* in case you are wondering, the Losers is us. World Champs is Germans.

The Press Conference before the match was not about the match. Not about line ups, players, tactics. It was about the terror attack in Paris. The Oranje Players Group made a statement. Danny Blind read it out: “We decided to want to play. As a gesture to the victims, the people left behind and the whole French nation. A message of freedom, democracy and solidarity.”

Clearly the event in Paris made a big impression on everyone and thew a big shadow over the classic of Holland vs Germany.

“The events in Paris made a huge impression on all of us. We can still not fathom what happened. Sports has a connecting power and now is the time to use sports in a positive way. What counts now is compassion and connection. It feels weird to talk to you about systems and players now, or even football related topics in general. We will turn this into a real friendly. The Germans have different words. They sometimes use Testspiel and sometimes Freundschafstsspiel. Now we will aim at freundschaft.”

training pre germ

Blind further emphasized everyone wanted to play. “This game…usually we play to win or to further our career… Now, the players want to play to take a stance. We will not bow down for terrorism. We want to take a stance against terrorism and for this, we need to play and show it.”

Team manager Blind turned statesman.

The Germany – Holland poster is usually the most intense poster for the Dutch. With the derby vs Belgium probably. Not unlike Brazil Argentina or Spain – Portugal.

We played massive games against the Germans and in particular when there’s somerthing to play for, it ends in high drama.

It has been 13 years since Holland won. Two friendlies (2000 and 2002) ended in wins for Holland. 2-1 in 2000 and 3-1 in 2002.


We drew in Portugal at the Euros and lost or drew ever since. With the 2011 game under Van Marwijk the biggest loss (0-3) in Hamburg, the first sign of an unraveling World Cup finalist leading up to the abysmal Euros in 2012.

In total, out of 40 matches, Holland won 10, drew 15 and lost 15. We played more games only vs Belgium (the lowlands derby was played 125 times).

The most talked about loss was obviously the 2-1 defeat in the 1974 World Cup finals. Fan favourite and tournament surprise Holland got 0-1 up in the first minute (Neeskens) but lost to a smarter Germany, while man of the match Sepp Maier kept Cruyff and Van Hanegem et al from getting back into the game.

The most talked about win was the 2-1 win in 1988, the Euros semi finals with the penalty gift to Van Basten (scored by Koeman) and the late winner by San Marco.

gullit 88

Other remarkable games were the 1-2 loss at the WC 1990 in the first knock out stage, where a better playing Oranje lost the game and its head, with Frank Rijkaard earning his nickname Llama when he spat on Rudi Voller.

In 2004, Holland played a tough match against Germany at the Euros and trailed 0-1 for a while, only for Van Nistelrooy to equalize late on a Van der Meyde cross and Germany was sent home.

In 1992, Holland (and Bergkamp) beat Germany in a sensational match in Sweden but got nicked by Danish Dynamite in the semi finals.


Jurgen Locadia replacing Elia

Blind will have to think about a line up, despite his honourable words at the press conference and will have to make do without Robben, Bazoer, Van Dijk and Elia. Earlier on, Ken Vermeer, Riedewald and Klaassen had to exit the squad.

It seems he will persist with his 5-3-2 / 3-4-3 system, most likely using Veltman instead of Van Dijk. I think Pieters will make his return to the orange. I think Dost and Promes will make as well, for Luuk de Jong and Wijnaldum is my guess.

I do hope he’ll give Stekelenburg a go on goal as well.

With all the media focusing on geo politics instead of football, you probably will have missed the news that Johan Cruyff has pulled out from Ajax and decided to stop his support. He also demanded that from now on the term “Plan Cruyff” will not be used by Ajax anymore.


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390 responses to “World Champs vs Biggest Losers… *”

  1. wilson says:

    Manage to fix my earlier post.

    Jan honestly speaking here I wouldn’t take away any positives from Welsh game simply because there wasn’t any. This is one reason why I didn’t feel like commenting.

    If you take out Robben from the equation, from formation change to 3 defenders was a complete failure now whether it’s was the individual players remains another question. It simply never served its purpose.
    To give on this end and then receive on the other hand doesn’t add up for me especially with Robben clearly the X Factor. I wonder what Bale and Ramsey would have brought to the game.

    For me I thought the formation more balanced towards 2-2 3-3 with Robben and Sneijder at back of Promes and Dost. For instance the first goal, look how Robben has drifted to the middle with Sneijder further to his left when Janmaat lines up Dost for the opener. This was critical leading to Clasie being isolated in the middle as a lone DM. There was far too much gap btw him and sneijder and Robben Motoring up and down on the right wings. This is why defensively he was coughing up as the Welsh found more room in the midfield with Sneijder occupied high upfront.

    As for Van Dijks,my instincts says he was playing with a knock and for that the reason he was very cautious because I didn’t see him going in a tackle or making a tackle where he could have injured him self. I mean he looked very relaxed through out the game.trust me that’s not him but again hard luck for him hope it’s just a minor knock.Well this is something not new with Danny Blind . Remember De Vrij,vs Turkey. Bazoer also shouldn’t have been risked after picking up that knee injury vs Feyenoord. Well for Van Dijk it could have being 50-50 but all

    knock.Well this is something not new with Danny Blind . Remember De Vrij,vs Turkey. Bazoer also shouldn’t have been risked after picking up that knee injury vs Feyenoord. Well for Van Dijk it could have being 50-50 but as a coach these thing should be paramount and should be assessed prior to games or selection so that players don’t become victim to freak injuries which can then affect their aftermath. Clearly something which Danny Ignored imo.desparity????

    Wales 2 – 1 Holland

  2. wilson says:

    Claise alone as DM won’t be a good option vs Germany. Blind should go with 3-4-1-2 with two holding mids and sneijder upfront.

  3. TIJU1234 says:

    am not convinced about Virjil vandijk.he is very less agile and can be easily dribbled.lacks real pace..i feel more safe with veltman than Virjil.Veltman is brilliant reader of game…

  4. TIJU1234 says:

    U21 playing excellent games,players of starting 11 shows excellent vision and game reading capability…
    Hendrix,haye,all looks excellent..No gimmick or follish guys like Afellay…No exceptional talent like Roben..Still team looks a strong and hard team to beat…Luckassen,Reikik,brent having excellent game,not forgetiing Ake…2-0 up

    • wilson says:

      lost 4-2. threw the towl after 50′. the midfild totally collapsed after half time.Hendrix has been average at U21 level. Bad night for Rekik who was the stand in capatain.

      • wilson says:

        maybe Fred Grim too should abandon 4-3-3 formation .its not working.

        • Sybe Pals says:

          How was the problem the formation in this match? They have been decent so far. Still tied for 1st in their group, strangely having shut out everyone except slovakia.
          Def true about the second half wilson. Lost the focus as a team, besides Rekik, Ake Hendrix and Luckassen were poor on the goals actually. But its 11 players so a bit harsh to blame one player. as a defender if someone is exposed 1v1 the bigger mistake usually happened earlier! Even though we want them to win all of those battles. more important is how players bounce back to me, everyone has bad moments sometimes esp young players.
          Captain van Beek didn’t play, injured, that was def a big miss too.
          Still I really like Ake and Hendrix, obvs these guys are young, I like to think they will learn. Vilhena has been great recently, and I still hope Kishna and Boetius grow into their potential as well.
          Imagine to add Memphis

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Ooops, I meant: imagine to add Memphis Kongolo Tete and Bazoer as well.
            (Bazoer was a big part of U21 first two matches, actual neither van Beek or Bazoer played the 2 Slovakia losses)

      • TIJU1234 says:

        i stopped watching after 45 minutes as i felt like one side game…its terrible then..

  5. AZ-forever says:


    what a paranoia! A couple of months ago there were two back to back terrorist attacks in Turkey and Lebanon, and one in Tunisia. Those attacks took as twice as lives compared to Paris. Nobody gave a f…k about it. It had gone unnoticeable in Media. So, looks like lives of french people are much more expensive than lives of Turkish, Russian and Lebanese….Unbelievable…

  6. ARS says:

    …Police found several suspicious things…

    And…if players are not (psychologically )capable to play a real match..then it is good that the match is postponed.For May,June,August 2016

  7. Miguel Rosado says:

    Well it’s a shame the game was off.

    It’s not the kind of blog to talk about terrorism, peace, war, religion…all I can say is that I hope this stops ASAP. I am sorry for France’s and Siria’s innocent victims.

  8. Miguel Rosado says:

    Now back to football. When is our next game?

  9. ARS says:

    Netherlands- France 25 March 19 00 h(euro time)2016
    England-Netherlands 29 March 20 00 h(euro ….)2016

    I agree
    This is a blog about Dutch football ,of course…

    But some things become stronger than football.In this case it is good to talk to other things to keep them out of your system …throw it out from self…to return attention to football.
    Many people are in shock and it is normal to think about other things…
    Personally …I will talk about many others things but never when real matches starts…because even life is (an images of )football…wars,history etc…

  10. Sybe Pals says:

    hey all, its Steve M – wasnt able to post for a while.. had to abandon my old account had to create a new one, I will use my Opa’s name now since my name is now already taken on my old account.
    (RIP Opa)
    Hope you are all doing well amidst some total bullshit going down in this world of ours – we are all humans, be with your family and the people you love if you can and beware the bigots and anyone who is trying to divide people! f*ck those murderers
    anyways thats all I will say, will write some stuff soon, curious to what you guys think about some things..

    On with the football!

  11. wilson says:

    It seems like Marvin Zeegelar will switch to Sporting Lisbon in Jan with an undisclosed sum already agreed. Though the officials at Rio Ave are tight lipped, the only news they have released is that Zeegelaar is on the verge of a exist with Sporting intrested in signing him in Jan transfer window.

  12. TIJU1234 says:

    Adebayo akinfenwa…the strongest player come bodybuilder football…Depay is chasing him…
    Couple of years Depay would be like this if he doesnt understand thatbodybuilding is killing ur skills and speed,,,

  13. ARS says:

    Adebayo Akifenwa…He could be harpooner Queequeg on a ship called Pequod..
    The world seemed to go according to the script of the book “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville …

    Western world loses control.I even think that Islam is not the biggest threat…

    What is bad karma here? Conspiracy against the Knights Templars.The conspirators were::Pagan Christian(s) kings of Europe(I am playing in Barca and you..),Cathars(Albigenses)(a great trick) and naive,stupid or crazy Pope Clement V(Roman church)

    Templars were the best warriors on the world and the greatest fighters for peace in the world ..2 in 1(two in one)….hah roots of total football…

    Today ,the Pope has to kneel and rehabilitate the knights Templars,annull the judgment…etc,etc…

    Today USA is the only(?) protector of the West..they make mistakes ,they are not perfect like Templars…but better something than nothing…

    In Euro 2016(France) I will support Cosmic Force No. 1(Belgium) and my neighbors maybe (Hungarians) old Cosmic Force No.1…and Sweden maybe….

    But the most important thing is: Dutch NT in Russia 2018.
    Blind and San Marco in Moscow.
    This break for the Dutch NT is good maybe …and to see what will happen with this crazy world….

  14. Srinjoy says:

    Timothy Fosu-Mensah
    Club: Manchester United Age: 17 Position: Centre Back/DM Starting Value: £190,000
    If you are looking for a versatile centre back then Fosu-Mensah is an excellent option. The Manchester United develops into one of the best centre backs in the game, but can also excel at DM. Strong, quick, and with excellent tackling stats.
    Donyell Malen
    Club: Arsenal Age: 16 Position: Striker Starting Value: £100,000
    For anyone going for a long save then Malen is a striker to look at for the future. The 16-year-old develops into an excellent finisher, with speed, flair and excellent composure.
    Kevin Diks
    Club: Vitesse Age: 18 Position: Right Back Starting Value: £130,000
    Rick Karsdorp and Kenny Tete are excellent Dutch right backs in the game, but a cheaper option would be Kevin Diks, who also develops into a Netherlands international. Strong and quick, with good crossing and tackling stats.
    Kenneth Paal
    Club: PSV Age: 18 Position: Central midfielder Starting Value: £135,000
    A gem in the PSV academy, Paal quickly becomes one of the most sought after attacking midfielders in the game. Great technique, passing and vision.
    Bart Ramselaar
    Club: Utrecht Age: 19 Position: Central midfielder Starting Value: £600,000
    The midfielder starts the game in high demand with major clubs around Europe, and if you can fend off the interest to land the 19-year-old then you are getting a midfielder with excellent passing and technique.
    Abdelhak Nouri
    Club: Ajax Age: 18 Position: Attacking midfielder Starting Value: £145,000
    The pint sized midfielder is one of the most highly rated youngsters at the start of the game and turns into one of the best attacking number 10’s in Europe. Excellent technique, passing, and finishing. A future Wesley Sneijder.
    Matthijs de Ligt
    Club: Ajax Age: 15 Position: Centre Back/DM Starting Value: £24,500
    Like Fosu-Mensah, De Ligt is a versatile defender, who can also be deployed in midfield. Only 15 at the start of the game, but De Ligt quickly develops into a world beater with strong tackling stats and technique.
    Richairo Zivkovic
    Club: Willem II (on loan from Ajax) Age: 18 Position: Striker Starting value: £925,000
    The striker begins the game on loan with Willem II, but a season into the game a scramble takes place to sign Zivkovic from Ajax. One of the best young strikers in the game, Zivkovic becomes Netherlands first choice number nine with great pace, strength, finishing and heading stats. A must buy.
    Steven Bergwijn
    Club: PSV Eindhoven Age: 17 Position: Winger Starting value: £125,000
    The new Memphis Depay, Bergwijn starts the game breaking into the PSV first team and quickly develops into one of the best young wingers in Europe, with great dribbling, flair and crossing stats.
    Joel Drommel
    Club: FC Twente Age: 18 Position: Goalkeeper Starting value: £275,000
    Looking for a goalkeeper? Then why not opt for Joel Drommel, who not only becomes Netherlands number one after a few years in the game, but also one of the best goalkeeper’s in Europe. Great in the air and with top reflexes
    Also check out:
    Joel Piroe: 15-year-old goal machine in the PSV academy
    Justin Kluivert: The son of Patrick, Justin develops into an excellent winger.
    Che Nunnely: Another excellent young winger in the Ajax U19’s
    Rashaan Fernandes: The gem of the Feyenoord academy. A 16-year-old winger
    Jay-Roy Grot: Decent striker in the NEC Nijmegen academy
    Lassana Faye: Excellent 17-year-old right back at PSV

    • wilson says:

      Seriously I think its time to come out of this perception that, though there are
      talents coming in the youth ranks, the future is bright for NT. I remembers the same sentiment was said for U 21s that went to Israel and When they were coming up the ranks. Only Strootman lived up to expectations the rest???? Unless and until the system changes no matter how many talents come up
      through various ranks the non competence level of eredivisie will always be factor in their development to blossom to the extent where they can stand off with the players of other teams in Europe. As for the youngest who are playing out of nerthlands,if they are able to break into the first team of their repective clubs then that would be a different story.

