1. FC Magdeburg announce signing of Luc Castaignos

FC Magdeburg of the German second division, announced the signing of the Dutch striker, Luc Castaignos. The striker was performing some tests in recent weeks at the club and was approved by the coaching staff.

Luc Castaignos has played for Feyenoord, FC Twente and Internazionale. He will have a new experience in football in Germany. At 1. FC Magdeburg he will play alongside Mo El Hankouri, a former player for FC Groningen and captain of the Groningen team.

Luc Castaignos’ last job was at OFI Crete in Greece, but the Greek club opted to release the player who failed to perform well in Greece.

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    1. @Wilson.

      Tall , gangly guy. Played with Wijnaldum at Feyenoord, and was thought to be a bright young prospect with maybe the NT in his future. Went to Italy, for a brief period, and it didn’t pan out. Returned to the Eredivisie, and was decent. No shame in that. I’m not sure where the comparisons with Henry would come from. Probably wishful thinking by fans more than anything else, as Van Nistelrooy was ending his career, and people began to wonder who would be the top end offensive players in the group of players who were coming up after the Van Persie, Robben, Huntelaar generation.

  1. This is good news as well


    Revelation in Belgium: Calvin Stengs is completely back’

    It will not have escaped the notice of national coach Ronald Koeman, otherwise it would have been whispered to him by Mark van Bommel. In the Bosuil Stadium, Calvin Stengs has risen as the elegant director of Antwerp FC. In the ashes of the field, he has stood out in recent weeks for his speed of thinking, creativity and light-footedness.

  2. Castaignos’s transfer is an example of forwards in Eredivisie last decade. Looking at our current forwards, this is just sad: Depay is forced out to Atletico Madrid, Danjuma is not playing, Lang did not get his transfer, Weghorst came to MU as a cheap short-term. They are not hot target in the current market. I hope Gakpo will break the trend. I don’t know when we will see someone from Eredivisie come to a foreign league and score goals for fun like RVN or Robben did.

    1. Not sure about malen as well with haller back now at dortmund. has been scoring for fun in the friendlys. malen most probably will be shifted to the wings.

      Brobbery also has failed to live up to expectations. I don’t think he will become an orange material.

      the other thing to note is that in NT You expect most of this players to perform. the only they need to do is be playing at their respective clubs and be fit.

      im looking at barce spain contingent and they soon will be heavyweights in few years time

  3. Malen is a flop. Haller was out and he did not take his chance. Now even Moukoko is in front of him in the order. His career path is similar to Janssen. I had high hopes for both of them. Unfortunately they were not sharp enough to score goals in foreign league.

    Brobbey is young so we should not give up on him yet. but I agree with you that given what we see so far, it is not very bright.

    The current group of players I only see Gakpo or Summerville can become top class. Danjuma used to have it but I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe too many injuries during last year.

  4. Barcelona has signed Moukoko so malen will now be haller’s backup or mostly likely on the wing as well where he looks to be more clinical from.

    For danjuma I also think his injuries and plus maybe the physician report could have been a deciding factor for his long term future at villareal and under new coach. I hope he doesnt fade away and lives up to expectation.

    1. @wilson @kevin We need to wait, i think we have upcoming players, even midfielders who can even score goals. We need not compare ourselves with other teams so early. Defensive organisation is good which can be further improved with new players.Mats wieffer is good, he must perform consistently from now on to to get into contention for a spot in the team. The spain barca contingent may not be that good enough, that also need to be seen. Sergi busquets is retired, i think to find quality replacements for players like him is very difficult. Even they dont have defenders of the level og puyol and good strikers.

      1. @manoj: I hope you are right but I don’t know which upcoming players that you think having potential. Looking at all the forward or offensive mids in Eredivisie, I only see Xavi Simons have some potential to become top.

        By the way, I am talking about forwards, in term of defense, I think we are good. LB might be a little weak right now, but that is it. Plenty of options in CB and RB.

