player once they are out on the pitch playing. And some of our players are simply not good enough. Its hard to play good football when players are tentative, always playing back passes and have poor positioning.

    1. i complety agree with you that Blind is not the right man for us, i really hope that Koeman takes over rather sooner then later! and yeah as i have written before i really dont understand either why some ppl keep bashing poor depay when he is allrdy down, which wont mean he wont be up again!

  11. Should also add that it makes no sense that ppl here suggest that guys like K Diks, Berwijn should have been called up. They are young and talented, but simply not ready to be called. Diks is not even playing at his club.

    They will both get to the level to play for Oranje one day, but not right now.

    1. Hessilbaink…
      Diks was in team of erediviese in last season..he suffering coz he has a coach who cannt see his talent,He made a bad choice to go to forentina like Denis bergkamp at inter..i mean u can finish ur career if you work with a wrong coach..i hope diks escapes form Fiorentina..Danny is wll know for sleceting players who deosnt even included in club playing sqaud Eg.Depay slecetion.like diks is also a talent and better RB than Brenet and Veltman,its sickfuck to not to call him..At least kevin diks should there as karsdorp back up…end the story…
      then Memphis ..Mmephis was wise to choose work with LVG ,he made 29 appearence under LVG..he got immense support and coaching from him..Still he let LVG down..Had kevin diks was getting that ,kevin would have been sensational now..Memphis is not in a bad place or he is having low period…He is just an overrated player who loves some outfied gimmicks too..i rate a winger with trickery skills,Speed,Decsion makig and vision and accuracy in shots…Memphis has trickery and vision but rest of teh area is so poor..so i am convinced that he wont make it top. 1.74 cm and 85 kG….thats too much for winger who needs pace..so he wont make it..

    2. Well i dont agree Bergwijn has allready shown in the Chmapions League against Bayern and Atletico that he has what it takes! Besides ofc he is young and not experienced still he is 2 classes above a Berghuis that struggles even at Feynoord! Look at Danemark they are not affraid of throwing a young player like Dolberg into the cold water!

  12. Hessilbaink…
    Diks was in team of eredivise in last season..he is suffering coz he has a coach who can not see his talent,He made a bad choice to go to Fiorentina like Dennis Bergkamp did at inter..i mean u can finish your career if you are work with a wrong coach..i hope Diks escapes form Fiorentina..Danny is well known for seleceting players who does not even included in club playing squad Eg.Depay selection.like that Diks is also a talent and better RB than Brenet and Veltman,its SI#$$KF((^(ck to not to call him^as RB..At least kevin diks should be there as karsdorp back up…End the story…
    Then Memphis ..Memphis was wise to choose to work with LVG ,he made 29 appearance under LVG..he got immense support and coaching from him..Still he let LVG down..Had kevin diks was getting that support,kevin would have been sensational now..Memphis is not in a bad place or he is having low period…He is just an overrated player who loves some outfield gimmicks too..
    i rate a winger with trickery skills,Speed,Decision making , vision and accuracy in shots…Memphis has trickery and vision but rest of the area he is so poor..so i am convinced that he wont make it top. In addition to that he has the height of 1.74 cm and 85 kG….thats too much for winger who needs pace..so he wont make it..

  13. I have watched Bergwijn and every time he has played this season and I he is simply not close to being ready for Oranje. He is very talented, but way too ponderous and makes way too many poor decisions. This kid needs to play more games and learn fast; his time will come.

    Dolberg is playing head and shoulders above Bergwijn, this dane is kool as a cucumber on the ball and finishes like he has way more experience than he actually has. This kid is a “different animal”. A very special and unique talent.

    Let Bergwijn grow and learn, and lets not keep pushing these kids into the deep end before they are ready.

    1. There will always false hype and false hope,We cannot help it.Kishna had talent but attitude is horrible..After seeing their play/games a good footballing brain fan could easily understand that they will flop..they didnt go to big clubs like Depay or Babel did,they are still with smaller clubs playing where they belongs,once dpeya goes to Brugge he also will be alright and MANU and dutch NT is top ,he doesnt belong there..

  14. Emmanual?
    The roman english version of Immanuel (hebrew)? that’s actually Emmanuel..
    Hahaha Tiju, hilarious that you’ve even got your own name wrong!

    1. I or E…its meaning is that “God with Us “”thats what important for me,no matter how Good or Bad U/I are…Memphis header forced me to change in to that Name and the freekick too.If God was not with us He would not have done that..

  15. People say it was a good move for Memphis to go under LVG’s tutelage at ManU but I think history tells us it actually was not.

    Louis is great at managing players in an environment where he has carte blanch: Ajax, Oranje.

    All other environments, where he is seen as a passenger coach (Barca, Bayern) he ended up with issues.

    At Ajax and the KNVB, Louis is accepted for what he is.

    So when LVG paid 35 mio for Memphis, he put a lot of pressure on young Memphis’ shoulders.

    Another mistake was to give him the #7. Best, Cantona, Beckham, CR7… It worked against Memphis.

    He came from a provincial club where they loved him, into a tough corporate club where he started at the bottom of the ranks. Rooney and co went: “Memphis who?”.