      At eredivisie level may be its time for new approach. I reckon “A draft” something like in RAW and SMACKDOWN where fighters get rotated to both sides making it a it more balanced competition or something like in NBA where the best player of the season from franchise league is drafted into the lowest ranked team in the main NBA competition to bloster the squad.This ensures that the competition. keeps intensifying from both ends and that gap between the big guns and other teams remains within touching distance.

      you look at the current system in holland. Most of the finest talents of the region are attracted and recruited by the academies of the kingpins of eredivisie simply because they have all the avenues a
      player needs to reach the highest level which is at NT level. Now what if this was same across the board for all academies in the Holland who will benefit and how will they benefit???

      I think some mechanism should be put in place by the KNVB where the recruitment drive be restricted to certain area limit per club with player movement to the nearest academy as possible. this is will
      ensure that competition level remain balanced at club level when these players break into first team. In other words some strategy should be put in place to see that bottom feeder clubs get the opportunity to close that gap between them and the top clubs in eredivisie. I mean this is why Ajax have thrived over the years and are still thriving now. What if the players remained in their hometowns and got developed in the nearby acedemies with the sames facilities as at Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV.I know this is not possible given the lack of $$$$$$$ but this where KNVB should put their foot down given the current crisis or if not risk losing their identity and become minows of Europe like Sweden, Denmark etc.

  15. wilson says:

    Luc Castaignos is set to start for Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Leverkusen.he will make his first start after sitting out three matches on the bench and with Haris seferovic suspended he finally gets to start.

  16. Sybe Pals says:

    With Martial and Rooney out Memphis starts and was much better, scored a decent left footed volley early. Held the ball well, and took the chance. Looked like he started at CF but was not really playing there, spent more time towards the left side of what sometimes looked like a 442 or 532 at times from LvG.
    Blind was decent at LB, most passes in the game and most tackles for United, even took a bloody nose at the end. Crosses could be more accurate.
    Ake benched to start but came out for the 2H, added some much needed desire into Watford. Only played half and had the most tackles in the match! Maybe could have blocked the late winning goal, but solid defensively and he gets forward really well. Really grasping the LB spot chances he gets this season.
    Berghuis nowhere to be seen..

  17. Sybe Pals says:

    Dost scored 1 of Wolfsburgs 6 goals.

    Janmaat Wijnaldum Anita and sub S de Jong all lost big at home to Leicester, who’ve actually been really hard to beat this year.
    S’ton v Stoke, Pieters assisted an early opener for Stoke. Tough first half for Clasie and van Dijk, struggling to get much going. Clasie better in the second half but tactically subbed at 65, while Afelaay came on and just missed on one shot and was robbed by Steks on another. Stoke win. And a fit van Ginkel not even on the bench…

    Also RvP scored at Fenerbahce.. hypothetically speaking, if RvP managed to start tearing it up and scoring like crazy again, does he deserve to come back into the NT squad?

  18. TIJU1234 says:

    Wonderful story of Rakitic,,and his charactor to deny chelshit plastic money and brilliantly stays with family and his club..

  19. TIJU1234 says:

    Feynoord is tearing up Twente….they are simply efficeint in all department,Vejinovic,kuyt,karsdrop are excellent…others are not bad too..

  20. Sybe Pals says:

    U21 Vincent Janssens has been scoring pretty consistently recently at AZ.. Funny the more criticism he gets for not being a great striker the better his form gets. 6 goals and 1 assist in his last 6 games.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      this guy has got typical dutch intelligence..not a bad striker..clever

      • wilson says:

        To bad he is at AZ. Will never really get a call from Blind.

      • wilson says:

        Big game for PSV comming up in CL with Both Martial and Rooney declared available for MU. PSV just can’t afford to play like the way they did vs Willem over the weekend. Lestienne will surely be missed by PSV going into the crucial away fixture. Defenders especially will really need to step their game up.

        • AZ-forever says:

          Vincent Janssen as a striker has not developed enough. If he goes from AZ to another club, he will warm bench. If you watch how he plays, you could see that his efficiency is very very low. So, I think he should be happy that he plays in AZ but not another club. AZ’s philosophy is to develop younger players and the coaches are patient with younger players giving them enough time to play. Clubs like PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord would not spend much time with Janssen at his current state. He needs to grow. How this will go, we should see.

  21. wilson says:

    Luc Castaignos is set to spend a lengthy spell on the sideline after tearing a tire in his left ankle vs Bayern Leverkusen.

  22. wilson says:

    Ruben Schaken also seems to be reviving his potential at ADO Den Haag. Was absolutely detrimental on the wings vs Vitesse over the weekend. shame he never made it lived up to expectation at Feyenoord and even at NT level.

  23. wilson says:

    Jong Ajax 3-3 Jong PSV. This game is turining out be a absloute thriller. Van Rhijn also on the score sheet.

  24. Miguel Rosado says:

    Depay scored a nice goal! I hope he can revive his Man U career.

    • wilson says:

      Maybe as CF as what What Van Gaal said in the post Match interview. I think he has no chance on the wing over Lingard.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        Yes would be interesting to see him as a CF sometime. He sort of played more to the left forward with Lingard as a right forward.. but was def in that spot when he got his goal, which he finished well.
        A blessing for both Man Utd and Memphis himself, for Rooney to be out. Martial too, for Memphis. Martial would have finished that perfect pass as well.

        But either way, would be good to see if he can get some form or consistency going first..

        Perceptions are funny things, everyone talks about Martial being amazing and Memphis such a massive flop but here are their totals right now (neither all that impressive but obvs both will improve):
        Martial: 21 games, 6 goals, 4 assists (1591 mins)
        Memphis: 17 games, 5 goals, 4 assists (1110 mins)

        • TIJU1234 says:

          3 goals Vs club Brugge—1 assists too…
          Now antony is heavily marked than Depay..coz every one fers antony not Depay…Thats real respect not the staistics

          • TIJU1234 says:

            2 brugge..1psv..1watford..then i dont remmber..1???all against low defending teams or Defense has big hole..

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Memphis was double teamed right from the start since he had a good preseason and was all hyped up. Martial wasn’t, he came late and was underestimated. He scored 3 goals in 2 games. Skrtl messed up and let him past like nothing, and he got 2 gifts from Southampton as well. But now only 1 goal since September.
            And that’s why perception is a funny thing Tiju 😉

            I disagree I actually don’t think any EPL defenders fear either Memphis or Martial! Haha
            I think both will be top players, but they are not yet..

  25. wilson says:

    good to see both vormer and Denswil starting for Club Brugge. They have climbed second on the table, 2 points behind leaders Gent after beating Zulte-Waregem 3-0. Vormer also scored after returning back from injury.

  26. wilson says:

    Feyenoord tracking Leroy Fer should Tony De Vilhnea option to move to another club in Jan.

    • wilson says:

      De Jong was always a profilic striker just like his another compatriots who have gone down that road. As it is without a doubt one will expect him to receive the benefit of doubt given the current turmoil.

      For me it’s all about smart investment,a investment which will yield long term benefits and this is where it has all gone wrong for NT. To be honest I don’t know whom to blame here, coaches, KNVB or the Dutch culture itself.

      You look at Pelle, he was also a hit at Feyenoord but yet he never received a single call up from the Azzurris .Now at 30 he finally gets the call after continuing the same trade mark at Southampton. I mean these are the some of key aspects when you are doing investment right to see your investment will yield that desired output.

      Going back to Luuk,well the articles speculates it all but it will remain in Balance not know what investing in him will incure. To settle the dust he needs to follow his other compatriots and build that reputation so that he can genuinely solidate that starting spot.

  27. Sybe Pals says:

    Poor Robben off after 30 mins for Bayern today. Did have a beautiful assist first.. they say it was only a precaution because he felt something in his muscle and they were already up 3-0 by then..

  28. goldstone says:

    Jaap Stamm got his coach’s diploma:


    Maybe the NT can get a little harder now. 😉

  29. wilson says:

    good strategy from Cocu. Defensively hardly anybody put any foot wrong. Brenet, Moreno, Bruma, Arias and Nicolas Isimat Mirin. PSV has a good chance of qualifying with home fixture with CSKA. Wolfburg vs Man U will interesting with the game in Volkswagen Arena.

    • andrew says:

      Agreed, Wilson. In the games against Wolf. and MU Cocu had his team ready to play, and his guys in the right position. Instilled belief in them, none of them seemed overwhelmed.

      Guardado was their best playe. Of the Dutch, thought Brouma was best, but taking nothing away from the others; especially I thought Propper (who is really growing on me) and Brenet. Also liked the way Zoet handled himself.

      • wilson says:

        I think all the teams in the group are equally balanced when it comes to competence and depth
        in the team and this is the reason why it has been a ding dong affair in that particular pool.

        I think PSV were lucky though given Lingard who should have buried one of the two clear chances that came to him. I guess his inexperience saved the day for PSV.

        I was also bit surprised at Cocus decision to sub Hendrix rather than Propper.I thought Hendrix did a good job going forward during attack and tracking back during defense. Even it was hard to call who was playing CM.

        My views on propper he is just another average guy and though he never put any foot wrong but was also not cohesive as Guardado and Hendrix.

        • TIJU1234 says:

          Avergae player is Ibrahim Afellay..Not Davy proper..Proper is real player who has footballing intelligence..
          i think psv played 433

      • wilson says:

        I always find it intruding as to how Van Der Weill is always exceptionally when playing at PSG but when it comes to NT, he is average.

        Maybe Malmo was walk in the park for PSG but he showed great composure both defensively and offensively. Had a assist leading to Rabiots first goal.

  30. TIJU1234 says:

    Bruma,brenet,luuk had excellent game.not forgetting proper and locadia.Locadia plays better than Depay.it was nice to see luuk,locadia,gasten defends when it is required.Bruma was beast against Martial and Fellaini…Happy for PSV hope MAnu wins in Wolfsburg,,,

  31. TIJU1234 says:

    Depay was flop as usual

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Just like all of Man Utd besides de Gea!!
      Blind was pretty good too actually

    • wilson says:

      Honestly speaking I think Van Gaal has blown it up at Man United.Its clear nobody is interested about their defensive records or how many goals they have concided this far and this was also evident when fans in large numbers walked out towards the end of todays game. His decision to let De Maria and Januzaj go and then claim he needs more wingers jus shows how it has backfired.

      Well now with their hopes CL hanging in balance, it may well come down to epl as the competition hots up.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        daley Blind was real vs PSV..exceelnt reader of the game,clever anticipation,excellent log balls…Blind is a very useful player to any team..Plays who played real boring was Bastein,Depay,Rooney…they are weak links of Manu..

        • wilson says:

          Tiju why I get the feeling that you never watched the game because your comments are quiet contridictory to what actual happened in the game. I hope you are not writing based on the goal rating.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            Actually did u see the game????..Just check Goal .com rating…first then u comment…What they said abt Blind was he did well with Luuk,but it physical Smalling who did excellent with Luuk…u r anti blind and biased…Blind is way better than many crap players we have i rate him above,Depay,Afellay,RVP(now),narsingh..Promes etc…Dont smash stupid statement…
            YEs LVg made mistake
            Perreria–Depay that was a real mistake upfront…Once Rooney and Depay is gone from up front they will start scoring..Blunder Mistake to send Januzaj to Dortmund..

          • wilson says:

            OK I’m just checking,how did Narsingh get injured.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            How did Narsingh get injured, seriously?
            Maybe we should make a rule that you 2 should not be allowed to comment on matched unless you actually watch them!

  32. wilson says:

    As I said Cocus strategy was sit back and defend and try to catch the opposition of guard on the counters which they excuated brilliantly.I mean you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that if you sit back and defend,it will be the opposition who will enjoy the ball possession and that what happened.Blind had all the time in the world to do what he wanted. On the counters I think De jong only once got better of him but was off target but then again with that game plan it would have taken a miracle for PSV to score

    • wilson says:

      Also don’t forget the tempo of first leg in which the whole United Backline crumbled.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Cocu and PSV played a watertight defense,kudos to them…but still Constantly Locadia,Gasten and Guadrado were running at Blind and Co..They were physical and fast,Blind did well well to hold them off from scoring..Smalling did excellent work to hold Luuk it was a pure physical battle between them..So Blind had other duties which he did well.Manu was let down by Rooney,Depay and Bastein….Though lingrad missed a chance,he was the top threat.followed by martial…

  33. TIJU1234 says:

    @sybe pals…wilson is anti blind…he thinks everyone write here after the goal.com report..i never comment on a match i didnt see..but i do comment ncertain players after following them for long time.i watch regularly games of PSV,aJAX,fEYNOORD AND mANU…I DO Follow certain players.i dont write off a player after just one match..but at times even after one match i get convinced about a player that he is average at his level best.Wilson rant on Blind is biased..there are many useless .headless chikens in NT or guys who bottled their carreer like Depay and co…he is concern about basically useless players…Blind is not undisputable player for me ATM he is in best 25 player of netherlands..
    During ECQ i was pissed off to see Afellay(4 games or more)Narsingh.BMI,weil,RVP in dutch NT,i was constantly yelling at these players including promes who played very little among them.
    i am still against selecting follwing players
    Virjil vandijk included in this list..

    • andrew says:

      Funny how differently people can see a game. Blind made a nice cut out of a Locadia cross in the latter part of the game, and he made a very good pass over the PSV defense late that almost lead to a goal, but in truth he didn’t have that much to do on the night defensively other than make the competent plays that would be expected of a good CB. (Which he did.)

      Its not like PSV was running at the MU defense the entire night. Other than a good cross, and one nice move on the wing, Locadia was not much of a factor (his passing overall wasn’t good), and De Jong tried hard and competed, but he never looked threatening. After Narsingh went out early, the PSV front line had little speed. Whatever offense they got in the first half came from Hendrix running out of the mf (he played more advanced than he usually does—nice tactics from Cocu there). In the latter part of the 2d half things loosened up, though still most of PSV’s attacks came through Guardado (who was terrific—switched from offense to defense in a blink), Propper’s willingness to run out of the mf both with the ball and in support, and several good runs from Brenet (also very good on the night) out of the back.

      I like Blind, but PSV’s front 3 was not scary for him and Smalling.

      Great result for PSV. Hats off to Cocu for tactics and having his team ready to play and compete in a tough venue.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        Agree fully with Andrew..
        Blind also created the most chances of anyone in the match!

        I thought Hendrix was decent too, seemed like Guardado was shadowing Rooney whenever Utd had the ball, I think that’s why Hendrix found himself further up than usual.