  5. Let’s see how this cooks up


    Mats Wieffer has what Joey Veerman lacks

    One, Joey Veerman, was able to go to Feyenoord, but ultimately opted for PSV. Mats Wieffer exchanged the one Rotterdam club with Excelsior for the larger neighbor in De Kuip last year. Peers in two competitors for the title. What is particularly striking about the midfielders are the different mannerisms and attitudes on the field and in the media.

    Veerman in Orange. Those words have been mentioned more than once in the media lately. The PSV player himself was also asked about it after having played a good game, especially after he was not part of the selection for the last World Cup in Qatar. The Volendammer smiled meaningfully in front of the TV camera, which seemed to cast doubt on the decision of the now departed national coach Louis van Gaal.

    A typical reaction from Veerman, who more often displays an attitude of: I’m a football player at the top and who cares about me anymore? You play football with your legs, between the white lines and with a ball. Then you have to show it and hear it – especially if you are not performing properly – no annoying mannerisms, even if you are substituted.

    A player can sometimes be disappointed when he has to leave the field, but as far as I am concerned it is mainly about the way in which a football player reacts. Someone who thinks he has to put himself above the team with haughty acting, should take a look at himself. Van Gaal, without doubt a champion of the team process, had of course seen this before.

    Joey Veerman apparently thinks that kind of behavior is necessary, or so it seems. His trainer Ruud van Nistelrooy has already put the PSV midfielder on the bench more often. Wannabe star players are of no use to the former world striker, because they undermine the team spirit with which the Eindhoven club could become champion.

    From Kralingen to De Kuip
    In Rotterdam Mats Wieffer is a player, slightly younger than his colleague Veerman, who had to make a big step from Excelsior to the selection of trainer Arne Slot. You didn’t hear him bleep when he was struggling with an injury, got a personal training schedule to get stronger and when he had to get used to the fast combination game of Feyenoord.

    No, Wieffer has apparently decided to work hard only. Also listen to the people around him who want to make him better. No boasting, no annoying mannerisms and no affable smiles for the TV cameras about trainers’ decisions. After all, self-knowledge is also a very important quality.

    Mats Wieffer, who has now become a basic player at leader Feyenoord, shows that he has what Joey Veerman – virtually invisible last Sunday during his raid in Sittard against Fortuna – sorely lacks. That Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United would see him as reinforcement, as media in England reported, would be very remarkable.

    1. They were a good team under in building under ancelloti and as well as when marvel brands moved there. I dont know why they sold all their top players. Digne, Richardlison, Sigurdsson etc

    2. Indeed, it is disappointing. He looks to be on fire in the CL campaign 2021. But too many injuries now made him a risky target. I can see this move might work out since he will have game time. But given Everton is a hot mess and EPL is more physical league, the move could also fail.

      1. Ending up on a lower performing team in the Premier League is better than being frozen out at Villareal. Danjuma needs to play, and he should get the opportunity at Everton. Than it is up to him.

        1. Yes, it is better than staying at Villareal. I was hoping for a better loan/move. Everton is not in a good shape so even if he get game time, he might not get the ball in the position that he like and it might not be up to him to perform if he get ball with 2 players behind him all the time. Let hope the move work out.

  6. Watching Chelsea and liverpool. Gakpo is trying hard but he ain’t receiving quality balls. Servicing is bad. Playing as striker and dropping deep to win ball while nobody is in the box during attack phases just is painfully to watch. Few descent shots and that’s it. Liverpool lacking quality in general. Injuries also not helping klopp.

  7. Have a Toulouse Branco Van Den Boomen shirt on the way. I’m hoping he will be under consideration by Koeman when the next Oranje Selection will be announced. Having a great season so far for Les Violets & likely on the move soon.

