KJH flag

Winning Oranje shows its Klaas!!

You know they say this about champions… If you can win ugly and grind out victories when you are playing bad, you can win the title. This team may not dazzle with gallery play but they sure impress with grit, worksmanship and effectiveness. We played four games at this World Cup. We won four and […]

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ned mex

Preview Holland – Mexico: Nachos time!

Couldn’t resist. Plus, it’s my superstition that I have to do this. So, a short one! The biggest topic in the run up to this match is the weather. And it might well be a key topic, as the humidity in the North of Brazil is pretty hectic. As Andrea Pirlo said, there are two […]

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ORanje Chile team

Oranje enjoying the Chile victory…

After Spanish tapas, Australian prawns on the barbie and some hot chilli it’s now time to focus on nachos and guacamole. Who knows what will be in store for us after that? Bratwurst? Belgium chips with beer? Argentinian steak? Bring it on! The Clockwork Orange is hungry and wants more! We can have long debates […]

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LVG Chile

100% score for Louis van Gaal: Group winners!!

Some current news here. The group of Death. And again Holland wins all three games. Against the accepted opinion that Spain would be too hard, Chile would be too hard, Australia would be easy. Most of the analysts have it wrong. Spain appeared relatively easy, Australia was tough and Chile was put aside in a […]

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Preview Chile – Oranje: hot hot hot!!

Who would have thought our only issue after two winning matches would be “which leg of the draw do we want?”. Right? I did! Anyway, it’s time for our third match! And it is Chile Con Carne time. Can’t wait to take on one of the best playing nations on this World Cup! We are […]

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robin and robben

Big Puzzle for Louis van Gaal

Holland was the first European nation to qualify for the World Cup and it is now the first nation to qualify for the knock out stages. Despite all the pessimism and negativity (or concerns) we are doing something right. We saw the great statistics on the blog, thanks for that, and it is clear that […]

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Cahill RVP

Struggling Oranje beats Socceroos…

Wow, what a night! Where to start…. I said before the game I wasn’t too confident. And I also predicted a wishful 0-3, for Oranje. Well, we did get the 3 goals. And we got a big hit in our confidence. Holland is back on the ground after being a little bit lifted after the […]

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porto alegre

Live Blog Australia – Holland

Well good peeps. We are back on air. Last time we did a Live Blog (Spain) we lost the blog for days, so please be patient and don’t hit the refresh button too often :-). Lets hope we are ready for this! I am watching this in the middle of the night with some good […]

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aus vs NL

Match Preview Oranje – Australia: worries!

But not for us ( I hope). For them. The Socceroos. Or maybe: The Suckeroos, hahahaha. They love their expressions in Australia. No worries mate! She’ll be right mate! Well, if Robin, Robben, Daley, Wesley, Bruno and Jasper have anything to say about it, it will be “She won’t be right!”. Australia however, is pretty […]

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