        Anyways, 0-0 at old trafford is a great result for PSV and yes Cocu got it right, but they could easily have lost as well if Lingard and Martial finish their chances!

  34. TIJU1234 says:

    van der hoon is playing for ajax…goood bye from europa ajax…bye bye.

  35. ARS says:

    Thanks God for Ajax

  36. ARS says:

    Unfortunately,little chance….1 percent(?)..Iceland (or Celtic) to win in Turkey

  37. wilson says:

    Tiju its seems like Promes is off you list now. I wonder if there will some more in time to come. also I wont exaggerate further on Narisingh injury because that was something that was neither captured in the replay nor specificed in the live commentary so you must have followed either of the two. it was a hamstring injury.either way the only reason I asked that question simply because it was way too easy to pick out.

    But then again its not something that im being critical about,I also do that, its jus that at times it feels like you are throwing arrow in the dark expecting it to hit the bullseye.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      @Wilson Narsingh injury i didnt mind,i was happy to see Gasten on filed instead of narsingh,he was more threat than Narsingh…So i was happy for PSV..
      Promes has a tremendous work rate,whcih gives team balance…He doesnt look as bad as Afellay,Depay or Narsingh,still lacks quality though he contributes better than these 3 upfront.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Still i dont know what injury he had,he barely touched the ball,most the time ball was played in between,brenet-hendrix-gudrado-luuk -locadia side with Bruma..all i saw him was walking in the pitch and positioning in right side may be to help Arias.

  38. wilson says:

    its looks like De Roon is already catching eyes in Serie A


    Marco Van Basten personally reccomended him to Berlusconi.

  39. TIJU1234 says:

    Mike van der hoorn was extreamly lucky yesterday..3 Mitchell dijks,tete an Raidwald had very good game..Van der hoorn had little to do..If it was not grifiths Celtic would have won the tie easily by marjins…
    if Van der hoorn is the epitome of incapble defending Grifiths is epitome of incapable finishing…This guy bottled every single chance of celtic..
    on 3 rd minute Vanderhoorn met a decent player of cletic that became goal for celtic..

  40. Dozer says:

    Golden opportunity for PSV to advance to the round of 16 in CL. When was the last time a Dutch team did that? 7-8 years ago? Ajax failed 5 times in a row, but PSV shows FDB how it should be done. Ajax cant even advance from the EL group stage. Not surprising tough with Fdb as coach and the outdated football philosophy he represents. Celtic was even the better team yesterday. PSV clearly the best team in holland. Only reason ajax tops the table is that Psv has been unfocused and a bit unmotivated in the league

    • TIJU1234 says:

      PSV plays with determination…They can beat Ajax at their will..they have got some tough nuts…Hendrix,bruma,luuk,moreno is showing character than skills…with some nice plays from Gasten and guadrado..
      While on Tete,Milik,cerny,Raidwald are the only players i count for real.

  41. ARS says:

    I hope that PSV will beat CSKA Moscow in the last round .It will be difficult…it is now the most important…

    Funny was a match between AZ Alkmaar-Partizan Belgrade 1-2(comedy or tragicomedy)…Statements before the match,in style…”Partizan is in weak form…AZ is in good form…we won Atletic Bilbao,they are not etc”
    And “arrogant schemetism ” by AZ in the first 30 mins….but later AZ became weaker and weaker and 1-2 defeat in the end.Good lesson.
    What is funny?Player called Brežančić.(he is not guilty)
    He was very very happy that Partizan Belgrade won.
    Partizan had 12 players?AZ had 10?
    Brežančić made suspicious errors (mistakes) in the match…and probably before both the matches …He explained how will AZ to play …and he gave secrets for opponents from AZ dressing room.(it is no sport)

    Serbian people have washed brains…last 25 years.
    Serbian leaders(and criminals) on all levels use sport for stronger washing brain.
    This summer celebrated every 2-3 days.Many gold,silver medals…It is useful for their own Serbian Nazism(perfectly hidden form…”Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” of Robert Louis Stevenson).-practically
    And it is very hard for ten normal people in Serbia…this atmosphere..

    My message for Blind. No Marko Vejinović,no Brežančić,no Gudelj,no Živković..bla,bla,bla and no others kids U15,16.17…from Serbia in Dutch NT.It can be a time bomb.Trap….Even no Bosnia,no Croatia(little better but same like Serbia in deep..) For other nations I do not know .(maybe the others are worse,who knows)

    Brežančić is happy,Partizan has 98,9 percent chance to pass…Augsburg need to win 3-1 at least..in Belgrade.haha it will be circus…Whole Serbia (8-10 millions people,with leaders(and criminals) will support Partizan….and Augsburg is not Bayern Munchen.

    -And Serbian referee Mažić helped Iceland against Dutch NT(carefully) but Netherlands was not good in this match…

    -And why Kees Kist did not teach the children how to score…if it is possible

    -8th December .The last battle PSV-CSKA Moscow…

    Ok it is enough..I do not have time..

    “Borrowed time” by John TAO Lennon!He found his “Doctor Robert” (by Beatles song)…good music…and 5th December in New York City…

    • AZ-forever says:

      I do not think Brizancic did those mistakes deliberately. Today game with PSV that AZ lost 0:3 was another proof that Rajco is terrible defender along with Derrick Luckassen. Those two guys absolutely do not know how to defend, and how to communicate with each other. I hope Haps and van der Linden will come back soon from injury….

      I do not believe in Serbian conspiracy eiher….And I adore Nemanja Gudelj.

      • ARS says:

        I hope you are right.In this case,one problem is less…

        But not bad be careful sometimes.And there are other things.

        The story of a young Dutchman…Exit Music Festival.July 2010.Novi Sad,Serbia(Vojvodina-Duchy)

        He felt very good.Phenomenal people around him(he said),with a lot of soul,pretty girls…like heaven..(quite contrary from stereotypes about Serbs)

        Suddenly…starts match Uruguay-Netherlands.
        Everyone around him(girls,boys,older ,younger) begin to support Uruguay.Everybody.And very passionately..(none for Netherlands)
        He found himself in a kind of shock…what the fuck is this!!!(haha like in wolf doggery , pack )
        And did not play Serbia-Netherlands.

        There is no Serbian conspiracy(destruction of Dutch football-it(conspiracy) is higher level)

        Conspiracy was against Julius Caesar,Jesus Christ,the order of the Templars etc.ets..

        Many Serbian- known public figures spoke at that time :”Never mind who will be world champions ..just not to be Netherlands”

        It is a manipulation..
        (for politics)(last 25 years)
        And politics and sports are very connected…sometimes…many times..

      • ARS says:

        I sent a reply but my comments is awaiting moderation

      • ARS says:

        I wrote:

        “I hope you are right.In this,one problem is less….”etc

        Extension writing…censored.

        Perhaps Serbian players can be useful(and they are)…Ajax-PSV,Holland-Sweden,Holland-Danemark,Ajax-Roda,Southampton…and they will play normal(if they are good and incorporated)…but I doubt that some Serbian players can to play in the Dutch teams or NT against Serbian teams(NT)…

        And I mentioned one very funny -(dangerous) event (with one Dutch guy)on the Exit Festival,Novi Sad,July 2010. during a match Netherlands-Uruguay…

        Censorship in Serbia,censorship in Netherlands(little better)..

        I am feeling like I am Arn Magnusson(knight Templar(in fight for the lost battle) in books trilogy )..perhaps there is no censure in Sweden….and maybe (because of censorship) I will think I am the messiah and end up in the nuthouse(mad house)

        end of part one

  42. wilson says:


  43. ARS says:

    It is hard to say.I will try..maybe I do not know.

    Sometimes it is like Feyenoord,sometimes it is not like Feyenoord.
    Feyenoord shows how football energy can be dangerous(like wars) if it does not satisfy the desire to win a euro trophy …(Seville,Rome…the awakening of desire)…..
    But Feyenoord fans should not to have power over the
    players Feyenoord. In Serbia it is possible…and somebody has control for them…all is the one.(everyone is in quarrel but everyone are one)

    If Augsburg win 3-1 they might sing Hallelujah with flowers in hands ..or maybe they will kill someone.I do not know.
    Depends on orders..

    -Perhaps Serbian players have to operate on this way(to discover some secrets for their home clubs)..I do not care…but coaches must to see this things if is it possible.

    And John van den Brom was something suspicious …in September …in Belgrade: “I will have ask my players to explain me some things.”(haha probably Brežančić was second coach)
    And Serbian sport journalists were very angry because nobody (from Partizan Belgrade)did not watch AZ-Heerenveen(3-1)..

    “Do not worry”,said Partizan(new coach),”we have all what is need”….and Brežančić was very happy after match!Strange…maybe it is only football,I do not know..

  44. Sybe Pals says:

    Southampton lose 1-3 at City, no action for Clasie. Bummer, needs to be tested against the be$t. van Dijk had a bad deflection for the second goal, but good character to make that nice move and hit the cross bar from outside the box to try to make up for it.
    Not much Steks could do for the goals, had some good saves though..

    what a strike from van Aanholt for Sunderland for his first epl goal! 100% on tackles and lead in recoveries as well.
    Lens was decent when he came on also.

    Blind had another great match for Utd.
    Most chances created (only 2 haha), most passes completed, and most tackles. Interesting that LvG again has Blind taking the rw corner kicks, they got burned for it with Vardy’s goal since Blind would have been there instead of Carrick covering on the LC counter, but also he assisted the schweinsteiger goal doing it..
    Memphis subbed on for awful Rooney with 20 left, missed his big chance although took a heavy tackle.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      I am waiting for Wilson and His opinion on blind.while his favorite player Afellay is warming his A##$$%S for some time,with no assits as attacker/Forward..
      @Virjil Vandijk is less agile and lacks speed,he might be better than BMI but i see catstrophy with him.i prefer Kongolo,Reikik and Raidwald over Virjil at any day…

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Virjil is a disaster waiting to happen,Depay was pathetic as usual.i dont blame him for wasting chance but his over all game was poor as i expected…He needs to be dropped from NT.

        • wilson says:

          Either you are Blind or if not you don’t wanna look at both sides of the coin. De Gea kept them in the game.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            Common wilson De gea should have saved that easy goal of vardy according to his ability..De gea did well…if it was Not Depay and Rooney they would have won the match ….

          • wilson says:

            I not talking about Depay or Rooney.i talking about Blind and Mahrez duals where he kept pinning him. Unfortunately for Man U De Gea bailed them out after he left Blind for dead after the break on his side which De Gea blocked it of Ulloa.
            In case you never say it. As usual his distribution game was good but defensively his side was the most penetrable.

  45. goldstone says:

    Van de Beek? Nice debut so far.

  46. Sybe Pals says:

    Yes very good for the 18 year old.. here is some cool stuff:
    would be great to see a mid 3 of Klaassen Bazoer and van de Beek there at Ajax sometime.

    I believe all 3 can play DM/ CM/ AM – nice to have a fluid midfield but with some steel as well.

    I like PSVs young mids as well: Hendrix Propper Maher
    Maybe Feyenoords is a bit lower : Vejinovic Vilhena Toornstra

    who do you think has the better young dutch midfield?
    Ajax – PSV – Feyenoord

    • TIJU1234 says:

      maher is little down in form now…
      Bazoer—Van de beek–Klassen
      For me its PSV though Maher is little down now…
      my measurments
      For NT
      i would like to see
      Bazoer—Hendrix with Clasie/Sneijder as playmaker..433

    • goldstone says:

      Highlight reels may be deceptive sometimes, but vdBeek projects such a great sense of space in this. Bright. Thanks!

    • andrew says:

      Good question about the mf’s:

      Playing next to a player like Guardado makes it easier for Propper and Hendrix. Bazoer has the biggest upside, and Van De Beek, though he’s been talked about for awhile is still unproven at this level. All that said, as they progress toward the national team, a future central mf combo of Hendrix and Bazoer could be turn out to be very good. Am very interested in how Vilhena turns out if he leaves Feyenoord. Came up as a well regarded talent. He’s not playing regularly, but big teams still seem to have him on their transfer. He may be a wild card.

      OT from midfielders: Saw the PSV-AZ match. At some Brenet is going to have to enter the discussion on leftbacks.

  47. wilson says:

    Good to see Van Aken back from injury. Also picked up a assist.

  48. wilson says:

    What about Sinkgraven?????? I don’t think he should be a winger and is a natural playmaker. My money is on him.

  49. Sybe Pals says:

    Hah yes, it’s funny about Brenet at LB.. Did he only start playing there since Willems has been out so long? Normally he would battle it out for RB with Arias, if I am not mistaken.
    I would say Oranje is more in need of consistent RBs, what do you think?

    For LB, I really like Willems, and I think really highly of Ake and Kongolo as well. Also Pieters and van Aanholt cannot be forgotten.
    So for me, we have good depth and competition for LB.
    But at RB, Tete and Karsdorp look like the future maybe Diks too, but have not really proven themselves and have no real experience (it will come), and the ones who do have the experience, van der Wiel and Janmaat, seem to make massive errors in big moments. Verhaegh and van Rhijn have had opportunities as well and haven’t really convinced. Plus who else is there?
    I think I prefer Brenet rival for RB, and use the LB as experience.. great for his versatility.

    • andrew says:


      Don’t know about Brenet’s history as a RB. Willems has been out most, if not all, of the season, and I think Brenet has been the regular replacement. But, if he was playing rb, he is showing a very good left foot.

      Agree that Willems is a real talent. But for right now, he looks to me like one of those fullbacks who looks great going forward, but sometimes has problems on defense. Right now, it looks to me like he probably would work best as a wingback in a 3 at the back set up. Maybe some time working with Cocu will improve that. Agree also that Ake is a good looking player. But when I see him play, my thought is that his future is in the mf.

      You’ve identified a lot of other potential young talent which is promising. At some point, though, you’d hope that one of them grabs the position and makes the position his own. One thing I do like about Tete is that he is defense minded first, and offense second. One of the fullbacks should be in a 4 man backline.

      • wilson says:

        I think it’s time Ake receive that benefit of doubt from Danny given his outings at LB for Watford like he has given to Daley at NT level.defensively he looks more composed than Blind and that is something which is missing in NT at the moment A PRODUCTIVE ENGINE ROOM. I also don’t like the fact that he is also been deployed at LB for the U21s. I think this is where the coaches are not helping these talents by playing them out of positions.

        I think Andrew is right about Guardado influence in the midfield for PSV.Now if you look at Hendrix performance for the U21s he has not able to replicate his performance like at PSV and hence has been average and so has been Jong Orange. I hope at least they start pulling the strings right at u21 level so that when it comes to senior team there is smooth transition.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        Yea Ake is a strange case to me.. I’ve only heard his fans say he is more of a DM but whenever I have watched him play he has only played LB. In fact this season with Watford and the U21s he has only played LB – also I think a player should normally play for his national team in the same position he plays for his club, unless it is a special world class player…

        Here is a good little article about Ake:
        I like his attitude!