    1. Unfortunately he plays the same position as frenkie.not only him but other hopefuls as well. Gravenberch, Talyor, eiting,veerman . I mean stronghold. I wonder and I have said this before if coaches will dare to bench frenkie and try to look for trio that have the best combo. The point back and forward setup is another story

      The only right side MFs out there are Matusiwa, Reis and spierings and Reijnders

      1. Well for me, Van den Boomen would be an interesting Joker to bring off the bench at least. Taylor should make the next selection. I think we could see Wieffer make it in if he continues on his trending trajectory. Gravenberch needs to play more but he’s basically Goretzka’s deputy. Veerman rn is in Ruud’s doghouse lol. Eiting needs to move to the next tier up from Volendam. Sure he’s very good potentially but he has moved through a whole bunch of clubs the last 3 years. Don’t care if he’s a cap or vice-cap now.

  8. If klopp continues to use gakpo as a striker, its surely will be a long road for him. Worst case scenario might fade out with competition. Gakpo’s one downfall is him being in efficient on of his left foot. You cannot just be one dimensional in epl and depay was very much in the same boat when he came to epl. Gakpo has to accept he won’t receive it on the plate like he used to get in eredivisie. On a positive note when Nunez came on, they combined well.

    I mean if you look at that mudrky guy when he came on for Chelsea, he looked dangerous going outside . He looked fluent on both foot and with speed.

    1. I think it was very astute of Chelsea to get Madueke from PSV. A lot of potential & fits their new philosophy well. Need to get away from the one footed inverted winger types they have…& I really like Ziyech too but if the revived old Roma links are true, it would be a great move for him.

      1. The story of Gakpo isn’t going to be any different than Van Beek, Klassen, Malen or Depay. These guys are not top class players. Before they get to these top European clubs, they need a stepping stone. They need to join at least a second tier club such as Christal Palace for example to learn and grow and than make the transition. After watching Gako these past weeks it is clear that he’s not there and Liverpool isn’t going to give him anymore chances. Is going to find his ass right on the bench and his decline/ lack of confidence is going to start right there and It will be the end of his career just like Van Beek. Not only these guys are not top class players but also the Eredevise is a joke. Way too F ing SLOW. These guys can’t keep up with the physical demand required from the other leagues.

  9. Finished watching PSV vs vitesse. It’s amazing how much Simon’s has developed just under one season and it’s a pity he didnt play a big part under van Gaal. He needs to start under koeman. With or without experience he brings so much with his small frame and is far more productive than berghuis in comparison. Work rate, speed, dribbling etc. Big future lies ahead for him and for NT as well.

    PSV dominated the game especially in the midfield. Vitesse simply looked second best and simply lacked the cutting edge. Cocu needs to bring in more quality players than he has now to be able to compete with top 4. Kjell scherpen saved luuk de jongs penalty and made some good saves to keep vitesse in the game. I think him, noppert and bijlow should be the three GKs going forward for NT. He is only susceptible to ground low balls and that was exactly how he was beaten on Tils goal. Received a straight red card late in the game for a blatant foul outside of the box.

  10. @wilson you are right on Goal keepers. Danilo doekhi who plays center back seems to be doing well with union berlin. Reports are coming that he is going to make it to some english or italian club.

  11. you Have to agree, NT is stacked in the defense department and the list continues to grow. Milan Van Mwjik of heerenveen is the latest to be linked with premier league side Fulham and sporting Lisbon. another RB who has a bright future ahead. mean while Bakker is continuing to thrive at leverkusen . scored the opener vs Monchengladbach 3-2 and I hope him and malacia will get the call up by koeman until such time Maatsen arrives on the NT stage.

  12. Apparently, there was a big interview with Blind in AD. can someone translate for us? Bayern website gleefully published some excerpts https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2023/1/22/23566182/bayern-munich-signing-daley-blind-afc-ajax-alfred-schreuder-feud-lies-huntelaar-ten-hag-overmars

    In other news Daily Mail reports on Ajax : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11666633/Alfred-Schreuder-facing-sack-open-dressing-room-revolt.html

    Finally in the 1st presser of the 2nd coming of Koeman he promised attacking style https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/article271513927.html

  13. Justin kluivert seems to be in red hot form atm. Good start for him at Valencia. Scored again taking his tally to 4 goals and 2 assists in 15 games.