    And then LVG put him on the #10 spot in his first EPL match.

    This must have been very hard for Memphis, who thought that every touch he had needed to be special.

    He wasn’t ready for that move and he collapsed under the weight.

    Louis didn’t get the support he needed at ManU and Memphis was collateral damage.

    I trust in his abilities and personality to fight back. Hopefully at Everton. Not Fenerbahce

    1. Memphis was immensely supported by LVG..Until LVG realized Memphis is just hype and he can not rely on him..i am sure Memphis can be a hero in lesser team like Fenerbache etc..I am more sad about Kevin Diks that he did a wrong like Dennis..

      1. What a load of bull. “LVG realized Memphis is just hype”. As if LVG would buy a player on hype. He worked with him for crying out loud!

        LVG has underestimated the EPL. He handled many things in a bad way. Di Maria, Van Persie, Rooney, Carrick, Memphis…. It is LVG’s responsbility to asses the team he needs for the EPL.

        He bought Memphis and used Memphis and instructed Memphis and I think the lad is better off in a team where he is made important and has more space to operate in.

        He had two markers from day 1 and had pressure to be special (#7).

        LVG does nothing for a player, he does everything for LVG.

        Stop thinking about footballl as if it is a childrens book.

        No way in hell did Memphis lose his quality all of a sudden.

        The step from Eredivisie to EPL is huge, apparently. See Fer, Wijnaldum, Janssen, Babel and many others who were top in Holland and not really special in the EPL. Incl Van Gaal!!

        1. Oh, and among many things LVG handled badly, also the media. You don’t go to the EPL and then claim the Boxing Day and NY Day games should be abolished. Says it all.

          1. And how can we blame a 21 year old for signing with Man United for that kinda money (PSG wanted him, Liverpool wanted him)?

          2. i dont blame Memphis for choosing Manu as he got money + dutch coach who understands him,but he failed as he is not a top talent..Cannt blame him or LVg for it..its just reality

        2. Jan you can justify Memphis with various reasons as long as u like him and support him.i am okay with that.
          LVG was really on track when he got sacked.

          LVG did give Daley Blind time to settle in Manu.RVP was aging and clearly one of the poor performer in the team ,
          Angel girl di maria,who was unprofessional and sore looser..He was not fitting well in team play..the guy was not crap as Memphis as he had speed which memphis doesnt have..
          As long as Manu wins their fans are less bothered about coach..
          Yes LVG did made mistakes those are
          He signed De maria
          He trusted Memphis
          He trusted old Bastein
          He didnt signed a proper defender.
          he didnt buy a striker..etc
          players like Lindgraad,Rashford,Mensah,Luuk shaw and Antony Martial.were getting molded to the first team players..Even the younger player Rashford outclassed Memphis..
          29 Appearance in first year is enough to make stamp ur authority..if you cannt then u r not up to it..
          Now that clown jose is tearing apart Manu and it culture…
          Wijnaldum is played superbly for Newcastle,he is playing well for Liverpool,he is VITAL PART OF Liverpool team.
          Janssen may not be scoring,but when he is on the feild,he shows who Janssen is..he is playing well.
          Fer has scored more goals than Memphis in EPl..he also playing well.
          Babel had ASTONISHING games for liverpool against their toughest opponents..Babel was not hardworking like kuyt,had he done that he would have been a hit too..

          1. In addition to all these CR7 played only 15 games in first season Compared to 29 of Memphis…So what else Memphis need to shine in EPL?

  16. I was very happy with how Ramselaar played, but we have to be very cautious with our excitement because we have experienced the same feeling over and over with many new emerging talents who ended up fading away after that. I still remember adam maher playing his first game in a friendly against italy and he did extremely well that day, but where is he now?? same goes for bazoer who was becoming a starter in oranje and now he cant get one minute in ajax…

  17. Jorit hendrix is a wonderful DM so is Guadrado,But Guadrado has lost bit from last season and Hendrix is getting better..Departure of Van Ginkel might have affected them..i think absence of Bruma was vital blow to PSV..
    Guadrado will this summer and hendrix will have plenty time.Hendrix is candidate for DM in NT and any club,if he can get the focus right he will play for top club.
    there is no pointing in time wasting on Guadrado and Hendrix,yes off course l prefer Hendrix for playing time as he needs to develop furthur.

      1. Here you are:

        Bazoer-Riedewald-van Overeem

        Zivkovic scored a penalty in the 1-1 draw.

        Subs –
        Dumphries (Diks)
        Sanniez (Ouwejan)
        van Crooy (Joosten)
        van der Bruggen (Bazoer)
        Vermeij (Kastaneer)

  18. Emmanual or Tiju:

    You keep saying Memphis lacks speed. The stats prove you wrong.

    CR7 started at ManU when they had a brilliant team that allowed for him to be brought in. Memphis got his start in a team that didn’t play well overall. That is really different.

    Fer was one of the best midfielders in the Eredivisie and is now playing at Swansea.

    Wijnaldum did not play so well at Newcastle. They got relegated. He scored 4 of his total goals in one game.