  50. wilson says:

    Also reckon Tete is like Pieters when he was coming up the ranks. Limited capabilities going forward but defensively solid.

  51. wilson says:


    I like what this guy is doing at Heerenveen. Looks like a real deal when it comes to coaching with broad mindset.
    With van Aken returning from injury he switched to 3-4-3. Like this slagveer guy. Him and Larsson really lead the front line well with Te Vrede in the middle in a 3 man attack.

    Looking forward to this weeks game vs Ajax.

  52. wilson says:

    Frank Rijkaard linked to Valencia

  53. Miguel Rosado says:

    Is Joshua Brenet Oranje material? I’ve seen he has improved a lot.

  54. Sybe Pals says:

    Some bad news, KNVB have extended van Oostveens contract… this is the root to our current placement IMO.

    As Bert Van Marwijk says:
    “Its Remarkable,
    I find the decision difficult to understand, difficult to grasp, too. In business, I think it would have been decided differently. Because the policy of recent years has not been very clear, rather obscure.
    It is not often that a coach such as Ronald Koeman presents himself openly as a coach. The board, with Van Oostveen ultimate responsibility, however, set a different path. And now it turns out that the road has been proven wrong.”

    I could not agree more that if there is not a clear path laid out, which must come right from the top, then the results which come from the bottom are all over the place.. exactly what we’ve been seeing for the last few years.

  55. TIJU1234 says:

    Annholt plays better than Depay both in offense and defense why cant we consider him as fast winger???????
    Stupid Vanginkel must learn from BRuma who left chelsea and now playing CL and eredivise winner..Soon he will play CL knockout……

  56. ARS says:

    The second part will be ripe for censorship.Without objections.I have to explain some things …my relationship with Serbia..because I am afraid they will call me a traitor.
    night before..Before that the third part

  57. ARS says:

    I will continue to read this blog and that is all.(maybe I will write some words just only about football,I do not know)

    Many people do not understand that football is a much higher level than the limited “schemetism.” …
    Understanding of it affects often whether you will be or you will not be a winner.
    Sometimes extremely …

    Funny story or a legend about Benfica coach Bella Guttmann.
    Benfica killed Real(M) in final match 1962.Bella Guttmann looking for a small increase in wages .
    Leaders Benfica are refused.He left the club and said :” Benfica will never win the European Champions Cup???!!”(after 1962).

    Sometimes a man must be crazy (to win)…tonight example Jurgen Klopp Southampton -Liverpool 1-6!!! if is the end)
    God,s wisdom is foolishness for humans…

    end of third part

    • wilson says:

      Must say Liverpool is starting to fire all cylinders now under Kloop.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        First 2 goals were not fault of Virjil vandijk….i didnt see after that..I am not convinced with him as dutch LCB..

        • wilson says:

          He looks more composed with the ball rather than without. He is likes to go forward and a beast in the air. I would like to see him at RCB where he has that more flexiblity options in turning.
          Also what if he is groomed him at DM.

          • andrew says:

            Interesting on Van Dijk as a DM. Be nice to have a player with Fellaini-like size in a more advanced position You’ve probably watched him more than me. Do you think he has the on the ball skills to contribute to the build up play from that position, the ability to handle pressure when he has the ball; i.e., move it quickly in space, find the right pass when a defender is right up on him, and the mobility to play defense in the middle of the field?

          • wilson says:

            Agree, with you, I think given his offensive game its worth giving him a shot there. Will be interacting though to see his workrate in the midfield, I mean continuous running. He seems to loose track when he is running face backwards.(defending)

          • TIJU1234 says:

            Vrijil Vandijk is like pizz tower,i mean very very little flexibility and agility,he is not dynamic,he will be schooled as a DM 100% sure…As u said he is good with ball and ahs good headers…may be a back up LCB is the best positin we can give…

          • TIJU1234 says:

            Fellaini is slow mover of the ball like Afeally…i would not play Fellaini in Mid …his best poistion is last 15 minutes pinch hitter as striker…he is a below Average player…

  58. TIJU1234 says:

    i think Danny Blind must build a team based of skeleton with current PSV team…Sneijder and Roben are the only senior players deserves to get call..lets give them rest till WCQ2018 starts…
    Current PSV team

  59. wilson says:

    Latest on Van der Weil. Juventus has officially joined the race to sign him from PSG.wait and see game I guess.

  60. Sybe Pals says:

    I think van Dijk has an air of confidence about him and is a good organizer/leader. Very strong and he’s skilled with the ball, has a great pass and actually can shoot a ball too. Great epl defender, the arial game is more prominent there and a little less tactical which suits his game.
    But probably a little slow on a turn around, and not the fastest with making the best decision. I do think he will improve these weaknesses. Let’s wait and see how much!
    I think like Wilson said, he should probably should be a RCB if not LCB, there (in theory) he can usually see a play coming sooner and accommodate. Not a DM in my opinion.

  61. Miguel Rosado says:

    Yeah Van Dijk still has a lot to improve but he is with a great ex defender as coach. I bet Koeman will teach him many things.

    Also I haven’t watched Van Aanholt play lately. I have always thought he is a great player. Sunderlan fans love him they are telling him to keep playing like this, he had been left at the bench but got back his spot that’s really good.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Annholt is lightening quick perhaps quicker than Roben definitly this is an advantage for us if he plays on wing…But We have a block throuh Depay for this spot…People simply blind with Depay for Lw..But annolt can do better than him in LW+He can defend well too …Dann blind needs to open his eyes for it..Till then wait…

  62. Miguel Rosado says:

    I’ve been tring to post a really good line up that looks strong but I really can’t.

    We don’t have a great defensive midfielder. We do have good goalkeepers, good forwards, our defenders if coached well they can be good but we lack a good holding midfielder.

    Clasie is good but let’s be honest he isn’t ready. Nigel isn’t doing great, Strootman might never get back to his best from that horrible injury.

    The main problem is that our midfield was an open avenue for other teams to attack and our defenders are good but if you don’t have a solid midfield well it’s really difficult not to lose.

  63. Miguel Rosado says:





  64. Miguel Rosado says:

    OK well I haven’t seen Bazoer play but it’s nice to read he is really good. Hendrix also I have watched just a few times.

    What positions do they play Bazoer and Hendrix? what are their strengths and weaknesses? 🙂

    Reidewald and Tete are amazing players. I hope they can develop. Also Veltman is a good player he reminds me of Vlaar when he first started playing for Oranje he made some stupid mistakes and didn’t play too well but with some years he gained experince and got back to be a magnificent defender during the WC for us, I hope that happens to Veltman.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Veltman will come back he has more quality than virjil/BMI etc..its just matter of time…
      Bazoer is better version of Wijnaldum..Can run with ball,has luhgs,good trikeries,has got vion intelligence,toughness etc…Perfect dutch product.
      Hendrix is almost there with Bazoer,but lesser skills on ball(i know its a big differnece)…Both will will give immense attacking and dfense balance to NT..it would be amazing…..
      i prefer 4231…
      i mean fast and agile players on wings..Annholt,williams.Roben and karsdrop…With solid 4 hendrix–Bazoer protecting and helping offese and fense…has Got hight in Dost,Devrij,Bruma.Bazoer,karsdrop and Hendrix…perfect lungs …and guys at perfect age..this would be an awesome team…

  65. TIJU1234 says:

    memphis had his best game for Manu…

  66. wilson says:

    I will 100% go with what Miguel said “the main problem is that our midfield was an open avenue for other teams to attack and our defenders are good but if you don’t have a solid midfield well it’s really difficult not to lose”

    NT just needs to groom somebody like De Jong/strootman who are mentally and physically tough.

    In other words you can have the best defenders in your team but if midfield infront of them aint good its of no use.

    You see Real Madrid had the same problem under Ancoelleti when there was no natural DM in the squad with him opting the trio of Rodriguez,Kroos,Modric in the midfield and now Benetiz is making the same mistake. Though they have Kovacic and Casemiro but yet both are more offensive minded players. You can expect in big games, this weakness of RM to be exploited big time by teams who have better and better options in MF. Like vs Barcelona. vs PSG is coming up.

    Coming back to NT, I don’t think BTB MDs groomed at DM is solution here. Like what Claise and Van Ginkle are playing at their respective clubs. At eredivisie level I will wanna want to wait and see how they adopt to moves abroad.

    Daley Blind, just wasting time with him really,nothing positive will come out of him in that position,but more misery for defenders once he is caught out.

    It has to be Nathan Ake to be honest. Has all the attributes of a natural DM so why waste time on others instead of grooming him. IF Danny doesn’t call him for next games then sorry to say that NT is definitely in wrong hands.

    Sneijder- El Ghazi

    Van Annholt-Clasie- Strootman-Robben


    Vlaar-Van Dijk-De Vrij


    This basically a 3-1-4-2 formation.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Strootman knee is destroyed by surgical blades….
      Elghazi????seriously??..ricardo Vanrhijn is a better winger than him.
      Vlaar??……..Vlaaris done with injury…
      Vandijk…….Just a cakewalk for a good foward.let alone leave suarez,mesi,neymar,bale….martial made him look like a Joker..

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Ake is the best lone Holding mid we have,i mean a guy with sharp concentration on game..
        Annholt-Abedhalek Nouri..

    • Sybe Pals says:

      you dont think that players should play in positions which they actually play at their clubs?

      it seems maybe you think mentality is as simple as switching players around and

      • Sybe Pals says:

        ..and flicking the switch to a different formation.
        Seems too video game-y for me.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        I dont know how u see the game….
        Bastein swentiger was winger but LVG made him holding mid….PLayers must play according to THEIR strength not according to their position in their club…
        Annholt has big issues as a defender but he he excellent in going forward…While Depay is struggling due to heavy muscles,lack of stamina and speed,he doesnt have the extra speed over the wing back to receive good through pass,but annholt has it,that will make difference for whole team…
        For me players are played to their strentgh….every one has blind spot…So these players are in blind spots of their coaches in their clubs…

        • TIJU1234 says:

          Sir Alex has played many videos games with MAnu,has won so many titles,so is LVG…so i like to play video game…i am not a fan of David moyes or Bert van marwijk..We dont achive anything with these coaches…
          Even with prime time of Roben,RVP,Wesly,Vaart he couldnt win WC….they were better than Ineasta,Xavi,and Villa to gather,but still we lost…
          I am not tlaking disaster of 2012EC.which i expected under BVM…
          FYI i am a video gamer…

  67. wilson says:

    Good week for Afellay. Scored the winner in midweek league cup. Led the line well vs City and also News is surfacing that Roma is looking into signing him in Jan.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      2 great assist by Shaquiri…Afellay was a king vs a minnow team in league cup..
      Goal.com say he was good in defensive duties,couldnt see the game…i think afellay is suppose to create chances..which is still zero..

  68. TIJU1234 says:

    Seim dejong,wijnaldum,Anita,janmaat starts for Newcastle VS liverpool

  69. wilson says:

    Does anyone think Wijnaldum is going to be the nxt Sneijder especially on that left flank?

  70. wilson says:

    Manage to catch the reply of city vs stroke.must say Pieters had a solid game in defense closing down the likes of DE Bryne,Sagna and Silva. Also did go forward well but was decent.

  71. TIJU1234 says:

    Both Wijnaldum and Anita were class above rest newcastle players….They were simply astonishing….Anita was menace for liverpool attack.Both covered every inch of ground…Janmaat was excellent in forward but defensivly ahd his slip ups….still Newcastle best 3rd player after Anita and wijnaldum…
    Seim looked like little crap but he gave some extreamly intelligent passes..

  72. wilson says:

    This guy is really taking Serie A by storm. A goal and assist for De Roon for Atalanta vs Palermo. The win moves them seventh on points table.

  73. wilson says:

    Pieter’s also made the EPL team of the week.

  74. wilson says:

    Looks like Vlaar has been snapped up by AZ.

  75. andrew says:

    Yep, saw the same report that he had signed with AZ for the rest of the season. Be good for everyone if he can return to his form…especially if NT continues with 3 at the back. He was terrific in that role in the WC.

  76. Miguel Rosado says:

    It’s great to read Vlaar will be back, I really wish he gets back his top form because he is an amazing defender. If fit he can help Oranje so much.

    • AZ-forever says:

      I hope, his presence will raise confidence among younger players. AZ is doing very bad at this moment. Too many injuries for the team with short bench. Janssen – Mounir – Alireza have not been able to communicate well between each other. Janssen is very wasteful. Players create very good opportunities for him, he realizes only 30% of those….Too low efficiency. I am really worried about AZ.

  77. TIJU1234 says:


  78. wilson says:

    LVG can kiss his ass goodbye now. 230 millon pounds gone down the drain.

    • Balkan says:

      LVG is a clown and deserves to be sacked. He has wasted a huge amount of money and built nothing. Moyes made it out of the CL group with a weaker team. I have watched may United games this season and more often than not they are horribly boring. His stupid ego got the best of him, his legacy will be tarnished. Get rid of him. Any coach can do better.

  79. Miguel Rosado says:

    It’s an amazing result for PSV. Cocu is doing a great job.

    Now let’s see what happens with LVG. He might get sacked. I believe Man U would make a horrible mistake if they sack him I know it must be frustrating for their fans but if LVG is given more time he will make a great team.

  80. Miguel Rosado says:

    Depay played really well tonight but when a team is desperate it’s really difficult to win. And Blind was great very solid.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Depay has increased his work rate since his Return,that i appreciate…But he is the guy who losses the ball often from his feet Over Mata Martial..So when ur teammate loose balls when u want it then it interrupts the game flow of whole team and hence chance for goals becoming less.In addition to this he lakcs extra pace like annholt,Roben,Walcot etc type to receive a faster pass from Sneijder or Mata..If Depay can excell in Top level football definitly years ago Arnold sharsnaggar would have become a Top footballer,consider his strong muscles…
        Anyways lets see..
        But Depay cannt be alone be blames for this..Darmian is detoriated in his defense,Schewistiger is not doing great…Caarick has old legs….So they need a good faster winger over Depay for a fluid game…
        For me manu is a team of
        Degea-Smalling-Blind–shnichderlin-Martial and Lindgrad…At times Mata and Herrera..

  81. wilson says:

    Also noticed Florian Jozefzoon on the bench for PSV. Was really in good form before he got injured filling in the shoes for Narsingh on that right flank. Could be yet other triumph card for Cocu if he picks up from where he left off. Definitely was an upgraded version of Narsingh but let’s see how he reacts to competition from Narsingh and Pereiro.