    Meanwhile some body stop Harland pliz

  14. The Blind situation: apparently, there has been some heated discussion between Blind and Ten Hag in the seasons past and Ten Hag always accepted it. Tough debates, but then a handshake and get on with it.

    Under Schreuder, Blind again confronted the coach with some comments. In the break versus RKC, Schreuder asked the forwards how they feel they should press. Blind got annoyed and said “You are the coach! Why don’t you just tell them how you want it!”. Schreuder apparently yelled at Blind: You sit down and shut the F up!

    This was never resolved. Since then Blind dropped from 1st choice LB to 4th choice, which broke something in him.

    Schreuder never looked Blind in the eye since. Even when Blind was at Ajax to say farewell to players and staff, Schreuder decided to remain in some meeting and didn’t shake Blind’s hand.

    Blind and Ajax agreed to not speak negatively about one another in the media, with a penalty clause.

    Next you know: Huntelaar is saying in the media that Blind left because he didn’t want to be on the bench.

    Blind hit back with this media interview, saying that Huntelaar shouldn’t speak on his behalf and adhere to the agreement not to bash each other publically. He now is clear: my exit from Ajax was personal (Schreuder).

  15. As for Xavi Simons and Wilson’s comment:

    I don’t think Xavi developed very well at PSV. This was what Xavi Simons had all along. He didn’t learn much at PSV, why would you think this? Simons’ mentality of always wanting to win and play well was engrained in him at Barca and PSG. you can tell he is repeatedly frustrated at PSV for 1) not getting the proper service, 2) not winning games and 3) getting hooked.

  16. Koeman’s presser was good: he is not going to progress with Van Gaal’s system.

    He also said (when asked if he would have a hand-over meeting with Van Gaal): hand over meeting with Van Gaal? No. Why? I don’t think I need it.

    He also alluded to bringing in some new names to “shake things up a bit”.

    I hope Simons, Danjuma (at some stage), Cillesen, Van den Boomen, Geertruida to name a few.

  17. Last news re Ajax: they used a mental coach before the Feyenoord game and the outcome was that the players are not fed up with the coach (Schreuder) but they do want someone in the staff who is closer to the players and more accessible.

    Today, it’s Schreuder, Reiziger and some German guy (Schreuder’s buddy).

    The staff wants someone like Bogarde back. Richard Witschge is an option although he is there already of course. Van der Vaart could work, he just left his Danish club where he was assistant coach.

    Schreuder will remain in his role as Ajax will look for a new assistant to add to the staff.

  18. I watched the highlights of the Klassieker. Ajax was terrible. Lacking confidence, not up to it. Midfield was completely outplayed by Feyenoord. Taylor couldn’t get a pass right. Berghuis was invisible. Alvarez was the only Ajax player who sort of played ok.

    Feyenoord played with a knife in between their teeth. Kokcu and Wieffers were excellent. LB Hartmann had Concecao in his pocket. Bijlow was top but Geertruida was man of the match.

    The only problem with Feyenoord, they don’t push up as a team. They get the ball in midfield and then launch Danilo into space, which is not the best tactics. Feyenoord didn’t do enough in and around the Ajax box. Feyenoord didn’t get too many chances, you could even argue that Ajax had the best chances via Kudus.

    Feyenoord supporters were disappointed that their team didn’t win and with reason, I believe.

    Feyenoord clearly didn’t want to lose but the respect they showed Ajax was unwarranted.

    1. @Wilson, This shouldn’t affect Simons. Koeman has said in the past that he played Wijnaldum out of position (the 10), but did so because of need. My guess is that if Gini returns, it would be to play in a deeper role as he did at Liverpool, be in the mix for the position next to Frenkie. Too, if Wijnaldum does return and is preferred to Simons, that will say more about Simons than anything else.
      And, we’ll see if Wijnaldum actually gets back to an NT level. He is 32, coming off a serious injury, and hasn’t played regularly since he left Liverpool—long road.