    He is now a supporting player in a very well playing Liverpool. He is not the star there.

    Janssen is a sub at Spurs.

    Babel failed at Liverpool.

    Van Persie needed a full season to make it in Arsenal.

    Di Maria played everywhere at ManU except on the right wing, where he belongs.

    Any player would have had difficulties at ManU.

    For a young player, Memphis first season wasn’t that bad. He had assists, goals, he helped MAnU into the CL and kept them longer in the EL.

    Rashford et al were only brought in because LVG had no other options.

    Get your facts straight!

    1. Besides the fact that, in my opinion, the philosophy at ManU for the past two managers seems to strictly focus on their FIFA Ultimate Team strategy of just collecting the most expensive and most well-known individuals instead of building an actual team (forgetting about that ‘team chem’ metric). If someone doesn’t score for a couple of weeks? Bring on the next shiny object. Memphis is a victim of that, as was di Maria, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, and others to follow, including Martial. All of those guys have talent, but unless they really fit with the total package,and unless they’re given time to get their feet under them in a new league/ country/ level, there’s going to be a loss of faith, loss of motivation, and a high failure rate, which is clearly what’s happening.

      Couldn’t agree more that Memphis didn’t suddenly lose his skills and special qualities, and it’s just idiotic to say that his pre-ManU success was just hype.

      1. but its more idiotic to live in false hope that Memphis will succeed over there..i didnt say he lacks skills,he lacks the extra pace and work ethos to succeed in EPL..He is showing more workethos in Gym than feild..

        1. Motherfocka, why do you keep on saying this crap man!!! I really get so frickin annoyed. You are doing this to bait me!!!! Stop abusing the name of God ok.

          For crying out loud, no one GOES TO THE GYM IN EPL WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE CLUB AND DOING THEIR OWN PROGRAM, you moron!

          1. You will call any one as”” Motherfocka””as they disgree with ur certain crap thoughts Jan??I dont abuse Gods name or else i would be calling something else to a man who calls me so.
            Then FYI there is trend in clubs about Physio and Gym,many Gym trainers were hired in clubs to spoil the natural ability of players,yes clubs does it,but its MORONIC ACT BY CLUBS,a man who supports that is also a moron..In case of Depay he is always interested in muscle building for his show of life..
            This freak Gym trainers are not required in Clubs…there are few clubs has the correct physiotrainers..like Barca,bayern,Ajax etc….Most of the EPL clubs are Gym training centers..
            KEEP DREAMING and live in FALSE HOPE…
            ME TOO was annoyed by the stupidity of many in this blog,people cannt/unable see the light.i am convinced as long as Depay,klassen,Blind as LB & LCB,Narsingh,Propper,Dost,Veltman as RB,then offcourse BMI,weil,Afellay..Dutch wont make it…
            I am really sad for real talents as they have to play with these crap players and they wont be winning anythung with these guys..
            THANKS AND GOOD BYE…

  19. I agree. Depay will regain his confidence and rise again.

    PPl who say he doesn’t have the skills to succeed in the EPL are quite simply wrong. Anyone who has watched him from his PSV days, knows that he has very high skills. By the way, ppl should realize that Van Gaal wouldn’t have bought him if he had any doubts about Depay’s abilities.

    He may have to leave ManU to rise again, but I really think he will rise again.

  20. It’s a good assessment. Top speed like Elia’s is not Memphis strongest weapon. With speed, there are several factors. Players like Bellerin or Elia can use speed to flick the ball past a player and simply outrun them.

    That is not the way Memphis plays. And that is a good thing, coz speed disappears over time and Elia sometimes hasn’t enough in his locker to outplay a defender with skill.

    Speed is also a factor in running with vs running without the ball. Some players are very fast WITH the ball (Robben) while other fast players are less skilled in this.

    Then there’s handling speed. Which is something any Eredivisie player struggles with when they go to the EPL, where the handling speed needs to be top notch.

    This might be a problem (still) for Memphis.

    JC always said: ” I am regarded to be very fast, but I’m actually not. I just see the situation quicker and start running a tad quicker than the other guy, so it makes me look fast.”

    Football is played with the brain, first and foremost. This is a factor in Memphis’ game which is logical for a young player who used to be boss on the pitch in the youth competitions.

    Robben had this too when he was young. He had to adapt quickly (at PSV) and did.

  21. Trivia time

    (I have been keeping track of all our starting lineups, positions, subs, goals and assists etc. on a spreadsheet since the world cup.. including info for all of our players I keep track of in europe. If you have any questions let me know..)

    Danny Blind has now been in charge for 16 matches for Oranje – 8 friendlies (4-2-2) and 8 real matches (3-1-4).

    1. How many players has he used – not just called up, but actually played?

    2. Who are our top 3 goal scorers under Blind?

    Bonus Question: Which 5 players have made the most appearances under Blind?

    1. Also totally from the gut, admitting not having a mind for tracking this kind of thing:
      1. I’ll say 20
      2. Haven’t the other teams scored the most goals?
      3. Blind, van Dijk, Bruma, sneijder, wijnaldum

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