  82. TIJU1234 says:

    Really glad for PSV….the guys Hendrix,Bruma,guadrado were excellent..Cannt for get the workrate of locadia and LUuk..it was amazing team work form PSV…hiddink was there i think he must have cried after watching Hendrix,proper etc…He could have formed an excellent team with PSV stem
    instead he wasted it with
    Afellay,BMI,Weil,Blind…etcnot forgetting willimas and Roben wer injured…we had Snijder for Roben place and Kongolo for williams..still this guy F@@###ked up everything completed by Danny blind..

  83. Miguel Rosado says:

    @Tiju: I don’t have to see the stats. Forwards are allowed to lose the ball sometimes because you have midfielders and defenders who can get it back.

    Depay gave great crosses and almost scores on 2 or 3 times. He is improving I don’t think he was amazing but if he keeps working hard like he’s been doing well he can get back to his best.

    • wilson says:

      I doubt it Miguel, everyone in England know by now how to diffuse Depay, I mean his tendency to cut in and pull the trigger. With quality defenders, Depay will always find himself under wraps if he doesn’t come up with something different. maybe with average defenders it could work out for him but then again Man United is Man United, if you cant perform in big games, the door is always open.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      @Miguel..yes forwards are allowed to loose the balls,but Depay loose like a non quality player…thats what i am pointing..and he lacks extra pace to receive a pass ..Both makes his side futile vs a good team..May be it will work with Club brugge kind of defenders but not with fast and agile defnders..

  84. wilson says:

    well I was saying this all the way, LVG decision to let Di Maria, Hernandez and Januzaj go has fired from all holes.this jus shows that WC was another gamble which played into his hands. I hope the people can see the real picture now.

    • wilson says:


    • Sybe Pals says:

      You’ve also said Guardiola is choking Bayern haha

      • wilson says:

        back then yeah. but do you seriously expect that to continue through out in a team like Bayern. its all about money and thats why Bayern is Bayern.injuries aside they had no players on the bench back then who could make the same impact as the first team. Enter Vidal, Coman, Costa. this is money talking. problem solved, lose ends tied up.in case if you are aware.

        • wilson says:

          another example, back then Bayern always looked vunerable without Robben especilally in attack,sought of like they were dependent on him.This was choking. you compare this to now and this season. Do Bayern really need Robben or are they missing Robben now with Costa, Vidal and coman in the team now. dont think so but then again Robben is crown jewel and no coach will wanna lose it.

          • wilson says:

            Just like Mou at Chelsea now.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @wilson..i was talking about ur dislikes on LVG,,i fu ask me manu is boring or not..My answer is they are very boring its mainly due to LVG as he could have signed better players instead of Depay etc…He could have benched Rooney and signed a defender…yes LVg made some wrong decison but he is not a bad trainer or developer…

          • van banger says:

            @Tiju I find it funny that you always blame Dutch players for the failings of certain teams, ManU for example – everything always comes back to Depay! He is a kid new to the EPL and your expecting him to be the answer to a horrible ManU squad that has a poor midfield and a shocking defense. I’m not saying he is playing great , but it’s not his fault they are losing. I would agree if he was continually getting put on goal by the midfield but usually he is getting the ball out wide and then he has to perform some magic, which he has once or twice, even when he does beat a player there are few options for him other than shoot and that is usually from outside the area! Messi Hartley ever shoots from distance! Messi has options to play with, players who are on the same page, players who can freely attack and not worry about getting back to defend!
            Memphis on the other hand has crappy players all around him, players who are out of form or injured who are still learning how to play themselves, and most of all he is expected to do defensive duties because his defenders are rubbish, Blind included!
            Further on Van Dyjk, yes he made a mistake that led to a goal last game, but week in week out he is one of the best defenders in the EPL, Harry Kane blasts past players every week he is one of the best strikers in the EPL so expect that he will damage defenders!
            Stoke also lost but from the reports both Affelay and MVG had decent outings, I hope Ginkle gets a chance back at Chelsea next year under a new coach, one that wants to,play football!
            On an other note I heard that Bergkamp passed up,the opportunity to coach Swansea. What a shame!

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @vanbanger real funny thing is that how blind we are…
            memphis is an overrated crap compared to 19 year old martial.
            FYI…You dont watch manu games as i do…Manu has the best defensive record in EPL….do you know that?just behind arsenal..so Depay has got strong defense base..Depay never helps their defense like kuyt…
            Depay is supposed to create goals/Assists etc like ozil ,roben etc…this guy is an atrocious failure when considering such a big coach (LVG)to support him in every games he played..
            Manu is crap due to Rooney and Memhis i cannt blame anyoone else for this situation for Manu..
            i am sure u r nort watching Manu games.
            FYI-We will have hell of goals drought in NT if we play Depay the overated spoild rat on wings…
            Then AFellay and Ginkel….
            Afellay is still the same nothing more nothing less,crap as usual….
            I really prya for Ginkel that he is a wonderful box to box midfeilder if gets a good coach.i am glad if he makes progress..

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @Virjil Van dijk is very very less agile and looks like efel tower..he is getting schooled week in week out…it started with martial…Stop hyping some avergae dutch players..
            for me a hardworking,strong,confident but not arrogant Locadia is above Depay..
            PSv is a better team with out Depay look at them at CL..the team plays like a team not based much on one individual..

          • van banger says:

            Who is the top goal scorer for PSV this season? Please don’t compare what happens in the Erdedivsie to the EPL it is not a fair comparison, look at Clasie he is doing very little for Koeman now that he is playing in England.
            As for Van Djyk, I’m a big fan of his and I think he will become a rock for our NT over the next couple of seasons, he has lots of improvement no doubt but I would pick him over Blind any day of the week!

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @Vanbanger..if you manu games u will understand that Manu attack is impotent…defense is one of the best in the league..they have strong mid feild in Bastein-shniderlin and Carick…i sugest u to watch Manu games…for me their their 2 best players got injured herrera and Luuk shaw..
            Depay is basically hired to create chance s and goals…hired to play as creative winger…this nut is all about Bodybuilding,hats and raps…Retard doesnt even help the defense..he though every would be easy like he did vs some weak eredivise players.Finally who the hell is he to ridicule RVP??this guy is annoying and not a team player needs to bedropped for the sake of team..Memphis was not injured and he got enormus support from LVG..(anyways LVG days are numbered in Manu and Depay would be warming his A@###s in bench very soon..)This overrated player ahs played many matvhs in ECQ for us and what he done for us??????????did he scored a goal???? or even created chance????
            How many Deafeats is required to understand that this guy is not for NT??
            @Clasie…FYI clasie was injured for LONG time…TILL HE HAS NOT found full fitness..He will come up like Real hero Wijnaldum…So lets wait and see.It is ridiculous to compare the support clasie gets from koeman..as a compatriot Clasie also will get that like Lenz got in sunderland..whats new in that???
            @Virjil…is a non agile efel tower,a disaster waiting to happen…a lesser defender than..
            Raidwald,konglolo,Reikik>Virjil>BMI..thats our LCB state.

          • van banger says:

            It’s obvious that we watch the game very differently, and see different qualities in players, but there is no,denying that ManU has terrible defense and a weak midfield. They just aren’t playing as a team at the moment , and Van Gaal will be gone before long as the ManU people have no,patience to allow a philosophy of play to develop, they want instant success! BTW Rooney and Memphis aren’t the ones letting the goals in!

  85. Miguel Rosado says:

    Yes he has to change his tricks you are right he has been very predictable for defenders but the other night against Wolfsburg he improved a little bit IMO.

    I agree I don’t know what LVG was thinking when he let go RVP, Di Maria, Chicharito, Falcao, Januzaj, Welbeck…

    It’ll be hard for him to ger back the support of the fans after being so stubborn.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      RVP was given enough chance and Manu started winning after dropping him,Falcao is still crap at chelsea…But Seding out Hernadez,Januzaj(Whom is better player than Depay),welbeck was not a good move…he made mistake over there..
      Di maria was not effcetive,he was more or less currnet Depay for Manu,i though he has more speed and dribbling skills than Depay..he was not gelling with team…

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Agree Miguel, post more! Appreciate your football sense

  86. Alaa says:

    Finally some promising and good news for dutch soccer.
    The best thing about psv qualification is that they showed they can play like real men!! this point specifically was becoming a killer for all dutch teams(I mean playing like little kids and not like real men).

    how many times have we seen ajax over the last 4 years play like little kids and lose after leading with 2 goals difference?? even the u-21 oranje few weeks ago against slovakia?? it has been becoming the default of dutch players to act like kids, and finally after we lost hope i watch psv and i see them reacting to cska scoring a goal with only 10 minutes left!!! psv were going to come out as last in the group instead they pull themselves back in the game and score 2 goals. they won all their home games, they made me feel that there is still hope somewhere and this psv team can be the core of oranje for the next years, because ajax is acting again like an impotent team in europa league!!!

    too bad though, if man utd were able to draw against wolfsburg, psv would’ve became first in the group and that wouldve made them get a team like dynamo kiev or roma or gent instead of meeting the group winners like barca, bayern or man city:( !!!

    • TIJU1234 says:

      how many Psv players are playing for Nt???thats the issue here…its all about hardwork and determination if u dont have class talent….
      Locadia >Depay—hardwork
      Guadrado >Sneijder–Due to immense work rate of Guadrado)
      Hendrix>Blind—–Physically strong and fast..
      Brenet=Kongolo—brenet slightly better at goin forward
      Moreno>Vandijk/BMI…Too much difference here,moreneo is hed and shoulder above both.
      So differnce came from imense work rate and speed of 3+3 players plus Moreno..

      • TIJU1234 says:

        it is the stuborn coaches who shows no eye to real talent,instead they slecet their favorite ones…when ur coach does it u are destined to fail like BVM did in 2012…
        Just replace PSV team
        like this
        Then u will see the difference

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Alaa agree with you about boys v men – cross your fingers for a draw v Zenit!
      Otherwise PSV will have it tough – Madrid, Atletico, Bayern, Chelsea, Barca, or Man City.

      You never know in football, and everything will be different in February, but I would doubt PSV can progress through the round of 16.

  87. andrew says:

    Have to admire the man’s confidence.


    @Sybe. Looks like you were correct about Brenet playing at RB. That is where he was in the CSKA match.

  88. ARS says:

    Ugh……That AZ won Partizan Belgrade and Augsburg (only once per)..AZ would be (now) in the company of PSV…for February next year…

    Athletic Bilbao killed Partizan (7:1) and Augsburg(6:3)(in two matches)

    AZ Alkmaar killed Athletic Bilbao (4:3) in two matches.

    A Heineken for AZ 67 Alkmaar!!!

    (ps Ajax had to be first in his group.Ajax does not deserve Heineken.Maybe a cup of tea.)

  89. TIJU1234 says:

    Infact…in last year PSV real talents were Wijnaldum and Willliams..Wijnaldum Got best footballeraward too(well deservedly that he is proving iin EPL)..But Depay Got all the hype….i am follwoing Both Depay and Wijnaldum…My findings were
    Works his Butt off
    Very strong (Natural strength with out muiscles of Dwyne Johson)
    Very skilled,can take 2 guys easily.
    A true leader leads from front..
    Best player by miles in Newcastle team
    Complete show off man
    No respect for seniors(RVP incident)
    Works to comepete in WWE
    Poor work rate on feild.
    One of the worst performer in MANu with Rooney.
    More interested in watchs hats,cars etc…
    I wonder how a coach like Blind could call him for NT…

  90. TIJU1234 says:

    LVG is feeling heat than ever before in Manu…he might get sacked.Since main players are injured it will be difficult for him..anyways it seems think LVg lost the battle to Sir alex rednose…it would be end of Depay and blind in Manu..

  91. Miguel Rosado says:

    It’d be stupid of Man U if they sack LVG.

    It’s difficult with so many injuries Rooney, Valencia, Herrera, Rojo, Young then this weekend they were also without Darmian, Smalling and now they won’t have Lingaard.

    • wilson says:

      the only way he can save his ass and dodge the bullet is by winning the EPL which again kind of looks impossible given the other teams which who are in contention and who also will invest in Jan Transfer window.

  92. andrew says:

    PSV draws Atletico Madrid in the CL round of 16.

  93. Miguel Rosado says:

    PSV-Atletico is a very good match. I want to see how PSV does against a strong team like Atletico.

    • wilson says:

      Atletico is a good side under Simone, but in La Liga they have paid the price for not being focus enough in some games which have resulted in losses. again the home and away fixture could be cruial here and who ever can capitalize on away fixture could be decisive. I hope Lestienne his back for PSV when they take on AM.

      • wilson says:

        they have weakness which can be exploited but it may also well come to impact players of the bench where Atletico should have a upper hand.they a good bench which could prove decisive if PSV run out of ideas.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        “but in La Liga they have paid the price”
        How? By being tied for top spot? hahah

        • wilson says:

          They did drop some crucial points with teams that could have easily put them in pole position,it is just because of Barcelona and Real slipping now that they have closen the gap.
          But you have to give them the credit they have good squad with a great coach.

  94. wilson says:

    Yeah indeed true Chelsea could excersie the Buyout clause on Bruma should they decide to go for a major overhaul in Jan. I was thinking about this few days back clearly remembering about that clause when Bruma was sold to PSV and now the news is surfacing that this could be well on the cards.purely speculation though but I wonder what would Bruma do if this really eventuates.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Buyout clause is different,i think Bruma doesnt have to worry about that shit club which spoils every talents comes in…PSV cannt sell Bruma with out permission of chelsea..thats it…chelsea wont sign Bruma i think..He is developing well with Cocu after disaster development in chelsea which stakled his career and he is maturing..

    • Sybe Pals says:

      funny to me how much criticism LvG gets considering his credentials, but obvs his manager style is not for everyone. you have to give him credit for his balls!
      that is article is rubbish, none of those players were really performing at Utd anyways haha

      also your misuse of cliches is hilarious as usual.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        @wilson is anti LVg Anti Daley Blind….offcousre there is Blind spot for every coach..But he is way to better than Hiddink,Danny blind,Bert etc…

        • wilson says:

          Reality check guys.if you can’t see it then it’s better you guys go do a three some with him.

          It has always being about his way or no way ,where ever he has gone and there has always been controveses surrounding him and players in teams he has coached.
          Well back then he found it going smooth with player avalibility. This time around he is facing the heat just because his expectations from players are below par compared to his expectations. But then again player transfers in and out was his own decision.

          This is a Just another of those cases where you think you are smart but unfortunately you end up hitting the shovel in your own legs.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @WILSON WILL u do thresome with anyone who agrees with u?is that ur culture??
            Dont u understand Blind spot?…hiddink is lesser achiver compared to LVG…so isBlind Bert etc…Yes LVG is responsible for it but so are players.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Wilson, how do I need a reality check?
            Of course he has controversy wherever he goes, as with any manager and especially with him because his style of being the total boss. Like I said, not for everyone! I’m not saying he is the perfect manager or anything..
            He is one of the most successful managers in history, do you disagree?