  19. @ Andrew

    Unfortunately in NT his best position has been 10 and not in deeper role. And plus he was already on a decline before he switched to PSG and later got injured in roma training.

    Depends to where he plays at Roma. Pellegrini is a starter at 10 and if Mourinho uses him as a deep lying midfielder then it could be an option but then again frenkie will have to shift to right and that is something that will change the whole dynamics of the team. Something that has to experimented and like I said with respect to other midfielders.

  20. I agree with Wilson on this.

    Our NT in March might look quite different. I think Van Dijk will be injured, I think Wijnaldum and even Memphis will not make it in time re: fitness although Koeman is a big Memphis fan of course.

    I think:


    Dumfries – De Ligt – Ake – Malacia

    Frenkie – Timber

    Koopmeiners Simons Gakpo


    Something like this?

  21. What a great game by gravenberch today; he played second half fully; very elegant , amazing thru balls, he was pure class today, it would be a joke if he is not starting in March over klassen and the rest, he might be even better than frenkie to be honest …

  22. @Wilson, well, I was responding to your concern about Gini playing ahead of Simons, trying to put your mind at ease. 🙂 I wouldn’t say that he has been better at the 10 for the NT, he’s just played there more recently. He was good in the deeper role in the 2014 WC. That said, I doubt he’ll be ready for the March games for reasons stated.

    Absolutely agree; De Jong, Gravenberch and Simons is a mf I’d like to see. I appreciate Alaa’s comments about Gravenberch’s play today. I didn’t see that match, but in the games I’ve seen him, it looks like Bayern has been good for him—he plays more controlled, composed and responsible.

  23. @ jan, Alaa, Wilson,
    Are guys kidding me? Jan, I thought you said Holland has to go back to the drawing board? Why would Alaa even think about Klassen? Why are you guys talking about Wijnaldum, Dumfries? Is that what we called going back to the drawing board? Wijnaldum was done even before his injury. Are you guys serious? Why are we always moving backwards? We saw that there is not nothing more in Dumfries that what he offered these past few years including the WC. I would not be surprised if the KNVB goes after Danny Blind or FDB when Koeman leaves. lol
    Moving backwards is a dutch thing.

  24. @Jean_venette, perhaps you misperceived the discussion? Wilson posted an article about Wijnaldum possibly being on Koeman’s radar depending on his fitness. I commented on it. Both Wilson and Jan said they thought the NT should go in a different direction. Alaa talked about Gravenberch, not Klassen.

  25. @ Anrdew- Forget about that article. Why even entertain such article. We all should be outrage if Wijnaldum is even in Koeman’s plan. Wijnaldum is in the past. This guys was done even before his injury. Why ain’t we looking forward. This is crazy to think that Koeman is considering bringing Wijnaldum back. Alaa also mentioned on his/her post that Xavi should play over Klassen. Why even thinking about Klassen? If Koeman calls any of these characters such as Berjwin, Berghuis, Klassen even Dumfries, I am done with this team. If Koeman is going to play safe just so he does not loose his first game in March, that would be a bad way to approach it because we are going to loose the first game anyway. He needs to starts with these youngsters early one so they adapt to his tactics and his vision and try to capitalize on the remaining games.

  26. Ok everyone let’s set this straight first, Gini hasn’t made an appearance on the bench during the Serie A restart & is still rehabilitating that leg. Also I agree with Jan that Koeman will call up a few newbies. Van Den Boomen & Geertruida are good shouts. He also made it a point to single out how well Feyenoord are playing. Michael Bell of Football Oranje tweeted Wieffer, Q. Timber & Hartman could be under consideration

    RK cannot ignore the extraordinary form Botman & Van de Ven are in rn. They will be competing with Timber & De Vrij for selection spots at CB. Frimpong & Bakker has been playing really well under Xabi Alonso’s resurgent Leverkusen. Weghorst is looking good at United

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