            “Hitting the shovel in your own legs”.. what on earth are you talking about??
            Just a suggestion, maybe just say what you mean and stop using those dumb cliches or phrases and childish insults..

          • wilson says:

            Tiju the entire football fraternity is chanting the same sentiment as me about boring Man U and how LVG has lost the plot in case if you are not following. so there is no question on agreeing or disagreeing with me. I presume the Blind spot you have mentioned is about how nobody is perfect and even the best fall down sometimes. What I find intruding is apart from Falaco and Buttner all other players are performing well at their respective clubs after being shown the door by LVG as captured in the above article.this simply shows his ego on judging players without giving them the chances to show their true potential. I mean even you have mentioned this yourself before how he was bias towards Depay (Dutch) but yet he never lived up to his worth. this is why I am always critical about him and this is why he is feeling the heat now.

            Hey Pals the dump cliches that you are taking about is actually a idiom which is often used in my country to describe a person who thinks he is smart but his actions leads to his own downfall.

            I would say he is smart coach rather than a great one.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Right, why use an idiom from your country to people who are not from there? In my experience, when someone types up something that doesn’t make sense it’s almost always bullshit.

            Avoiding questions is no way to have a discussion.

          • wilson says:

            Hey Pals regardless of when and where you just need to use your 2 cents to understand what idioms are all about. Really you don’t need to know where they originated or where it should be used.
            I reckon either your two cents is not working or you simply don’t want to acknowledge the simplicity of that idioms to that of its origin.

            Try it on your friends without telling them it’s a idiom and see what their response is.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            You are still completely missing the point I was making – but sure, I can try this idiom on my friends, just tell me exactly what the actual idiom is first so I can use it properly.

            I read our conversation here to my wife already (she was an English major) and she just laughed at you since you do not seem to have any grasp what the idioms and phrases mean. She said it was probably pointless to communicate with you since you resort to insults when someone doesn’t agree with you.
            A good example is you saying here “you just need to you use your 2 cents to understand”.
            “My 2 cents” is a saying which can be defined as an inconsequential opinion or comment given to another person on a particular topic.. not a reference to thinking about a sentence beyond the actual words.
            Of course, I realize what you mean when you said that – but my point with these terms is, why don’t you just say what you mean rather than use an idiom (that you obviously know is just used in whatever your country is), or to misuse an expression, or a cliche?

            Also, still you avoid my questions to you about LvG! Hahaha

          • wilson says:

            Obviously she will laugh at you. If you never knew how will your wife know about it.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            haha this is so dumb, why man?
            maybe just stop then if you dont wanna talk football

  95. wilson says:

    Looks like Ricky Wolfswinkle had good outings for Real Betis in Cope de liga.scored a brace to help RB win 5-3 on aggregate.

  96. Miguel Rosado says:

    Mourinho is sacked and rumours say Hiddink will take charge for the rest of the season.

  97. ARS says:

    Mateja Kežman told today (in Serbian media)that he talked with Guus Hiddink today(telephone)…and Hiddink will be a new coach of Chelsea…in friendly conversation…

  98. Sybe Pals says:

    Wow. Interesting to see how Hiddink does with Chelsea after being so successful his first time around with them. Lots of changes since then..
    Too bad, that cynical bastard Mourinho is so fun to watch lose!

  99. wilson says:

    @ Tiju…..”hiddink is lesser achiver compared to LVG…so” looks like your prayers has been answered. Clash of the Titans in their own rights. This should definitely settle the dust.

  100. Srinjoy says:

    The two attackers had a confrontation during a training session in the build up to Netherlands European Championship qualifier against Kazakhstan in October.

    Van Persie was said to have been incensed when Memphis failed to pass him the ball during a training game, and details of the row have been reported by Voetbal Primeur today.

    After Memphis chose to pass the ball to Jairo Riedewald instead of the striker, Van Persie approached the Manchester United winger and asked him, “Do you think you’re a big boy.”

    Memphis then mocked Van Persie by saying, “Do big boys play for Fenerbahce?”

    The row was played down by Netherlands boss Danny Blind, but for the game against Kazakhstan, Memphis started, and Van Persie was left on the bench.

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Cool thx for posting, was curious about that little training clash.
      Haha agree with Memphis, RvP always seemed like a bit of a cock!

      • TIJU1234 says:

        its true RVP is bit cock….agree..But what about Depay who has proven nothing and acts like a primidonna??RVP was disputed star for Manu & Arsenal(First name on sheet)..it was sad that he had to face some cruel injuries or else he would have achived more..
        Depay is an overrated,over hyped talent,he cannt dribble like RPV or Roben doesnt have th accuracy of Roben,Vaart snijder,RVP,Doesnt work hard like kuyt or fab4…RVP was right to quetsion him for not giving pass..But after all i must say RVP is done and he must realise that Dutch NT would be better team with out him and Depay..

        • Sybe Pals says:

          It’s true Memphis hasn’t done much and has not come close to Sneijder, Vaart, Persie or Robben, but he does have a future. Maybe he will never get to the point the other 4 go to, but doesn’t mean he can’t have an influence.
          Personally I don’t mind a player being a bit of a cock, maybe the ruthless aspects of this attitude can help an attacking player even, but it’s a fine line to walk.
          I liked van Persie a lot in the past but still he has been very disappointing at times because of his poor attitude..
          I think you should make a correction, Memphis Depay ‘was’ overrated and overhyped 😉
          But not anymore! Seems like now he is generally seen as being a big let down. I think his hype is natural anyways because of his transfer price and is always going to be this way now with inflated transfer prices. Plus he did so well last season at PSV.
          He just needs to deal with the new pressure and he can be very good yet, I think we can be patient.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            But as you are a Man Utd fan I understand it must be very frustrating because you need him scoring NOW!

          • TIJU1234 says:

            Yes correction (“””Is not was)””…
            I think Lat season wijnaldum and Williams done better than Depay…Wijnaldum got player of the year and Manu signed a wrong player in Depay…
            I cannt see Depay playing long time in any top club…he is just another Elia….i heard he is using new boots for every game,for me thats a stupidity at its epitome…he must use the boot which helps him to shoot and cross acuratly…

  101. Sybe Pals says:

    Some decent matches to watch this weekend.
    Saturday Southampton v Spurs – will the dutch contingent break their bad form at home against the few ex-Eredivisie players of Tottenham?
    Can our boys at Newcastle keep winning v awful Villa? If not turn it at HT over to PSV v Zwolle haha
    Sunday, Ake and Watford have been doing really well, can they keep it up v Liverpool?
    Feyenoord away at NEC
    Ajax play the worst team in the Eredivisie, maybe some sunshine for the dark times in Amsterdam..
    Also interested in de Roon v Napoli. Probably the best competition he can play against this season.

  102. TIJU1234 says:

    i really like PSV team..they have guts..i mean Dont F%^6k with me if so I will 34334f%^^k ur A#$$ss…Ajax doesnt have it..
    it was nice to see Locadia and Luuk coming to help defense and works their butt off to save th team,it gives team fluidity.Over all they show unfathombale stamina to cover the pitch..This PSV is a organized team and it makes them a hard team to beat…
    u just replace–Moreno–guadrado-Peirero and Isimit u have got a core team for dutch..
    u have speed,workrate,intelligence,Vision,guts,,height,Muscle leadership this is the ingradients needed for dutch NT..
    on bench

    • TIJU1234 says:

      just wacthed some EPL games,mostly leister vs everton and Manu vs norwich…..Depay was as usual crap,blind was bad too..it was Martial,smalling,herrera(later)showed qulaity rest looked like amatures even Mata had hell lot of bad passes..
      I am 100 % convinced with Depay on wings we are not going to create any goals..no accuracy,no speed and a constant ball looser.Since Rooney is far worse than Depay and LVg is dutch this guy escapes..

      • Sybe Pals says:

        It’s true Utd very poor again. Smalling so bad on the Norwich goals tho.. Rooney is worse than Memphis. I think LvG is losing the players now, the opposition always look more hungry to win.

  103. Sybe Pals says:

    Southampton very poor today losing 0-2 at home. Clasie good on the ball but couldn’t get much going or have much influence. van Dijk really disappointing on the 1st goal especially. Maybe the heat is on Koeman now?

  104. TIJU1234 says:

    i really wants to see how Danny blind qualifies for WC with Virjil as one CB…with this guy we are destined to concede 1 goal even aginst Andora…its getting interested..

  105. TIJU1234 says:

    Since Guus is in charge is there any hope for Van ginkel?????????

  106. Sybe Pals says:

    Wow what a goal from Bazoer!

  107. wilson says:

    Looks like Nathan Ake had another good outings for Watford vs Liverpool. I hope he also will gets the benefit of doubt from Hiddink.

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Yes fan fave for good reason!

      If I’m not mistake I believe Ake is on a season long loan to Watford, and Hiddink is only the interim head coach for the rest of season.
      So they may not have anything to do with eachother.

  108. Sybe Pals says:

    Finally able to watch an Atalanta match to check out de Roon, and he was ok. Seemed like most of his forward balls were giveaways, his side lost 1-3 at home, against Napoli, but still lead the match in tackles and interceptions. Maybe best or second best player on the team, which was pretty poor.
    Hoedt was decent v Inter, winning away in Milan. Finally playing against one of the top sides, and didn’t have much to do actually. Maybe he is only playing because of injuries but good for him to get chances either way… That’s a massive win for Lazio, but man, the last 10 mins of that match were so bad.. awful tackles and bad acting!
    Too bad Kishna was injured and of course de Vrij is still out long term, maybe part of the reason they are only in 10th spot in Italy at Christmas?

  109. wilson says:

    Hey Van Banger just wanna go back to your Bergkamp statement
    .I think he is in a pole position to take up the coaching job should FDB depart Ajax.I mean just like any other new coach on the block it would be in the best interest to start at home,gain experience and slowly move up just like LVG and DDIng now rather than jumping in straight to a big league like EPL where it could go down to the wire.

    On this same note Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink now currently at QPR
    is a perfect example of how taking one step at a time could be fruitful in long run given when taking up coaching jobs in big leagues where experience plays a key role.

    Taking about QPR,Feyenoord have been rumomored to be intrested in Leroy Fer and a possibly return back to eredivisie for him.Tjaroon Chery is also playing along side him on the wings. He also needs to get out of there unless JFH decides to bring back all the players currently out on loan and strength the team in the bid to to have shot at getting promoted back to epl again.

  110. wilson says:

    Players who should move in Jan transfer window.

    Alex Buttner (Dynamo Moscow)

    Riccardo Van Rhijn (Ajax)

    Gregory Van Der weil (PSG)

    Nigel De Jong (Milan)

    Stefano Denswil (Club Brugge)

    Leroy Fer (QPR)

    Tjaronn Chey (QPR)

    Michel Vorm (Spurs)

    Adam Maher (PSV)

    Rob Vlaar (free)

  111. TIJU1234 says:

    my problems with Depay are
    he lacks extra pace like roben,Bale,Aubgmayang,walcott to beat the defender..
    He lacks accuracy in shots/shoots
    He doesnt work hard for team,not helping defense..
    All these 3 charateritcs are ingradients for a team failure..
    My problems with Afellay are
    He has no vision
    No quick pass from him
    Poor work rate
    My problems with Vrijil vandijk are
    He is static
    Easy prya for dribblers
    Anticipation is little poor
    Not agile
    Not fast enough…

  112. Miguel Rosado says:

    Nathan Ake on this weekend’s XI team. Can he be LB oranje material?. Watford is 7 in the table of the Premier League.

    I really feel bad how much criticism LVG has been getting. Man U wants attractive football and they want Mourinho for that? you’ve to be kidding me!.

    Also if they hire Guardiola that’d be interesting because he has never coached a team in a crisis situation. With Barcelona and Bayern he took the already best teams in the world so now if he really takes over at Man U it’ll be interesting to see what he can achieve.

    I think Man U’s players are tired of LVG’s coaching methods. LVG can be like a military general and these kids nowadays just want to be spoiled.

    • wilson says:

      I reckon Ake should be deployed at his more natural position which is at DM. I do like him at LB but if you have watched Arsenal vs Watford his weaknesses was really exposed by Bellerin and Ramsey. Well you can expect him to get better as he matures but he is kind of lanky for fast wingers and fullbacks making those penetrating runs. Well these are some of the key areas you have to keep a look out for when he up with fast and trickly wingers.

      But on a positive not he has just showed his potential at Watford.I think he should be called up by Danny and deploy him at DM where the much needed reinforcement is needed.

  113. wilson says:


    @Tiju, I hope now you know that im not anti Blind as others are also seeing what I have saying all this time about him.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Blind will not go but Depay might go or he will rot in bench if Jose comes..Manu is not plastic money club like city or chelsea..they have identity,they have their own style..Jose is all about tactics and parking bus..i dont think Manu will will hire him as they will give chance to Giggs…lets see.
      Maourihino doesnt tolerate player who desnt defend..Depay dont do that so…Depay,Rooney(old),Fellaini(Mediocre)Mata(workrate),Romero(no faith) will be cut…

  114. wilson says:

    I hope this doesn’t hinder the momentum of PSV.

    when while Kenny Tete was also arrested for a brawl in a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

    Talk about drama.

  115. TIJU1234 says:

    @Vanbanger..if you watch manu games u will understand that Manu attack is impotent…defense is one of the best in the league..they have strong mid feild in Bastein-shniderlin and Carick…i sugest u to watch Manu games…for me their their 2 best players got injured herrera and Luuk shaw..
    Depay is basically hired to create chance s and goals…hired to play as creative winger…this nut is all about Bodybuilding,hats and raps…this guy doesnt even help the defense..he though every would be easy like he did vs some weak eredivise players.Finally who the hell is he to ridicule RVP??this guy is annoying and not a team player needs to bedropped for the sake of team..Memphis was not injured and he got enormus support from LVG..(anyways LVG days are numbered in Manu and Depay would be warming his A@###s in bench very soon..)This overrated player has played many matchs in ECQ for us and what he done for us??????????did he scored a goal???? or even created chance????
    How many Deafeats is required to understand that this guy is not for NT??
    @Clasie…FYI clasie was injured for LONG time…TILL HE HAS NOT found full fitness..He will come up like Real hero Wijnaldum…So lets wait and see.It is ridiculous to compare the support clasie gets from koeman..as a compatriot Clasie also will get that like Lenz got in sunderland..whats new in that???
    @Virjil…is a non agile efel tower,a disaster waiting to happen…a lesser defender than..
    Raidwald,konglolo,Reikik>Virjil>BMI..thats our LCB state.

    • wilson says:

      Crap. Crap and more crap.

    • van banger says:

      @Tiju – I’m not a Memphis fanboy, however I can see that he has something to give but he is still only 21, you can’t write him off at such an early stage in his career , all of the things you say about him are the same as what people were saying about Robben a few years ago and now they have massive egg on their faces! ManU are a shambles but it’s not Memphis’s fault, it’s the whole teams fault Van Gaal included. Their defence lets them down they have conceded 6 goals in 3 games to lower opposition. If you know anything about football, you will know that solid defence is the building block for a strong team and ManU don’t have it!
      BTw I watch ManU play most games that’s how I know how bad they are!
      @ Virgil, did you watch Southhampton beat Arsenal? Ozil, Giroud, Walcott etc etc, all put to bed by Virgil and Fonte in a most dominant defending display, and Classie played really well too before his fitness let him down. You will love Virgil when he is leading our defence for Nt!

      @Wilson – you’re probably right about Bergkamp and Ajax need to punt FDB to spark life back into them, so I’m guessing he will take over there, I hope he develops well as a coach. Interesting about Jimmy Floyd, I did not know he was coaching, now he is a player that could strike a ball!

      • TIJU1234 says:

        @Vanbanger….i know ur not fanboy of Memphis…FYI–roben was tearing apart english defense when he joined Chelsea with electric pace and dribbles with hell of accurate shots and passess.While Memphis shot/pass acuracy is so poor,he doesnt have etxra pace to recive a faster pass or cannt out run a defender like roben did..Roben is still blames for slefishness am ok with it..coz he creates goals or scores goal.Roben wokr rate is much better thanCR7 and Messi…While Depay is struggling with his newely built body(i am sure this bodybuilding has killed his agility) with elephant like legs…He is one of the worst performers of Manu this season…on th the other hand Wijnladum single handdedly carrying a low profile team,which has every chance to get relagted of gini was not there…
        @Virjil had to deal with Giroud only..Speedy walcot handled by speed fullbacks,Ozil is not about speed he is more of Snijder..so whats new in that????
        Sadio mane ,Martial would school Virjil at any day..
        @Clasie when did i say anything aginst claise…He is one of my real hope…i consider him as real player not like Flopay..

      • TIJU1234 says:

        yes defense wins the game,apart form recnet 2/3 matches manu was great in defense,best in EPL…

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Didn’t he play a couple friendlies for Oranje under LvG before not being selected again?

      • wilson says:

        You mean the Asian Tour. This was straight after he came came back from that foot injury.cant remember whether he was still at PSV or whether he had moved to stroke but he was still very rusty.

        • Sybe Pals says:

          Hahah ya Stroke
          Right, not overlooked but just not preferred.
          And after that I guess we lost only that France friendly before Argentina on pens so I guess it was a good decision! 😉

          He was already back from the 9 month foot injury, then got that red card and was pissed off and punched glass and cut himself and missed another 3 months. Haha that was dumb!
          Played only once after healthy again, but Willems had the spot by then and Pieters finished the season on the PSV bench. Then were the Asia matches in June after that 12/13 season.
          He signed for Stoke July 1, and was not called again until Hiddinks first matches, the losses to Italy and the Czechs.

          Personally I like him but still I think I prefer Willems Kongolo and Ake.. maybe even van Aanholt depending on opponent
          LB is one of our strongest positions IMO

          • wilson says:

            Prior to WC selection??? But you have to acknowledge it has taken him some time for him to reach his current form. I mean not bad but lets see if he can get any better.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Sure, but I’m just saying why you can’t use Pieters in the pointless anti-van Gaal case you seem to be trying to build.

            Well you can dislike LvG all you want because he didn’t take Pieters along to the WC after he ignored LvGs advice, fine.
            But it’s not true to say he is overlooked, as you did.
            And you also said “another of those overlooked by van Gaal”. Another, like as if there was a list of Dutch players that he had not noticed.

            So then your statement was doubly not true.
            I can’t understand your motivation to make these things up..

          • wilson says:

            Partick Van Annholt??????

          • Steve M says:

            Go on.. what about it him?
            Did you notice I had mentioned him above?

          • wilson says:

            Yeap I did but that was your preference,nothing to do with selection of LVG.

          • Sybe Pals says:

            rephrase your “question” then.

  116. TIJU1234 says:

    @sybal pals…Wilson and”” Common sense”” are on opposite spectrum..he always brings unwanted things…He is Anti LVG and Ani blind(Fatehr &son)…so its better u dont waste ur time with him..
    He is always behind very crap players and coach pathetically failed to take us to a tournamnet which had the most ever easiaets qualifications…Some people are so blind that u have to leave him behind..

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Yes it seems so – sometimes I try to find the logic behind his words, so maybe I can understand why.. but wilson will not respond to my questions for some reason.
      Ironically, wilsons stubbornness to see things in any way but his own is also a quality of LvGs which I dislike..

      Personally I am not a major LvG fan (even though we are family by marriage), but I think his quality as a manager is undeniable, so I will often defend him. Same for Daley Blind and same for Memphis Depay 😉

      • wilson says:

        @ both of You.

        Hey pals I think I did answer your question.i think you have missed it . I think he is a smart coach but to be great coach naaaaa…. to fucken arrogant. his way or no way.unfortunately this time around he is at point blank range.

        Tiju you always want to compare Van Gaal with Hiddink but yet you always keep forgetting about the 2001 WCQ Failure which had the golden generation. one down and one on the way.If he gets fired from Man United that will go down in history books as another major failure (stain on his resume) all because of what. arrogance, big ego. these are not attributes of a great coach.

        I jus hope KNVB will also take heed from this.

  117. wilson says:

    Milan enter the race for Jeremain Lens.

  118. wilson says:

    Also Sporting Lisbon has officially signed Marvin Zeegelaar. I’m just wondering here will he be eligible to play in Europa.

  119. wilson says:

    Ryan Donk and Riccardo Van Rhijn both heading to Galatasaray. Interesting…….

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Vanrhijn is wonderful dribbler(effective dribbler)Like annholt..with very good pace will be helping in defense he must start play as right winger..since Holland doesnt produce quality wingers any more..
      B/W..i saw abdhalek nouri….thiss guy has got venom and could be better player than Depay..

  120. wilson says:

    In other good news Collin Kazim Richards is definitely leaving Feyenoord after being second fiddle to Kramer. This could open doors for Anass Achahbar or unless Feyenoord decide to go for another backup for Kramer.

  121. TIJU1234 says:

    Eric Peiters Vs Depay….i think Peiters will man handle Depay kid…i cannt see united winning with only martial upfront or they must have huge luck required to see a goal/Assit from Depay and Rooney…

  122. TIJU1234 says:

    Depay is having wonderful game..if u consider his team is stoke city..

  123. TIJU1234 says:

    Sadly LVG will be sacked…anyways hsi stubornness caused all these issue with unlucky injury of their second best player Luuk shaw(after Martial).
    Manu is nothing when opponent makrs Martial…
    Seems Depay can polish the shoes of CR7….i really dont know how people overate some average players (Depay,afellay etc)

    • Sybe Pals says:

      agree Memphis is not close to Ronaldo but don’t you think it’s strange to compare them and then say later how people overrate him? Haha that is what you have just done
      also agree both Memphis and Afelaay are pretty average, although Afelaay does have some decent form now

  124. TIJU1234 says:

    @wilson u can be happpy……at last..

  125. Sybe Pals says:

    Again very poor for United – especially Memphis who is mainly responsible for the first goal and could have prevented the build up to the second too! Subbed for Rooney who was just as bad, so worse considering his profile.
    Blind was ok, gave all and generally did well versus in form Shaqiri. Maybe could have covered Memphis better on that awful first goal, probably been a better choice to go back to CB but who knows. Jones is really awful.
    Worst form possible now for United, 3 epl losses in a row, out of the CL and the team just not look motivated to win – will LvG finally pay for Rooney and most of United being so poor?

    Afelaay was alright, worked very hard. Lots of recoveries and really good on takeons but maybe wasteful in possession, did not create much.
    van Ginkel came on for the second half replacing whelan at DM and worked hard keeping United out of the middle, still has most interceptions in the whole game only playing a half.
    Pieters very good again! I’m sure wanted a strong game to prove himself in front of van Gaal again after their history, and did exactly that.

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Actually not ok for Blind, I must correct myself. I see he lost possession more often than any other player in the game. 23 times! Appreciate his work ethic but that needs to be improved by him, and also by the players around him.
      I like the guy and generally think he is ok when he is stuck in 1 position, but not as good at all when rotated around so frequently, even though being able to play 3 positions is a quality.
      Not necessarily a management mistake for me considering their injury issues..

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Blind is physically very weak player so lacks speed too,thats his limitation..anyways he is lot better than Rooney,fellaini,Flopay and co at least…So far he played LCB thats were he excelled…he can be a utility player,but definitly not the first choice for any position..

      • van banger says:

        Nice correction, Blind was average, Memphis gifted Stoke their first and Fellani can’t score to save his life ATM! LVG will most likely pay for the poor showing but to be fair, his players are very average at the moment , I said long ago that Rooney would struggle under LVG as he would have trouble playing to a structured game plan, the EPL and ManU in particular have only understood going forward and quickly! I can’t believe that a lot of the ManU fans are calling for Mourinho to take over? Especially after how much crap they give him for playing boring football by peaking the bus all the time!
        Anyhow go,you Spurs!

  126. wilson says:

    Galatasaray could be in for yet another Dutchman as they are finalizing the agreement for Heracles Oussama Tannane. This guy has a deadly left foot and if this move happens it could open up doors for him in NT, well based on his performance also.

  127. wilson says:

    Hiddink vs Van Gaal.Chelsea vs Man United. Well this may be the last time the two mastereos will confront each other on the same pitch. Time to settle the dust I suppose. Looking forward to this game.

  128. van banger says:

    @tiju – massive game tonight Manu v Chelsea , how do you see it going? Will it be LVG last game?
    After watching Stoke dominate the ManU midfield ( yes Affellay and MVG) I’m betting Chelsea will do the same and win the match. It would be funny if ManU “park the bus” just to avoid defeat!

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Manu is really weak no quality players bar Martial,herrera,De gea…perhaps i would add smalling…
      Chelsea would definitely win it if they play younger ones and Depay could finally play well for Manu as terry and Ivanovic are so slow and old for Depay.If depay can utilise that with Martial then they have a chance..Will Depay utilise that?
      i basically see a draw as LVG is tactically better than Hiddink.But chelsea has better players..lots depending on line ups …With shweni and shindrelin is back Chelsea will have trouble for sure..

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Shaqiri was better than afellay Vs Manu…he always is…MVG is turning to be more of defnsive mid than compared his box to box style in Vitsee..i am a well wisher of MVG so leave him from that list..

  129. Sybe Pals says:

    Interesting stat prior to Man Utd v Chelsea today from OptaJohan on Twitter:
    Louis Van Gaal has lost each of his last four competitive meetings with Guus Hiddink. Outfoxed.

  130. wilson says:

    Tottenham also took advantage of Nathan AKe’s red card to beat Watford after he was involved in a rash High challenge on Lamela.

  131. wilson says:

    Just caught the last ten minutes of stroke vs Everton. Any player rating. Dutch boys.

  132. wilson says:

    Again young at RB????

  133. TIJU1234 says:

    “””4 – Louis Van Gaal a perdu ses 4 derniers matches face à Guus Hiddink toutes compétitions confondues. Pression.””””””””
    Can anyone translate this??

    • van banger says:

      No sure but your prediction was right – A Draw! I did not see the match yet so I can’t comment , in my opinion it is a good result for ManU given the troubles they are in at the moment.
      @wilson. – Ake getting a red card was a killer blow for Watford as they were really having a strong game against my Spurs, I’m not dissapointed though, the win is crucial to keep Spurs in a top 4 hunt.

      • wilson says:

        I think both De Gea and Courtios
        deserve the man of the match performance as both made some daring saves to keep the score line intact. I think for Chelsea the draw back was to Start Hazard as false 9 never lived up to expectations as he continuously drifted on the flanks with nobody in the middle to be assisted.

        United on the other hand did had the flare but missed opportunities and final touch wasn’t there.

        To sum up if Chelsea would have started with a Costa, Remy or Falcao,it could send the game in a different direction especially when Native starting dominating the midfield.

        Man United Schweinsteiger return and Schneiderlin partnership was great in the middle until Matic shifted to next gear. Other wise the first pool touches and missed opportunities was the major highlight of the game.

        Once again full credit to both the GKs who made some brilliant saves to deny what could have been the decider.

        • wilson says:

          Also bit curious as to why Hiddink never used Bertrand Traore. He is also a striker with immense potential and should have started the game or come on as a sub atleast when Hazard ran out of gas in the third quarter.

          Ajax also have been rumored to be after this guy with Sanogo failing to live up to expectations on loan from Arsenal.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            “””Also bit curious as to why Hiddink never used Bertrand Traore.””””””””Hiddink is not bold enough(lack of balls) to do experiment,he always puts his head in the A@@s of his favorite players…
            B/W Manu owned chelsea in everything chelsea wwer on counter attacks they got only chance from that…
            Manu has a poor front line as Martial is lone fighter..they all have is Bodybuilder Flopay who has zero work rate,struggling with heavy legs,Poor first touch, and poor passes…LVG made a blunder mistake by letting off Januzaj,Chicharito, and Nani for Crap Flopay,Old man Rooney..Manu would have been a better team with formentioned players..

          • wilson says:

            You are crying over split milk Tiju.I mean it was LVG decision to let them go and overhaul the team.fare and square it hasn’t worked out so he definitely has to take the blame here. It’s all written on his face now that the players are not delivering what was expected from them.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        it was good result for chelsea as they held Manu to draw..LVG benched Flopay and Fellaini with better quality players..if Martial had a better parter like Januzaj they would have burrried Chelsea.2woodworks,2 denied penatlies and astonishing saves form Courtois made their day…Plastic club chelsea would have snacthed a 1-0 victory had they scored form counter attack chance..

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Yes it is the same thing I posted above about van Gaal v Hiddink.. I’m not sure what the competitions were, maybe when they were players haha

  134. wilson says:

    It will also be interesting to see which positions Cocu will strengthen in the January Transfer especially with the tie vs Atletico Madrid on the the cards.

    I wonder if they should move for Hakim Ziyech. Well there has been some rumors about this Peruvian guy who has had his medical done last week.

  135. TIJU1234 says:

    blind wants LVG as technical director…infact and in truth it indicates that blind doesnt have confidence…it will definitly help NT though.if LVg doenst get sacked he will bring back Januzaj and Lindgrad will be back with one defender and another goal poacher LVg would again grab the 4th spot..
    I am really worried about Nt situation as guys like Afellay,Virjil are getting selected and playing.and proven players liek hendrix ,bazoer are still out,anita too…were Danny Blind heading too?i am not optimistic about Blind selection fo certain players,which gaves me nightmares…Dutch coach are so stubborn and they dont learn from mistakes…

    • andrew says:

      I saw that article about LVG, too. There are a lot of ways to look at it. I don’t know that it indicates that Blind lacks confidence. It may. But it also may indicate (and I hope this is true) strength on Blind’s part, that he is comfortable enough to bring on a big personality like LVG. He has to know that the minute LVG comes on board, there will be questions as to if/when he takes over the national team. Insecure leaders don’t generally hire people who may be perceived as threats to their authority.

      I agree that it is time for Bazoer and Hendrix to get playing time on the NT. They look like good players. I’m not ready to say that success in the Eredivisie means they are proven players, but their performances warrant a look at the NT level. I think with LVG working with Blind, there would be another voice in favor of bringing in such new blood.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        @Andrew….Danny blind and LVg get along very well,there wont be an issue As blind knows how to respect guru and elder..it was my interpretation from the news that blind lacks confidence and Idea..thats why he wants LVG.mya be on other hand it might be very good for NT with LVG..
        Bazooer,Hendrix might be playing in eredivise their contribution is immense to their teams..they are at right age,unfathombale stamina/workrate,Good technique and Vision,hard tackles..this gives immense balance to our DERAILED team…When you add Wijnaldum+ Claise with them u have world beating team…while we are stuck with weak players like Afellay,blind,klassen etc…Dutch NT requires balance in Mid,a good winger(definitely Depay is not a good winger)..A faster/Strong striker…a fluid mid field and robust/Quick defense..
        what happend to LVG when he thrown out Depay and Fellaini???though he couldnt win Manu owned chelsea…thats how it is.Bazoer,hendrix,clasie,wijladum,Ake,Karsdrop,has quality while Depay,afellay doesnt have that…

        • TIJU1234 says:

          Both Depay and Wijnaldum and depay left PSV same year…Wijnaldum singlehandly taking Newcastle out of relagation while Depay almost cost LVg his Job.Depay is not bad form or anthing,he simply doesnt have the pace or accuracy to be a menace in the box…i still remmber duthcu21 at Isreal played better with out Depay ,it was ola john the team player had better chemistry with Luuk,stroot,Ginkel and wijnaldum…that was a near pefcet team,,,only problem they had was they didnt had a good bench Bar leoryFer and Clasie..

  136. TIJU1234 says:

    @Danny blind plz select the following
    since strootman,Willems are injured..
    box to box runnersoffense+defnse
    Main holding mid
    Left backs
    Right backs

  137. wilson says:

    OK honestly speaking Danny Blind should be kicked out and LVG should just retire if he gets sacked from Man United. you look at Danny Blind and all his telephone conversations come selection time. I mean what is this and what the hell he is trying to prove here.Is this what it has come down to. Telephone conversation.
    You have to be kidding me.
    The last time a similar kind of fiasco took place,was when Maradona was incharge of Argentina and he gave a pen and paper to Messi and asked him to pick the team. The rest is history.My point here is the credibility of coaches to undermine a team regardless of players. Van Basten – Heerenveen

    You have to look at the real picture here. Danny Blind by now knows exactly that without Robben it’s a mission impossible and his job will always be on the line. Both him and van Gaal have close relations as what Tiju said and they also share the same ideology,meaning Van Gaal is the best person to have his hands over his head should he need a shadow to dwell and maintain his status as a coach should he hit the rocks.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      Danny Blind should be kicked out if he keeps selecting Afellay over Locadia Depay over Annholt..Virjil over Reikik ..RVP & hunter over LUUK and dost…Selecting klassen,Blind??(arguably)Vejinovic over Hendrix,bazoerGinkel??arguably)…
      Definitely karsdrop needs a shot over Janmaat…

  138. TIJU1234 says:

    goal has slected pool of Good defenders …Raidwald is there with Silva and Co…i dont rate goal high but this indicates something..

  139. TIJU1234 says:

    Happy new year buddies….Hope Orange does well this year.

  140. TIJU1234 says:

    I am just dreaming of a dutch team with..
    —-Wijnaldum–Bazoer——box to box line

  141. TIJU1234 says:

    Flopay is sitting in bench for 2 games..Manu is playing much better with out this bodybuilder…they owned chelsea now beating swansea..

  142. TIJU1234 says:

    I really dont know what is Danny blind doing??is he following real talented players.when he selected(Raidwald+Tete) i thought he had eagle eye for real talents…
    Week in week out annholt tearing apart any defesne with ease..i know Annholt is not a reliable LB..since Depay and Afellay Sucks so deeply why not Annholt?

  143. Miguel Rosado says:

    Van Aanholt has been impressing this season. He should be called for the next game by Blind. I don’t care if he plays Van Aanholt as LB or left midfielder but he really deserves to be called up.

    • wilson says:

      3-5-2 then he is defintely the right guy or 3-4-3. His positional sense is very very poor and when you are playing him in 4 man defense then you need versatile midfielders to cover him once he rovers forward . His absolutely brilliant going forward but the moment he gets dispoessed he just freezes.this has been his highlight for the 1 half of this season.

      If you compare him with Van Der Weil,Both have similar qualities almost identical but the only difference is at PSG, the midfielders aid Weil sufficiently compared to Sunderland when he ventures forward.

      • TIJU1234 says:

        Annolt crosses are accurate,while Vander weil sucks in crosses…in Defense Annholt is slightly better than weil..
        Our problems are futile players upfront like afellay+Depay+RVP(old&done)+Hunter(old & done) together played 10 games of ECQ…we Sucked in big time.if blind keeps slecting these playing yet another sucks waits for US and him..

  144. van banger says:

    Happy New Year lads, hope you had a fun festive season!
    I’ve been enjoying watching a lot of football in the EPL, I try to watch the games that have our Dutch lads playing in them and of course the Mighty Spurs!
    I’ve been impressed with a couple of players lately – PVA has been playing well in a struggling side also Tiju’s favourite Affellay! He has clearly been given new instructions from Mark Hughes and he now plays a very simplistic pass and move game mainly occupying the centre of midfield, in fact most of the play is now going through him sitting deeper, I haven’t seen a “useless dribble” for ages Tiju. Unfortunately MVG has not had much playing time in the last few games but he might be injured.
    Classie is not doing it for me ATM I just feel he is too light for EPL midfield although I hope he gets better with each game. Blind is lucky Van Gaal is his coach as he gets schooled nearly every match at least a couple of times, he would do,better up the pitch a bit where he is protected.
    I really feel for the Newcastle team with our boys trying their hardest to make something happen, unfortunately Anita is injured ATM DeJong is not up to it and Wjynaldum needs a goal desperately to get back on track. He should have scored on Sunday 1on1 with Keeper a costly miss for him and his team. Jaanmat is his usual self very busy up and down the flanks doing well. Their team on paper is easy top 10 side.
    Anyhow another year down and transfers should start soon, let’s see what happens.
    Hup Holland!

    • wilson says:

      I think there won’t be much movement as far as Dutch players are consend this winter. Only Hakim Ziyech, Van Rhijn and Tannane have rumored to be on the radar for some mid table clubs.Im also hoping Buttner leaves Dynamo Moscow and finds a new club where he can get more playing time.

      Again the area they needs reinforcements is the Midfield Area.A versatile and commanding engine room. This should be the focus in the next friendlys.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      @Van banger..Total Stoke team is playing well arntovic and shaquri does find goals/or create chances..they have good defense too..very hard working team..Afellay is just benefiting from total team players..i dont see anything excellent from Afeally(which dutch Nt requires very badly).Afellay is wek plalyer with bad attitude.i cannt like him in addition to that he doesnt bring anything new,only thing is that he is better now than Flopay..We want some one who can step up our game when Roben,Sneijder is absent..Afellay is helpless donkey in that aspect…Lets focus ongys like Annholt,Williems notflopay or Afellay

    • Sybe Pals says:

      Cheers van banger happy new year
      starting to agree with you on Clasie, although I don’t believe that size is the problem.
      But still I am hoping he proves me wrong yet since he hasn’t got his fitness sorted out since he returned.. but a DM must be able to play 90 minutes to play for the NT
      Even though he was outstanding in the match v Arsenal up against Ozil before he went off with a cramp or whatever… If only he could do that consistently !

      DM is a tough one for us now.
      Bazoer seems to be moving to b2b, Hendrix not ready, Anita underwhelming for me, Blind doesn’t play there now so he shouldn’t, Klaassen was poor there… is Vejinovic ready? am I forgetting someone?
      What do you think?

  145. wilson says:

    Looks like Oussama Tannane will join Marten De Roon at Atalanta. Both parties have reached agreement.

  146. Sybe Pals says:

    van aanholt is decent, but to say ‘absolutely brilliant’ or ‘tearing apart any defense’ would be huge exaggerations.. 2 pretty lucky goals (tho I do think you make your own luck) and 1 assist (from a good cross) for one of the worst teams in the EPL, and a defender on the team with the most goals against!?
    Not enough for a callup IMO.

    Dont get me wrong, I like him – good work ethic and good to see him improving- but Willems Ake and Kongolo are all far better IMO, maybe Pieters too depending on opponent.

    Highly doubt he would get picked, but I would be glad for him to prove me wrong.
    No squad is picked until mid-March anyways so no use whining about Blind not picking him.

    • TIJU1234 says:

      @Sybe pals..u got it completely wrong….i dont want A
      Annholt as LB..we have Willems and kongolo..So we dont need him there…My point Annholt is tearing aprt defense betetr than Crap bodybuilder Memphis flopay..who is looking a chance in WWE..
      forget abt annholt goals…its all about having extra pace to recive the pass and successful crossing or passing to our strikers..this is were Memphis flops and Annholt wins.with annholt u have extra protection in defense too…
      Ditto goes with Van rhijn..Van rhijn can be an EXCELLENT WINGER..if given chances..

      • Sybe Pals says:

        i do understand your idea, just disagree.
        although LW is a bit of a weak spot right now for us.. but I don’t think van Aanholt is the answer. lots of players more worthy, including memphis. even tho he isn’t performing well enough to make it either IMO
        also, memphis does not look like a body builder to me at all. comparing them is nuts, I think. But thats fine. Ideas are good!

        • TIJU1234 says:

          @SYBAL PAL
          “””Dont get me wrong, I like him – good work ethic and good to see him improving- but Willems Ake and Kongolo are all far better IMO”””””””
          WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS SENTENCE THEN?..IF NOT GOT IT WRONG?what is the positions for Williams and Kongolo and Peiters??..u got it wrong u want to see annholt as LB were he is not great…its evident form ur comment…

          • Sybe Pals says:

            The meaning of my sentence is that I like van Aanholt but I think he is not good enough to be the LB starter..

            Not everything I said is referring to your ideas buddy! I know your idea is having PVA on LW but like I also said, I disagree.. he is not near good enough to play LW from what I have seen, and as I said not a starter at LB either.

            Blind also doesn’t usually pick players out of the positions they play at clubs, so your idea of moving wings backs forward because they are not good enough in D is likely never going to happen.

        • TIJU1234 says:

          Depay plays like real shit this is from Manu fan…No workrate,No extra speed like Hazrad,annholt…Poor kicks and passes…this Halts Manu creativity a lot…He struggles to run with his bulky(made them bulky)legs,fails in dribble due to poor agility of his legs…totallly pathetic…

          • Sybe Pals says:

            Does not look bulky to me, his problem is mental not physical.

          • TIJU1234 says:

            @Sybal pals..Depay is one of the cocikest player in Manu squad and Dutch NT.he is all full of himself..i dont think he is mentally weak,i think he is ignorant..thats why he tried to compete with Dyne johnson,Rock and randy orton…his problems are more of physical..

  147. TIJU1234 says:

    @Annholt …u can disagree with me on ananholt as winger…But after playing 10 games ..what Afellay and Depay gave to us????they couldnt even beat iceland,turkey and cezc..how many goals they scored,how many chance they created,let alone leave defensive howlers like Vrijil,BMI,and weil..if Blind keeps selecting certain players Depay,Afellay,RVP,Hunter upfront and weil,Virjil,BMI at defense…Dutch NT not going to qulify for WC2018..mark my words…
    whether u or me likes annholt or not ,he is better useful than Afellay and Depay to NT team…if Blind plays him as LW,then Danny will be rewarded,if not he is goin to suck..

    • andrew says:

      @Tiju, I know you are a big fan of Van Aanholt. I like him as a player as well. He can look good coming forward from the fb position, but that is a lot different than him playing as a winger. FB’s are usually running free up the field and running into space on overlaps. Wingers are going against defenders (and often mf’s drifting over), and have much less space to work with. Not sure that Van. A. has the skill on the ball to break down defenders, cross under pressure, or get into the box and shoot accurately. We don’t know because he’s never played there. But until the Sunderland coach puts him there on a regular basis, its hard to see Blind or any other NT coach doing so. He is either a left wingback or lb; do you rate him ahead of ahead of a healthy Willems, or Blind in those positions?

      Agree that Affellay did not light the world up as an outside player in the Euro qualifiers. But Van Banger was talking about him playing more centrally as a controlling mf. My recollection is that is where he played at PSV early on, and quite effectively.

      • Sybe Pals says:

        @andrew, very logical!

      • TIJU1234 says:

        @Andrew ..No i am not a big fan of Aannholt…i am Just supporting a player who proved something in EPL than other crap ones selected for NT…Annholt plays for a relagation team and still plays better than Afellay and Depay..i Dont rate Annholt high as LB my LB choice goes like this..Williams>Kongolo>Peiters>Annholt=Blind…..
        But i know this guy Annholt is as fast as Roben,works hard,can help in defense,can dribble better than Depay..passes are better than Afellay.seems a real conrtibution to team…I mean kuyt+moreskill and speed..
        Sad part is that Dutch Coaches are too Blind to see his potential as winger.so he may not play as LW and we have to see our team sucks again with Flopay and Afellay..Ditto goes with Vanrhijn,he is 1000 times better than Narsingh and Co.as RW.

  148. TIJU1234 says:

    Feynoord players Vilhena Vs nelom..kickinf each other..
    I have seen
    Roben vs Indi
    Persie Vs Flopay
    flopay vs Brenet
    Krul Vs RVP
    Zoet Vs lestinne
    Mathijenson Vs bruma
    Mathijenson Vs lenz…
    whats wrong with these dutch players…

    • andrew says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into it. Conflicts and flare ups happen between teammates and in locker rooms all the time in high level sports,(heck, even at low levels), and its always been that way.

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